“I just hope you’re not playing me”

Mark was evicted 2-0, Dane won HOH. We may only have a couple more days of feeds left.

8:20pm Adam and Anthony
Adam asks what changed Anthony’s mind at the start of the week he wanted Dane and now it’s mark.
Anthony – DANE has fought this game for PB
Anthony – what was it that we said first day.. PB the pretty boys. Dane has fought for the team. He’s taken some wins he’s helped us in some situations.
Anthony says Dane had a final 2 with mark and Adam, Este, Damien and asked Anthony.
Anthony – across the board
Anthony goes on about Dane having side deals just in case and he had the feeling that Dane and mark if given the chance would have voted Adam out 3 weeks ago.
Dane says he caught both mark and Dane in a lie they told him neither of them plotted against PB.
After hear that Adam – I literally walked out
Anthony – Dane has done things to keep my name and your name out of peoples mouths ..
Anthony – mark hasn’t.
Anthony says Mark’s social game was so bad nobody wanted to be close to him and when they did they end up turning on him.
Anthony – he says weird things about people and they are unsure about him
Anthony says the only person mark had was Cory and it was because Anthony set it up.
Adam says when it’s just Mark and him in a room mark will leave within 5 minutes. Adam can’t remember the last time Mark had any sort of conversation with him.
Adam – there’s no bond.. he’s on the block there’s only two votes this week he feels very safe with you and Kyra.
Adam – does he think there is a bigger plan

Anthony – we did a pretty good job of not letting Kyra know what we did this season.
Adam – It sucks because I trusted Dane and I trusted mark but htey just lied to my face in the room.
Adam – I can’t trust Kyra I thought we were tight.. I have no choice but to trust you.

8:36pm Dane and Kyra
Kyra asks if mark thinks Dane is going home.
Dane – 100%
Kyra – we’re going to tell him tomorrow
Dane – yeah that’s what I think you guys should do, Don’t do it tonight. He’ll just freak out
Kyra – we’ll tell him a bit before
Dane – you talk to Adam
Kyra plans on right before bed “he’s taking to Anthony right now”
Dane goes on about talking to Anthony and they are all on board with the final 3.
Dane – none of us have a chance (against Adam)
Kyra – I can’t compete in the next HOH
Kyra – it’s a risky move on my part but it’s the only move
Dane – it’s going to be us three in the finals
Kyra – I just hope you’re not playing me
Dane – I promise you I’m not telling Adam anything
Kyra – are you going to tell Adam you’re going after me or Anthony
Dane – probably you..
Kyra – even if Anthony is harder to beat in a final 2
Dane – he wants the boys to go (Adam)
Dane says if Adam doesn’t think anything weird is going on maybe he won’t try as hard in the HOH.
dane says Anthony is “SO DOWN” with getting Adam out.

9:00pm Anthony, Adam, Dane and Mark
Burning time…

9:00pm BIG SIGH

10:00pm BBCAN7
11:25pm Anthony and Kyra chucking a ball into pots from across the room.
12:20pm HOH room. The house guests are sitting around talking about past events of the season. Big Brother tells them its time for bed.

1:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

10:30am Thursday Morning Kyra and Mark
Kyra says they can’t trust Mark like the other players and because of that “Things aren’t going to go as planned today”
Mark – I had a feeling I guess this wasn’t the last night decision
Kyra – this was a decision I’ve been bouncing back and forth these last couple days (Anthony has but ok)

Kyra – it wasn’t something I decided on definitively until this morning and it was a bouncing back.. not a for sure.. I didn’t want to bring it up until I knew for sure
Mark – I’m still not 100% that’s the case. I got the feeling based on the conversations I’ve had with people this week it seemed like things were going to go a different way.
Kyra – you know I can’t trust you
Mark – you know every person is taking you, I will take you. Regardless of what anyone else in the world will say. YOU KNOW your best chance for the 100 is with me. You know that
Kyra – but I don’t know you will take me.
Mark – 1 thousand percent. I know you made final 2 deals with everyone.
Kyra denies
Mark – you made a final three with Dane and Adam
Kyra – 2 weeks ago
Mark – I have never made a final 2 deal. this is the honest truth.
Kyra says no on has approached them about a final 2 deal.
Kyra asks him why he’s been saying their name these last couple weeks “to get me out”
Mark denies wonders who it putting that in Kyra’s head.
Mark says Adam will vote against him but Anthony will vote for him. Says that him and Anthony have been so close this entire game. Mark brings up when he was on the block with Sam, “Anthony fought hard for me”
Mark reiterates that they all know nobody is beating Anthony in final 2.
Mark goes on about not winning against Adam either demands he never said Kytra’s name “you can call Anthony you can call Adam right now”
Kyra – I don’t know who to believe
Mark mentions how this entire game Anthony has always been “open and Honest” to him but this week he’s been “Shying away, quiet”
Mark – if Anthony comes in here saying he’s keeping Dane, Don’t buy it. He’s always acted one way with me.. since week 3, he’s been bro you’ve been really loyal to me and then to flip just like this. I don’t buy it.

Mark goes on about how hard he fought to keep Kyra in the game when they were on the block with Maki.
Kyura wants to talk about Anthony now.

Kyra wants to talk about Anthony now.

Dane – so? What are we thinking? Kyra – so who are you telling him the target is this week? Me? Dane – I haven’t told him anything. Kyra – he didn’t ask you? Dane – nope. He believes that he wants the boys. Just to let you know, I am still down with this.

4:16pm The live feeds return .. Kyra and Adam talking about how different the seasons are..

