“I think Kevin, David, Christmas, Tyler and Ian those are the five that have to go next”

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations David Tyler and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Ian, Kevin, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, Da’Vonne.
POV Host: – Nicole
Power of Veto holder – DaVonne
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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2:00 am Feeds return after an hour of pound puppies. Dani and Cody in the HOH everyone else sleeping
They’re talking about if Ian goes up how does it affect them game wise.
Cody – Enzo doesn’t give zero fucks about anything.. it’s not affecting us with him .
Cody doesn’t think anybody will mind
Cody now goes on about how Ian has ‘Opened up” so much now that they’ve made jury hes “Chipper” and Cody is “Liking him a lot more”
Cody – personally it would suck but thinking of it at a game level. IF Da’Vonne uses it and Ian goes up we’ll deal with the pushback we wanted him out we didn’t want him going deep in the game anyways
Dani – I know
Cody – you and I have had this conversation for weeks now personally it might be really tough
Dani – it just sucks because it’s all on me .. I”m going to be the bad guy not you and Nicole
Cody – no
Dani – how
Cody – at the end of the day he’s coming to Nicole and I and asking do I have the votes and who is literally going to blindside him? you?
Cody – you’re putting him on the block you’ll have a conversation with him
Cody – he’s going to feel betrayed by Nicole, He’ll feel a certain way about you and a certain way about me. The only problem is to make it seem like ‘Ian there was nothing I could do you are a pawn’ If he feels like Nicole knew he was going up like.. the chaos is going to ensue .
Dani – we have to figure out exactly what I would say to him
Cody – My best case scenario is if she doesn’t use the f***ing veto. I can’t believe shes putting you in this scenario. I don’t understand why you are not more personally irritated by that

Cody – her reasoning is what I would look like to the audience if I don’t use it
Dani – that because she’s saying ..
Feeds cut.. when we’re back
Cody is saying that Da’Vonne was saying she was close to Kevin so he would be the person she got put up next too other than Bayleigh “now you are using the veto on him?”
Dani – yeah, because now she doesn’t have other people though like.. Listen. She also thought she had like the slick 6 and everything and that’s obviously gone. that’s why I was suggesting bringing something back to her where she feels part of the group (Slick 5?)
Cody – she needs to be convinced to not use the veto before anything is brought to her. If it’s brought to her before the veto I feel that it will confirm to her ‘I need to use the veto because they are going to try and send Kevin home..’

Dani says Da’Vonne using the veto on Kevin “is the worst thing she can do for herself in this game”
Cody says Da’vonne has ‘Exhausted her only win of the season”
Cody – it’s over all such a bad play for her to use it
DAni – I would want Kevin out over her, you wouldn’t?
Dani points out that Kevin has come in second on every competition.

Cody says if Da’Vonne uses the veto “Ian is going home 1 million percent” (assuming Dani put Ian up)
He adds if the veto isn’t played they probably can convince the committee to send Tyler home.
Dani agrees.
Cody – nobody will send Tyler home over Ian..
Feeds flip to sleeping houseguests.. When we’re back..

Cody saying if production wakes him up early tomorrow he’s going to get “Mean” adds that he wants Alcohol tomorrow.
Dani says she’s heard theirs a light maybe.. feeds cut..
when we’re back..
Cody – I can’t tell how much these shenanigans with David makes me want him out of this house.
Dani – I know I feel the same.

Dani – if you get HOH who will you put up
Cody – David and Kevin .. easy ..
Dani – if they’re here
Cody – DAvid and Kevin are the easy noms and if one of them come down.. YO Christmas you’re going up whether you want to be the pawn or not like you’ll be my pawn this week you pawned for Enzo so pawn for your alliance and I’ll literally put her on the block. that will be our convo, I have no problem doing that with her. We’re not that tight
Cody says in the scenario that Da’Vonne uses the veto and Ian goes home in his mind the new Ian is Tyler.
Cody – he’s the person that could win a f** ton of competitions
Dani says Christmas has won “4 f***ing comps she’s got to go and she’s won a power but we have to wait for the powers to be done”
Cody points out some of Christmas’ wins were under the most competitive circumstances.
Dani says it doesn’t matter if she gets to the end with 8 wins.. that’s 8 wins.

