“Final three, since day one I’ve been thinking that”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Dane is going to put up Adam and Kyra. Dane wins the power of veto. The feeds are now down for the season. Before they went dark Arisa came on the screen and said there will be an eviction today. I think Adam is going to be evicted.

7:54am Wake up

8:12am Dane and Kyra
Dane – I want to talk to you later.. I want to get Anthobuto be with us butj it’ll be hard
Dan e- us three to talk
Kyra – might not happen
Dane – I’ll see where your heads at then I’ll go talk to Anthony. Doesn’t really matter
Kyra – to me it doesn’t make a difference. It’s your call bud. The VeTO will say everything.
Dane – I’m onboard, At the end of the day I’m smart.
Kyr a- Yeah

8:16am PB meeting
Dane – what are you guys thinking
Anthony – Final three
Dane – that’s what I’m thinking. Obviously, since day one I’ve been thinking that. Too bad MArko can’t join us

DAne – it comes down to POV MR. POV. We need a big W
DAne says they have to make sure Kyra doesn’t win the veto.
Dane says when he campaigns to Anthony he said he would put him up.
Dane – the POV means more than noms
DAne – we can rock paper scissors
Adam – I mean I don’t want to go on the block
They decide it doesn’t matter Adam will go up with Kyra.

They pound it out Final 3
Kyra joins them.
Dane – how you sleep with a bunch of DUDES farting all night
Kyra – I was asleep

Adam and Dane leave.. Anthony gives Kyra the A-OK

10:30am Feeds down

(I’m not expecting a lot of feeds from here on in. Hopefully, we catch the Veto winner tomorrow.)

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The variance in how Kyra (I’ll refer to them as K since I’m tired of typing “they”/”them”) acts is astounding. Much like K complains about having emotional issues it’s been on display throughout this game and is one of the many reasons this season & the feeds have been so unfulfilling.

*When K or someone K feels attached to is in power they are one of the most condescending & rude in the house.

*When someone K doesn’t like or has spurned K’s advances is down K delights in rubbing their faces in it & was outright rude to some slut-shaming Este, calling Kiki names & others throughout the game.

*Although several players did as much as K did in the game K was quick to call them useless – unworthy etc and yet K’s move to take out Mark with an opportunity to take out one of the two biggest players in the game will go down in history as one of the most boneheaded moves ever in BB history (parallels situations like Marcellas & Luwan).

*When Anthony pulls the puppet strings K is always quick to say “I knew that all along or this was my move” b/c K is so worried about showing their capacity of playing the game.

*When K isn’t in power, is paranoid or on the downside K falls into either the poor pity K role or the wash, rinse, repeat “K is on the outside, K is an outsider” rant.

The irony is Canada (and most BB fans for that matter) kill to pull for an underdog and with such an unlikeable cast this season a true underdog (like Damian even though he barely played the game became the season favorite). But K made it virtually impossible to root for K b/c THEY are so unlikeable.

As mentioned previously I watched every season of BB US (sans the full winter year) & all of BB Can but this is the first time I can ever recall an underdog being so completely unlikeable. For as much as Anthony has also made it difficult to pull for the PBs or for him with his condescending, demeaning, hypocritical nature I can at least cite his manipulation ability to shift the house (whether it’s aided by the powers that be or not) as playing the game & doing so masterfully. Not once has Dane considered veering from his allegiance to Anthony, he has both Adam & Kyra convinced to take him to F2 (although K may consider shifting to Dane I’m sure he’d pull K back in with a :30-sec conversation).

When K leaves the house whether it be at F4, F3 or with a $20k check & discovers how disliked they were this season by the other hamsters and fans, it’s likely K will need copious therapy sessions to deal with just how much they truly are disliked. Anthony will let it roll off his back like a duck does water. So too with the PBs although much like Derrick & Cody weren’t beloved in their season Adam/Dane have been gaining some momentum of late. And here’s the funny thing. Because K is such an unlikeable underdog Adam who is a comp beast has assumed that position with fans.

And how crazy is that? Adam won 3 HOH’s, 4 POVs, the secret assassin and $5k but he’s now considered the underdog?

Jeff K

Its a good assessment of Kyra. I never expected her to be so easily manipulated by Anthoney, especially since she appeared to have Anothony’s strategy all figured out and even told him so. Then she goes and has an epic failure of an hoh. She just isn’t a very likable person, extremely annoying.

People do like to root for the underdog, but this is the second big brother in a row where I have found it difficult to do so. BB20 was similar imo. The alliance with Haleigh, Fessy and Rockstar was difficult to root for. They were unlikeable and all dumb as rocks. Its hard to root for stupid people who keep doing stupid things and argue with each other all the time.


Lol right!! Complete failure of an HOH! I completely agree it’s hard to root for an underdog when they are so unlike able! Def the case here and in recent BB’s


I’d love to see an aftershow where they all sit down and watch outtakes to see who the arseholes really were!….and realize Adam is “the man”!…..and should be the winner!

I'm livid

I’m praying Adam wins veto and sends anthony out the door


That would be AMAZING! I’m so glad Dane won HOH, and I’m still hoping for Dane and Adam in the F2.


anthony’s playing an amazing game, hasn’t won much but relying on his main strength (manipulation) and still killing it


Anthony is nothing more than a big bully .


Dane & Adam are the truly deserving to be in the final two .


