Cody “We already know how the week is going to play out. It almost like kind of sucks!”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Nicole
Nominations – Christmas & Tyler
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody did not use the veto
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10pm – 10:37pm HOH room. Cody and Memphis.
Memphis – honestly like we’re in such a good spot. Cody – yeah we’re in such a good spot but I’m trying to think like if Christmas wins like it could be like something could get f**ked up! Memphis – the only thing that could get f**ked up is if Christmas wins and Nicole.. Cody – comes off.. Memphis – wins the veto. Cody – that’s all I’m worried about. Memphis – that is the only situation that could end up bad. Cody – but that is all I am thinking about at this point because like Thursday hasn’t happened yet and I’m kind of like alright.. We already know how the week is going to play out. It almost like kind of sucks! In a sense because I am like oh god dude just get me to Thursday! Today is Monday! Dude we’re going to be sitting inside all day tomorrow! Memphis – I feel you but our odds are so good. Cody – I just hate that I can’t play in the HOH. And you make me super confident just because of how many comps you and I have already won. Memphis – yeah. Cody – I feel like I wasn’t ever like we’re f**k right there in my season. Memphis – Yeah me either .. and maybe because it was never a sure thing. Not like this is a sure thing. I don’t feel like the game before was setup that favored me to like go. Cody – yeah. Memphis – and the way that we’ve set this up and the cards have fallen. We feel like okay they’re definitely in our favor. Cody – but I don’t want to get f**king confident. I had to put Christmas up and I know she is going to feel some type of way. I know that her and Nicole had something going. Memphis – who? Cody – Nicole and Christmas. Memphis – when!? Cody – in the beginning of this game. Memphis – at this point even if she (Christmas) wins HOH ..if we control the POV then we control it. Like if she wins we’re not necessarily in a bad spot. They speculate on what the next HOH competition might be.

10:50pm All the house guests are sleeping..

1:10am – 1:30am Bedroom. Tyler and Enzo.
Tyler – Nicole told me if Cody and Enzo want to keep you I’ll keep you because I don’t want to make them mad. Enzo – she said I don’t want to make em mad yeah?! Tyler – that’s right. I don’t know what she is actually saying. Ezno – We’ll find out Thursday. Tyler – I just need Cody to tell her we should keep him and if not then I am out. Enzo – cook for that motherf**ker! Shave his back! What do you want YO! What do you want from me?! What do I have? What do I have I can give you!? Tyler – I am going to trick him. I’m going to tell him that everyone is trying to leave him out of the boat but I am staying. Enzo – yeah. Tyler – then if you tell him last minute that Nicole is flipping and you’re voting for me… and you don’t want him to be left out .. then maybe I’ll get two. Enzo – maybe, yeah! That’s all you can do. Tyler – if not then I am going to the jury house. Why not give it a shot. What the f**k yo! If I am on the block I’ll be like what the f**k yo! What do you want from me yo!?! I’ll give you half my winnings if I win. What do you want YO! What the f**k do you want yo! How much you f**king want yo! Remember I’ve got to kids yo! Tyler – I’ve got beats by Dre! I’ve got it. Enzo – you want the PS5 I’ve got it.. it hasn’t even come out yet! You can run my fantasy football league what do you want bro! Man Nicole doesn’t want to come out for sh*t yo! You never know jury’s get salt as f**k yo! I love Cody but he rubbed Day the wrong way. He rubbed Kevin the wrong way. He rubbed Dave the wrong way. Tyler – Day I don’t think.. Enzo – Kevin and Dave .. that’s two. Dani was upset at him too. They were best friends. Tyler – if you go to the final two with Cody your a$$ is losing. I swear they all like him. Enzo – see how this sh*t plays out. Still a lot to happen. I ain’t giving up.

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Can we just get Enzo out I am sick of him and his big moves Yo.


Yup, he’s just a big fuckin’ NJ wigger whop that likes to act “black” and talks shyt to make big moves and just sits on his ass to bend over for Cody. YO, he’s just a big pussy boy that can’t back anything up. He’s never going to win anyways. Go back to NJ and your car wash MEOW MEOW LOL

Verdella Fisher

Wow.. Enzo has a great social game. He’s funny and entertaining, unlike Tyler. These slurs are OTT don’t you think?

