Big D “SB you are going to get played like a motherf**ker!”

HOH: Sarah Beth
Nominations: BIGD Xavier DX and Claire
Power of Veto Players: Azah, Alyssa, DF, Xavier, Sb and Claire
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony: Xavier used the veto on himself. Sb nominated DX in his place.

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Big Brother Spoilers – X enters Solitary today and won’t be released until the vote tomorrow.

7pm Chess room – Kyland and Claire.
(Read at your own risk) Kyland – I don’t feel like I have a set path to the end of this game but I don’t have a.. but I do have people that I want to work with and I have people that I trust and I am trying to find where those align the most. And I think that is where.. I think that was most tricky because it came from like you know .. like a week ago or like 10 days ago like… ummm you know the.. ahh.. I was looking at the detectives and queens and I felt like I was in a position like are you sure that because DX said his mental strategy was to eliminate threats that could beat him and his allies. I was like .. I think the hidden implied message about my strategy in the game is to eliminate threats that can beat me and I think that at some point that would include me because if he is looking at it from risk aversion he wants to eliminate anyone that can beat him. And I haven’t beat him in all fairness in anything but maybe he feels like I am more likely to than some other people. Granted does it happen soon, does it happen later? Claire – but it will happen. Ky – And I feel like I am more inline with like .. like I said ummmm… to a … I think when I look at like .. when I look at the ahhhh.. at what… at how move forward in the game I am looking at uummmmm… I think that SB looks at these two (Alyssa & X)… so its tricky. SB trusts those two .. I think a week ago those two would have taken shots at SB. They will no longer take a shot at her… ummm and by proxy me. Claire – yeah. Ky – That being said I know that given any opportunity they would vote to keep her over me.. should that opportunity come to pass. Here are three people that are going to work together. If the third nominee (Xavier) was voted out next week, why wouldn’t I be next. Claire – I think that is a fair fear.

7:20pm Living Room – Big D, Alyssa and Sarah are studying and sharing what they remember from the video clips they saw. Alysa and Hannah then head to the bedroom to quiz each other. They then head to the back bedroom to chat / study with Derek and Azah.

7:55pm HOH room – Big D and Sarah.
Big D – …stupid, the f**k! Like obviously it means I didn’t win the coin toss and someone else f**king did. But we have confidence I am going to win. Sarah – I really think that you’re the only one that is going to be able to play. Other people are lying but I don’t know if they are. Big D – SB you are going to get played like a motherf**ker! If you can’t read… you have to see.. Sarah – I feel like I am not that bad at seeing through BS. Big D – remember I said outside there are certain things that I ask .. that make me go… did you really play!? Remember I asked Tiff, did you get a practice shot before you went and she was like no I just started. They literally said for us to practice before we started.. which makes me go okay you really didn’t play in the first one. Hannah ..when she came back it looked like she just took her jacket off to make it look like she played. Alyssa came back and her hair was like … from doing the spins. Hannah’s hair was still in place like she didn’t do anything. People are good at f**king lying. And that is why I am kind of like what the f**k. I know it is hard to see it but out of everyone here we know Derek X has it but he is leaving. Claire – I don’t believe she has it. SO the only two people I think that have it are Tiff, and even though Hannah said oh I played in the last one.. I don’t know. The other night she was asking where do you think your BB bucks are at? out of the blue. And I was like oh I think I have enough. And she was like okay I just wanted to know. Why is she asking that. No one is asking where my BB bucks are at unless they’re planning to play and trying to see if I have enough. Sarah – I can totally see them lying about it to the rest of the house but I feel like both of them would have told somebody. Big D – but how do we know that they didn’t make a plan with each other .. we’re committed to ourselves and not going to tell anyone. They’re studying together. You can tell who is working with each other because they’re studying together. Like its over a coin flip and I could lose in the coin flip and everyone could blame it all on me. And that is when I am going to flip the f**k out because I don’t like being everyone’s punching bag and I don’t like being lied on. OH MY GOD SB this might be the first f**king time I flip out. SB – don’t do it. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

8:19pm – 8:40pm HOH room – Claire and Sarah.
Claire – I feel like my one on ones went really well. Nobody raised any concerns and most everyone said yeah you have my vote. I was really expecting a fight here. I feel pretty good. I feel like Ky is good with it. For some reason he is the one I am most nervous about but not really. He feels like he is losing DX. Sarah – I don’t think he is totally happy with it .. and not anything against you just that he feels close with DX. Claire – next week will be weird. Sarah – I am fairly certain Big D is the only one with enough money. I am pretty sure Big D has it. But also he kind of slipped up because he told everyone that he made $50 the first week and then he said he got $75 this week. So if he got $50 he wouldn’t have enough .. but he has told me multiple times this week that he can definitely play. So those number don’t add but.. but also it is Big D and maybe he doesn’t realize it yet. Sarah – I honestly don’t know what Big D would do. Claire – I don’t know either. Sarah – and it just sucks with X on the block because then you have to compete against him. Claire – yeah, and he will be good. They start studying what they remember from the videos.

