Power of Veto Ceremony Results ‘The pu$$y is powerful it makes you do some crazy sh!t”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


Power of Veto Ceremony results

McCrae used the veto on himself GM nominated Spencer in his place. Amanda and Spencer are now on the block.


11:02am MAking sandwiches
Elissa points out that all the dirty dishes over “Here” are from Amanda.

11:04am Bedroom Amanada and McCrae
Amanda says she never asked him once to use the veto on her. She is her boyfriend and he won the Veto fair and square. Amanda jokes that she used the veto on McCrae last week.


11:06pm backyard Andy and Spencer 

Spencer – ‘The pu$$y is powerful it makes you do some crazy sh!t’
Andy – ‘We’re in for some fire works this week.’ Andy adds that Amanda will go from highs to lows this week.
Spencer was a bit worried that McCrae would use the veto on himself.
JUDD comes in says “Should we tie the vote’ Laughs tells Specner he’s just joking.


11:11am Backyard JUDD, Andy and Spencer

JUDD says he feels bad for the guy that has to go to the jury house because it’s full of those girls.
Andy says he doesn’t want McCrae or Elissa to make it into the final 4 they have to make sure they win the next HOH.
Spencer agrees say they have the number advantage.
JUDD says he’ll throw the HOH to them if it’s just them hanging there. JUDD adds that Elissa will be livid if he puts her up. JUDD will still fight for the HOH but once McCrae and Elissa drop he drops


11:20 HOH Gm and Elissa hating on Amanda

“She’s dirty, horrible, ridiculous, evil, gross”
GM brings up Amanda using NICK to get GM to do what she wants. Elissa says Amanda finds the one thing that can get to you and uses that. GM mentions how Amanda thinks she is jealous because Amanda and MCCrae have a showmance. GM thinks Amanda should be jealous.
GM – ‘you see the notches on my belt..’
GM – ‘What a piece of sh!t the way she was treating you’
Elissa – ‘I was scared to be honest.. it was the scariest thing.. I literally thought she was going to try to kill me’
GM – ‘Stab you with a fork’
GM – ‘She needs to be in a straight jacket she’s on crazy medication same with Aaryn’

Elissa says she never said anything mean to Aaryn once and Amanda makes it sound like she was harassing her. GM brings up how Amanda is saying that she was sticking up for them all by attacking Elissa. GM thinks what Amanda was doing is disgusting.

Gm keeps calling Amanda a psycho. She pretends the microphone transmitter is a phone and calls the “Psycho ward” at the hospital..Elissa says she seriously thinks Amanda is psychotic.
GM tells her she takes psycho medicine every day.. feeds cut. (See image)

Elissa – ‘I can’t believe she thinks their showmance is cute’
GM -“It’s gross’
Elisa – ‘She’s not even going to talk to him after the show’
Gm- “She’s going to have to be the sugar momma’
They talk about how Amanda will want nothing to do with McCrae becuase she’s use to dating guys with money.
Elissa says successful guys want a good woman that isn’t with them for money.
GM agree says she can make her own money doesn’t need to find men with it.
Elissa being sarcastic – it’s the sexiest showmance in big brother history
GM – they are that grimy and disgusting
Elissa – ‘yup every other showmance but them are cute’
They bring up Amanda/McCrae having s$x in every bed.
Elissa – ‘it’s not like you are in Italy on your honey moon’
Gm says thEy need to burn the mattress.



Everyone sleeping except Elissa who is about to head out and get some sun.

Everyone sleeping.. Vote dawg


1:51pm Everyone sleeping.. JUDD gets called into the diary room.
Vote Dawg, Grab a jar


JUDD is up for a bit but then heads back to bed.. Everyone but Elissa is sleeping.


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Pinocchio Obama

Addios Amanda!



what was elissa’s supposed (in demanda’s delusional brain) bullying last night?

Pinocchio Obama

Her bullying consisted of being 100 times hotter than Amanda who is off the chart jealous of Elissa.


I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Thanks for that…
Elissa was the ugliest female this season. Helen was
annoying but at least she was real.
I think she is always smiling because her face is stuck that way.
Not to mention how orange she is. But hey, if that’s what you like..,


Elissa is orange?? You might need to adjust your screen color.


For sure! Elissa is beyond gross! Ewwww, When I see those lips, I could literally puke.


Yep Elissa wears so much makeup she does look orange — but it’s the lips — waaaay too much collegen which is what gives her the joker look…i liked her in the beginning, but even she has grown obnoxious, or she always was and all the filters are completely down. She is phony and as big a bitch as Amanda.


since beauty is in the eye of the beholder ans since hundreds think elissa is beautiful and just a handful ugly-as you can see by the thumbs down, we have to assume the people that say she’s ugly are jealous. i would bet every single one is a woman. there’s an insecure type that just goes ballistic when a beautiful woman is getting attention.

Thumbs up/down does not reflect reality

Bob, you can for damn sure bet that the thumbs up for pro-Elissa comments are from: her relatives, Rachel’s fans, and other stuck-up gold digging snobs. Otherwise any normal person doesn’t like the bitch or how she got on the show or all the special perks she’s gotten while living in the house that none of the other HGs got (a down comforter in the have not room, real food while being a have not, phone calls to her sugar daddy, etc). She better not make it to the end or I am finished watching BB for good.


I agree. I love women so I am not jealous of Elissa. Yes she has a great body and she works it for the cameras constantly she knows what she’s doing and so what, BUT she is a sneaky cunning snake in the grass and deadly. acting all miss innocent, it takes another woman to know when a woman is full of it, and she is with this innocent act she’s putting on. she got into GMs head when she was HOH and she’s still puppet mastering GM and GM thinks she’s thinking for herself what a joke. If GM was think ing for herself Elissa would be on the block.

Yes, Amanda was working hard to save Aaryn last week and that’s all it was. Elissa is still taunting Amanda and that’s much more evil. Elissa gets OTHER people to say all the negative things and then she agrees … wake up people. snake is in the house. Elissa knows exactly how to mess with people and remain anonymous.


Mike, dude….really? Cuz when I see those lips I think about……hummmmmmmmmmmmm…..


I couldn’t agree more with you!!! HMMMMM Yup……. those are some….. sucking lips :)


and then after that, what? better have lots of dough to keep that one home.

TOO many thumbs if admin is not pushing an agenda

Come on guys. Choose your player then play’em fair. Simon, you said all votes were traffic. I love ya’ll but cannot be. 406 comments…514 thumbs. I cannot put but one thumb per session. ???? Let CBS and BB try to fool us. We love ya for the for sometimes funny, sometimes too revealing truth. But we love ya for the truth.


I know your a girl and I meant “girl” cause a real woman can appreciate beauty. And no straight man could ever say Elissa isn’t hot because she is at least if you wouldn’t date her any man would f*ck her. I would in a heart beat. So quit being jealous u frickin hag.


Well, I don’t know any guy who can say Lissa is not fine with a straight face unless you have an insecure wife or girlfriend like Amanda. Hell, my wife said she’d Fuc- her. Stop being jealous. I am not an Elissa fan but. Give credit where credit is due. I personally think she’s a snob but she’s still nice to look at.


I would not complain if someone was smiling all the time. I would rather look at a face that is smiling than someone who is scowling.


There is sure a lot of people with the handle “Name” on this site. Half are pro-Elissa while the other half is anti-Elissa. Since I was mostly pro-Jessie because of her bubble butt I’ll go with Elissa. Amanda is just too damn scary.

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

Elissa has a plasticized face and there are legitimate reasons to criticize her, the ugliest this season? You’re saying GM is more attractive than her on a purely aesthetic basis? And Helen the plain Jane? Come on, now. You lose all credibility with comments like that.

Not nice

Hey Dr. Will, there is no reason to criticize a person for their looks. You only have to look at her for approximately two more weeks, and then it will be over. People are on this site criticizing the house guests for being so judgmental, when we are really no better. We all have flaws and some are more concerned than others but that is what makes us unique.

Since the show is a game, why don’t you tell us what you think of the individuals game play instead of their looks.

