“I’m going to have Kyland’s team go up there and try to betray me and keep the nominations the same I cannot allow them to use that Veto”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother SpoilersVeto won’t be used Brent will be evicted. Looks like the next week has already been planned LOL

12:15 am Brent talking to camera
Brent – on more time, I’m in the mafia that’s Kyland’s team and my team I don’t want Xavier to use that veto cause I know he’s going to use it take Britini down, put up DerekX. I’m going to have Kyland’s team go up there and try to betray me and keep the nominations the same they are going to go up there and say they’re voting me out. We actually have the numbers. The Mafia will win the vote. Basically keeping the nominations the same keeping the alliance strong. When that happens X can no longer compete in the HOh we have the numbers to win. We win we take out everyone in the competition. Put up Christian and Xavier let them pick at take out one of them then control the house.
Brent – I cannot allow them to use that Veto I need Kyland to pull through and make them believe that they will be able to vote me out if they keep the noms the same.. fingers crossed stay tuned.

12:53 am Kings
Chatting about trying to call out showmances
SB says she’s been trying to get DerekX and Hannah
Alyssa – so I’m starting to say the DerekX and Hannah thing and the Whitney and Ky thing
Alyssa – more so it’s you and whit.. she’s all over you bro
Christian – she’s all over you bro (Xavier)
XAvier – She’s cool and cute.. just no..
Alyssa – you never know it’s only week 3
Xavier – Oh my gosh I do know.. Look if I get lonely that means I have to come up here and use that shower.
They talk about “actually” wanting the DerekX and Hannah showmance to happen.

1:11 am
Xavier – here I’ll show you who I will get in a showmance with him.. (Kyland) if not him I’ll let this guy rock my world (BIGD) if not him he’s going to work with Tiffany.
THey laugh

12:57 am Brent, DX, Tiffany and Kyland cam 1
Brent telling them what they should say to Xavier so veto doesn’t get used.
Brent – just say he (DX) saved your a$$ his loyalty is more to him than me. that’s all you have to say
Brent – you kinda have to act paranoid that you don’t trust he won’t go after your team as the replacement.
Brent – just be like.. Keep it the same we’ll align with you to get Brent out. Then obviously Mafia votes to keep me. X can’t play in the HOH we win we put them up we take over the house.
Ky – we’ll see how it goes. We’ll make it work.
Brent tells Tiffany – Just nod your head follow his (Ky) lead don’t try to ask any questions
Brent – this will work this might actually f***ing work
DX – I thin kit will
Bren t- I want you guys to make up a fake alliance name
DX – alright..
Brent leaves..

1:35 am Royal Flush meeting
They go over the Brents plan and what they are supposed to be saying to Xavier so the veto doesn’t get used.
Ky says he came up to him and said “I have an idea you three the kings go up to the girl’s the queens and tell them .. make sure that we’re willing to vote Brent out only if you’re willing to keep noms the same”
Ky – and then he said I know you and Derek are tight he’s like you can just say
Ky – and yo know I’m in tight with Alyssa so if Alyssa tells me about this meeting
Alyssa – Ohh so I have to tell him tomorrow
KY – You tell him tomorrow that the queens threw him under the bus that we’ll vote.. but you have to say like we are serious
Alyssa – Brent told me he wants the noms to stay he thinks X is plan is to take Brit off and put someone like Derek, Hannaha, or Whitney up that way his team has to choose.
Alyssa – he said the best thing X can do for his plan is to remove britini and put DerekX up so he wants the noms to stay the same because he thinks he has the votes.
Alyssa – he thinks that’s X’s plan.. ‘if X was smart’
Alyssa – he thinks he has the votes.. so the queens came up and offered X a deal that they will vote out Brent if the noms stay the same

Tiff – you care what some ‘chick’ said and he was your friend
X – wait what did I do?
Tiff – If Britini was really your target you would put Azah up but. You care more about some chick than your best friend Brent
Xavier – he said that to me
Tiff – you know he told Derek ‘i don’t need to talk to Tiffany she’s voting for me’
Xavier – you are, and I’m dumb and all this is happening because he wanted it. At this point, I just want to make his a$$ look stupid
Kyland – he’s just making it happen we don’t even have to do it
They summarise the story. Brent planned for them to meet and convince Xavier not to use the veto. Brent wants to make sure Alyssa is loyal to him so he will ask her about it tomorrow
Kyland – he said this will be the biggest blindside on the show
Xavier – on me? sneaky sneak. he’s a mastermind
Tiff – he thinks he’s staying here
Xavier – he’s a mastermind
Kyland – apparently when he told Hannah ‘it’s a pretty good plan I don’t know how I came up with it. It’s just a great plan”
Xavier – I wish I had come up with a plan like that.. you see why I did what I did I knew he would do some sh1t that would make everyone vote him out.

