“I am so jealous because you are going to marry Pizza boy and Nick is F**** awesome”

CBS Interactive Inc.

8:20am – 9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Andy, Judd, Elissa and Ginamarie head inside from having a dance party to the wake up music in the backyard. Ginamarie heads back up to the HOH room to start getting ready. Judd and Elissa get ready in the bathroom. Everyone else is sleeping. Elissa does her run out in the backyard and then comes back into the bathroom. She asks Judd how much time they have before the veto meeting. Judd figures they have another 45 minutes, give or take 10 minutes.


9:37am JUDD cleans


9:42am The calm before the veto ceremony
(They’re the underdogs now ;) )


10:08AM HOH GM and JUDD
Gm – ‘What’s cooking good looking’
JUDD – ‘nothin.. what’s cooking mMMHMmhmhm’ (He mumbles out the last bit)

JUDD asks her if there is anything new. GM says Amanda came in late last night but GM pretended she was sleeping.

JUDD says that Amanda is pissed she thinks GM wants to get them out because they are a couple.
GM – ‘She’s going to use that because I have Nick’
JUDD more or less tells GM that Amanda says GM is jealous of her and McCrae and that is why she is on the block. This more or less enrages GM.
JUSS adds that Amanda is saying she’s grabbing Nick’s hate on her way out on Thursday.

GM ‘ I am so jealous because you are going to marry PIzza boy and NIck is F**** awesome’
GM – ‘F*** this i’m not going to give them my room on wednesday’
JUDD says Amanda they had sex in every room in the house and she gave MC a Bl!w job in the bathroom stall.. do ou know how gross it is in there’

GM – What a dirty f*** skank’
JUIDD – ‘I want to get a tetanus shot after this’

GM: “Can’t believe she used the F*** card that I am jealous of her she’s jealous of me because I got her fucking ass out.. I won 2 HOH competitions’

10:12AM Trivia POV ceremony

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Pinocchio Obama

I think we are in for a great week of Big Brother.

1. Please CBS do not cheat us out of Julie questioning Amanda after her eviction. She needs to answer for her actions.

2. Please show us Amanda’s “greeting” at the jury house. In fact it would be nice if you showed us some jury house footage on a regular basis.

3. I remember Amanda talking about how her boyfriends mother had signed up for the live feeds. That had to be the best purchase she ever made. How can you put a price on saving your sons life?

4. As much as I wish I would never see Amanda again after this show I think it is only a matter of time before we see her and McCrae on Maury taking a paternity test to see who is the father of her baby.


ROFLMAO….well said! If it is too boring in the BB house, switch us to the Jury house please. That should be epic. Like a shark attack


You are right on and funny, too!!!!


This is the best post of the season Pinocchio.


#3 is fantastic and so right.

Go Elissa!

This will be the best exit of the year when Amanda leaves the house. I hope Julie interviews her as harshly, if not more, than she did Aaryn.


Short interview due to double eviction

The psychoanalyst

Chen should leave the judging to the individual viewer and not play God. She doesn’t speak for me. So don’t try and manipulate me on how I should feel. Save the sanctimonious politically correct inquisition for a show where there’s a bunch of priests and nuns in a house and say objectionable things. That really pissed me off when she blindsided Aaryn with the gotcha questions. Who is Chen to judge anybody on how they play a game for a $500k prize?


I notice she didnt say anything to helen and candice about the derogatory things they said.
Chen and many of the posters here are PC hypocrites!!!


Journalist NOT judging!!!! Julie is a journalist and will ask the hard questions. I don’t see how you get judging from reporting the truth!!!

The psychoanalyst

The best exit has yet to come – when fake two-faced Elissa goes out the door. Hopefully that will be on Thursday with the double eviction.
GM is such a skank. She IS jealous of Amanda, they all are. The only reason they want her out is because they know she would win if she made it to final two. So the floaters are doing what floaters do best: get rid of the players who carried them all season. Judd the retard is being the shady shit stirrer that he is. GM you never were going to give them your room. Just like you never are going to stay true to the exterminator alliance. You have another one going with Elissa. Sad thing is, Elissa has Judd. So you will be kicked to the curb soon, with egg all over your nasy looking face. And you’ll see your new best friend’s exit interview laughing at you and basically calling you disgusting and telling you to go to hell. You stuuuuupid pathetic creature.


