“I never played you and your sister that would be evil in my book, that’s not me”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and liz
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 15-44-48-396_jpg

3:43pm Bathroom
Vanessa continues to swear on her mother she never tried to do them any wrong. The twins eat it all up..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 15-46-00-673_jpg

3:44pm Hammock Vanessa and Austin
Austin – what are you saying to them..
Vanessa – I think you are a piece of shit right now..
Vanessa – throw it to Julia what happens.,
Austin – we were going to get Johnnymac up
Vanessa – Julia wining should have been your damn worst case scenario..
Austin – I thought you were in on what I was thinking.. we were going to get Johnymac up
Vanessa – Steve is not doing that.
Austin explains in the heat of the moment during the POV he felt that everyone
Austin – I’m not mad at you right now..
Austin – honestly I’ve had the feeling all week that Steve was lying to me.. I can see him flipping it
Vanessa – I knew nothing about it.. everything he told me and Johnnymac

Austin asks her for help doing damage control with Liz.
Vanessa says she’s not a evil person she’s trying to hepk Asuint with Liz
Austin says he’s not mad at Vanessa at all. He apologizes for throwing her under the bus to the twins. (Vanessa doesn’t return the apology)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 16-01-07-611_jpg

3:46pm BAthroom Liz and Julia
Liz says they were the targets this week.
Julia says she trusts Vanessa and Vanessa has more information about Austin
Julia – I trust her.. he was the same guy that told Jason.. Lied to my face and said you can target her when I entered the game.
Julia does not trust Austin trusts Vanessa’s way more
Julia doesn’t understand Austin knew he had the vote why didn’t he throw the POV to liz
Liz bring sup Austin telling her about getting Steve to put Vanessa up
Liz won’t do that..

Julia – It’s done.. One of us is leaving
Liz – I’m going to bed right now
They head to the bedroom. They agree Austin’s play to get Steve to put up Vanessa is a bad idea.
Julia – we can’t change Steve’s mind he’s going to put up me and if it’s me and you..
Liz – It’s me
Julia – I possible can get into the finales in this game I haven’t’ won anything.. we have to realize one of us it going home.. we have to make the decisions what is best.. you are the only link becuase use and Austin if you’re gone I hate Austin.. the only person I have in this game is Vanessa.
Liz starts to cry “you have to win something you won’t win if you don’t”
Liz – you have to stick with Vanessa
Julia – I f** up I knew I should have picked John
Liz – I cannot believe you never picked john
Julia says she was going to pick John.. “I never asked her what to do Liz I just looked in her direction.. she said Austin.. I just trusted her”
Liz – You should have listened to yourself.
Liz – Oh my god.. He (Jmac) would have gone twice in a row

Julia – we’re in checkmate one of us is going.. I just have to be cool with Austin because what if he wins and puts me up.. I have a bad feeling about him
Julia – I believe Vanesa she says she has a lot of information
The twins thing Austin is scared that Vanessa is going to spill all these nasty things about him to the twins that is why he’s ”Cowering” in the hammock room talking to her.

Julia – It sickens me.. what are you saying about us (Austin to Vanessaa)
liz – I know
Julia – I’m not going after Austin I’m going after Steve
Liz – I can’t look at him.. I don’t trust Austin at all..
Julia – I know Liz

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 16-10-19-991_jpg

4:08pm Steve, Austin and Vanessa
they fill Steve in on the drama they tell him it’s all water under the bridge

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 16-11-11-993_jpg

4:11pm Austin and Liz
Liz ignoring Austin. She eventuality tells him to leave.. After some more bawling around 4:25pm she’s called into the Diary room.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 16-15-39-049_jpg

4:14pm Vanessa, Liz, and Austin
Vanessa tries to comfort Liz says Austin really cares about her, “I never played you and your sister that would be evil in my book that’s not me.. that’s not me”
Vanessa – I’m, really really sorry I hope we can move past this..
Vanessa leaves Liz rolls over continues to ignore Austin

4:34pm Liz getting ready to go to the Diary room.. Tells Julia she’s done sleeping in the same bed as Austin. She starts calling Ausitn Fake.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 16-37-27-624_jpg

4:33pm Vanessa and Julia
Vanessa saying that Austin isn’t mad at Julia he’s mad at her.
Julia going on and on about Austin winning the POV no matter what “He was really good”

Vanessa – you have to trust me I understand Austin really well..