I think the 3 PBs left are all deserving. They may be throwing each other under the bus to secures final 2 but that’s part of the game. Anthony plays with heart. He has been ? percent loyal. And even decided to keep Dane this week as Mark has always been disloyal to the PB. Dane has also shown loyalty throughout. He has made side alliances but always persuaded others to leave the PBs alone. And Adam is a comp beast. And again when he went to hug Anthony he reiterated that they were a team and dominated this year and should be proud. They are all 3 deserving to win.

another name

As an alliance (with or without my suspected aid from production), I don’t take issue with the moves the prettyboys made. As individuals, I don’t like any of them. So, when it comes to the finals, understandably, I don’t care who wins much anymore.
If I were to judge according to full package, well rounded game of social mixed with comps, Dane deserves the win. 4 hoh wins and a veto. successfully played the middle as a strategy for 8 weeks. But what is his biggest move? Is it convincing Anthony to keep him last week?
His drawbacks: he was too cowardly to give advanced notice to Cory, Este, or Damien that they would be leaving. Bad juror management.
If a juror were the comps are the key type of player, they’d be more likely to award Adam. Seven comp wins thus far is something.
If a juror were the social game is the key type of player, they’d be more likely to award Anthony. While i argue that Anthony’s game is greatly depleted if Adam and Dane aren’t in the background telling everyone to trust Anthony and not to target him, the jury might not realize that. Hypnotizing a subject that has already been preconditioned to accept new programming is much easier.
A juror with an ego is more likely to reward the finalist that played the style of game they thought they were playing that succeeded in getting to the finals.
a juror that votes with a moral values cause (ie/ who was most honest, who played fairest) might as well just abstain.
I joked last week that voters for categories in the awards should pick the non pb option in every case. when multiple categories were pb only choices…. and dane had his own category, that became moot. To be fair: after reading the rules for voting for anything, they already had the entire block edited and in place before anyone ever voted. When the party of the first part retains the right to discard any vote during or after the voting period for any reason they see fit without informing the voter: it’s not a democracy. Remember that, my friends: they retain the right to alter the vote results during or after the voting.
So… when exactly did the whole Anthony is my real ride or die Dane thought bubble actually begin? That had to confuse the hell out of the casuals that watch episodes only. To be honest, It should confuse the hell out of half the feed watchers. Okay, yes, Dane had voiced many times that Adam would be hard to beat in finals. I’m sure he was even hoping Adam would lose veto the week he was on the block at Mark’s hand. But he always seemed closer to Adam than Anthony.
If you are the hoh in final four, and you have a final 2 with 2 or 3 of the others…do you throw the veto? My stance is yes, throw that puppy. Will the one sent to jury care who cast the vote if their final 2 had the veto and didn’t use it? That will be what sticks in the evicted’s mind, not which one voted them out, but which one didn’t save them.
Now that Mark is giving radio exit interviews, he now says his preferred voting order is Adam, dane, then anthony, and can see a situation where he’d vote for kyra over anthony. well done production handlers. Get him sorted out to tow the party line. like mark ever had an opinion of his own.


What I would like to see is Canada voting the evicted house guest. Be alot more game playing no more of this Bull shit
Or even Canada getti g to pick One nominee
In that case Anthony would not have made it this far.

Guy From Canada

I want Canada voting for Canada’s favourite and take the prize money away from second place.

another name

Undoubtedly Anthony is in d/r whining that it isn’t fair that the final comps are all based on the days. Even though he’s known since week three that house events are a big part of endgame comps. Oh come on, you know he is.
Sarah Hanlon was the guest stylist for awards. Given their comments about her, and other female winners, and females in general, if she didn’t put them all in really ugly dresses… she missed a karmic retribution moment.

Please tell me if i heard it correctly:
Today, did Dane tell Adam that they (meaning the d/r people) want Dane to not nominate Anthony so that his perfect record is intact?
Was the ‘they’ in the situation Anthony.
Thank you for your help.

Firm believer that a winner of bb should have at least some knowledge of the days/ events. They have four days a week of downtime to study that stuff. IMO one jury member should always be asking “want my vote? Tell me what happened on Day (insert number here) to earn it.”


Hmm – I think he prob meant Anthony b/c they did discuss it this morning (the 3 PBs) when Adam said he didn’t want to be nominated & Dane said he promised he wouldn’t for Anthony’s vote & b/c they had discussed him never touching the block. Dane then said if it’s a real issue I guess we could do rock- paper – scissors. To which Ant jumped in immediately & said wait – you (Adam) also said you didn’t want me to be nominated & wouldn’t put me up so I could keep the streak alive & Adam said yeah.

The key there was Dane heard this exchange & you could see Adam didn’t like that Ant said that out loud in front of Dane lol. Oh, these boys.

The funniest part is Anthony does know the days better than he says (he used to practice with Cory) but I honestly think Ant is thinking I’m not gonna bust my ass b/c I’m safe. The reason it’s funny is I think he’s forgotten if Dane wins it’ll force Anthony to evict one of Adam or Kyra & either way it puts him in a bad situation b/c he won’t be able to blame anyone else for it. I guess he could if he takes out Kyra (which K will still be pissed about) but if he takes out Adam who Dane/him discussed potentially doing at this point then he’ll lose Adam/Sam/Este & Damian’s vote in all likelihood. But, I also suspect Ant has no intention on taking Dane to F2 b/c he wants to drag Kyra as his goat b/c he thinks he’ll get all the PBs & have Cory for the guaranteed win but if he shafts both Adam/Dane I’m not so sure that would happen but they are pretty loyal.

Never ceases to amaze me how they reach this part of the season every year & the hamsters forget a player will leave early or that the F4 HOH winning POV only means they get to pick who is safe & they in turn pick the 3rd finalist.

another name

Voting for Kyra in season 7 is akin to voting for Sabrina in season 2. Only Kyra didn’t have a Rochelle to keep it from being a clean sweep.
No matter how bitter: I don’t see a Kyra win. Anthony could use a real knife to stab both Dane and Adam, and they’d still vote Anthony as ambassador of their season over Kyra.

another name

oh. wonderful. now we learn kyra is the gender non binary lesbian borderline personality disorder WITH a side of bell’s palsy….
A darwinist would have a field day.
Is this big brother or are we trying to start a telethon?

Guy From Canada

Borderline personality disorder was VERY apparent to even the tv viewers…..

another name

oh the bpd has been known since week 2ish. never heard bell’s palsey until tonight. Guess Kyra withheld that one strategically until finals. waiting for the inverted spine or rough kneecaps.


I did notice her eye often gets twitchy & thought it might be a slight case of tourette’s syndrome.

another name

not to sound crass or insensitive: It would almost be a relief if tourette’s could be blamed for a lot of things this season’s cast has said, but nooope. they’re just asshats.


Veto comp is tonight!!!