King Goldy

Yeah, i agree
the order is

1. Jessie
2. Gina Marie
3. Candice
4. Aayrn (Well it could be at tie with Candice)
5. Amanda
6. Helen
7. Ellisa (Body wise Ellisa is #1 though)
8. McCrae since he is acting like a Amanda chick
9. Andy (he just such a queen)


what about katlin king



Strictly on an aesthetic level:

1. Jessie
2. Kaitlin
3. Aaryn
4. Elissa
5. Candice
6. Ginamarie
7. Amanda
8. Helen


Am I the only one who doesn’t see the Jessie appeal? She was cute and had a banging body but she wasn’t nearly the prettiest.

1. Kaitlin
2. Aaryn
3. Candice
4. Jessie
5. Elissa
6. Amanda
7. GinaMarie
8. Helen

Tiny Bob

You think Candice was hotter than Jessie? Are you homosexual?


1. Candace
2 Kaitlyn
3. Jessie
4. Elissa
5. Aaryn
6. GM
7. Amanda
8 Helen

Candyland sucks

Candace is in no way prettier than Kaitlin, Aaryn or Jessie. Get out of here with the shit.

Perverted Guys Suck

Good thing you guys, male, can make a ” Hottest List ” for the women of this season. This season was an eye sore for women. We need an all stars with Russel Kairouz, Nick Starcevic, Jessie and Jeff Schoreder. This season was weak. Spencer and his ghetto stripper p**y beardlooking make me want to throw up. It ages him 20 years. House full of ugly men, inside and out.

Tiny Bob

This is the correct answer.


Why do you attack the way a person looks?? Makes you no different than Amanda! Tearing down people on their looks is a reflection of your own insecurities. What about critiquing people on their game play, character (or lack of), etc??


Anyone else think that Elissa is so much like Dalia from Suburgatory especially when she talk?


you must have Elissa cofused with Amanda lol
Amanda is the only ugly orange thing in the house that would make me puke!


Kaitlin is the hot female of the season, those eyebrows are sexy.
As far as everybody else, WHATEVER! not feeling any of the others.

I say

I am female and think that Elissa is more attractive without her makeup and would die to have a body like hers! I DO NOT think Aaryn is good looking and GM is goofy cute. (Just wish she would stop with the ignorant comments.) Amanda has nice hair but her personality sucks! But I thought that GM’s comment in the DR about how she thought Elissa and Amanda were going to knock the plastic out of each other was priceless! LOL

Ranking of the girls

When GM has make-up on she is cute. But when she doesn’t, which is quite often on BBAD, she is ass ugly. And she has a big ass. Elissa has an odd face. Her lips are so bizarre. With the right amount of make-up she is so-so, but when she has 10 pounds of make-up caked on her face like she did last Thursday she looks fat and hideous. Her body is too muscular for me. Almost like a physically fit young man. Aaryn was a natural beauty. I hope she does make it into Playboy. Would love to see her au natural. I think Amanda is attractive. Maybe not centerfold material but she has a pretty face and decent body. Kaitlyn was beautiful and physically fit. A definite 10 in my book. Jesse had that pot belly and her ass was a little too big for my tastes. Same with Candace. And Helen was just, well, she’s obviously a woman but there was no wow factor at all with her. Perhaps her bullying tactics and dictator style of gamesmanship has made me less than objective with her. So in sum my order of sexiest girls in the house (going by face and body):


thank you for the answer.

i asked because skimmed previous updates from last night and demanda made it sound like elissa got drunk and said a bunch of stuff. and then the pussy boys talked to her agreeing with her.

so basically, she made it up again and whoever was talking to her decided to just enable that kind of behavior. pathetic for all involved in that nonsense.


I think the feeds cut from Elissa saying stuff in front of Amanda about 12:20. I haven’t watched it all but that’s what I gather from reading the updates. Elissa does get more brave when she is drinking but nothing like Amanda. Amanda’s biggest problem is she can’t play the game when she isn’t in control. She completely lost her mind and was totally abusive to Elissa rather than playing the game. She acted like a spoiled brat when Elissa didn’t automatically do what she wanted with Howard and then last week with McCrae , Aaryn and Andy. How can anyone say Elissa hasn’t played. She has always made her own decisions. Amanda just freaks out rather than letting someone else make their own moves. Amanda picked the weakest that she could control, McCrae and Andy but that won’t take her to the end she needed to align with strong people that couldn’t be controlled and she couldn’t do that. Everyone except Amanda and McCrae and Andy have been down and out and didn’t lose their marbles. Andy and McCrae kept playing. I can’t stand Andy but at least he is playing the game.



mark h

Agree 100% she has no game when not in control. One of the most frustrating things this season has been how much influence everyone allowed her to have (Helen) when se hadn’t done anything to deserve how much respect she was being given. She is about to be voted out having won a single pov and nothing else, yet everyone treats her as a great player. It was crazy last week how she went after Elissa once she was safe……that is usually a desperation move from someone on their way out. No idea why Amanda pointlessly antagonized Elissa the way she did. Amanda might not even be up if she would just listen to mccrae and lay low like he has repeatedly begged her to do. It wasn’t enough to be in controlnof the game….she had to screw things up by running her mouth and gloating.


Remember that comps are not the end all and be all of BB. Dr. Will won without winning ONE comp. Don’t judge a player’s value and effectiveness by how many comps they have or have not won.

I don’t like Amanda or how Amanda has played the game but she played HER game very well.


Actually, Amanda’s only mistake was really McCrea’s mistake, keeping Andy. She knew it didn’t make sense to keep one person over two and that they would lose GM. McCrea ruined her game for her, as well as own her feelings for and loyalty to Andy. She should have fought harder for Aaryn that was their only chance at final four together. The game the rest of the house is playing now is the one she taught them. Even during her meltdowns she’s a better player than anyone there. Andy is the best remaining player.


Sounds like you are looking at their social game only. Its coming down to competitions now and so far GM & Elissa are leading the way in that area.

Helen still running the show

I do not think keeping Aaryn would have changed things. GM is now playing Helen’s game. Elissa too. The last thing dictator told them was to make sure McCranda are split up with Amanda being the first one to go (because of her personal animus of Amanda for getting her evicted). The brainwash has obviously been successful. So Aaryn might have jumped on the GM bandwagon and maybe not. But keeping Andy was the better game move because up to now he has completely had their back. It’s a pity GM and Elissa can’t play their own game. Elissa should have made a girl’s alliance but her hatred of Aaryn and Amanda wouldn’t allow for her to humble herself for that option. And GM keeping Elissa in spite of her shitting on GM all season and for being responsible for Nick and Aaryn’s evictions? Come on. GM is a stooooopid ass, and she will be long gone before final two. And most likely at the hands of Elissa.


Funny considering Elissa was jealous of Aaryn since the beginning.
Elissa is a POS…her fans are pathetic.


Elissa basically told Gm(who went back and told Amanda) that Amanda had a miscarriage during the audition process and accused her of having an abortion instead so she could be on the show


Amanda told Elissa and Helen that the first week, on camera. She told that to Aaryan sometime later. As for the abortion thing, Amanda was the one making the big deal of it, GM asked Elissa, Elissa was snarky. Then it blew up. Elissa has been snarky, snotty, and snobby, but Amanda has been a bulling bitch behemoth.


people just don’t get it every women in there has had somewhat of a meltdown that’s a women for you I worked with my wife for a short time I was above her in rank more men than women working there I warned her do not cry at work because as management we wont tell you this but we got things to do no time for crying and having people console you that means they aint working I recruited women in the company but never one I saw cry even andy crys hes half women

Tiny Bob

You seem half brain-dead.


I like how Amanda fans can not ever answer that question they always resort to Elissa’s looks. This is because it didn’t ever happen.


Ding! Dong! The wicked witch is dead!!! LOL!

The analyst

And once again Spencer gets shit on by being put up. That guy has to be pissed that’s he’s always going up as ‘the pawn.’ That should tell him he is low man on the totem poll in this exterminator alliance. He should go with McCrae and Andy and work to get the retard and two fake beotches out. That’s his only hope to make it to final 2. And if he somehow does, he should get the $500k based on his game play (certainly not for the disgusting things he’s said). At this point all these creatures are revolting and nobody deserves to win.


