Dani “If she uses it, it would be horrible for her game. She would be the number one target.”

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations David Tyler and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Ian, Kevin, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, Da’Vonne.
POV Host: – Nicole
Power of Veto holder – DaVonne
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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12:25pm HOH room. Nicole and Dani.
Nicole – in this game it is almost impossible to please everyone too. So even if you’re trying to ..you know?! Dani – yeah you’re going to screw somebody. Nicole – what does Cody want this week. Dani – he wants best case scenario for everyone for me to do whatever I can to convince DaVonne not to use it and then vote Kevin out. If it comes down to it and she uses it on Kevin .. and I put up Ian .. you’re going to vote him out? Because if you give him a pitty vote .. you know that I have to break a tie. Right!? Nicole – really? Dani – so like we would all have to be in it together. Because I know that you would want to and I was just thinking about it. Nicole – yeah I would want to because I don’t like Tyler but I don’t want you to have to break a tie. Are you sure everyone else would vote him out? Dani – Day, David and Kevin, and then you. Nicole – oh my god Dani! Nicole – that is going to be really hard … for me I would rather blindside DaVonne. That’s how hard it is for me.. to vote him out after everything. I am his best friend in here. If he voted me out I would be so pissed at him. Dani – that’s why we have to pull out every trick, every string, to get her not to use the veto. Nicole – I know.. are you on board now? Dani – I think so. Nicole – Geezzzzz Dani this is stressing me out. Dani – I feel so horrible. Nicole – you’re so nice. Dani – I don’t know what it is .. I connected with Day since the very beginning. Unfortunately I already had other people that I was already tighter with. There is something about her.. I am so drawn to her. I don’t want to hurt her. The thought of screwing her over .. like it hurts me thinking about that. It make me feel horrible, horrible. Nicole – and thats how I feel about Ian. He is like my brother. Its like me voting out my brother and it sucks. Dani – this game sucks. Nicole – we have to get her not to use it. Dani – we have to, we have to..if she uses it.. it would be horrible for her game. She would be the number one target. People would put up her and Kevin.

Cody said to not to bring up a five person alliance with her until after the veto ceremony because it might make her weary. Nicole – I won’t be able to comfort Ian all week. Like he will see it all over my face. Dani – he cannot know. Goal number one – get Day not to use the veto. Goal number two – If we want Tyler to go home, that’s what we go for. Nicole – I already worked on Christmas last night. I didnt say anything about voting him out. Dani – I am scared of her. I feel like she is going to start yelling at me. Nicole – she told me that he said if he goes to jury he isn’t going to stay. And then America will have to vote for him. Dani – Ian told me that too yesterday. Nicole – she said I think he just wants to go home. Do you think I wasted all this time on him? She said please tell me if he ever says anything about me. I feel like she confided in him and now she is worried .. that’s that vibe I get. She said if Day uses it will Dani have to put up Ian. So I think we should talk to her. That was all organic .. not planned or anything. Dani – okay good.

HOH room. Dani and Enzo.
Dani – I think Day is going to use the veto so I am freaking out. Like that is the worst game move she could make. All day I am going to talk to her. Enzo – I’m going to convince her not to use it. Dani – I am going to tell you something but please keep this only to yourself. If she uses it people are saying your name to throw you up. Like Tyler thinks I am going to throw you up there and Christmas thinks I am going to throw you up there too. Like they’ve brought up your name. Just know that I would never ever put you up there. Like I am core four 100%! Enzo – Is she saying that because she knows we will vote Tyler out? You know what I’m saying? Because I am with it .. if you want to get rid of Tyler, lets get rid of him. Dani – At this point I don’t care if its Kevin or Tyler. I just don’t want her to use the veto. I don’t want to have to put someone else up there. That is my main concern because its going to screw me in the long run. Enzo – why would she even use it .. we have the votes to keep Kevin. Dani – here is what I am thinking. I talked to Cody yesterday and he said not to use it until after the veto. Day is tight with Kevin and David. And she wants to be a part of something bigger. Lets pull in Nicole, and lets kick out Tyler. SO its the give of us .. lets go! I think that will make her more secure.

1:52pm – 2:15pm HOH room Kevin and Dani.
Kevin – what is happening.. Tyler is on the block. Dani – I don’t know if Day is using the veto or not .. I don’t know what is happening. Kevin – assume she keeps it the same.. Dani – well you know my goal obviously .. its clear as day. I didn’t have time to prep people (about voting out Tyler) so now it is thrown out there. Kevin – did you post prep? Dani – I haven’t had time and just need time to think about everything. Kevin – thats what I am worried about .. will there be pushed to keep Tyler. Dani – I don’t know. Kevin – do you think you have support? Dani – I don’t know .. I need to figure it out. Maybe you need to work the angle of being the pawn if you stay. If I stay you can throw me on the block as a pawn. We need to work whatever angle to make sure Tyler goes and you stay. Dani – if you got HOH next week who do you think you would put up. Kevin – I was advised that Memphis and David would be a good option. Dani – stop, you wouldn’t put up David. They talk about how they suspect David is lying about the power. (Kevin doesn’t reveal that David told him about his power) I am going to work every single person and you should work every angle too. I do not want you to go home. You’re a good big brother player .. stop saying that you’re not. Pull it out of you. Lets get what we want! Let do it. Kevin – I thought you were close to Tyler. I thought you were going to put up Day. Dani – I would never put up Day. Dani talks about the drama Tyler had stirred up involving her name. Kevin – so that was confirmed? Dani – yeah Day told me.

2:30pm Backyard. Cody – if she uses it ..she will be nominated every single week with him (Kevin) until they’re both gone. Memphis – I wonder if she knows that? Cody – because the thing is with all the stuff last week and the David stuff .. she is not like an immediate target. Like you’re just going to bring yourself to the forefront. Memphis – and I think he (Kevin) knows that too. He was like I know if she uses it on me .. its going to be dicey. I think she will make the smarter play and not use. And then he will think he has the votes to stay. Cody – I just feel bad for Dani. Memphis – if Dani wants us to vote Tyler out .. she can go F**K herself! I just find it odd that she (Dani) would put one of us up against him.

3pm Backyard relaxing..

3pm Bathroom. Nicole and Kevin.
Nicole – you would totally have my vote if he (Tyler) stayed on the block. Kevin – I appreciate that. I will 100% pay you back so thank you. Kevin – I appreciate how you immediately tell me you’ve got me.

3:05pm Backyard. Cody and Tyler.
Tyler – do you think its going to be used? Cody – I really hope not. Tyler – if she f**king puts Enzo up next to me .. I am not campaigning at all. Cody – if she put Enzo up next to you like that is our relationship is .. we are not allies. Tyler – if she does I will f**king put her straight up on the block next week if I’m still here. It makes no sense why she would put me up over Day.