DerekX joins them. They confirm RBetn gets evicted. They’ll play along with his plan until Thursday. Alyssa mentions how Brent wants a final 2 with her called “the sewer rats”
Kyland says Brent thinks the worst case for the vote will be 6-5 for him to stay.
Xavier sarcastically- I’m the only one that doesn’t know what’s going on..

They start speculating about next week’s targets.
Alyssa says Whitney isn’t coming after the girls, She’s good with BIGD and she doesn’t want Brit to go through being on the block again. She thinks DX has Hannah. “I would put up Whitney and for me it would make sense Azah, I have never spoken game with her once.”
Alyssa says Azah is an emotional player and she doesn’t want her in jury. Whitney is the pawn but if someone comes up she’s fine with either one leaving.
Tiffany thinks Whitney is targeting the queens. Alyssa wants Azah to go over Whitney.
Tiffany – I’m cool with that I agree with what you are saying it makes sense I’m not disagreeing..
They talk about how Whitney is confident throwing the HOH. SB wonders who is making her feel that safe. Tiffany says she’s the female Brent.

DX – what are we debating right now. one who wins HOH and two who to put up
Alyssa – yeah .. no one wants to win it but if I’m volunteering to do it if it’s one that can be thrown I want to make sure everyone is on the same page.
Dx says this next HOH the people he sees that can win it are Alyssa, Hannah, Whitney or someone from the Jokers.
Dx says Joekrs is the worst case and going by what Alyssa is saying he’s thinking Alyssa is the most viable option.
DX says Hannah won’t be pissed if Alyssa targets Whitney
Xavier – even if she is upset with you she has no backup

They continue to talk about throwing the HOH and who is best to throw it to and who to target. Sound like Whitney is who they’re wanting evicted next week.

3:00 am DX, Claire, Tiffany, Kyland
Dx asks if they are going to roll with the kings to the final 8.
Claire thinks they should go for it.
Dx – if that’s the answer we need to start setting it up NOW.
Claire – that’s what we are doing
Ky – are you not doing that
Kyland laughs.

Feeds cut when we’re back Tiffany is talking about if they are going final 8 with the kings they need someone to take a shot at the kings that’s not part of their group. They want to avoid the Kings taking the first shot so they are down to 3.
DX mentions all the other teams will be down to 3
Tiffany – who will take a shot at 3 when there’s a four
DX – exactly
Kyland says their 8 isn’t going to win back to back HOH so they let the game play out for these next weeks and that will be when someone takes a shot at the kings.
DX points out the people on the target lists are Whitney and Hannah, “You leave BIGD and Azah yo think they are going to win?”
Kyland – they win all the time.. it happens all the time.
Kyland mentions JC winning a HOH. DX says that was final 4 he had a 25% chance to win
DX – I’m saying while there is a lot of people the odds are in your favour that one of them can win. Why would we throw this to Alyssa?
Ky – we have to get to 8
Tiff – now its contradictory.. (you’re telling me.. GO to bed)
Tiff – you’re saying we get to 8 or we’re riding this thing as far as we can?