Spencer volunteered to go up against Amanda so this has nothing to do with where he stands in the alliance. In fact he is extremely confident Amanda is GONE!!


He offered to go up because he is a wimp and doesn’t want to have to vote. Andy will be exposed on Thursday.


Spencer did not get shit on. He volunteered to be the pawn.


Besides having his name permanently emblazoned on the nominee chair, what else has Spencer done? He’s the Shelly of this season. He goes around yes-manning those who hold power,but in the crunch he does nothing to advance his own game or his alliance(s).

Amanda's Therapist

intreaged* Spenser is a #1 douchebag pervert BUT
his comment to McPussy that he smelled like
“mustard soup”…. was right on!!
McPussy btw SOAP…WATER NEEDED!! :-)


Four more sleeps until she meets Julie Chen! Can’t wait.

The analyst

I can. And I hope Chen does her job this week and just talk about the house and game strategy. Leave the sanctimonious judging to the viewing audience. I’m so tired of the politically correct community having to be pacified. More people don’t care than do.


Politically correct? It has nothing to do with being politically correct, it’s about making Amanda aware that she is a vile, mean, derogatory, discriminatory, racist and threatening bully who is hated by most of America. Amanda needs someone (other than Elissa) to tell her that she needs to change the way she’s acting or else she’ll be in for a rude awakening.

The Judger

Please!!! The day anyone needs some ex-stripper, gold-digging yoga “guru” (snicker) to be an example of morality is a sad day for America. Most Americans don’t hate Amanda..because most Americans don’t even watch this show or give two shakes about this stuff.

You don't speak for me

Who are you, Chen, or anybody else for that matter to judge Amanda? I bet if I asked your friends, co-workers, and family (including in-laws) about you they’d have some harsh things to say. I don’t get this fascination where everybody is so concerned about what someone else says. You live your life the way you want to and let Amanda or whoever live theirs. People who they actually have to interact with can decide how to treat them. But it’s certainly not Chen’s place to play the role of hall monitor and dish out whatever penalty Chen deems appropriate. I will make up my own mind, I don’t need to be manipulated on how I should feel.


If you don’t want to be manipulated, don’t talk to amanda! Lol!


so your point is dont tell people what they should or shouldn’t say but you are telling us what we should or shouldnt say. these people are precious. they criticise us for what we say or for what julie chen says about behavior-and THEY DO THE EXACT SAME THING TO US. its like some fat slob telling everyone else they need to diet. der.


Did you watch Amanda’s DR comments on Sunday night? “Now everyone knows not to push my buttons!” “Yeah, I said those things to Elissa.” Maybe we aren’t watching the same show.


So racist bullies should be allowed to get away with it and not have to answer for their actions?

The Judger

This is Big Brother..not a made for Lifetime melodrama. This show is about winning money and people use tactics like lying, intimidation, strategy, manipulation. These are not 4th graders at summer camp. They signed up for it, they are adults. Too bad most fans aren’t. I don’t watch BB to watch people being sweet and sugary to each other, or censoring everything they think before they say it. Some people are racist, aggressive, nice, liars,,honest, etc…real people. People that cannot handle real life should not watch this program.

Go Elissa!

You have to remember (and Chen did point out) that they KNOW going into this that every thing is out there for people to hear and see. We ALL know this. If it had been a strategy then Aaryn would have replied as such. Instead she is so used to being this way she can’t see it or she didn’t care. I do feel that we might have to have a suicide watch for Aaryn for a bit. I may disagree with her but I hope she can hang in there and *learn from this* to carry forward.

Oh and I am from Texas and was MORTIFIED when Aaryn used being from Texas as an excuse. Thankfully the majority of folks in Texas are NOT like Aaryn.


judger see you are one of the few with common sense well done but goes to show you 2 out of 3 disaggre Americans in general dont have common sense


Try to get this one through your thick head. What you are reading here is real life. It’s real people, stating real opinions of your precious AmandaIWannaCrackPipe but I’ll take some Adderal instead. She’s despised by the majority. You can cry in can all you want. Scroll these pages and see that people outside of the game in the real world think she’s a vile creature that should be locked up in a cage. Even the players inside think that or haven’t you been paying attention to what they are saying too? You’re the one living on Fantasy Island. I could give two shits about what Amanda does after this show, but one would have to be brain dead not to see that the majorities dislike of her is probably the greatest majority in BB history. She is a skank.

The Judger

Sorry, I’ve never been much on “group think”:….some need their opinions supported by the masses, I do not.

The Judger is right

Two big thumbs up, Judger! Amen!

Rio Seven

Totally correct! The fact is that the Chen interview with Aaryn was bullshit. Chen could prepare for the interview but Aaryn was ambushed. Even if you don’t like Aaryn, you have to see that is was kinda mean to interview her like that. Also, the men laughing in the front row must have been plants – they were at least encouraged to laugh. It was pathetic.

Why does everyone think it is okay to deal with hatred with hatred? America has a problem with that. Perfect examples of that is all the people that get death threats – like that Castro freak that kidnapped those three girls for 10 years. His brothers who were initially arrested but let go because they had nothing to do with the kidnappings, anyway, they get death threats all the time. It is pretty sick how it is okay to judge others to the point that you end up acting worse than them.

You can speak for me

Right on Rio Seven. Two very big Thumbs Up!

Booby Cobb

That’s the typical libtard way to handle things. If you don’t agree with a libtard, they think they have the right to kill you.


Planted? They were told not to act out and they still did. People booed aryan while she was voting before. What makes you think they were planted. You think people are just ok with Racism and there isn”t going to be any backlash?

Read between the lines

I am not sure it is accurate to say Aaryn was completely blind-sighted. She knew how she was being portrayed, she laughed about it several occasions. No doubt the stuff addressed in the DR has clued them in – whether it is covertly or overtly stated. But, as vile as her words and behavior were, I did feel a little sorry for her – but I have compassion and the ability to put myself in another’s shoes.


That’s the thing though, all these cowards can do is “threaten”…
Actually following up on those threats would require them to leave their computers, which is not going to happen.


How is calling someone out for their poor behavior responding with hatred? How can you compare Big Brother to a freak who kidnapped three girls? WTH.

Delilah Jones

Well put.. You can not resolve hate with more hate!


It’s funny that it is considered an ambush when someone merely reads that persons words back to them.


so here you are judging us-so, you’re allowed to judge, but we cant…is that about it?


Life…. Aaryn has had her whole life to figure out racism will not be tolerated in this country anymore. There are laws on the books to deal with hate crimes and the like. Society has spoken and we as a society will not stand for it. She’s a fool. She deserved and deserves everything she’s about to get.




I think Julie will because in Amandas one statement she said an F word to Julie Chen she was probably mad because she cannot manipulate AG and she knows that Julie probably told AG enough is enough of this girl. I cannot wait to see her interview with Julie.


Really, she needs to be called out on her actions just like Aaryn was. Get real! There will be a day of reconing for all things done and said in the house.

Face The Music

CBS has made Aaryn the poster child for the racist remarks in the house. If Julie does not call out all the HG that said nasty statements – then shame on CBS and shame on us for letting CBS get away with it.

Don't judge and don't speak for me

Good Lord, was this a competition to become a priest or was it a reality show competition to win $500k? Don’t tell me how to think or feel or what to say! So sick of all the politically correct haters dictating what can be said and what is offensive. Let people be who they are and then deal with the repercussions if there are any back in their real life. The HGs know what they say is being recorded. So who is Chen or anyone to call them out on something that Chen found offensive? Where do you draw the line? What offends one person may not offend another. I don’t need Chen sitting up there as the self-appointed politically correct maven cross-examining a HG for what they said and then saying “the country” was offended. (When the reality is Maybe 1% of the country is even watching BB). Especially when she has had time to prepare but the HG who is still shell-shocked from being evicted hasn’t. Shame on CBS if it continues with the farce that was displayed with Aaryn last week.


Julie’s husband (head of CBS) as well as the head producer of BB are Jewish. No way she’s saying anything to Amanda.


Why? Just because they are Jewish? Gimme a break.