3:25pm Bedroom. Nicole and Dani.
Dani – its operation Christmas. We’re going to make her do whatever the hell we want! Nicole – but what is your main objective .. do you want Tyler out? Dani – I don’t care at this point .. either one. Yes that would be better but Kevin or Tyler. I just want her to be on the same page. If Kevin is not up there then Tyler needs to go. Tonight is the night! Nicole – sounds good .. what are we going to do? Dani – I am going to go in the diary room and request bubble bath. We’re going to go all out and make Christmas feel its GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS! Nicole – are you going to give her some wine? Dani – YUP! Nicole laughs – there’s the Dani I know!

3:58pm – 4:30pm Day and Kevin.
Kevin – she is ensuring me that I am staying. Day – but according to you everyone is coming to you giving you the same script. Everyone is trying to make me comfortable so that I don’t use the veto including her because then she doesn’t have to put anyone else up. Kevin – but she is also thinking about jury votes because that would be a personal screw she would be responsible for. She has the most motivation to follow through with it.
Day – want to go to the havenot room.. I don’t trust this b***h. They head to the havenot room. Day – I am trying to figure out a way to make them shoot. When Tyler was talking to me .. I could not tell if he was campaigning for me to use the veto on himself or not use it at all. Kevin – why? Day – it was very muddy. Everyone has the same script .. almost as if they had a meeting. This is going to be crazy. She wanted to talk to me later so that she could pick me for information. I want her to be shook in the moment. Kevin – I think we’re at the stage in the game where shots have been fired. And you didn’t start it, Dani fired the shot at Tyler. Day – If I go through with this and use this veto.. that its not Enzo ..It cannot be Enzo.. I am only saying it to you because then she might.. Kevin – threaten it. Day – exactly and I know they won’t vote him out.

5:45pm – 6pm Nicole and Ian
They talk about how going to jury first would be horrible. Ian – the handler in jury would have a really hard time because I would be in a really bad mood if I was in jury. Nicole – i would be tortured in jury too. I don’t even want to think about it. Nicole – you’re very loved inside and outside this house. Ian – I just keep replaying the nightmare in my head of being the first to jury. And it would be even worse knowing that our close ally was HOH. Ian – I can get real piss-y when things aren’t going my way or perceived to be going my way. I just don’t want to be stuck in jury. I just know that I’m a piss poor sport. I don’t think I would be a target. Nicole – I don’t think so either. Hopefully one of us wins HOH though.

6:20pm Backyard. Christmas and David.
David – I am tried of this game! Stupid game! Christmas – why are you saying that you got f**king saved this week. That is the dumbest thing for you to say. That doesn’t make sense at all. David – I get I was put up .. that was it. It is what it is. I am just talking about getting put up. Christmas – but we’re all going to be put up. David – I can be frustrated. Its just. I don’t think its an odd emotion to have. Christmas – its kind of an odd emotion for you to say that you’re done with this game and that its stupid. David – its just me being facetious. Christmas – is it though. David – its just the emotional highs and lows everyone else has been through it for 100 days. You know!? Christmas – I don’t know if I had that type of hail mary .. I would be like this game rocks. David – and I’m on slop right now. I am not in the best of moods. Christmas – but you’re not on the block and you can’t be a replacement nom. I would be happy to be on the slop to not be on the block.

6:30pm Big Brother calls for an indoor lockdown.

8:10pm The live feeds are still blocked.

9:15pm Still blocked.

10:03pm No feeds for you..

11:19pm Nothing but kitties..

12:07pm Still not back yet..

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Did Dani ever get to talk to Cody about the Nicole/Tyler (Dani told you to jump) conversation?
I know that Nicole was FREAKING the F. out last night when Dani went to find Cody, because she knew that she would be busted in a lie… but did Dani ever actually discuss it with Cody last night while it was just those two talking for so long?
It would be such a missed opportunity if they didn’t, because Nicole BLATANTLY lied right to Dani’s face and Cody would have confirmed she lied (without realizing that he was confirming it).
The fact that Nicole was freaking out so much after that conversation with Dani, should have told Dani that she was lying and she should have made it her mission to talk to Cody about it last night, before Nicole could get to him today.

another name

from the part of the discussion right when feeds came on where Dani is saying she lost trust in Cody every time the Tyler stuff came up, and Cody saying he hasn’t trusted Dani for a long time in the game? I think it MUST have come up during the blockage.

Sheila Schepp

Can someone please tell me what Nicole lied to Dani about? I couldn’t figure it out by reading this…


Sorry, edited to say that I apologize, I didn’t realize adding clips wasn’t allowed!
Do a search in YouTube under:
“Dani tells Nicole that Christmas has a power asks why Nicole told Tyler about HOH comp drop requests”
***Dani starts questioning Nicole at 1:15
Next, look up the clip (which was directly after Dani couldn’t find Cody and returns to the HOH) that’s titled:

“Dani/Nicole go back and forth on who told what regarding Tyler thinking Dani told him to him to jump…”

If you can’t get Youtube, read below:

Dani questioned Nicole last night about why did she say something to Tyler in reference to Dani being paranoid, as Tyler told Nicole that Dani told him to drop in the HoH competition?
Dani asked Nicole why would she go to Tyler?
Nicole vehemently denied it, but Dani said that Tyler specifically told her that Nicole said it to him.
Nicole then throws Cody under the bus saying that it must have got back to Tyler through Cody, because Nicole told Cody.
Dani said that she wants to go ask Cody about it herself then.
After Dani left the HOH to go look for Cody, Nicole started freaking out and saying to herself that Cody has got to cover for her.
She said that this is going to be really awkward, because she’s going to be caught lying to Dani’s face (and it just happened like 2 seconds ago, so she can’t claim that she doesn’t remember saying it).
Nicole said to herself that Dani will forgive Cody for telling Tyler, but she’ll never forgive Nicole.
* Nicole WAS the one who told Tyler, which is why she’s freaking while Dani is going to find Cody.
She’s hoping that Cody will back up Nicole’s lie (even though he doesn’t know he’s supposed to) and even though it directly throws Cody under the bus.
Then after all of this, Dani forgets to bring this up to Cody when the two of them were alone for like 2 hours (face palm).

Sheila Schepp



I watched the exchange and Dani’s heart was pounding, I think she realized Nicole was lying, Nicole went on about how it may have went down and kept telling telling she doesn’t want Dani to mistrust her. Nicole was beet red.


Has anyone attempted to make a “Big Brother Have Not Recipes” book?


Nicole to Dani: “you’re so nice”.

Said the snake to the other snake.


Sdani>>> ssssssssssss

Big Baby

Paul pulled a Cody when he decided to take Nicole to the final 2.

You might want to remember Jacob from big brother 9 when he said a houseguest Parker was a snake- Jacob got eliminated just a few hours later! If you referred to people out loud as a snake guess what you’re the one that goes home!

Nicole played the Snicole thing to her advantage and smoked Big meech &
the Hot MESS-iah that was Jozea
They both got got played like spades by NicoleF!

