Haleigh “Fessie! Are you f**king kidding me? You’re joking? Like I am the liability?!”

POV: Brett Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Brett Kaycee & Scottie Have Nots

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8:05pm Hammock. Angela and Brett are studying the days / events of the season. Brett – I made a map with M&M’s of all the dates and then when I came back in one day it was all gone. Angela – who took it? Brett – them (production). If I win HOH, no matter what I do there are going to be butting heads. Like there is no easy choice. Angela – well kind of. Brett – I am just saying I am going to get push back hardcore. Angela – but I feel like it is kind of easy for you. Brett – one. There would only be one person in the house that would nominate me. Because Scottie is going home. But be mindful of your GBM’s (goodbye messages) I didn’t give a f**k about jury votes but I didn’t even think about battle back. Angle – Bayleigh’s was okay. Brett – Bayleigh’s was okay. Angela – Rockstar’s was mean. Brett – Mine was bad! Oh bad! So bad! And there is no way that she did not vote for her to stay.

8:14pm Kitchen. Kaycee to Fes – I wonder what his (Scottie) master plan is? Have you heard? Fes – no. Kaycee – You know he is trying to think of something.

8:27pm Kitchen. Fes, Angela and Kaycee. Fes – he (Scottie) might not have done all the things people say he did but he probably did most of them. I would be baffled if we get out of here and he didn’t do any of them. But I am pretty sure he did do them and then he’s in the DR (acting like an evil genius). Fes – he is a great kid though. I have no problem with him but on a game level he has done a lot and he’s not owning up to it. If I get called out, I don’t know how I would act. I haven’t been called out this season. Kaycee – just stay clam. Brett – I would want to say some sh*t back.

9:30pm HOH room. Fes and Halegh. Fes – Or do I need to worry about you. Fes – is this week going to be smooth? Haleigh – I don’t know, I’m not a mind reader. Fes – or do I need to worry about you? Haleigh – Fessie! Are you f**king kidding me? You’re joking?! I don’t know if you are ligidimately trying to fight with me? Are you f**king kidding me?! Like I am the liability?! Fes – I don’t have to worry about you. Haleigh – that’s exactly what you’re doing. Fes – meaning.. Listen.. Haleigh – I know exactly what you said. Do you have to worry about me flipping. I know exactly what you said. Fes – what I don’t want is because he’s your friend you’re telling him all week that you’re going to vote for him to stay. And then he is telling other people and they freak out and sh*t. Haleigh – we’re at day 60 and you’re still questioning me!? Fes – I’m not questioning you! Haleigh – what do you need me to do stand out on the balcony and say this is how I’m voting? Fes – come here! Haleigh – no, you’re literally questioning me!? I’ve asked you this entire season to stop doing it. Fes – I just didn’t want you to worry like when he asks you for his vote. Haleigh – why don’t you let me worry about that. Fes – can I not be paranoid in this game too!? Haleigh – no you can’t, not with me! Haleigh leaves the HOH room.

10:20pm Kaycee, JC, Angela, Haleigh, and Tyler are talking about the possibility of a double eviction and how it would work.

10:35pm Bedroom. Scottie makes a “mega mattress” by stacking two mattresses on top of each other. He questions why the second mattress from the end has so many stains on it.

Scottie sets up “guards” at the bedroom door. He then goes to the storage room and puts on gloves. He digs around in the cupboards looking at the pantie liners and plastic tampons. Scottie – why would someone put a plastic tampon in their tw@t?” He then grabs the baby powder, opens it up and hits it to see how much will come out. He states that he though more would come out.

10:45pm – 11:10pm Backyard. Fes, Brett and Haleigh chat about Rachel, Kaitlyn and other past house guests. Fes – what do you think Scottie’s eviction speech is going to be like? Haleigh – its going to be pretty wild. Brett – the kid does improv… he literally does on the spot acting every weekend. He is good. This is what he does. He spends his Friday and Saturday doing improv. Its an art.

11:55pm Sam smoking alone in the backyard. Sam – I am kind of scared. As much good stuff there is waiting out there for me there is a lot of bad stuff too.

12:27pm – 12:40am Haleigh is listening to the HOH music. Meanwhile Brett and Sam are talking in the backyard. (Wasn’t she supposed to be mute for 24 hours?!) Sam – can you explain anything to me? Brett – the only read I have on it is Scottie went to do what his original plan was, that got shot down and he felt terrible about it. And whatever he did today was plan B. Sam – why would he be so adamant about getting rid of me or Haleigh? Brett – I think that he thinks you two are the only two that he could beat on the block. Sam – that makes no sense. I don’t think he really thinks that. Brett – I think he has an emotional attachment to Haleigh. He felt bad and then he went after you. Sam – I am close to everyone that’s why none of this makes sense. I don’t understand why Haleigh hates me so much. Sam – I feel all alone all over again. I haven’t been playing up until this point. I have no idea what is going one. I don’t understand why Scottie said what he said about me. Sam – how can I believe what you have to say? Brett – what the f**k do I have to do with any of this? Sam – you helped Rockstar with her eviction speech .. so did you not help Scottie? Brett – he didn’t ask for my help. I tried to stay out of it as much as possible. Sam – I think he got the short end of the stick. Brett – Why do you think he got the short end of the stick? He didn’t get the short end of the stick he just made the wrong move.