I do not want that sneaky bastard Anthony to win. Adam played a good decent game. I want the Newfie to win.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but, isn’t being sneaky part of big brother, firstly? Secondly, although I really don’t like Anthony, he did play a good game too! He kept himself and PB off the block because of his sneakiness.

another name

did he keep the pb off the block? Considering Adam and Dane were hoh for 7 out of 12 (including the doubles) times this season?
he was on board with Mark putting up Adam.
he was on board with Cory nominating Dane before Dane was a willing volunteer in order to get Sam out.
If it weren’t for Adam and Kyra going snaky in reference to the option, Sam would have nominated Mark and Anthony.
Sounds to me more like Anthony owes his game to them.
Every time a pb was on the block, he was willingly endorsing the move. The other pb were moving heaven and earth to keep Anthony off of the radar because while Anthony pontificated the word loyalty, Adam and Dane acted with loyalty toward Anthony for most of the game. Anthony’s definition of loyalty is one sided: who he thinks has been loyal to him, not who he has shown loyalty.


Anthony is a wimp…
I don’t want to go on the block…


Simon you should apply to be on the show

another name

just tell them you’re 29.


Oh Simon, too funny.

Guy From Canada

Sounds like a plan to make it to the end


I so hope kyra goes home!!!!! Just for her PURE Stupidity last week alone lol lol turning on Adam and then once he won pov turning on Dane YET thinking she can magically make it all go away by “keeping them” when she did nothing, Adam won POV and Anthony was voting out mark anyway but Anthony wanted to see how dumb kyra is to change her vote and make her think it was her move lol lol ohh man this has to be scripted!?!? Haha!! never mind how much I can’t stand her inflated ego to begin with! The guys did put in the work, you can’t discredit that! They deserve this, hoping adam wins but his strength is gonna make all the odds stack against him because they know they don’t have the resume he does. If not Daners! 🙂

Ready willing


another name

feeds return some time between 415 and 430 am. anthony adam and dane are discussing the veto comp in the kitchen.
no sign of Kyra.
adam mentions something about the best alliance, throws in that never stabbed each other in the back.
apparently adam got a question about lights and boxes wrong, dane got it right. adam failed to study the details of comps, but knew names and dates. anthony sounded somewhat excited but humiliated about the comp, but it sounded to me like he might have max timed and left the comp unfinished. He says he got one answer right. He then goes on that the pb’s are the best, would beat any american cast, and they should be sent to compete in australia (please someone tell him au was cancelled).
dane said the comp was geared toward smaller people. anthony said he wasn’t willing to rush and squeeze himself through the openings.
The boys go to bed… Dane goes on toothsearch. and cigarette pack search. unsuccessfully.
When i first checked, they had gone to bed already. I did a quick rewind to get the gist of what happened. but for any sleepcheck aficionados: while anthony looks to be resting comfortably, adam appears restless. I don’t know if this is usual. I’ve never stayed on feeds to watch them sleep.


YEAH – I got my wish. Dane won POV so now Anthony HAS to make a choice & finally get blood on his hands. If he evicts Kyra they go to jury talking about how badly he played them throughout the game but if he votes out Adam (and I’m sorry to say I think this is what will happen) then his whole spiel about loyalty, brotherhood & all his sermons goes up in a puff of smoke & Dane will have Adam/Sam/Este & Damian on lock for the win.

This might also be why Anthony dials it back to go F3 with the PBs b/c Anthony may realize that. I can’t even imagine how he could possibly spin it to send Adam or Kyra to jury with one of his sermons since they will feel absolute betrayal. No amount of his condescending banter will wash that away AND there is no way to fix it. To Adam he could say “this is for Cory” but then that would mean he was more loyal to her than the PBs. Kyra is the easier to get the blood off his hands quickly eviction – just not sure Anthony is willing to risk that both Adam/Dane will take him F2 or to give up $80k in (likely) both cases.

Adam is already playing up the PBs & saying how they are legendary & in a normal season they aren’t as epic b/c they would’ve turned on each other. The best part is Dane is playing right along with him BECAUSE Anthony has to go the vote to evict LMAO. Finally, someone gets to pull the finesse side (if you can call what Anthony does finesse back on him).

Meanwhile, BB calls good night early, Anthony sleeping like a baby while Adam & Kyra toss and turn!

another name

dane completed the veto in 25 minutes. adam’s time unkown. kyra took 55 minutes. anthony dnf.

anthony askes dane if they should blindside adam. so much for can’t do that to a legend.
dane wants to tell him, but doesn’t want to break his heart. says maybe they should tell him, but they don’t want to tell him too soon, and have him freak out.
again, the two cowards are afraid to look their victim in the eyes and tell them that they are going home. Kyra let the cat out of the bag to Mark. Not Batman and Robin. It’s apparent Anthony doesn’t know the final four eviction is usually on the last weekend. they want to tell him on the day of the eviction. That’s most likely today. I doubt Anthony knows the voter in final four votes right there looking the nominees in the eyes.

is dane hoping to play dumb so that he can act shocked when anthony votes out adam?
Other than a sleeping sack of sad, Kyra hasn’t been seen since yesterday afternoon. Did they tranquilize kyra for feed watchers?

side note for the sake of logic: who should you be loyal to? the person that you never had to campaign to get their vote, or the person you had to beg and convince? That shouldn’t be difficult.

Hubris. What if Dane loses part one of the final hoh (physical / endurance) to Anthony. It’s a possibility.
What if Dane loses part two of the final hoh ( puzzle/ day events) to Kyra. It’s a possibility.
Part three is usually a mixture of days and how well you knew former houseguests. at a podium. multiple choice.
Imagine a part three of Kyra vs. Anthony for a moment. They might have to add an hour to the finale just to get an answer.

ADDED EDIT: at 11:15 am, Arissa come on the screen and calls the house guests to the living room with a surprise eviction notice.

another name

adam’s time was 29 minutes.


Dane, use the POV on Adam and backdrop Anthony!!!


I was thinking that Dane uses the POV on Adam to keep Anthony s hand clean and Adam gets the blood on voting g out Kyra. This way Dane gets Kyras vote


Really?! That’s AWESOME! ? hope this is right!