Claire says odds are they will turn on them before 8 and they will turn on the kings before 8
DX – here is the reason why I think Whitney and Hannah will ride with us, they think you three and us three is locked. They think this alliance is a real thing. The mafia this is their game. I didn’t want to say anything in that room.
DX – that’s why Hannah feels safe, That’s why Whitney feels safe because they are riding with you three. They want to ride this to 6
Tiff – they will take the shots we don’t want to
DX – exactly we can mobilize that to our advantage so why are we throwing it Alyssa to take out someone that has our back 100%?
Ky – for me I trust Alyssa more than Whitney
Tiffany asks what does Whitney mean when she says she wants to make a BIG MOVE
DX – it’s not you guys..
Kyland says there might be a person on the kings that can help them.
DX – on the jokers who do you think is most likely to come after you can you rank the three
Kyland – Britini, Azah. Then BIGD
DX – here’s to compromise What I would personally feel comfortable with is Whitney and Hannah stay safe next week. They can take a shot at the King’s later on.
DX – the compromise is we can still throw it to Alyssa but change her target so it’s not Whtiney
Tiff – she didn’t want her target to be Whitney we changed her target to be Whitney.
Claire – we can change it back
DX – we have so much time (Yeah you still haven’t had the veto ceremony for this week and you’re planning on who to evicted next week)
DX – Honestly whoever we collectively least safe about on the jokers we should make that person the target. Me personally that would be BIGD, I talk game to Britini and Azah.
Dx – it’s 33% for all of them. I think those three people are less likely to win a comp so they won’t be able to take a shot in the future. Whitney might win a comp.
DX – BIGD isn’t going to win a comp
Tiff – he’s not a threat either
DX – we need someone to be a pseudo threat to take out the kings
(LOL every couple moments one of them gets up to check if anyone is listening in. At one point Tiffany tells Kyland “STOP ain’t nobody there” She then apologizes)
DX – he’s not a threat and he’s not an assest.
DX says brit and Azah could be assets.

Tiffany and Kyland low key are pushing to keep BIGD and Azah safe. They try to convince DX that there will be competition BIGD can win.
feeds cut.. when we’re back DX is still trying to keep Whitney safe next week arguing she has a good chance to win the HOH and use it on a KING.
Tiff – where does her loyalty lie she pretends to be Brent’s best friend to his face
DX – you’re doing that. you’re doing that. you’re doing that.
Dx keeps telling them that Hannah and Whitney are riding with the three of them. They are making decisions based on what is best for their game and that is what is best.

DX if the final 8 isn’t the “Royal Flush” they shouldn’t be taking a shot at the other four.
DX asks out of the jokers which sides will they go with
Britini ?
Tiffany – us
CLaire – Me and Sarah Beth, she has pinky promised.. she told me I feel good with BIGD, Azah, SB and me.
Claire says Brit is very upset at DX and Tiffany about the wild card. “she still likes you she’s not going after you”
Tiff – she was staring at me all day today I was like Oh my god

Claire – either way
Tiffany says Azah will go with them there are more people she likes on this team than the other team.
DX – I want to keep Azah
DX – I feel BIGD is with them
Claire – BIGD and X are tight.

Tiff – BIGD as a whole for the group he likes me, he likes you (DX) you’re right he likes Alyssa and X
TIFF – if we got Azah we got BIGD
DX – if we have X we have BIGD
DX points out that X knows Christian and Alyssa will each other over him at the end of the day. “Sarah Beth know the same thing”
They agree X does not want to go final 3 with Christian and Alyssa.
Kyland mentions that SB is still mad that three of her team was in an alliance without her.
Tiff – SB has some very strong opinions.
DX – I’ve never seen her that vocal
Ky – ohh bro

They form a new alliance called the detectives.
Tiffany does a 6 symbol next to her eye (See image)
Tiff – we spot out sh1t…
Claire – isn’t that potentially a white power symbol
Tiff – IS IT!
Ky – don’t do that
Tiff – why didn’t you tell me!
They laugh

After much thought, they decide to do this as their alliance symbol


6:43 am ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

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As I posted on the previous page, I’d be more inclined to let Whit win & break up the showmance instead of giving Ally the next HOH.

Although “The Detectives” was solidified last night (DX plus the Queens) Baby D wasn’t able to get the trio to shift on several fronts:

1) he doesn’t think Ally should be given the HOH
2) couldn’t get them to consider aligning with the Aces sans Brent over the Kings 4
3) and couldn’t shift them away from Whit being the next target

Part of the problem is DX is unaware SB is the trio’s TRUE F4 person. They also know each of the Aces has someone in the Jokers who likes them (possibly more than anyone else) & given how Azah & Brit feel about the Queens that’s not a positive situation.

Per the second point, aside from not trusting Whit there is also a legitimate concern over DX/Hannah likely being F2 partners & more importantly both will be super hard to beat in comps as numbers dwindle especially with mental/date comps increasing.

What they aren’t saying is they’re hoping DX & Hannah will take out Ally/Chris & that X/SB will take out DX & Hannah

I feel for Lil D b/c he doesn’t get why the Queens would want to bring a team with both X & Christian so deep in the game when they could face Hannah/Whit in comps instead. I wish they would’ve understood his first point about Ally though since her target isn’t Whit (although Ky got the ammo needed last night to shift the target).

