“Who’s this man think he’s playing with?”

HOH: Tiffany
Nominations: Sb and Ky via HOH, Xavier Via punishment
Coin of Destiny Coup D’etat: Claire won and kept noms the same
Power of Veto Players: SB, Claire, Hannah, Kyland, Xavier, Alyssa
Power of Veto: Hannah
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Hannah has Veto. If Veto is played on Kyland or Sb Claire puts up Alyssa. If it’s used on Xavier nobody goes up. Kyland and Xavier want off the block. Zzz

Claire won the coin of destiny coup d’etat

– She kept the noms the same (Sb and Ky)
– Tiffany was dethroned as HOH and no longer has the room.
– Tiff can play for HOH again next week.

2:38 pm Kyland is showing off his “BB Cribs”. apartment

3:05 pm Kyland working out (good form)


3:07 pm Hannah talking to the jokers about the plan to use the veto.
Hannah – Sb is the houses target SB is my target she just sent DX home
Hannah adds that the probability of Sb leaving is greater with two people on the block than three
They whisper about the scenarios they now have some power and can do something so they whisper about all the different permutations for the next three weeks.
(Veto is being used on X nobody goes up )

3:40 pm Tiff and Claire chit chat.

Tiff’s son Christian was 5lbs 13oz. “I would hold him like this” (in one hand)
Claire – did he come early
Tiff – YES

4:13 pm Tiff, Claire, Sb, Hannah, DF singing the luscious song “He walks out the door makes them wanting more.”


5:00 pm Kyland and Xavier (Kyland is making the argument that he wants to be able to cast a sympathy vote for SB)
Xavier says the week that Alyssa is going home he would expect to go up beside her.
ky – if you wanted to .. I guess for me it comes down to the fact.. I underestimate
X – how much you’re going to care about her?
Ky – NOPE, how much people dislike her it’s strong and I think she’s picking up on that
Kyland says that is why he wants to cast that vote. (for SB)
X – what has she done to these people on a personal level that offended them?
Ky – they don’t like her. Outside you, me, and Alyssa they personally do not like her for whatever reason and they’ve expressed that explicitly
X – Don’t make it personal I think Sb is a wonderful woman.
Ky – I agree
feeds cut. When we’re back Kyland is running inside for a second.
X to himself – NO! who’s this man think he’s playing with?
X – Hannah pulls you down who goes up
Ky – anyone who is comfortable .. could be BIGD
X – how will BIGD feel if he goes up
Ky – I don’t think he’s in a position to have an issue with it
X – what do you mean?
Ky – I think that coming into the house he was aware that could happen
X – yeah… we’re all aware we could be sitting there on eviction night.
X says if Hannah pulls him down he could be the sympathy vote for Sb.
X – we’re going an extra step to make someone feel good that we’re already planning on taking out.
Xavier says it’s up to Hannah to decide what is best for her game “I’ll let her do what she wants to do”

5:38 pm Kyland prepares for his one on one with Hannah

5:53 pm Kyland campaigns to Hannah.
“I underestimated how much Popel dislike SB”
Words and more words

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Um, why is Hannah so eager to just gift this veto to Xavier? Why not make him work for it? Like give me a Final 2 deal…or no deal lol

another name

Name one person in the six that actually makes Xavier work for ANYTHING.
Tiff may chirp at him, but watch her run when he says what he’d like done.
The entire group fall all over themselves when he says boo.


I just don’t get it. Do they think the $750k will be split in 6? Ugh

Jaymie lee

There are playing for the ‘culture’ apparently. i guess no one has told them only 1 person wins. Are they hoping for a runners up trophy. Yeah we all have Black skin the right colour this year. Woo hoo. Not Racist … Nothing to see here.

Debra Souza

Can’t wait for them to go after each other.


Well, he is kinda gorgeous & has kept his hands off the women while he concentrated on the game. Commendable.

another name

He… what? He kept his hands off the women? That’s commendable?
Please tell me that’s sarcasm. Like not being and handsy letch deserves an award? That was sarcasm. Had to be.




I think it means that he had several choices of women that would have thrown themselves at him if he wanted. It’s not commendable that he didn’t get into a showmance and mess around with the girls. It’s commendable that he put his mission of getting money more important than getting a piece of well you know what…

Chadda’s Fish Lips

His hands are all over Alyssa…… in his head

Outside Looking In

X has kept his hands off the women? it was revealed on the live feeds before Christian was voted off, in a conversation between Alyssa, Christian, and X that they, (Christian and Alyssa), let X sleep with Whitney in the HOH room! They were telling X that they wanted a last night to have sex before Christian was voted off, and that he owed them for letting him have sex with Whitney in the HOH room on Christians HOH. X was a little bit worried about America finding out they had slept together, and that America might get the idea they were in a relationship. Then he said “oh well”. This season with all the “stacked deck” racism from the CO, (openly promoting an alliance based only on skin color), has made this season such more than any other. X even mentioned that he only supports Ky’s “half black side” in the game. Geeez. I do miss Thickney though… *sigh*, she would have made this season more bearable to watch, if only for her delicious curves!