8:46pm Kitchen. Tiff – I’ll drink a coors light. Is this what I need in my life? I feel like the world is telling me no. Azah – I can study with three shots in.. not right now though because I’m a light weight. Tiff puts it back in the fridge.

9pm – 10pm Bedroom – Alyssa and Big D.
Big D – lets cheers.. you know what we’re going to cheers to? Me or you winning tomorrow. Alyssa – YES! Big D – Its time! Alyssa – its time! What if we do win!? We are going to be cracking up!! Big D – B***h I am going to be … can you picture me laughing… I am going to go.. ALL YOU ARE F**KED!!! You guys are in some trouble now! Alyssa – And I am going to be like now do you see why I saved Big D! Big D – MMmmmhmmm YUP! They start studying. Azah joins them to study. Alyssa comments on how she is still being asked about Christian in the diary room. She doesn’t want to keep talking about him because she doesn’t want to look like a fool if he now feels different about her now that he’s in the outside world.

9:10pm Chess room – Kyland, Sarah and Derek X are studying together.

9:30pm – 10pm Kitchen – Tiffany, Claire and Hannah are studying.

11pm Bedroom. Claire, Azah, Hannah, Big D and Tiffany are still studying.

12:30am Ky and Derek X are making dinner.

1am Bedroom. Hannah and Tiffany.
Hannah – Azah is going to vote to keep Claire? Tiffany – I think so yeah. Hannah – so is it going to be a 6 – 1 vote of 5 – 2? Tiffany – I think Ky is going to give him a vote. Hannah – okay. So it will be 5 – 2 instead of 6 – 1. Tiffany nods yes. Why what are you thinking? Hannah – well I would prefer it to be 4 – 3. Tiffany – well tell her to vote for him. Hannah – Azah? Tiffany – yeah. Hannah – I don’t think Azah is comfortable with it being 4 – 3 vote. Tiffany – why? Hannah – too close. Tiffany – I am not going to flip.

2am – 2:15am HOH room. Derek X and Sarah.
Derek – the goal is to paint the picture of you having way more longevity in the game with me in the house. I have tried in the past but this time hopefully it will be a little clearer with visual aids. Maybe this is what the game becomes .. this is over simplifying it but I think it is way more complex than this. If any of these people win HOH who do you think will go up? Sarah – I think it will either be Tiff & Claire or me and Ky. Derek – the vibe that I am getting is that its you and Ky. I can see why on the surface this four (SB, Ky, Alyssa, X) makes sense .. a strong group of four dominating competitions .. and you can maybe run it to the end. There is a lot of game still to be played. I think this other side will win HOH and I think you and Ky are shielding X and Alyssa. Sarah agrees. Derek – lets say before this happens you are able to take out one or two. I random comp will happen where lets say they take out you. If I am still in the game, I can promise you I will not come for you. You will have less people looking at you and more chances of winning HOH. In this scenario, you’ve made it to final 6 whereas in the previous example .. if anyone gets the shot .. you are the first to go. This is the read that I have of the house and again it could be totally off target who knows but I feel decently confident in this. If you keep me, I will always look at them before looking at you and Ky. Sarah – I think I have a slightly different perspective. I think with you in the house it is way more likely for me to leave because you have more influence over these people than me. Derek continues to run through possible scenarios..

5:00 am Ky finally goes to bed having spent the last couple hours with the sweet Sarah Beth chatting.
We’ll be back tonight for Eviction and HOH. Then round the clock all weekend for noms, HIgh roller, Veto and Veto ceremony. Doesn’t look like BabyD is going to stay. If you like sleep then hope for Ky to not win HOH.

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Fruit Loop Dingus


Fraggle Rock Bottom

Been right since day one.

Dumb dumb Sarah has the remaining 2 PONC (persons of non colour, like white and yellow aren’t colours I guess according to the wokies), on the block. Going exactly to plan that I laid out on day 2.

Dumb dumb Sarah is next to go the following week then the last remaining PONC Claire or Derek Non X Factor. There you have it, your next 2+ weeks. Carry on y’all with those deep, deep analytical posts like No Name who responds to herself with graphs and slide shows when an 8 yr old in remedial learning could figure this out…. Survivor US will be the same naturally. Lil SJW Probst will lose his job next yr to that guy with the massive gap in this teeth…


Well what do you expect from “Rock Bottom?”

Jaymie lee

Actually hes stating a fact. Derick x didnt walk in with the correct skin colour this year. So since its all about Blacks vs whites this year he shouldnt even be on the show. And ponc is as riducuolous as poc. Which is coloured person backwards yet no one has seemed to figure that out. Enjoy your racewars bb.