Nicole sent out Davonne with no blood on her hands and admitted that Day was a threat in her good by messaging By saying game Wise you were a threat to my game and that I knew it wouldn’t be good for game if you were in the house; this is what Nicole told Davonne in her goodbye message.

Whereas Paul continued to over lie repeatedly and never admitted to Davonne that he wanted her out of the house when paul knew all along that he was going to backdoor Davonne was going to take her out in week six.

His goodbye message Paul said to davonne:
Day i don’t know what happened I thought I made it pretty clear about what I wanted this week. But I guess we both got screwed over – Paul made a Huge mistake There but not owning up to it and there is a reason why Nicole got Davonnes vote over Paul because Nicole at least gave her the respect that she knew she was leaving and considered her a threat to her game; Which a player can appreciate.
And Paul shot himself when he never owned up to it.

It doesn’t matter about Natalie changing her mind about her vote years later because she was a completely emotional player who was manipulated like non other. She changes her mind like a blow in the wind and that’s not a lie.

Even if you go back to the jury roundtable the reason why Natalie voted for Nicole is because Paul demeaned women by being personal and using harsh language! That is a reflection of a poor social game on Paul.

Paul was lucky to get Michelle’s vote when he called her a cunt!
However he wasn’t so lucky because Natalie was standing right there and you can tell by her reaction and how close she was to Michelle that she was appalled by Paul saying cunt and calling Michelle that. As a GUY you know that’s Big no no In the female language because women take complete and major offense to it!
And it shows that Paul doing that affected Natalie and how she wanted to vote in BB 18.

And it proves because Natalie said herself at the jury round table that some of Paul’s words and his actions are unforgivable! And she said herself that she was bitter towards Paul!
It was right there where Paul wasn’t going to get Natalie’s vote.
Paul only has himself to blame there.

The week it was five vs two and Nicole had to convince Natalie and Michelle to put up Victor and Paul… pretty much assured that Nicole had the power to convince people to do what she wanted especially when it came to people who didn’t want to work with her.
This happened to be a genius move for Nicole in BB 18 because it allowed her to play both sides of the house bc she allowed Victor to feel betrayed by Natalie and James which is why Victor and Paul we’re both cool to put up both Natalie and James at final 6 because Victor felt Abandon by Natalie and James when Victor felt they just used him take out PaulIe in his HOH just the week before.
NicoleF showed her as great game player bc she built mistrust and confusion when herself and Corey vs those 5 (Natalie,James, Michelle, Paul) because she built mistrust between for sitting ducks and the duo of Natalie and James by her concivincing meech And Natalie as co-HOH to put up Paul and Victor.
It was then where Victor felt used during his HOH because he just took out PaulIe for them the week before he got evicted for a second time.

After being nominated that same week by MEECH AND NATALIE
Paul shouldn’t of said in front of the whole house to Nicole: “something tells me that you’re (NicoleF) pretty good at this game and not me”
that comment right there proved that Paul wasn’t Going to be winner in season 18 over Nicole.

Because he literally just said that Nicole is the one that’s good at this game and not himself maybe dumbest point you could ever say about yourself and then decide to take that person to the final two when you said that Nicole is the one who is good at this game and not yourself!

Never take someone to the final 2 who hasn’t been nominated for over 90 days and is only a tiebreaker question away in the final 4 HOH from not being nominated for the whole season and also kept her number one ally Corey safe until the final four whereas Paul lost his number one Ally Victor three times by the final 5! In the final five Corey won HOH and Nicole won Veto if Victor doesn’t come back for a third time Paul is gone at the post veto nomination at the final 5!

Nicole won season 18 for reason And the writing is all over the wall.

another name

Nicf won 18 due to a pregame alliance set up by Derrick with James (who’s agent at the time was Derrick’s father), Nicf and Paulie. Discussed on feeds between James and Nicf
She further won the game through rigging in the d/r where on multiple occasions discussed on feeds the d/r told houseguests not to target or nominate Nicole. Discussed on feeds multiple times on multiple occassions including Natalie and James. Natalie and Meech. Victor and Paul.
The most rigged season until 21. Not a win to brag about (and nor will this season for the winner whichever of the pets it may be).


Remember when Meech was co-HoH and wanted to nominate Nicole as a replacement even though everyone was voting for the other person? After a DR visit she comes out crying and the plan changed even though putting Nicole on the block would mean nothing that week.

another name

That was the Natalie Meech conversation I was getting at above.


Thanks for reminding me about that bitter jury and hateful Day. I had forgotten how much I disliked that girl.


I don’t think Day was being bitter giving Nicole the vote to win BB…the girl who took her out. Seems like the opposite of hateful to me.


Dani must be exhausted trying to spin things her way. I know I’m tired just trying to keep up with the tangled webs she’s been weaving!

By the way, I like the change regarding the “thumbs” symbols. (No down thumb) If you like or agree with a post, click thumbs up. If you don’t, click reply and state your viewpoint. If you don’t care one way or another, just keep scrolling!

Thanks Simon and Dawg!


Bullshit, don’t like the thumbs down not being an option.


There you go! You stated your viewpoint and didn’t need a down thumb!


LOL, point taken. But it is nice to be able to gage if others are feeling the same way, be it good or bad. I just don’t understand what is wrong with disagreeing without an explanation. If I am thinking this way I’m guessing others are also. Have a good evening.


I feel like a Nicole fan complained about being down voted.


Does everyone care about the gauge of what others think? Some people just don’t care about that. I was able to express myself in the world pre thumb up or down and that option or lack there of certainly won’t change that for me.
I get why some people don’t agree though. It’s your right to feel that way. I just disagree.

Joe Kerr

So, Nicole loves Ian like a brother……right. And I miss my ex so much. *Eye roll*


I wouldn’t mind Ian leaving. He already stabbed Nicole in the back.

another name

He’s her fake final 2 shield so people don’t target Cody and Nicf together.
With that as a premise (it’s a fake out from inception) the back stab means almost nothing.


Enzo just sitting at the table with his sunglasses on gave me “Weekend at Bernie’s” flashbacks


Such “Weekend at Bernie’s” vibez!


Enzo – why would she even use it .. we have the votes to keep Kevi.

God my heard hurts every time I heard meow meow being so dumb lol


Enzo isn’t going to keep Kev – this is all gas lighting so she won’t sue the POV


Hi Simon and Dawg,Just curious, why did you disable the thumbs down? Thanks, and I won’t bother you anymore.


If someone disagrees with a statement they’ll have to leave a comment. The thumb up/down system is broken.


That literally actually makes no sense. And it’s why I despise Reddit. What does it matter if you get 100 thumbs up if you would also have 20,000 thumbs down? You can never tell if your opinion is in the minority or majority. And sometimes, we just want to thumb something down and not talk about it because we don’t have time, or because, ya know, they person who commented isn’t worth our time: like a bully or a troll. We don’t want to fuel them by leaving a comment and thereby giving them attention and wasting our precious time, but we do want them to kno w we disagree or their comment/opinion is terrible. There is literally no logical valid reason to NOT include both thumbs up/down on here or anywhere.