1:30am Kitchen. Sam and Scottie. Sam – do you have anything you want to tell me? Scottie – I still have a few things to sort out. Sam – Is your eviction speech going to make me cry? Scottie – no. Sam – it is isn’t it? Your whole veto speech was pretty rough. Scottie – I am getting played from somewhere and I really need to figure it out. Sam and Scottie head outside. Sam – why did you say for me to go up? Scottie – because you’ve been a target they’ve had in the past. Sam – then why did you say I’ve been playing everyone? Because I’ve done the opposite. Scottie – because you explained week one to Kaitlyn that your power was that you could take someone that voted you out and put them on the block. Sam – that is a lie. Scottie – that’s what Im saying I’m being lied to from every angle. Sam – so all this starts week one?! Scottie – that’s where it all starts. Sam – so you used me as the scapegoat? Scottie – no, that’s the way I was pitched to believe it and going forward that is how you were painted to be. And apparently you made a bunch of deals with Rockstar and then voted her out. Sam – why did you not just ask me? Scottie – because every time I confront someone about something I get blamed for something. Just like if Haleigh comes to me I will tell her all the terrible things I said about her. I took a vow of silence and that lasted all of 3 hours because JC started having a very uncomfortable conversation right above me and I blew up. Scottie – his reason for putting me up is because of week 2. Sam – There isn’t anything that you can do to change how I feel about you. And any gamey stuff that you hear about is probably coming from met too. I think you can do it because you’re pretty tough.

2:50am All the house guests are sleeping..

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This will not be a unanimous vote. Haileigh is going to give Scottie a sympathy vote, it is very obvious she cares about him.

Fes was so bad for her game.


Agreed. Although I don’t understand why Haleigh didn’t fight harder for Scottie not to go up? I hope there’s an hour long special edition of the BB Jury House where the evicted house guests are trying to explain to Fessy why this the dumbest move ever.


RE: How Hayleigh interacts with Fessy

After Fessy’s HOH is over (and it dawns on Hayleigh that her game is pretty much ruined now), I think the way Hayleigh speaks and relates to Fessy will reach a new low. I suspect there’s a better chance that a diseased rodent will get a kiss from her than Fessy does come Friday.

K...bb fan

I am actually thinking Hayleigh thinks Fes’s approach has actually benefited their game. I think she believes that Scottie is not the ally she thought he was and that now they have a final 4 with Angela and Tyler.

I can’t even...

Hayleigh’s game was ruined when she got into the swaggy alliance. The fact that she is absolutely clueless doesn’t help her either.


311 Hay nevwr protects her alliance members when other alliance member are HOH. She does not have the power of suggestion. Hay knew swags was going up and didn’t try to convince Kaitlyn it was a stupid idea she just went along with it and complained in the DR like she’s doing now with scottie.

Kid Rock

Because she realized Fessy is a jealous lunatic…. the more she fight for Scottie to stay the bigger chance that his dumb ass would of put up Haliegh n Scottie….. he is delusional and thinks Scottie is after him(smh). He believes everything Brett says and nothing Scottie says…

Brett was on the block twice and survived to votes… That in itself tells you he has people on his side in the house…


Yeah…but it’s the flaw in her game, not Fez.

She decided to flirt and be fun. Despite some puritanical fans and a certain HG, that’s a fair strategy, but you’ve got to manage it. If you see a clinger, somebody who’s looking for a spouse, that’s a HUGE problem. Because that moron will either lash out at you as the scorned or will target all the other people you flirted with, who are good for your game. You absolutely can’t think, “Oh all the ones wrapped around my finger should be like a brotherly harem for me”

Haleigh has no clue. Of course Fez’ infatuation would mean any rival has to go….and Scottie took Brett’s spot the second Haleigh defended him.


lol Fes = A level 6 clinger

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Fessie is a product of Haleigh’s game play.


Fessie is a product of a rock

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

Fezzy is a product on inbreeding


“inbreeding” from the brother, what a Deliverance


Fessie is a product of a recall. hahaha This product will ruin your game and mental health.


I wish Scottie would’ve won HOH, this week would’ve been better. The utter stupidity of Fes taking out an ally is so ridiculous. He still doesn’t get it, I mean wtf. I can’t wait for him to get a big dose of reality.

Haleigh isn’t really innocent in all of this either, she got played by JC during their drunken night. If only she would’ve fought more for Scottie not to be put up.

I can’t believe how easy these morons are making it for L4. I’m including JC in that too, he’s doing all their dirty work and if L4 are smart they’d get him out sooner rather than later. JC on the block would be feeds gold, I can only imagine the drama he’d stir up.


I feel the same way. I would love to see JC and Sam on the block together. It would be funny as hell watching those 2 lose what is left of their minds. Both of them would be blowing up everyones game. JC telling the HOH everything he knows about what the others are doing and how they have been working together all along and Sam would be telling everyone about Tylers power, in between her tears of course . LOL. She wouldn’t understand why they would put her on the block when she is so nice and friends with everyone. I honestly don’t think she understands what this game is about. Her and rocky in the jury house will drive the rest of them insane, it would be the same with JC being in there. LOL

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Just a week ago Haleigh was spending most of her time in the HoH room, laying there with RS, watching the other players on the monitors and talking trash about Angela. Now she’s finally come down, is laying next to Angela and talking trash about RS.

A little late to attempt the social game with the other side.

When she won hacker it gave her THREE opportunities to make game changing moves; she blew all three trying to “not get blood on her hands”. Her stupid house meeting led to her best friend’s blood spitting tirade and ultimate eviction. Her own poorly played HoH, where she remained in the HoH room watching the monitor instead of trying to secure her game moves resulted in RS’s eviction.

The only area she has truly been successful in was using her “feminine charms”; it failed with Tyler and Brett, it worked with Scottie and Fessie. She chose to pin her game to riding with the physical competition beast.

Haleigh blew her own game up, not Fessie. When the best thing you can say about her game play is ONCE she was smarter than Fessie, you’re not exactly making a strong case for good game play. In the end, they both earned what they’re getting.