Since when is white not a color???

The Beef

Actually white is the lack of all color, but do carry on.

another name

So, thus far Tiff tried to get cookout consensus (without X) by going to Couch hoping to flip the vote. Couch was a no.
So, is she going to attempt to get the 5 together to take a vote?
Or would that be too obvious.

Q: Does Ky pushing Dx to get Couch to vote for him because of bbbuck plausible deniability not, for 2 weeks running, mean using production as a strategy? And would Couch go for it, knowing that Dx was running his mouth to SB that Couch would nom her?
I don’t have an answer to that.

I do get ALL kinds of creeped out that Tiff is getting Claire to help her study. I know, I know. It’s just dirty.


lol — did you read my response on prior page? (I said maybe they should take a vote — b/c X was okay with that method for Christian)

As for Tiff/Claire study session — I honestly do believe if Claire was up there versus anyone other than DX (even the CO) she’d be playing the dutiful bestie role. She did more of it today which had me wondering if she didn’t think the flip would work (although I did wonder if it was also for jury).

another name

I didn’t see the response until after I wrote here.
I’m thinking at this point the only thing that will truly get a vote flip to happen is Ky talking about staying in and possibly winning the HOH. That’s gotta be a no bueno for every member of the Cookout.
(And every feed watcher saying screw it, it’s mute week on biiiig brother).

another name

Btw, remember we were joking about bullhorns and why nobody has revealed cookout?
Rumored answer:
a staff member is now assigned to patrol the socials of known past rabble rousers.
a couple of repeat bullhorn offenders received cease and desist letters just prior to the season starting.

another name

At present… which would be about 1130 in the bbhouse, the vote stands with two confirmed votes evicting Dx. Two votes are uncommitted (Couch and Azah). If Tiff can flip it, she’ll vote out Claire without losing a wink. Hannah and Ky are jury pandering for Dx’s vote….or are they just hoping the flip will happen and they can blame someone else? (i think the second option is actually closer to reality).

Everything comes down to Azah and Couch. A woman playing from her bed… and a couch. facepalm.

EDIT TO ADD: I know Couch was stringing Dx along a bit. But he changes his mind on a dime. Closer to a genuine hint…. Claire looked up at Az and said, seriously, If i don’t need to be studying this stuff… just tell me. Az told her to keep studying, she needs to study. So both are still leaning to following the cookout decision made before X went into x-ile thus far.

I’m still expecting a Buella appearance. She said she’d wait for everyone to spend their ammo and then come in with hers. Guess she’s waiting until after tech rehearsal? Or is this the big Julie stands gaping and saying they still aren’t decided as the show opens moment? Who knows.

Predictions for BBbucks: who cares how the vote goes Hannah will get 100. So will whichever of Claire or Dx. Couch doesn’t need it… not sure.
SB 50. Ky? If Claire stays 50, if Dx stays 75. Tiff is more likely a 75 if they air any of her wanting to keep Dx. I don’t see why Az would get more than 50… but hey, who knows, maybe the bed bath and beyond episode only voting faction will wake up.


Oh please stop with analyzing what is already decided. There will NEVER be a vote flip. Couch will win the last High Roller because they sent the two people home that could’ve played. This season is a wrap! Last 6 standing will be black (because that’s all that matters, forget game play and strategy). Then the 3 black females go and the finale will be Ky, X and that couch slob. They both will take Couch thinking they can beat him. Couch wins making it the biggest loser season of all time!

another name

100 am bbhouse…
Tiffany says she is not going to flip the vote. To Hannah. I don’t know if I buy this.
Why would Tiffany suddenly not Buella or Muffy… or even pull a Candi?
Did that you know there’s a battle back talk with Couch really stick in her head?


The guys at RHAP are sure there is a triple (prob that 2-hour show) & the only way that fits the finale date is if a battle back occurs or they have a “do-over’ week like they did in BB16.

I didn’t think a battle back would happen with COVID but who knows.

As for Tiff – I can’t say I blame her – she’s given him great tips but he’s running into walls. The problem is he’s either dealing with immovable people (SB/X/Ally), someone who is swayed but then quickly shifts back b/c they fear upsetting the alphas (Big D /Azah) or people he wasn’t even aware are running interference on him (Ky/Hannah).

Similarly, Tiff has witnessed it & we have to assume she’s wondering WTF Hannah is doing. First she got caught red-handed throwing Tiff/Azah UTB and when Hannah finally asked why they should keep DX – every logical point Tiff made Hannah cut her off immediately with an illogical response.

Here’s the thing – I’m seriously trying to figure out if Hannah was always this bad at the game, if the stress is getting to her or was directed by TPTB to do this. When she complains to Tiff that she can’t be the one to nominate him, not use the Veto on him or vote him out or she’ll lose his jury vote you can see Tiff’s face (which was similar to mine lol). She’s got to get to f*cking F2 to get that vote – is she missing that fact?

