Frenchie – “I just want to go home”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take it nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: ???????
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: – RANK THE HOUSEGUESTS –

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Big Brother Spoilers – Frenchie really is a special boy. Can’t speculate what will happen until Veto is played but there’s enough votes to evict Frenchie right now.

12:45 am HOH Tiffany, Claire, and Kyland
Tiffany – you’ve set a good example on how to conduct your HOH
Tiffany says she will model her HOH after his
Tiffany says all the jokers were scrambling like roaches “and the aces”
Tiffany says Britini is Team Frenchie
Claire – she is
Tiffany – this is how the day went in reflection it started with ….
Tiff – he’s been on an emotional rollercoaster.. at first he ok he’s happy for you he’s fine with being nominated jit’s a game move
Tiff – he’s ready to go home and see his kids if he wins HOH he’s ready to use it on Britni and go home to see his kids
Tiff – let me tell you something I know about him. it’s all strategy it’s all a mind f** all he wants to do is mind f** you
They go over all the theatrics from Frenchie, Splashing water on his face, mumbling to the cameras, saying stuff like ‘if I leave this show ratings are going to go down’
Ky – WOW
Claire – that’s what he said.. then he said that was a joke
Tiff – he was looking right at the camera when he said that it was intentional
Tiffany reacts Frenchie exposing the Slaughterhouse “there’s an alliance in this house.. ”
Tiffany says he names 6 people said there was 7 in the alliance but there’s really 8. “two people he didn’t want to name”
Tiff continues to impersonate Frenchie when he told her and Claire about eh slaughterhouse coming after them.
Tiffany brings up BIGD being in the room saying “I wasn’t in it I just found out”
They laugh..
Tiff – him and Brinti are the calmest two people in the alliance I’ve seen my entire life
Tiff – BIG D says in the kitchen after we’ve eaten birthday cake he says.. umm.. man I don’t know what is going one I said I don’t know either but we have one job. He said what’s that?
Tiff – to get him out .. he said ohh you want to get him out I said OK.. well maybe maybe we don’t.. He can get them outta here he can blow our game up
Tiff – I’m like who? I was like Okay .. you do whatever you want
Tiff – it pissed me off don’t try to play on my intelligence Frenchie, you little goofy a$$ Britini and I think I’m slick DerekF sat in that room and conjured up a plan to get me and Claire in there to tell us and expose this alliance that those two were in cause he doesn’t want to put their names out there because he doesn’t want ta target on them but he put himself in it and everybody else in it. Then me and Claire can get emotional about it come back BigD can say he can blow up their alliance and take them out.
Tiff – I don’t give a f*** what he can do he can go home
Claire mentions the girls alliance Fnrechie also tried to make with them
Tiff – he was trying to set himself up if he was on the block he will have 8 girls voting for him he has been positioning himself in this house.
Tiff – he got away with a lot he got into a lot of people heads those are the people we don’t want
CLaire – anyone who is really freaking out right now you need to calm down
Tiff – when he called us in there I was like Mother F**Er I already know.. we already know Frenchie that’s why we want you gone.
Tiff – he said he’s going to light fireworks at the veto
Tiffany continues to impersonate Frenchie “I’m telling you all now they are coming after you and they are strong”
Tiff – game on
Kyland – I feel bad for Britini
They talk about the people they feel comfortable with
Tiff – Kings, queens, and one ace. We royalty baby we got it
Tiff impersonates Frenchie “I better win the veto cause If I leave the ratings are going to drop”
Claire mentions Fnrehcie thinking that they’ll drop a Diamond Power of Veto
Claire – I said good luck

12:58 am Frenchie, BIGD, Azah and Britini
Frenchie- let that target be BIG on my back I can handle the heat
Azah – you put in a lot of mess last week and you didn’t listen to me. I just wish you would have listened to me. My thing is I would hate her to go home if she didn’t do anything. She did nothing.
Frenchie – I got it. It’s hard up there. when you get it you’ll experience it.
Azah – you mad at Brent now
Frenchie – hell yeah
Frenchie goes on about how he never breaks a promise and won’t reveal the names of the rogue votes.
Frenchie says the whole idea of this big alliance is to keep his friends close but his enemies closer.
Frenchie – there was the slaughterhouse and the butchers. The Butchers were going to take out the slaughterhouse
Frenchie – I really don’t want to do a battle back if I go out these doors I want to go home. Seriously. I have a farm to run
Frenchie – if I don’t go out these doors I’m going after every one of them. Silently and strategically (The house?)
Frenchie – I have to put that veto around your neck so I know you are safe.
Frenchie – I miss my kids