Hayleigh’s game:
In the DR: Fes is so stupid, we need to keep Scottie!
Drunk with JC: Scottie is so shady! We need to evict him!
She’s not nearly as loyal as Production’s edit would have you believe.

Also Hayleigh’s game:
“Well, if you guys are just going to lay here, *I’m* going to go get votes!”
Puts on bikini, fritters around HOH room for 5 minutes. Back in bed with Fessy.

another name

she obviously found the person rock was looking for in order to get herself the secret power of golden edit.
if you just watch episodes, she’s just some sweet pretty girl too naive to know evil Brett is trying to flirt-manipulate her, while she innocently falls for fes… and until this episode, she and scotty haven’t even been seen in the same screen shot.
I haven’t forgotten the shady crap about the app. or the hoh. since when does production ask what are your special talents or abilities before a comp?? that’s some shady crap going on.
she considered flipping week one. that’s some loyalty.
she knew swaggy was going to be renom 24 hours before. she didn’t try to disuade kaitlyn. she didn’t give swaggy a heads up. she considered flipping her own vote. that’s some loyalty.
she was forming a back up alliance with brett and scottie over the past two weeks. look. fes is nowhere in that alliance, neither was rock. that’s some loyalty.
it’s quite obvious that in her 21 years she’s learned flirting gets what you want, and if you ever get caught when you’re in the wrong, cry or stamp out of the room. if everyone falls for that crap, they’re stupid.
i hate her edit. i’d never be able to be around the flirting or the crying in self pity or the stamping out of the room crap if i were in the house without loudly calling it out. but that’s her game. if it, and the golden power of fictional edit gets her far… that’s nice.




thankfully only fessieboy and scottie have fallen for her flirting. the other guys figured her out early on. Sam with her HOH called her on it but it didn’t stop her from doing it. If she doesn’t win HOH I see her and fessieboy on the block together. I look forward to seeing them pitch why its better to get rid of the other. She will turn on fessieboy so quick. She has no real loyalty to him at all. Fessieboy has been playing the game to keep them both safe but she has been playing for herself. I hope fessieboy realizes this and flips the script on her but sadly we know he wont. He would give up his game for her. I look forward to seeing who wins HOH Thursday, I just hope it is not haleigh. Don’t want JC or Sam getting it either though. lol


I usually never take this angle but I call this the young attractive white girl edit.


digs her ear, eats it, picks her nose….


I bet JC will vote for Scottie to stay, then blame it on Haleigh… keeps the target off his back & turns fess against Haleigh.


It would be good to see that but L4 side knows what JC has been doing with the votes and if he does flip, they will call him out on it and it could end up putting a target on his back. Tyler even told him that he stops with flipping votes a couple of weeks ago. So, I have no doubt Tyler would know JC did it if there is a vote for scottie. But, I would still love to see fessieboy turn on haleigh. Just to see what he would say about her to the others.


Scottie and Sam should get together because they both are super weird. What is he doing with gloves and baby powder?!


Wait so the gloves and powder seemed weirder than the pantyliners and tampons?

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

I don’t know…the way Scottie is acting/melting down, he may have just got his menstral cycle!


OMG I loved what he said about the plastic tampons, guess he doesn’t know how they actually work..LOL


Snooping and being bored. The question is why is that worth blogging about.


Why is your comment worth writing




Have you checked to see how many pictures of someone’s lunch at Applebee’s that are on the internet? They have websites dedicated to the Olsen twins’ movies. The internet is just a collection of weirdos of which we are a part.


Yeah, really weird. Why is he looking at feminine hygiene products? Doesn’t he have sisters or could they possibly be things he has never seen? That baby powder can be dangerous if shaken in someone’s face. Maybe he’s just gonna put it in someone’s bed. Regardless, he’s up to something and we want to know what. He is sneaky just like Fez told him.


I am a fan of his weirdness.. Too bad he is going to the jury house :'(


Can’t figure out Ratso’s angle concerning the powder and women’s hygiene products, but it seems like it may be a weird aggression toward women. He is responsible for the ‘lack of attention’ he gets from girls inBB and life because he is just creepy!


Does he really not know how tampons work? The plastic applicator doesn’t remain inside.


He said he has never been kissed. He probably really has no clue.


Tampons?? Scottie has no idea how *women* work.
His momma told him women use tampons because a rainbow comes out of them once a month.


what guy knows anything about tampons. I eat it, f it play with it, love it but sure dont know how a tampon works lol


But you don’t play with or eat the tampons and that seems to be right where Scottie is headed.


Sam could be racist, “Curb Stomp”

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Scottie, Son; Dude… back aWAY from the tampons. You’re okay. It’s just a game. Breathe.

hernanday oleary

I don’t understand how the whole foutte alliance was so dumb. I must believe Fes true motivation was jealousy. His nominations reeked of jealousy, he nominated the two guys he perceived as Hayleigh liking. He didn’t have any response that made sense when Hayleigh points out Angela, and half the house doesn’t speak game to him. Hayleigh best move now would be to ditch Fessie, hook up with Brett.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

The answer to your question lies with the effed up leadership of Foutte! Swaggy! “There are 5 if us doing yoga! Hey, let’s make an alliance!” Swaggy is a narcissist and couldn’t think past his own ego (“What do you want from me America?”) how could he ever get a TEAM on the same page?

double D

No, it was, “What do you want from SWAGGY C America?”


Ditch Fes, yes but leave Brett alone. Hopefully Brett is smarter than to hook up with Hayleigh – use her maybe, but keep her at arms length


He could do better

Who said that!