Correction: **backdoor

Ppl r so biased

love him or hate him..Anthony has planned a phenomenal game.. all 3 boys have…to never go on the block even tho ppl wanted u on it or had mistrust in u at points..to also spearhead a lot of the final decisions and choices made.. damn.. he really was brilliant.. and he deserves to b all the way ..heck.. him or dane would b top 2 for me in overall game play. Anthony has been loyal af to the ppl he was working with and u can’t shit on him for it. yes he has a huge level of confidence and borderline arrogance in sed confidence.. but he kinda is proving it right week after week tbh. lol I see lol disliking him and wanting him gone, for silly reasons, but yáll need to give credit and the fact that he deserves his place. I do see a pattern of the black players being held to bigger standards and worse in these games by the public, which is very unfair and sad.. I see him do nothing different than many players have done (including the infamous arrogant Dr Will, who even with all that gave brilliant game play). It’s a shame, but I expected this… if ur a black player I expected more scrutiny indeed, even to he essentially has done nothing big except b a big talker. He was loyal af tho. He did what he needed to do for himself and his ppl. I think he’s been the major reason to watch this season. really juiced it up once jury started. Glad he didn’t get evicted like u lot wanted.


This is a game however there’s only two people left in game that deserve to win Dane and Adam they have fought hard since day one not just with muscle but With there minds as well it should come down to these two as the final two they were not my picks but I believe in someone deserving of the cash rather then a tag along.adam has had a little more hep from others then Dane and there both beast competitors so let the best man win


How can you say Anthony played a good game when for example he can’t even admit to Adam that he never lied not even once. I would have some respect for hi. if he owed some of the cap he said . Reminds me of Paul. To bring a race card into this is a bit much. For me I don’t care what colour you are playing the game , p,eases top using the race card and the sexuallity card most BB fans don’t care about either

another name

Praise or criticism of a black house guest’s game is not / should not be equal to praise or criticism of a house guest’s game because they are black.
The only pervasive (though not constant) double standard in the analysis of Anthony’s game this season has come from a portion of his fans saying there is a double standard (that hasn’t been applied to Anthony’s game) in order to mitigate and belittle criticism or excuse poor conversational word choices or petty behavior.
Not once have i read a comment or thread that says “wow, Anthony is doing so much better (or conversely so much worse) than i thought he would considering he’s black.” That hasn’t been a thing. That would be so gross if that was a thing.
It is possible that criticism of Anthony’s comments or Anthony’s game moves are a critique of the comments and the game move without unconscious bias.


If Adam is gone I think production will fix it so Kyra and Anthony and in the final 2. Kraken all the way .


The later sentence is the only sensible part of your comment!


In all likelihood, Adam is on his way to the hotel and will join the jury for the roundtable. The thing we want to know and don’t is what Anthony and Dane said to Adam just prior to Anthony sending him out the door. How those few crucial minutes were handled will play a major part in jury votes should those two end up F2.

Anthony won’t have his typical time to spin this with Adam and unfortunately, Dane/Anthony agreed to tell him together. There are only a few ways for Adam to view this

1) Anthony spun a big tale last week about why they needed to keep Dane and who between Mark/Dane was more deserving to reach F4. On top of this Anthony asked Adam for a F2 and played up how snakey both Mark/Dane was to the group. By evicting Adam it negates anything Anthony told him. With this move to evict him via HIS VOTE, he can’t claim ignorance b/c regardless of what Dane wants this is all on Anthony i.e. it’s up to Anthony whether Adam stays or not.

2) Hopefully, Dane tells Adam look I did make that F2 with you but I made one with Papi before the one I made with you so I have to stay loyal to that. If he’s smart enough to do that then Adam can tell him how badly Anthony threw Dane UTB last week and even if Anthony still evicts him then Dane will know he has to win the last comp in order to ensure he reaches a F2 chair b/c if Anthony wins he’ll cut Dane for Kyra. The discussion at the kitchen counter though seems to be they plan on telling Adam together they can’t beat him so they need to make the game move and that may (possibly) hurt Dane with votes.

Moving forward:
With the first comp being physical it will likely be between Anthony & Dane who wins. BUT will Dane just concede to give it to Anthony so he once again can sit back comfortably? Would it behoove Dane to take part 1 to ensure his own safety? If he did it would put Anthony under duress b/c he would have to win Part II. And since we’re unlikely to have feeds we wouldn’t even be able to benefit from Ant stressing out. That said, my gut says Dane will let Anthony win part 1.

Part II will be physical/mental & Dane theoretically should win with his eyes closed barring some hinky stuff happening.

The big question rests on part III where presumably Dane/Ant will go up against each other. Dane with the intention of taking Anthony if he wins BUT I’m pretty sure an Anthony win would result in him cutting Dane. The biggest question – is Dane (especially after the week prior) smart enough to realize Ant will cut him to take Kyra if he wins? That’s why I really hope Adam lets the cat out of the bag prior to leaving.

Still, Anthony may worry he’d lose votes if he doesn’t take his ride or die to the end b/c you know if he gets the choice he’s counting on Cory & the 3 PBs votes. BUT – if Dane is smart he’ll do some pre-work & say we’re golden b/c we stayed true to our ride or die. If we didn’t we’d lose all the PBs votes for being a coward and taking Kyra. Dane needs to be smart here & get inside Ant’s head.

Dane also needs to get to Kyra & tell her – if you go to the end with Anthony you lose anyway b/c you have similar games but he never hit the block whereas you sat there numerous times. Against Ant you’ll not have the PBs votes or Cory, Este, or Damian. But against me Adam/Sam will vote for you as will Mark & Cory who are furious with me. It would be dangerous for Dane to make would be to tell Kyra how Ant bragged about keeping Dane & plans to take credit for K’s HOH as part of his speech. It’s dangerous b/c K can’t keep their mouth shut so it would need to be told to K just prior to the final comp leaving no time for K to confirm or go to Ant & ONLY if K is playing in that round.

If K isn’t playing & Dane gets to make the cut then he needs to send her out the door with the statement – look Anthony was my ride or die this season & I am so happy to pay him back for HOW HE CONTROLLED YOUR HOH TO MAKE SURE I STAYED (get that in her head so he can steal her vote from Anthony) I’m so happy to be able to return the favor & take Anthony to the end as we agreed to on Day 1. Kyra, it’s been my pleasure to play with you this season but I’m staying loyal to my guy.

Still, in this scenario it’s not a given Dane will win (though he should) Mark/Cory are Anthony locked votes just as Este/Damian are for Dane. Even though Cory should feel some sense of betrayal that Ant never told her about the PBs or his F2 with Dane.