Have fun at the Jury House!!! Your buddy Allison is not going to save you!!!


what will make this double eviction week complete with Amanda leaving, is that rat ba5tard Andy going right behind her to the jury house.


it makes me smile any time another commenter uses the same name i do for andy, rat bastard andy :)


Ya, Demanda needs to take Raggedy Ann with her.


I think Spencer’s right, there will be fireworks. I think it may be a big brother divorce though. She’s already in the devaluation stage with McPussy. She’s jokingly dissing him for his veto speech and other things. Now that McCrae is useless maybe the first big brother divorce is how she’ll go out with a bang.

Interesting. Check out Sam Vaknin’s video’s on youtube. Interesting insights into people that may or may not have her kind of problems.

Ummm Okay

Dear BB Casting Department,

I have enjoyed viewing BB every summer since day one, however I’ve notice you are stepping away from the things and characters which made the show as big as it is. This year your cast consist of young folks who requires to be medicated on a daily basis, I strongly advise you to no longer cast folks who must be medicated just to function. I do believe it is not fair to those who are playing the game without medication, and it also caused production to limit the amount of alcohol beverages to those who do not need to be medicated. May I add if for some reason a cast member actually stab one of their room mates, they can and will have a serious law suit against BB. They will blame it on the medication you willingly gave them each and every day.

In closing may I use terms more suited for this blog………That bitch Amanda is crazy !!!!!!!!! why cast people who need drugs? In that case pass out marijuana for medical use……DUH


Are you talking about Adderall? If so, then your statement doesn’t hold water. Adderall is a stimulant that works mainly on the neurotransmitter, dopamine. For people with ADD and ADHD, it helps them maintain their attention for a longer duration. For the amount of alcohol the HGs receive, it’s not going to have any effect, adverse or otherwise. It is not an advantage to take it – just makes things more “normal” for those of us with the disorder – kind of levels the playing field. (Just to clarify – I am speaking about swallowing a capsule. I have no idea what snorting it does)


That’s only applies if she was properly diagnosed. People run to FL to stock up on all kinds of prescription narcotics. I bet if she’s ran through multiple tests by multiple doctors she nor Aaryn need the damn drug. It’s highly abused and all you have to do is tell you psych.. I can’t stay focused… it’s the easiest friggin’ “disease” to fake.


If you actually want to be heard instead of wasting your time posting in the inappropriate forum, write CBS.
I don’t understand why you posted this here.

Umm Okay

RELAX I’M JOKING PEOPLE, I know how to contact CBS if I was serious, and I know what Adderall is used for……DUH
The last sentence was indication the letter wasn’t serious….wow went completely over some folks head….lol Sorry


This isn’t the first cast to have to be medicated. I’ve seen several seasons on BBAD where they discuss HGs going to get their meds in the DR.


Hasta la vista, baby!


Omg. Spencer so pathetic. He asked to be pawn only so that he can own a dubious record of being the most nominated guest in BB history.

The Judger

Sad huh? Hate the floater not the game!


Actually this works perfect because the first exit interview has to be quick and Jules will be quick with McCrae but the Amanda will be ousted Second, barring she wins HOH, but that will give the Cheninator a lil longer to work A-Man-Duh and make her look like a fool. If she wins HOH I will begin to become suspicious of the whole rigged scenario.


My bad read it wrong. So hopefully the Cheninator will devour A-Man-Duh whole and then Judd needs to win HOH so he can put up McPussy and Andy. Send McPussy home and then Elissa wins HOH and takes out Andy. I see an Elissa/Judd/GM final three. If not Elissa WILL have to win POV at least once.


Amanda is such a nut Mcrae’s family hopes she asks for asylum in Russia or china.

What evs

I am glad to see Amanda going home too. I think she really showed her true colours by attacking Elissa’s family yet again, going so far as to call her Mother, Father, and her husband “A$$holes”. I don’t care what her reasons are for making those comments, or behaving the way she has, but she would not be someone I would want to sell my house. Get on her bad side and who knows what she will do.

As for her a McCrae having a life together…I highly doubt it. McCrae recently talked about moving to California when Amanda was upset that she was not included in the initial discussion of moving to California. The other thing that will make McCrae want to get away from her is the fact that Amanda told the other house guests once McCrae moves to Florida his 16 hour sleeping days will be over! He wont be too into being controlled like that.


so spencer was worried mcpussy would use the veto on demanda?

why? because he and rat bastard andy are already thinking about floating to him from exterminators alliance. those 2 suck. everyone sucks to some degree, but them 2 more than most.


Andy’s students to him: How can we put this in a good way sir! ummm… Its quite embarassing out here. Can we change our section. Kids outside calls us RAT’S MINION


what possible kind of “students” could Andy have???
I mean really. The “occupations” the schmucks list are so laughable!
EVERY single house guest has some connection to the ‘Biz’


If you read Andy’s page on BB and then do an internet search, you’ll see that he’s a part time Assistant Adjunct Professor at a 2-year community college


I’m not sure why everybody hates Andy so much, he’s actually playing a great game. He’s still in everybody’s good graces so he has a very good chance to win if he gets to the end. As for Spencer and Andy wanting to keep McCrae, this is smart. GM and Judd will lean more towards Elissa, and Andy and Spencer need to keep McCrae around for the vote to get Elissa out. If McCrae goes out in the second eviction I could see Judd and GM teaming up with Elissa for a final three.


Also, what has Andy done that would make him lose his job?? All he’s done is play the game. The only thing was that he didn’t really know what the emancipation proclamation was, but I’d say half the country doesn’t know what that is. Andy’s been playing the best game in the house.


Cue tears, taunting, and bed rest for the next 3 days…oh wait………..

Bye Amandaaaaaa!!! Good luck to you outside the house. Seriously, you’ll need it.


Amanda is a fudfdfing whdfdfre cudfdft fat douchebag bitch shithead who should get beat up and fired from her job


Wow! You really need to chill. That was totally inappropriate.


Seriously? How old are you, 9??


WOW! why don’t you say what you really mean!lol! A little over the top but I sure get it! that woman was the worst of the worst and I just hope someone doesn’t throw her a bone, being a dog! she would catch it, and nothing would shock me more than her being saved in this game, I will celebrate when Julie says Amanda you’ve been evicted!!


Do you think that comment makes you any better than her?

saying So...

Did I see a post that said
Amanda Suckerman….oh no wait, that’s Amanda Fuckerman…. oh I am sorry, now I know, it is …. oh who cares.

Elissa for the Win

WTG Gina Marie! Get damanda out first, then mcpussy 2nd on double eviction night!

Lowered Expectations

I’m not sure who gets the upper hand in McCranda, but anyway, no surprises here! 3 more nights for Amanda to try to force McCrae’s hand to procreate so he HAS to visit her. No brainer there: Run, B****, Run!

Pinocchio Obama

Don’t put a pizza in her oven McCrae.


Amanda said last night on the live feed that she does not like to use condoms. Maybe that is why she wants to get McCrae drunk so she could try to get pregnant. Hopefully he stays away from her because he already has a lot of explaining to do.


HAHA!!!! Amanda enjoy your three stay at big brother house because your going to the jury. Oh yeah take McPussy with you in double eviction. I would love to see @BuffaloBill face that Amanda is going to the jury house and all the winnings is down the drain. Yeah BuffaloBill, your Jewish Queen is going bye bye!!!!! Everyone will agreed with me that your beloved Jewish Queen is a Joke :-)!!!!


Isn’t it amazing how @BuffaloBill has either been hiding in shame, changed his name to hide his idiotic remakes, or is sitting in jail in Vegas after being arrested for being as obnoxious in real life as he was on here. Cry me a river @BuffaloBill, maybe you shouldn’t have put all your eggs in one basket…I mean pie hole


captain tried to tell buffalo bill he wouldn’t listen and just like in the bb house buffalo bill got backdoored bill don’t believe everything you hear good lord


Okay, I’ll wait till BuffaloBill come out from hiding. He thinks Amanda is going to win.

BB15 Captain Bill


“Buffalo Bill got backdoored real good bi Captain.”

That sounded pretty bad.


