“BRAH.. he [X] don’t like me.. I like guys who pursue me. He don’t pursue me so I need to move forward”

HOH: Tiffany
Nominations: Sb and Ky via HOH, Xavier Via punishment
Coin of Destiny Coup D’etat: Claire won and kept noms the same
Power of Veto Players: SB, Claire, Hannah, Kyland, Xavier, Alyssa
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers

Claire won the coin of destiny coup d’etat

– She kept the noms the same (Sb and Ky)
– Tiffany was dethroned as HOH and no longer has the room.
– Tiff can play for HOH again next week.

8:34 am Alyssa in the living room with X. DF is walking through.

Alyssa – since Tiff is dethroned it must be the three nominees
DF – the HOH has to play
X – but she’s not HOH
DF – if the anonymous HOH can’t play
Alyssa – that’s what I said the nominees pick the three players.
Alyssa leaves for a minute

X whispers – Deductive reasoning If I go for the veto and win nominations stay the same.. If Kyland wins no one trusts him
Alyssa and X continue to speculate how the veto picks will go down

8:43 am Tiff and Claire
Tiff – I really want to compete today I really want to win
Claire – you want to do YOGA before veto
Tiff – yeah.. I feel good about it I’m not nervous I’m not intimidated I feel good
Claire – Clearly you can win things
Tiff – I don’t trust Ky. Ky will try to win. that’s why I am glad he is competing against X
Claire – you need four votes.
Tiff – is this a tie-breaker week
Claire – no
Tiff – who would you nominate who would be the replacement
Claire – Probably Alyssa.. (Zzzzz wake me up on finale)
Tiff – too many people said she would put us up. If Alyssa wins next week we’re going on the block.

Sweet Sarah Beth thinks it’s zing bot because then they don’t have to pick a Host

Houseguests are either waiting around or getting ready.

9:23 am Tiff and DF
(Feeds flip into this conversation)
Tiff – f** your attitude
DF – yeah
Tiff – let that sh1t go that’s petty that’s the last of that keep saying that about your attitude it’s the worst sh1t you can be made about let it go.
DF – okay.. I’m trying I am I really am
Tiff – no what you’re not trying is you’re not trying to not.. You holding on.. it’s old forget about it.. please.. okay gimmie a hug
TDF – I’m sorry I’m trying
Tiff – Bring my friend back
DF – I’m sorry I’m trying

9:24 am DF and Azah
DF – I’m just beat up that’s all I don’t feel the same
DF – I just got to let it go. it’s just hard that’s all. I should be alright though

Azah – you got to push through you got to remember what you are playing for
DF – I’m embarrassed right. I feel like my reputation is
Azah – we don’t have anything else to think about in the house that is why we get it stuck in our heads when something happens
DF – if it was game-related I would be cool I would get over it. I hold myself up to a high standard. We’ve been here for so long and we’ve made connections and all that I feel like certain people know how to make me sound good and certain people don’t. Obviously, things I’ve been doing the fans like and how I’ve been projected. Now I feel like I’m going to be not edited or taken a certain way.. I’m jumping to conclusions
Azah – you are number one you got a whole other half of the season left
Azah – just play the game. it’s not for the fans it’s not for America we’re here to play the game. We’re not here to play for America you came here to try and win 750K dollars that’s all that should matter..
Azah says she said the same thing to herself yesterday when she was down on herself about only getting 50 BBbucks from the fans. “If America don’t like me OK but I’ve came here to play the game”
Azah – I got caught up in a lot of stuff.. Even X I got caught up with him and I realized BRAH if that guy don’t like me he don’t like me.. like man.. I like guys who pursue me. He don’t pursue me so I need to move forward (his mistake)
DF – at the end of the day he’s just something good to look at.. That’s what they all are something good to look at we all know that(LOL)
DF – I might like Kyland and all nad have a crush on him at the end of the day please.. it is what it is.. I don’t have time there’s too much money on the line

9:37 am Claire tells Tiff it’s just the three nominees that get to pick
Tiff – What the hell
Claire – if your chip is drawn you play in the veto.
Tiff – I hope I get drawn
Claire – me too
Claire leaves..
Tiffany talks to the camera
“I get to play in next HOH”
“master plan in place everything looks good”
“This has never been done in History day one people aligned and they stuck it out the entire season” (6 people to)
“Not going to say it was easy. at some points I was meh I might have to play my personal game”
“we all stuck together we all still here”
“Sarah Beth has to go then, Claire or Alyssa next”

10:09 am POV players picked
SB, Claire, Hannah, Kyland, Xavier, Alyssa
Tiffany is upset she didn’t get picked. Xavier picked ALyssa’s name says that every time he picked this season he either gets Alyssa or houseguest choice. He’s picked Alyssa three times.