The uncertain votes lie with the trio of Sam/Adam & Kyra. Will they view Dane’s loyalty of 1) Ant 2) PBs 3) side alliances positively or will they see him as a snake? How much will Adam believe Mark’s comments about Dane being the reason Sam left? And will Este/Damian help to counter that argument in jury? Will Adam who views comp wins so highly as the deciding factor? Or will they be angry at Dane & therefore give their votes to Anthony?

Conversely, will they call out Anthony for all his lies & going behind people’s back to paint them with his dirty brush. At some point I just want one person (Adam ideally – but maybe Kyra would) to call out Anthony for his constant “I’ve never lied, I’m loyal & true to my alliance” & how he lucked out via all of Adam/Dane’s wins to protect him which is why he was allowed to sit back the entire game.

Again, if Kyra does the unthinkable and wins out the thinking is it would be Anthony in the other chair – but I’m not sure that’s an automatic since Dane could preach to K how similar Ant/Kyra’s games are & b/c Ant never hit the block & K did copious times Ant would win over K. It might work – but knowing those puppet strings are exposed it’s unlikely. Plus that would result in the most unsatisfying F2 in the history of BBCan. In the event either Dane or Anthony take Kyra is there any scenario where Kyra wins? I mean there might be if Ant cuts Dane & gets exposed for how he just sat back all season & then cut the 2 guys who got him there. It’s doubtful Kyra could get either of Este/Damian votes BUT if Adam & Dane were mad enough they might all switch over – but still highly unlikely.

As I see it, Dane is a lock to participate in Part III & although Anthony knows the dates better than he says I still think Dane should be able to beat him in PIII. Therefore, it’s very, very likely the F2 are Dane/Anthony. (although I’m sure a ton of people are hoping Dane does the unthinkable & shafts Anthony at the last minute).

How the audience responds to the F2 as they are announced may also sway how Adam/Sam vote – if Dane receives significantly more cheers that could play into their heads and subsequently their votes. Again- just a guess but I think Dane gets Este/Damian/Sam/Adam & Anthony (even with Kyra finally knowing he snaked them) gets Cory/Mark & Kyra’s votes for a 4/3 win.

In a season I never truly invested in any one hamster I could live with that outcome b/c at least both played the game & Dane is the most deserving of the trio remaining. Let’s just hope Dane reaches a F2 chair.


Although Mark told Arisa he was voting for Anthony what I think he really meant is he was cheering for Anthony b/c in his post game interviews he ranked how he would vote the hamsters in terms of gameplay as 1) Adam, 2) Dane, 3) Anthony and a distant 4) Kyra.

There is some speculation that Mark would penalize Dane (via not giving him his vote) if he has the choice and brings Anthony instead of Kyra to the F2.

And there is widespread speculation that Anthony can win against even Dane depending on how the hamsters view the house. The reasons cited were Adam may hold getting evicted against Dane more than Anthony and that would tie in Sam with him.

Since I had a little free time I also did a bit of research to find Cory was majorly delusional when it came to Anthony & Damian’s interview revealed he thought Adam was playing the best game. As much as most don’t like the (likely) Adam eviction it probably is the smartest move by Dane/Anthony to take him out now b/c by the sounds of what was stated Adam had most of the jury votes over the other 2 PBs.

Now – the interesting part will be how the download from Mark & Adam goes with the others (and my wonder over how much time Adam will have with the other jurors). Several things come to mind here since Mark will be finally confirming to Cory about the PBs & how they all agreed to bring Kyra to F5 — meaning she was never getting past F6 – HELLO (although Anthony did originally want to bring her that far. Will that finally blow up Cory’s delusional Anthony bubble? Will Adam finally learn how much Ant pushed for Sam to be put up & out & was constantly pushing for it (and not just Dane)? That will be a crucial piece of information since Ant has played this fact up to Adam.

The other key will be the download between Adam & Mark b/c of how badly Anthony threw each of them UTB. Will they finally realize how snaky & manipulative Anthony was this entire game? Entering jury each of them seems to think Ant only threw the side allies/jurors UTB but once they arrive at jury & hear from each other & the current jurors how Ant threw THEM UTB I wonder what effect that will have & will that cost him votes? Moreover, will someone finally state the obvious to the jurors that if not for Adam/Dane then Anthony never gets to play the type of game he did since he was kept out of harm’s way via their wins & via their conversations to protect him? Coinciding with that fact- – will someone finally call out Anthony’s constant spouting of loyalty and how he never lied?

IMHO if there is time for full disclosure the person who will be hurt the most by it is Anthony (not Dane) and the reason for that is Dane did stay true to the PBs first & foremost even to the point of letting his side allies go without fuss although he also kept Este/Damian safe up to the point of F6 which was the point were the PBs agreed they should be taken out.

Dane should gain extra points for convincing Ant to keep him over Mark then immediately winning both HOH/POV & taking out the biggest game threat. Yes, we all would’ve rathered he ousted Ant just because of who Ant is, however, based on the jury feedback Adam would beat Dane in F2 & the likelihood he could win his way there gives credence to why Dane had to take him out. If Anthony was more likable we wouldn’t even be debating this fact.

The big question I have is whether Dane plans to stay true to the F2 with Anthony or whether he would cut him to take Kyra. Given how Anthony is combative & doesn’t deal well with not getting his way I’m sure Dane would lose Ant’s vote but there wouldn’t be time for Ant to bulldoze the jurors to get them to vote for Kyra and in truth even with Ant I’m not sure he could rationalize doing that b/c of how petty it would make him look.

If that is the 1A question then my 1B question is whether Dane can beat Anthony in F2. I’ve presumed he would have Adam/Sam’s vote & although others seem to think Adam will hold his eviction against Dane I still think the combination of Anthony telling him he had NO F2s with ANYONE but him & then evicting him factor as will Ant not winning comps. Dane will need to be solid in his final speech enough so that he can convince (if he takes Anthony) that he did remain true to the order of the deals he made, was second only to Adam in comp wins. Plus he could have more by finale night — Adam won 3 HOH’s & 4 POVs while Dane won 4 HOHs & 2 POVs and threw others while Adam never threw any comps so if Dane wins 2 parts of the Final HOH he’ll have tied or surpassed Adam depending on whether you credit the final HOH with 2 wins or just 1 for both parts.