Vanessa – He really does love your sister however he wants to try to win the game he’s got a tattoo on his ankle.. Clay never watched the game.. he’s got a right to come here and play

Vanessa – I believe him he does really really cares about your sister
Julia – She’s embarrassed he’s playing her.. this happened with McCrae and Amanda.. this is what happens.
Julia doesn’t think she could have beat Jmac anyways so she’s not beating herself over this.

Austin joins them and Vanessa goes on and on convincing them she wasn’t trying to play them during the POV (Which was exactly what she was doing.. Jmac saw it)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-05 16-45-18-744_jpg

4:46pm Bathroom, Julia, Vanessa, jmac, Austin
Austin explains his trick in the POV. Sounds like getting dissy was a major component. He would do the bowling on his knees which allowed him to be more stable. Vanessa says that was genius.

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the coreys

It only took 70 days but shit is finally going down

the coreys

Lots of boring shit. For the sake of your sanity I’m head you’ve enjoyed it but I have not.


Yes, James caught Jackie taking a shit this year


I could watch Jackie do that all day long!!!!


I’m with you Simon. This season has been a blast, even though the Insiders couldn’t play their way out of a paper bag. Some really smart people, flawed as they may be, are still in and fighting – usually by now the winner is preordained.


I knoooowwwwwww!!


And Vanessa’s zits are going to explode on Thursday.


And so are those damn bug eyes! She’s a freak.


don’t know how a person can have buggy AND sunken eyes at the same time but saggy-ass Van did it

James Loves Frankie


I think Vanessa has a career in politics.

Used to like BB

One season BB should stay out of the it and let these players play the game. Tired of watching such obvious rigging. This is really getting ridiculous. Disappointed once again. Just another season of Rigged Big Brother

I hate them all.

Go steve, you got this!


Steve is too busy dry humping his teddy bear and pretending its Audrey.

Used to like BB

Go Steve? He only does what Vanessa tells him. He needs to get a set. This is season 17. Vanessa’s BB

Vanessa La Loca

Vanessa is due for a meltdown. It’s only Saturday……fingers crossed.


She is in a constant state of meltdown.


She has some serious mental health issues!!


vanessa will meltdown and scramble until the POV is used and new noms are named. I highly doubt steve will put up vanessa, even tho he should because already he thought austin would be a good target, big move, so getting him to do anything other than a twin is just wishful thinking.

but if jmac can say the right things, which is doubtful but wishfully thinking he will put up vanessa, and let him know it is the right time for that? steve would be better off at the end with jmac, not vanessa, sadly jmac doesn’t have scheming in his dna, and won’t do much more than just agree with everything anyone else says


Vanessa is so wrong it’s not even funny. Yes she would go jury next to Liz but you have twits left. They are not working with Boy/JM ever. Van will move to the HOH F5. Left over twits win she’s with them, JMac wins she stays with these guys. I think she’ll take a huge risk and throw this next HOH. If she doesn’t get evicted She’d be golden from F4 down. Should say F4 is also where she becomes the obvious target if she is not safe. If Steve or JMac win POV F5 they could pull down a twit and backdoor Van.

JMac and Steve up 1 goes jury as no ones using POV but themselves. That’s the bad F5 HOH result with POV.


Who says jmac can’t scheme. He hasn’t had to yet in this game. And hasn’t had power to do anything. Jmac is never involved in any of the drama. He just needs to sit back and relax and let the others attack each other, and speak up and fuel the fire ONLY when it will benefit him!

Uh huh...

Vanessa is garbage. No idea what she’s like outside this game, but within the house she strikes me as a horrible human being – not to overstate as though she is flat out evil, but not someone you would ever want as a friend or even to know is a friend of a friend.