All puff and no stuff

Lol. You just ignore a troll. Who needs the affirmation if a thumbs up or confirmation of a thumbs down? WTH? Silly. There, I’ll never know people’s agree or disagree percentage. Will I survive? Did I just tempt fate.


Lol right? And what did we ever do in the world prior to thumb up or down?? Omg we had to render an opinion versus seeing what was “popular”
I opt for telling people what I think and feel based on what I think and feel versus the “thumb”

Golden Gate Granny

Literally. Literally. Literally.

Likeeee OMGGG it’s the end of the world!

*eye rolling facepalm*



Vi LLoyd

thumb down


Oh no…you said you turned it off. Own it, dude!

Golden Gate Granny

Get over it or start your own site. The thumbs down became just a lazy way to be an asshole. Don’t like something or have a different perspective? Comment. Sheesh.


Isn’t the point to create a target?
They are always talking about creating a fight scenario between houseguests but DON’T want Day to be a target? Now they have a free target and she’s complaining?? So busy complaining about her power that now she’s complaining someone is making themselves a target. This is so pathetic!


If they start to turn on each other I’ll pay attention again…I’m seeing signs of multiple lies among the insiders


You have to appreciate the insanity. The people in power wants everyone to do what is best for their game. Memphis and Cody are saying that if Day uses the veto then she would go up on the block every week with Kevin lol….ok and if she doesn’t use it then what she is going on the block with David?! Or Ian? If Memphis, Xmas, Enzo or Cody wins HOH and Kevin leaves they are 100% nominating Day, and David and maybe backdoor Ian. But either way she would go on the block. There is a 7 person alliance with 11 people in the house and they think the threats are Kevin, Day and David and they should keep Xmas, Cody, Tyler, Dani, Nicole, Memphis and Ian who all made it to the finals in their season.


Yesss!!! Lol


Dayvonne REALLY needs to win HOH


Memphis not wanting to vote Tyler out?….No problem, Hopefully Dani puts Memphis up and they send his old lazy a** home.


Right!!!! I was thinking the exact same thing.

Dani says: “we have to, we have to..if she uses it.. it would be horrible for her game. She would be the number one target. People would put up her and Kevin.”

Cody says: “she uses it ..she will be nominated every single week with him (Kevin) until they’re both gone.”

Why does it matter if Day uses the veto!?! Just because your “community” alliance or “core 4” is afraid of turning on each other so soon? If anything, Day would be doing them a favor. Do they even know how hard it will be to get Tyler out of the house the longer he stays in? And what if Tyler ends up sending Cody home later on in the game? Wake up!! Get rid of a strong player!!! EVERYBODY has pairs in this house and just because Day wants to save an ally, they “threaten” her with going on the block each time or being public enemy number one? Please!! Not a fan of her entire game, but let’s be real, (aside from Dani) they were going to put Day on the block EVERY time REGARDLESS if she uses the veto or not, especially until she’s out of the house. So dumb…. somebody please knock Cody off his high horse. If she uses the veto, it would be wake me up from this boring, predictable season. If she doesn’t, then I’ll just keep sleeping.


If she doesnt then she deserves to lose her closest ally quite frankly
Whats the point of winning pov when your no. 1 is on the block if you dont use it to save him?! Why ever risk him going home?
They are gonna put her up next to kevin anyways. At this point kevin/david/day need to win comps if they wanna stay together, if not they will be put on the block whether day uses the veto or not
Them saying itd be a terrible move for her is just cause theyre so full of themselves that can only see the game from their own perspectives and what they want to happen, and then whatever deviates from that they talk nonsense about how its bad for the other ppls games when in reality is only bad for cody/dani/that team in general’s games
Tyler said it right after the veto. It would be absolutely silly for day not to use the veto on her ally. He ofc wants this to happen but he knew that it simply was a terrible move for her to keep noms the same


What’s crazy is it seems like Da is set to use it..she see’s what is happening..Kevin once again is reading it all wrong and is almost trying to talk her out of it

another name

I’m definitely thinking we’re being bamboozled.
Name a universe where Da’vonne leaves her final 2 on the block if she has the veto. A universe that doesn’t involve d/r involvement. Nope. Calling b/s on that.
Name a universe where last night they had the alliance figured out and knowing that Kevin was being played, and today Kevin is running around trying to get votes and Da is ignorant to all of the things she pieced together last night. Nope. more b/s. She knows she and Kevin are being fed a line, and she’s weighing options? Oh… okay.
Three hour feed block and it’s an alternate universe. Just like last week’s post feed blockage.


3 hours again for no obvious reason?Someone at CBS needs to be yelled at. That would be enough for people to cancel their CBSS All Access Subscription


Day winning the veto…..too good to be true.

The Beef

So, given what you’ve said here, it should be blatantly obvious to Day that she should use the veto, correct? If as you state, Kevin is in fact her “final 2”, why wouldn’t she? Despite what Cody, Dani and any of the others think, for her numbers and for her game, it would be foolish of her to leave him on the block to most likely be voted out by the power alliance.

So why is Kevin wasting his time going around trying to gather votes? Why try to bamboozle anybody, when you know your #1 ally is going to use the veto on you and take you down on Monday? Is it possible Day is foolish enough to believe the spoon fed BS that Dani is feeding to her, that Kevin will be safe if she leaves the noms the same? Even if she believes Dani is sincere, there is no guarantee the rest of the alliance will follow through with their votes, so if she wants to ensure Kevin is still in the game on Friday, the only way to do so is to use the veto on him, or run the risk of looking like a complete moron in the game and to everybody on national TV, and I think that’s what DaVonne is also very afraid of.

She may be weighing options of what to say or how to best finesse using it, but again, unless she truly doesn’t care if Kevin leaves, that is the only thing she’s weighing because she will use it to save him if she wants him to stay. It’s the only move that makes any sense.


The problem is that Da continually makes terrible decisions.

another name

The bamboozle i’m noting is the three hour feed block… and how strategy and knowledge before the block altered in almost a 180 after the block.
I don’t buy sudden group amnesia, so what altered strategic trajectory to take a divergent double path that we mysteriously didn’t see, for a second week in a row?
I have no trust or faith in production. Therefore when something changes in a huge way after a feed block, I get very suspicious.

The Beef

Okay, you have a point with the sudden switch to Ian as a possible nominee now. I don’t know where that may have come from, and yes, it could be a production push to save the “golden boy” as some call Tyler.