Some thought Este might not vote for Dane based on exit speeches but that was prior to her learning Dane did vote for her which will pay dividends. I doubt Damian will credit Anthony in any way b/c of all the lies whereas Damian values honesty & comp wins so I still think Damian/Este are locks for Dane just like I believe Cory/Mark are locks for Anthony.

No matter how I slice it if Dane/Anthony are the F2 how Adam & Sam vote will decide the winner & my gut says Adam/Sam will reward comp wins over lies & manipulation. Kyra – may or may not go along with them but I think K will vote Ant if Dane evicts her just b/c they are petty. I also can’t imagine any way Kyra wins the big money especially if she does plan on bringing Dane (that would be an even bigger forehead slap than her not taking out one of Dane/Adam during her HOH).

Anyway – those are my Sunday musings – hope everyone is having a great weekend.

another name

If Adam didn’t know immediately when Dane (who really really really didn’t need to win that veto) won the veto that he was in danger: he deserves what he gets.
Let’s get honest. Who is going to take the guy with seven comp wins that the house guests themselves considered to be the top of the food chain to finals. I’m not saying he WAS the king of the castle: i’m saying that psychologically the other house guests gave him that role. If the perception of the jury was King Adam, how likely were they to vote for one of the peasants (or the jester, or the invisible power behind the throne)? Anyone that says that it is dumb to take out the guy with a social and comp resume, and has had an already decided juror making their case for weeks is illogical and sour grapes.

Speculation: (yes, it’s choose your own adventure time)
The only possibility that Adam was saved from eviction is if Anthony couldn’t pull the trigger to Adam’s face. Anthony’s game has been in the shadows. Would he be able to stand in front of Kyra and Adam and vote to evict Adam? The entire ‘loyalty’ part of his final 2 speech would no longer be viable. It was already on shaky ground if Mark was being honest to the jury. Would Anthony be capable of waiting until Dane gives his ‘we can’t beat you pikes’ veto speech, turn and save Adam in order to separate Adam and Dane? In terms of probability, this is extremely low. In a season where probability has been negated? it’s the only hope I can offer to any Adam fan.
Would either Anthony or Dane attempt in a final 2 speech to say in order to win, you have to take out the ones most likely to win ahead of you? Anthony loses that argument because he saved Dane and rode his coat tails in the final four. Hush Anthony fans, it’s exactly what he did. The only way Anthony wins using what we can assess to be Anthony’s final 2 argument, is if Anthony wins the first part of HOH (the physical endurance challenge usually), and wins the third part of hoh (Multiple choice season overview mixed with how well did you know your jury), in order to take out Dane.
Dane could win that argument, (forementioned be the best beat the best spiel) because he’s already back stabbed every other juror. Dane should keep the word loyalty out of his mouth if he gets to final 2. it’s a black hole for Dane’s bad jury management game.
If Dane is smart, Dane goes guns blazing in part one of the hoh, and cuts off Anthony’s chances of back stabbing him. We know that Anthony, if he understands the stages of the final hoh, would be pushing for Dane to throw it to him. That would be stupid. Dane would throw part one out of a mix of ride the middle ego and hubris.

Predictions covering the activities of yesterday and today:
Adam was evicted.
Dane and Kyra explain the three stages of the final hoh to Anthony. Anthony wants Dane to throw part one. Kyra thinks they outplayed Adam. Dane becomes convinced that Anthony can’t win part 2 or 3 of the hoh, and decides he can beat kyra in part 2 (take the proposed plan dane had with adam, put anthony in adam’s spot).
Anthony wins part one of the final hoh.

another name

btw. i miss the early season feed reward. you know… feeds staying on for the first part of the final hoh.
personal feeling: if anthony wasn’t 100% adam would cut dane at final 2, he should cut adam. why not? loyalty? that’s just a word anthony uses. like when paul said friendship.
delusions we’ve survived:
1) kyra played their own game.
2) mark will be a millionaire from merch sales.
3)anthony will become a big hollywood star from his appearance on bbcan.
4)cory was good at this game.
5)sam ran adam’s game.
6)the underdogs was a thing this season.
let’s not compound the delusions with “anthony should save adam” that’s… no.

another name

additional thought:
game ownership.
Is it important to viewers that house guests own their game?
To answer that question I have two names: Vanessa. Paul.
Vanessa’s d/r edit didn’t take ownership of her game. It was a huge issue for people on here at the time. (an even bigger deal than the adderall dependent emotional flop sweat behavior).
Paul didn’t own his game to the jury. Look where that got him. twice.
Does that play any role in this season?
Kyra tries to own being everyone’s fool as owning the fool’s errands and therefore takes ownership of moves they didn’t make. It’s not a good look.
Anthony’s edit and d/r stroke his ego, and sanitize his game, but fail to take ownership. If he is the machiavellian svengali of the season whose edit is benevolence and loyalty without admission of lying or back stabbing, is he owning his game? This is where i’m uncomfortable with the edit version. His game is better than his edit, but it’s also dirtier. I’d rather the edit was warts and all in d/r. According to his d/r he loves his mama, doesn’t lie, is loyal, and doesn’t need to study because he’s too good for that. Watch one day of feeds and tell me that d/r is how you see Anthony’s game. honestly.
Dane? meh. he’s been getting the eddie haskell edit anyway. he’s mostly owning his dirt. but while i think anthony’s edit sanitizes his game too much, i think Dane’s edit gives him too much credit. Week 2 to five the narrator called it Dane’s pretty boys while they were distancing Adam from any leadership or ownership in order to portray him as the ‘showmance guy not as bad as the rest’ so that they could sanitize Adam’s edit to give him the ‘hero alpha guy to root for’ treatment from the time jury started until this week. For the same reason that each of Sam and Mark’s popularity in polls spiked when they became hoh until the veto meeting, that’s what editing was doing for Adam from week three onward. They even called him into d/r to get him to curtail some of his more troublesome behaviors (he mentioned it, i didn’t make it up). Despite narration: they were never Dane’s prettyboys. The concept was 100% adam. the name was 100% Anthony. The hand sign was 100% stupid, and now the absolute butt of the joke. Dane’s big idea was a cross between beavis and butthead and pinky and the brain.
I think ownership matters in both the edit, and to the jury.
I want them to own their games. I don’t want people that watch the season a couple years from now to be saying what a bunch of nice people they were in season 7, because the edit will be the memorial. That’s what will happen. It annoys me.

another name

Had no power for most of the day. Get the power back and look at twitter for a second.


so the latest rumor is Anthony was not so much cast as recruited for the show because he was a former production assistant on a previous season.
Do I believe it? meh, could be. I mean… look how Maki was recruited. Am I going crazy about it… no. Am I relating this rumor in order to stir the pot? No. I didn’t even find it that interesting or surprising a notion, given that the casting process for bbcan is pretty weird and ridiculous to begin with. I read it. I rolled my eyes, I half laughed, and said production doing something like that wouldn’t surprise me.