Hey Captain, looks like my Jewish Queen might be leaving. That being said, she has a bright wealthy future ahead of her. Luckily because of another bet I made last Friday on a college football game, I break even. But, I still have another horse in the game and that is my Gay Man Andy who I will refer as my Rainbow Warrior. I will not win as much money as I would have with my Jewish Queen. Luckily, my best friend who happens to be a great Gay man, told me to put a bet on Andy. Regarding Amanda, in a way I am glad she is getting away from MC. I have always said that during the after party she will hook up with Howard. Being a wealthy single white female, black men like Howard make the greatest lovers. She will forget MC in about the same time he usually lasts. Finally the,name BuffaloBill comes from the greatest gunslinger who ever lived. Farewell my Jewish Queen welcome my Rainbow Warrior Andy. Thanks for writing my good friend Cap.


, make that another poll with dawg in it.


Aren’t they the same person? The two posts are duplicates except some minor changes and sentences.


It’s call reverse psychology.


Put me down for a Grand on Cap!!


I’m confused by your comment Buffalo Bill “Being a wealthy single white female, black men like Howard make the greatest lovers/” Are you suggesting that you are a wealthy single white female? Are you suggesting Howard is a single wealthy white female? It seems that’s what you’re saying. You are right though, Amanda will surely find another and another and another – a single woman who doesn’t like to use rubbers! As for Howard, he has much better taste. Do you reallly think Amanda’s ex-boyfriend’s mother, who subscribed to BBAD is really impressed by her son’s choice – probably at this very moment forcing him to go to the Dr. for STD test. Too bad that Jerry Springer Show is no more – Amanda would have been the perfect guest for his show.


this is some weak trolling.

buffalo bill was a pussy. he killed BISON, spent his army service time as a scout, and made a living in fucking show business. maybe you mean wild bill hickock, who actually participated in real shoot-outs. pretty weak if you don’t know the difference.


Hey Buffalo Bill. Don’t give up hope. McCrea still has that diamond veto.

He might use it to save Amanda. (Nah, he’ll keep it for himself in the double eviction.)


He hopeless. That is a rumor!!!!


When Amanda goes to Howard and Howard says I pass and turn around make a thumb down sign.


BuffaloBill, you are as delusional as your bitch witch Amanda.

You said, “my Jewish Queen might be leaving. That being said, she has a bright wealthy future ahead of her”….I wouldn’t say a future as a phone sex ho is bright.

You said, “looks like my Jewish Queen might be leaving. Luckily because of another bet I made last Friday on a college football game, I break even”….Me thinks you have a gambling problem and should seek help for that. Maybe you and Amanda could get a group rate on counseling.

You said, “But, I still have another horse in the game and that is my Gay Man Andy”….I’m sorry you always pick losers! Have you not realized, the remaining HG all know he is a rat and will be the first to be exterminated when it comes down to GinaMarie, Spencer, Judd and Andy? I see you are a slow learner….so sorry.

You said, “I have always said that during the after party she will hook up with Howard”….DUH, we know she will hook up with as many men as possible….bet on that! You would finally win something.

You said, “Being a wealthy single white female”….OMG, she has already admitted to having $20k saved. I see now why you gamble, $20k is considered “wealthy”? Yay, she has enough to buy a good used car…..hahahahaha

You are as pathetic as Amanda, dumb as McCrae, and sleazy as Andy…….OUCH




Simon you scared me!! When i first started reading, I was SURE he used the veto on AMANDA! Phewwwww what a relief! Cannot wait to see that monster walk out the door. I’m predicting she’ll get more boos than Aryan! I get happy just thinking about it. YAAAAYYYY!!!! :) :)

Judd the Dudd

JUDD, please use your brains. Stop trusting Andy and Spencer for the good of your game. If you won HOH on the DE, you need to get MCCrae out, he will target you like mad. Without Elissa, you wouldn’t have a bigger target sitting beside you…This is your second chance, don’t blow it by trusting Spencer and Andy’s judgement.

Judd is such a dud

Judd has no game. He was already evicted, remember? How shitty he must feel coming back into a house where everyone rejected him. Instead of being neutral and low key he is back to being shady and acting like he belongs there. He should never been allowed back but since be was be should have been immediately evicted. I’m so tired of CBS rigging this game for Elissa to win. With the lazy dumb ass back in the game Elissa now has an ally and a vote, and vice versa. Such bullshit. Andy, Spencer, and McCrae know Elissa/GM/Judd are aligned so they need to make the first move and get Elissa out, then the retard, then the psycho bitch. That is the only way I will continue watching this game. Otherwise I’m done watching BB for good.


might as well quit watching it now then. we wont miss you, I promise


Bye! Bye! Whiner!!!


After last night’s episode…wowowowow!! Amanda is delusional. She truly believes Elissa has done something to her. What has she done to you, Amanda? Besides tell you you looked like a stripper – when you DID? And wowwww….why was she so sure GM was nominating Elissa and Judd? GM never once responded to what Amanda was saying. Amanda looked pathetic basically talking to herself. If she doesn’t go home my head will explode.


The title of this excerpt made me nervous! I thought McRae used the veto to save Amanda lol!!!


Looks like Spencer has floated himself to the most times nominated for eviction in one season record. Done practically nothing this entire game but probably going to make it to the finals. Can’t believe Amanda who has played such a strong game has to go but the floaters get to keep on floater. It looks like its going to be a lame finale.

The Judger

Sad, but floaters gotta float…right to the end!! Don’t even try to talk about Amanda’s game play or strategy. The “herd” doesn’t like those that think for themselves. They vilify Amanda, yet support a racist in GM or a taunting snob like Elissa..it’s only Amanda they all hate. Once she’s gone they will just find a new target. It’s the mob mentality.


Amanda was a playing a great game up untl the other houseguests stopped listening to her and then she lost it. if she could have held it together and refocused her game play she might have gone down as one of the best game players in the history of big brother. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to adjust her game when things changed and that cost her the game. I just hope that Big Brother doesn’t throw in a twist to save her. I cannot get excited about her leaving until I see the vote and she walks out the door because I know that if Big Brother wants her there they will find a way to keep her there.


A Strong Game player, would be able to adjust when things changed and forced the game in their direction, Amanda never once did this, soon as she couldn’t control the game anymore she threw a tantrum/bullied, then or whined, playing the victim. Even McPussy saw this in her.

Her game was mediocre at best, since if she didn’t have a twist or a Andy and Helen, she would never have made it this far.


Fact of the matter is, Amanda made too many enemies, and those enemies that were forced into her alliance were always going to turn on her when they got the chance.

Amanda's Therapist

illwill* AGREE! AGREE!
But how much of that rat prick & his bullsh**
do you think we can watch?
He is going to be busted good …Elissa IS THE
ONE that has known he can’t be trusted- before Helen left!
WHY? Does she not go ahead and expose the RAT?!?

Teri B

I’m expecting a lot of response here……so here goes.

I don’t get the Live Feeds. I read here and I watch the CBS show and BBAD on the ridiculous TVGnetwork (ugh).

Can you guys tell me why everyone hates Elissa so much? I figure it must be that I’m missing all of her real antics from the Live Feeds.

Is that the case? Is she really that horrible?

Just asking……and thanks if you respond.



There is no reason for it!! Amanda thought if she started blaming Ellisa for everything then the rest of the house would too, just like Aaryn, GM and Kaitlin did at the beginning. The gal has deep rooted issues that go beyond BB game. Elissa does say things to provoke Amanda like last night saying Jessie was a 10 and that was funny how it affected Amanda. Bully’s target people and she has her sights on what she wants people to believe is the weakest player. Amanda will have to account for what she has said especially the raping Jessi things she has said. It is not game to play like that. So basically Amanda is just targeting someone to be angry at and she choose Ellisa.


Elissa might have been trying to make a point, but I watched it and I thought she was just telling Andy, Spencer and Judd that. There was nothing to prove it was a dig.

Amanda took it as one because she’s so insecure and bent on fighting. She was bullying last night just as much.

Botox Pelosi


People who were not fans of Elissa’a sister Rachel root against her and a lot of people didn’t think it was fair that she got some many chances to nominate a house guest for eviction with her MVP power.