Alyssa to Azah – I’m always bumming it before veto and I get picked.. it’s the non showering, non brushing your teeth wearing what you wear the last night. that’s the look it works every time

10:26 am DF, Azah, and SB Chit chat about Zingbot
DF wonders the Zing Nicole had. Sb can’t remember
DF – it’s crazy how far she made it all those times. It blows my mind
DF – Nicole’s personality and the game she’s playing.

10:50 am Claire to the camera
Claire – I have a tricky road to the end but that’s Big Brother (LOL you have no idea)
“is there an onion alliance.. no do I feel like there are two sides? yes”
Claire says that is what she likes about this season of Big Brother as long as the pendulum keeps swinging from side to side. “And we’re not just picked off”

Claire walks out to chat with Tiff. Tiff says she’s excited Claire gets to play Mentions how SB was happy she didn’t get picked.

Claire says the order of POV winners “I win it. Hannah, X then Alyssa.. then Kyland and Sb”
Tiff – SB can’t win it.
Tiff goes on about liking “Punky Brewster”
Tiff – punky brewster was so dope.. regular white girl but she was punky brewster.. loved Punky brewster that was my girl (LOL)
Tiff – this is a great week for us..

Tiff – Claire it’s a nice life..
they laugh
Tiff – I am real extra in my life today

11:12 am Xavier to the camera
X – I may throw the competition to him (Kyland) that way people in the cookout don’t trust him anymore
X – is that evil? slightly. it depends how comfortable I feel being on the block still.

11:20 am X and Alyssa studying Camera flips to people on the memory wall.

11:24 am Hannah and Tiff studying noses
Tiff – she’s got a honker.. (Brit)
Tiff says Kyland’s nose is like a bull because it flairs up.
Hannah says SB, Brett, and Whitney’s noses all look the same
Hannah says Travis looks nasty “Nasty a$$ Travis”
Hannah – BIGD and BABYD have similar noses

Hannah says Travis looks like a serial killer
Kyland says it’s not a good angle.

Tiff says Sb’s eyes look like a serial killer

11:50 am Sweet Sarah Beth Studying

Noon in the kitchen
Kyland and X are talking about their ex girlfriends
Kyland says his last few girls he dated were 2 whites, 2 African American, 1 Mexican
X says his last two women he dated had black hair and blue eyes
X – my ex looks like Holly from season 21 my ex before that look like combine Analyse and Holly.
Kyland – so ugly
feeds flip then cut.

12:55pm The house guests are sitting around chatting / waiting for the veto to start..

1:14pm The live feeds switch to kittens. The veto competition is happening now…

3:25pm Still blocked..

4:38pm Still nothing.

Consider a donation to keep the madness going. BIG thanks to the people that have already chipped in.

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Chessie _K

Yep. SB Is a goner for sure!!

Just me

Sure would be a good chance to get x or Ky out.


Please BB Gods, give them the brain power to vote out X!!!


I’m surprised anyone is still watching this season.


I really like the cast. I think it will pick up when it gets down to 6, maybe 7. I wouldn’t cry if Kyland went before final 6. He was in my top 2 in the beginning. Funny how things change.


Same here. Ky was one of my original four faves (Tiff, Claire, Ky, DX), but he was removed from that list sometime around his 87th one-on-one meeting. I’m rooting for Tiff, but I like everyone. I think the CO fighting it out to the end could be some great BB. As of now, my dream F3 is the CO women – Tiff, Azah, Hannah.


Yes, yes!! Totally agree with everything.


First season in ages where there’s more than one or two people actually trying to win the game but there has been no power shift.

Chessie _K

I like this steam roll better than last year’s steam roll. Last season they came into the house with alliances and strategies in tact


I watch the show because of competitions. I follow feed updates so I get get to know players and see how the social game is being played. No season is perfect but I’ve enjoyed some of the different things they did this season. I figure if I can’t find a few things I still want to see then I can walk away for now there are comps to look forward to and see how and when the CO will finally start going after each other. I mean more that verbal swipes and throwing each other under the bus.


The feeds have been fun this season because we have a house full of people who came to play the game. No talk of meet-n-greets or selling merch through Instagram.