Shirron Sue Stone

Wigger you are what you call someone else. You fuc—- redneck

Roisin Dubh

Maybe he should act like you and rape his sister 3 times a week.

Christine M Ahrens

thats all he says I’m not likingbrhis way dont rhey take out nicole and cgristmad cu, sgex coming after you guys shes jotbto be trusted. Enzo shoulc be long gone


And this is why we don’t type while drunk.


And I thought it was my eyes


Drowbane, your one-liner is the best of the entire season. If there was an award by Simon and Dawg, I’d vote for you.

Translation Please

one more time in English


I like how this goes.


Enzo NEVER met a move he didn’t like!

YO, Big Moves Yo…Got To Make Big Moves Yo… There They Go… The Big Moves Yo… There They Go, The Big Moves Yo… Yo What Happened… Thought YOU Were Making The Big Moves YO?!


Nicole please win, America is hoping for you!


Please, someone put Nicole up and evict.

Julie Hansen

Agreed. All she does is whine and act for camera time. She acts so entitled for someone who’s done nothing. She didn’t even really win her season. She usually floats on the coattails of a boyfriend but is out of luck this year. She’s so arrogant about having won that she practically stated that she should get to win based on that alone, along with her fake cutie crap that no one is buying.

Shirron Sue Stone

I agree


LARS, You are delusional. America is tired of hearing her whine through her nose. She needs to shut up and go home.


Yes Yes Yes




Warning: Long post

The goat of BB 22:

Quick clarification – goat as in the Victoria who you drag to the end b/c it’s a guaranteed win — NOT to be confused with the acronym G.O.A.T.

There are a few Nicole fans here who believe she is an “All-Star” & that she outplayed people such as Janelle & Tyler. All due respect to Nic Fans – to each his/her own, but IMHO crediting her for anything other than being lucky enough to have a pregame alliance with Cody, Dani & Ian is overreaching.

In the DE Nicole didn’t stay in the house b/c of her OWN CAMPAIGNING she stayed b/c Enzo didn’t want to tick off Cody. Likewise, Janelle & Kaysar leaving wasn’t b/c of Nic’s influence. It was b/c they weren’t part of Derrick/Dan’s preordained six person alliance “the Committee” that for the record both Cody & Dani had to fight to get her added to.

Derrick’s priority targets were Jaysar who Cody was ready to nominate Week 1 but the Safety Zone saved them. Memphis ignored Cody Week to 2 when he wanted to backdoor Janelle & Tyler only put them up b/c of his Triple Thr3at & Committee ties in W3 & Enzo completed the task W4. Nic & Janie despise each other but Nic had NOTHING to do with influencing her being targeted/evicted. And, as we learned via Janelle’s recent tweets the BB fraternity is well aware of her distaste for Tyler & it has more to do with the popularity of Tangela (and Angela specifically). She complained to Janelle simply b/c she liked Angela’s IG posts but didn’t like Nic’s enough for her liking. Let’s call it a rabid case of Janellousy & Tangelousy if you will.

We can debate how logical it was for Xmas to be the person who nominated Bay/Day but the entire Committee wanted to separate that duo & it had much more to do with Xmas’ loyalty to that alliance. Dani pushed her harder than Nic truth be told.

Proving the point – if Nic is such an influential player than why couldn’t she get Dani to keep Ian off the block or convince her allies to keep him over Tyler? Why wasn’t she able to convince Cody, Memphis, Christmas or Enzo that week plus Ty/Dani in the next 2 weeks to keep Day or Kevin? That’s 3 successive weeks she lost the people she wanted to keep b/c the people who ARE running the game (Cody primarily, Memphis/Enzo secondarily) decided who was targeted & evicted.