Your post defines the word deluded.


Uh, getting strong players out is called PLAYING BIG BROTHER!


Then if Elissa go, it need to be a triple eviction. Because it will be a for sure Dead Show. Actually if they do vote Elissa out it would be good for me. I can just wait to Final night and watch the shown. Lol


What show are you watching. The whole point is to get out other houseguests so you win the 500k! Of course they want Amanda out. Jealousy has nothing to do with it. The fact of the matter is, all we have seen is that Amanda is a filthy, vile creature. And it can’t look any better to the houseguests. Plus, several of them have mentioned the odors


why is that even an issue don’t like either oh shes jealous of the other girl do you see guys doing that no that’s why they have won 9 of 14 women distracted by emotion and don’t use there brain you just acknowledged that the whole show is almost always girl on girl fights occasionally girl on guy

Ummm Okay

Maybe it is time for you to turn off the TV and pick up a good book.


No way in hell she would win if in final 2. Her only chance at winning is possibly against Elissa!


You are angry and hateful, good luck with that!!!

Demanda interview

Demanda deserves an interview 10 times better than Aaryn. Demanda is not only racist like Aaryn, she is a bully, mean, dirty, vulgar, and delusional. So she is much worse than Aaryn. I hope Julie quotes her racist comments on blacks and Puerto Ricans. Also, when she talked filth about Elissa’s family and about how much she hates her and wants to kill her. And let’s not forget her horrendous comments on Jessie, etc., etc., etc.


Actually, Julie should say nothing to aMANda, and just play a long montage highlighting her behavior.

Big Sister

And Howard, for sure! Psychoanalyst needs to see one of his/her colleagues…


I want Templeton (Andy) to get what is coming to him. I would love for Demanda and/or Mcwussy to over hear him talking about getting them out, and then that’s when I’d love to see her flip out and put his rat face Templeton ass on blast in front of everyone! Just spill the beans on EVERYTHING from the beginning until now. That would be a great and a double eviction for RAT FINK for sure. Back peddle them punk.

just wow

hope gm doesn’t let them sleep in the hoh bed. i agree with the person that posted a few days ago. you want the hoh bed, win an hoh.


Oh my… I just found out amanda is from my hometown. I feel sick to my stomach. Wonder how all these hgs are gonna react when they lose bb15 and their jobs at home in the process? There’s gonna be a ton of horrible tv/media appearances after the show to stretch their 15mins of fame! Can’t wait? Lol


Just a tid bit from an interview amanda gave before the show… Hmmmmmmm

Her strategy, she told the site, was to befriend the women before the men, to try to curtail cattiness, and to use the listening skills she’s developed in her career.
“I really find that I’m able to relate to people really well and have people open up to me,” she said. “In the beginning, I’m not going to be too aggressive. I am an aggressive person, but I’m definitely going to relax that a little bit and really listen to everyone in the house and let them just talk, talk, talk and dig their own grave.”

Amanda's Therapist

amanduhhhh* OMG!! Can you imagine the BB WHORE,
Amanda , pressuring her client(s) as a REAL ESTATE AGENT? She probably puts the FEAR in them!!
YOU BETTER BUY from me ….. OR ….. you’ll … be



Hah in the negotiation room… Don’t you dare look at me with that poker face. Who do you think I am? I don’t do business with spoiled, antagonizing, classless agents like yourself. Find your commission elsewhere. OFFER DENIED.


Its not that I don’t agree with you – it’s just that your comment isn’t funny enough for one LMFAO let alone five of them.
But you saved yourself with the A MAN DUH comment. A+ for being original.


I thought it was funny as hell. I was actually laughing out loud.

The psychoanalyst

You are deluded if you think Amanda is going to suffer after this season is over. She is going to be a wicked success and that will make you haters who are so obsessed with her even angrier. Ha ha. Amanda will be just fine because nobody cares about BB or what anybody said or did on a reality tv show for a $500k prize. You haters need to get a life already.

Ummm Okay

It depends on what you perceives as success. You must think happiness and success can be borrowed owned earned purchased or consumed. To some people success is living a full life by giving and receiving unconditional love while enjoying their blessings. Amanda could have made it all the way and bullying was not the key to use. She will have regrets “because she is human”.