Ally has repeatedly told Brit she WILL NOT go OTB & the Royal Flush is safe which means the only people she can nominate are Whit, Hannah, Azah or Big D. And what happens if Whit wins the WC and she can save her whole team? That would mean Ally would have to put up Azah & Big D. And then what if Brit won the POV & saved one of them? Then one of the Queens would have to go OTB (as a pawn) versus whichever of Azah or Big D was still OTB.

Perhaps Ky/Tiff have thought about this & after this past week don’t care b/c they’re now willing to sacrifice Azah.

OR… maybe they are feeling too comfortable with everyone but the Jokers wanting to work with them & even then Azah/Big D are supposed to be locked in with Ky/Tiff to F6.

It’s probably a mixture of both, but the Queens better pull out that chess board and do some math! I like the Tiff, Ky, Claire SB (DX or X) F5 but they’d be smarter to take out Britini or break up the showmance this week.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

So many old comments have been seemingly cleansed from the comments section. Soon, there will be comments from only 8 different people, so much for diversity eh. Maybe time to close the comment section if it’s so heavily redacted. How far we have fallen.

another name

Random thoughts:

  • Alyssa is pissy that everyone keeps saying she and Christian are showmancing. She says this to the Queens during team meetings. She says this from the HOH bed where she is under the blankets snuggling with Christian… and has been during each team meeting. Um. Gee. Self awareness merit badge slips through her fingers again I guess. Not leading the narrative with bad optics at all, Alyssa.
  • Azah. It might be easier for me to buy her noble honest moral game schtick if she weren’t lying about her profession. If she’s so hot on playing the old school 2 sides attack each other…. why doesn’t she proudly prance out into the yard and announce the existence of the cookout and tell everyone else they are going home? Oh. because that would be stupid. Week one she said she was getting close to Brit so that she had someone to take the shots she can’t take (so… target an ally, like maybe a cookout member?). This sticks out to me. When you listen to Brit rant and name targets… notice Azah does nothing to direct Brit’s ranting. Even when the options named as targets are 2 members of cookout on two occasions… Azah doesn’t direct her anger away from cookout. It’s still prejury. And Azah is being passive in weaponizing her shield. She is currently fine with Brit targeting X and whoever else Brit wants (as of about an hour and a half ago). Additionally, She refuses to acknowledge Hannah as a member of cookout… why? No I really want to know why. I suspect Frechie Kool-aid involvement because Azah sipped that swill for a week and kept asking for refills. This makes Fr exit interviews make more sense, doesn’t it, alphas always credit whoever they believe took them out as playing the best game.
  • Brent. sideye. grimace. sideye again. Really?
  • Britt. Due diligence. Someone explain what due diligence actually means because she’s completely using it wrong. Same for contingency. What i really really want is someone to sit her down, mentions season 16 to her, then tell her right now she’s Victoria, so go sit down and stfu. I don’t give a damn about her feelings at this point for one reason only: Friday she said x was upset that he made her cry so she was going to cry again just to really make him feel bad. How can you sympathize with someone you know is using their emotional volatility to manipulate? Every emotional scene is now just that in my mind. A scene. I often marvel at her retell of conversations. It’s like she gets the first half of every statement out of someone else’s mouth right, but then stops paying attention and makes up the last half to fit her woe is me pity me routine. She can go.
  • Derekx. Hmm. did he literally stamp his feet when he wasn’t getting his way in the detectives meeting? Did anyone else see that? I think he actually stamped his feet. He’s HEAVILY hinted about the royal flush to his team. He’s doing everything but threatening to hold his breath until he passes out in order to try to get the queens to go with the aces sans Brett. Imo, there should be quite a few raised eyebrows. Is he right in his strategic analysis? Quite possibly. Is he going about getting what he wants in a way that will get others to see his point of view as the better option? That’s the problem. Ideas without the charisma to make them happen is what I’m getting as my read.