Frenchie tells Britini to keep her distance from him. “I’m the target leave it that way.. just lay low”

Sounds like they’ve lost track of who is actually in the slaughterhouse
Frenchie counts – Me, Whitney, Alyssa, Ky, Christian, Brent, no there is 6 .. ohh and DerekX is being used on the outside of that.. so that’s 7 (What about BigD and Xavier)

Frenchie – I trust Tiffany with everything I have, Sarah Beth, You, her (Brit) and him (BIGD) those are the only people in this house I trust fully
Frenchie – Ky stabbed me in the back, Front and head and I trusted him a lot and he did that to me so my feelings were pretty hurt.
Frenchie- Whitney used our kids to bond used me .. she got to me through my kids (ZOMG)

Azah – I see fakeness everywhere I can’t look at people in the face all I see is fake
Frenchie – I got played like a fiddle I knew I couldn’t trust them I said that. I was onto it the entire time
Frenchie – if I win the veto I’m going to scare them I’m not going to tell anybody what I’m doing with it until the veto ceremony and I’ll use it on her
Frenchie – I just hate that bullying mentality I can’t stand it it happens every season the whole time that’s what I talk about. I see it I bring it close so I can wrangle it in. Before I could stop it it stopped me
Frenchie the clown – That’s ok I had fun. I’m ready to go see them. I miss my kid a lot. If they gave me the opportunity to go right now I would probably go just because I miss my kids

Frenchie – I just want to go home
Azah – it’ll be like that at first like I said it’s not over until God says it’s over. there’s a possibility all four of us stay in this house.
Frenchie the clown – I don’t want to stay I honestly don’t. the whole truth I got 1/2 way through that competition and I had a feeling the thing would be stupid.. the wildcard thing the reward.. I had a feeling it was stupid and at that point, I didn’t care anymore.
Frenchie – I’m not going to deal with this. I’ll cuss them the f*** out
Azah – they’re just being fake
Frenchie – how many more days do I have to be here
Azah – 6 more days of game we could come up with a plan who knows.
Frenchie counts people he can count on. Names include Sarah Beth, Claire, and Tiffany. (LOL)
They talk about Xavier saying not to trust Frenchie. Azah asks if he was in the slaughterhouse. Frenchie says no.
Frenchie – what pisses me off more than anything she used my kids to get close
Azah – that’s what fake people do she is a nice girl but I knew when the time came she will have no problem cutting me

Frenchie says when they came up to him to form the alliance “I was like let’s do this.. they said We can guarantee your safety with numbers I was like alright.. and I knew better I knew I couldn’t trust them”
Frenchie claiming that he joined this alliance with people he didn’t trust because he wanted to keep the people he did trust safe.
Azah asks why he never told them about this alliance that he was in.
Frenchie the clown – I wanted you to have plausible deniability so if that alliance blew up you all didn’t know about it. so you can say I didn’t know about it. If you all would have been involved in that and something happened you all would have gone home for that
Frenchie – I told Derek if something happened to you and I couldn’t keep y’all safe I can’t have that on my heart I would rather they send me home than you all. Which is exactly what I’m doing right now
Azah – why did you try to start a girls alliance don’t you think that painted a target on our back?
Frenchie – NO that was over 1/2 the house
Azah – in one day whispers started happening about a girls alliance
Frenchie – ONE DAY who spoke about it
Azah – I told you I didn’t feel good about it
Frenchie – I’m curious what girl..
Azah – these two votes did you have anything to do with that
Frenchie – yeah. I wanted to cause panic with them. They looked at me as said I can get any person I wanted to out of this house and every single person eats out of my hand
Azah – who said that
Frenchie – they did
Azah – who made the votes
Frenchie – I can’t tell I made a promise and I don’t break promises. It’s a respectful thing
Frenchie says they are scared and since he didn’t tell them the vote that is why he’s on the block (They are like Brent, Chrisitan, Whitney etc)
Azah asks why the other side of the house is scared
Frenchie – Kyland is a wildcard. the plan was originally to get DerekX out this week. when Kyland won they knew him and DerekX were close so they had to scramble. Cause I threw two rogue votes.. that’s why I am here. makes sense now.
Frenchie – they manipulated Ky into putting me up. I 100% believe that
Azah – they manipulated you to that way they have no blood on their hands. (Wow Azah is dumb if she’s buying all this)
Frenchie – I wanted Travis to go home
Azah – I know but there could have been a cleaner way
Frenchie – Travis told me they were coming after me. I wanted Travis they didn’t want Travis they wanted Claire
Azah – does CLaire know that
Frenchie – they wanted Claire
Azah – Whitney more than Claire
Frenchie – Yup .. and I said no I want Travi and I got Travis out and it was supposed to be unanimous.. they talked about having people eating outta your hands. I said you don’t have people eating out of your hands.
Azah – me
Frenchie – they said, everybody.
Frenchie – their plan was to get whoever threw the rogue votes out this week but they got pissed because I wouldn’t say who the rogue votes were..
Azah – Frenchie you are one crazy motherf***er
Frenchie – I’m a G.. I don’t give a f***. I’m not scared of them I’ll go toe to toe with them. They’re lucky they are safe this week cause I would put them both up.
Frenchie – if I had it my way before Chrisitan won wildcard week I was going to put Christian and Whitney on the block that was my goal.
Frenchie says since he couldn’t get Christian he decided to go after the person he’s closest to which was Alyssa, “BUT that’s when I heard Travis and Derek were coming for me at that time Alyssa wasn’t a threat to me after that”
Frenchie – when Derek won the veto. it messed with my head when they made me take my necklace off it bothered me so bad that I couldn’t even focus on the veto my head wasn’t in the right place.. all I can think about is my necklace being off (Good lord he’s gone full glue)
Frenchie – so when he won the veto I was like Okay if I can’t get you I will get Travis so that’s why I was like Travis go up.
Frenchie – then Travis and Brent tried to swap it out with Sarah Beth I said HELL NO. at that time I had every intention to keep my promise with the girls

