“Basically drew all the lines for her.. painted the picture.. she just coloured it in.”

Spoilers – Marks getting evicted.

10:03pm Anthony and Dane (Anthony refers to Kyra as she,her etc .. )
Anthony – I’m going to tell Adam I’ve already made up my mind
Anthony – Kyra’s funny man, Kyra’s like…..
Anthony – so obviously I planted this sh1t early. I basically drew all the lines for her.. painted the picture.. she just coloured it in. But uh.,.
Dane – it’s funny they wanted to take the reigns… let me take the reigns
Anthony – I told her this is how you have to do it, when you bring Dane aside you call me into the room this is what you have to do. Keep in miund Dane is upset with me because I already told him I’m not giving him my a vote.
Anthony – so you (kyra) have to make Dane feel like.. you have to make DAne feel like I’m open to whatever whatever …
Anthony – She’s like OK OK OK OK
DAne – yeah …

Kyra joins them… “hi boys”
Anthony – wud up

“Final three… Let’s do it”

10:14pm Kyra and Anthony
Anthony going on about the three of them taking Adam out. Dane’s got the physical, Kyra Mental. Anthony says Dane is “on board” with their final 3

Kyra – do you think it’s real. He was asking when are you going to tell Adam he keeps asking me. Why would Adam keep asking him when it looks like he’s (dane) is leaving
Anthony says the only thing they need to say to Adam is that they are taking his advice in this game and Adam has said multiply times the best players should go to the end.
Anthony – I’m (Kyra) one of the best players
Kyra – what if all three of you are playing me

Anthony – do you think I think I can beat Adam?
Kyra – no but..
Anthony – do you think I think I can beat Dane?
Anthony – do you think going forward do you think that in any way shape or form it’s in my best interest to go to the finals with Dane and Adam after they’ve had a final 2 since day one.
Kyra – do you think Dane will actually go against that final 2
Anthony – I’m hoping that once we beat Adam we beat Dane. I know Dane is not taking me to final 2
Anthony – once we get Adam out we got to go hard and take Dane out. Dane’s not taking me
Kyra – I know
Kyra – Adam won’t either, the only one that will is Mark
Kyra – he’s obsessed with you, he knows he’s not going to win he’ll take you or Adam.
Anthony – mark or Dane? Mark is taking Adam. Mark is obsessed with Adam.
Anthony – he likes me as a person he likes Adam as a player
Anthony – the plan to keep Dane is best for your game but also increases the chances of me getting to the finals
Kyra – I know
Kyra says they can’t get Adam out if he wins the HOH so their chances are better with Anthony and Dane fighting over Mark and Anthony.
Kyra – I’ve decided definitively 100% (Mark goes)
Anthony says next week they’ll take out Adam “100%”

10:35pm BBCAN 7 top 5

11:25pm The final 5 are sitting around playing a guessing game.

1am They head to bed.

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another name

logic errors i’m still having a hard time understanding:
adam and kyra go from arguing with anthony, and anthony yelling and pointing in their faces to the two both trusting anthony implicitly without any reasonable explanation. at the drop of a hat.
dane not showing any concern at all with anthony for the things anthony said in that same week. dane would never disregard such comments and actions. it’s not in his character.
kyra believing keeping dane is advantageous. In order for Kyra to buy this, kyra has to disregard all the conversations kyra had with Mark while he was hoh. Conversations Anthony isn’t aware of. Conversation where Mark revealed Adam was indeed the target, not a final two option. So for Kyra to believe keeping Dane is advantageous, Kyra has to disregard conversations kyra was actually involved in… for assumptions Anthony is sharing with kyra. Even for Kyra’s personality, this is a bit sketchy.
I’m trying really really hard not to go into my what’s production’s involvement place. I’m trying to benefit of the doubt (as much as i don’t buy it)… but it’s hard.


Right.. and what I find more sketchy is Anthony says “I never humiliated anyone” lol what?? That word has been thrown around all over the social media blog comments! I think production definitely is keeping tabs on these sites and told him what people are saying. Why say humiliate?? I agree the whole Anthony and kyra thing doesn’t fit. He just called her weak and useless and she said she won’t fall for his bs and knows exactly what he’s doing lol big brother get your story line right!!

another name

forgotten logic error:
anthony, on day 57-58 or so tells adam that mark has been plotting disloyalty to the boys since day 9 or so. He’s telling Adam this 8 weeks later. and it doesn’t raise an eyebrow. so adam doesn’t show an ounce of concern that anthony has kept this to himself for weeks? How does this make sense to Adam’s character?

Just sayin'

There’s not a head shake in this world big enough for reading Kyras convos. Also grow up Anthony, if someone wants to identify as they what the hell difference is it you?


lol too many delusional ppl in that game, that’s for sure!?


Pretty sure there’s only two genders, so he isn’t wrong.


I miss the girls.

Big brother without some eye candy isn’t worth watching.


You’ve still got Kyra… Lol

another name

If they follow the usual pattern, feeds will likely end on Saturday.
Most seasons i’d be kvetching about this.
Given who is left this season, and what they’ve had to say most of the season….
i’m not so bothered.
moments i’ve noticed today:
it’s wacky wednesday. Anthony told Mark he doesn’t think Mark is leaving (So what happened to that can’t blindside one of the legends talk?). So is Anthony going to go with the tie vote scenario to put the weight on Kyra, ensuring he keeps a jury vote, but humiliating one of his supposed legends?
Kyra is asking Dane how to break it to Mark that he’s leaving.
Kyra is on another underdog righteous indignation talk about CIS male patriarchy. Kyra, who encouraged every female hoh to target and take out a woman, and said on feeds in the leon’s room that they needed both Kiki and Eddie gone so that they could get the full support of the LGBT community vote if there were any fan votes coming up… has a problem with straight males wanting to take straight males to the end.
So… today is most likely the last full day of feeds because of thursday block for eviction / hoh. Friday block for noms early morning, then awards taping in the afternoon, then for veto in the evening.


kyra just gets more and more delusional, she wants to be part of “something” so bad, I think she is going to need to talk to someone after this for all the shit Anthony has told her. I feel bad for her. I wish I could figure out who is really believing anything Anthony says or if they are all just playing along

another name

feeds return after episode to the oddness of adam questioning why kyra or anthony wants to keep dane now (apparently they talked while feeds down).
anthony resuming shading both mark and dane to adam (while then downplaying the level of dane’s shadiness… but).
adam questioning if dane should stay. if he’ll be loyal to the boys.
kyra questioning dane if dane is being honest.
mark and adam talk for the first time alone in days… and it isn’t campaigning or game talk. mark has had more game talks with dane this week…
then the boys are all together playing a game.
all of this makes complete sense to somebody.
please pass on that sense to me, because it seems odd to me (though hardly unexpected for a wednesday night).
hate that i’m going to miss more of the wednesday night weird, but spring allergy season has begun, time to sleep.