5:45pm HOH room. Kyra and Dane.
Kyra – I’m glad I kept you Dane. Dane – thank you. Kyra – well I’m glad we kept you. Dane – yeah, we’re almost there. Kyra – I do think you’re Canada’s favorite. Dane – thank you, I appreciate that. I think Canada is probably laughing at our season in general .. you and me. Kyra – oh with us.. the back and forth? Dane – yeah. Kyra – its funny because people that go against each other don’t get along very well. Like now that the end is here I am just trying to keep my eye on this veto. I want to go to the end with you. Dane – yup. And my word is the same. Kyra – I think nobody has a shot beating Anthony because didn’t have to get blood on his hands. I said early on that I kind wanted to go to the final 2 with ou.

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Adam will try for HOH because he know if he loses POV winner controls the vote. Also he can play in the final Hoh comp


If Mark is so disliked, wouldn’t he be the perfect candidate to bring to Final 2!!!
Got no idea how these people think


I don’t like Adam, he gets nasty when he is put on the block. He expects everyone to just let him win and not try to get rid of him. I would like to see him go.

another name

so… what did i miss from my plastic bubble?
I’m guessing they’ve at least let Mark in on what is likely to happen.
Did he have anything other than guilt tripping as a campaign result of the knowledge?
Did guilt cause any paranoia?


Time to take the shot. Adam to jury…


Who is the target this week ? Hope it Kyra or Anthony .

another name

So, I was convinced from the moment Kyra won hoh that Dane was in the most danger. Apparently i’m just too logical?
if spoils are true and Dane’s gbm to Mark does indeed name Anthony as his closest ride or die… what does that mean? And what does it mean to the episode edit that showed minimal interaction between Dane and Anthony most of the season?
Again, if spoils are to be believed: why would Mark call out Dane on the way out the door, and let Anthony slide when Mark is well aware that Anthony controls Kyra? Anthony told Mark he controls Kyra, and it was easy to flip the initial nom script to get Dane and Adam on the block.
Why do i have so many problems following the logic of this season without wondering about d/r monkey involvement from behind the curtain? Personality assessment, probability, threat assessment (when used in concert, usually good indicators of what will happen in the game) seem to be out the window. It’s weird.


Dane won HOH. His nominations are easy b/c for as much as Adam hates going on the block all Dane has to say is Anthony has never touched the block & all that matters is POV so I’m not going to nominate Anthony which means Kyra & Adam are OTB initially. Adam can’t be mad b/c he told Anthony he wouldn’t put him up either.

If I’m Dane I let Adam win POV b/c I wouldn’t want to win it give it to Anthony to make the decision & he pulls a fast one & votes out Adam (which I think he would). So, let them battle it out – read: Adam wins it & he can take out Kyra as payback for her stupidest move of the season. AND if he’s smart he sends her out the door telling her Anthony/him decided to not let her have the power so she goes to jury knowing precisely how much a snake Anthony is.


My prediction for the week is Kyra goes out 4th. Then Dane or Adam wins part 1 and the other wins part 2. Part 3 Dane let’s Adam win final HOH. Adam then evicts Anthony . That way Dane save face with Anthony and gets his vote . Final Vote 4-3 . Dane wins . Mark ,Anthony ,Corey and Este vote Dane. . Me personally want Adam to win .


I’d agree Adam will kill to win this POV – he has to win it b/c we know Kyra would vote out Adam but I also think Anthony would too. Anthony can’t even throw the POV to sit back b/c if Dane wins it he’ll let Anthony be the one to choose who stays which would put Anthony in a bad spot with either choice which is PRECISELY why Dane needs to gun for POV so force Anthony to make the choice. Finally, Anthony would take some heat & his lies would be exposed b/c either way (Kyra/Adam) would go to jury pissed about his promised F2 to them. This, of course, would also benefit Dane b/c if he reaches a F2 chair they’ll be people who’ll give him votes b/c he did stay true to PB when given the choice.

Heading into POV the only guarantees is Dane/Anthony are two of the F3 participants & we know Adam will boot Kyra & vice versa if they win POV.

As for final HOH – if the PBs stay intact all three will gun for it. IF Adam or Anthony wins Part 1 I’m a little torn on what Dane should do. Adam is no longer a guarantee to take him to F2 b/c he told Anthony he’ll go to F2 with him this past week & I’m not sure what he’d do b/c his propensity would be to take Dane I think.

Again we know for sure Dane will take Anthony & vice versa if it’s the PBs. I’m not even sure if Kyra stayed & won if “they” would take Anthony = although his puppet strings are clearly on display I think “they” are figuring out just how much he’s lied & how snaky he is (is it too little too late though). It’s too bad there won’t likely be an audience for the F4 evictee b/c if Anthony gets to pick & sends out Adam he’ll get booed & if Adam wins & keeps Anthony that decision will be booed.

POV should be interesting.

another name

So Rod Serling would have a hard time narrating this.
paranoid eeyore is back. sneaking around on conversations. crying for sympathy should ensue shortly.
Anthony is back to humiliation tactics. Kyra is getting any thoughts of getting uppity reprimanded.
Dane is saying if Adam wins veto pb finals, otherwise who knows.
Here’s that crying eeyore on schedule.
Anthony is info dumping to Adam with the usual spin. Any minute now: Adam is overly emotional and Dane isn’t very smart. blah blah blah. Anthony did everything, Dane and Kyra and Adam did nothing. blah blah blah.
Anthony wants Adam to help him study for the veto tomorrow. cus they’ll have all day (awards show most likely tomorrow… so not so much).
eeyore is apologizing to Anthony for making anthony have to put eeyore back in their place. and thanking anthony for re-educating them.
jeez. just give eeyore the fancy robe, lead them to the ceremony, and give them the koolaid.
What is this??


Anthony, the all time biggest FLOATER. He won nothing, he did nothing except pump his own ego 24/7. IMO, the only 2 deserving the win is Dane or Adam.