Even Dani, her BFF forced her to vote out Ian. Dani’s HOH more than any this season proved how incapable Nic is of playing this game without shields or allies who ARE ADEPT at manipulation, influence, strategy and making risky moves. Dani should’ve exited her HOH week with blood pouring out of every crevice – instead it was Nic who took the hit & probably lost at a minimum two guaranteed jury votes in the process.

All b/c once she wasn’t able to keep Ian off the block or get him the votes she dug herself an even larger hole. First- she could’ve simply told Day/Kev “I don’t trust David, you need to vote out Ian so you aren’t targeted next week allowing her to give him the lone sympathy vote which no one would’ve objected to given their relationship. Or how about she play like an All-Star & vote to keep Ian and force Dani to break the tie?

Instead Dani skated by clean while Nic chose to enact the elaborate lie she asked Dani to come up with (and not surprisingly had no repercussions for Dani) that turned Day against her! And the reason was b/c Nic was too afraid to tick off Cody or tell Ian THE TRUTH, or force Dani to take the hit for her choices. All she had to say to Cody/Dani was fine we keep Ty but you (Dani) created this mess so you need to break the tie. You can bet if Nic had said that Dani would’ve gone to Day/Kev & done what Nic should’ve done (as per above) in the first place.

While it’s true she has no blood on her hands – you have to win to do that & at F6 only one person has failed to win a single comp or power — NICOLE. For perspective – Victoria won the week 4 POV in BB16 so even the person cited as the biggest goat of all-time had more wins at this stage than Nicole.

Odds are whoever stays (for now it’s Xmas) will win HOH b/c Memphis’ back is acting up again & he hurt his foot jumping in the pool. Enzo will throw F5 HOH (you wait) b/c he isn’t ready to show Cody or Memphis his cards & if he wins F4 HOH he won’t have to show them then either since the POV winner picks who stays & if he also wins POV he only selects the person who’ll get the blood on their hands via the single vote eviction.

Nic also made a huge mistake this week trashing Xmas/Ty. We’ve likely missed out on much of it given all the feed cuts but even the televised episode last night where Grodner typically protects Nic’s image as the sweet girl next door did NOTHING to assuage the national audience with DR scripted lies. Cue next week & if Xmas (or Ty) wins HOH expect Enzo (& maybe even Cody) sharing all the caustic comments she made b/c they had the audacity to vote to evict her.

As an aside, that’s typical of Nic’s privileged mindset of it’s okay for me to vote out “my brother” & F2 Ian and cut my inside/outside BFF Dani for the optics but how dare the girl she only just started befriending when she turned on Dani & guy she’d been cutting up since week 1 dare vote against her! Seems she’s the only allowed to backstab, lie or vote out people in this game without repercussion.

Kudos to her for always finding a meat shield and capitalizing on her friendship with Dani outside the house which is why she’s just now at F6 STARTING to play the game. Can you imagine what Janelle or Tyler would’ve done in this game with protection until F6? Much like Enzo they would’ve created genuine friendships with all the jurors & each of the remaining hamsters.

Nic may very well get to a F2 chair but it will be b/c she got dragged there. Make no mistake – the main reason she is still in the house has nothing to do with her game play. Rather, it’s due to protection & relationships and NOT ever relationships she nurtured in the BB house. No if Nic sits in a F2 chair the relationship most responsible is the one her mother developed with Cody’s mother!


Well thought out and well stated.




Agree w/ quite a bit of what you said here. But to be fair…Tyler hasn’t played well either this season. He’s just a shadow of how he was on his previous season. I think he’s played so sloppy this season.


All I have seen her do is lay in bed. No comp wins. Just followed others plans. basically nothing. agree 100 %.


wow TTOTambz! ^^this…all of this! 100% on point!


I am confused. If Enzo wins POV at final 4 isn’t he the sole vote to evict?


The main point is Enzo will likely throw F5 HOH b/c the ONLY scenario I think he is in jeopardy is if TPTB (production) forces Xmas to keep Nic over Enzo with some dumb scripting excuse. So what I’m saying is IF Enzo won F4 HOH — AND F4 POV he would pick who to keep off the block and that person would be the lone vote to evict. And, if he doesn’t win F4 HOH but does win F4 POV then he would have to show his cards but at that point he probably wouldn’t care & even in that scenario I’m not sure he would gun for the POV b/c again he’ll be the safest.