Gina Marie's Combat Boots

Good move Judd, you finally woke up and starting playing BB!

Gina Marie go stomp the blubber outta that whale!

The psychoanalyst

Judd is a lying shit stirrer. He’s only stroking GM in case she was having second thoughts about keeping Amanda. Judd is a lazy dumb ass and he is shady and that’s why he was already evicted once in this game. So unfair he got to come back. Now he acts like he owns the place. Hope that loser gets blind sided again, and soon.


Does anyone else wonder what’s going to happen when Gina meets Nick’s girlfriend on the finale? How weird will that be! I’m guessing he came to BB15 with a girlfriend and didn’t say anything?


BB, You mean boyfriend right!?!?! Lol
He should be forever thankful she kept him relevant and extended
His two minutes of fame.

Amandas Deep Throat

@ BB15 , I would go with boyfriend. He seemed like his skin crawl around women…

nick with rachel

Nick did interview with Rachel and he never mentioned a girlfriend he in fact said he would love to meet up with GM and see what happens. He was happy that everything she said in the house was real. he was very nice about it all.


Does Nick have a GF? I would love to know what his feelings for Gm are or is she completely delusional about this supposed relationship they have?

not surprised

I’m willing to bet if Amanda is confronted by Julie that she will just blame what she said on game play. Pretty sure everyone is going to be disappointed.


Just like Aaryn used Texas as her excuse for racist remarks, Amanda already has an excuse for her vile behavior–THEY PUSHED MY BUTTONS!. everyone knows that if someone presses your buttons you are allowed to do or say anything you want in return, without reprisals. NOT!


wow is all I can say….Amanda 4 life…amazed at you! Nuts!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I think you’re right. Amanda WILL say that everything she did in the house was strategy and was an attempt to get further in the game. Julie Chen should really remind her that the winners of the last 14 seasons didn’t have to resort to racism and bullying to win the money.

Amanda 4 life

Wow, did you see how Amanda handled the nominations? She just sat there and didn’t say anything. No complaining, no attacking. She is pure class.

A classy performance by a classy lady. The rest of these bums should take a lesson from Amanda on how to carry yourself.

Sadly it looks like she’s going to be voted out. The rest of the house are so jelly. They just can’t handle being outclassed so badly by Amanda.

I wish I lived in Florida, just so I could buy a house from her.

Elissa for the Win

You’re as delusional as damanda!


Obviously you only watch the edited version CBS wants you to see. Sorry to burst your bubble but she reacted in her usual disgusting way.


Oh, please! Give us all a break and take your sarcasm somewhere else.


This is either extreme sarcasm or you’re just looking to get a rise out of people. There is no way a sane person can feel this way about Amanda.


No we didn’t. We only saw what she did before and after the ceremony.
For the ceremony, yes you are right it was a performance for show.

Truth is....



Oh my, can’t let this comment go without saying someing….

Classy Lady? Holy crap. How on earth can you define her a classy lady? Have you been watching the same show as all of us? She gloats about having sex throughout the entire house even in other people beds they actually sleep in. Never once changing sheets. Giving her faithful puppy blowjobs, Saying how she would love to squirt her vagina c** in Elissa’s eyes (this was said on one of the after dark clips) Verbally attacting Elissa on MANY occassions. Yes, sometimes Elissa pushes her buttons but NEVER to the extent of Amanda’s attacks. Usually, Elissa just smiles,laughs or walks away which only just pisses Amanda off even more. This girl is pure disgusting trash and a huge bully to boot, Yeah, she didn’t mouth off to GM during the nomination ceremony. Ooopie Doopie…That was a first!!! Soooo, the ONE time she didn’t go off on someone definitely doesn’t entitle her to a class lady standard. Just sayin…………

Ms D.

She didn’t say anything because she was humiliated…. She felt like the fool she is…..


must be a relative


Wow……Are you on crack? Amanda is the least classy person I’ve ever seen.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

What is classy about getting on your knees in a dirty bathroom stall giving a guy a bj???