Frenchie – if anyone other than Ky won HOH we would have been golden I would have had all the information.
Frenchie – I read them all like a book every one of them. I needed to get close to them to know how they thought. Once I knew how the thought process work I can go after them.
(Frenchie never outed Xavier and DF’s involvement in the slaughterhouse. Tiffany is on to this saying there’s two names he doesn’t name)
Frenchie now brings up how it was Brent who he was targeting first but found out that Christian was coming after him. To figure out how the information was flowing he took a life story of his and broke it into 4 parts he told one part to each of them. He waited a few hours and called people back up and said he wanted to finish the story but couldn’t remember where he left off.
Frenchie – I let them tell me what they knew they knew every bit of the story
Azah – who was it
Frenchie – Xavier, Chrisitan, Brent, and Whitney.. I went back and thought who can I manipulate to tell me what I want to know.

2:00 am Frenchie the clown and Azah
Frenchie- My ultimate goal I would love to see a minority win this year there’s never been one. I would love to see it more than anything.. you, Derek, Hannah one of you all .. just being honest.
Frenchie – I’m tired of minorities, the old guys and the women getting picked on the whole season. every season it happens it never fails. THe jocks always do it. When I won HOH I said I’m proud of myself I accomplished something the old guy the minority the women didn’t go first this year this season
Frenchie – If I have a legacy in Big Brother I got a white jock out first.
Frenchie – there’s only been one other in 23 seasons a white jock out first and that was by accident. I made it happen so If I go down in history for big brother I was the first person in history to target and get my target and I made sure we were all safe.
Frenchie – I wanted to secure our safety and I did it I’m proud of myself.. people in America can say my game sucks.. I did it I accomplished my goal week one I set the tone somebody’s got to finish it. They go the old guy second but he wasn’t the first.
Frenchie- two weeks in a row it wasn’t a minority or a women
Frenchie – if I leave on Thursday I’m proud of myself, I accomplished what I came to do. I love y’all with all my heart and I would have done anything to protect y’all and I did and I will. You’ll see.

Frenchie the clown goes on about keeping his dignity in the game.
Frenchie – I got some tricks .. I was prior military so I sniffed them out that’s what I did. I’m good at it.. I’m really good at reading rooms and reading people. That’s what I do. (LOL)
Frenchie – I’ve been onto them the whole time. The main goal was to keep us safe.
Frenchie – the one that really hurt was Whitney I knew she was a snake since day one. She got to me through my kids
Frenchie I’m ready to go home. I honestly didn’t care if I won it or not I wanted to know can I read the people in the house like I thought I could. I wanted to start a trend where women, Minorities and the old guy didn’t go home first. I did that I wanted to experience the HOH, I wanted to play in a veto I experienced everything but the wall comp and OTEV.
Azah – things go together now (LOL she believes his story)