No, I’m not relating this because it was about Anthony. I’m relating this because i don’t trust the powers that be.
I’ve related similar weirdness relating to house guests from season 4, 5, and 6. I’ve questioned the casting process of Mark, and Chelsea, and Maki and Kiki and Dane and Damien because of the bizarre one degree of separation stuff and recruitment stuff. I see something odd, i notice nobody has put it on here, so i mention it.
Something to entertain anybody that is as suspicious of the monkeys behind the curtain as I am.


I read on another page that Dane won the first part of HOH and Kyra won the second part. Anthony doesn’t know anything and could not beat Kyra. It is now between Dane and Kyra in the final, third part of the HOH. Not sure how a person would know all this info… unless you are working for BB? But I liked what I was reading. I wish Anthony gets the third place. He really doesn’t deserve to be in the F2. (IMO)

another name

spoilers of the first part of hoh have happened in seasons past. heck, feeds were on for the first part of hoh in early seasons.
from what i remember of scheduling in season 2-4: hoh part one happens the day after the final 4 eviction (so happened yesterday, the 5th). part two of the hoh doesn’t generally happen until either the pm tonight, or late morning / early afternoon tomorrow (dependent on how physical the first part was and recuperation time).
While it is assured part one has happened, there is every possibility part two of the hoh hasn’t taken place yet.


Last summer on BB US there was a production person who leaked to Twitter. Everything they said was accurate. It was great, until they’d get annoyed with people questioning them & take a break to punish them & everyone else. I think their account also was locked up.


Dane needs to win and I don’t know if he would against Adam. I despise Adam, Kyra and Anthony but who would the jury despise the most is the question? Adam may have just as many jury votes as Dane (both played the game the best) but Dane is more likeable. Dane may be better off to take the biggest jerk Anthony to final 2.

Ready willing

That arrogant Anthony better not win. Wow the way he talks at people not too people. Some piece of shit


Man I wish Dane would use the vito on Adam and then they vote Anthony out….this would pretty much ensure it was the two of them in the F2 which I would be cool with, both deserve to win equally I think. Can’t even stomach the thought of Anthony winning, he could have played a good game if he wasn’t such an arrogant dick.

another name

Some of the other awards not shown:
comp spaz winner: kiki can’t do a crossword wins. wins over kyra balancebeam
best speech: mama k give them ur money speech. wins over ? don’t remember
best dance: maki. wins over mark.
best wtf trip: adam makes angelica. wins over everyone with este hair.
best tasty moment: dane slop comp. wins over anthony pizza inhale
best of dane: dane farts wins.
best gross moment: taco armpits.
doofus award: dane box to the head.

another name

jury house interviews (always grain of salt jury house interviews. they aren’t casual conversations. they are filmed and produced by the powers that be, with questions created by those same d/r monkey types that edited the episodes).
the heirarchy of the votes seems to be adam/dane in top positions, then anthony kyra mostly in that error except for sam that gives equal to more weight to kyra than anthony.
how does a final two contender combat anthony’s claim of never being on the block?
If i were the other finalist: I’d be saying his alliance won 8 of 12 hoh (adam 3, dane 4, mark 1). that’s 8 hoh with no threat. his allies further pushed for anthony’s safety in 2 more (chelsea, sam). His only based on anthony’s game weeks were cory and kyra, because he puppeted them. So the counter to Anthony’s no nom statement is of course he was safe, they were more loyal to their alliance than he was. the proof is in the pudding. Any time one of his allies hit the block he took credit, so his allies played a more loyal game than anthony did. take away the power of never being nominated to being about his allies more than about his game. take away his loyalty comments he’s likely to use by showing the rest of his allies were more loyal. THAT is how you remove the power of such a statement.


look like adam outa here


What a disappointing season of BB Canada. If by chance BB Canada survives for a future season the show needs to revamp their players criteria. Whatever criteria was used this season certainly was a let down!


cast are cast no matter what happens!


I wish they’d use the format other country’s do for BB, where they actually talk to BB in the diary room, BB asks them questions etc. cause then you get to hear what they are thinking etc. This format seems too “scripted”..like they have the conversations off camera and then BB tells them what to “re-say”. Not enough coverage of the day to day interactions…all just focuses on the strategies. It’s like they are putting actors in there now, not real people and that’s the whole reason I liked the show to begin with, to see how people reacted to being locked away with strangers! Ya it’s a game as well but there used to be more of a human interest piece to it as well. I’ve loved the Australia and UK versions of the show, really enjoy they format as you get to know the houseguests as well as see the strategies.

another name

Serious question:
If you’d been shown the final four before you started watching the season, would you still have watched?
Reason for asking:
the number of times commenters hoped someone outside of the pb would win an advantage, a veto or an hoh added to the popularity spikes of non pb members during their hoh’s until the veto ceremony.
This tells me viewers wanted greater adversity to befall the boys. That people would hope so strongly that chelsea, sam, cory, or mark would land a blow against the boys, that for 4 and a half days their poll numbers would exponentially rise, until plummeting once the veto ceremony was over: this is very telling.
So, is the process of the season what you wanted? Is the result?

Personal view: not so much a fan of unanimous vote seasons. Week two showed promise for division, but that division never actually had the impact it promised. I don’t like it when contestants leave the d/r talking about what d/r wants them to say or do, or who they should and should not target. I don’t like the edit process we’ve been seeing since the series was “brought back” with the whole ‘for the fans’ mythos. I think the fans are hearty and resilient enough that they can see someone has played a good game even though their personality isn’t bright and shiny. The edit for this season, much like last season, has let me down. Sadly, the edit of the episodes week one to three did auger the endgame we are seeing.

another name

i can totally see where you’re coming from. lol.
they really were a bunch of douchecanoes.


