Chelsea “Mark should never have been in on it. I don’t trust him.”

7:17pm Storage Room. Dane, Damien and Est.
Est – I heard who they wanted to put up as a replacement nominee.. that’s who I heard it from. Sam was giving me this weird a$$ look because right away Adam looked at me. I told Sam right after she came out of the thing. I was like you can guess who I heard it from. So you heard it from them too.

7:25pm HOH room. Chelsea and Kyra.
Kyra – how are you doing? Chelsea – good, just kind of in my head. I was like f**k what if Mark told Kiki about the plan .. and then I was like it doesn’t really matter because at the end of the day I’m going to tell them anyways so order to maintain balance I to tell everyone that was my plan all along. If I tell Kiki this was my plan all along… that she is not a disposable player to me. I knew you were going to be able to pull yourself down. I knew that I couldn’t put Kailyn up because I knew she would get taken down or convince somebody to take her down. Everyone is going to know anyways. Even if that leaks, that would be okay. I am telling people because I want them to think that I trust them. So the people that are in the loop right now .. I am doing it on purpose. I just don’t want Kailyn to know. Dane already knows. Kyra – you told Dane? Chelsea – Adam told Dane. Kyra – are you serious? It should have been you to tell Dane. Chelsea – yes. Kyra – when I make mistakes, I get shat on.. but anyways.. Chelsea – so then I went and told Dane. Should I tell Kiki tonight? Kyra – tell her that you didn’t want it to get out but that you want her to sleep easy tonight. Chelsea – Mark should never have been in on it. I don’t know why they trust him. I don’t trust him. Kyra – I don’t trust him at all. Chelsea – if you win next week, you should get him out. Kyra – 100%! I’m going to win next week. Chelsea – visualize it.

8pm – 8:59pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

12:20am HOH room. Chelsea and Sam.
Chelsea – I feel like everyone f**king knows what’s going on at this point. Because when I came up earlier today and you and Adam were in here.. it seemed like Dane knew (that Kailyn is going up as the replacement nominee).. So after I went and had a conversation with Dane. Chelsea – I feel like you and Adam are good with Cory. I’m good with her. I think pretty much everyone knows except for Eddie and MammaK. After I am going to tell Kiki that she was always the pawn because I need her to know that she isn’t disposable to me. Sam – I don’t think she feels like that … I think she is just grateful to be here.

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Maybe Chelsea should figure out that Dane and Mark found out about her plan because the 4 guys are working together. It’s odd that doesn’t seem to enter her mind.


ALL of the girls (including Kiki and Este) keep talking about the guys sharing info and it drives me crazy that they never get to the point. Sam and Chelsea especially seemed to keep getting close to it (discussing how Dane and Mark and Adam share info, how many people Anthony is working, etc.). I hope the new twist goes to either Kiki or Damien and they discover the PBs.

another name

bbcan history: week three evictions
season one: suzette saved by viewer veto. aneal evicted. season two: paul. season three: instant eviction naeha. season four: christine. season five: cassandra. season six: jesse.
what does this teach us: a third of the time week three is bad for older house guests. two thirds of the time week three is bad for a person who defines their ethnicity as other than wasp. hmmm. yeah…. kailyn’s psychic friends network should have known she’s at risk this week.


Is It always this quiet when it’s the Canadian Big Brother? While I truly appreciate the coverage by Simon and Dawg it hardly seems worth their time.


Even when we would dedicate 8 hours each a day recording every single conversation, edited and put up on youtube we still didn’t get a HUGE number of people following. Hence the changing of our format after the first 3 seasons.

I watch a lot more feeds than what I update to stay in the loop. I’m enjoying this season and will continue watching and updating at my current levels.


I’m enjoying it too. It’s so long between BBUS seasons. This is a fix to a BB addict.


Did you watch Celebrity BB this year?


I did. While I enjoyed it, it’s not the same.


I felt the Same. I liked the short format for a game like that.


Sam used the veto on KIKI and MOMMAK was nominated in her place.

Kailyn and Damien on the block for eviction. MommaK is the target,


I have a feeling that Anthony is over playing a bit.. I think things may be starting to unravel for him as Cheslea, Kyra and Sam start to compare notes about him.

another name

he’s been 185 squirrels on amphetamines in a tracksuit worth of conspiratorial game talk in the last 48 hours… how could that go wrong?


I think a lot of people come in and read but don’t always comment. I have been coming in but haven’t commented yet. So don’t worry Simon, I’m sure lots are dropping in, you’re not doing it for nothing πŸ™‚


I don’t comment often but love this site so much. Simon and dawg work so hard for us and it is so appreciated. I keep looking for the tip jar but can’t seem to find it. Can you use pay pal on it?


Thanks Katie πŸ™‚ I appreciate the kind words.

Pay pal link is in here..


Ok just donated. I will more later in the season as well. ?


Thanks a bunches Katie πŸ™‚


Thanks for posting link. Just donated. This site is awesome. I am loving this season of BBCan so far. Just hooing damien just stays off the block next week and we get some action with adam and sam ontheblock!bh


Simon who is your early favourite so far? You both are doing a excellent job !!!!


Hey Lorne, Thanks πŸ™‚

That’s a tough question I’m liking so many..

I’m liking Chelsea the most this week. More so now that she’s starting to clue in on more PB BS. I find Anthony’s amour-propre very distasteful so he’s probably my least favorite right now. I do like his aggressive game play should make things interesting when it all explodes.


I agree that Anthony is too full of himself