Frenchie the clown goes on about how he would have been PISSED if the veto wasn’t played last week because that would have meant a minority or a woman who is also a minority would have gone home. Even though his ultimate goal was to start a new trend both of his nominees were from those three groups.
Frenchie the clown – I accomplished my goals I am happy so when I tell you I want to go home I’m serious. I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish minus winning the money
Frenchie the clown – But I was donating most of that to CHildren Hospital anyways so.. (Sure)
Frenchie the clown – I was smart I read every one of them, I got them to do everything I wanted them to do the end goal was to get a gym rat meathead outta this house..
(Was Travis really a meathead though.. didn’t he have a degree and sold a successful business? )
Frenchie the clown – I did it by playing a transparent game if I had any issues I resolved it LIKE A MAN not a kid yelling across the hallway I wanted to prove you can go to people and solve the problem with communication and treating people with respect and dignity. You don’t have to be an a$$hoel in this house just because it’s a game you can treat people with respect and dignity

Frenchie the clown – I got a meathead out.. I got pink pain all over me. It was fun. I get to go home with my dignity
Frenchie the clown – I accomplished everything I wanted to do IN 1 week I thought it would take at least 2/3rds of the season. When I accomplished everything week one I was like my goodness I’m better than I thought I was at this game..

Frenchie the clown says if he didn’t have those rogue votes cast he would be on the block right now.
Frenchie the clown – it’s a game and I’m pretty good at it
Frenchie the clown – I hate these people I can’t stand being around them it disgusts me .. I’ve played nice with these people way too long. If I was at home I would never give them the time of day

(Kinda shocked Azah entertained so much of this)

2:07 am Claire, Chrisitan, and Whitney
Talking about “the three headed snake”
Chrisitan – I’m so over it with Frenchie and his bullsh1t
Whitney – did you know we’re the three-headed snake
Whitney – it’s you, me, Brent, and X
Claire – I didn’t hear your name..
Chrisitan – how are we the head of the snake when he was the HOH what the F***
Whitney – he told Hannah and Derek and my two teammates this information to why are you talking sh1t to my teammates..
Claire – he’s throwing what he can at the wall

2:10 am Whitney and Christian
Christian says he’s finding out all sort of things now “I didn’t realize we started all that sh1t”
Whitney – he’s the one that came up with the name and everything. what a piece of sh1t
Christian – he used your kids to
Whit – I know I thought we were friends that is why I stayed up stairs the whole time.. he said why does it look like you are going to blow up? CAuse I am about to blow up
Christian – he said fireworks are coming
Whit – He’s so fake.. so f**Ing fake I can’t
Christian – I don’t understand does he want to go down as a villain?

2:14 am Brent and Christian
Talking about Frenchie saying they started the Slaughterhouse
Brent – he’s been dragging my name, X’s name
Christian – apparently he’s been dragging my name through the dirt all week
Brent says if Frenchie is going to try and pull something during the veto ceremony they’ll need to do damage control
Brent – my team trusts your team we can keep the numbers if Slaughterhouse crumbles
Christian – IF? Slaughterhouse is DONE
Brent – it’s not Frenchie is going around spreading a lot of lies. It’s working in our favour everyone is comparing stories and Frenchie is throwing names in all different directions right. Whatever he brings up people assume it’s a lie.
Brent says Frenchie was telling everyone Britini started the all-girls alliance that is why she is nominated.
Christian – Britni wasn’t even there. Dude I don’t understand I thought he liked this game he’s going down as a f***ing a$$hole.
Brent says Kyland knows Frenchie’s lying he was in the slaughterhouse and knew Frenchie made it.
Christian – he’s saying if he wins the veto he’ll use it on Brit
Brent – he feels like a dirtbag because he’s the reason Britini is on the block
Christian – the fact that he promised on his kids
Brent – he brought his family into it
Christian – so he blows up on me I’m going to say BRO you brought your kids into it
Christian – he’s lying on his kids.. when you lie on your kids .. you’re lying on your kids f***ing life. dudes lying on his family what the f***.. Your young kids..
Christian – Before I was like OK this man is playing a bad game now I’m like this guys a F***ing a$$hole.. he’s going to go down as the villain. not only a villain but a d1ck

2:28 am Sarah Beth, Claire and Tiffany
Going over some key points of Frenchie’s spiraling. like he’s wanting to quit and saying he’ll throw or use the veto on Brit.
They want Frenchie out this week and are feeling good about their spot going into next week. SB doesn’t think Azah, BigD, Hannah would go after them if they won HOH they would most likely go after Brent and Whitney.
Claire and Tiffany agree.
Sb – I’m making Frenchie and all of them think I’m good with them.
Tiffany – make him feel very comfortable
Claire says he loves Tiffany he’s told them multiple times.
Tiff – be careful what you say to britini. I don’t think her intentions are bad
Tiff – Brent is so good did you see how he interacted with us tongiht. Are ou kidding.
Claire – he is making an effor
Tiff – he is stragetigc he had a lot to do with taht HOH
Claire – he was running that HOH with Frenchie
Tiff – He’s dangerous he needs to be next
SB – if I win next week I’m putting up Brent and Whitney
Tiff – I’m the same.
Claire – i am to..
3:00 am Everyone sleeping


7:35 am waking up

Houseguest wondering why they were woken up so early.
Sarah Beth – It might be a long veto

7:38 am Frenchie waking up
Frenchie – at the end of the day I’m here to have fun

7:46 am Brit, Derekf and Frenchie
Derekf – I wish there was a game where they just pop a ball in the air and we run up and get it
Frenchie -Pop a ball in the air? nobody can jump as high as me for a ball in the air. (lol Glue clown is the greatest at everything)

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And I want you to go home!!!! Please take Whitney with you!!