And the twins crying about Austin is comical. As the HGs dwindle it’s bound to co e down to something like this eventually. I don’t care much for Austin, but do they really think the guy owes it to them to throw away his chance at winning the $500,000?

I don’t really care who wins at this point, but if I were to rank them in order of preference: 1. JohnnyMac 2. Steve 3. Julia 4.


The twins are mad because he said he would let them win all season.

Oh Well

They can scratch their ass and get glad. I think it’s hilarious how she automatically expected him to hand her the POV. I would love to see Austin walk out of that door but there is NO WAY he should use the POV on her. She wouldn’t do the same for him, so wtf is she crying for. Julia is stupid for thinking Vanessa is trustworthy. Vanessa has been pulling their strings all season and they still haven’t figured it out. If only they knew, Vanessa really does want to take them out. She just would rather have Steve or Jmac do her dirty work.


I think that is exactly how the twins feel. Liz has been blowing hot and cold with Austin all summer. Right now she’s cold b/c things are not working in their favor. However, if Austin had won HOH she would be up in that room with him pretty much 24/7.


I can only assume your not a fan of the show or you haven’t watched all year if that is your real list, come on I get they’re not that likable but jmac(throw and sleep) Steve (throw and be creepy) and Julia (who knows what she did all year) are the people who should win, just stop watching


Damn, Vanessa is good. We are watching a complete sociopath in action, folks.

Old man

I said it before, she is a master practitioner of NLP.


#1 Tell a stupid person how brilliant they are.
#2 They will, naturally, agree with you and consider you brilliant in return for figuring it out.
#3 Then tell the stupid person what you want them to do. Since they agreed with you once and since you’re both brilliant, they will agree with you again and follow your plan to their doom.


that’s effin’ brilliant!


No Vanessa what’s evil is crying while lying and doing it to three people with a combined 83 IQ.


She kinda fits all the marks Of a sociopath…crying on cue…turning words around…getting people to trust her by manipulation and “reading” people…powerful control type jobs…nobody stood a chance. Look at Jmac. You aren’t exactly stupid if you are a dentist, and the austwins are narcissistic, but still have real emotion. They we’re perfect marks for her


Did you see the Youttube “Faces of Vanessa?” It was funny and I’m pretty sure each face was an act in iteself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtypYj7QMOI&list=PLnq09nVQr0HKorUA5SHQkQS_h8u8Amp0G

Killed Comps for This Drama Yuck

She’s certifiably psycho and CBS dumped all the twists, takeovers, comps to watch her off her meds. Not fun or funny.

Uh huh...

4. Liz 5. Austin 6. VanessA


Couldn’t be happier one of the twins are going home. Good for Steve!

Tired of the crying!

Omg, “one of us is going home”….There should not have been 2 of them in the house! They had an advantage all season. For the love of big brother, send them both packing!

Evil is...as evil does...

Now Vanessa has sworn on her girlfriend, her mom, her family and the bible. She is beyond despicable! I hope that she gets sent to jury soon. She doesn’t deserve to win shit.


I bet her fingers are crossed every time she gives her “word”

Maple Leaf

I thick she has no perception between truth and lies when it come to her. She is so oblivious to the fact that she is evil. She is a despicable human being.

Cut from Honey

Seriously, not to overstate, but this girl would kill to win. She’s studied “game theory” in college. In episode one’s intro, she said that “her high IQ” is going to make her win the game. Oh really? so far her sociopathic personality is leading the way… (not to mention the low IQ of the other houseguests).

Bored Silly

I always am amazed at underhanded people swearing on family and the bible. Vanessa has
lied to everyone in the house and always gave her word and integrity. Con artists have no
attachment to anyone or anything. Hard to believe that this unstable person ever won any money. Gamblers are usually calm and even keeled. How do you win if you freaked every time the other players didn’t do what you want? Thank God Lurch stopped saying brass tacks.
He didn’t even now how to use the phrase properly. It is the end result Not the middle .


Vanessa is a horrible person. Yes you need to lie to win but she went too far with Austin and the twins – she is evil..