Just a Fan

Yes, Amanda, the same classy lady who said to Elissa at the POV ceremony after Elissa put Andy up as the replacement nominee “Sit down Trash.” I see why you think Amanda is classy (I need to let you know that is sarcasm)……that says a ton about you.


Is this her mother speaking?


hey how about a bridge in brooklyn?


Amanda is a ditch pig.


Even if you lived in Florida you would not be buying a house from her any time soon, since she got fired from the agency she was working for!!! And judging by her actions and behavior in the BB house it will probably be hard for her to find a new one to work for!!!


My advice for Mcrae once this show ends: RUN. Go to a place where she’d never find you!


AND…McCRae get yourself checked for STDs. A women that loose is bound to have something.


I don’t think you can go into Witness Protection for being a dumbass and that’s the only way he’ll be able to escape


You’re right about witness protection but if he does find a way to hide from her he should stop by and pick up Nick on the way.GM is nuts !


I don’t see them lasting
She cheated on her boyfriend the first week in the house. I bet on her
Flight to Florida she is going to find her next boy toy.


Good Riddance that Amanda is leaving this Thursday. I’m so sick and tired of her b$tchy about it. Your going to the Jury house. Thank you GinaMarie for not letting McCranda using your HoH room on Wednesday. She is really needs to go.


I hope the rumors aren’t true that Amanda has the diamond pov because that would suck.


McCrea’s got it. ;)

Elissa for the Win

Please Please Please CBS! Don’t rig Amanda’s eviction to let her stay!!!

Flies in bb bathroom

Judd is the man! if he and Elissa can somehow get through this double eviction…you can bet on one of there names on a cheque for $500 000. Lets hope they can somehow how catch red rat’s selfish game play and realize he cant be trusted. He’s gonna be “like a fly on mcCrea’s ass” if mcCrea wins hoh, hope that dont happen.


Sooooo glad GM is rethinking giving MCranda the HoH bed again this week! I hope she sticks to her guns on this, tho Amanda will say “it makes no sense” that GM won’t let us use her bed after she promised!

Amanda's Therapist

geanieb* Why is Amanda needing a bed?
Anywhere in the BB house…..sex with McPussy¿
SHE is the LOWEST¡



Grab a jar it’s labour day


i hope that production doesn’t give them a pandora’s box, which would probably nullify the noms to save amanda.. knowing how production is, and the supposed friendship between AG and amanda, i wouldn’t be surprised.


BTW I tweet once in awhile here https://twitter.com/simononlineBB Official site stuff here https://twitter.com/bigbspoilers and all the best stuff here https://twitter.com/DawgsBigBrother


Nomination ceremony going on now. Doubt it will happen but would love to see Andy up there as replacement so he could see Amanda throw him under the bus all week.


I hadn’t even thought of that, but that’s BRILLIANT! If GM were smart that’s exactly what she would do. It would cause the McC/AM duo to come after Andy—the person they think is the only person on their side. It would really show where Andy’s loyalties lie as well. Andy is so sneaky and makes so many promises to so many people I really never have any idea who he’s with.


Should be Andy up!!!!

Jacket Jacket

I have a strange feeling that Andy will be the winner. I so hate it but it seems he can play all the remaining houseguests in the house. I’m worried all of the houseguests would get Elissa out with Amanda Thursday because Andy hates her and pretty much influenced everyone to hate her too, especially crappy Exterminators club.

Elissa for the Win

Don’t know whether to give you a thumbs up or down on this comment, lol! OMG I’m getting sick thinking about the red rat bastard winning the whole enchilada!

Elissa for the Win

and that wasn’t my thumbs down to your comment!


Here’s hoping Elissa wins HOH I think she would put up Andy and McCrae and they’d campaign against each other and the truth may then come out

canada fan

Amanda and McCrae look stinky on TV probably worst in person. They both deserve each other, they are proud of their nothingness.


They are casting as we speak, Amandud and McCrack for The Hills Have Eyes 3. McCrack will be perfect once Amandud knocks his teeth out.

Done & Done

I too would love to see Andy up there next to Amanda. Someone should tell Amanda that GM will “comfort” McCrae after she leaves this week, just to see her freak out.