Hopeful for a Good Season

No Frenchie can’t go home yet. He’s so bad at this game and it’s entertaining.


I agree!! A couple more weeks of chaos then he can go! Get Whitney or Alyssa/Christian if he wins veto!


Would be great if Dan G made a “house call” to help Frenchie plan a funeral…..

Paul Sucks

I am hoping that Glue Clown wins the POV and takes himself off followed by another HOH win. Oh what a season that would be!!! Please make it happen.

Mr. Dr. Prof. Frenchie



frenchie will be around awhile for entertainment purposes it is in his journals from being a expert on BB


Frenchie’s insistence that he’s kept his word is just crazy. He promised Kyland he wouldn’t be on the block, he promised everyone he wouldn’t nominate a woman or a minority, which is really reducing the target pool this year so it’s understandable why he did, but to keep saying he kept his word, is too much. At least say I tried but I didn’t have any other real targets left.


The mark of a true pure liar is they trust no one else….. and believe they are the only one telling the truth. Frenchie has got it all in spades!


You’re so right. I have a brother just like him. He lies so much that he actually believes his own lies! Fry Guy can’t keep his stories all straight and keeps getting caught up in the lies.
He has added a certain entertainment value to the show..about all I can say for him.


Just when I think Frenchie can’t possibly say/do anything more asinine, he tops himself. Giving up his own alliances and forgetting who was in them, blaming the necklace for his competition loss, declaring that he made a promise and he doesn’t break his promises… Step aside, Fessy, we have a new reigning champion for the Bad At This Game Award.

Frenchie may be feeds gold, but I still have high hopes for this season if he goes this week. Every single person in the house is playing this game (some better than others, but they are all playing).

double d

WOW…what a speech by Frenchie !!! He was all over the place. I actually think he lied about lying that he lied.


When I go the ratings will go down.
I wanted the minorities to win
America loves me
I’m really good at reading people.
Just keeping it honest

HMMMM…where have I heard all that before…hmmm?

double d

Hey Simon…If Frenchie goes maybe you can get him as a guest commentator on here


What does ZOMG mean?


It is an extreme exclamation of “Oh My God!”


From google: The abbreviation ZOMG is used with the meaning “Oh My God“. It is thought to have originated from careless typing of OMG (in capital letters), during the course of which the “shift” key was missed and the “z” key was pressed instead.

From me: Not to be confused with the !!!111!!!.. from the Sucks/VFTW boards of yest-a-years gone by… when a tween would get so excited typing exclamation points their hand would slip off the shift key resulting in a 111 being typed instead of !!!.

Franks Ex-Girlfriend

Aw, Frenchie is that kid on the playground… if you went to 6 Flags on summer vacation, well he went to Disney AND slept in Mickys bed. If you jumped a puddle, why he jumped the whole dang creek. No wonder the other kids didn’t like him. This is where he developed his Little Man syndrome and irrational dislike of “jocks” (A jock being anyone he perceives as better than him, which is just about everyone).
We’ll miss your Zannie ways, but goodbye Frenchie!


I’m a two upper.

The Beef

In one of Simon’s earliest updates, Frenchie was asked about why he hated “meatheads” so much and he related a story about how he was playing football in high school and switched from playing defensive back to quarterback (another likely lie). He said something about throwing a lot of interceptions, but also implied he lead the team to many victories, which fits right in with the rest of his “little man” syndrome lies, his huge ego, and his undeniable delusion that he is “great” at playing Big Brother, when the evidence is clearly to the contrary. He seems to be trying to switch sides now, only protecting Xavier and Big D from his previous “huge” alliance, while throwing the rest of them UTB. There’s so much information out there now about the Glue Clown’s lies, I just don’t see how that’s going to work. His only hope is to win the veto and take himself off the block, but even that will probably only buy him one more week in the house, as the target on his back is the size of Mount Rushmore by now.


Does anyone else notice how coincidentally perfect Frenchie being named leader of the Jokers is?