Amanda queefs slop

Cry bitches, cry!


They should of got rid of the vampire a long time ago…


And the vampire is?????


All Liz is doing right now is showing her true colors to austin right now. She should be happy for him if she really cared about him. He knows he’s the low guy on the totem poll with the twins. Why should he fall on his sword for her? She does not give a shit about him. Brats . can hardly wait to see one of those girls gone.

Dodge that bullet Austin!

He definitely is not a favorite of mine, but that girl is a hot mess! I have felt bad for him since he started this “showmance”. All she has done is rip him up behind his back and then expects him to throw everything so she can walk away with $500,000? Wow her parents did an awesome job raising such a kind, polite and respectable young lady…


Swearing on the Bible and her mom now knowing she is lying? WOW
Going on and on about how she’s not evil?
I think she is evil and she knows it. Only someone evil would do those things she even looks evil to me.


I don’t know. I’m not a Vanessa fan, but in all honesty she’s playing a game there’s no rules for a reason. She’s doing no harm. It’s her choice to swear on s bible and if she’s not actually religious it probably means nothing to her. And if she is that’s HER issue to deal with. Again I’m not a fan and do not want her to win but look at the last bb legends(I would NEVER actually classify her close to a BB legend but just saying) will –lied like crazy. Dan–swore on the bible (and he worked at a catholic school or something like that) if you can’t watch people play the game with no morals. Don’t watch the show. It’s what they do! It’s JUST a game. These people are different people in real life. This is a show made to entertain people. It’s not exactly “real”

Pinocchio Obama

Someone has to step up and evict Vanessa but does anyone have the balls or the brains to do it that is left in the house?


Wish I was there to tell the twins “sorry, not sorry”.


Vanessa is a millionaire. She doesn’t need the money. She’s in it to prove she’s the best gamer out there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHbu2P5mwf8


If you need to cheat to win she proves nothing but she is a bad player who cant win any other way.
I’m sure she wont care because she’s scum.
Her book is going to be very interesting.

Missing Ranceypants

Every single winner of Big Brother lies and deceives. It is such a tired joke hearing people complain about it year after year.


Lying and cheating arent the same thing she has broken the rules.


Actually, Vanessa is NOT a Millionaire! She has won millions over the past 10 years playing poker. Try doing your research opposed to repeated what you read from others that didn’t have all the facts. Fact- her last win was around $13,000.


Owning those items doesn’t mean she is of a Millionaire status to where she “doesn’t need the money”, as she keeps saying and people keep buying. 4.5 million over a 10 year period, doesn’t come out to much unless you continue that kind of revenue consistently, and she hasn’t .


She’s rich. She might stuff the bank with big brother money but if not I’m sure she can hit the tables to recharge her debit card whenever she feels the need. Poker isn’t football people. There is no age by which you need to get out of the game.


I think she said she was renting.

Oh Well

That was a lie. Just like she lied about the car she drives. She’s been downplaying her wealth from the beginning.

Rented Both

She’s a renter, put all she owned up for sale.

is it just me

the 4 mill is her tournament total thats all gone long ago
however people seem to forget cash games are unaccounted for and those can be a few hundred thousand in a night up or down
poker is likely not all that profitable anymore but endorsement deals pay, so does sports betting and she has had a few endorsement deals and does enough sports betting
i bet some people will buy her book about big brother etc etc
she is not poor by any stretch of the immagination but not beyonce rich either


Her Vegas mansion was up for sale about a yr ago in the $900,000 range. Her girlfriend has it on her FB page. I still think she is rich though because she has talked about buying Julia a car and a few other things about not being there for the money. Aside from the 4 MM in winnings she was likely paid to represent Pokerstars, as well as for her modeling shoots and commercials, and those stats don’t necessarily represent private winnings. She did say she played online gaming and probably casinos on the side of her Pokerstar gigs. So who knows? Not to mention a possible divorce settlement and a rich father.


The honeymoon is over.


Fuck the honeymoon… time for an injunction


We needed community services to break that shit up lonnggg ago.