Agreed — except Alyssa promoting her swimsuit company (can’t remember if Tiff did that).

bumbling bee

can we just fast forward and get out the plus ones? once it’s only cookout the real game will start. anytime a large alliance is in charge it’s a bit boring. at least this time the “other side” of the house doesn’t seem to know they are the “other side”


Unpopular opinion: I want X to go. This is like the perfect opportunity to shoot that shot. Obviously it won’t happen, but one can dream…


I want him to go as well!


That’s NOT an unpopular opinion.


Let’s say Kyland or SB wins and takes themselves off the block, how would the POV ceremony work if it is not known that Claire is the replacement HoH?


That’s exactly what I was wondering. My guess is that Claire gives her nomination in the DR (for each circumstance of which player is taken off the block), then production does a hacker-type reveal.


Agreed, they’ll have it come up on the video wall like they did in prior seasons in a similar silent nomination.

Game fan

The picture of replacement nom will appear on the wall. Veto holder would be the host

Ghost of Frenchie

Clair will make the decision in the DR. The monitor/tv will announce the “mystery HOH has named Alyssa as the replacement”

Hopeful for a Good Season

X stop throwing competitions. This will get you jury quick.

Game fan

No , it won’t. He wins and will win when it counts the most. Ky made himself a big target for the six.
X doesn’t need to be one too


I believe he can pull out wins seemingly at will … BUT… what if Ky catches on that he’s throwing it & helps SB win? Then a wall yeller blasts the backyard on Sunday leading to Claire nominating Big D… aka one of the Cookout males end up evicted.

SB votes out X, Ally & Azah vote out Ky. And then Ky would hit up Tiff looking to make a deal. If he agrees to throw the next HOH, not save SB if OTB & keep her/Hannah safe to end game (no nominations/no vote outs) that sure would be a hard deal to refuse especially with X prime for the picking.

All this to say I doubt X throws POV & expect feeds to return with him wearing the Veto necklace.


Can those 2 (Tiffany and Hannah) be any nastier? The trash talking. It’s not a good look and while I don’t care who wins at this point I just hope neither of those 2 are in finals.

Hopeful for a Good Season

I couldn’t agree more. Embarrassment


totally agree…..I actually liked Hannah at first………now, not so much! As for Tiffy, she’s trying to be more memorable than D’Vonne.

Hopeful for a Good Season

Very true, she really is trying. At least Davonne was real and not fake. Tif tries too hard. Ain’t working


It’s funny how we all perceive or read things differently. I do not see Tiffany and Hannah as being “nastier”… maybe Hannah a little more. I see Tiffany as playing the game. I view Sarah Beth and Alyssa as being malicious and cold. (Sarah Beth quite a bit more) I think all of the HG have been distasteful or just plain mean at one time or another… except DX, of course. 🙂 I am not saying either one of us is right. I am just commenting on how interesting it is that we are all watching the same show, reading the same blogs from Simon and Dawg and taking in a different perspective. I guess you could add to that… why have we singled out women vs the men? If Frenchie had lasted, I think we would have seen a much worse side of him, in addition to his lying. I think we may have seen the better side of Brent! And DF, has acted abominably at times and yet America has given him $100. Has Tiffany or Alyssa acted worse than him to get $50? I wonder what Freud would say about all of us? LOL! It might be entertaining if others would share how they are viewing the HG and compare notes.


Like you, I also did not perceive Tiffany or Hannah negatively. I laughed at their comments. Who knows what that says about me? Maybe I’m just a really bad person. LOL.


“I laughed at their comments. Who knows what that says about me? Maybe I’m just a really bad person. LOL”

That’s an accurate way of describing yourself.

With all the criticism you’ve given Alyssa unlike DX she was smart enough and wise to actually seize the moment and play the highroller room last week compared to DX. Even after production was at DX’s aid. Repeatedly telling Derek X to play and he declined it. But nonetheless not surprising that you support women who are nasty snobs who dragged Derek X around on a leash while DX was too inept to realize they were always going to cut him.


BB fan…please give it a rest already!


Hahahahahahaha! Awwww, c’mon, I’m a bad person cuz I have been critical of Alyssa, but rooted for DX? (I have called him gullible and naive, btw). It’s a television show. Don’t take it so seriously. You’ll be much happier that way.




How did DF get $100, and Tiff/Alyssa get $50 = = = um … maybe ask yourself WHO counted the votes? Think about it! (this answer is fairly obvious, considering DF’s dad works there at the studio; at least that’s what I read online re: how DF got on the show in the first place, and considering his comp skillset).


If SB wins let the fireworks begin
Azah are u there to win or strong arm X into liking you.
I miss DX!