Her BS lies & rat moves with X/Ky about Tiff/Azah are obvious – she thinks she can get them to push her ahead of the other ladies. Great Hannah even if successful that only means you’ll be ousted at F5 (maybe F4) instead. The truth is they know her memory skills so I still think she’ll be targeted before Tiff & Azah b/c Ky will want her vote in the house & knows X has Hannah/Azah.

I’ve noted Hannah switched how she was playing about 10 days to two weeks ago. She began planting seeds that Tiff is too emotional to X (maybe she thought the F3 with Tiff was real & that would position her above Tiff) but it’s BS & will end up resulting in her losing Tiff wanting to go to F2 with her. Watch– I bet you after the nonsense she pulled this week already has Tiff electing to bring Azah or even Big D ahead of her now!

And what the heck does she think she accomplishes by her overt efforts to move up DX’s exit? This nonsense about worrying about not being able to take him out etc, etc, is ridiculous. She’s been throwing comps all season why would that be an issue now?

Her losing sight of keeping DX to F7 is baffling – each of Ky/X are clinging tightly to SB/Ally b/c they DO recognize having the last non CO in the house is CRITICAL — b/c it would be better to have your ally win (you’re safe) so you can win at F6 & take the first shot at CO & also be open to win at F4 (the other pivotal HOH). Tiff also understands that which is why she wants DX to stay.

The other really weird thing is DX will learn Hannah lied to him about playing Roulette, set him up not to play & thwarted Tiff’s efforts to get the flip — I would think he would be more hurt by THAT than her taking him out at F7 or F6 b/c then they could deliver a Brigade -Britney type speech to which I’m sure he would respect. This crap is snaky, rat-type play and again sooooooooooo unnecessary at this point in the game.

another name

I’ve never forgotten Dx of week one and two. The one that kept saying (along with Travis) let’s get rid of the women . The one that wanted a woman to replace Ky on the block, and still used the veto knowing it would be Travis. The one that then tried to convince Christian and Ky that the women have to go. Everyone seems to have forgotten that was Dx.
Tiff has already been pulling the America gave him money to play roulette schtick. Tiff omits she and Hannah gaslit him into not doing it as much as SB did.
Azah is starting to worry about Ky winning HOH and nobody taking the shot at SB again.

The Beef

As I said in a previous post, Hannah is cold hearted as f**k, and she doesn’t give a damn about DX. She’s proving that now, but she’s basically said it all along throughout the game that she would “cut him” when she felt it was necessary. Seems like she’s a bit full of herself though, and all of the points you made are valid, especially the one you made about needing to get to final 2 before that “lost jury vote” means anything, a point I also made when someone was discussing Tiff losing Claire’s jury vote. Depending on who they end up sitting next to, it may not even matter as the jury will be chock full of CO members and also women, and given so many of them seem to be voting on “agendas” versus game play these days, pissing off one person may not even matter at the end.


All I want is not a repeat Ky HOH. I praise anyone who watches feeds. Listening to any conversation with Ky brings people’s IQs down.


This sucks. I wanted Derek X to win it all. Whatever. I hope there’s a battle back when the cookout are the final 6 and they allow for two people to come back as I’m sure all of them sitting in jury would figure out the cookout. Having two people come back would have better odds rather than just letting one person back in. They can do double evictions to make sure they meet the houseguest requirement for finale night. It would add a lot of spice and excitement back into the game.


If you watch last nights episode you see just how shady Derek x is.

Claire is crying balling her eyes out in front of Derek bc she doesn’t want Derek to get backdoored and leave Derek.

In yet Derek X goes up to the HOH’s to Sarabeth to pitch Hannah to go as replacement to vote out so that they can evict Hannah when Derek x is completely lying to Sara Beth and he’ll just vote out Claire instead! That is real sketchy To do to somebody in Claire who wants to work with you and cares so much when she is crying over you not to leave and just throwing her under the bus and wanting to vote her out instead.

Alyssa to DX- “ I really did want to work with you going into week five and before. If you were completely honest with me from the beginning or right after Christian leaving, it would be different. I do agree any pitch you give me, I’m not going to believe cause you’ve lied”

He shouldn’t have lied as much as he did week 5 and put the kings in the position he did because you can’t trust him after what he did and that’s all on him there’s no doubt that they can’t trust him because who’s to say that he wouldn’t do it again to them. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

There’s no question he would lie his ass off again to Alyssa and Sarah Beth.
They have no reason to keep Derek X because they can’t trust him. He will just do what Hannah and Tiffany wants!!
It’s so obvious that DX bends over backwards for them and does whatever they want! Especially with How he was playing in his mind for Claire to leave before renoms. Dx deserves to get this back doored. Because He has made his own bed being a liar and shady.


It’s BB! Nothing shady about trying to save your ass. They are all liars. It’s the game.


