“Felicia doesn’t have a chance like the fart in the f***ing wind” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Felicia and Izzy
POV Players: Izzy, Cameron, Felicia, Matt, Jared, Jag
POV Winner: Jared
Veto Ceremony: Veto wasn’t used.
Havenots: Everyone except for Cameron is a havenot this week. Everyone is on Slop, Everyone takes cold showers, and they all take turns sleeping in the havenot room.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Jared has POV-itus in a BIG way Cameron has a mini case of HOH-Itus BOth Jared and Cameron are competing to get the cringe gold medal.

3:05 pm Cameron and America
Cameron – let’s play the game I’m here to play. Right now we flip the house the majority is over here. We have easy pickings right now the majority is here Everyone one of these people has got to go. Everyone one of them. If you are thinking for yourself every single person has got to leave. there’s only two chairs on finale night.
Cameron – I don’t want to sit next to them. Once the house wakes up and realizes that Izzy is the threat here ..easy pickings Guess what next week? now we got Felicia now we got one more left.. you gotta chop away until the tree falls.

Cameron – I’m telling you right now can we bne f***ing smart ehre can we wipe up all the bullsh1t and everyone thinks they are cool with this person or that person lets put it on face value that is on a piece of paper who is more likely to run this f***ing game that are sitting in the two chairs right now? Make shtme leave immesifalty.. Felicia doesn’t have a chance like the fart in the f***ing wind because the rest of us in this house is going to wipe the floor with her. Izzy, has a hook in every single person in this house
America – I know Cameron you don’t have to convince me.
Cam – I’m telling you so you create a passion and conviction for when you tell people We’re not f***ing rookies. This isn’t ameatur hour (I use to love Amateur hour)
Cam – I am playing this f***ing game get out of the F***Ing way
America – I want to do this so badly
Cameron – GOOD you want Big moves and that is why I want to work with you after this. you were never a target for me EVER EVER
Cam – I know you want to make BIG Moves.. let’s f***ign ride I’m sick and tired of this boring as$ game roll us by. F*** it we make the waves we drop the grenades
Cam says if Izzy stays in the house it messes up everything that the three of them have. (Corey)
America – she’s deep into Corey too
Cam – I know she is she has to go. Corey is my f***ing Boy
America – he loves you
Cam – I love Corey to DEATH
Cam reiterates if Izzy is in the house him, Corey and America cannot work together. ‘bottom line.. that is as Clear as it can be”
America – WOW no riddles
Cam – is that what you wanted?
America – yes I needed that Thank you Cam I’m not alone
Cam – GOOD go out there and F***Ing play Stop going off into corners and cuddling up go f*** play the game
America – I don’t cuddle during the day Okay.. just at night!
Cam – Okay cool cool cool cool (LOL)
America says everything he has said is the same way as she feels.
America – one question. Why not Cirie and Izzy, why Izzy and Felicia?
Cameron – just to see where everyone’s head’s at
America – MMMMMM
Cameron – had it been Cirie and Izzy what would you have done?
America – it would have been
Cameron – Too close
America – too close

they hug it out

3:20 pm Bowie and Cameron
They’re talking about how Izzy going home is a no brainer. Cameron stresses how comfortable Izzy is talking to everyone in the house.
Cam runs out of the HOH to call Matt in.
Cam – What do you think?
Matt – who should go?
Cam – yeah
Matt – I think it goes both ways..

Cameron – two things to take away from Felicia’s speech. She tried to manipulate jared by calling him her son.
Bowie – I know that was bad..
Cameron – US.. Take one of us down to save US. In her brain if one of them came down there was a chance they could both be saved.
MAtt – she did say that I look at you like my son..
Bowie – I saw that.. I wouldn’t have said that that’s embarrassing. has Izzy spoken to you yet, did she think it was being used on her?
Cam – no, I told her I am glad everything stayed the same. She’s a comfortable as she can be. I wanted her to be as comfortable as she can be Sitting next to Felicia. She believes without a shadow of a doubt she can beat Felicia.
cam – the fact she hasn’t talked to you(Bowie) yet shows you how comfortable
Cam – she’s not really really campaigning yet

Cam turns on the HOH TV “She’s hanging out right now with the kayakers
Matt – no one in site
Bowie – you think she will become uneasy?
cam – she’ll be uneasy pretty soon.
Bowie – when she suspects things are going bad she will get very grumpy
Matt – she’s a very snappy person
Cameron – she’s going to lose her sh1t
Cam – do you all see what I am saying? Am I making sense
matt – yeah yeah I’ve said that to you
Bowie – do we have enough votes?
Cam – we got votes. I got a AT LEAST two or three others.. AT LEAST
Cam – We both KNow MEME isn’t going to vote against Felicia Meme can’t stand IZzy.
Bowie – really?
Cam – I have spoken with people.. MEME dislikes her as much as you do. She just hasn’t said it.
Feeds cut. When we’re back.
Cam is telling him the other side wants him as their ‘tool their Gladiator’
Cam – like me and Red here.
Bowie – they deleted HIsam, Red and essentially you that is three really good players.