X is so stuck on Alyssa that he even picks her veto chip. LOL. I hope Azah really is moving on. She’s gorgeous and kind-hearted. She can have her pick outside of the house.

Meanwhile, the CO alliance has shown an incredible amount of loyalty. The steamroll isn’t exciting to watch, but I’m still enjoying the season. It’s refreshing to have a house full of people who want to play the game, not just build their social media followings.


Why in the world do they think we want to watch a live feed wit ALL the cameras on Tiffany in sunglasses sleeping pretending to read the Bible. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


I would love to see SB win veto, take herself down and for Claire to nominate another Cookout member.


Same but Tiffany has already made it know to her puppet Clair that Alyssa needs to be the replacement nominee.

Claire is stupid AF to do that though.

She has said in the past she wants Xavier gone so if Sarah Beth really does win Veto (which I doubt) then she should really put up Big D (or Azah) to ensure that either Xavier or Kyland goes home.

I’m in the minority who still like Kyland, so that scenario would actually probably be bad for him. I can’t see Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, or Alyssa voting out Xavier over Kyland so it would probably end up 4-1 for him to go. They really should get out Big D or Xavier though because one or both of them are going to be in the final 2 imho..

Xavier is for sure the top contender to win and Big D is the perfect runner up most people should take for an easy win.

Why not get out one of them, specifically the threat to win the $750,000 in Xavier, while you have the chance?

If it really is the 3 male Cookout members on the block come Thursday then Tiffany, Hannah, and Azah will have an out to get out the strongest one in Xavier.

If they are committed to their final 3, which they should be since it is the best shot two of the three have to get to the final 2, then they would take the shot at Xavier.

Kyland and Sarah Beth would still be the house targets as a powerful duo (with multiple HOH/Veto wins between them two *keep in mind Sarah Beth wins the Veto for this to even be an option so that makes her target even bigger*) so I honestly feel that is the best option if this scenario makes itself an option.


No one on CO will vote out a member of CO untill people of non-CO are sent packing

another name

Last week’s veto draw: oh look Dx isn’t playing, guess we know what the storyline is calling for.
This week’s veto draw: oh look the boot order is playing veto, guess we know what the storyline is calling for.

This is that ‘see they had every chance’ we’re not manipulating anything example they will point to.
Already told my veto picks story. Already said I believe veto picks and hosts are predetermined. There is no host this week I don’t think.
Prepare the Individual timed veto for a second time in a row.
If we don’t see the entire thing play out, I don’t believe the results. Never have… plus we have the season 21 example of an individually timed veto being altered for storyline. The winner of the veto in week 4. The strip on a seadoo veto. Kat raises a stink saying no way, I won, but HE gets the veto, this is bullshit. On feeds.

X talking about throwing Veto so that Ky loses the cookout’s trust. Well, here comes the next big storyline for the lead up into the triple on the 16th (there won’t be a battle back now that Dx has been told there is a large alliance in gbms… don’t kid yourselves). So the story becomes X and Ky go to war? Yawn.

Motivations regarding veto picks:
Claire: motivated to keep them the same or at most, gets talked into removing X.
Alyssa: motivated to remove X.
Hannah: motivated to keep them the same or curry favor with X by removing him.

Storyline divergencies and rebuttals:
There isn’t a third nom replacement. If X is removed the third seat is closed.
So even if Alyssa wins veto, that isn’t a situation where she is safe so Claire has to renom from the cookout.
If Ky does win veto… what are the chances he can talk the cookout into cutting X?
Less than if X wins veto and talks the house into cutting Ky.
The women of the cookout are too burn the witch about SB to do anything else but vote her out. We know why Tiff and Azah are leading that. Shut up. It has nothing to do with Dx, it’s been going on since week three. That’s long before Dx was an issue. SB is the example that runs through my head disproving the ‘cookout treats the rest of the house with such respect’ statements. They’ve been season 21 grateful meeting about NicA-ing SB for 5 weeks. The disdain with which they say ‘your little gf’ to Ky is all we really need to know about the impetus.

Breaking the Fourth Wall:
There’s a definite double standard among the viewership when it comes to making micro aggressive comments, and prejudicially biased statements this season.
That’s NOT a comment on cookout. I view the cookout as a week one alliance that steamrolled the rest of the house secretly, same as other large alliances have done in the past. I don’t generally like large alliances and steamrolls, but I don’t knock the alliance for that. It makes sense from a game analysis perspective even if it becomes boring as hell. In terms of game, that’s what it is.
That IS a comment on houseguests making statements that are being ignored or what aboutismed by we the viewers.

studying faces on the wall: I’d know Dx’s eyes with my eyes closed.
lamenting Dx’s fate: “Can we trade him (Kyland) for Derek X?” “That’s what we were saying. We were like damnit baby d, why do you gotta have the parents you have.”
commenting on the viability of Alyssa in final 2: her skin is too light.