I think Derek X will bring the most action so hopefully he survives somehow.

Don the Con endorsed a pedophile

Well you’re hope was meant for nothing because he didn’t survive similar to your political views not sorry it sucks to suck!


Please lol he’s shady and completely untrustworthy. DX has done this all to himself there is a reason why he is leaving this week.


It was Hannah’s idea for her to go up instead of DX because she knew she had the protection of the CO. Also, Tiffany, Ky (though I don’t think he meant it) and Azah all encouraged him. DX told them about his conversation with SB regarding it. The only thing he lied about was Christian being backdoored. He had others also pushing him to do it. Otherwise, I haven’t seen him lie about anything else. That is why he is in the situation that he is… he was too trusting and believed people. He has now learned too late in the game!

C holmes

Really because Hannah is acting like she loves Derek x and then pushing for his back foot, andclaure has been campaigning.. its big brother, everyone is playing for themselves that’s his w it works duh..


BB told X he isn’t allowed to sleep until 10 — one hour into punishment — X is laying in bed drifting off.


I’d love Claire to pull the shocker & win HOH (she won’t) and deliver the following nomination speech: … Ky you put me on the block (use finger quotes) “to prove loyalty” the problem is you have a tell – when you trust someone a simple question like “Am I safe?” solicits a simple yes — but I asked you that recently & you spoke in circles for two hours and ultimately never answered.

Others have commented on this confusing verbosity but now that I’ve experienced it first hand I’m hoping your nomination will allow us to rediscover the easy communication we once shared.

another name

And then twitter would say that Claire is making fun of his ADD. Even though he has admitted he uses circular (he calls it spiral) language forms in order to keep from answering questions directly…. they’d still angrytweet her for being against people with attention deficit disorder.


Unless she puts Kyland next to Xavier and then another Cookout member if Veto is used (Tiffany or Azah seem like the best pawns) she won’t get him out.

But yeah the chance of her winning HOH next week is slim. And even if she did she would probably nominate Sarah Beth alongside Kyland initially so that won’t work.

Hannah or Derek F will probably win the coin flip and change her nominations to a scenario where they can easily evict either Sarah Beth or Alyssa regardless though.

another name

Tbh, I think the only way X is evicted is next to Couch. And strangely enough, vice versa. Ky goes over both of them. Tiff goes over both of them. Azah likely goes over both of them.

I’m not quite getting some of Claire’s talk with Dx. Mostly they were talking about house dynamics in a way that doesn’t equal what they previously agreed upon… but does fit the company line. That weirded me out.
Before her nomination this week she was saying Ky and X as noms. Repeatedly.
Now she’s kings or SB Ky. She’s the one that said SB and Al are her shields that keep her from being evicted, why take them out when the power is with Ky and X. Odd.


That long shut down where many of the hamsters were sullen upon return sure screams of a major production meeting where they were told how things would play out. It plays into Claire’s shift to SB/Ky plus she’s actually right SB & Ally are her shields b/c they are the last non-CO members remaining.

Several of Claire/DX chats this week have pointed to SB/Ky and while DX is friends with Ky it’s clear they know Ky is the reason they are OTB this week. Baby D is playing it up but for sure HE KNOWS. Tiff said it to him a few days ago – you are NOT on the block unless he stamps this move.

And, you’re probably right about X — although I’m not convinced he wouldn’t leave beside Azah and even with so many seemingly against Tiff I’m also not convinced she couldn’t find the votes – Claire, Hannah & Azah would keep her over X and possibly Ky would recognize a rare opportunity.

If she couldn’t get Ky, then I’d expect her to be the one to pull out all the stops (read: tell Ally that X is using her and that HE, Ky & DF were the ones that shut down keeping Christian just like they did with DX — if she couldn’t swing Ky’s vote I think she would tell SB how Ky told her/Claire week 2 that SB ratted out The Jackpot & referred to her as his little rat then bragged that he spent 5 hours on her HOH to shift her target off X to take out DX instead or Claire.

another name

Dx has gone to SB, to tell her the house is out to get her and Ky.
He’s using the shield theory on her. again.
She has no vote.
Does anyone give a crap about her opinion? No. the reason they are using respect the HOH is because it hides the cookout.
She isn’t answering him. I’m not sure if she’s capable of listening without Ky in the room.
Better come back later after Ky tells her what she thinks.

Oh wait. she’s talking now. Y’know what… I’m too tired for either of their gibberish answers to each other. Here’s my basic understanding:

She tells him with you gone, Ky is mine all mine. mine mine mine.
Dx pushes the everyone hates you angle.
She tells him the longer he stays, the harder it is to get him out of the house.
Dx retreats to I’ll be a shield again.
She says her fear is he stays and immeditely targets her.
Dx says he hasn’t broken any deals except royal flush, he isn’t a deal breaker. He’d go after other people.
She says him leaving makes the road more difficult against more beatable people. Dx in final 6 means he becomes unstoppable. She’s playing to win, not playing to help Dx win.
Dx reteats to shield talk again.
(telepathic message: Dx the shield talk isn’t working on her, try another angle).
Hate her angle.
maybe maybe not answer.