Seriously, I doubt anyone is interested in comforting Mcrae. Who, would even joke about such a thing. Where talking about a guy who when asked by Amanda “did you brush your teeth, did you shower, did you wash your hair” to all of those questions he answered with a resounding no! I always chuckle when l hear Amanda complain about not wanting Mcrae to go to jury house first because of Jessie. Him by his own admission stated that he only showers once a week. I don’t doubt for a second that he smells like mustard soup (Spencers words not mine). Good for Judd for wanting a tetanus shot after leaving the house, the rest of the houseguest should follow suit. Just saying.

Done & Done

Oh I agree that it wouldn’t happen. I’m saying someone should say it just to tick Amanda off.

Stop the hate

All the houseguests do have their endearing and annoying qualities, much like very single one of us who comments here. Nobody’s perfect. I guess our comments just reflect whose annoying qualities were willing to accept and whose get on our nerves. Elissa may be the most liked among them but she is said to be snobby and arrogant, Amanda is very straight-forward but can be too much of a bully, McCrae is like the typical boy-next-door but he’s a pussy who lets Amanda do all the nasty things she does, Judd is very likable and loyal, but he is also dumb, GM is entertaining but she is a stupid racist, Andy gets along with everyone, but he doesn’t have the balls and rats everything to Amanda, Spencer.. Who is that?

My wish for McCrae

is that he goes up during Double Eviction and his speech is:

“Yeah, I dunno…..I know you all think I just did whatever Amanda wanted me to do, but in my defense, what did you expect?! She offered to give me a hand, f**k, suck, lick, blow, and I think there was one more but I forgot, yeah I dunno. I am a guy and I come from a small town in Minnesota and we are very sheltered, so what did you expect? Yeah, I dunno. I think you need me to get further

don't know who to root for!

Can’t wait for the veto, but I assume it’s predictable. McCrae will use the POV on self (he’s not totally stupid!) and GM will put Spencer up. Amanda will then cuss everyone out, blaming Elissa and GM and then wonder why GM won’t let her stain her bed. Here’s my take on the HGs:

!. Amanda – at first I thought she was a good player, master manipulator, a bit of a bitch, but definitely the one to beat. I still think that until her mental breakdown, she played harder than anyone. After a while, I thought can’t wait till the audience bets a hold of her, but now I’m with Judd – her life is pretty much over. It’s apparent that she is mentally ill. Her parents should have pulled her and baker acted her (FL’s 5150 procedure). CBS should be worried about a potential lawsuit if she harms anyone. Do I think mental illness is her only problem? No, a lot of people have mental illness without turning it against others. That really is the ugly in her, but I can still feel bad for her.

2. McCrae – we don’t know if he ever had any talent at this. He pretty much wasted his time there.

3. Elissa – Should have kept her mouth shut about her possessions, but otherwise, I gotta give her props. She may have voted with the house, but she kept telling Helen, we can’t vote out our allies – her hands were tied when she threw her lot in with Helen, who initially appeared to be a strong player too. Is she stuck up – maybe, but I think she’s just more reserved and talking about what she knows (not good socially). But she is the first one in this group to finally go after the main showmance (even if she botched it), and she did break up 3 a.m. She also is the first HOH to truly play for her game. As far as her passive agressives – can you blame her? It has to be frustrating to live with Amanda and her tirades and absolutely no one will step in, not even CBS, who does have a duty to keep the housemates safe (even to a certain extent mentally). As for thinking she’s better than the others – at this point,don’t we all. Those HG’s are gross.

4. Judd – He’d be a fun friend, but he’s obviously sheltered and gullible. If he makes it to the end it will be because of luck.

5. Spencer – gross – his idea of playing is truly floating. And I can’t stand the way he talks about women.UGH!

6. Gina Marie – I am ambivalent about her. 2d HOH to truly play for her game and am happy that she did the MCRanda nominations. she may have some disabilities, but I love how she just nods no matter who is talking and pretends to kinda agree or take their words into consideration. I think she is finally playing the game, but I hope she doesn’t truly trust her new alliance. Spencer and Andy would roll over on her in a hearbeat. She needs to learn how to think before she talks and her built-in censor isn’t working. She is kinda racist, but I don’t think she is intentionally mean.