OK,lets jump ahead a couple of weeks when the low hanging fruit is gone.JC has been playing a great game working with L6 without knowing about L6 so his strategy will hit a wall.Tyler is well set up being close to and well liked by his allies however if the rest of L6 is smart they will try to take him out before final 4 if given the opportunity.My guess is Brett would be the most likely one to take a shot at Tyler or maybe the self described coldhearted Angela which would be amazing.However even if one of them did take a shot at Tyler I doubt the other 2 would vote him out. So when it gets to L6 as the final 4 Brett will be the #1 target with Kaycee as the back up.

double D

First it is Fes & Heileigh. Then they will start going after each other. They would be nuts not to take Sam to the final 2 with them.

Your Common Sense

Hence the “low hanging fruit is gone” statement. First sentence. Oopsie… must comprehend before clickety clacking on the keyboard.

double D

I thought you meant the low hanging fruit was sam and JC. please be clearer in your postings.

Your Common Sense

The post was not mine, though it is very clear. Again… comprehension. That is the most important part of reading.


They would be nuts to take Sam to the final 2 if Sam makes it to the end she will win


Congratulations Fessie! This is the first week you will not be on the wrong side of “the house”. Unfortunately that means you’re a bigger idiot than Victoria. She didn’t know what the hell was going on the entire season but you equally don’t known what the hell is going on AND you’re taking someone out from your own alliance! You will go down in BB history my friend.


So the only time he won’t be voting on the wrong side is when he doesn’t have a vote…? Yes, i guess that does make it Fessie-proof.

JC Meltdown

He could have to vote in the case of a tie, he would mess that up too!

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

“Houka Inumuta!” What a wonderful phrase!
“Houka Inumuta!” Ain’t no passing craaaze!

It means no worries (Scottie), it’s JURY for the rest of your days!

It’s our problem free, no-more-Scottieee!

“Houka Inumuta!”

Scottie’s Attorney



Scotty officially is nutbar number 9 playing with these items!!

Cringeworthy like Sams vivid curb stomp description and jc’s taking ice cream scoops to crouches!

It’s a f’n weird season but a good one!


You have been saying “Houka Inumuta!” all season…

The song, and phrase is “Hakuna matata”.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Lol, @Batman! If you’ve read the comments all season, you’d know “Houka Inumuta!” “Houka Inumuta” is the handle of Scottie’s #1 Fan who wrongly predicts Tyler’s demise and “Goodbye” parties week after week! And projected Scottie’s “guaranteed” win!

But, sadly, we haven’t seen Houka in a few days. No doubt an extra long DR session? Sam’s meds? Maybe she’s rented a plane to fly over the B.B. house. “SOS!” “Save Our Scottie!”

Oh well, “Houka Inumuta!”

Rock Lobster

She? I always thought it was a he…

Houka Inumuta

I’m a he

Sam Smoke Em if You Got Em

Congrats. When was the operation?


Oh, I missed that! I was wondering! 🙂


How long is Tyler’s cloud app good for?

BB Fan 646

Doesn’t it end this week if he doesn’t use it?

double D

Next week is the last week. Since Hayleigh will be the only one playing in the HOH, their is a good chance he won’t even use it. That’s another reason I don’t think next week will be a double eviction. They may not even have a double since Kaitlyn couldn’t come back.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

I don’t think he should use it at all, regardless of who wins HOH. He’s got the numbers no matter who wins HOH. But he risks exposing his secret to his alliance and JC who will question his trustworthiness for not telling them. Then if ANY one knows that he entrusted Sam with that secret, he’s toast!! He’ll put a big target on himself with everyone. They’ll wonder what else he’s been lying about!


They usually have two DE and it was announced after Kaitlyn left they would still have one.


One more week


I think he can use it until there are 8 housguests left? Not positive on that though.


Bayleigh was the one that lasted until 8 players. Tyler’s was good for 8 weeks. The really sad thing is During Fez’s HoH would have been a great time to use her power…


There’s still 9 in there now.

Cray Cray

and Bayleigh in gone

another name

received july 6. good for 8 weeks. next week is the last week it can be used.


Hmmm…. they *did* say 8 weeks, didn’t they? Not 8 evictions. So if there’s a double eviction next week, it should be good for both evictions.


Im curious to the time line. If its good for 8 weeks, what specific day does it expire? Noms are Fridays and Veto renoms are Mondays. Does it expire between then and the eviction, meaning it cant be used if there was a double evict next week?

another name

depends on what they mean by ‘next’ in the cloud ap description. if they claim the first week inclusive it runs out on aug 31. if they claim next implies beginning the week after received, he could potentially keep the ap until sept. 7.
guess it depends on grodner’s mood.

Fed up with the Sam pity party

I am so sick of Sam, yes she is playing the game and she knows exactly what is going on. But I can not stand how she talks to people, playing the victim, and when you think about how she treats people it is pretty nasty, emotional abuse really.

I really hope she leaves soon just so we do not have to hear her whine about how she is alone.

who me?

But to be honest, Brett tells most everyone the same thing. You know, the “Lone wolf”


Still… neither of *them* has tried to make a final two deal with a box of tampons…

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Oh Sammy, you are not so innocent in all of this. And to claim that Scottie got the short end of the stick … to BRETT – so Brett should be going home instead of Scottie? WTH? Scottie is isolating himself. This house, especially now, is pretty decent towards one another in a social sense, and not mean at all. If you are making conflicting pinkie swears with people, scheming to get Fez to put his girlfriend on the block, trying to get Brett to throw himself to the wind and use his veto on Scottie, You ARE Playing the game. Not well, but you are playing. And YOU hate Haleigh, not the other way around.

Deep Dive

Haleigh is really overreacting here. Yes Fes is an idiot but she should know that by now. If it were JC on the block I guarantee you she would be questioning him on where his vote will go. And he would be the one complaining about lack of trust. These two deserve eachother.