Well now that Dx has finished beating the dead mrs. horse’s ass…..
he’s slunk away with that damn chess board. incinerate the thing. i’m tired of frickin chess strategies that only account for personal strategy, and not counter moves.

I think this could devolve into a triangle of gibberish between SB, Dx and Ky. I’m too tired. I’ll read about it later.
It’s irrelevant what SB wants. Her approval is a smoke screen for the cookout. Why are they pushing for her approval???????


Season is horrible!!!!


When did Tiffany, Hannah and Azah stop wanting to flip the vote? I knew Azah was a little iffy; but, I thought she was coming around if they could get that 4th vote. She was going to talk to Couch to try and persuade him. Tiffany kept saying she wanted to keep Derek X and was going to keep trying. Now at the most crucial time with X in Solitary, they decide to change their minds? Do these women who have not won any Comps (including Claire) really think they even have a chance against X, Ky, Alyssa and Sarah, who have all won Comps? X and Ky will throw it to Alyssa. Hannah is supposed to be the intelligent one and Tiffany the strategic player and yet they cannot see their odds are ZERO without DX???

Did anyone else’s heart break watching DX trying to hide his tears tonight?

BTW…I keep thinking that I remember Julie saying (I think it was when she was speaking with Christian) that there would be no Battle Back this year?

Cee Dee

Since they cant beat DX either, their odds are 0 with him. LOL!

Kid Rock

After X talked to Azah when they we’re cuddling! He convinced her them that DX was the best option to vote out


It’s funny hoe he knew how to get Azah around; by cuddling. Man, I just can’t believe he’s leaving. But, a game is a game. Let’s see who wins HOH today.


Tiff has to be careful b/c Hannah threw her (unnecessarily) UTB to Ky who then told Tiff that Hannah was really upset she was having to convince others to evict “HER person” when she already felt guilty.

X, DF & Ky spoke right after in the kitchen & Tiff kept repeating she was fine with whatever they wanted. She knows they’ve been saying the women do nothing so she said “I’m fine with what the 6 want, I’m aware I bring nothing to the table & you do all the work”. It was quite humorous b/c the guys are saying this & actively discussing putting her OTB & plan to blame her for the COD.

Ky/DF left & X asked her for her rational which she provided (he shut it down sternly b/c the reality is the ONLY person in the CO this exit is really good for is him). Tiff was a little passive aggressive implying “they” (the guys) make the decisions anyway which annoyed X – but it’s true.

Tiff apologized to Hannah then told feeders she wouldn’t push the flip to X/Ky but would help DX with his pitch. Later Hannah (who was pissed Ky told Tiff) apologized to her asking for why it would be better for them & every TRUE reason Tiff gave she shut down with an illogical reason.

We’ll have to see if TPTB push this b/c Azah/Big D could still potentially flip but Tiff is reading the room (and Hannah is the one who truly set this eviction in motion a week ago – told Ky how to convince him not to play Roulette & also told him she would)

I’ve never seen so many people interrupt pitches as much as DX has been & it’s been everyone except Tiff, Azah, Claire & Big D doing it. Factor in the hamsters needed to study for the HOH comp.

As for Julie’s comments to Chris it was there wouldn’t be a PRE-JURY battle back. Nothing is set in stone for POST jury but with COVID it seems unlikely except I’m hearing from some media there is believed to be a triple eviction (and there is a 2-hour show I think on the 16th). BUT given the Sept 29th date that would either require a battle back —OR something similar to what they did in BB 16 when they replayed the week.


Thank you for clearing that up. I am most appreciative of the detailed information. To me, it seems, that X is running the CO. (or at least he thinks he is in charge) Yes, now it is coming back to me…you are right! Julie did say Pre-Jury BB. That now gives me hope for DX’s return. I don’t understand why COVID would affect the Post-Jury? The HG are going directly into the house to live with the same people they have been living with. I cannot believe DX lost HOH to SB by ONE SECOND!!!

Sir Kirby Williams

The post jury may be affected based on who each juror comes into contact on their way to the BB Mansion. Especially if they treat the house like a bubble, the se as how sports did.


“Did anyone else’s heart break watching DX trying to hide his tears tonight?”

I don’t have the feeds but just imagining that in my mind is heartbreaking.


Yea I did. Poor Derek X.
If only the flip can happen, but I don’t see that happening.


Julie mentioned that there would be no battle back last season, I forget who with, because the evicted houseguest asked about it in their exit interview. She hasn’t mentioned anything about it this season.