Is there ANYONE talking about taking out Xavier? It seems like every CO member is looking to make X happy. Azah didn’t want to flip last week’s vote because X was in solitary and she didn’t want him blindsided. Now, Hannah wants to use the veto on X, even though the CO has the majority vote. My question to the CO is… If you make F6 and take-out Ky first, who the heck is going to take-out X?


Thank you. The remaining CO members seem to forget that he is dangerous (in the sense of making it to the Final). I really don’t understand :::faceplam:::


I don’t think it’s a case of forgetting. It’s just that others such as Kyland take up all of the attention so X is basically rendered invisible


Mhmm yes. That’s true.


Not to mention, Hannah went and ratted out Tiff to X last week when Tiffany was briefly trying to flip the vote for BabyD to stay… I just don’t get it.

Also, if I were Alyssa and Claire and watched Hannah use the veto on Xavier for seemingly NO reason, I sure as hell would be more suspicious about a bigger alliance at play.

The Beef

You’re absolutely right about raising suspicions about the alliance! But none of these jokers (not THE Jokers) are actually thinking about winning the game. They are totally invested in getting “the 6” to final 6, which simply is not in the best interest of 4 of them, especially when you consider they just don’t need that to have a black winner. You could STILL have 2 blacks sitting in final 2, but if you only have 1, you’ll have a voting block of 5 on the jury, which pretty much guarantees the outcome.

For the women to keep 2 strong male competitors in the game going into final 8 just doesn’t make good game sense to me, when this “silver platter” opportunity is being handed to them. They should pivot and take one of them out now, and it would greatly improve their odds of sitting in one of the final 2 chairs!

another name

Only people that have seriously mentioned targeting X:
SB. Claire.
One was named a target for this week the day after saying it last week.
The other has to throw the next HOH.
<whistles while putting together a newer bigger better tinfoil hat>


X and either Tiff or Hannah F2.. You know thats production plan, right??!!
( rhetorical)


You’re right—-no one this season seems to bargain for at least one week’s safety, any of that comp stuff like “I’ll drop if you keep me safe next week” or any of those weekly deals. Odd, huh?

another name

Episode watching friend:
Clair’s got 2 throw next hoh. Bye Clair.

So, guess that’s the determination about the coin of destiny takeover?

another name

Ky’s ptich to Hannah.
Tell Claire i figured out she’s hoh from our conversation and if i don’t come off the block i’m blaming her and coming after her. but you tell her, i’m not saying it.

Why would that not have an HOH saying Target has moved, Ky gotta go?
I know I know cookout. But still. How does THAT not make an HOH push to get rid of him?
If the HOH is being threatened by the “pawn” and the HOH’s allies don’t support changing the target due to said threats, does that not endanger the cookout’s secrecy? Because not supporting the HOH changing targets due to threats means there has to be a reason.


Has anyone still not figured out the cookout?

another name

Alyssa named the final 6 to Hannah. It was the cookout. Within the last week.
Claire named the boot order (she had Dx in the wrong place but named all of the cookout targets), and said it’s not looking good for her. While Whitney was on the block.

Jaymie lee

There not allowed to for fear of being called a Racist. Yet the Cookout is voting based on skin colour and thats somehow not racist. Thats why they get a free pass. Ive been told on youtube that if Whites do it then racist, if Blacks do it not racist. 2 sets of rules

The Beef

They said in the episode the “secret” HOH can’t play, so I’m assuming it’s what you said in an earlier update – the dreaded individual timed comp to protect her anonymity. How the Hell is production going to let her play and expect her to throw? Nope, I see her sitting there for a respectable amount of time and then getting timed out or something, just to ensure nobody knows (when everybody already knows) that she was the COD “winner” (even though couch threw).

another name

The invisible HOH got to play in the can version.
The coup d’etat winner got to play in the can version. Overthrown HOH did not.
The coup d’etat winner in the US version got to play in the us version. So did the Overthrown HOH.

They’re just making up different rules every time they use it as a plot device though.
I just finished writing about it in the newest post.


Who keeps giving that do nothing slug Derek BBBucks! Ugh! The way he calls women bitches, and his overall attitude sucks. He is not a likable person at all. If he acts they way in front of millions of people watching just imagine what he’s like in real life! He acts like an entitled princess.!