I still disagree though that production had to coerce Christmas in any way to not use the veto last week and not put up Tyler, as it was clearly not in her best interest to make that move. So I disagree with your assertion that if this is a production induced move, that it’s the second week in a row. Christmas did the most logical thing that was best for HER game period.

another name

The coercion is getting her to make the women’s alliance and the promises to both da and bay in case they couldn’t get tyler to stay stuff, and the initial hoh room staring at the tv as if tyler was in the have not room scheming stuff. It happened while tyler was in d/r and ended when he came out… and went to the have not room. That struck me as nonsensical and out of continuity given her ONE alliance Committee strong mentality and psyche. That is where I say d/r was saying Christmas, if tyler bolts, we have to have a backstory to make it believable, now try to do things like this…. the minute he was maybe staying, coup de grace is getting her to convince him not to wimp out over the backgammon game where… they weren’t really playing backgammon.

It was a bizarre double storyline happening at the same time so that episodes could be edited for either eventuality in an out of storyline situation where a player was threatening to walk and asking to be put on the block or he’d self evict.


Day decides whether or not to use the veto. Dani: My power is trash.

Eviction day “I’m voting with the house” BS. Dani: My power is trash.

HOH competition and Dani decides not to use her power. Dani: My power is trash.

Dani gets nominated: Dani: My power is trash.

The season ends. Dani: My power is trash.

Tennessee graduates high school. Dani: My power is trash.

Production really needs to just make a “My power is trash” loop that plays 24/7, so that Dani can meditate on it.


Memphis has the biggest p***y in the house.


Why do they think Kevin and Day are stupid? Like you guys made fake alliances with them and then pretty much make it obvious the last couple of weeks. They are the targets whether they play the Veto or not?? So why not buy yourself at least one more week? Duh! Bad at comps….Not stupid.


That chat between Dani & Enzo should raise red flags— NO WAY he doesn’t go to Cody & say Dani just said Day, Kevin & David are tight we need to pull in Nicole & take out Tyler.

THAT is something Cody won’t like b/c it shows Dani is making moves behind his back & even trying to pull in his Meow Meow without even mentioning him. It shows she’s ready to jump away from the Commity b/c the only names not mentioned were Xmas, Cody, Ian or Memphis.

THAT reeks of production influence & feels like plot setup — unless Dani has just let HOHitis go to her head.


Nicole F is HILARIOUS – Day isn’t allowed to keep Kevin — Dani to keep Day, Cody, et et, but she’s allowed to have Cody, Dani, Ian I think she also has F2 with Day & Xmas but heaven forbid she has to give up one of them.

Anyone remotely targeting Nicole HAS to go & I’m not sure if this is just Nicole being whiny Nic or if it’s production b/c I simply cannot see a scenario where Nicole goes behind Cody’s back to vote out Tyler. If Dani & Nicole do that it could shake up the preexisting F3. AND it would be bad if they do it with Ian but even worse if they do it with Kevin especially since that would help Day’s numbers instead of the alliance & mostly help Dani as well as Nicole if she jumps in their alliance.

I mean on one hand I kind of like it b/c if the girls went behind Cody’s back to pull this off then you have to imagine Cody, Enzo, Memphis & Christmas would band together to take out Dani/Nicole even before Ian, Day, David or Kevin. WOOT And let’s be serious – who has the odds in the favor to win HOH from those 2 groups?

Unfortunately, Grodner isn’t going to let that happen. If Day doesn’t use the POV you KNOW it’s TPTB influence & if Kevin stays over Tyler I’ll be shocked b/c that would also mean Dani/Nic went off book & if they do that – you can guarantee Grodner will switch up the F3 in a second probably to be Cody, Enzo & I guess Memphis or a goat like Day just to piss off Dani/Nic.

another name

Episodic Revisionist Story.
Da’vonne threw? Should have waited 10 more minutes if that’s the case. uhhh. hmmmm.
Not telling anyone that the guys pop multiple advil before endurance comps to last longer (Tyler told Enzo, Cody and Memphis that trick week one).
Since it’s still hoh 19 minutes into episode… revision is light.
So Tyler is out and Dani is trying to throw. Cody is trying to throw. Nicf is trying to throw.
Dani fails to throw. oops.
Tyler talking committee… when he could say freeze alliance. This committee insistence has finally permeated house activity. eyeroll. The fact that they’ve pushed committee when the core and freeze have been the predominant alliance loyalties is ridiculous.

While a commercial is on checking feeds tells me they are being dull during the episode hour. I really don’t want to know how much back hair Memphis has. thanks.
1/2 way point of episode.
Kevin whining already. shockers.
Still skipping the HOH reveals this season.
Da’vonne spinning a Tyler and Christmas target.
Cody pressing Kevin and David. d’uh. Of course trying to divert from Tyler. Now the real reason: Cody knew Tyler was throwing Dani under the bus, he was part of it. He’s boxed in with keeping Tyler around because of the Enzo/Cody/Tyler alliance.
While in commercials, Xmas is saying Da will become the house target if she uses the veto. Ian doesn’t want to be twisted out of the game. Blah Blah Blah.
Prank filler when we return. Followed by Kevin discussing LGBT representation and LGBT Heteronormative image bias.
The odd go ahead and nominate me conversation between Dani and Tyler. Sorry. That conversation has been odd to me since it happened. Can’t help it. It was just a weird conversation (not calling a prod nod here, just saying what a weird exchange that was).

While in commercials Ian is saying if he is evicted this week he’s giving up the money and going home, he won’t go to jury. Again. Okay. Ian is in the same boat as Tyler. They can both go. NOW. This is a direct threat to production by houseguests (telling them to fix things or the season will have a jury problem). It’s an exaggeration of Season 7 holding production hostage to get Chinese food delivered, or the Season 7 jury refusing to appear if they aren’t given booze.

Nicf Dani conversation. Nicf is still crying over the d/r session telling her there’s a public issue regarding negaitivity with Ian and she’s lost sponsors.
Kevin Dani meeting. Powers talk and a pawn talk. Is Kevin going to give her the real talk? Some of his response is included.
Tyler Dani talk… Neither are looking each other in the eyes. both are leaned back not forward. mmmhmm.
So far everyone is “if you swing you can’t miss” except Kevin (who will be bitter) or David.
Noms. Slight throwback to Janelle’s here to crush dreams talk.
Disruptor power talk. Special time Tuesday 8pm for next episode.


Okay Day is throwing me for a loop today & dare I say I’m really enjoying this feisty version of DayVonne?

I thought she was sincere about her ties with Dani but to Kevin she says I don’t trust that b*tch at all. WOW (love it).

Another Name is always pointing out the disparity between reality (feeds) & the show — today sure felt like Day isn’t buying Dani/Nic girl’s alliance for one minute. In fairness much of this came up after the DR sessions about how they’re being perceived in the outside world & coming into the house Day wasn’t that fond of Nicole & for good reason – she was completely fake to Day & caused her eviction in her season.