It wasn’t that long ago she was yelling at Fes telling him she didn’t trust him and he was saying things to her. How could she not trust him after so many days. It was the exact same argument but the other way around. Those 2 are exhausting.


Haleigh didn’t really fight for Scottie to not be nominated, so why would she vote to keep him? I think she has FINALLY put two and two together and realizes that if she doesn’t vote with the house, the target might move to her. Good grief…the Hive are tragically clueless. It’s extremely painful to watch them try to figure things out and devise plans. All they wind up doing is getting rid of people that vote with them. As painful as it is to watch such stupidity, it’s quite entertaining lol I love this season! It’s about dang time BB gave us a decent season!!


The target is already on her and she knows that. Voting with the house or not voting with the house has never made someone a target.

K...bb fan

She stopped short of telling Fes that he would be dead to her for nominating Scottie. But she did have several long discussions with Des tring to save Scottie, and certainly helped Scottie try to pitch to Fes.


Okay, I think most of us agree this has been such an entertaining season. I’m not sure how Big Brother was able to finagle such a great group of houseguests, but if recruiting is the trick, they need to keep at it. I’ve never been the type of feedster to keep the feeds on non-stop, but the entertainment value has me watching the feeds more than ever. I genuinely like these people, flaws, and all. I also rewatch a lot of key moments and take notes on house action like never before. It’s fair to say BB20 has reactivated my BB addiction.

Honestly, I’m completely ready for Scottie to go, now. As much as I like him, his game was blown week 1, IMHO. His staying power was only due to the ridiculousness of bigger targets. Haleigh’s flirtmance with Scottie is dwindling while her “low-mance” with Faysal is heating up. BLUK! I still don’t think it’s a genuine relationship. We’ll see. I have to say that Haleigh’s mouth breathing and chewing on her nails, constantly, are just gross. I remember her mentioning that her mom had the same nail habit, but it disappeared after she had her. Dirty diapers can certainly change your outlook on filth.

Speaking of showmances, I do find the interactions between Angela and Tyler absolutely adorable. It will be interesting to see where that all goes, but like other OBBers have said, I question Angela’s interest in Tyler outside of the game and feel it’s more likely a solid friendship that’s forming. A little cute kissy-kissy would not be a bad thing, if it’s authentic. Angela and Tyler are both mature beyond their years, so it wouldn’t shock me to see them put any possibility of romance on pause.

Kaycee cracks me up. Watching her trying to get BB to turn the lights off last night was pretty funny. She kept giving them a countdown, but they just ignored her. I think they really like messing with her.

Brett continues to do a stellar job in this game. I would have never imagined changing my mind about this gut. He is still a douche about 70% of the time, though. I’m sure he keeps the Bros proud.

Sam told Brett she hates him then told him he is growing on her. Brett pointed out to Sam that she uses reverse psychology. She responded that she doesn’t play head games. Sam’s ability to go from sweet contentment to being absolutely disgruntled is truly alarming. She is self-aware, though. I suppose that’s why I like her.

JC is the the glue that keeps the house’s “Jin and Jang” together. He is an amazing manipulator…just blows me away! L6 has to target JC soon. I look for him to be a backdoor plan.

Faysal is the Louis Tully of the season. He has the wool pulled over his eyes, then thanks the ones who did it. Everything is back-assward for Fessie. He’ll stand in court and defend JC. “Your Honor, ladies and gentleman of the audience; I don’t think it’s fair to call them frauds.” At least he knows he’s a “dumbass” (his words). OR maybe Faysal will win this game. Wouldn’t that be crazy?

I think Tyler will avoid winning the next HOH, knowing he has his Cloud to protect him one more week. It also leaves him eligible for the following HOH. Ideally, Kaycee, Angela, or JC could win HOH and set up L6 for a triumphant end of the season.

I’ve never had more than two HGs in the end that I would be happy winning the game. But, at this point in BB20, I would be happy if any of the following HGs won: Tyler, JC, Kaycee, Angela, Brett….even, Sam, if it turns out she has been playing this season like a tuned up fiddle (still shaking my head at confusion over Sam).

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I like it and yes, the house (pardon the pun) is still out for me as well with Sam.

My problem is we once lived in rural North Carolina and got to know a lot of people like Sam. They’re genuine, simple, honest people for the most part. We can’t figure out whether Sam is just a simple soul that got pressure into something she has no life experience with and is being kept for the ratings, or whether she is pure hillbilly genius.

It will be interesting to see which it is.


I’ve never had the live feeds. I’m on the east coast and the house is west coast. So I thought with my work schedule that I would miss most of the good parts. From your above post, it sounds like there’s a replay option???? So I could watch the good parts I missed while I was at work, sleeping, etc. Is that correct? If so, it make it worth a try.


Yes there’s a flashback you can go back to day 1 and rewatch if you are so inclined.

K...bb fan

I just can’t do the live feed…however, besides reading these updates, i have started watching youtube videos that are posted somewhat regularly from the live feeds. Also, another good source of content comes from a podcast that i find on YouTube as well. The page or creator tag is “Rob has a Podcast”. I think he does an hour in the a.m. and p.m.. He doesn’t show clips but does a good job analyzing the dialog and recapping many events and ties things together well.


As usual, Granny …. You hit the nail on the head.

Scottie is off to the little house

What I like best about this season is that I don’t despise anyone like I did Paul, Frankie, Amanda, Gina Marie, Andy, Paulie etc. Just those I like and those I like less. Whether their strategy is great like L6 or horrendous like the Hive, they are all playing the game not just with the goal of making it to jury.
Love there are no returning vets, more activities to keep HGs busy, no house voting at the outset and few hair extensions. Just wish BB had the adoptable pets like last year and would dole out punishments for the constant singing.
For me, best season ever!