Cody – when is she getting to the end.. lets be realistic.. get real
Dani – after the powers she has to go
Cody – you think her before Tyler
Dani – I think Kevin, David, Christmas, Tyler and Ian those are the five that have to go next
Cody says Kevin is a much more capable player than David.

Dani says if they send Memphis home they will be seen as heroes “everyone hates him”
Dani – he would be so good sitting final 2.. he is hated.. there’s no way around it
COdy – you think? I don’t know if he’s even on the show to be honest..
Feeds cut.. when we’re back..

They’re agreeing the five that have to go first are Kevin, David, Christmas, Tyler and Ian

Dani starts complaining about her power “It’s embarrassing”
Dani says if Christmas does actually have the third power and it’s really good like David’s she’ll be Furious

2:40 am they head to the kitchen to giggle some more..

2:47 am Cody and Dani
Giggling about past seasons.. Cody says he’s finding himself talking more and more like Enzo.

Cody notices and mound of white powers on the ledge says it looks like “Blow”
Cody – i’m not saying I would do it I’m saying that it looks like f***n .. .
THey talk about the ant killing traps spending the next 15 minutes throwing out old traps setting new ones..

3:00 am all feeds show sleepers.

9:41 am Kevin
Kevin – I want to talk to people like normal to get their votes. Including Memphis, but I’m going to talk to Da’Vonne to see if we can form an alliance with this power (POV) meaning what if I can talk to Tyler to say Hey if there’s a way we can convince Dani to put up a Higher value target next to you moving forward could we all work together.
Kevin – Da’Vonne, David, Kevin, Tyler, and maybe one more person I know this sounds Bizarre but maybe even Dani or Enzo but 5 people would have the majority moving forward. Tyler will feel like he’s grateful for us having saved him even though I know he has a power but he can save his power. If it’s true that he feels some kinda way about screwing Bayleigh then maybe he’ll.. Hi Memphis
Grandpa Memphis joins him.

9:45 am Memphis and Kevin
Memphis – the sun is going to be out today.
Kevin – it’s going to be nice. I’m here for it. Birds are chirping it’s warm. How’d you sleep?
Memphis – it was good.. I mean as good as I f****g can in this house

Kevin – do you think I’m going to get the votes to stay
Memphis – I mean I don’t..
Kevin – I need 5 to be sure. I still haven’t talked to Dani
Memphis – who the f* wants to rely on a split vote anyways.. I don’t think the house is divided I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t.
Memphis – There’s no alliance with like 5 people so if that’s not the case I don’t see why you couldn’t get the votes. You have to go one by one
Kevin – that’s what I’m going to do today (ugh)
Kevin – I’m a block professional at this point..
Memphis- using the veto on somebody is a lot of pressure it a big game decision. I think for anyone when you look at the game and you think ok I’m going to pull someone off the block that’s the biggest move as far as showing your cards and who you are playing with. From that angle I think you got to look at it like that. obviously you want her to use it who cares about her game you just want to get off the F***g block that at least gets you safety to next week. I can’t read her we haven’t talk about it I don’t know what she is planning on doing.. and I don’t think she’s ever won the veto
Kevin – she hasn’t won anything

Memphis – There’s potential for you to get the votes.
Memphis – Me, David, Da’Vonne and Christmas. That’s four right now. you just need to convince Cody… or Enzo. You know what I mean
Kevin says there’s declared obvious pairs that are not being targeted.
Memphis – when you get down to the 6 and 7 then you start saying Okay i’m putting these people up because I have an alliance with X.. because whatever there’s so many less people
Memphis brings up concerns about Nicole and Ian. Saying it’s obvious the two past winners would have an agreement.

10:35 am Kevin crawls back into bed leaving Memphis outside pacing..