I can’t stand him either! He’s lucky no one has checked him (due to the way he talks to the girls); he’s very lucky! What has he done to help or benefit the CO? Nothing. He should be the least in that house to say anything. I can’t imagine him talking and acting like that in real life because someone would had checked him q!uick

Buh Bye

Kyland discovering just how much people dislike SB… Realizes that may mean they don’t like him either… Wants off the block ASAP! Derp.


Lol! He’s delusional!


So now it will be OK to vote out HG by race, or will the CookOut or CBS be liable for some racial discrimination or discreditable lawsuits? Either way this is ruining BB.


Been wondering where CBS found so many stupid, clueless white people?


I dont think they are stupid. I think they are afraid of problems they may have outside the house, depending on their words & actions.

Another Dixie

Actually, I keep hoping that none of them have even considered that an alliance would have been formed purely due to race. I know in the past that people of color have been eliminated by alliances that were white but I have never felt that was why they were an alliance. But this time, it definitely is & even when one of them would like to eliminate someone from their group, they vote out the other one because How dare they go against their alliance? I’m not sure I like this season but it is different & interesting.


You’ll see a change when they have to start eating their own. Meanwhile, their loyality has been pretty outstanding. Oooo, but when their “pawns” are gone, expect some big time fireworks because that worm gonna turn.

Robbed Tyler

If the shoe was on the other foot Julie Chen would be calling them out and embarrassing them on the live shows!

After this season nobody should ever be questioned or called out again especially by JULIE for targeting African-Americans.


They never could’ve done it before because there has never been a season with more than two black people at a time, certainly never three and definitely never sex. An alliance like this could never have been formed in the past because it was literally and logistically impossible. I think the way they put the alliance first is pretty fucking awesome and we did comment about them voting out the people of color in the past because there was only one or two of them and they didn’t have any power anyway.

The Beef

LOL – Is this your fist season watching? Did you just skip last seasons “All-Star” group intentionally or what? Dayvonne, Bayleigh, David and Kevin just last season! That’s FOUR right there! And please don’t tell me Kevin isn’t black, as he’s just as black as Ky and Hannah are, which is half, and has said he considers himself to be black.

There have been other seasons with more than two black players as well, but I’m not going to waste my time going back to prove you wrong when I’ve just done it above. Saying something doesn’t make it true, just like all of the revisionist history people saying the “all white” alliances always voted out the black players first. That never happened. Adding more black players DOES level the playing field and increase the odds significantly of having a black winner though. Whether or not that’s “fair” given the demographics of the country is debatable, but CBS’ desire to have a black winner this season is pretty much a well known secret. They did what they felt like they had to do to make that happen, including the team twist and the way the players were “picked/allocated”.

Personally I’ll be glad to see us finally have a black winner of BB US, and there’s no doubt at least 4 of them would be worthy winners in my mind. Then maybe we can get back to just playing the game without regard for whose skin is lighter or darker than the other persons.

TC Lover

Oh please give it up already! They’ve been viting by race for years! This didn’t just start just that the shoe is on the other foot so now you see it. Give me a break


You’re totally right. I think I’m done with this show.


This is 2021!!!
Where have you been for a year?? Lawsuits…..lol


So, DX will not be excited to see SB lol
He wants it to be Xavier or Kyland…



Please get this guy Kyland out! I can’t stand him!! Watching live feeds how can anyone sit there and listen to his BS for hours.? He is insulting there intelligence. Worst player of all time. He is the devil!


Is all the CO do is talk game, going over absolutly everything with every player, every paranoid thought about the game and players??? And expecting you to answer honestly and without question!?!? WTF
Their idea of playing the game is bazaar to say the least.
Any other season someone would have said Ky..just shut the *+*%# up!!!


Just for fun, would anyone else like to have seen Houka predict Frenchie?? (I gotta lay off the Kraken, huh??)

another name

I think houka’s choice was SB this season.


Am I the only one who thinks the producers have intentionally steered this season to make sure a minority wins? They already stated that there were racial quotas in this cast.

Taste of Medicine

Could you guys stop crying about race? Who cares that there is an all-black alliance. Good for them! The non-black house guests should’ve played smarter. Lol

another name

They completely manufactured season 21, called most of the process they’d use to get Jackhole to the winner’s circle the first day feeds came on and he was going through withdrawal.
They completely manufactured season 22. Come on. Preseason alliances known to production and leaked to the public was a pretty clear sign.
The edits for bbus and bbcan have been pretty clear and consistent for seasons now, that the winner of the season is in the first alliance to be put into the episode edit. Not the first alliance that existed chronologically, the first alliance to make the edit cut.