I agree that this cast is made up of very nice people who don’t have any evil in them (other than Rockstar perhaps), unlike other casts. Plus, they are all very polite to each other while playing a cut throat intelligent game for the most part. They have the ability to separate game from personal which is more mature than casts in the past.

I think this is the best season ever, I don’t remember ever being on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next as I am practically every week now.


Agreed though I came close to hating RS and may have gotten there if she stayed. Her constant negativity and blaming her life on others made me nuts.


I completely agree about the adoptable pets; punishments for forcing feed blocks (ARRGH JC, Faysal, and Rachel) and I also love that the HGs have more to do (Jenga, Corn hole, the Geo wall. Climbing Wall, Sam’s crafts lol)


More activities – that’s a great point. Maybe the HGs are just saner because of them.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Spot on, Granny!! The dumb and blind jury won’t see it this way as it’ll all go over their heads! They’re focused anger is on Tyler & Angela, while the real manipulators, Brett & JC, will be lost on them.


I agree. I’m way more into it than last few. Last Paul season I didn’t even watch, checked in here maybe once a week. No reason to do anything different, things were going as I expected.


I gave up He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named’s season last year as well. I figured I wouldn’t bother watching this year either. Such a nice surprise this season turned out to be!


I absolutely agree with the great casting this year. But what do you think Production did differently? Less Social Media whores? Less true BB fans or are they avid fans? Not having any returning players and no Batttleback (thus far) has been great too.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

“Fessie! Are you f**king kidding me? You’re joking? Like I am the liability?!”

Perhaps she’ll ask Bayleigh and RS that question when she joins them.


Fessy- RUN, she will make your life miserable.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’m sure it would be mutual. I guess we’ll find out after they get back from vacation with Swaggy and Bayleigh…which will be featured on Swaggy’s all new YouTube (MeTube) channel!


It’s’ the other way around. Hay- RUN, Fes is making your life miserable.


Other way around. Fes already blew up her game.


At least they’re not pregnant. :-/

another name

Bit of a cranky mood here. I’m going to try to be thoughtful about how i phrase this:
gee, i just don’t understand why the girl (whose social game strategy was to flirt with multiple men simultaneously) would ever be questioned on her loyalty by the most jealous and possessive of those men. eyeroll.
Like we don’t all know the noms were on the block BECAUSE haleigh flirted with them.
Yes. Fes is an idiot. Yes, Fes is jealous and possessive.
Yes. she’s trying to find a way to keep Scottie.

who me?

Just before going to bed last night, and after talking to Brett about how to self evict and Scottie getting the short end of the stick etc., “Sam just went in DR. She was outside alone and after a laugh she says “That settles it, I’m doing it.” Think she will finally self evict so that saves Scottie?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It wouldn’t save Scottie. If she self-evicts it doesn’t reset the week. The nomination, veto, renom all remain and the vote would still move forward. Someone, most likely Scottie, will still be voted out on schedule.

BB would find a way to make up for the loss, whether it be with a jury buy-back or something else.


Or…could they just do away with the DE if she walks out?

Rigged Game

Regarding pantyliner and tampons. Could the ladies explain a few things. What is the deal with the pearls???. Is the pearls a tampon and how do they work??? And why pearls??? Why not diamonds or rubies???


The tampoon is not made of pearls. It’s a market ploy to represent a smoothness. I can’t speak for all ladies but I would not want a diamond or ruby jammed up there…. I really feel you should know how a tampon works.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

I went to CVS for my wife once and I was overwhelmed by blue pink and purple boxes. They even had f@cking wings!!! WTF!!! Anyway I had to put the clerk on the phone to make the right choice. They had tampons, pads, pantyliners, and douches. It was way too confusing

Rigged Game

What’s the point of mixing the baby powder with the tampons and the pantyliner??? Was there any pads available? And were they Maxi pads or super absorbent???


New and improved Scottie… now with wings.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Wings!!! WTF!!! You mean tampons can fly????


Baby powder mixed with panty liners or tampons is a really bad idea. You do not want baby powder around the female parts. Really bad yeast infectons can result causing itching, inflamation, discharge. Very uncomfortable, bad idea.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

WTF do you do with the plastic part of the tampons. And do the ones with wings really fly????


Just curious about some things

Why do people bring up Sam’s comment so much about a mud hole and curb stomp? It’s in a movie (that’s how I know about it) so she could have gotten part from there or that is a legit thing in VA, Doesn’t mean she’s done it or will.

So many people point out that she’s “crazy” but let’s put you in a pressure cooker where you’re ride or die (day 4) has pretty much left you behind. You are insecure about your body (for whatever reason). And you have to deal with that 24/7 like Sam, she doesn’t think she’s good enough for these people people as she said in her first DR. So now she has to look at Angela which even people here think is perfect (with a few exceptions) wouldn’t you feel UGH looking at what you want your body to look like but can’t no matter what you do?

Now even though she says she has NEVER watched a season before only got a few bits on tape but never watched a full season people say she’s playing everyone. She has asked to leave, they said no so with a few people helping her, Bay, Angie and for a while Tyler. Bay and Angie are gone, Tyler hasn’t talked much to her especially game so she has to feel lost and out of the loop.

Now because her “ride or die” left her but she got some info she thinks she has a handle on the game, Hayleigh went after said “ride or die” her “little brother” is on the block because a stalker creep can’t just “pee on his territory, like the dog he is” so she tried something not knowing that’s not what L6 wanted. Maybe if they knew Tyler had a deal with her someone might help him clue her in on who they want gone. But their “2nd” middle person makes fun of her not seeing all these issues, so she feels even dumber.