Fans of Amanda, McCrae, and Andy don’t like her because she is not fooled by their BS.

I think some people are jealous of her looks and her voice can be grating but compared to the other house guests she looks like an angel.

Julieana Greg

I was never a fan of Rachel, I actually hated her in her season. But I actually like Elissa. I don’t know if it’s just me (who hates Rachel and root for Elissa), but she is the lesser evil of all the people in the house.


Not just you! I feel the same way!!!


Jealous of her looks? She is made of plastic and mumbles worse than Judd.
She is nothing like Rachel. Rachel was an underdog that fought her way through.
Elissa didn’t audition, she gets paid more to be there, she was given every single MVP.
She is rarely ever given a bad edit, and production time and time again
influences others to save her. She doesn’t play strategically. She holds grudges and talks
bad about everyone behind their backs. She lied to everyone about who her sister was.
She is soooo boring on the live feeds and AD. What boggles my mind is why people
actually like her. She isn’t funny in the DR, she acts catty, and she is very rich.
I pray that they put her in the house with Evel Dick one day.
He wouldn’t take her comments either. She will never be her sister.

Amanda the BJ Queen

I can’t believe people praise Evil Dick. His own daughter has said he was a bad father, they reconnected during the show , but shortly after they quit contact. He is a mysoginist, bullied and made that Jen girl’s life hell. In the real world throwing a full glass of some down someone’s head is assault and battery. When Chima destroyed a ” Mic ” from the prodution, she was kicked out. But that criminal act Evil Dick comitted against Jen was no big deal.

Yes, I would be scared if I was Elissa and watch my back at all times, because CBS knows Amanda is on strong medicine and still allows her to drink mixing it with whatever cocktail she is on. Is is dangerous. She can snap at anytime.

Since your a Dr. Says

I’m going to assume that taking adderall and drinking alcohol makes effects worse. I don’t have to wikipedia it or anything, because you wouldn’t make a comment like that without knowing it as fact right?

But science proves your an idiot

Taking Adderall and drinking will do nothing to you, except possibly lessen the “tired” effects on you………Basically you could possibly drink more (party a little longer).

So are you going to apologize to people for opening your lying mouth and saying something that isn’t true?


The fact that they only give them very little alcohol compared to how many people are there basically dosn’t even make it an issue.

Also, I guess that person must know somebody in production, because they said it’s strong medication. They know the mg of this medication she is on.

Amanda's Therapist

butscience…* SORRY…….DISAGREE !!
I am confident you are NO doctor!
Adderall & Alcohol….MOST DEADLY COMBOS!!!

Amanda the BJ Queen

It is called having a degree and education. No ” Wiki “. STFU

Since your a Dr. Says

Your statement is wrong. Getting a little defensive?

Where did you get your degree? Spencers basement???? Now come up with another awesome tough guy comment.

I'm Chris, My dislikes

As a recovering addict and alcoholic, whose had a stint in a recovery center, worked in one too, and put some years together in recovery, let me help Amanda’s BJ out a little since you all have been railing on that person a bit about their medical knowledge.
There is a potentiating affect between Alcohol and both Adderall and Xanax. Adderall is an amphetamine allowing the user to drink more, so you’re right Dr. Says, with the limited alcohol that they get in the house it probably doesn’t matter in terms of the Adderall. Now, the Xanax is a dfferent story. Xanax is, for lack of a better example, alcohol in pill form. Someone who takes Xanax should NOT drink, the alcohol potentiates the pill and visa versa, when someone takes Xanax, one beer now becomes equal to two beers, therefore less alchol can get a person very drink and have the potential for blackouts. I’ve heard that Amanda takes Xanax to sleep, so I would assume she takes it at night. Even if it is after she drinks the alcohol in her system will potentiate the medication, making it much stronger than what the dose amount intends. Another dangerous issue between alcohol and xanax in use together is their potential for dependence. The chances for withdrawl go through the roof when these two drugs are used together, in some cases, causing siezures and death. So, Xanax with alcohol could cause a person to act much more “crazy” and “dangerous” than that person’s “norm”.
There is a danger with Adderall and alcohol at play with Amanda in that house as well. Over a period of time when alcohol and Aderall are both consumed a dillusional paranoia sets in when the drugs are both present and not present in a person’s system. Causing the user to act out of character due to fears not basd in reality. People tend to make up their own realities where they believed they are being “targeted” by someone or something and make decisions based on their “made up” stories.
So, as you can see “Amanda’s ‘BJ'” wasn’t far off base with what they said. One other side note: Being well versed in the recovery community I know of a term we use with newcomers to help them understand why they must be steadfast in the protection of their recoveries when it comes to Doctors, we call it 4, 4, 4. What it means is that a doctor, in his training, will only recieve 4 hours of addiction training, over 4 days, in a four year period of time. Doctors don’t know much at all about the disease of addiction. So when you make fun of the person by talking about their doctor degree, you, are actually the fool. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Amanda the BJ Queen

@CHRIS. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Don’t even bother wasting your time typing, ignorant people will remain ignorant. They are just imbecile trolls.


I remember Amanda also waiting for the DR to give her Xanax (sp?) so she’s on that as well as the Adderall.


Interesting that ” Amanda’ s BJ Queen ” post does not specify any names of drugs Amanda is allegedly on , but the ” posters ” already bullied that poster and they also magically know what drugs Amanda is on.

Strange that the fools that attacked ” Amanda’s BJ Queen ” post were so fast to LIE about drug and alcohol interactions when they know nothing about it and are nobodies on the medical field. I have heard Amanda’s father is active on the internet defending his daughter’s erratic drugged behaviour.

I personally believe Amanda should be on anti psychotics, and Baker Acted, but hey we know nothing about meds here, we are either just Internet trolls or Amanda’s family trying to defend her repeat insane behaviour testified by America over and over again. Next!

Chris, My dislikes

Wow, obviously you don’t read posts, or at least I hope you don’t, because, if you did read it you don’t have the capacity to understand what you do read. First, i was defending Amandas ‘BJ”s post. Second, I may be a “nobody” in the medical field, but I know I have a better working knowledge of how the interactions of the meds express themselves through my own extensive experience, personally and through dealing with others who are going through the problem of mixing drugs. Obviously there is an adverse reaction based on the warning on the bottles expressing not to drink while on them. That is enough proof, even if my
‘nobody’ status doesn’t suit you.
Experiential knowledge is the best knowledge one can have. I would trust someone who’s been in war over a west point grad whose never seen the battle field. Finally, you Baker Act someone who is suicidal, Amanda is not suicidal. The act your looking for is called the Marchman Act, where someone is a danger to those around them.
It’s funny how you give us a lecture on how I shouldn’t be making comments seeing as how I’m a “nobody”, yet you practically make a diagnosis and perscription of somebody. If you cast opinions down upon us small minded people down here, PLEASE, make sure they are consistent with your actions. AAAAANNNNDDDDD boom goes the dynomite!


Rachael did not fight her way through. The last season Rachael was on production carried her to the end. She was on her way out several times and they threw her a save everytime. Rachael didn’t deserve to win that season at all. It wasn’t game play that got her to the end but a lot of help from production that got her there.


People like to ignore that little fact, when Rachel did not win a competition she was saved by production, after Pandora’s Box protected her, all she had to do was win..


nobody besides amanda hates ellissa. Spencer, Judd, Andy, and GM are in an alliance and ellissa and Mcrea are on the outside. The plan to put up Ellissa and Mcrea is not because of personal reasons but game reasons. People outside of the game do not like her because she only got in because she is rachels sister and she was gifted the MVP for three weeks. Btw how lame will this season be if the 4 biggest floaters Spencer, Judd, Andy, and GM are the last 4 people left.

Linda S

If only I could have a chance to play the game, I would float every week if I could capitalize on the antics of others. I see nothing wrong with it, after all you need to get to the end to win. Let Amanda be jealous of Elissa all she wants because it will get her all the way to the jury house and Elissa is still standing, along with me the floater!!!


Andy really does hate Elissa. he says it to her face in jest but he really and truely does hate her. Mcrea Does also , Amanda has bullied and brow beat him into hating her. there is no dought.