So over the show. The most excitement we’ve had is Tyler and Christmas trying to flip the vote — and that lasted 30 seconds. Even the triple eviction was predictable. All-Stars… meh ?


Tyler REALLY really needs to point out to Cody, Enzo and Nicole how very close Xmas is to Memphis. By sending Tyler home they’re breaking up the Xmas/Tyler pair but she’ll still have her F2 with Memphis. If they send Xmas to the jury house then they’ll be breaking up two F2s with her in them. Tyler could throw a bunch of “likes” into the conversation with Cody so it’s easier for him to follow……


Tyler needs to go to Cody, Enzo and Nicole and swear up and down to throw the HOH if he stays……….that is all they are basing their eviction decision on anyways is who they think they can beat in HOH. Similar to Holly last season, she promised to throw that HOH and she did and still made it to final 2! This is his game on the line, he needs to make the ultimate deal, whatever it takes to stay!

BBAS2 baby

I think Cody already knows
Enzo told him about wise guys 2.0 alliance


listening to cody & enzo is insufferable. idk which one’s ego is bigger.


Cody could justify his ego; Enzo, not so much.

Grod DaSketchy-Lipsitz

Boring stuff like this is why the jury should still be living in the house. It would also make for spectacular fights, so CBS won’t do it.

Julie Hansen

Why do the producers ignore Memphis? I believe he was so unlikable at the beginning that they decided to hardly show him. Why? He’s running a lot of the house yet he’s never shown. To me, once again, the producers wanted him to make it to the end and have downplayed him extensively. I hate it when production plays favorites.

Also, I hated that they brought Janelle and Kaysar back together. They were the only pair at the beginning which set them up to be targeted for the first few weeks. Was that the plan? To used them as cannon fodder until the house settled? It sure seems they were set up.

If Tyler goes, all of the fun would be gone. Nicole deserves nothing. Enzo backstabbed Tyler. Christmas is a jerk. Cody’s OK.


Production always pick favorites…has been like this forever. They need to create a storyline, that’s why some alliances and players are not included.

I also think they decide to ignore Memphis after the Ian thing. Cancel Culture.

Julie Hansen

Production seem to love him which is why they are protecting him. Why don’t they just end the show today and hand him the prize since it’s so obvious? It ridiculous and obvious they either have very little footage of him NOT being a jerk or they want public opinion in his favor. I’ve never seen them ignore a player more.


I’m pretty disappointed w Victor for choosing Nicole as his bride! Like WTF… you pick that snively, sneaky, annoyingly tacky, tarnished, previously used ‘player’ to be your WIFE? Obviously Vic was obsessed w Nicole from his season but dammit MAN, how can he tolerate the constant whining? A few minutes a week for me and i’m done!


Nicole is amazing TV. You guys love to hate her, and CBS loves that….keep on hating and they might bring her back next season.


HOW? she is horrible, only good for laying in bed. She cries and whines. One of the worst. She is only still in the game because of Pre Game and I’m sure derrick told Cody to drag Nicole because she won’t win again.

Barney Rubble

If they do maybe she will make enough cash to get her beak fixed.

Julie Hansen

I love to hate her because she’s a terrible player who can’t win anything yet whines and cries to make everyone feel sorry for her. In the past, she picked the guy who was most likely to shield her until the end. That’s how she’s had 3 boyfriends and only 2 shows. She would throw them under a bus to win.

Now, she spends her time on little acting scenarios so that she gets more facetime on TV. I hate sniveling users like her who thinks she’s better than everyone else while doing nothing but trying to become a cute little America’s Sweetheart with her phoney crap. She won’t win America’s favorite (if they bother to do it this year) no matter how hard she plays cutie pie for sympathy.

What what?

In other news…I’m watching BB6 for the first time. The house guests actually took turns looking at another player’s penis while he was in the shower. I can’t imagine that happening today. They thought it was ok since he is gay? I’m so confused.