“I got a life outside of here. Could I stay if I wanted to? yeah, I could why do you think I was smiling all day yesterday”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take it nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, Kyland, Claire, DereX | HOST – Tiffany

Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: – RANK THE HOUSEGUESTS –

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Big Brother Spoilers – Frenchie is working it in classic Frenchie fashion. There was a couple conversations I missed one with Kyland and DF and Kyland and SB.

7:48 am Tiffany and Claire (VERY hard to hear Claire)
Tiffany says Frenchie struggles to come up with the 6 people in his alliance but there was really 9
Tiffany – who are the two missing people?
Claire – X
Tiff – and him (points to the side)
Claire – BIGD
Tiff – He said him (X) first then he took him out
Tiff – he told me Chrisitan is the head of the snake.. we know Christian is not the head of the snake
Tiff – I knew Brit was drinking the Koolaid but now I know it’s BigD and Azah too
Tiff – he’s a really good mind screwer ..
Claire – he is
Tiff – it concerns me when people don’t know when their mind is being screwed .. it’s more than manipulation.
feeds cut… When we’re back
They’re talking about Frenchie being the one that started that big alliance.
CLaire – he picked the people
Tiff – now he’s trying to convince us that they started it.. you are telling me you were in an alliance and there coming from us but you are in it..
Claire – he thinks he’s the only person playing
Tiffany says Frenchie is telling them (Slaughterhouse) that he can be used to help take out Tiffany, DerekX, Claire etc etc..

8:00 am Tiff and DerekX
DerekX says he feels alone because he’s the only person from his team with them.
Tiff asks if she talked to hannah
Derek gives her a quick debrief on what was said. “We were giving each other the same answers”
Tiff – me and Claire got you
DerekX – I’m scared my team will find out
Tiff – they can’t put you up
Derek – I’m scared they will put one of you up
Claire joins them.
DX – I’m scared of Brent and Whitney finding out
Tiff – Brent and Whitney will bounce wherever the power is I think they are going to be next if they don’t win HOH.
Tiff – there was a lot of throwing under the bus and Christian got run over by the bus a few times
DX – pwwwf those rednecks
feeds cut ..
Tiff – we have the numbers if we have you but if we have Hannah too? The jokers are by themselves that leaves brent and Whitney ostracized
DX says he’s fine with Brent and Whitney he’s unsure about Alyssa and Christian
Tiff – if he gets off the block Ky will have to put BRent up there

DX – that’s not bad
Tiff – right now Brent is playing a way better game.

8:14 Christian joins them they wonder who Frenchie would pick for veto if he got Houseguests choice.

Tiff to Christian – listen I want you and Alyssa to be social but be very very careful with Whitney and Brent.. you don’t need to talk any game. .you don’t need to tell them what you heard.. everything you said to them .. I don’t know what the f** is going on in this house I’m trying to figure this out.
They want Kyland to win the Veto.

9:11 am Frenchie and Kyland
Frenchie says he’s putting the veto around Britni’s neck even if he wins
Frenchie – I want you to know I did blow up the slaughterhouse so start building your relationships with other people. I didn’t blow it up because of you. I’m not going to be sitting downstairs and treating people like sh1t
Kyland – Who is treating people badly>
Frenchie – It’s evident
Ky – I haven’t heard anything about it yet
Frenchie – when I was HOH I said nobody is to distance themselves from Travis nobody is to treat him poorly cause it’s wrong and it’s happening
Ky – to Britni it’s happening
Frenchie – to both of us and it’s bullshit.. they want to play that way I blew up the slaughterhouse on purpose