Cam tells them he knows how the vote is going down so be on the right side of it. Until the vote “Play is loose”
Cam – let Izzy and Felicia come grovelling to you let them beg and plead and promise you everything. You just let them talk.

Cam – EAch one of them thinks they have a better relationship than the other. They are wrong. I don’t have a good relationship with either of them. They’re all bullshtting and they are all liars
Bowie – they’re all lying.. they are lying more than other people in the house.
Cam – The problem is when Felicia lies and she makes things worse when Izzy lies she makes things better for herself.
Bowie – yeah
Cam – big difference
bBwie- Big Difference
Cam – I want the sloppier player to stay
Bowie – I agree
Matt – yeah that makes sense.
Bowie leaves.

3:49 pm Corey and Cameron
Corey – it’s getting to that point where stuff has to happen
Cam – what are your thoughts now
Corey says he talks a lot to Izzy they have a good working relationship “I believe she’s targeting you”
Corey – with Felicia, I have no working relationship with her, WE don’t talk I don’t think she likes me, She would be target you if she won a competition.
Corey – the other part of the Felecia thinks is I heard her say my name. She’s said everyone’s name so it doesn’t hit with the same weight. We had one Felicia HOH we could have another but it seems less likely.
Corey says Felicia leaving is better for his game. ‘I an open for.. well you know weigh my options”
Cam – you are a smart dude I don’t need to paint this picture very hard. There’s one answer here. You’ve watched this game a lot.
Corey – yeah
Cam – you understand how it works. there is between the two people on this block. One of them is FAR superior in game play.
Corey – not close
Cam – not even close. The other one is just annoying sometimes. that’s it.
Corey – Yup
Cam – says everyone’s name so it has no weight.
Corey – if we do that I am very open to it. I know america would be open to it. It could happen. It really could. (Get out Izzy)
Cam thinks Felicia is going tells Corey if anyone is telling him otherwise they are bullshittig him.
Cameron – Felicia? … easy I know where she’s at. NO WHERE. Can we beat her in competitions? Absolutely. Can we beat her when it comes to relationships with people? Yes. Will she cook for us down the road? YES!
Cam – those are the reason I want to keep her
Corey says this week he lied to everyone and granted last week everyone lied to him.
Corey – before this week everyone assumed Cirie and Izzy to be the nucleus..
Cam – yeah
Corey tells him that next week the plan will likely be to back door Cam . The noms will be some combination of him, America, Bowie. Why is cam so confident about what he’s being told about the vote.
Cam says Izzy is playing her ass off in comps she’s got a good chance to win HOH.

Corey – right now do you think it’ll be 9-0?
Cam – not 9-0 I know there’s people I won’t be able to persuade. Each person has some sort of a deal with IZZY.
Corey – of course and I have my thing with Izzy.. everyone has it.
COrey says he’s going to leave this room and talk to people so when they tell him it’s Felicia going he should assume they are bylslhittig him.
Cam – I’m going to say you are smart guy and a lot of times people shutup and listen when you start talking they do.. they just do.
Cameron presses how Izzy is a far superior player in this game and it will be much harder to get her out later then some “blabber fool out” (Ouch)
Cameron – I want the f***ing players gone this is Big Brother not a sympathy train get the f*** outta the way. I am here to play the gooddamn game. I don’t give a sh1t who you view as your son I don’t give a f** at how well you made dinner last night I don’t care how shitty you are at getting dizzy. get the f*** outta my way (wait, did Cameron cry about Reilly remind him of his daughter..)
Cam – Izzy is a f**ing player she is going to beat us all into the ground if we allow her any more rope.
Corey warns there’s a lot of negative sentiment going around for Felicia “annoyance:
Cam – cirie is a better player she’s done thi s four or five times (Stunt) if I put her up there’s a shot Izzy stays
Cory sighs “okay I view it the opposite way like felicia is the easier out”
Cam – exactly I wanted to see where everyone’s head is at. I Wanted everyone to know keeping Felicia in this game for a while is good for all of us. Keeping someone like Izzy is bad for us forever.
Cam – it’s F****INg Ameratur hour if notbody see shse needs to leave this house. (Ameratur hour)