The freaky part for me was Day telling not just David but also Kevin “maybe I should use this POV on Tyler” HOLY CRAP – now that would be a real head turner & if she did that you know Ty would be forever indebted to her – He’s going after Dani anyway. Day may be figuring the only re-nom is Ian and THAT would screw up Nicole big time – Dani’s already in hot water with the Commity for how she’s acting. Day could fill in Xmas how Dani/Nic want her out next & Xmas in turn can download how Nic/Dani INSISTED she put up Bay/Day on the block & that she has receipts on that fact.

In this scenario Dani is still screwed b/c someone has to replace Tyler & it would likely be Ian b/c she told Enzo & Memphis they were safe as well as Xmas (who she would love to put up but won’t in fear of her power) Although come on how good would it be if she tried to nominate Xmas & she used her power sensing it was coming — THAT would really screw up Dani’s head as she then would be forced to put up Ian anyway.

As much as Ty & Ian had the “insurance deal” never nominate/never vote out Tyler might have to keep Kevin just for Day saving him besides it wouldn’t matter b/c Day, David are automatics while Cody, Enzo, Memphis & Xmas would all want to vote out Ian as part of the Commity or Cody tie.

As an aside— Tyler is DEAD to Nicole b/c he mentioned to Dani that Nic told him “you thought she said you can drop?” Maybe I’m missing something but why is that such a terrible thing to repeat? OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh right the real reason is Nic was MAD at Dani this week b/c of what she said to Cody so she was looking to throw some flames on the Dani fire with Ty, & then she got caught in the lie so just like everything with Nicole who never can accept responsibility for her own failings this is ALL Tyler’s fault.

Day saving Tyler isn’t a likely scenario but someone mentioned Day/Tyler pairing up & tbh it wouldn’t be a bad move on Day’s part since Ty is already to take out Dani/Nic. Maybe Day truly does know Tyler was being real & the fact Dani went gunning for him so hard & “suddenly became her BFF this week” was the tell tale sign that Tyler wasn’t lying. It could also just be Day playing with the feedsters or delivering TPTB lines but she sure seemed genuine in those chats with Kevin & David when discussing Dani.

another name

It would have been nice if the context of the women’s alliance and Christmas’ promises to Da’vonne before the veto meeting existed in episodic continuity in order for Da’vonne’s distrust of Christmas and the other girls to have a more cemented root. But the season is stingy on including the existence of alliances.


Im just not sure who is more confused.. You or Day.....both of you are just making no sense.

Girls alliance came from Xmas…and Dani already told Cody about and said Xmas was just being fake.


Dani LIED to Cody and said Xmas started the alliance. Nicole confirmed with Cody that DANI started the girls alliance with Day then came to her & they went to Xmas last. I’m only repeated what they said.

another name

I think Nicf thinks she’s telling the truth because multiple things were happening in the same time frame.
Chronologically I’m pretty sure that Da and Christmas talked about an all girl thing (Da and Bay discussed the premise so that Da might be able to get off the block so they could then save Bay). Around the same time Dani discussed with Nicf getting the girls together for safety from a sausage roll. Dani then got Da to join in a conversation with Nicf where both Dani and Da were saying yeah, lets do this thing. Then Christmas spoke with Dani and Nicf and the three said yeah, let’s make this happen … then the four met and solidified what turned into jello soonafter.
So Nicf thinks she’s telling Cody the truth. Christmas thinks she told Tyler the truth. Da’vonne thinks she told Kevin the truth. And none of them are really wrong because of the timeline and what each one knew.

The Beef

I agree with you TTOTambz. My recollection of the events was that Day first went to Nicole to discuss that too many women were being eliminated from the game and Nicole said “Let’s go talk to Dani about it.” so they did. Dani then decided to drag the two of them up to the HOH bedroom to discuss the matter with Christmas, where the alliance was eventually formed (as we all know, you don’t say no to an alliance like that, at least most good players don’t). My understanding at the time was that it was Dani that was pushing for this alliance, and that Christmas didn’t even know they were coming up when they showed up at her door. Of course, Dani also had the scheme of having Christmas use the veto on Day and putting up Tyler in her head as added incentive for doing this deed, as she left and told Cody about the women’s alliance very shortly thereafter, so I think part of her incentive in forming the alliance was to put more pressure on Christmas to use the veto on Day, but that’s just my opinion. Not sure she ever voiced anything about that, but she does tend to think strategically that way.


I really dont buy for a second day saving tyler. Thatd be a pretty stupid move from her. She would be leaving her closest ally on the block still likely to go home against anyone. Dani would be PISSED (man thatd be awesome lol)
Also day has made clear what she thinks of tyler. She blames him for everything and acts like he did mental bs to bay. Shes been vocal against him to everyone
And btw if day is dumb enough to save tyler over her no. 1 ally it doesnt mean that tyler has to keep kevin. Tyler will do whats best for his game
I really dont see how day saving kevin is evena question still. How havent she even told him that she will keep him 100%. Theyre each others no. 1 so that shouldnt even be a question. Instead you see kevin still in fear and working for votes.
Honestly i feel like they dont even trust each other 100% and thats why their alliance is so weak. Thats why they both hint at using the veto but it isnt a sure thing like it SHOULD be


Yeah – it sure feels like it’s for the camera eh?

As for the Kevin – Day bond you’re spot on – this isn’t how you deal with your true F2 She’s really giving him a lot of flack over his comments about not wanting to pick a side last week between Day/Bay and in fairness to Kevin that was one of the smarter things he did.

There were hints of issues earlier in season – remember when Day & Bay joked with him & he got upset? I don’t remember specifics but I think it was when Kev was first on the block & they teased him about not knowing how they would vote & then called him back in the room. He said it was “cruel” & he wouldn’t forget it.

Day has made some odd choices in this game but I like when she gets like this – where she’s not buying what Dani is selling, is keeping her cards close to her vest with Kev/David, planting seeds with Enzo she knows will go back to Cody. I mean the lady is on fire today lol

Her last comments to Kevin has me dying for Monday morning to come…

Day: I need this day to hurry up and be done, cause I got some other sh*t up my sleeve.
Kevin: More?
Day: Oh yeah, I’m about to milk this veto for all it’s worth!

Day doesn’t intend to tell Dani what’s she doing so she has to be prepared for either option (and if she wants to really mess with Dani she’ll pretend she isn’t using it then use it). As per the above (more up her sleeve) that’s likely talking to people to decipher what they’ll offer to use/not use the POV.

It’s a tricky balance for Day b/c if she gets too intense people could hold it against her. On the other hand, she doesn’t really have much security anyway nor does she owe any of them anything since they’ve gone back on deals with her & shown their true preferences especially when they kept picking her in that HOH comp (Dani/Cody) despite being in Slick 6 together.

Then factor in the feeds have been down almost 5 hours which is super fishy — READ: The Powers That Be are getting takes for the Tuesday show on camera & delivering new plot lines to the hamsters.


