Big Brother 18 Spoilers – Paul “After this week you guys won’t hear my voice for a long time!”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-27 17-48-45-202

5:05pm Bedroom – Frank and Bridgette. Frank says I’m tired of talking about those stupid f**king tickets in the DR! Quit trying to get my hopes up. I don’t know about you but the way they talk about the damn house and that whole riddle thing… makes me think the whole house is against us. Bridgette asks what the riddle thing? Frank says the secret thing. Bridgette asks that tickets? Frank says yes. Frank asks do they not pose questions to you like that? Bridgette asks what? Big Brother blocks the feeds. Whne the feeds come back – Frank asks am I that scary?! Bridgette says some times. Frank says I like that. Bridgette says not that scary. You’re kind of intense some times though. Frank says I really did want to tell a couple people F**K YOU! Bridgette says that’s not a good move. Frank says I don’t think there is a right move. Paul is one of them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-27 18-10-41-423
5:45pm Paulie and Corey – Paulie says that Da was talking to Paul and I.. she said that Corey and Nicole are working with Frank and Bridgette secretly. And I’m like I don’t think so. She keeps trying to me personally to put a wedge between us. That’s how I know she needs to go because she keeps doing stuff. When I talked to Frank and Paul talked to Bridgette .. we came back with Mama Da is just trying to put heat on Corey for no reason. Corey says I’m about to call her out for it because I’m about tired of my name coming out of her mouth. Paulie says na, lets just put her on the block and send her home. I heard from James that she wants to put me on the block. The main thing for me .. is if I ever hear your name or James names about being put on the block or anything I would just come to you. Frank said he would put James & Nicole. Bridgette said she would put you and Nicole on the block. Corey asks me really?! Paulie says I thought we should take care of Da first .. maybe we should take care of Bridgette first. Corey asks why would she put me on the block, it makes no sense. Paul joins them. Paulie says apparently Frank is going to call you or I out. Paul asks why? Paulie says he’s going to say eat sh*t and die! For telling Bridgette.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-27 18-09-32-940

CBS All Access: Live feeds are only $5.99 per month – Try it FREE for 1 WEEK!

6:15pm – 6:45pm HOH room – James and Natalie. Paul joins them and says he tried yesterday and told Bridgette. I was like do you want to go home!? I also cleared everyone’s name. I cleared all the boys from the sh*t list and all the girls from the sh*t list. She mentioned constantly that James’s f**king lied. I was like you heard his speech he said it has nothing to do with you. Pull yourself off. We’re all after Frank and you’ve just been attached to him this whole time. Don’t blame James, he did what the house wanted. I did a lot for a lot of people. James says damn I was still on her sh*t list. Then I talked to Frank. He said he was coming after me. I was like yeah dude .. if you stay. Natalie asks so who is going home? I’m confused. Paul says FRANK .. that’s where my vote is going. Paul says Frank was pissed that I told everything to Bridgette. I heard he might call me out later. Paulie joins them. Paul says he put her on the block and then put her two close friends on the block and lied about it. how many things does he have to do to to you before you say f**k you. Paulie says I’m voting Frank out. James asks who else did he say he was putting up besides me? Paulie says Nicole. James says damn. Paulie says I asked him (Frank) what happened with Da. And he said na man we’re good .. we talked. James says I can’t be mad at Frank .. I put him on the block. Paulie says the only way he is staying in the house is if he has the round ticket. Paul says he also didn’t like how Frank was calling Bridgette a fatty and telling her to work out to burn off the chub. Its not a joke. Bullying is bullying. Natalie asks so everyone is voting out Frank? Paulie? Paulie says yes. Paul says there’s 3 votes right here. I can put my nuts on it that Da and Z are voting for Frank too. I can bet you my balls Da and Z are voting him out. Jame says Nicole said you can give me 5K and I wouldn’t flip my vote. Paul says dude, after this week you guys won’t hear my voice for a long time. All I wanted was Frank & Bridgette gone. After that I’m going to hide and sleep and you guys can figure sh*t out. I’ll put my balls in this one because I know how damaging they could have been.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-27 18-29-11-443