And people saying it’s wrong or puritanical that she thinks flirting is not good game play. She didn’t say anything about Bayleigh, she screwed in the HOH shower. Her issue is that it’s not “bad” but IMO she said it’s cheap so she feels stand up for yourself don’t have a guy taking care of you. Plus she didn’t/doesn’t like how Kaitlyn or Hayleigh do it. It’s not that they flirt, they take it to another level of the guy actual has feelings (minus Fes, I’m not going there) and it’s more then one guy!

And just putting it out there, why would it be an issue for her to like Brett now that’s he’s scruffy? She’s only 2 years older then him. Kaycee is the oldest now at 30 with JC behind her at 28

Then as pointed out by many people on Twitter, she has her “melt downs” same days…. after HOH…… she can’t smoke from Wensday until Saturday (now Friday or late Thursday without the twists)

Tell me how you would not be “crazy”

Scottie is off to the little house

Pissed over Baleigh’s eviction and Tyler keeping his power app from her, she brought up stomp a mudhole, blood hole and curb stomp out of the blue with her back to Tyler. When defining curb stomp for JC, she has an evil, matter of fact, sinister air about her, which B.B. amplified by playing creepy music. She never decried these as truly horrific acts, just walked out. For me, this uncomfortable dark side was contradictory to her sweet, I love everyone, not here to play persona she entered the house with.

Besides being no fun, she has displayed several personalities. The caring den mother that she is now keeping for those going to the little house, the boss telling Fes not to put her on the block and later insisting and pinky swearing that he put up Hay, and a manipulative, crying, I’m not playing spoiled brat when she doesn’t get her way.

She can self-evict any time. She wants all the guys to herself and the girls gone. And not smoking leaves you irritable, not crazy.


Let’s not forget her “Negotiator” personality, which she displayed in the endurance comp on the trees. As we all remember, she tricked Tyler into jumping off and giving her HOH by screaming, “Get off! Jump off! JUMP THE FUCK DOOOOOOOOWN!!!!”
Such gameplay!


While she did aggressively yell at him to jump down, she didn’t trick him to jump down. He was in agreement to give it to her, but he wanted to play it off as them having a “deal” to make it look worthy of him jumping down and not give away that they were working together.


How do you know she can’t smoke from Weds to Sat? I am sure only allowed to smoke in backyard, but surely they don’t close it for four days? Going for more than a few hours without smoking is enough to drive most smokers around the bend.


They talk about when the backyard is open. With the hacker twist it’s been closed to play that no matter what on Friday so those 2 weeks she couldn’t go outside until Sat/Sun depending on the veto set. The HOH is played on Thursday they start building sometime Wednesday. The veto is played Saturday. So once they take down the HOH set they start setting up the veto…. as long as the veto isn’t a crazy set up they can get it taken down early Saturday. The only time the yard is open late Thursday or early Friday is if the HOH set was an easy set up and the veto would be too. I’ve been watching since season 2.

She wasn’t yelling at Tyler for that comp, they were a team at the time and she thought it would redeem her not using her power and she was trying to get him down so it would end. She hasn’t said anything bad about Angela except she thought she was replaced by her with Tyler, she believes in the ride or die idea. The only girls she wants out was Kaitlyn and now Hayleigh and guess what Hayleigh went after her ride or die so I don’t see that being jealous of her in any way shape or form. And wouldn’t you be pissed off if your ride or die doesn’t tell you about their power when you told them about your power right away, at the very least hurt!!!!!

She didn’t boss Fes the creeper she asked him not to put her up as a backdoor (ya know since she didn’t play in the veto) she doesn’t want to not have a chance.

And of course production is going to play creepy music to amplify that moment when everybody was talking about it on Twitter and even here it’s called ratings.

She wasn’t pissed at Bayleigh going it was the WAY things went down. A huge fight, Tyler hasn’t talked to her, Bay cussing Tyler out. She was lost and she doesn’t like to see that.

If I’m wrong fine but this is a place where you can say what you see. I think she’s genuinely sweet she doesn’t understand the game and she’s starting to pick up on it and she’s getting screwed because her ride or die is not telling her that he has her back the way he did on day 4.

True Dat

They actually do prohibit smoking for days on end…and yes it would drive a smoker crazy. Previous houseguests, because they’ve seen the show, have brought nicotine patches to help with withdrawals but it seems as though she didn’t think to do that. It would take some of the edge off but there is no replacement for actual cigarettes. It’d be nice if they left a little sliver of the backyard all the time like they did for celebrity bb. Not just for the smokers but some people go crazy without fresh air or sunlight so it’d be good for everyone.


Thank you

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing


The real rockstar

Fes and Rosie Palm in the toilet stall. Fes- Rosie why do I always stupid things to Haleigh. We could be under sheet making some noise. Rosie- squish, squishy, squish. Fes- Rosie you have been my best friend since the first grade. I love you. Rosie- squish, chug a chug, squish. Fes- uhhhh


Scottie should tell the rest of the houseguests his sister is Ariana Grande

Crazy T

That wouldn’t jive with him being virgin now would it. Any relative of Ms grande would pretty much get it if they wanted it. Even Scott. Lol


I just decided that Sam’s ‘crazy train’ is propelled by 80% game strategy and 20% pathology. Emotional displays make everyone uncomfortable- is it a form of manipulation? I kinda think so. Just when you think Sam has totally lost it (and she has), she makes a reference to past BB HGs or competitions. Is she crazy like a fox? I do not think this ‘strategy’ will be successful in the game or afterward. She could have been a brand ambassador for something like kooky cooking (just saw such an ad), but who will take a chance on someone whose emotions change on a dime?