Lol the fake tears show just how fake Dane and Anthony are BB Canada should have provided acting classes. BB Canada lost many viewers after this latest eviction. Who wins makes no difference.

another name

so a feed season with either intentional or unintentional slights against asian facial features being ugly, equating the black guy to an ape added to questionable comments about consent, misogynistic opinions about humiliating and subjugating women, promotion of bullying…. and the final straw is the game move of not taking a comp beast to the finals?


Sorry none of you guys have any taste. Anthony or Dane (in that order) for the win!


a bunch of ppl upset that big brother is essentially composed of lying and backstabbing. lmao…ppl need to go back to big brother school

another name

all to crown one of:
the guy that joked about physically assaulting a woman.
the guy that laughed about it with him, and wanted every woman to be humiliated all season long.
or the one that plotted to get a woman drunk so that they wouldn’t say no.
and i’m not joking.
Good thing they’ve got contracts, otherwise they’d have a social movement hashtag.


The “Legends in their own Minds” BBCan7 saeason should of been pre-emptived.
Arisa Cox is The best part of the show!

Guy From Canada

That’s what spoilers are for, a pvr, and a fast forward button later with a beverage of choice….


I hope Kyra wins just to show rhose 2 disloyal PB’s some humility.

another name

Unpopular thought:
sorry. Adam wasn’t robbed. He had every opportunity to win veto to save himself. unlike Laura week one when they had no veto.
Heck, Cory went on the block after veto had been played. Secret Assassin was revealed after the veto meeting.
Adam should have superglued himself to Anthony and Dane as soon as Mark was evicted. He shouldn’t have allowed Kyra to even have a moment with them. He was already suspicious, and gave them the opportunity to bring the plan to fruition.
Anyone expecting loyalty from Anthony toward Adam fails to remember Anthony’s comments about Adam (and the possibility of getting rid of him) that started week two. How often did Anthony push his puppets to not trust Adam in particular?
How do you expect loyalty from people that have had multiple final 2 deals with four or more other people. At one point… didn’t dane have a final 2 with every person in the house? a week later, didn’t Anthony have a final 2 with everyone in the house? And loyalty is even something we’re talking about? loyalty was a buzzword, not their actual game.

Ready willing

This Anthony is useless


as useless as anthony is i hope kyra doesnt get the 20k. the new sabrina unlikeable through and through. pls dane u need to win


Anthony….You are a POS!…….is this the same guy who said to the PB’s that he would beat any of them in the final!….lol….gutless!

Adam….fine job young man!…..hold your head high!


ppl whinging about the fact that ppl played a dirty game… LMAO.. THIS IS BIG BROTHER….U LIE, CHEAT AND PLAY DIRTY. Actually this has been one of the most respectful group of cast members, towards each other… even btwn them, ther’e nothing but love, bc game is game but they at the same time have all a degree of respect for each other bc they treated each other as such. Y’all need to stop whinging… there r no villains this season.. just a lot of actual game play as is BIG BROTHER!

Guy From Canada

Yah it would have been nice if two sides fought back and forth, one side dominating while great game play is boring*to watch. Yes, Adam and Dane comp beasts. Anthony social game was men’s belittling but effective. Dane even played some alright social game playing up his strengths, and downplaying some of his other strengths. When the villain was Sam mid season, yes this was a season of no villain per say, but some of the people were very ugly as people, which only the live feeders saw…or casual feeders like me…Anthony was really ugly to watch when I turned on the feeds…..


just heard that kyra 3rd

Guy From Canada

The full spoilers are out and it was a unanimous vote for the winner….

another name

part one of finale hoh:
involves water, going under bamboo poles, and building a tower out of gems. the tower has to include 25 gems. if the tower falls, finalist has to start over.
part two of finale hoh:
days and events comp.
part three of finale hoh:
knowedge of jury. mult choice a or b questions.

The Observer

Dane wins. Anthony second. Justice served this season. They both deserve these positions the most of all the other contestants (save for Adam).


Apparently, the jury wasn’t buying Anthony’s “loyalty, honesty” spiel either as he didn’t even get Cory’s vote. I have to say that was a bit of a shocker, but it was as it should be. Kyra thinking “they” mattered tried to make this more about “themselves” as if they didn’t have any other deals either but Dane smartly called Kyra out for the Anthony F2. In truth I think the fact Kyra learned Anthony told Dane about that pissed “them” off enough to give Dane their vote instead.

another name

So the runner up this season is the guy that quit in the final hoh.
i think i just did a 360 degree side eye.


I was surprised that he quit. Then quickly realized he was going to final 2 no matter who won

another name

in 45 seconds of his interview with Ika: Anthony used Sam’s name at least 12 times. Obsessed much?
move over dr. will, apparently she controlled the game a month after she left.
but then, i guess practically ordering the jury to vote for him, and pretty much telling jurors why they sucked, and quitting at comps had nothing to do with the jury’s decision. That’s right, Sam was the true puppet master.
Sidenotes: according to one jouranlist, the jury had told Adam they would have voted for him over Dane.
according to another journalist, some jurors were talking to kyra a lot before the vote. filling kyra in on things the jurors know about the finalists’ games, and how the jury was voting.


Dane basically won 120 grand and gave 20 grand to Anthony!…lol

Congratulations Dane!….well deserved!

another name

I have some doubts about there being a season 8.
between having to get a new host to cover arissa’s mat leave, the new formula that the production team is following (predictabiity of season long story arc being evident in week one episodes), and the obvious disdain that the production team has for feed watchers (the edits being so far from what the feed viewers see on a daily basis)… there’s also the relatively limited enthusiasm by people that did post season interviews of the cast in past seasons (which would be posted on finale night) to really be bothered to do post season interviews this year. When the only post season interviews posted on the finale night seem to be from the network, i think there’s a resonant disconnect. Is this intent on the part of the network? Yes, finale night interviews from sources other than et are beginning to surface as of 4pm the day after finale… but that lag doesn’t bode well for longevity in my mind.