KY – DerekF has been super loyal, Azah is super loyal, Claire is super loyal and Brit is super loyal .. be careful I’m only telling you this cause I care about you.. You need to watch out.. they stabbed me in the front and the sides.. the original plan was to cut you 7 or 8.
Frenchie – you are expendable if you believe you are not you are mistaken.. I’m okay to go home I am leaving with my dignity and respect and the one thing I won’t have is people being treated like sh1t because they are on the block.
Ky – how about Tiffany
Frenchie – she’s super loyal
Frenchie – me being here is always best for you game because I am the biggest target
Ky – if that’s the case why are yo using it on Britini
Frenchie – cause I just want to go, home man
Ky – you don’t want to stay.. Ok..
Frenchie – I got a life outside of here. Could I stay if I wanted to? yeah, I could why do you think I was smiling all day yesterday I could have easily stayed. (HAHAHAHAHAH)
Frenchie tells him he’s being manipulated and played and Frenchie is telling him that because he cares about him “I’m your
Frenchie – there’s a core four of Brent, Christian, Alyssa, and Xavier..
Frenchie says as long as he’s in the house Kyland is safe because he’s always had the numbers “I did not women minorities or the old guy to be picked off by a jock alliance”
Frenchie – bad move I was your shield the whole time.
Frenchie – I’m going home this week I don’t care anymore
Kyland says the only person that won’t use the veto is Alyssa
Frenchie – Claire is nervous she is scared of them.
Frenchie – I had, your’s Tiffany and Dereks back
Frenchie – they wanted him did they not? it was an easy layup (take DerekX out)
Frenchie – they had me set those rogue votes up for that. If I go home I need you to see that. It’s up to you I won’t be here to protect all of them it’s onto you. I’m passing all my information onto you (lol)
Frenchie – they are going to skate to the end and get the 750 thousand dollars.
Frenchie says if they weren’t on the block they would have had, Ky, DerekX, DerekF, Frenchie, tiffany, Claire, Sarah Beth, Azah, Brit
Frenchie – Numbers to go where we want them to go. You take the two nominmes out of there and we have 6
Frenchie – have yo not noticed that when I had the power they were super clinging to me when I left power they went to cling to the power making you feel good.. telling you OHH MAN YOU’RE IN POWER FEELS GOOD DOESN”T IT..
Frenchie- you want the real people that look into your eyes and say I had your back the whole time..
Ky – I would say that..
Frenchie the clown – I’m not asking to be saved.. you need to watch yourself once this veto is over it’s all set you did their bidding and I did their bidding two weeks in a row (Taking out the dreaded white jock wasn’t Frenchie play now it was Brent/Whitney.X.. lol ZOMG)
Frenchie – guess what they have no blood on their hands but we do
Frenchie the clown – I don’t know why I went up but that’s ok.. I’m sure they got into your end.
Frenchie – the plan was to get DerekX first and if you kept being paranoid they wanted you and I said NO
Frenchie – the only way you will keep the numbers if I come down you put Brent or Curly hair up that would break that core 4 up.

Frenchie – you gotta think what is America thinking right now. Every season a white jock alliance runs the house True of False (glue!)
Frenchie – Showmances run the house every single season what was my thing when I got here. A woman and minorities were not going home that is why I was happy when DereX won the veto cause I count have done it. I would have drawn a line in the sand right there and sent Travis home (HUH? glue)
Ky – what if Travis won?
Frenchie – I would have figured something out
Frenchie says he came onto Big BRother To make history by “putting a jock up”
Frenchie – people at home are happy that it wasn’t a minority or a woman I made damn sure it wasn’t (By putting up a woman and two minorities)
Frenchie – you are targeting the one that is on your side man.. there are thousands of people screaming what are you doing
Ky – you know what it’s like
Frenchie pushing to get Christian or Brent as the renoms.
Frenchie – I will stay here over Christian, over Brent..
KY – I you used it on her
Frenchie – I would have the numbers you would have no blood on your hands. it would put them on an island and let us play Big brother. we can make history
Frenchie – they’re laughing cause we’re doing their bidding. Sit one of those bastards next to me so we can make big brother history

Frenchie – you got the opportunity to make a history-making move you’re the shotgun I’m the trigger.
Frenchie I wanted to give you the respect to know I’m using it on her
Frenchie leaves.

Kyland looks at the camera “Frenchie c’mon bro.. ”
Kyland – Y’all see this y’all hear this man.. I love him definitely want to be friends for life.. that move.. I get it it’s not.. it’s smart.
Kyland – that room right there I respect it.. C’mon it was lots the one thing I get to verify with my girls Claire and Tiffany.

9:55 am ALyssa comes in “you want me to go for it right?”
Kyland – I have not said what I want.. I would say that .. Did they say what time we’re going to do it?
Alyssa – in an hour or so
Alyssa wants to win it to build her resume.

