“I honestly think there’s been a guys alliance this whole time.. wish I had the blood veto “

Big Brother Casnada Spoilers – Dane will be using the Power of Veto on himself and Cory will be putting Sam up as the replacement. Sam is the target.


7:13pm Dane tries to scare Este…

10:00pm outside Kyra and Sam
Kyra mentions how Dane is spending so much time with Cory he’s coming off the block he must be trying to set someone up to go up.
Sam – I got to Chat to Anthony.. me and Anthony had some good chats about Dane ..
Kyra – Focus on Cory
Sam – OK

Kyra mentions how Dane is a hot head, “she’s a f*ing Liar” (este)
Kyra – we can’t trust anyone moving forward
Kyra – we will do everything in ourt power to help you stay off that bloc kif you get on there we’ll do everything in our power to keep you here .. but we don’t know anything yet..
Kyra – I don’t know how close Adam and dane are
sam – real close.. Dane has been gunning for me real early on. Adam has been trying to keep me here balancing that relationship with dane.
Kyra – why were they gunning for you what did you do
Sam – he wanted me out to get Adam closer
Kyra – through you Adam is semi loyal to me so if he takes you out he has Adam all to himself.
Sam – YUP
Kyra – if she puts you on the block that’s a tell all sign she wants to work with DAne.. That’s stupid, She can’t trust the guy
Sam – I don’t even know how to act right now
Kyra – I’ll talk to Cory again . .

Kyra about Cory – I’m so sick and f*ing tired of her trying to intimidate everybody she talks to.
Sam – I feel like her minds made up
Kyra – we dont’ know that
Sam – my guts pretty good
Kyra – she could put up Adam ..
Sam – Dane’s been gunning for Cory since Cory has gotten here.. you should chat with her sooner
Kyra – she doesn’t listen to a word I f*ing say she doesn’t respect me
Sam – have you talked to Anthony yet?
Kyra – I think Anthony is closer to Dane than we realized
Sam – DAne is doing his work
Kyra – you do not repeat that ..

Kyra – I honestly think there’s been a guys alliance this whole time
Sam – yeah
Kyra says they confronted Anthony about it and he said how come Damien went up week 1 and Maki left second week.
Kyra – Damien got pulled in and Maki wasn’t involved because he spent all his time with the girls meditating

Kyra – my plan would have worked flawlessly if Dane hadn’t won the POV
Sam – yeah ..
Kyra – I don’t know who to f*ing trust .. nobody .. got to win HOH make a big f*ing move (if only you had a power that would enable you to do that… )
Sam says she needs to start thinking of what her campaign will be. She needs to get Mark, Damien.. or Anthony.
Kyra – You aren’t going to get Anthony .. if Cory puts you up unless we somehow change Cory’s mind
Kyra – for her Game why would she want to lose myself and Adam’s trust that’s two people
Sam – she’s gaining Dane and Este
Kyra – Este is f*ingb useless
Sam – she’s riding on the coat tails of Dane
Kyra – I wish I had the blood veto for two weeks (LOL)
Sam – oh my god ..
Kyra – should I plant seeds that I do .. I dunno than they won’t make the move .. I dunno it’s too late
Kyra – f*ing Chelsea wanted to take a shot at Cory week f*ing three we should have let her
Sam – when Chelsea left I was like If I win HOH who should I go for she said Cory and Anthony
Kyra – we needed to build with them we just went about it the wrong wayh

Sam – we tried.
Kyra – there was too much lying involved..
Kyra calls Este a idiot ..

Kyra – Anthony is such a f*ibng hypocrite some times..

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another name

bbcan7 logic:
now that sam and kyra feel like they are in peril that imaginary men’s alliance is real again. sure. it was imaginary when it was chelsea. it was imaginary when it was kiki (and sam was the hoh). but now that it’s sam’s turn look how real that alliance became.
and yet, if they kept sam off the block, who would they vote out? este.
already tried to sail that ship, and steered it right into an iceberg. none of the viewers are going to fall for that again.
go back to grazing in the meadow, sheep.

another name

bbcan7 logic 2:
cory says she thinks the house likes the way she has run her hoh, so she’ll be safe next week.
if all goes to plan, the only hoh’s that didn’t end up on the block the week after their power were dane and adam.
she’s interviewing every houseguest like inspector gadget for a crime that didn’t actually happen.
she put up two pawns… and didn’t tell one of them they were a pawn.
she promised safety to the person she’s going to renom.
she’s trying to be a showmance buster.
yeah… everyone’s gonna love how you did the hoh once you’re out of the room. pursed o shape to the mouth and an eyeroll.


The most interesting part of all of this is when Cory watches it back and realizes Anthony played her like a puppet. All those DR sessions about how she is intelligent and sees the truth will surely be a hit to her pride.

With Sam likely going this week, I think it will work in reverse to how the PBs want it – instead of mending the cracks within the PB alliance, it will likely make them much more pronounced.


Kyra, Sam & Adam all took turns with Cory trying to blame Dane & Este for the backdoor situation. Unfortunately, by them all making the same points it became clear they had planned this out. It’s also odd Adam is pushing Dane’s name so much (b/c he assumes Dane is gunning for Sam) but Dane protected Adam all week. Besides, what good does it do to keep blaming Dane when he’s coming off the block? This whole pitch of “why is Dane in your room so much?” isn’t working & the trio are failing to realize he’s in her room b/c they are close — ADAPT people.

Cory nailed Adam by saying I’m just absorbing information still & there are inconsistencies such as Sam telling me Dane was pressing me hard to take you out. Cory asks if that was true & she wanted to build something with me then why am I only hearing about this today? At this point, Adam breaks down in tears.

What Cory doesn’t realize is Adam was the one who introduced the plot to backdoor her (b/c he was mad at Anthony continually pressing for Sam to be evicted next). Adam brought this up prior to the “newly formed” 5 alliance (Sadam/DEste & Kiki) so he can’t say anything without implicating himself. Adam is probably crying b/c he feels guilty & I’d reason he’ll probably tell Cory at some point this week how it was his idea and Sam was just protecting him, but he definitely won’t do it until noms are made so he avoids the block.

Kyra has vowed to blow up tomorrow if Sam goes on the block & that will probably only serve to seal Sam’s coffin & possibly even serve to push Kyra ahead of Anthony’s next target (Este) especially if Kyra ends up throwing any shade at Anthony (which of course you know I’m hoping happens b/c …………………. I live for MORE DRAMA at the BB house).


I love hearing 1 useless person call another person Useless. Does kyra really think she is a good? She is all over the place lying to cory and everyone else, yet este is a liar and useless? I wish she would have went out the first time she was on the block but I think everyone is going to carry her or este to the end because they know they will beat her. Hearing Damien and este talk about how they have to do whatever they can to save Dane (before he won POV) was hard to watch. Are these people really blind when it comes to that unfitting PB alliance? I don’t know how none of them actually know by now that it is true. They are pretty obvious about it, yet they all keep talking themselves out of the boy alliance being real..LOL The only person I think i really like in this house right now is Damien. Cory blew it for me the way she is handling this week. I think it will be funny if she out next week. Sam/Kyra going this week would be fine too. Will be interesting to watch how Adam handles it if she is. I think he will blow up the PBs if he wins hoh next week. 2 go up, 1 goes home. I’m kinda hoping now that that is what happens. lol