Brent “People just won’t get off my tail. Its f**king wild man!

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Veto Not used The original nominations are locked.

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7:40pm Backyard – Brent and Whitney.
Brent – I haven’t done good in the competitions which is kind of great. I haven’t tried to throw any of them. People just won’t get off my tail. Its f**king wild man! Whit – why do you think that is? Brent – my personality. Whit – you have too strong a personality? Brent – I show leadership qualities and people are afraid of that. I haven’t done anything as far as game besides social game. And people don’t know about social game. Whit – do you think the alliances know about each other and that might be why? Brent – so this is the thing we were in slaughterhouse.. you, me, Ky and X. So if he told Tiffany from the radicals .. it could be. We might just have to sit her done and be like we were all in the slaughterhouse and Frenchie pulled us into it and we couldn’t say no to it. The fact that X put me up and didn’t want me to win the veto should tell Tiffany enough information that we’re not working together so why believe X. That’s what I’m worried about, they’re easily persuadable. Whit – persuadable or persuaded? Brent – either way you want to put it .. I am pretty sure persuadable is a word. Whit – is it? Brent – I don’t know. She acted really weird towards Ky and I. Whit – she’s been acting weird for days. Brent – if she f**king flips and I don’t get Alyssa’s vote.. I am going home. Whit – do you think its because she’s on slop? Brent – but she should know she shouldn’t be acting this way with such a big huge plan. Whit – yup. Brent – I told her to stay away from me because its best for everyone’s game. Don’t be all over me. You just went up to X’s room. You just gave him a contract to sign to get me out. And if she is taking that personal she really needs to revaluate her game. Hopefully its because she just misses home. We can’t afford to have that type of sketchiness. Whit – I think I’ll check in with her. We can’t have that kind of worry two days out. And if I go home.. I’m not saying I’m the glue.. if I do go home you have to worry about everyone going against our team. I don’t want to go and see you guys picked a part. Whit – I’m going to have a conversation with Tiffany and just see how she is doing. Brent – I’m going to have one more with Alyssa tomorrow because today she is acting weird. I know what she’s like when she is lying because I’ve seen it. I’m seeing it today that they definitely had a conversation with the kings. I think she doesn’t want to be caught around me at all. Whit – okay I’m done talking game. I can’t talk game any more. Brent – you started it.

7:50pm Bedroom. Azah and Tiffany.
Tiffany – I am ready for Thursday. Azah – I am kind of hoping that its not endurance because I’m not ready. Tiffany – yes you are. And you need to win it. Azah – I am going to hold onto that wall for dear life. Tiffany – I am going to mad as hell if it isn’t endurance because I need to see people compete. I need to see what people are made of. Azah – I think Alyssa might take it. She actually works out and her body is perfect for that wall. Perfect! Your body is good for it too though. I know everyone in the kings will be gunning for it! Tiffany – I’m sure they are but it would be in everyone’s advantage for anyone but them to win it. Tiffany – they are a hell of a strong team. Azah – they are. At the end of the day we’re all going to play the game different. If we all played the game the same, I would probably be seen as a target by now. Tiffany – absolutely. No one ever said 750K would be easy. 500K wasn’t easy. Azah – we’ve got two more to go and then its jury.

9pm The house guests are lounging around chatting about random things. BB keeps blocking the feeds.

9:16pm The feeds return.. It’s The Big Blue Couch talk show with Big D and his “sl*tty a$$ co-host” Alyssa.

9:37pm Bedroom. Brit and Azah.
Brit – YO, Christian is trying to be sly with me. He said talking about next week now that we’re alone your targets probably going to be X an Ky if you win right?! And I was like yeah, its a possibility. He goes well like am I good with you? And I’m like yeah, you fine! What are you worried about? And I’m like are you really going to put me out at this point and ask me who I am going to put up? I was about to be like .. I literally explained to him that I’ve taken myself out of 90% of the convos this week because I needed to focus on the fact that I am still on the damn block and I ain’t safe. I said I trust you which is true because between him and Alyssa I trust him more. Azah – yeah. Brit – and if she is out of the house he will come to us. So I am like you fine! Damn! Azah – he should not be trying to tell you anything. Brit – I wish I could just tell the whole entire house just please don’t ask me what I am doing next week because I am not safe. Azah – and that is the answer you need to give everybody.

9:50pm – 11pm Hollywood Mafia time..

11:35pm Chess room. Brent, Whit, Derek X and Hannah.
Brent – if its 6 – 5, then the mafia stayed true. If its 7 – 4, Alyssa voted the right way. If its not those numbers then we have all the information we needed. Either way the vote lies, we get our information. If its 6 – 5, we don’t trust Alyssa. If its 7 – 4, we have an informant. She is not going to betray us. If its a landslide, I don’t know what to think. As far as my temperament, I am totally fine and I am going to be playing a lot more serious now. The first two weeks was who I really am, as I got to know everyone. Now I now who is lying and who is working together. My best interest is going to be observing. I am not going to be my normal boisterous, funny, yada yada self. I am basically going to be working on my mind, body and spirit. This game is going to get real come Thursdays. Just know nothing is wrong with me. If anyone catches wind that we’re the puppeteer’s then we’re f**ked. Everything points to everyone else, not us.