7:10pm Frank tells Nicole how they were really trying to tell Bridgette that I was campaigning against her. Nicole asks who? Frank says Paul, Victor a little bit and Da too. Nicole says I told Corey .. I would literally campaign no matter what. Frank says that’s the thing. I’ve literally asked 3 people were their votes are. You.. Nicole says I swear to god I didn’t tell anyone. Frank says no but you wouldn’t even call that campaigning would you? Nicole says no. Frank says I said you better not vote me out or Ashton and I aren’t taking you to the Melting Pot. They called that campaigning. I asked Victor if I had his vote and he said if the votes are there you have my vote. Frank says they took me and Bridgette talking about missing home and turned it around to me saying she wants to go home. Nicole says worst comes to worst .. its a compliment and you could come right back in. Frank says if you want to help me out I would appreciate it and if not help her (Bridgette) out next week. Nicole says well I’m assuming that since my name is coming out of your mouth every person you talk to that I’m going to be her target too because whoever your target is .. is her target. Frank says not necessarily. Frank says don’t take my speech tomorrow personal. I’m not calling people out. I’m going to compliment Bridgette and then talk sh*t about people in the house.

7:30pm – 7:45pm Safari room – Paulie says I don’t trust Da or Nicole. But which one goes first… Frank said if he wins HOH he is putting up Nicole next to James or Da. Bridgette said she would put up Corey up next to James Da. Vic asks so its us 3 (Paulie, Vic and Paul) and who else do we trust? Nobody? Paulie says no one else do we trust with information. Once Natalie is gone we trust James and once Nicole is gong we trust Corey. Vic says we can’t trust them until the umbilical cord is cut. Paul and Corey join them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-27 19-35-41-934

7:55pm Paul and Da are talking. Da says Nicole has her hands in a lot of pots. A lot of pots! Paul says if that’s the case then we’ve got to put in Vic. Our numbers are being weird. Da says we’ve got me, you, Paulie, Z and homeboy. That’s 5.

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I wish Paul would put his balls in his mouth and choke on them. What a despicable human being. Cannot stand to watch him anymore. He and Paulie are extremely ugly people. Just tell the people they are leaving. Why all this other stuff involved I don’t know. Obviously they don’t have the guts to just come out and say “I am voting you out”. All this lying and flip flopping wears me out. I didn’t even watch the show tonight because I didn’t want to watch their ranting and raving.


If you would have watched the show you would have been sick to your stomach. Michelle’s jealousy of Bridgette and Frank is what makes her act this way. At least she admitted it. Paul acting like a bitch as always bc he doesn’t want Frank to try and save himself. For all the James fans and I used to be one calling that house meeting was a dick move. Not only does he not have a vote but unless they edited it he didn’t speak. He’s a coward and to be a vet he plays the game poorly. Bottom of this 10 person alliance but he got what he wanted. Jury. Next year please recruit some real players CBS!

Skips mom

Someone on another website compared Paul to Evil D*ck. I loved to hate Evil D*ck…..but I actually just hate Paul. Paul is not a villain, or a master player. He is ignorant, a tyrant, bully, and probably the most self unaware person ever.


ill say it again no HAD THE BALLS vote him out the house 3 weeks in row oops!


He bullies, but wait till someone stands up to that little garden gnome looking bitch, he’ll cower down like the f#*cking pussy he is. Frank has had too much class to lower himself to Paulies little mouth bitch. I hope frank when he leaves does one of those fake punches to Paul’s chin, so we can all see him flinch like the little bitch that he is!


Paul is just such a gross human being


I bet Paul thinks he will win America’s Favorite Player.


I know Paul is playing the cowardly rat game, but at the same time these HG’s believing Paul’s lies is the reason why this season is horrible. the prime time show can’t even properly edit any episodes showing these HGs having any type of game strategy. just on tonight’s veto ceremony after big meech didn’t use the veto on Frank, they show a DR session at the end of the show with this idiot big meech saying if she has any say, she will vote to keep Frank. smh….