3:43 pm Cam and Corey
Cam – with these two nominees we flip the entire f***ing house where their was the majority the people in the minority are the majority. You, America, Matt, jared, Blue, Jag, Everyone now gets to decide. Where as for the last month and a half these three people have been sitting in the comfort of they own bed plotting our demise. Two of which were my really good friends. They took out strong players who do you think it next? SMART GUY
Cam says the second the other side isn’t able to take out a competitor Cory is on the list.
Cam – you’ve been on the list in every room I’ve sat with them.
Corey – trust me I know.. yeah.
Cam – above America
Corey – yup I think that is what changed this week for me.
Feeds flip when we’re back Corey is telling him he trust America, Cameron and F***ing BOwie Jane.
Corey – I don’t know why but she (Bowie) trusts the sh1t outta me
Cam – exactly that’s what I told America
Cam – when shitty people don’t like a person that is a good person they’ve been shitting on bowie for weeks.. .Izzy has been grinding her for weeks.
Corey – the most positive person in this house
COrey – here is what I am trying to figure out. I walk out there people say they are voting out Felicia. they are bullshitting me. Where does that put me? Everyone is having these conversations with you and have the same take away as I am.
Corey – is everyone bullshitting each other
Cam says there is one solid answer this week and if they don’t take that they are all getting DUPPED
Cam – you are all getting played by the player if you keep her in this game.
Corey – yeah
Cam – bottom line
Feeds cut

3:50 pm Cirie, MEME and Felicia
Talking about The Real Housewives franchise
“I didn’t watch dubai.. ”
“I watched Dubai”
MEME – ready to love.. who was in this season? I can’t remember their names.
Meme – you remember the skinny guy?

3:53 pm Gas time

4:20 pm Chilling.

4:30 pm Cirie and Felicia with Cam uncomfortable chit chat. After Cam leaves.
Cirie asks what did Bowie Jane tell him?
Cirie – He’s going to be surprised.. he needs a surprise party. Did not even lift his heads.. I had to say HEY CAM
F – Mmmmmhmmm I saw
They are talking about how Jag is giving Cirie a cold shoulder.
G – Mmmmmmhmmmm
C – I really want to know it’s been a 180, you were stuck to us like glue. Clearly something happened.
F – mmmhmmmmm
C – I can’t
F- you were chasing us down
C – now there’s nothing I need to know why. I don’t care… I’m going to ask him. And now you and Bowie Jane are buddies
C – You can walk out the door again.
F – you guys think you are playing the long game you are really playing a unsmart short game because every week the power shifts you don’t get to keep sniffing butt based on who’s in power.
C – mmmmhmmmmmm
Cirie is pissed that Bowie may have said something about her.
They go on about Jag being pissed at them. Everyone voted him out why is he just mad at them.
Cirie laughs “I light weight don’t care about Jag.. Get outta here”

Cirie starts looking at Cameron’s pictures “Ohh she is cute.. she is a cutie”

5:00 pm Jared, Matt, Blue and Izzy
Mat is going on about loyalty and how he’s big on that.
Jared about Jag, “Right now we’re buddies but the moment we got power we don’t need you”
Jared – “I’m going to have him sh1t himself” (what the)
Jared – I want to do it now SO BAD.. .SO BAD BRO
Izzy – I wish it was now too..
Matt – he should have taken the veto that was a little cocky..

5:05 pm The mommas are done Complaining in the HOH

5:22 pm they are talking about how much they like Pork Belly. Cirie says she cooks it every 3 days.

Matts picture board

5:40 pm Jag doesn’t want to give Izzy false hope
Izzy apologize to him for not giving him the same grace.
Izzy says because they are working together what would his HOH look like if he won next week?
Izz- it would make me feel better I have a future
jag – We can chat about that too I don’t know about right now
Izzy – I said not now.. I’m just saying I don’t want you to think we can’t have those conversations
Jag – something I appreciate about you is that collaborative mindset.