I previously said Df would be the first to break the cookout. I think, this week, the cookout has become a two faction group with Xavier attempting to put himself in the place of bridge negotiator. He’s putting himself in the position of being invaluable to both factions. But. I get the feeling it’s going to break next week. Df or Azah will end up pulling it’s us or Tiff pick a side is what I’m low key expecting. Imo, Tiff is already doing that with Azah to some extent (see her I’ll be cordial but I’m not gaming with Azah talk to Ky and X). Until all six members of the cookout acknowledge that ALL SIX are members… the alliance is doomed to crack anyway. Df mentioned Hannah as a potential target 3x. Azah has been anti Hannah for a while now. Both were fine with Ky being evicted as a sacrificial lamb on week one. An Alliance that NEVER meets is never going to be a cohesive alliance. Alliances with a majority of members thinking they are the leader not a team is never going to be a cohesive alliance. They’re more of a failing support group waiting to see which member forgot to bring the donuts and coffee so they can throw them out of the meeting. (Side note: if the Cookout cracks, Azah is in the very worst position because she cloisters herself too much instead of making relationships with others. This has allowed the narrative that Azah is too emotional to become house gospel).

End of Random thoughts.


I completely, 100% agree with you about Brit. I can’t stand it when people cry and carry on like she did last week when she was nominated. Umm….HELLO This is Big Brother. People go on the block….that’s part of the game……AND THEN she did the same thing again this week. Come on, suck it up buttercup you’re playing a game and being on the block is part of the game. You don’t get a break just because you have already been on the block. I can’t say I would be upset if the votes flip and she goes home.



Lol – I love you Another Name – I’ve been on here ranting about all of the above. In particular I’d be very happy for Brit to STFU & GTFO of BB – – like yesterday. She’s not even entertaining.

Azah, annoying as she’s being, at least occasionally throws out a caustic sarcastic barb that hits the mark prior to transitioning back into her Greta Garbo “I want to be alone” mode– but yeah I could do without her too.

I was Big Done with Big D but he got a reprieve from me for at least keeping it real with Azah & telling the truth about Tiff — hey it’s an upgrade from just calling her a b*tch.

I wrote a long post on “The Detectives” & Baby D’s frustration. It’s funny b/c he’s getting tutored by perhaps the best trilogy of first time game players ever in BB — between the brilliant Hannah, can’t help myself but I love her strategic Tiffany & aesthetically pleasing calm-demeanored, underestimated Kyland (if only the enchanting Sarah Beth was in the mix). Problem is he’s a quick study & thinks he’s ready to take off the training wheels.

To your brilliant point – he might need to read the chapter on misting & dusting but I suspect once he began as the “rookie” none of the tutors were ever going to recognize as him as anything other at least when it comes to making the major roster decisions.

another name

What I fear Dx actually accomplished? I think the Queens are going to be wondering why he is trying so hard to save Whitney. If he actually explained that he is sure Al&Ch would cut him first at 8 or before, he’d at least have Ky understanding him. He shares a defensive targeting posture with Ky in their game style. As much as the Queens have offered Dx membership as a defacto queen (now detective), he’s still an Ace to the rest of the house. He’s the lone Ace in the Royal Flush alliance. This is his consternation, imo (well that and his Hannah crush). It’s valid. If the queen’s hadn’t already decided that Dx is being shady this week, he’d have had more of a chance. If he was trying to pull in Hannah alone, he might have sold his case more.
The whole throw HOH to Whit wasn’t going to work. I’ve yet to actually see a Whit talks game with Claire moment. Tiff doesn’t think Whit talks game to her either.
The whole throw it to the jokers or Whit compounded it into a scenario that wasn’t going to happen.
I think every Wednesday I’m going to be saying that it appears nobody wants HOH except the next target, everyone else wants to throw, or has zero chance winning (seriously put Big D on the wall… how will he get his couch up there?)


PlusI think a portion of the Queens thinking he’s being shady stemmed from the SB planted info about Whit/X — I know it’s not about him but it got Tiff/Claire looking sideways at Whit (meanwhile SB is laughing about it with Ky — she’s so good lol).

As for Whit talking to Claire haven’t you noticed she only speaks male? Tiff NAILED her & said every time you see me you compliment me (that’s what Whit thinks is tantamount to female socializing).

I do think she had a shot of shifting her course but she jumped from kissing Ky’s ass to kissing X’s ass and forgot there were still more females than males in the house but apparently she is only capable to speaking to single X chromosome’s not double XX’s.

Big D on the wall —- (how will he get his couch up there) STOP …

you made me spew coffee everywhere LMFAO!!!!

double d

Brent deserves to go for being so #%#% clueless


I’d love to see a Britini HoH for the crazy. Time for your due diligence!