Joe Kerr

Dear Paulies Throat,




they had there chance now watch out!


Paul – “After that I’m going to hide and sleep and you guys can figure sh*t out. I’ll put my balls in this one because I know how damaging they could have been.”

Paul hasn’t changed anything this week. It was immediate (excluding result of secret room) Frank was going home as soon as POV happened, and Paul’s out there making it seem like it’s a huge battle and challenge to get him out.

Can’t believe I was starting to like Paul when Jozea got evicted. What was I thinking. One of the biggest “wanna-be” douches in BB history.

Paul's Pie Hole

Paul couldn’t keep his big pie hole shut if his life depended on it. He adores his cleaver smart wise self too much. I wish someone would punch him in the face. Please!!!


This is unreal. I can’t stand Paul. He’s a despicable person. I bet he got his lunch money punked his whole life and that helped develop this complex of his. “Pissed”. I’d be too if I had to grow a 2 foot beard just to feel like I shook off that shell of the schoolyard bitch. You know what’ll make you feel cool. A 2 foot beard and an over the top personality. Oh and ya gotta play the guitar too or the stereotype wouldn’t be complete. He’s a fucking cartoon. 5 feet of mouth. Such a little rat. Pissed. That mouth is it. Unbelievable. Wait till he sees the show. “Pissed” Such a tough guy. Gonna snap are ya? You’ve had it with Frank have ya? Gonna tell him where to go? Nope you walk in the room and when asked to leave you bitch out. Pissed. Then the built up anger That you’ve made out to be a beast waiting to be unleashed comes out in a tiny little whimper….”so what’s the game plan now Frank”…….are you actually trying to secure your spot in the house. You have the nerve to check if meech will use the Veto on you. For shame. What a clown.

King Friendship

Who is this Michelle person that appeared on the CBS show tonight? Has she been hiding in the secret room or come in when Vic came back?


It came out of the toilet when it got backed up, even the toilet can’t tolerate their sh*t


Promise Paul?? Promise we won’t hear that d*bag sound again??


PRAYING Frank has the winning ticket!!!! And I really hope Bridgette wins HOH

sunny dee

and nicole seems to be the only one who understands that is a real possibility and isn’t trying to burn bridges or shun him, from the looks of that conversation. she also probably realizes that frank would give bridget directions to work with, or against her, better to avoid being targeted by agreeing to work with her, and stay on her good side, after all, she also could be the comeback ticket.

it’s almost like nicole actually understands how to play this game. day, however, keeps digging dirt,, and she’s got an awful lot of it on herself.

and does anyone have any idea when jury is going to start, cuz this is getting ridiculous.


Somebody needs to stuff a sock in Pauls mouth. He is just vile. There is gameplay then there is just meaness. What he did to Bridget is uncalled for and was not necessary. Everyone already agreed to send Frank home. As for the rest of them that went along with his deception…hope they get a taste of their own medicine too.


Paul is the biggest piece of shit in the house. I seriously can’t stand him. He’s unbearable.

These People

Wow Paul good job you told Bridgette all the stuff Frank told her while she was HOH big shocker to her. The other stuff you told her were lies. Yeah your the one that cleared everyone’s names, what a tool. They all suck, I’ll have to quit watching if Frank and Bridgette go, there is no one left to flip the house, I don’t like any of the rest of them. Natalie sold herself out a long time ago.

Franks fumes

I know a lot of people feel the same way the feeds are as tough to watch as I can remember ever being…so boring and predictable…I have no hope for the rest of this season sadly. My God I hate POS Paul what a c*unt.


hey dawg we big brother fans the one I know in its a lot
we want frank to have the comeback ticket in then win hoh
we cant not take pual corey Nicole zachery allday long
look like the feed being on them allday for twodays
I deleted 2 shows this week the pov comp in the hoh winner comp
if frank don’t have the winning ticket tomorrow me in my family in friends are done we cant not watch
nomore of this season

frank and nicole suck

go home FRANK didn’t like you the frist time and dam sure don’t like you now same for whiney a## NICOLE


Let this be a warning to everyone that talks sh*t about Paul. He’s going to find us, call us out and punch us all in the face!!! He’ll punch so many of us that he’ll literally sh*t his pants!! Pissed!!!