5:53 pm Chilling

6:20 pm Chilling

6:30 pm the kayak punishment is over

6:32 pm Izzy and Cirie
Izzy says Cameron is pushing for her to go.
Izzy counts her votes, “You, jared, Matt, Corey, America”
Cirie – it makes no sense for Corey nad America to not vote for you
Izzy – I know I agree I know they are voting for me to stay.
IZzy says the Questions marks are MEME and Jag.
Cirie says Bowie and MEME are voting Izzy out.
Cirie – Who gives a f*** about Jag.. You only need 5 votes
Izzy – Matt is good he’s saying Jag is saying sketchy things about me it’s good like solid with those people..
They continue to Spiral..
Cirie – what else any new sh1t I missed?
They sit down. Izzy says she only needs five votes isn’t going to bother with people lie jag.
Cirie – F*** JAg .. you’re done with me B1tch? I’m done with you. you don’t need to be down with me F****ER after I saved.. Girl… that was two days
Izzy – that was so good I am so proud of you so so so proud of you. YOu did so good.. WE’ll be back in the comic room
Cirie about Felicia “you don’t get to lay your feet by me.. all the sh1t you’ve been talking.. did jared tell you all the sh1t this b1tch has been talking and you think it’s okay to run your lips”

6:35 pm

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Felicia’s Tooth

Izzy…. Watching you try to have a “genuine, authentic conversation” with Jag, makes me want to vomit.
Shine is fake as f*ck. I want to punch her in the throat. I cannot stand watching her talk to him. Her head movements, her mouth, her crazy eyes, ok just her Effin face in general is so freaking annoying!!!! I’d much rather her pull the pig face ? down around her head and speak to him that way… it would be much more appealing.
Yes, I said it.


Oh good, I’m not the only one who thinks that way about Izzy.


I really feel bad for Cam, I think Bowie, Jag, maybe America will vote Izzy out. Corey’s a wimp, he’s votes Felicia out, Cirie, Matt, Jared and Blue will fall in line and vote Felicia out.

I sure hope Jag wins HOH next week, I think that is the only way Cam does not go on the Block. If Jared wins HOH, puts Cam & Jag on the block again, maybe now Cam will realize Jared has been lying to him, hopefully Cam wins the Veto.

If the house does not break up Jared, Cirie, Izzy, they are going to regret it later on. Blue you are being used for a Vote, as Jared would say, Bro, you were a vote for my mama’s side of the house, bro I had to do what my mama said bro, hope you understand bro.

Matt needs to stop drinking the Kool-Aid, Wake Up ! Jared is playing you, you all need to get rid of Cirie, Jared and Izzy, stop letting them Mist you, they don’t really have your back Bro, bro, can’t you see that bro ?

If Cam is on the block next week, more than likely he will be sitting next to Jag. That will really suck, when is Cam going to realize, Jared is not on your side Bro, trust that Bro.

Matthew schneider

Azmdw america and cameron are trying to get the house flip so they are on top they are tired of being on the bottom it wont ever work because all the rest are team cirie and the rest are willing to get 3rd place in the game where america and cameron want to win big brother and not hand it to cirie and jared

Matthew schneider

Azmdw america didnt spend 6 years of trying to get on big brother just to lose to someone being on survior 4 times and her idiot son jared whos getting carried by his mom in a game has no business playing in this game


What is Jared even talking about anymore? He wants to make Jag sh*t himself, for what purpose? And wasn’t he just talking about Cam, Cory, and America being the first 3 he wants out?


Jared is lame.

Felicia’s Tooth

So I feel like a dumbass for asking…. But I cannot keep up with this nonsense.
Who do they FOR REAL FOR REAL want out? Izzy?
I’m so Effin confused…

Not Jason’s Holly

I believe Cirie and her minions want Felicia out. In my opinion, those votes for sure are Cirie, Jared, Blue, & Matt.

Cam wants Izzy out. The smart move is Izzy out. I really hope America can talk Corey into voting out Izzy. And I hope Eeyore (Jag) votes out Izzy. Maybe they would have America, Corey, Eeyore, Bowie, & Meme!


Nope. Still not caring who stays or who goes. The only person I like is Matt. So boring the rest of them. Get rid of Jared and Cirie: I never want to see her again after Traitors and this, back to back.

Spot ON

“. Still not caring who stays or who goes. The only person I like is Matt”

GOTCHA!!!! You just want to have your “eye candy” on the screen. Gotcha!

Been wondering why that guy (MATT) has done to deserve #1 on the voting matrix. Weird.

MATT is an IDIOT when it comes to this “game”. He’s got NO “SELF AWARENESS” of how he’s been played by “Sweet Brown Sugar”. I mean, seriously, HOW does he see that he “fits” in with that “gang”? Did he bother looking in the mirror to get a CLUE? He’s an idiot.