11:32 am Nicole
Nicole – I’m currently trying to figure out what I want this week I don’t want Ian to go home. Ian going home is so bad.
Nicole – this is what i’m thinking. If Tyler and Ian are on the block. Ian is gone according to Dani and Cody
Nicole – I would rather Tyler goes.. apparently Kevin leaving is not an option at this point..
Nicole – why does my best ally have to leave and not hers?
Nicole – that’s so weird …
Nicole – I’m not losing Ian this week that makes no sense.. no sense..
Nicole – It come down to losing Tyler or Ian I’ll lose Tyler.
Nicole – I got ammo too, Tell Christmas Tyler was telling people about the women’s alliance but Cody won’t let me use it. I might use it still
Nicole – I need to talk to Memphis.. why would Memphis ever vote out Tyler instead of Kevin? Doesn’t make sense.

Nicole – this is a terrible HOH week. Terrible.
Nicole – like no offense but getting someone that’s on your team is so dumb.. so dumb ..
Nicole – I came here to play the game not just be like .. ohh whatever..

Noon DAvid and Nicole
Nicole says he’s in a good position he gets to play in the HOH next week and he’s safe “It’s amazing”
David says he thought Dani and Tyler were tight.

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Lisa love

When Ian goes, I’m no longer watching this show

One Opinion

If one of them 3 win this year, than Derrick should get the money for setting up the whole thing. He is not even in the house this year but he is still running the house.


ITA Derrick must’ve worked harder than casting because he seems to have called EVERYBODY! He HAS ruined what could’ve been an AMAZING season. Sure the BEST All Stars weren’t present but all the pre-gaming screwed Janelle & Kaysar for sure! Cody is the saboteur.

Game fan

Jannelle and kaysar game ruined jannelle and kaysar game.
Tyler could of work with them .
Even Danni !
They threw their names .
They didn’t win hoh when they had the chance to
Abd they didn’t talk game to most of the players


That BS of he threw their names, she threw their names! Name one person in that big alliance that didn’t throw a name that wasn’t in their alliance, it’s called big brother. The arrogance is beyond belief.

Michelle Hoskins

That isn’t true. Have you seen Derrick commenting on all these rumors?


Maybe there is an arrangement for a consultation fee.


What are you talking about?


The devil works hard, but Derrick Levasseur works harder.


And when Dani, Cody & Nicole go I’ll WATCH lol


I don’t think anyone would notice he’s gone. He has done nothing.


Ian is a freaking floater. Honest question…Can you tell me what has he done so far??

He should go talk with Dani this week, he knows who the 6 people in the alliance are. Why dont he go talk with Dani and join forces with her as he can see shes taking a shot on their own already? Instead is Ian sitting and doing nothing….as usual.

Floater Floater Floater.

Just Sayin...

Wait. So Ian SEES Dani turning on her OWN alliance and you think he should go join forces with her?? Why…because she’s so Loyal and trustworthy? Psshh.

Michelle Hoskins

Ian’s strategy this season is to use his disability to appear weak. He beat one of the best players in BB history in his season.. Hes flying under the radar . Get him out.


Ian has done nothing but float so far .


That’s what he planned on doing, he doesn’t want to win any competition yet!! That’s his game plan!

J.D. Mansfield

All right, enough, you all need to stop making excuses for Ian. Sure he may be a “nice guy” outside the house or whatever, but he is NOT good at this game and definitely did NOT deserve to win his season.

That’s what he “planned” on doing? You’re just making excuses for this horrible player. I don’t get why people continue to do this. Ian played the same last season as well. If you actually watched the feeds like I religiously do, in S14, he did NO social work – he sat back and let other people do EVERYTHING, while letting Britany, Boogie and Dan carry him to then end. This is HOW this kid plays. Ian just lets other players take the blame for him and then sneak in and take the credit.

Now, if he is SO SMART like you all say he is, then he KNOWS what he is doing and that makes him not such a great person. He is always letting other people take the heat and then slithers like a serpent to either take the credit or dissolve any blame on him. That is CLASSIC IAN – let other people do ALL the work, take ALL the blame, and then win the game. Don’t act like he’s trying to “lay low” this season. That’s what he always does.