I would gladly give him my address. I wouldn’t hold my breath though waiting for him to show up. We all know little Napoleon complex idiot is all talk.


And he’ll probably staple his balls to our foreheads.

Min O'Pause

Or he’ll rip his balls off and throw them at us. They must be fastened on with velcro as much as he’s threatened to rip them off.


Paul, you’re a bully.. You pick on people behind their backs, you claim you’re going to confront people but you only bully them.. You have a loud mouth and you’re annoying. You won’t say anything once Frank and Bridgette are evicted because you’re next you sad sorry little excuse for a man.


Like if you think frank has the round trip, down vote if you think he doesn’t!


I’m sure production will make sure that he does. The way he was talking about production talking about it in the DR. I think he needs to go because he tries to control everything. (Same as Paulie)

Paul's a Puke

Yeah but at least Frank’s a hell of a lot more charming than Paul, and isn’t always talking about his Goddamn balls all the time!!!!

Gentlemens Relish

At least Frank is charming and doesn’t talk about his GD balls all day!!!!

Franks's Farts

yeah right… Prince Frank is soo charming with his constant farting, calling girls sl.ts and slapping their asses…. .


From your lips to God’s ears. I hope I never have to hear your voice again! This dude is so freaking annoying, I can’t stand it. I can’t wait until someone puts him and his boyfriend Paulie on the block, see how he likes it when the whole house turns on him.


The way Frank looked at Paulie on the live show was classic… You could tell Frank was holding back a lot from #LoudMouth

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Over the last couple of years there has been several HG I didn’t like. I would gladly take Austin or Devin over this dipsh!t Paul. Never seen someone talk so much sh!t that knows nothing about the game. So Frank shouldn’t campaign for the veto bc Paul might be a replacement? I’m glad CBS showed what lowlife dumb a$$ Paul and Michelle are. Let’s see how they like what they call bullying when they get out of the house. James is a punk calling a house mtg and he doesn’t have a vote. I’m sure Cody and Derek are cringing watching Pauline’s game. It will be nice watching Da’s sorry a$$ get evicted soon. Bring back the HG from BB15!!!!


Or BB8!


Who really dislikes Michelle after tonight’s episode…petty

Dr. Phil

Don’t hate on Michelle. She is not a well person.she is a very disturbed person. On the show tonight, she said she was not using the veto, so she could watch them squirm. Shesmiled so big, you could see that causing people pain is her greatest pleasure. This girl needs help. You could see how much fun she was having torturing Bridgette in the bathroom. Bridgette looked into those empty eyes and was Terrified. Michelle is one of those people who wind up on Dateline NBC. If you are a guy out there who is involved with her, RUN! She is dangerously psychotic.


Michelle is definitely a 911 call waiting to happen


Michelle is Jodi Arias 2.0.


If only he would do that. Shut up Paul. You are a very angry person.


I really didn’t think I could dislike someone so much as Paul. But if it gets him far…. Geez he sure can twist every conversation


Another showmance – Paul and his balls.

Powder Puff Girls

lol the best one yet!


LOL Showmance or “One is the Loneliest Number” … He has no balls.


Short post. Played the Paul “balls” drinking gane an passin ooooooooooooouuut……….

Paul's balls

What is Paul’s obsession with his balls??? Speaking as a man, I rarely bring my balls into conversations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m tight with my balls but people generally don’t want to hear about them. How do these people look at him seriously when he says this shit. I hope Frank rips into that little twerp before he leaves. I’m also hoping that production displays the special kind of asshole this guy really is on national tv.


