Dane “Please blood veto, save Kiki & put up someone that’s not part of the alliance.”

8:45pm Kiki and Dane. Kiki – what can Mark offer people?! Dane – Nothing! Except he has the mental game down pat. Dude! Kiki – you’re smarter than Mark. Adam is smarter than Mark. Esti.. Dane – maybe I’m not smarter than him but he can handle pressure. Like I can’t stay in the kitchen when its hot. Kiki – he told us he has a fricken photographic memory. And he didn’t win that memory comp?! How does that happen Dane?! How does that happen? He is going to keep skating by. Hanging outside this house with Mark would be cool but inside this game I don’t see how he is beneficial for anyone! Dane – true. Kiki – because I am always going to go up before he does. Kiki – why does Mark feel so confident? Dane – I’m not sure. Kiki – is he counting on you? The next comp .. probably endurance. I will have to be puking, bleeding or f**king dead before I let go. Dane – the only way I am letting go is if I pass out. Kiki – honestly keeping me is good for Sam and Adam. Dane – you won’t put them up. Kiki – not only that if they were to win they would have less blood on their hands putting me up again as apposed to two new people. But I don’t want to give them any ideas .. Like give me a break. 77

Kiki gets called to the diary room. After she leaves the room, Dane says to himself – I feel so bad! I’m sorry. Yeah I am 100% loyal to the deals I make. I made a deal 5 minutes into this game to 3 other guys .. unfortunately one of them is Mark. I’m a pretty boy.. F**K, F**K this game is hard. Please blood veto save Kiki and put up someone that is not part of the alliance. So I can have both my alliances here. Put up Cory or Damien. I love Damien but .. F**K!

Havenot glitter bombs with Kiki, Esti and Dane.

1:15am Kiki and Dane friend kiss. Esti – Dane would you rather make out with Chelsea or Sam? Big Brother switches the feeds.

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Chelsea where are you.

The only power player this year and she is out before jury.

Sad year


I didn’t like Chelsea but at least she played the game…I hope Kyra saves Kiki (not that I care if she stays to goes really) but I’d like for one of the PB to then be put up…preferably Anthony or Dane. I wish Cory, Damian, Sam, Kyra would wake up and band together and kick some ass! I wonder why Damian isn’t using his knowledge of the PB and telling them? Probably he can see they are flakes and would almost certainly then run back to Dane and tell him! ARRGGHHHH (insert face palm here)

Feeds Gold

Dumbass Sam knows theres a big guys alliance gunning for her…so her tactic is to moronically blindside Kiki (who wants to work with her)

Production please save this dud of a season…

If youre gonna call it a blood veto…make sure there is massive amounts of blood all over Kyra/Sam Thursday night

Force the blood veto to be used(otherwise its a flop of a twist…so much buildup with no bang) to take both Mark and Kiki off the block then watch absolute bedlam unfold with cockroaches scurrying for cover

Kyra or Sam(depending who gets to choose replacements): I cant decide who to put up

Arisa: You can and you will

There are so many boring players…for feeds entertainment Im praying to the bb gods that Keeks is saved

blood money

this why i hope going be triple elimination


What is wrong with you people …Sam is a beast comp …manages her emotions and is genuinely wired as a warm and caring human being ….totally colourful and not BEIGE
People who are naturally like this typically go far and do well life ..showmances are just nature taking its course and totally part of the entertainment factor …which Big Brother is …entertainment people !!


It’s a game. The entertainment is in good gameplay. Showmances are inevitable, but it’s such a tired tactic. If the two parties cannot guarantee back to back victories then all it does is put you on defense 100% of the time you’re in the house. It’s why Adam is being forced to choose between his two “alliances” every week. Any PB member with EYES can see that if the final 5 is 4PB and Sam, then the showmance has 40% chance of winning, minimum. Factor in that Dane is the only other PB to actually pose a threat in comps, it really puts that at like a 60% chance of winning. Do you really think Adam wouldnt pick Sam over amy of the guys at that point?