I am sorry. He should be proud for who is as a person as he can be very inspirational to some people, but Ian is an incredibly overrated player. This is not his fault, but the fault of his fans who continue to overrate him like he’s this god of Big Brother because he “beat” Dan. He didn’t beat anyone. That was a bitter jury and he got lucky, Stop making excuses for his poor gameplay. I am so sick of seeing this. Have respect for the game like the days of gameplay from Dr. Will, Evel Dick and Dan.


Why’d you keep referring to him as ‘kid’. He’s almost 30 years old, but has a disability which seems to make you refer to him as ‘kid’. I don’t know where you’re going with this argument either? Supposedly he plays a ‘snake game’ and doesn’t deserve to win, but Dan deserved to win when he played a bigger back stabbing game. Bitter jury or not you have to take into account people’s feeling in the jury house in order to get their vote. Dan was open about his back stabbing while Ian was sneaky about it and therefore got the votes to win.


Yuk, Cody thinks he is the godfather.


I’m annoyed with Cody. He’s really doing a good job of manipulating everything. Not a fan of his but wow. Dani and Nicole were not for putting up Ian and now Candy has changed their minds. Dani was thinking of even putting Enzo and now Cody was able to eliminate that possibility. Dani doesn’t realize how good Cody is playing…Those late night talks are getting to her.


This is as close to a showmance as it comes without actually being one……what’s wrong with the rest of the house that they can’t see these two ALWAYS talking?

Ian's Puppet

I’m so sick of these cocky a-holes just lining up a pecking order like they’ve already got it in the bag. I would love to see these committee jerks sweat for at least one week. If Tyler wants to quit let’em. Team Ian all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank Production

Well you can’t really get excited about the Bottom Feeders alliance of Day, Kevin and Dani either. If Grodner doesn’t get involved we will have some real action this week.


I agree. Please tell me you heard xmas telling Dani, just tell Da’vonne not to use the veto. It’s that simple? Wow the arrogance. I would say remember you couldn’t vote Tyler out. I’ll do it for you


“I would love to see these committee jerks sweat for at least one week.”

It’s simple, outsides have to win HOH.


Dani you must put Enzo up to make sure Tyler goes home.

Kevin is a weak player and makes no sense to vote him out, but remember players like Cody, Enzo, Memphis and Xmas are afraid of big moves, You would need to call Dan, Derrick, Paul and Hayden to tell them to vote Tyler out.. They will vote Kevin out for sure…..

freaking Nicole and Day are not helping Dani at all, same can be said about Ian.
Ian could be on the block but he`s doing nothing about it….how about go talk with Dani and join her army to destroy the 3 boys and Xmas?

Wesley Sims

Game could get interesting, Pray tell what is Christmas’s pow
er again and what is Dani’s ?


And don’t forget Da’Vonne’s power to be super annoying.


I see you put the Like button back up. How much are you sending thoughts to Dayvonne not to use the veto on Kevin


So that means it’s already too late for her to use it in Tyler? I thought she’d save him but guess she’s saving it for herself, just in case.

Just Sayin'

Dani is beyond annoying taking about her power. Does she think if she bitches 24/7 that they’ll give her a new power or something? Get over it!

All Stars LMAO

Dani is such a load. Her time is coming.


can’t wait to see the look on her face either!


Dani looks like skeletor from heman lol


Get rid of Tyler NOW or perish you dummies


I’d rather Tyler win than most of these Bozo’s, don’t want Dani, Cody, Nicole or Day to win at all!


Did anyone hear when Dani burst out laughing cuz Nicole pronounced Ramen wrong? It was the most annoying thing I have heard on any season of bb. She sounded like a high school girl and it almost sounded forced. Like she was forcing her laugh to make fun of Nicole. It wasn’t even that funny. And she was talking about how Cody needs to grow up. Well she’s a mom now and she still acts so immature.


I am going to be so disapointed if dani nicole or cody win this season. I would love to see davonne use the veto this week. This is pretty much the only week im looking forward to watching.

Game fan

The opposite for me.
Tyler? He messed up badly .
Day kevin David can’t win this season.
I think it’s obvious why.
Enzo and Memphis too low key…
Would have to do something to win.
The best players are Cody Nicole and danni as for *now*.