Paul makes Austin from BB17 look like a tolerable HG.. Haha


Can NOT believe I’m saying this but yeah, I’d much rather have Austin than Paul…..any day.


Paul has a big mouth!…. For someone who doesn’t win any competitions….


thry had there chance get him out now power he has buy back next 4weeks!


So Paulie said he has done a lot of things for a lot of people. He forgot to say “SYKE” afterwards lol.
Looking at him trying to make James feel better for doing all his dirty work is hilarious.


I think Production knows who has the roundtrip ticket and if the only person they are willing about the tickets is Frank…. they know he has it.

There are people in the house who are playing to advance other peoples game and not there own. When you look at it one of those is a vet that made the same bad moves his last time around. There should be 5 targets in the house for most people and none of them is Bridgette or Mamma Da. Some people need to wake up and realize that they are not the cool kids.

If someone who is not Corey, Paulie, Zak and Nicole wins HoH they need to take out he strongest alliance in the house. They should nominate Paulie and Corey, have them battle it out and put Nicole up as a replacement nominee or leave the nominations open next week if they get the PoV…. then sit back and watch Nicole and Z turn on each other so that they can protect their man… Paulie will be spilling a lot about Corey and Nicole etc… It will create so much drama those disposables Paul, Da, Michelle, Natalie and Vic can skate for another four weeks especially if James and what he says gets out there. You sometimes in Big Brother you have to put what is best for your game first.. and for some of them they should realize they are in the same boat as Bridgette… doing a bold move is best for most of the people in the house’s game.

Captain Crunch

Who put Paulie in charge? He thinks he runs the house and knows what order people are gonna go out.I would love to see him on the block and get sent home.

Also as for Corey calling Day out i doubt it unless its after Frank is gone b/c if he did it while Frank where there Frank would probably confirm he was working with Corey and Nicole since he has nothing to lose.


Paulie is such a dipshit!! Typical short angry man syndrome. Has to control everything. He thinks he’s the boss of the bloody house. He’s going to trip over his ego any day. That will be wonderful to watch. I can’t stand that type of man, but I’m being generous calling him a man. As for his friendship with Paul, well…..let me just say this, I am not a violent person, but I’d relish putting a 12 gauge into that pricks mouth and pulling the trigger. What a douche bag x 200.


I think Paulie is the BIGGEST DOUCHE to ever play BB!


That’s the thing, if there’s someone who seems in charge, most people will just go with it. Everyone perceives Paulie as having all this influence, so he does. Even though most of the house has talked about him going up, they still believe he has control so they try to stay on his good side.


Why does production not show the way bridge has been treated or how paul is a douche. Smh the ppl not watching live feeds must think paul is some fun guy. Wtf


what what happen when they vote him out when they had a chance!

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

It is so annoying watching Victor slowly morphing into Paul. Every catch phrase that Paul has uttered has been co-opted by that tofu personality, filter-less galoot. Please Victor, get your own personality, and get up off of Nicole and find your own girl too.


Watching these morons gives me an ego boost, at least this season is helping out for something.


Great balls of fire, Paul! One secret I’d like to know is why you vallue your balls so little. You rip em, glue them, and now bet them. Anyone taking that bet? Uh, no.


Dawg/Simon or anyone that can answer:

How can I watch bb uk? And when does it start? I can’t do this one another second until paul is out of there. I just can’t take him anymore. Lol. So maybe I’ll try a different big brother.


I asked this question yesterday and no one helped me out lol celeb uk starts tomorrow and I believe I’m able to watch it on my fire stick but idk how else it’s available.


Paul really is a jerk.


Good lawd, social media exploded tonight after the cbs show! All the casual tv only watchers are losing their minds! I feel bad not only b/c the season is gonna slowly start going downhill after Frank leaves tomorrow, but from the looks of it, you gonna lose a LOT of those folks that only watch the episodes b/c the general consensus from what I have been reading is what most of us here feel…America thinks the rest of this group is UNWATCHABLE. I do not want to feel this way either, but good grief, I know ppl are tired of hearing it, but I never thought it would get this bad. This is an historically sucky cast that could drive ratings down so bad, the franchise might get cancelled. I hope i am wrong but many ARE SUPER turned off right now.