The Beef

You must understand, they have an agenda. They’ve all drank from the kool-aid fountain of the Cookout, and now they will follow wherever that agenda leads them like sheep, even if it’s to the slaughterhouse (not THE slaughterhouse alliance – lol). I keep hoping one or more of them will wake up and realize this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bank $750K for you and your family, but they seem Hell bent on giving that money to X or possibly to Ky, since they’re the only ones inside the alliance who’ve shown they have any chance of winning any competitions consistently, and that’s what it’s going to take to win this thing going down the stretch.

Hopeful for a Good Season

I still think DX is out today. Will have to wait and see.


I enjoy both Claire and DX as players, so I don’t have strong feelings about tonight’s eviction. (Besides, we know how the season ends). But I must admit that a good, old-fashioned blindside that leaves SB, X, and Alyssa reeling would be highly entertaining. Unlikely to happen, but would be great feeds watching after tonight’s show.

BB fan

Alyssa played a better game than Derek did.
What was more highly entertaining was how off Your prediction about Derek was and that he got a huge dose of his own medicine

Tired Of It All

I just wish everyone would compete like they mean it. Stop throwing the comps. I would love to see a competition really get played. Maybe then near the end of it they could bargain and make a deal for safety. Why not go for all the wins you can get! Everyone throwing the comps = boring!

another name

This is why the mentality of an early season comp beast is misleading.
How many people threw the comp to hide their abilities at the beginning of the season because they didn’t need the win?


I have thought for many seasons that money $$ for 1st & 2nd place winners in HOH and Veto comps would make it less likley that many would throw a comp. We see every season one or more houseguests go for the money, especially if they know they cant win the game. Maybe the $$ winings get bigger as the weeks get closer to the end and/or at Jury start??
what you guys think??


I am having a very hard liking this season . Seems to be very scripted from day 1 . Having a hard time to pick one to win .


CBS has their agenda.


Only thing that’s guaranteed is that CBS decided ages ago that the winner would be a black male. Again, I’ll keep watching but figure it’ll be Ky vs X. Why people keep postulating that any one else has a chance is beyond me. Forget game play, strategy, skill, or anything else that used to make BB so entertaining. CBS decided to make this season a “woke” race card season—-which has set race relations back about 50 years, all just to pander to a few people. They seriously have set race relations back for what reason? It’s pretty obvious and disgusting & an insult to both blacks and whites. Here they finally have some really good players & rather than let them compete, they pit them against each other by color? Just damn.


i can’t believe this far into the season I still don’t know who I want to win. This cast is pretty weak.

another name

Unless something changes in the next hour…
TPTB are letting a late casting stay over the fan fave?
Wait. What? That makes zero sense….
This week has made zero sense already. This is just a really terrible cherry on top. (terrible as in the way it fails to make storyline sense). The entire reason everyone is screw SB is because her noms make no sense from the perspective of her game… but after 2 D/R calls and a Ky all nighter… we’re supposed to think they make sense. They still don’t.

Noted Tiff trying to get Ky to agree to the 4-3 vote. Likely so she could work Azah and flip it. That’s where we are. Ky said 5-2.

When Ky doesn’t throw this HOH there’s going to be some trou-ble.
He isn’t throwing. No chance. He’s still thinking he can keep his side piece to be the last one so he has more options beyond cookout.

I’m still in awe that production hasn’t been pushing the flip. They must have been REALLY ticked when they told Dx to play roulette and he said no, I’m good. Always listen to the production notes.. they don’t like changing storyline mid course.


So much for TPTB setting this up with X in isolation to flip the vote. When feeds went down immediately today & only returned about an hour ago I thought they were setting it up. Instead we return to Azah & Big D both telling DX they can’t keep him. Azah says over & over “I’m going to regret this”. She told him she prayed on it while DF told him he couldn’t go against the HOH — HUH – you mean the person you’re taking out if you win HOH or COD this week? Okay DF.

Showing more of his great social game he does tell Baby D when he returns b/c of the battle back in 2 weeks he’ll be happy to work with him then. Hang on I need to bang my head into a wall — seriously— mastermind? (and he REALLY believes it).

Azah told DF that Ky is going for HOH & refuses to drop until Ally & Claire are both out — will nominate Tiff/Claire & if one comes down Ally goes up. (She’s PISSED). Big D said no he’s throwing it as long as we are up — but Azah is correct b/c Ky said that to live feeders. She doesn’t understand why Claire can’t win given SB is her target.

Plus we get Tiff & Ky exchange – it’s playful but she’s also sending him a message. You know when a friend clocks you in front of all your buddies & it’s funny but you KNOW there is substance behind it? That’s what is going on here. Ky can’t pull the wool over Tiff’s eyes. She knows the targets were originally Big D, Ally (with potential X back door). Then changed to precisely the same two noms he made the week prior. He can’t claim to be doing WORK to keep CO members off the block & then also say he isn’t the HOH — she did what she wanted. NO — you water boarded that girl with word vomit until she caved.