9:55 am Frenchie in the bathroom to a collection of houseguest getting ready.
Frenchie – I’m okay with going home I get to play with the baby cows.. that’s the funniest time of the year I’ll be having a blast. (it is a fun time:) )

9:54 am DerekF and Azah
DerekF says if he wins HOH he’s putting Brent and DerekX on the block.
DF – if I need another nominee cause one comes off I’m putting Whitney next to them.
Azah says put Brent and Whitney next to each other to make sure one of them goes home.
Frenchie comes in looks at the camera says “If this works I’m a freaking genius genius”
DF – what did you just do where have you been?
Frenchie – I’ve figured out how to save us both. Veto is getting used on Britni no matter what I can save Britini I can save me. he’s putting up Christian or Brent next to me. Who goes home in that situation?

Frenchie – head of the snake that’s what he wants
Frenchie tells him that Ky is going to want to talk to him soon, “if you play is safe I’m going home and you’ll be next just saying”
DF – if he puts Brent up we vote him out
Azah – oh oh oh I’m about to queef get Brent out (HUH?)
Frenchie – it has to be quiet and he has to be sitting next to me
Azah – I’m not going to say anything to Tiffany either (interesting)
Frenchie – the veto is going around her neck no matter what either Brent or Christian are going on the block next to me.
Azah – it has to be Brent

Frenchie – if we pull this off as a team we’re the greatest team in Big Brother History PERIOD
Azah – you need to shut your mouth

10:05 am Frenchie and Claire
Frenchie – what if I told you I had a guarantee way that both Britini and I stay here
Claire – I don’t see how
Frenchie – after talking to Ky he knows that both he got used and I got used by .. Britni is getting the veto no matter what
Claire – she’s very hyper
Frenchie – if she goes down one of them goes up next to me.. Cut a head of the snake off.
Frenchie – me sitting next to the head of a snake I have a chance
Claire – you’re right..
Frenchie goes on about being a shield and helping everyone’s game “one by one we’ll send them outta here then you can send me home”
Claire just answers.. you’re right.. right..
Frenchie – let me stay long enough to have the satisfaction of getting him outta here then send me home so I can see my kids. That will get me past week four so there’s no battle back bullshit so I can get to see my kids.
Frenchie – I’ll do it but I need your help. Cut the head of the snake off..

Claire leaves..

10:17 am Claire and Tiffany
Claire gives Tiffany the debrief of her conversation with Frenchie. Says Frenchie is claiming Ky told him Brent or Whitney are going up.
Tiff – he’s lying Ky would never say
Tiffany – he wants Brinti to think he’ll use the veto so potentially he would sit next to Brent or Whitney cause that will be a toss-up
Tiffany – no Frenchie you gotta go

Tiffany says Frenchie screwed over his first alliance because he got caught. “no Frenchie”
Claire – I’m gunning for it today
Tiffany – YES gun for it.. I don’t know how strong Brinti is but I don’t need her winning this veto
Claire mentions how Frenchie is saying “they” betrayed him and Kyland (they = the outed members of the slaughterhouse)
Tiff – you’re on the block because you put Ky on the block
Claire – you put Kyu on the block and you told a lot of people you don’t trust them
Tiff – you did. and he told people not to trust them
Claire – and he told people not to trust me
Tiff – he’s such a dangerous player he’s so manipulative I can’t trust him at all.
Claire says Frenchie’s manipulating is so obvious to them all that means he’s not good at it.
Tiff – he can’t imagine himself being played by a bunch of kids.. I’m 34 years old I’m 34 years old. At 34 I expect you to keep your mouth shut
claire – YES
Tiff – he’s not coming off that block. i’m sending out all my energy ‘KEEP THE BLOCK LOCKED’
Tiff – I’m so mad he’s trying to pull you into these conversations this week.
Claire says he never talked to her before.
Claire leaves.
Tiff to camera “that is why you sent him into this house.. that’s ok every house has one and every dog has their day and his day is coming”
Tiff – I really like Frenchie and I appreciate he’s playing the game but he’s playing a really dangerous game and it’s jeopardizing mine.. he’s way too dangerous could you sleep in a house with someone you don’t trust..

10:30 am Frenchie, DF, Azah and Bri (DF is sleeping)
Frenchie – there is a very good chance I stay everybody knows that the four of them are stuck like glue.
Frenchie – everything I have done is to protect the two of you since DAY ONE
Frenchie – you had to have plausible deniability if they came to you at one time they would have saw the devil in me real quick
Frenchie – I don’t want to show that on national TV cause it’s not pretty Military me is not pretty I’m an ugly person when that military side comes out.. ugly cause I don’t care (LOL this is a new angle for him)
Frenchie – I haven’t brought that side out I don’t want to bring that side out I want to have fun and in order to have fun I need you all safe.
Frenchie – I kept you all at a distance for a reason. I was after them from day one. I had to figure out how their heads work I got it down pat not.. I know how each and every one of them ticks.
Frenchie – Xavier is loyal to the power, not the people. you have to get them all out before he comes. he loyal to them because they have the power (What power?)
Frenchie – I loaded up the target and I got each one of them ready to go.. I have it set where we can both stay here together as a team. We can take out the biggest players in the game.
Frenchie – Alyssa is the only one that cannot win that veto if anyone else does we’re golden.