What you see of Elissa on CBS and After Dark is pretty much Elissa at all times. There’s no performer who comes on (unlike a lot of houseguests) when they know what will or will not be aired. She is pretty even-tempered all the way through.
So, other than what you’re seeing, your guess is as good as mine as to why some of them despise her so much. Some might have jealousy, some might just hate Rachel so now they hate Elissa. I dunno if that helps but she truly is the same and you are getting an accurate view of her on your channels.


I don’t understand the hate for Elissa either. Yes, she knows how to push Amandas buttons but that is part of the game. It’s the way Amanda reacts that makes for all the conflict. Amanda is a cruel, nasty, mean, spiteful person, bottom line.

When the show started I was not happy to see Rachel’s sister involved, I did not like Rachel at all. But as the show progressed, I saw that Elissa is nothing like her sister in most situations so I was ok with it. I think she got an unfair advantage, being who she is and having all of Brenchel’s fans voting for her to be MVP. I SO wanted Howard to get MVP, and stay longer. He was my favorite, but alas, the good people always go home.

So, anyway, to answer your question. Elissa has done very little compared to Amanda the Demented, so I don’t get the hatred either.


I think Amanda thought it was Big Bully House. That’s the only reason I can see she thought she worked hard. Yes she worked hard at manipulating, trying to make people into puppets, lying, bullying, intimidation, threats, and driving people nuts with her high speed non-stop talking and explaining everything about any body orifice she could.

She only hates Elissa because she can’t control her. She wants to tell people what to do or she loses control. That’s the same reason she got rid of Jessie, Candice and Howard.

She likes to blame the HOH for getting rid of people. That’s lame, the HOH doesn’t even get a vote unless it’s a tie. She was behind them all. The others who voted got rid of those people.

Last night she told GM “I have been right every time in this game so far, every time! It wasn’t until that b–tch got HOH my game got F’d up.” All the more reason to get rid of her I’d say. I’m proud of GM for seeing the puppet master in her.


” Brenchel’s fans voting for her to be MVP”

Then who voted her to be nominated for eviction when America became MVP? Wouldn’t the Brenchel’s fans have a common enemy and won there too?


what happened was america was voting for mvp then they switched it to voting for who gets put up-it was very unclear on their website-so millions of people-like me-thought they were voting her MVP but we were actually voting her up.

Worst BB in History!!

In a nutshell Teri B:

There is absolutely NO love lost between Amanda and Elissa.
In the live feeds Amanda’s attacks Elissa with a bold, scathing, hateful, bullying style that is AWAYS loud and arguably hits below the belt.
Elissa is no dummy…. She knows just how to push Amanda’s buttons in retaliation and most times it’s simply laughing in Amanda’s face which drives Amanda bat shit crazy!! Elissa well knows the power of a seemingly demure yet snide remark that will send Amanda off the deep end.
Their fighting tactics are polar opposites but IMO from watching the live feeds all day, everyday, Elissa does her fighting with way more class than Amanda ever does.

Is Elissa without fault?? Hell no! She made a very big mistake by flauting to the HG’s how much she has in life and no one likes a bragger. But Amanda has repeatedly made everyone in the house, as well as those if us who watch 24/7 fear for Elissa’s safety or anyone else who chooses to cross Amanda’s views!
It’s more than classic bullying style…. It’s downright hatred spewed in an extremely vehement style.

Amanda's Imaginary Florida Boyfriend

Amanda has bragged about money too, sweetie! And has a much mora abrasive approach tot he HG’s.


first they didn’t like she because she did not talk of her family and life situation. When she finally opened up to Spencer, he tookit and ran with it to why she did not deserve to be there. She has always been dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t. go figure. Andy is a professer . he can’t be poor. Spencer is railroad, hmm union. he can’t be as poor as he puts on. Mcrea admitted he just wasn’t just a pizza boy. he produces videos and commercials at home and wants to hit it big time in Hollywood producing. Maybe Amanda’s friend AG can help with that. you know there are poor people that eck a living on minimuim wage. So they all need to quite boohooing about money.


I am guessing it is because some viewers see her as pretentious, self righteous, self absorbed, snarky. SHe flaunts her “wealth” and psuedo -celebrity. She puts people down constantly (circa middle school….She’s so gross!) and has not an authentic bone in her extremely well toned body.


Elisa is an Angel compared to the IBB. Elisa has told the truth to Amanda’s face!!! So you are correct on everything! People have become Amandafied or something delusional.


My comment was for you not to because says.


The golden veto wasn’t on yet I bet Amanda has it I hope not


they hate her because —1# She is Rachel’s sister. 2# she and her husband have money and class. 3# she plays her own game and will not be bullied by anyone. 4# She tries not to fall in there sarcastic pow wows that goes on in the house defaming each other. 5# She is happy with who she is and she doesn’t like all the slimmy, derogatory, scandillious behavior that goes on in the house.


I just hope the audience gives Amanda the same treatment they gave Aaryn. And I hope Julie Chen grills her!!!!!!!!!


Guess the “Diamond power of veto” rumor was just squashed! Unless it can still be used at the time of the vote? Honestly can’t remember!


I think Matt in S12 used it right before the eviction?

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I wouldn’t put it past CBS & production to save a twist for the night of the double eviction. I can just see it now…

Julie informs the houseguests that voting will begin shortly when Amanda reaches into her pocket and pulls out a (poker) chip labelled veto. She then goes on to explain how she found it in one of the balloons during the luxury competition. GM is forced to put up a replacement nominee. Since most of the remaining houseguests are a part of her exterminator alliance, the only person she can put up is Elissa. (The hearts of Big Brother Fans worldwide break).


The Judger

Actually I would LMAO of that happened. How awesome and exciting would that be??!!

Amanda's Therapist

thejudger* S T F U!!! ELISSA FANS SAY …. NOOOOOooooo!!!


I doubt that Amanda has such power. If she had that in her pocket I doubt she would have spent all that time last night talking in circles with Gina Marie to put Elissa up as the replacement nominee. She would have just pretended to accept her fate and lay low until Thursday, with a smirk reminiscent of Elissa’s. I just don’t see a scenario like that unless Production gives it to her in the DR right before the ceremony.


Reading that headline made my heart sink, Simon! Thanks for making me think he used it on Demanda! Haha woo that was a close one! Time to fire up the grill and celebrate her going home Thursday!

The psychoanalyst

It appears Amanda will be going out this week. If there is any justice Elissa will be following. Then all the floaters can cut each other up and backstab the rest of the season because I will not be watching any more. Everyone left is a worthless piece of excrement. Nobody deserves or has even earned the prize money this season. And CBS has rigged the game so many times depending who is on the hot seat, who is getting picked on, who is out of allies and is therefore extremely vulnerable, etc. So disgusted with CBS and hope the show is cancelled after this season.


Are you crying now psychoanalyst?? boofreakinhoo!

You kept on telling us that “IT’S ONLY A GAME” and “TO GET OVER IT”!

And stop repeating over and over that you will stop watching BB because Amanda is leaving, and she has been misunderstood all season!
Nobody is going to beg you to “please don’t go…..”

You have been doing exactly what Amanda does…. complain about others behaviors that you are doing yourself! No wonder you defend her!


I have a question for you psycho… If Amanada is such a great game player? How come she is going home this week? hmmm


Psycho, I decide who goes, when they go and under what circumstances….. Andy is next because he is despicable and he will exit with toilet paper hanging out of the back of his pants.


Amandarocks? He’ll no, Gina Rocks! Thank you, Elissa, Gina and Judd for making this season watchable again. Yay!


My hunch the McCranda clan, which includes rat pack Andy, will do everthing humanly possible to get sucker Spensor out.. Poor guy is about to walk a hellish mile same as Elissa and Aaryn.. I wonder if Good ole boy Spensor will have the same high opinion of all his HG exterminator alliance by Thursday night when they all hug him bye bye.. His only hope is that GM won’t cave in should the vote be a tie between McCrea and Andy vs Judd and Elissa..


Rat Dog know is evil master is about to leave and if he throws a vote against Spencer he will be next after McStinky. GM will break the tie sending Demanda home and it would only be McStinky and Rat Dog hiding in a bedroom.


