“I can tell you one thing If I were to win 2 guys would go up and I’m sure you know which ones”

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. Veto players were: Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole. POV was Host was Tommy.  Sam wins the Power of Veto, it was called Food fight. Sam plans on using the Veto on Cliff. Christie plans on putting Kemi on the block as the replacement.  Ovi is the second choice. no idea when the Veto Ceremony is.

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2:04 pm Sam and Nick
Sam – I want to work as a team with the people we love and are close
Sam gives a quick summary of his conversation with Christie. talks about how he mentions an alliance to her with Jack, Nick, Kat, Sis
Nick goes on about Sis being better than Bella in competitions. Sam isn’t convinced “you think?”

Nick says Mickey isn’t that close to Jack. Nick is closer to Jack than Mickey
Nick – Mickey doesn’t talk game much.
They agree Jack is playing a really good game.

Nick pushing for Ovi to be the target next week. Says if he wins this next HOH and takes out Ovi he’ll lay low in the competitions for a while.
Nick – I don’t want to have to put up Mickey and Holly
Nick says the excuse for putting up Ovi is that he has a power.
Sam thinks they have options for the next out, Ovi or Jess
Says it would be nice if Jess or Nicole won the third HOH and took a shot at Mickey
Sam – you think Jess would
Nick – get good with the other side let them win the HOH
Nick says Mickey is the easiest target
Nick says he’s fine with Jessica he won’t put her up he would put Kat and Ovi. Kat is the pawn.
Sam – should we initiate Stage 5 after this next HOH
Nick says Cliff might put up Christie and Mickey he mentioned that to him saying he had a good excuse Mickey banished him and Christie nominates him.

SAm – I would vote out Mickey … he’s eating all our food
Nick agrees “at the same time Christie will be hard to beat”

2:40 pm Kat and Holly
Holly wonders if she should say something about what Bella said
Kat – it’s up to you. All of a sudden Jackson is very like I can’t around you too much.
Holly – its smart
kat – yeah we’ll meanwhile he’s all over you all over Bella.. like dude What the F*
Holly – you guys can’t have a target on your back
Kat is worried Bella will turn Jackson against her.
Holly – I don’t think anybody really trusts her

3:00 pm family time..

3:17 pm Nick and Bella
Nick is saying Ovi is being himself again the person, “back to the regular Ovi that I love”. Nick mentions how he loves the first day second day Ovi because that was the last time he showed his true self “that’s the amazing person they casted”
Nick brings up when Ovi was cursing he said “c’mon dawg you don’t do that”
Bella – yeah but you did it kinda mean
Nick – he’s being himself, I love that. not trying hard just being amazing

3:24 pm Kemi and Jessica
Kemi says there are 12 big personalities in the house
Kemi – there’s clear friendships in the house
Kemi – I don’t like people looking at me.. not looking starring
Jessica – there’s a lot of that in here a lot of starring

3:24 pm Christie and Jack
Jack – I don’t want to trouble you with game talk.
Jack wants to talk the 5 “you gotta pick your girl whatever girl you want”
Christie – what do you
Jack – I don’t care
Ovi comes by .. “whats’ the plan”
Christie says it depends if Sam uses it she’ll touch base with him
Christie – as soon as I know you’ll know but we’re good obviously
Ovi – just let me know I’m good with whatever
Ovi leaves.
Christie – I think it’s nice everyone is enjoying the sun
Christie – what is 5 to you .. me you .. Tommy.
Jack – nick and Mickey
Christie – I think 1 girl is really hard because you can’t split up Holly and Sis.. f* it can’t happen they are very very very close. Not saying I’m not close with them but I am not the two of them.
Jack – you’re my ride or die so.
Christie – I hope so. you’re good at this game.
Jack says Tommy is their final 3 “But we need to get there that’s why we need the five”
Christie can’t split up Sis and Holly, “I believe they are a final 2 I adore them both I sleep with them every day I know”
Christie tells him she doesn’t want them to be seen as a duo. She loves him to death but she’s going to distance herself from him so people don’t hin they are in a showmance.
Jack – we’re breaking up right now.
They laugh if she’s going to be in a showmance it should be a real one.

3:33 pm Ovi and Tommy
They are talking about hanging out after the season is over visiting Tennessee and New York.
Ovi is torn do I shower? I feel like I will lift weights again.

3:50 pm Kemi and Jessica
Kemi thinks there’s a 5 person alliance mouth out Holly, Sis, Christie, Jack, and Jackson
Jessica – yeah, I could easily see that.
Jessica – that gets me so sad to think about it. I thought the maybe girls this year would be a little bit more..
Kemi – I can tell you one thing If I were to win 2 guys would go up and I’m sure you know which ones.
Kemi says the bros have attache themselves to
Jessica goes on how no person can beat those guys in a strength compeition., Kemi reminds her Big BRother usually doesn’t have a strength competition.
Kemi says social and strategic strength is more important the physical strength
Kemi says Nick is the Tyler of their season. Kemi talks about being a fan of Level 6 last season.

4:14 PM Kemi and Nicole
Kemi mentions her conversation with Jessica. Brings up how she pointed out that Sis, Jacksi, Jack, Christie, and Holly are all really close
Kemi – I don’t know how close she is with them

4:19 pm Holly and Sis
Holly telling her about the conversation with Kat where she said Bella was starting to talk sh1t about Jack and Jackson and about Jackson having a final 2 with Jack to stir shit up.
Holly says, Bella is just being mean
Holly says Bella told her she
Holly says Bella lives with an older guy
Sis – what the f*
Holly – she still wants to tell me the whole story
Sis – what is she doing
Holly – oh my god you’re a loose cannon
Holly is stressed that Bella will “f* things up ” before final 8
Holly says Kemi is taking the fall for Bella.

4:47 pm Kemi, Nicole and Bella
Kemi doesn’t see people evicting Cliff over KAt.
Kemi – we decided to use the veto on kat, Kmei you’re going up
Bella – you’re paranoid a$$

Kemi says that Mickey is getting dark now “Turning into my type outta nowhere”
They laugh
Kemi – I’m joking

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Hey guys, when you do the spoilers at the top, can you add “ showmance” updates? I’m guessing from what I’ve read there is at least one already. What does everyone think is going to happen with David? Julie said he wasn’t out yet, and they are doing something they’ve never done before. My GUESS is that maybe whoever is evicted this week will battle David. The winner stays to battle the next evictee, but doesn’t go back in the house. Then at some point towards the end they send whoever is still standing back in the house. Thoughts?


Does anyone else get really confused when some of them refer to Jackson as Mickey lol