11:30 am Get this veto on c’mon

11:33 am Frenchie and DerekX
Frenchie – stay close to Ky for me alright they’re manipulating the f** outta him teh people that have been on his side they are turning. they’re letting us do their dirty work
DX – I’ll watch him
Frenchie – stick by his side

11:48 am waiting for veto… (Might need to buy a flat of red bull for this week)

12:25pm – 1pm HOH room. Hannah and Kyland.
Kyland – As far as safety next week and all that thing.. I would like .. so lets say.. first off what do you want to happen after the veto ceremony? Hannah – I would like Frenchie to go home. Kyland – okay, what would you think will happen from what you know so far? Hannh – Frenchie will go home. Unless I am being lied to. Kyland – yes same, I’m with you. Hannah – unless he pulls himself off the block. Kyland – true. Lets say he doesn’t pull himself off. Who would you be most concerned about winning. Hannah – that’s a good question. I personally feel like I am in a comfortable place with everyone. People don’t see me as a threat, even though I’ve been trying in competitions. I just can’t win. Its embarrassing. But I feel good. I feel like I have started building actual friendships with people. I am the type of person where I can’t speed along a friendship just because that’s going to be more convenient for my game. I can’t fake authenticity. It takes me awhile to open up to people. Hopefully people see me as a trustworthy person and for those reasons I feel like I am comfortable. If I were to win HOH, I don’t have a target in mind or a specific person. I haven’t really been gaming up until now. Kyland – I can say that none of the 6’s names were brought up. (in his HOH meetings) I would still like for one of the 6 of us to win (HOH). I would be most concerned about people that outwardly have a reason to put me up. Hannah – of the six of us who would have a reason to put you up? Oh Big D and Azah. I see what you’re saying. Kyland – But I’ve talked to them both and they’re good. It would just be an awkward thing. Hannah – appearance-wise yeah. Kyland – paranoia is poisonous but feeling comfortable is also be dangerous. Hannah – oh I know. By comfortable I don’t mean safe. I feel like people trust me and I am starting to put my trust in people until when I get my HOH. Kyland – I am working on having very strong public but not too public connections with people. Do you see any duos around the house? Hannah – yeah. Kyland – I would like get close to someone appearance-wise.. I was but he is likely going this week unless he wins the veto… so that if I go up that other person will go up and not one of the 6. Hannah – that’s actually a good idea. Kyland – he (Frenchie) when full Devin.

1:09pm The live feeds switch to the kitty cams.. The veto competition is starting now!

2:42pm Still blocked.

4:10pm Still nothing yet..

5:35pm No feeds for you..

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He is lying all over the place. It will be curious as to who wins the POV competition and, if not Frenchie, can Frenchie talk himself out of being on the block


I am confused. Did they play the competition already or are they going to be doing it soon?


They haven’t play the veto yet… it will likely happen sometime this afternoon :)


Thanks. It was confusing because some of them were talking as if they were made into certain characters when I logged onto the live cams


They were likely talking about the wildcard competition from yesterday :)


I think there will still be a lot of action and drama without him in the house so I say evict him while they have the chance right off the bat


I’m torn. I’d really like to see him win the veto and once again not do what he’s said. I also would like him to get booted just to see him explain why the greatest player to have play BB couldn’t make it past the second week.

Could we have a battle back?! Could he be like Victor and get voted out 3 times?


Is it possible I’m between both? lol


Team A

MDW-Gilbert AZ

Simon. I say let him win the Veto. Then he will find a way to create a fight or fall out with Britini, say she disrespected him or tried to play him, so he will break his word once again and use the Veto on himself. Then whoever wins HOH next week, put him back on the block, I say keep him on the block for 2 more weeks, he will go crazy, and we will all be very entertained. I want him to break his word once again, win the Veto Glue Clown.


I would keep him around – get Brent out of there!