That Rat Andy, is the most despicable being I ever created and yes, I am sorry.


For people that think that Judd is the sweetest, you should watch this:


Oops – I’m sorry, Thomas! Didn’t mean to vote that down.


Well, I just posted the video because I personally thought that Judd was one of the genuine ones…until I saw that video.
I know it’s a game, but why purposely lead Jessie on? They were even sexual. Yes, Jessie seemed a little “desperate” to hook up, but that’s no reason to “use and abuse” her.
I was just disappointed in him, I thought he was a better man.

Shady Judd is a scumball

Judd is a POS asshole. I think Jesse had her shady moments, particularly her last week in the house, but overall she is a nice girl with a big heart. She allowed herself to be manipulated by turds like Judd and Helen. And when she caught on it was too late. I didn’t like Judd the first time and I dislike him even more the second go around. He still plays the part of dumb ass (which I’m not sure is acting) and is playing all sides like a shady douche bag.


Thumbs up if u think the live crowd will boo Amanada and make her cry


2 thumbs up!!!!!

Judge not lest ye be judged

If it’s anything like last week the live crowd will applaud enthusiastically when Amanda leaves and only when the applause dies down a couple politically correct assholes will boo. And those same assholes will hector her when she answers questions. I’m hoping that if Chen pulls any of that inquisition crap and starts judging Amanda that Amanda gives it right back. Who died and made Chen God? I’m not interested in what Chen’s opinions are. I will make up my own mind about the HGs. So stick with the usual interview technique and leaving the judging to us, Chen.


I’m watching you….. Best you smarten up before judgement day !

Judd's granny

I will believe it when it happens. Don’t trust CBS.

A. G.

We’re still debating what we want to do. Stay tuned and keep your eyes on the photo booth.

Bb. 15

Time to take the trash out!


Would like to see a season with HGs who are a variety of ages, or at least people a bit more mature than this group.


And no one on controlled substances either.


I agree. Maybe 2 young twenties, 2 late twenties, 2 early thirties, 2 late thirties, same with forties and fifties. There is a huge difference in maturity levels of people still in their twenties and people in their thirties and above. I think it would be interesting but physical challenges would be an issue, I bet. Anyway, I would like to see a broader demographic.

The 1950's

I always thought a baby boomer edition would be fun – but I do understand that’s not the demographic that watches the show.


Yes, next cast definitely cross generational so we don’t have another episode of high school..also CBS PLEASE no more returning houseguests ever, and no more relatives of houseguests! There are plenty of people who want to be on this show, so find new people, not retreads!


Kindergarteners would be more “mature” than any of the cast members this year.

My two cents

I am so glad that GM did not listen to Amanda and put Elissa on the block.


Good night and good Luck Amanda!!! Smelly Cat!


Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is going to jury, now let’s hope a house falls on her. [Julie Chen] As she walks out the door. “Get her Julie”

The pollster

Hey Simon/Dawg, why isn’t Elissa part of the poll? She is just as crazy with her bipolar personality traits and her passive aggressive conduct. Can you add her?


I have worked with mentally ill folks for over 20 years in therapeutic settings and I assure you, Elissa does not appear to have any Bipolar tendencies, or any other mental health issues from what I can see. I’m still betting Amanda has BPD but since I am a Social Worker and not a Psychiatrist, I cannot diagnose her one way or the other. . She does seem socially awkward andf a little passive aggressive but that’s all. And yes, I have the feeds and watch them.


Elissa, not Amanda, seems socially awkward and somewhat passive aggressive. Amanda is charming at first glance but quickly changes to expose her real self.

Amanda's Therapist

McPussy had the “TALK” with his “CRABS”


Amanda has to f u * * i n’………….GOÖÕÔOOO!!!!!!

Not a PHD Student

I think Amanda will actually do something to Elissa or Elissa’s things now, knowing that she is going home for sure.


That would mean she couldn’t go to jury and couldn’t be part of the finale. I don’t think she would risk that but then again this is Demanda.


I am happy about the outcome of this POV ceremony. However, there have been so many twists in this game, I will not get excited until I see the votes on Thursday and Amanda walks out the door.


Praying spencer and andy go next. I don’t want Amanda to win but I can’t stand her 2 minions either


im confused. why didnt he use it on AM? isnt he safe also for winning?


Once you’re on the block you’re there unless taken off. If he used it on Demanda he would still be on the block.


Don’t let the door hit you Amanda


Did anyone see McNasty drop his bowl of food on the patio ground last night.

Production came on the speaker, “Are you fricken kidding me, you are the reason why we have so many ants in backyard”!

Then McNasty bent over scooped up the majority of the food and proceeded to eat it.

The funny thing is instead of throwing out the spilled food, because there was more in the kitchen. Then he goes back for seconds.

I don’t remember if he picked up the remnants of the rest of the food.

Just can’t imagine how this slacker actually lives in the real world.


That is what he does to customers pizza then it drops from the box he pick it up and dust it off and place it back in the box.


Dude I just hope there’s no ‘twist’ this week to save Amanda….

Big Sister

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus!!!!!!!!!!!! Who will join me in a champagne toast on Thursday night as she exits the door?? Drinks are on the house!!!


I’m not a fan of any of the HGs and I surely am not a fan of Amanda’s mean girl personality, but the house will be a snooze fest for the next few weeks if they vote her out. If they get ou Elissa as planned in the Double Eviction, it will be even more boring. Can you really imagine the last few weeks with just The Exterminators and McCrae?! Ugh, awful. All the HGs are vile so you might as well keep the ones in that have the most entertainment value.


Oh yeah Amanda, remember your quote!!!! “Do you guys get the memo? Anyone target me is going home!! Guess what GinaMarie just screw you again.


Remember the old days when people thought the game was rigged for Amanda to win…. time to find a new conspiracy theory


I hope that production doesn’t read this.

What could be done (by production) to save Amanda (if it is rigged) is to have a Pandora’s Box that makes GM exchange places with Amanda.

Oohh. Chills.


I am not jumping up and down yet about Amanda being evicted. DPOV could suddenly appear under her nose. This just seems too comfortable with this eviction. Expect the unexpected from CBS!!!


Julie Chen would have told us about a DPOV being in play. I doubt very seriously that is going to happen this season. I would imagine CBS will be glad when Amanda goes to jury so they don’t such a liability on their hands. We can’t see jury. Which is strange, but maybe this is why!!!!


Saw on twitter a comment attributed to Evil Dick that Amanda won last week’s veto probably because her ball was lighter than the others. Seems like a possibility. So I will be uneasy until she walks out the door!!

Room 101

A nightmare is on the horizon…..

Amandas Deep Throat

The way it reads here seems lime the Pizza Pzzazz Boy used it on his White Precious

Your Humble Servant

Okay, but only because you asked and I really like this site.


I’m just curious… For those of you who watched the live feeds pre-nick eviction, did him and GM really have a thing or were they friends and she had a crush? I started watching the week after he left.


GM fell in love at first sight but Nick never even kissed her.


Who will be the first guy to go to the jury house? Andy would be my first pick. He gets along with the girls so well………


I’ve been hard on Andy. See his game play as an aggressive floater. Not that it’s a bad thing. Floaters win too. It`s just that at this point in the game Andy must dedcide to vote either for the now 2AM and against exterminator or vice versa. He could spin a yarn about going with Mccrea to keep him thinking Andy is a trustworthy guy for the good of the exterminator alliance. But i don’t think that dog will hunt with Spenser (if he stays) GM and Judd. I’m sure Elissa`s warnings about the rat have not gone un noticed by the others. Should be an interesting week..


Wash her own dishes……She can’t even wash her own A$$!!! How nasty can one person be?!?!


Is Amanda that ratched that she can’t even wash her own diss. She needs to stay off her back and knees and start cleaning after herself. What is trying to get pregnant?by McDouchey!!! Can’t for Julie to point out her nasty ways and vile words she’s said to people. Bye you IBB.


Just can’t rid myself of this uneasy feeling that somehow CBS will still find a way for that lunatic to stay.


How does the double eviction HOH work? Does the winner get to compete for the next HOH because the time was so short or do they have to sit out?