Not stand alone comments. Daily I cringe inside when I hear another one. Heck, two of those examples happened within a half hour on feeds.
Before anyone starts thinking my ass grew a fragile privilege throne…
we use the same barometer for listening to comments regardless of who made them. I didn’t name any of the people making those comments… what if one of them was Sarahbeth, Alyssa or Claire? Remember Whitney’s eggroll comment? Remember the reaction? Platters of Eggrolls have been flying around that house an awful lot to complete silence. That’s on us. 16 people are houseguests on this season of Big Brother. All 16 people are capable of bias. All 16 people should be accountable for how they express their bias.
Never mind… I’ll just collect my gorillas and head back into the mist.

Been there

I was wondering when you’d write a piece on this topic. I absolutely agree with your statements.

another name

I don’t want involvement with the entire thing. I’ve been very vocal about not wanting to make my analysis of the game about division and ethnocentric debate. I’m still tired and worn out and disgusted by tribalized xenophobia in place of the unity of the human condition.
I’ve slipped a couple of times.
This time it was intentional because the sheer volume of comments in the house that i am not impressed with has exponentially risen in the last week and a half.


“Well, here comes the next big storyline for the lead up into the triple on the 16th (there won’t be a battle back now that Dx has been told there is a large alliance in gbms… don’t kid yourselves).”

I’m not sure about that. There would probably be at least 4 players for the Battle Back. We now have Britini and Derek X. Next week on 9/02 likely Sarah Beth. The following 9/10 will be Clair or Allysa. By 9/16 there will only be 1 non-CO left. That would be if they didn’t have a double elimination night before that.

Either way, Derek X coming into the house with the news of an alliance, would have little impact on the game. At most, there would only be all CO members plus one non-CO remaining. What damage could he do at that point?

That also would be about the time that the CO members are going to draw sides. It could make it interesting if both sides want to bring Derek X over to their side to help win competitions to take the other side out. I think a Battle Back could add interest to the game; but, only if Derek X wins the BB!

Buh Bye

Except, BB has never done a battle back when ANY goodbye message has been viewed by the eliminated guest.


Really? I did not know that. Though, it does seem that the rules or past actions don’t always make a difference to Production. They seem to make decisions as they go along.

another name

Interviews have been spoiling the membership of the cookout to Dx. (not naming it).
In the studio with Julie he thought Ky, X, Alyssa, Tiff, and i think Couch.
Interviews have now told him Hannah and Tiff are included, Alyssa is not.
They didn’t do a battle back last season. It is doubtful they do one this season.
ESPECIALLY with jury tampering interviews.


Since he now knows who the members are, the damage has been done as far as jury tampering. So, would it really make a difference by that time in the game? I am not asking you to debate this issue… I am only asking for your opinion on how this makes a difference in the playing of the game?

another name

Let’s for argument’s sake, say there is a battle back.
Let’s for argument’s sake say Dx has won.
He’s walking back into the house with knowledge he didn’t get from the game or from goodbyes.
That certainly alters how he would play if he re-entered.
That’s how it alters the playing of the game in my opinion.

Buh Bye

In the actual way the game moves forward? It might not make a lot of difference. I just know that, in the past, if the eliminated player was shown their goodbye messages, there was no BBack for them. DX was pretty tight with Tiff and Hannah. Now he knows they’re part of a bigger alliance that doesn’t include him. How does that NOT change the the way the game is played? The steamroller effect is the reason I’ve never liked 6+ member alliances…


They should all be accountable. Like Azah calling one of the guys “Nigga”? If anyone not black had used that word the Production would have taken strict measures. The network may have even put up a disclaimer. Similar has happened in previous seasons. What action was taken? Absolutely none! Doesn’t sound accountable to me and that is only one instance.


Literally the most boring season of BB. I am checking out. Have fun guys




Ok, so obviously the contestants are playing one at a time but which comp could it be?


Ok, I think I know what game they played. I
It sounds like Hannah won and also won a viewing of a movie (don’t know which one)


Hannah finally won something , about time. Being in CO things probably won’t change and Bye Bye SB

another name

I think she plans to remove X. If I heard her correctly.
Not a major change.