Austin is an asshole. Why does everything vanessa I have information. Can you tell me the information. I wonder if liz is prentend to be mad at austin to put van on the block it won’t work

Brad H

I’m so damn happy that Austin won the veto because now the twins are showing their real colors!! They’re nothing but spoiled, whiny brats which we all knew already. They just expected Austin to hand them the veto even though they were gonna vote him out if he was up against Vanessa anyway. I hope Austin wins HOH next week and nominates Julia/Vanessa. Johnny Mac needs to team up with Austin & they need take out Vanessa ASAP.


This is what happens when you don’t have to buy the cow.


It will be interesting even from a scientific viewpoint of just how those dirty slags break down under pressure.

Big Jim

Man I love this shit


Austin take the veto off around your neck when trying to comfort Liz. Your not helping matters wearing it like a trophy!


Please somebody remember what she did to Shelli and clay when they were on the block together. She made them start doubting each other too, even though liz and austin were willing to take each other out bringing up shelli and clay will make them doubt vanessa. Then all Austin has to say is if he wins she wins so why is she upset.


It’s time for the twins to concoct a BB Funeral!!!! Hahaha yeah right!


Now Vanessa is using the “I’m not evil” card. Where the heck did that come from? She must have realized she needed something new since everyone has already heard all her other self serving statements.
Why in the world does Liz expect Austin to use the POV on her. We know for sure she would not have used it on him. And I’m sure if her sister were sitting beside her and she won it she would use it on herself. She shows all the signs of a pure narcissist.


So here goes another page of bashing on Vanessa. She’s a liar! She’s manipulative! She uses emotions to get her own way! She’s a hypocrite! She’d a lying , backstabbing, consider!!
She’s running the entire house and game! B-o-o H-o-o!
That’s the point of Big Brother, to win at all costs ; it,s Big Brother, not Big Buddy! !

Get a grip! We all have favorites and just because Vanessa is running circles around your favorite doesn’t make her a shitty person. Each and every person in that house has shown shitty and disgusting personality traits. None of them are likeable people.
So why doesn’t everybody quit judging them by how they are acting in the house? Being locked inside with a bunch of immature, filthy morons would havr me self-evicting within the first week. I’m sure that being stuck in there would take it’s toll on most of us. Plus we don’t have any proof thst any of them ate lying backstabbers in their real life (aside from Austin/ Judas, we have proof that he is an asshole in real life, just ask his girlfriend or her dad who helped him get on the show).
My point is that the personal bashing has become redundant. I wish that more time was spent on discussing their gameplay instead.


She’s a liar! She’s manipulative! She uses emotions to get her own way! She’s a hypocrite! She’s a lying , backstabbing cow. That’s part of the game
Bribing cash, cars, jobs, contacts outside, and lying on the bible and lives of her family is why I don’t like her.
She also seems to get info from production
If she played without doing that I wouldn’t care if she won.
No reason to like her I think she would be worse on the outside of the house.


Agreed. The easy call was always to jettison the Austwins but every HOH on the jury was too stupid to see that. And The math Vanessa and Steve are running is fascinating and I’d love to see them quantify it for us . They’re dancing right on the edge of eviction bit so far it’s working. Bringing Johnny Mac back in was a great move!


Someone else said it best a while ago. Vanessa never owns up to her lies and manipulations. If she would just admit to it in the DR we would probably forgive her and maybe even root for her. Derrick and Dan, and I’m sure others, at least told us in the DR what they were doing, why they were manipulating, lying, etc. and for the most part that is what made us like them and respect their game play. With Van not doing that in the DR we suspect that she is this way in her real world, which gives us every right to dislike her.

Dont Be Daffy Duck: CBS Hires Hated Cast for Drama & Dollars

CBS engineered the love to hate characters plots scripts so people tune in for fights and keep making money on every click to watch feeds and decry love/ hate on blogs. CBS recruits fight club rejects, bigots, racists, evil dicks and their estranged daughters to duke out play dirty and shock viewers like bad reality housewives or jerry springer. Stop blaming viewers posters for following the love to hate them cast employed by design –Haye the producers. Shift to Survivor where they do the same thing pitting classes, age, genders, minorities and most hated players ever against each other. CBS advertises their most hated characters.