Not to mention being a blabber mouth and a wimp too.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Matt is completely insufferable! And, he’s not the slightest but good looking, either. And don’t even get me started on his voice!

Spot ON

I would not comment on his voice because he can’t blamed for his speech pattern. People who are deaf speak that way.

Not Jason’s Holly

I think he thinks he can beat them in Final 3 but he better win that last competition because the only way he’s in F2 is if he gets to pick last eviction.

un autre nom

Cirie gets off punishment with Izzy on the block.
Says screw Bowie and Meme, don’t bother talking to them. 7-2.
Says Fuq Jag repeatedly because he saved himself with a deal 6-3.
After talking to Jared? Not going to America. 5-4.
Blue, Jared, Matt and Cory are all the people she thinks Izzy needs?
Jared didn’t tell Cirie WHY Cory has been distant.
Jared didn’t tell Cirie WHY Jag is sketched.

She’s only concerned with 5 votes. No wiggle room.

un autre nom

If I were a houseguest:
Izzy thought of staying on the block if she won veto.
Izzy can win mental comps.
Izzy is part of the vote flipping machine.
What this means:
We’re going into jury with someone so tied to a houseguest that they would stay on the block. That’s not a vote for me.
We’re going into jury and she can win mental comps.
We’re going into jury…do we need flip chaos?

Felicia is an agitation. Izzy is an agitator. What’s more dangerous?

Spot ON

I agree. I find it hard to understand the logic behind their choices on who GOES and who STAYS. It’s probably has to do with the fact that the decision-making process is based on emotions rather than logic.


Or possibly production?

Spot ON


The Beef

Whereas I agree with you that Izzy is a better competitor in comps and the right person to vote out, Felicia is just as big a part of the vote flipping machine as she is, if not more so! She’s also very clearly very closely aligned with Cirie and Jared (along with Meme) in the Brown Sugar Babe, For Real For Real, and every other single fake alliance (all the 7’s and 8’s) that Cirie has been in.

If you’re doing it to avoid flip chaos, it doesn’t matter which one goes. If you’re doing it to get rid of the better comp player, Izzy should go. If you’re doing it to avoid HOH chaos, Felicia should go.

My personal opinion is that Izzy should go, but that’s just my opinion.

un autre nom

Felicia has a big mouth is reason to keep her.
Every secret plan is out of her mouth immediately.
I’m keeping the loud mouth with no self control so I know what’s coming.

Nether Region Euphemism

I wish DR would probe Matt more on his outlook.

He seems to genuinely want Jag to stay in the game. Yet he feeds negative info to others that would make Jag a continued target.

I can understand if Matt doesn’t want to seem aligned to Matt, but to go as far as increase the odds of potentially losing him, makes no sense.

It’s possible he’s just playing Jag, but even the house thought he’d be unhappy if Jag were voted out last week.

If this is how he’s maintaining the middle, it is indeed very odd.

un autre nom

Perspective on Matt:
Entered wanting a brolliance.
Puts 100 faith in Reilly’s delusions.
speaks to people that say his name to make them think he’s good with them.
His ideal is the Reilly’s promise threesome with Cirie and Jag.

However, because he’s a dudebro:
He will stick more to Jared because Jared never doubts Cirie, but knows Jared and Cirie have tendrils everywhere.
Matt is against anyone that delusional Reilly thought wronged her.
Matt is against anyone that lies to him.
Matt is against anyone else getting too close to Cirie.
Matt wants the others to take shots at Cirie’s entourage, but not Cirie.

The Beef

I don’t think Matt is intentionally trying to play the middle. In fact, I don’t think Matt has a clue to what he’s doing, other than he’s trying to do what Reilly told him to do, and that’s to trust Cirie.

What Matt wants to do is be friends with the younger crowd (Jag, Jared, America, Blue), but since they’re split, he doesn’t know how to finesse that and still play the game. So he’s just doing what Reilly said, and hoping that Cirie will protect him from getting burned by doing so, because that’s what Reilly told him she would do.

This makes him look like a moron to those of us who know what’s going on in the game, because he’s so low on the pecking order of the power alliance, and all he’s doing is working against his own best interest in the game by eliminating players he should be working with!

If that’s playing the middle (especially when there’s really not two power sides, but really only one, with a few stragglers struggling to gain their footage), it’s a losing position, because he’ll probably end up being juror #2 or #3.

Oh my

Wow, we see where Jared gets his class from.