He knows it & TIFF DEFINITELY KNOWS IT. In his typical “alpha misogyny role” he tells her she can “have his sympathy vote if she wants”. Really Ky? She can? You’ll allow that? Just stop — you got him put on the block & you also want the sympathy vote thinking it secures his jury vote & now you’re also deciding who can & can’t have those votes? STFU!!!

Tiff eases up but it’s worth checking out their exchange b/c she really clocks him. Their chat is as follows:

Tiff: So you said I could do a sympathy vote? Yes yes yes? (she’s being sarcastic & playing coy)
Ky: I told you if you want mine, you could take mine

Tiff: So what you said is you really love DX and you think it would be great for our game if we kept him here? Is that what you said?
Ky: Don’t worry, I said in my goodbye message “I wanted to keep you here but Tiff said I couldn’t”

Tiff: Without Derek here, nobody is going to talk to you. All you are going to have is SB – – you won’t even have me b/c I’m going to be mad. Just think about this
Ky:Why would you be mad at me?
Tiff: You didn’t fight to keep him. You let X kick him out!
(HELLO Tiff is using this to get into Ky’s head – knowing this is her telling him that X runs the house)

Tiff:You bowed down like a little p*ssy. One of my best friends in this house is leaving.
Ky: What does that have to do with me?
Tiff: SB, your girlfriend, put him on the block. You let her put him on the block!
Ky: So that you could stay!
Tiff: OH – so it was him or it was me?

Tiff: I don’t care about your feelings right now, Ky. I’m going to guilt you into feeling bad about this because I have until 5 pm
Ky:I can’t feel worse than I do.
Tiff: You can cause you haven’t met me yet. — Okay, I will stop trying to make you feel bad about DX but I will not stop being mean to you.
Ky:That’s fair

Tiff: Baby D listens to all of my stories and he thinks I’m really funny. I think he is really funny too. We are made for each other.
Ky He is my best friend.
Tiff: No he is not.
Ky: Yes he is

TiffL Dear Kyland, I hate your stinking guts. You are the scum between my toes. You make me vomit.
Ky: There is only five million of those on Twitter already directed at me, so it’s fine.

Here’s a link to the video of most of the above conversation —

Anyway – – not looking great the flip will happen given the time so that sucks *ss!

Baby D told Big D to watch out for DE b/c there are people looking to take him out then (that is what X said — watch this get spun onto Tiff somehow).

He also told Claire she really needs to get this target off her & Tiff. She asked him to let her know if the vote switches b/c she would blow people up on her way out. Well dang it — now I REALLY WANT THE FLIP – b/c we all know she’d go in on Ky, X & Big D.

another name

on Twitter, someone keeps posting the worst possible unaltered screen caps from the episode d/r’s. All of SB. All looking like she’s a good 40 years older than she actually is.
Then I see SB in her glasses laying on Ky. She’s looking older due to feed cam angle.
All my brain keeps saying is Harold and Maude go to white castle.

Chadda’s Fish Lips

The only satisfaction now is gonna be watching Squeaky Beth leave next….. she’s been used hard by Ky…….dumbazz


I am looking forward to seeing who the next HoH is and who wins that last prize

The Beef

I find it interesting that the two players who are OTB are the two highest rated players in today’s rankings, and that SB, the HOH is next to last (15th!) dropping even below Frenchie in the rankings! Maybe her comment about “America can wipe their butts with those BB bucks!” didn’t go over too well with everyone? I also find it hilarious she seems to think she has a good shot at winning this game, when we all know her true standing in it – that being she’s most likely the next person out. I wonder if her feelings about DX, and yes Ky, will change after that happens? You talk about a complete inability to read the room? That’s SB right there!


I thought I’d never say the SB I’d female Frenchie She better be evicted next week


What are you talking about, don’t be ridiculous it was actually great because it’s true What Sarah Beth was saying about the BB bucks. It’s ridiculous everybody got their feelings hurt and wanting to down vote Sarabeth for getting get rid of Derek when all DX did was make himself untrustworthy and was going to target Sarah Beth anyways even had he not touch the block this week because that’s what his two bosses Tiffany and Hannah wanted. They pulled his strings!
DX wasn’t even going to vote the way she wanted him to this week. Sarah Beth almost even went home perjury week5 on Derek’s HOH.
I mean come on beef SB had no use for him to stay! It’s so obvious why she had to get rid of him because his word meant nothing and he would lie again to her and target her next with Alyssa.


Praying that TPTB will somehow give DX a power or convince people to flip!!! This season will be shit if they don’t mix it up now. I don’t want Claire to go either but out of the two I would rather see DX stay. Maybe TPTB can do a rewind and keep both of them!!! Listen to the fans, WE WANT DX TO STAY!!!