Angela/Tyler & Fes/Hal alliance is ONLY real if the latter wins HOH. Angela/Tyler do not need to win HOH this week. Kaycee or Brett will win HOH this week… final noms Fes&Hal. .Fes will ask to be evicted because he would die if Hal and Scottie spent the rest of the game booed up in the jury house.
Final three Brett, Tyler, and ?


Who watches Shameless? Is Fessy actually Kevin Ball?


C’mon, who’s with me on this? Big muscly football type with no real future. Good looking and likeable as hell in spite of being jealous, misogynistic, and controlling. Dumb as that duck he’s always looking for and unable to grasp the simplest concepts. Kevin.

another name

Potential problems this week if you are level 6.
you have three votes. if everyone stays loyal. any chance one of them throws a hinky side vote?
jc might try to throw a hinky vote. to blame haleigh. to get fes to himself.
sam might pull a jury management vote for scottie, if she isn’t told kaycee put herself on the block to save sam.
haleigh could vote for scottie.
because it’s a foregone conclusion to all of them that scottie is leaving, they may get sloppy.

Ron Shaffer

Just write Tyler the check

JC is Pervy

I hope so! Go Tyler, keep winning!


I have high hopes for these people. Tyler will be out 4th or 5th.

another name

editing suggests they are aiming more for a Brett / Tyler / Haleigh struggle with a jc dark horse.


At this point in the game Fez is the best one to take to final 2 as even Sam has played a better game than him.


And you know what…even if Hal end up winning HOH, she would probably be persuade to target SaM anyway…so there’s just no hope now….

Kid Donny 07

This next HOH is going to be interesting. What do people think the comp will be?
I hope we see the jury house


Haleigh is actually smart. Too bad she stuck with the wrong people(CLEARLY). She knows Tyler is running the show. She can’t do anything about it now.


All Level 6 will put Sam-Haleigh on the block pretending Sam is the target, then remove her and put Faysal for the backdoor. They probably want Brett or Kaycee to win it to protect that Tyler-Angie-Fes-Hal fake alliance so that Tyler and Angie don’t put any blood one thei hands

JC would just be stupid to win HOH. But he would probably go with the same plan as Level 6….maybe minus the backdoor thing if he doesn’t want to. Pretend Sam is the target and then Level 6 evict Hal. Then he will pretend that he didn’t know anything about it.

Sam will target Hal. Not sure for the rest of the plan but Tyler will figured it out

And has I said. Hal will target Sam with Brett or Kaycee next to her and Sam will be out. Tyler and Angie will just pretend to be 100% with the Tyler-Angie-Faysal -Hal alliance and work on targeting Sam.

So another easy week for Level 6


Fes and Hayleigh have a real bad relationship that isn’t going to last outside the BB House. I can tell Fessy wants a submissive kind of girlfriend. He’s Muslim and she’s Christian those kind of relationships are extremely difficult unless you treat your faith liberally and not adhere to most of the teachings. Then they may have a shot to be together. After watching Fes not trust his girlfriend like that, it hurt Hayleigh’s feelings. I think that is going to be the norm of their relationship. Any male relationships at work or anywhere else Fes will be questioning Hayleigh, showing up unexpectedly, following Hayleigh. I just don’t see it working. Sam her talks with Scottie she knows something is up. Am I being played says Sam? I need to know. Sam knows she’s out of the loop. She knows she’s in trouble. Fes and Hayleigh they still don’t have a clue they’re in danger.

Hi My Name Is Scott

I do not think Haleigh has any intention of extending the relationship once they leave the BB house. The relationship ends the moment one of them gets evicted. Fes has no clue and expects serious dating after the show. Yet another blindside coming for Fes…..


Of course not, she has more Aggie privates to fondle.


Uh, she questioned his loyalty last week over and over again. That is the most likely reason he is doing the same to her now.


LOL I can’t wait to see Fessie’s face when he/Haleigh gets evicted right after Scottie. Fes is BEYOND oblivious SMH.

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

This is Enzo and the Brigade Part II. L4 is gonna hang to the end together. Angie and Tyler have now convinced Hay and Fezzy that they now have a final 4 deal. Hay and Fezzy are wrong! Blind sided again! Scottie goes home this week. Ideally Brett or KC wins HoH this week and puts up Hay and Fezzy or a clever backdoor. L4 manipulates and keeps JC and Sam close to vote with them. L4 does not want anyone flipping the house. Hay goes out first. Its the smart move! Fezzy all alone is now a basket case missing Hay and he is too confused to put together the L4 alliance. He is a puddle of pee and goes out the next week. Sam and JC do not see their own vulnerability. They think they are solid with L4. What is good for L4 is that Sam and JC do not interact much. There is little chance that sam and jc team up. Bang! Double eviction and Sam and JC get blind sided. They realize too late that they are not part of L4’s plans. And were merely associate members and assets to be discarded. Now L4 battles it out. They are evenly matched at this point. Each with strengths and weaknesses. It now becomes a game of “Who is more popular with the jury”. This is the part of the game where Angela and Brett are the most vulnerable. They probably have alienated more of the jury. KC and Tyler have fared better with the jury. So now it becomes a game of Brett and Angela targeting Tyler and KC. And Tyler and KC wanting to be up against either Brett or Angie. Will KC and Tyler will turn on each other. Will Brett and Angie stick together? buckle up snowflakes!

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

Note to Allison Grodner——- When you do not bring in the vets, the game is far more interesting. Stick those friendship bracelets up your a$$!!!

If they want to have vets, have an All Star season. Mixing vets and newbies ruins the show.

I Just Had Sex With Your Mom While You Were Asleep

Damn right!