Nicole hasn’t done anything.I wouldn’t say she is playing best.She is just hiding behind everyone.


Boy that NicoleF really could use an ENEMA! So FOS claiming Day would have more protection from Dani, Kev n David than she has when she has the whole eff’ing house! She was playing her frightened ingenue, damsel in distress, Karen in the Making role but forgot it was Dani, the battled weathered hen, Karen in waiting that’s up on her Bullshit! lol Any chance to hurt Day or any other female opponent and NicoleF is front and center.


Simon, I think production is going to push for a DaVonne/Tyler final 2.


For that everything has to be aligned just right to get Cody out


I hope so!


dani: My power“It’s embarrassing” God feel bad for whoever is dating or living with her. Can you imagine feeling so entitled and whinning about everything

ayyy dear xmas and meow meow what did I tell you about you being at the bottom of the totem lol same moves from past season same eviction lol

I can’t wait to see meow meow face….. Sorry Enzo you got evicted from the bb house

meow meow>>> meowwwww what but yoooooo Cody I was your final 2 LOL


Dani has to think how to strategically use that power (I don’t remember how long that power lasts for her to use). Honestly, for Cody to be booted, either Dani or Dayvonne would have to be HOH because they may be the only 2 to be able to withstand any whining Cody would do if he is told he may go on the block


All the powers are good for 3 weeks. Dani needs to play it this week or give it to the next HOH. Dani will never put Cody up.


All powers last for 3 weeks (David’s is gone now).

Game fan

Ian v.s tyler would be interesting.
Cause kevin and day would want to get rid of tyler . Would nicole take ian out?
Probably not. And there is david.
On the one hand.. is realitionship is better with tyler. But.. i think he knows how close he is with coddy, enzo and Christmas and see that he is the bigger theart to his game.
Ian would probably tell david , about tyler strong position in the game
And kevin and day would work on him .. if Nicole would vote out Tyler, that’s a tie .. what coddy and danni would do ?


Dani snake???


Oh look, Memphis just woke up from his coma!

another name

So what went on during the three hours?
We had Tyler Christmas and Cody talking about Tyler saying he’d leave jury instead of staying. Tyler saying Ian feels the same way.

We come back to Ian as a target (where it had been Tyler before the feed block). Nicf seems aware of this development today. There’s a brewing plot to make Da’vonne not use the veto? What, have everyone run to her and say Kevin will be safe? With the same script? Tried it.

This feels like one big long individual time comp, like after a long feed outage we’re supposed to believe without question whatever new plot twist is happening without having the evidence of our senses to make it believable.

This is why I preferred the days of season 2-6 where diary was a confessional and production had to work on the fly to keep up with developments in the house instead of having a bunch of writers and storyline producers.

Roisin Dubh

Season 4 is my all time fav.Ji lost 500k because he wanted Micky D’s. It doesn’t get any better than that.

C. D.

What happened to thumbs down button?

Roisin Dubh

I hope Memphis wins. He’s straight chillin, sippin coffee, getting a good night’s sleep watching the sun come up and the rest of them are on edge. But I love it, this is a classic Dani HOH.


If Big brother finds out evidence there was a pre game alliance done by derrick wouldn’t that go against the rules? I mean wouldn’t be awesome if Julie announces sorry Cody scole dani Memphis you all broke big brother rules and you are all eliminated lol Maybe Im asking too much

another name

If you make the assumption that Big Brother had to be aware of pregaming to the extent that they have been pushing the Committee (the pregame core and the pregame outer ring) down our throats in episodes when it doesn’t really exist in game (until this week magically), then you have to consider that instead of admonishing the pregaming, they worked it into the plot and embraced it.

Season 7 (all-stars one has pregaming. Production altered the rules of the first HOH to make it a co-HOH in order to combat the pregaming).

Seaon 18 had pregaming, again through Derrick, with the vets (Nicf and James confirmed on feeds there was a pact) and Paulie. There was nothing done to combat it, it was worked into the story, and production took an active hand in helping Nicf in the game (d/r calls to tell people not to nominate Nicf).