Now back to Vanessa’s horrible strategies that engineered herself to the bottom of all her alliances because she’s distrustful. Unfortunately for you personal social ability does become strategy because Jurors she personally assaulted all summer get to vote to keep her or not. I know you don’t have money on her for AFP. She does have bribes and cheating and control of Production who canceled twists takeovers and comps in favor of your brand of dramatic play. Her boring rants about her being evil, getting out Bible, lecturing Bible stories to the Twins she’s persinally getting evicted is boring. Would she look like she’s melting or unraveling if she was as calmly applying all her vast knowledge so accurately? Would she have to bribe and cheat? Do you remember meds being such a big part except for Amanda or do you think CBS hires unstable cast to spIke the drama?

Glad To See a Twin Go But....Evil is Stil in The House!

Vanessa always has her fingers crossed behind her back when she swears on her Mom and Mel. Either that or she really has more love of winning than she does for them. Because (HELLO HOUSE DUMMIES!!!) She is LYING! I don’t think at this point she care who she goes to F2 with. She has them all snowed (with the possible exception of Jmac but I can’t tell because he holds his cards too close to the vest which is probably why she will flip on him before F3). I think she will let the comps dictate who goes to F3. She will throw next HOH and use Jmac to keep herself safe for one more week. She wins the F4 HOH and then takes Jmac out. F4=Van plus 2 of the following: Steve, Austin or Julia. They would all be Dumb enough to pick her if she doesn’t win the last HOH. Jmac is our only hope. TAKE HER OUT!


Steve could win this game if he took out Vanessa. Hard decision to make, to leave the three, but they have been broken. He could make it work.

another name

LOL. This shapes up to be a pretty good place for the house to be sitting as of a Saturday moving forward:
Liz goes Julia stays: she’d vote out Steve or Austin if the tension stays the same next week.
Julia goes Liz stays: she’d vote out Steve or Austin next week.
Austin is thinking Steve tried to flip the script, is trying to set up deals with Jmac and Vanessa. who knows which is real and which is fake. Not even him. depends on who wins the next hoh. Austin loves sucking up to every hoh.
At the present time, for the instant eviction on Thursday if the alliances stay the same:
Austin on the block vs. anyone: Austin leaves.
Jmac on the block vs. anyone but Vanessa: the other leaves. 50/50 vs. Vanessa (depending on Austin)
Vanessa on block vs. anyone but Jmac: the other leaves. 50/50 vs. Jmac (depending on Austin)
Steve on the block depends on who ends up with the blame for a twin leaving, and whether Liz and Austin stay on the outs.
Julia on the block vs. anyone but Austin: Julia leaves.
I could be wrong. But at present Jmac is safest in the house followed by Vanessa then Steve. Austin and the remaining twin are in the most precarious positions.
Yeah, I’m still trying to figure it out in my head. Maybe i’m ass-backwards about where the house stands right now.


I think they are putting on a show for us. I still think it will be ASStits and Van final 4


UH-OH Vans hitting the bottle.


First Vanessa plants the doubt then mends the fences so she can say she did everything she could to bring them back together when she was the one to tear them apart. If Steve and jmac get rid of Vanessa this week that will be the big move of the season. Next week Liz then Julia. Then I don’t care along as jmac wins. I like him the best out of him Steve and Austin. Austin and Steve were their willing stooges. Jmac was their victim of circumstances.


Liz or Julia you can stay if you give me a beejay in the HOH room. That is all


I hate this season so much.The only people worth rooting for this season is JohnnyMac. Everyone else in that house is terrible. Send Vanessa home please!!!

Oh Well

Why should he win? Because he got lucky and won a few comps? Jmac doesn’t deserve to win either cause he hasn’t been playing the game. He’s been nothing but a puppet and throwing competitions.He’s had the weakest game in the house. He’s simply lucky to still be. If Steve hadn’t won, he would be the one walking out the door.