Depending on which one of those 3 would win, there would be different targets by each one


I mean I guess it would be interesting to see Azah & Big D try to talk Brit down from putting up two members of the Cookout. WC will feature Claire, Whit & either Ally or X (assume X to keep Ally free to be nominated). This week should also have a negative associated to winning WC if they keep up the alternating trend.

How do you think X, Ky & Tiff (Hannah) would deal with any of them landing on the block or worse two of them being nominated either straight up or after POV?

Based on Brit’s over the top responses to — well –everything & how she acts in DRs despite never winning anything I wouldn’t be surprised if she was in people’s faces & got a major case of HOHITIS. And personally I could do without having to experience anything close to another Frenchie type HOH. In fact, my preference would be to never have to witness another Brit DR this season.


I had to actually walk back my Big D shade b/c yeah he was pretty regularly taking shots at Tiff, but he was the one who defended her to Azah repeatedly yesterday. They (Big D/Tiff) kind of have a sibling love/hate relationship.

What I found amusing/interesting was the dynamics. Azah LIKES Xavier so he was the first forgiven even though HE was the one who made the decision & didn’t keep them more informed upfront. We can’t forget going into the WC Tiff believed X would put up Brent/Whit & was only going for Brit to keep her open as the re-nom option. Ky had literally nothing to do with the WC or the noms but somehow Azah found a way to place blame on him.

Big D had no problem explaining why X couldn’t put Whit OTB (pre or post POV) or needed to keep playing out X’s plan which Azah didn’t like but isn’t holding over X. But Tiff who was making sure Brit wasn’t safe in order to ensure Azah & Big D were, still hasn’t been forgiven. Plus they are buying Brit the drama queen’s version over Tiff who has NO REASON to lie to them.

Azah is being petty, b*tchy, & over the top but NOT ONCE has she bothered to spare 3 mins & pull the 5 of them together & just ask…

  • Who made the decision on the noms? (X did)
  • Were you influenced by anyone? (NO)
  • Tiff: who did you think was going up before you played WC? (Brent/Whit)
  • Tiff: did you tell Brit “let’s go after Baby D”? (NO – just before the comp started Brit said “let’s take down DX & I never responded b/c I knew we’d need to keep her open as a potential re-nom)
  • AND most important – Whose idea was it to put on this big show of pretending Brent was a pawn? (X – MINE & MINE ALONE).
  • (from X back to Azah) so you feel it would be okay to put someone OTB who just threw the HOH putting their faith in us to take him out & then to expect them to also risk being evicted? — You don’t see how that would totally blow up any trust shown toward me by any of them moving forward?

I mean seriously she’s acting pissy toward Tiff & Ky blaming them for things she can’t even be bothered to clarify the accuracy of.

Even though Tiff may not be to everyone’s liking she’s kept it real with Big D/Azah & always had their best interest at heart. Azah is shocking me with her behavior. The others in the Cookout are doing everything to atone for what she didn’t like last week – well ahead of the next HOH & she’s been told Tiff knows she will have to cut Claire & doesn’t trust Whit (plus HELLO the Queens lost Travis on GC’s sh*t show HOH but they didn’t blame Azah for it or treat her poorly b/c of it).

But even with them catering to her requests she’s like – “don’t tell them shit” It’s disappointing how juvenile she’s acting especially when she barely tries to play the game. All I see her do is push who she wants out with no room for discussion or opinion – it’s her way or no way & I frankly find her gameplay very selfish without meriting the right to be so.

That said, I think I’m annoyed b/c I really liked her at season start & had big hopes for her. This season has a real shot of producing some great players & competitive action (too bad these Jokers are living up to their team name lol)

Feeds ungold

Wake me up before you go go. Xavier is the golden boy or KayKay…. It’s written in the tareot cards, er production notes…

Carry on with the chatter muppets.


Is Brent really this clueless? Besides being angry on the “blindside”, when he finds out that Frenchie lied to him he is going to feel foolish


I am confused on Brent’s plan on not wanting the veto to be used




The whole house trying to blindside one player is just cruel, theres no strategy to it. Not like he can blow up any alliances


There are quite a few people who are playing the game. The less moving parts means it’s a bit easier to manage. Brent spreading information even if it’s not accurate might create enough reason for some folks to start digging which could expose some people’s other dealings.


not likely, they would all just compare notes and laugh about it behind his back. in BB you blindside alliances and or the other side of the house. The whole house blindsiding a single person is pointless, this isnt Survivor