The show is not classified as a game show by the FCC. It is classified as a Reality Entertainment Program. It is not subject to the rules and regulations surrounding game shows. Production can meddle any way they want.


With that statement, its starting to feel like a Wrestling Show were the outcome is pre planned or in Boxing were someone is payed off to take a fall.
How can anyone get excited anymore and “expect the unexpected”
slogan? What has been the “unexpected” this season?
Its hard to even care or root for anyone in this show. I doubt very much that I even care who wins now.


Wasn’t there an “unlikely” final 2 Bible duo once before on BB that made it to final 3?
Are they recreating that moment with Bay and Tyler? Please no.
Cody is a big threat and no one sees it, plus pregame, equals he wins.
Or do they just know not to go after him or even mention his name because he is “the chosen one?”
Either way both suck!
I am starting to like the random weirdness of David add that everyone knows he had the power makes the experience priceless. The looks he get lol

another name

Last night Kevin and Da’vonne had most of the house dynamic sussed out.
They figured that the ones giving Kevin the same ‘you have my vote’ script were in a large alliance, and I believe they noted all of the people they were naming were in the HOH at that time. They also figured Kevin doesn’t have the votes to stay, and that everyone was jumping way to quick to make Kevin feel comfortable.
So if that changes today, I’m thinking oh… this is BBcan7 all over again (discovery of the men’s alliance, plot to overthrow on Sundays when they had limited staffing that disappeared after Monday morning d/r calls EVERY WEEK).
Kevin is on the vote trail already today, like yesterday’s conclusions didn’t happen. I’m not liking the look of this at all.

Yesterday, Christmas went to Memphis and asked him to win the next HOH to strike fear into the house. Totally falling back on season 19 habits. Conversations between Christmas and Memphis are always laden with ‘pause… certain pool of people’ talk that tells me the bias training they received was just a list of suggested terms to use instead of actually blurting out hate.

Nicf has had a moment to express her entitled game view. Why does Nicf have to lose her closest (she has 4 closest depending on who she is talking to and circumstance) ally, while Dani / Day (not sure which she means) get to keep theirs. Oh she’ll be asking to speak to Allison if that veto gets used, just you wait.

Here is what it boils down to:
IF the veto gets used Dani plans to nominate Ian now.
Nicf wants Ian to stay (plans to flip Christmas).
Cody wants Tyler to stay (plans to flip David).
But both Nicf and Cody want Da’vonne to be gaslit into not using veto so they can evict Kevin.

Answer to the debate in the house between Enzo and David:
Lions don’t live in jungles. Tigers live in rainforests or grasslands.
Therefore to be literal a lion is not the king of the jungle, but a tiger could be.


Omg, will Dani & Cody shut up already about how bad of a move it will be for Da’Vonne to use the veto.
No, Cody, it will be bad move for YOU, not for her!
It would be one thing if they were bitching about her using it being a bad move for THEIR game, but NO they’re talking about how bad of a move it is for her game, lol.
The fact that these two can’t see things from DaVonne’s perspective at all (Dani did a little) shows how self centered they are.
They’re also greatly lacking in self awareness (they had to be TOLD to stop talking/laughing about Ian’s autism? They didn’t know it was wrong before that?).

Big Sister

I agree with this post. But Simon, I have done everything but stand on the thumbs up on many of the comments and NOTHING happens! What is up with that?

Starry night

Nobody is going after Cody and Nicole. Even though Enzo wants to get out Nicole because he knows she and Cody are a pair…Cody will not let that happen. Cody will turn on Enzo. It’s going to be Cody and Nicole sitting in the final two chairs. Neither one of them deserve it. I hate this season.


The entitlement of Nicole and Cody blows my mind. Cody to Dani, “ who the hell does Day think she is using the Veto”! Nicole- “why does she get to keep her number 1 and I don’t”? Cause she won POV, that’s why! Expecting Day to be a dumbass, these people make me sick. They all would use the Veto to save their friend! I hope Day uses that Veto! If she doesn’t, then she deserves to go h ok me!


I’m really disappointed that Dani didn’t realize she caught that snake Nicole lying to her face about telling Tyler what Dani said. Nicole blamed it on Cody.