Couldn’t agree more! Worst cast ever! I can’t even bring myself to watch the live feeds.


Agreed! There’s almost aLways been people to pull for, sides to take, some great strategy, at least one right or die alliance. But usually great overall chemistry. After Dark was fun because they mostly had fun together. These people look miserable worKing out and making out! Snoozefest.


James could have flipped the house…
worst player in BB history. These hg’s
are horrible people


it would easily make my top 10 favorite moments in bb history if frank had the winning ticket. James’s hoh would have been a waste, and the look of everyone in terrified shock would be worth it. please CBS, give me a moment in this season that i can savor


I like everyone else really can’t stand Paul. But I am equally mad at James for being such a spineless douche, Not only was his nomination of Frank & Bridgette proof that his word (hey Nat!) means crap if he can “justify” it. He has also sat back and virtually put his stamp of approval on the over the game just plain mean treatment of Frank & Bridgette, Especially of Bridgette. He is so dumb that he doesn’t realize that Paulie is running the show and that Paul is his #1. DESPITE the copycat haircut!!! Him and Da worrying about Nicole just goes to show that playing this game more than once does not make a silk purse out of a couple of pig’s a$$es.


America better not give James the favorite house guest money.

Powder Puff Girls

It would be a different story if the voters were the people that pay for the feeds! They should have an $$$ award for “Feeders Favourite”!

I called it

I have said for a while that Michelle was jealous of Bridgette and tonight we got to see her admit it. Damn I’m good.


actually, i said it weeks ago, when i said michelle leave bridgette alone i will never date you


So far the best strategic move this year was done by the outdoor awnings hitting Paul in the nose!


Michelle is officially Christine now…..loathsome & jealous. Hope she gets booed just like Christine aka Squidward did when she left the house in season 16. Paul is a motherf**ker btw


yert they kepy on voting out floater 1st 3weeks!

Team Paul Sucks

If Frank doesn’t end up having the round trip ticket after evicted I would love to see him kick in the front door and go power bomb Paul thru the coffee table. Would make for good tv

still 2 rats

Did you see the whole house cheering on Michelle especially Day? What a sack of shit.
And Paul, you are like a typical bitch who acts tough when the numbers are in your favor. You act like the type that would stomp a downed man in the head because you have the numbers. I really wish Frank could have smacked your midget ass for all the shit you talk.

And fuck James. Big move my ass. You did what everyone wanted so yeah clown.

rats know who they are

Solid logic…made valid points. Who ever thumbs downed it probably buys


all the did all floaters were voted out there house and paul is still there


What did you just say???? Made no sense at all!!!

Min O'Pause

Guess I won’t be voting on favorite player anymore cause I think they’re all lame douchebags.


I’ll vote for Frank just to piss midget dick Paul off


We should all campaign for Glenn as America’s Favorite Player!

Franks fumes

I want to fart in Pauls mouth then light it…seriously!


I don’t know what game Paul thought he was playing when he confronted Frank about trying to get veto used.


Paul looked like & is a complete moron! Even after that though he is still DOUCHE runner up compared to Paulie!


Please Paul, just cut your balls off and get if over with.


Best case scenerio for me would be to see Frank walk back in the house after they vote him out, win HOH and put Paul and Michelle on the block. Win POV, keep noms the same and send Paul out the door and home pre jury. Oh yea and once he knows they are voting Paul out, call a house meeting to tell him to stop campaigning because the votes aren’t going his way and he looks like an idiot doing it.

Worst case scenerio is Frank leaves for good and Paul wins HOH. Could not take a week of him as HOH. It could happen if its a random luck comp. Cannot imagine making it thru a week of his HOH without punching myself in the face.


Paul’s still a clown eh? Pissed.