Yes, give them alcohol and lots of it. BBad will be fun tonite!


I hope JohnnyMac wins this season!

Tour 2

Omga I hope Jmac wins the next HOH and takes out his arch nemesis Vanessa!! He has those hawk eyes and is onto Vanessa’s game play.

twistin with the twins

Vanessa doing what she does best. spreading misdirection, chaos, playing everyone to benefit her game. Swearing on everything spiritual and otherwise. Lying, giving her word…its really a tired old story. What I cant understand is why these idiots keep drinkin the kool aid…


Wearing the veto for a half hour is letting the feeders know who won.
Wearing the veto for three hours is rubbing it in the rest of the house’s faces.
Wearing the veto in front of Liz right now is just dumb.
Even Janelle is probably saying, dude, take it down a notch…
Even James is sitting in jury house saying look what happened to me after I did that.


To me the twins are wrong about Austin he did everything for them to me Austin you need to get on your nee in beg for forgiveness from your girlfriend on the outside I’m glad one of them going home I couldn’t be in a relationship with them cause I got a heart to me the relationship be about them them in not me you know what I’m saying


Since the comp hasn’t been seen yet, i’m guessing Austin’s pre-comp strategy lecture of we’ve got to throw it to Julia if we can, then all three of us are safe went out the window.


Wow I can’t wait to watch the veto comp now.


So glad Austin won and pray he uses it on himself. Whether Liz really did start liking him for real, she admitted in the beginning and told Julia she was “ho’ing” herself out for protection in the game. Maybe a great lesson for Liz and Julia to learn. Act like one, you get treated like one. Karma eventually bites back !!

Oh cmon

Why don’t they all talk about their FINAL 2’s? Van has told all the boys that she sees them as the final 2. That’s probably why she is still here. If they all talked about it they would know how Van is literally playing the whole house.


Because they all have multiple final two deals.
Vanessa has 4 (everyone but Liz), Steve has 2 (Van and Jmac), Jmac has 3 (Van, Steve, now Austin), Austin has 3 (Liz, Van and now Jmac), Liz 2 (Austin and Julia), Julia 2(Van and Liz).
Once someone starts talking about final 2’s and fake final 2’s the domino effect will cause chaos for all of them. Good tv. Bad strategy.

Oh cmon

Btw I’m a LizTin fan, go ahead give me down likes but even I saw this move coming. 3 person alliance in a 6 person group. Hellllooooo.


They held out for a long time and should be congratulated for that alone, regardless of whether people hate them or not. Not enough separation of strategy from personality around here sometimes.


If you think Vanessa needs to go this week and not a twin, I suggest you take a seat in the jury house with all those other idiots. I think Steve and Vanessa right now are just as amazed as anyone that these idiot jurors ignored the Aus-twins. All the jurors did is leave Steve Johnny Mac and Vanessa to clean up their mess for them. Thanks James! Thanks Becky!

Billy bob

V has decent cash . Not millions . I have a pretty big house and a brand new m6 BMW . And after the market ate a dick last month, I’m lucky if I have 10g . So your car house comment is so misguided . Find her net worth online . Also learn how gambling works . I won 30 k betting football today … I lost 33k . Grow up she wants the 500k .. Nobody has safe cash in this climate.


She might not be rolling in cash but it should be viewed relative to the average person.


I do really hope Austin will be the one to get rid of Vanessa. That would be awesome TV to me. But I don’t hate Vanessa at all. Her methods are chaotic and mind boggling at times. She makes me dizzy most of the time. But. In the words of just about every fan favorite player. This is big brother. You lie. You manipulate. Didn’t you get the memo. I can’t love Evel Dick and Dr Will and call them great players and then hate on someone else for doing the same things. The only thing I do not like is the lack of self awareness. They owned their lies. I want to hear Vanessa at least in the DR own those things.

Vanessa, Speach writer for Bill Clinton

I never had sex with that woman,
& I didn’t inhale

f*ck james

its funny you all love james when he didnt do sh*t half the season. im glad hes gone. he dont deserve to be there