The bible reading together is a daily thing. It’s a commonality that BB could ask us to buy if they were “willing” to sell it.
Not sure they are trying to sell it to us however that angle can’t be ignored.
I’ve seen at least 3 bible reading parties with Day n Tyler despite how they have mentioned each others names


I’m telling you the reading the bible together scenario is a possibility of a bible “duo”. It’s happened before in BB.
But could and would they really allow it again with Day n Tyler??
My issue with Day is that she had much mouth and talk but didn’t know how to use it but I CAN agree THIS type of talk (if she uses it…or should I say allowed by production to use it) and put thought into action!
Would certainly make for a MUCH more interesting game seeing Dani squirm out of it and fight her way out as anyone else “protected” by any of the 85 alliances.
I like the potential scenario!


We can say what we want about Memphis. He’s playing up his “Gramps” card pretty well. Don’t think for a second he’s worthless in this game. He knows when to “turn on the game” when he needs to. He’ll be dangerous the longer he stays in so they better pay attention and stop worrying about Day, Kevin, and David all the freaking time. I mean really??? Come on…


Memphis is for sure playing his cards well and will surely turn it on later. But the concern about day/david/kevin isnt unwarranted. Theyre a voting block and they will never put each other on the block. Think of it from the big alliance pov, why take out one of their numbers when you can FIRST take out other 3 ppl, and after that they can fight it out, or maybe when theres only 1 of those 3 ppl left, but leaving a 3 persons alliance is not a good move from them, especially since as weeks pass that number can decide who goes/stays.
I get that from a viewers pov is boring to see the outsiders getting evicted one by one, but thats what happens when those ppl dont win hoh’s.


You’re absolutely right. It’s just a shame, but Day/Kevin/David would definitely have to win more. My thing is, the bigger alliance already seems to have their pecking order when it comes time. Hate to say it, but if given the chance, they need to take advantage in taking it bigger threats if it just so happens to fall in their lap. Leave Cody, Tyler, and Memphis in the have game if they want to. They’ll regret it later. Can’t wait to see what happens during the veto ceremony.


It would be SOOO funny if Kevin went home on Dani’s HOH! Talk about a swing and a miss…

2020 Shitshow

Last week when Day and Bay were on the block, everyone said Bay would go and Davonne would go next. What I don’t get is why no one is questioning Dani about not nominating Day and why she is protecting her AND she is willing to put up someone from her own alliance (Tyler). Yeah I get it he did her wrong blah blah blah but they are always talking about their numbers, and Tyler is a number for them. Did I miss something?

another name

They all think Dani isn’t targeting Da because of the optics of putting all three POC on the block in one week.
Memphis and Christmas discussed it.
Christmas and I think it was Ian (it was a guy, i was across the room listening not watching) discussed it as well.

2020 Shitshow

Ok, makes sense. Thanks

another name

Feeds down for over 2 hours now.
By the time they come back on I’m half expecting the most bizarre storyline rewrites in history.
Memphis and Ian will be sharing a beer and telling Dan stories while they celebrate their new final 2…. Christmas will be chasing Enzo around the back yard in Grod’s SUV…. Dani and Nicf will be passive aggressively arguing over who gets to evict Cody first in the new big brother version of f@@k, marry or kill… and Kevin will be teaching Tyler how to read a room.
Given the twilight zone stuff we see after every long feed break… would it be a surprise?


No kidding.

I’m trying to figure out if this is to make sure everyone has their lines for tomorrow’s big POV meeting OR … are they having to ensure hamsters do what they tell them?

The hamsters sign contracts that require them to do as they are told & they might be experiencing some push back. For example getting Dani to keep Tyler, getting Dani to put up a specific person, (if Ian – getting Nicole to vote him out), maybe even trying to get Day not to use the POV (good luck with that lol).

I mean feeds have been down 5 and half hours now

another name

In the editing department the storyline producers and the writers are trying to figure out which of the divergent stories helps them in their end goal.
Joke thoughts:
1) is Da’vonne refusing to tell them if she’ll use veto or not in the d/r… just to milk it from Grod?
2) is Nicf complaining to production that it’s not fair that Ian leaves. And threatening to hold her breath?
3) is Cody complaining that this isn’t how Derrick used to do it.
4) are Grod and Rich debating which to get rid of: problematic Tyler, Problematic Ian so the problematic house guests stop getting so much publicity, or Casting’s Sabateur Kevin because they don’t want to send another cake into the house for his birthday?


Production has already lost Janelle and Kaysar, they don’t want to lose Tyler, too—the three most popular players.

Not Your Usual Bear

Boo Christmas on her crappy social game. She is arguing with David about his personal experience in the game. ‘No, you don’t have a right to be done with it all bc you can’t go on the block again this week?’ Another tone deaf person of privilege. She was sitting way comfy with the power to her head last week, but now she can’t handle some uncertainty. Meanwhile David was targeted personally by Memphis in week 2. Way to alienate a houseguest and lose a potential jury vote.

Starry night

David is strange. I thought I liked him but came to my senses. Weird dude.


Double standards
Whenever tyler complains about being there shes supportive with him
He asked to be evicted when she, one of his closest allies, was in power
She simply doesnt like David and would snap at him for anything

Janet austin

Notyourusualbear, i am offended by your racist comment. You manifest the hatred of a group of people (white people) , based on a characteristic (color) unrelated to the behavior you complain about (talking but not listening) using a derogatory term, (people of prividge). Stop it. No systemic racism except what you perpetuate. No such thing as white privilege. Success comes from family, hard work, sacrifice, and love and respect for yourself and others. Are you able to express yourself without calling on trendy racist ideas. GROSS.


+1,000 upvotes for you Janet. It is getting very, very old this nonsense.

Worst season ever

No systemic racism ? LOL. Sheesh, read a book or something. So out of touch with reality. Bring back the thumbs down function

Not Your Usual Bear

There is no such thing as racism against whites. You are offended due to your white fragility. Agreeing with Worst Season Ever. Read a book. Get your head out of the sand. The times are leaving you behind. I see some of the closet racists have found a place to be supremacist in hiding, on a show message board.

Not Your Usual Bear

We see you, you are not hiding anywhere. You will be called out, everywhere you go. So will the Xmas’ of the world. And every white person who liked your post is racist, too. You are on the losing end.

Trenton Makes

It seems you’re the racist. Please show me ANYWHERE in Usual Bear’s comment where race was mentioned. The poster specifically stated personal experience “in the game”. When the poster mentioned person of privilege for Christmas I automatically assumed privilege in the house; YOU automatically assumed “white privilege” Are you able to express yourself without calling on trendy racist ideas? GROSS


lol I was like note to self…don’t complain to christmas again


I think Dani is pretending this is terrible but she most def wants Tyler to go home. And there’s a higher chance he goes home next to Enzo. Her convo with Nicole about Ian seems like reverse psychology—like she wants Nicole to convince people to get rid of Tyler. Her convo with Enzo is like prepping him to vote out Tyler or giving him a heads up he will be on the block.
She also didn’t reassure Kevin he has the vote—-giving him info that should make him push for Davonne to use the veto.