Paul Sucks

You gotta keep him around at least one more week. He is a car wreck I slow motion, how can you not watch!?!?


A . Love Frenchie show those B##### you can take them all out . There are some people that need to go now !!!

Golden Gate Granny

This is a great cast. His level of crazy isn’t needed for my entertainment. I want more strategical backstabbery rather than impulsive mass bloodshed. He can “get to steppin.” His low level of gameplay is boring.


I agree, watching frenchie walk in and out and in an out of a room ~ repeating the same exact things over and over and over and over is not entertaining to me at all. Every time he comes on the feeds I switch to whatever other convo is happening.


Frenchie deserves to go home, but I can tolerate him a little longer for entertainment purposes. Maybe Derek F can go up in his place. Hint to Tiffany – stop talking.


Every time I see him he looks like a beached walrus. He just lays around constantly. Derek F.
He can’t possibly think that he has a chance of winning this game. He talks about what he’s gonna do when he’s HOH… it will have to be rigged for sure for him to win. Celebrity Dad or not, get rid of him.


I pick A just so the crazy can continue, but not at the expense of Brit

Hopeful for a Good Season

A for sure. Great entertainment. Keeps me watching. Frenchie is delusional. He can play with his cows in a few weeks.


Keep him!


Frenchie has the dubious distinction of holding both the highest (5) and lowest (0) percentage ranking this season! Day 2 had 36.94% of the 5-star ranking…….Day 6 he had 52.55% of the 0-star ranking…. He may break his own record for lowest today… he’s running at a strong 64.09% Zero at the moment!

Come on Frenchie , you can do it!!!!11!!

MDW-Gilbert AZ

Ok, I really don’t believe Glue Clown will use the Veto on Brit if he wins it. If by chance he does win the Veto, he’s going to find a way to have a fall out with Brit, this way he can use the Veto on himself. He has told everyone he keeps his word, he was the HOH, he put up a woman who is a minority, and a man who is a minority. How did he keep his word ?

I’m so tired of him thinking he’s the smartest person in the house. He constantly does all of the talking when he is with anyone, he just cannot SHUT UP, he makes himself to be such a great player, he’s making history LOL..

Obviously Frenchie is not as smart and wise as he thinks, he said he wanted to make history this season by helping a minority win, because that has never happened since BB has been on. Did he not see June win ? June is an Asian American Woman, Frenchie really needs to just stop talking and talking, I hope Azah & DerekF are not really buying into the crap Glue clown is saying ?

I’m so glad Ky is seeing through Glue Clown, I can’t believe he’s saying Ky, is being manipulated to the max, and people are getting him to do their dirty work, Frenchie is the one that was manipulated during his HOH. He had 6 – 7 targets, it all depended on what info was fed to him, glue clown really is not as great at this game as he thinks, nor is he great at reading people. Claire and Tiffany have him thinking they are with him, I love how they are playing him for a fool, keep if it up Claire and Tiffany, Glue Clown is a Fool !!!


Also Kaycee Clark won, female, person of color


I got a reminder of one ridiculous rule. Do the house guests get the warning not to sing because BigBrother staff is afraid that they will have to pay the song’s original artist?

Golden Gate Granny

Not a “rule” so much as a LAW. Why pay unnecessary royalties when those expensive unauthorized airings can go towards much better uses?


To me it is kind of ridiculous because I don’t know who hasn’t sung in the shower at some point of our lives


Yeah, but usually there’s not a million paying people watch you sing the song. That’s the whole issue, the fact that someone else’s art is part of another person’s method of generating money.

The Beef

Yeah, but when we do it, it isn’t broadcast via “live feeds” to thousands of people around the world, which makes it necessary to pay royalties to whomever owns the rights to those songs. It may seem ridiculous to us, but the fact it’s broadcast is what causes the problem for the producers of the show, and costs them money. I’m sure the cast is informed of this before the season starts and why they can’t just up and start singing whatever song they may want to sing, whenever they want to sing it.


so now its Xavier, Hannah and now DerekF sleeping and BB doesnt call them out…what privilege

James Boned

In all seriousness Frenchie seems to be mentally unhinged, it’s pretty scary!

Also, who is the “6” Kyland refers to in his conversation with Hannah?


I’m thinking the other members of the alliance formerly known as the slaughterhouse.


I think cookout. Hannah is the 6th member.


This man must have gotten a section 8 from the military. He’s lost his damn mind

Feeds Gold