7. Andy – By far the best player so far. He is not a true floater like Spencer. He actually participated in and influenced the McRanda alliance and their votes. He has everyone except for Elissa believing in him (she’s got a good instinct regarding people), which is why he is influencing the Exterminators to get rid of her next instead of McCrae. He has played to his own strengths. He smells like a rose when in reality his mouth is bloodier than Dracula’s. I consider him to be one of the smarter players left (with Elissa). But I can’t stand him – his self righteous sobbing when he was nominated and his own misogyny. His principal needs to at the very least suspend him, and if he works with young children fire him. He’s entitled.


Spencer went up as replacement, yippy. Bye Amanda


Great News!!!!! Spencer is a replacement nominee!!!!!!!

Andy is a rat loser

I can’t take another day of Mcslob, that filthy piece of trash. He sounds like a moron with his “yeah, yup”. Is he braindead….

not amused

If by chance Amanda ends up getting some special pov and both her and McCrae stay this week, then I’m done with this show. Its a game so there shouldn’t be any rigging of the winner by production, let the chips far where they may. I know I am only one person so they won’t care, but I do.

You're crazy

I don’t understand why everyone is so against Amanda and McRae. Elissa is a stuck up bitch who looks down on everyone. Andy might be the biggest floater ever. Judd shouldn’t even be in the running for the game at all because he already got voted out. At this point I hope Spencer or McRae win. Even though Spencer have only won a veto he has been put up on the block 7 or 8 times and lived to fight another day. I would much rather see Amanda stay then Elissa dumb ass. She doesn’t deserve to even be on the show.

Jill F

BB is so boring this year. no Pandora’s boxes, no other twists aside from Judd going back and MVP. I hope they made up for the crappy cast by giving a little bit of excitement. Such a waste to watch, the only reason I am watching is because I have invested on it.


It is awesome to see a nasty skank like Amanda get what she deserves! That pig has harassed every person that doesn’t obey her and she uses vulgar and personal insults because she is a classless maggot and a worthless bully. The thought of that scumbag having sex is enough to nearly make me vomit! McCrae was a cool guy in the beginning but I have no respect for a punk that ignores a once in a lifetime opportunity to help his family and himself just so he can lay around with some easy pig! Bottom line is that Amanda is a complete loser and she has no business being there anymore. She has done nothing but fight and cant win squat! It will be nice to never see that tramp in her nasty daisy dukes or seeing her fat flat butt parading around in panties….barrrrf!! I loved it when she was bullying elissa and taunting her about how nobody likes her and shes going home, then calling her horrible names and telling her how stupid she looked for laughing while the truth was that Amanda was looking like a clueless sucker!! Wonder if she still feels “glorious and triumphant” hee hee stupid azz maggot!

Jill F

If McCrae isn’t too stupid, I hope he figures out that Andy is not on their side with his vote. If he votes to keep Amanda, it will force GM to a tie-breaking vote, which is the only way to save Amanda.


Jill who else would vote to keep Amanda?

Real Scandals Phony President

Nobody else would vote for Amanda. Even if Andy wanted to vote for her he would be too scared to vote “against the house”. Hopefully Thursday we are finally going to see Amanda put down.

You So Funny

Don’t care much about who wins the game, I’m more anxious to see what happens to Amanda, Aaryn, GM and Spencer when the game is over.


Amanda is pig


Damanda will make lots of money after the game. Everyone loves a villain. Look at Amorosa in Apprentice. She went from a student to a C level celebrity.
I enjoy Spencer’s back handed comments about Dumanda.


Psychoanalyst…drop the analyst…you are just plain psycho with your dumb comments…


When you watch BBAD its kinda sad to see McCrae barely capable of lifting his head to eat. He just follows Amanda around and lets her do all the barking and he sits there, listless. He literally seems to go hours without mumbling so much as a complete sentence all the while shoulders hunched and head down. Reminds me of that stuffed Raggedly Andy doll my sister would take with her everywhere.

IF Amanda actually leaves on Thursday,maybe he’ll get back in the game.

Dee Jay

Elissa or GM for the win.

mama's kitty

I saw Zingbot on tv and even went on utube to watch it again. What did Zingbot say about Judd and Spencer ? I didn’t see it anywhere.

Botox Pelosi

Zingbot made a crack about Spencers weight.