If veto is used, really people will be mad at Dayvonne not at Dani. So ultimately, Dayvonne goes from being used by Tyler to being used by Dani.

Can’t tell if Dani is a genius at this game or this will all blow up in her face. Either way very entertaining, so she’s moved up in the ranks for me.


I just wish Eviction night would get here already. Is it still on Thursday this week?

another name

You realize if this was BBCan…
Tyler would have found a secret golden butt veto this week in a bag of vegan nuggets.
Ian would have found a secret room attached to the have not room where he has to solve a three number combination… in order to open a safe with a secret double veto that could get him off the block and save another houseguest.
Canada would have voted for a save for a new nominee.
And marsha the moose would be offering to shave Memphis’ back.
All in the last 4 hours of a 16 hour feed block because they got booze and had a weird toe sucking orgy in the hot tub.



Veronica Uranus

The next HOH comp is going to be a jackoff contest…SPOILER: Enzo & Cody tie with Kevin coming up in the rear.

The Beef

Post of the season!

another name

How many times has Enzo said YO this season?

1 million jun.jpg
King Silva

5:59pm Nicole hopes there are no wall yellers today.

Ian: “I want to hear screaming and then I want to hear a gunshot.”

Nicole: “Oh geez, Ian. No.”

Ian laughs…

Ian is on my damn nerves… First he complains about jury and basically wanting to pull a Tyler and leave jury. Now his little smug a$$ is laughing about a potential wall yeller getting shot as if that is a funny thing to laugh about…

Someone needs to put him up and vote him out. I wouldn’t care if he ‘broke down’. That’s the game. People need to stop allowing his disability to be a shield for him because he is going to skate on by after sleeping the entire first 60% of the game and then start winning where it matters. Do they want him (and Nicole) to even have the chance to win twice because they are seriously playing with fire.

another name

Somewhere between 2:12 and 2:15 am BBT feeds come back.
Somewhere between 2:12 and 2:16 am BBT we go to stars.

feeds return. HOH:
Dani is begging Day not to use the veto, she’ll have four people gunning for her. Day promises David isn’t after her, he’s after Memphis nobody else.
Dani says Ian isn’t after Da. Da disagrees because Ian is a lone wolf (not part of an alliance, she’s digging for info i think) so he’d take her out.
Da says leaving Kevin on the block and he stays and then evicting him later? She loses his jury vote and she can’t afford that.
Da says it would look bad if Kevin was a bitter juror (Dani complained he was going to be a bitter juror if she lied to him), Da says nothing is set in stone, she’s weighing out all her options and doesn’t know what she’s going to do.
Da says this week has been very transparent, and she hopes the coming weeks are as transparent.
Dani is saying she’d be a better ally to Da than Kevin anyway, and she’d be upset if the veto was used. (This would usually make Da want to use the veto more).
Da is trying to determine what Dani means by very upset. Dani says it shows Da is close with Kevin. Da counters with yeah, and Nicf is close with Ian and that ain’t bothering anybody.
Dani is back to you know where i stand, you won the veto, I’m not going to tell you what to do with it.
All 4 cams on HOH now. Silence. then Da says the house didn’t give a damn when it was Bay and Da on the block. The house doesn’t care when it’s Kevin, but oooo if there is a whiff of Cody of Nicf or Ian on the block oooooo. (She’s definitely pulling all the cards she told Kevin she’d pull tonight). Dani is saying it wasn’t that people wanted Bay gone, they wanted Da in the house. Da talks about how the house thinks she’s using the veto on Kevin anyway. Dani disagrees.
Da is saying that Kevin was upset that he is no longer a pawn and she supported Dani by saying Kevin is a pawn and all this (don’t know what all this she’s talking about is about) had nothing to do with Dani.
Da is basically telling Dani she can’t lose Dani or Nicf or Kevin because nobody else has her in this game (letting Dani know she’s aware that if Kevin stays on the block he’s leaving?)
Dani is telling Davonne not to use the veto, because Kevin hurts her game, he’s just going to be a pawn again. (So if it wasn’t revealed when feeds were down Da knows Kevin is leaving if he’s left on the block is my read with that comment).
Dani tells her that Cody and Enzo could flip to keep Tyler. Da tells her she should take a long hard look at what game Cody and Enzo are playing if they flip and keep the guy that jeopardized her game (Tyler).
Da says she may need Kevin as a pawn later. Dani says use Ian. Da says Dani can’t even put him on the block now. Dani says because it’s right now.(hmm. whu?)
they agree to go to sleep, with Da saying she hopes that whatever happens doesn’t ruin what the two of them are trying to build together. Da leaves HOH after they exchange I love you’s.

Rewind to the other conversation.
On the other feed it looks like Enzo is in the bathroom. Not in YO mood.
He’s with Cody, David and Kevin. They are saying they all shouldn’t be seen together. Cody doesn’t care.
Cody and Enzo alone now. If they take out Tyler this week, who goes next? Cody says Kevin next, then Xmas or David.
Enzo says he doesn’t care if Tyler stays or goes this week. Enzo’s targets will be Christmas and Memphis, then says maybe let Memphis win an HOH to go after people they can’t touch themselves (so Enzo is so over the holiday spirit?).
Cody wants Ian gone so Nicf stops making decisions based on Ian’s protection. Enzo agrees.
Too much Cody and Enzo being Cody and Enzo. It’s bothering me…. oh here comes the cam switch to hoh listed above.
Cody and Enzo have moved to the kitchen. Cody doesn’t think she’ll use the veto.

Quick edited add on: Dani brings Cody out of bed into the HOH, and tells him that Da is using veto. That Nicf plans on splitting the vote if Ian is on the block, and Nicf went behind her back and went to Da’vonne getting her worked up. Cody and Dani worry they are doing too much to protect Ian in the game because of Nicf and now Nicf is going to Da to get on her good side, while Dani and Cody are left out in the dark because she’s doing it behind their backs. I may be being too quick with this add on, but I was about to go to sleep when the convo started. Dani wakes up Xmas, Nicf, and Memphis for an emergency Committee meeting. I THINK they are planning to hijack the veto meeting to have a show of hands to show who will vote out Tyler, hoping it will keep Da’vonne from using the veto, or make Ian comfortable being a pawn (this is not a good idea if i’m getting this right… whu?) Memphis says Tyler should be in on it. Dani and the committee feels Da is being disrespectful and giving Dani the middle finger if she uses the veto (oh this is really getting bratty entitled crap quick). I’m out. good night.

Okay. that’s what was going on when feeds came back from my perspective.


I really HATE this season!! Get Tyler out! But these idiots will get rid of Kevin.

Starry night

I want Tyler to stay. I don’t care who goes out I just want Tyler to stay.