11:45pm Bedroom. Brit and Azah.
Brit – I don’t like feeling like this! I just want to be off the block and move on. I just want to be done. I am sick and tired of being on the block! I am done! I’m so done!!! This feeling sucks!

1:30am Bathroom. Sarah and Kyland.
Sarah – I think one of the jokers winning would be better than you winning. Kyland – I’m glad to hear that. Sarah – and to be completely honest if I am up there with one of the jokers I am going to throw it. I’ve told everyone about how nervous I am about the cold water. My only fear is that the jokers feel good with me and if it was us up there they might throw it to me. Kyland – maybe tell Azah not to.

1:25am – 2am Chess room. Derek X, Hannah and Whitney.
Derek – if you can take the shot you should take the shot. Hannah – if the kings win we might feel comfortable with them.. but if the jokers win wildcard and for some reason their whole team I guaranteed safety of course they’re going to put us two up. You and Claire, You and Ky. Derek – So I don’t think its right for us to throw it next week. Whit – okay. Derek – is that kind of where you’re at? Whit – no but I trust your guys opinion if you think that is smart then I’ll gun for it too. We’re making a team decision. Derek – what is better for your personal game? Whit – I would honestly rather try to gun for it next week. Like this week I would love for the jokers to win and take a shot but that’s only if we knew for sure that they were going to take them out. Derek – I think the jokers will 100% gun for the kings. If Tiffany won we might be able to influence that slightly. Hannah – Christian does not want to win this HOH. Its Alyssa that is telling him that they have to win it. Whit – I don’t trust Big D. Derek – are you and Brit still good. Whit – yeah but we have never once talked game. Derek – do you see her working with anyone? Whit – I see her talking to Tiffany a lot. Derek – who do we feel closest to on the kings. Hannah – Christian. Whit – Xavier. Derek – I feel closer to Xavier too. Hannah – I’ll stop with the shomance jokes and I’ll stop with the marriage jokes. Whit – what is our homework for tomorrow? Hannah – I want to spend more time with Ky. Whit – I also want to spend more time with Ky. Hannah – I want to talk to Tiffany to see if she has calmed down a bit. Derek – I’m going to talk to the kings. Hannah heads to bed. Whit explains the slaughterhouse alliance to Derek. Literally nothing came of it. Frenchie went home and then Brent is going home this week. And we haven’t talked at all. X, Alyssa, Christian and I had a talk today about potentially starting a new alliance with the four of us plus you and potentially Ky. That is the other reason why I don’t want to win HOH because I don’t want to go after any of those people. I think I would rather the kings or Jokers take the shot. I do really like Hannah but I think she would be a really big threat at the end. We could potentially work with Hannah on the side.

1:45am – 1:55am Havenot room. Claire and Tiffany are using the chess pieces and going over scenarios. Tiffany – I have never fought this hard in my life. Claire – I believe that. Tiffany goes to bed.
Tiffany tells Claire that Ky messed up and told him about the SB, Tiff, Claire alliance.

6:31 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Updates resume later this afternoon.

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Roulette HOH. Build the shrine.

Feeds Gold



Yup that’s what we want give the HOH to someone random.. like Tiffany


Tiffany as HoH would be good because her moves would be in the light as opposed to her “working behind the scenes”. If Derek F were HoH, do you think that he would make the decisions or do you think that someone like Azah would make the decision ms for him?

Feeds Gold

i wouldnt mind a derek x hoh


I wouldn’t mind DX winning flat out all comps lol


How do you feel about this race based alliance Simon? I love what you guys do but it’s gotten past the point of ridiculous. This is not what the show was supposed to be about


these are the times, gonna happen, sigh


I think it shows that whites aren’t as prejudice as blacks.


Whit, you just told little D you want to cut Hanna, not a smart move. Oh and your working a new alliance with you, but your not part of the conversation.

bet that gets brought up quickly by little D to Hanna and others.


Are we still in agreement that Brent is being snowed into thinking he has the votes? It will be interesting to see who wins HoH next. If I were some people in the house, I wouldn’t be throwing the HoH competition like has been brought up as to do in the future


wow Just chill Brit. I cant believe this girl is molding young minds. She is so unaware or just a big baby. I mean she has been in no danger from the start of the week. I also think these people are planning way too far ahead. You never know what the comp is or who is going to win it. A little future planning for yourself is good but being so sure your going to decide who goes up is a bit much.


I can’t believe the majority of teachers are moldings our kids minds, especially here in CA