“Hey Kevin can you think of something Nice Karen and I have done in this house .. we are nice people”

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The feeds are essentially..
1) Karen, Demetres and Ika retells
2) Karen bashing Dillon and Kevin
3) Dillon breathing heavy
4) Kevin alone
5) Ika and Demetres kissing/cuddling

Dillon and Karen Hot Tub Followed By Ika and Karen in the hot Tub Best friends forever.

Kevin Ika and Karen bathroom Chit chat
Ika – Hey Kevin can you think of something Nice Karen and I have done in this house .. we are nice people
Kevin – the list is pretty short
They go on to joke about this and chit chat…

Ika and Dillon Bathroom

Kevin – the only way I could truly convince her that my intentions are to get Dillon out …I think is for her to accidentally hear me monologuing to myself. But I’m not going to do anything today, Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon… I’m going to see the vibe in the house. Right now Dillon is going home and I’ve got to try and change that. But for now… I’ve got to study..

Demetres messes up Kevin’s study sprinkles.

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115 thoughts on ““Hey Kevin can you think of something Nice Karen and I have done in this house .. we are nice people”

  1. Just praying that Demetres gets the next HOH and Karen gets the veto so she gets to vote out Kevin Martin. I like Kevin, but I want a Demika final 2 at this point. I wouldn’t be upset with Kevin pulling out the win either, though. He’s pulled out the comp wins when needed.

    1. That would be another dumb move by Karen, so it’s to be expected. Demika is likely to take each other final 2 (Correct me if I’m wrong but I haven’t even heard either offer Karen a final 2 deal). Her best chance would be to evict Ika in your scenario. Dem and Kevin will take her and she’ll make an easy $25k…..buuuuut it’s Karen…

        1. LOL Karen compared Kevin to jeffrey dahmer … how they both look like the boy next door / innocent type

        1. karen doesn’t expect either one to take her, and she’s pretty much said she is ok with that. i mean she knows dillon would, and if she voted to keep him, kevin would ensure it, and either dillon or kevin would definitely, but it’s the principle of thing with her. and for her to be the sole vote to evict kevin would make her experience complete, for sure.

          1. I don’t think that’s right. Karen overheard about a final two between Dillon and Kevin. She isn’t sure Dillon would. And she knows Kevin would not.
            She just doesn’t trust them for what they say.

      1. You are so right Horseshoes, Karen is such a dumbass, she will NEVER make it to final 3 with Demika…what is she thinking! She needs to pull her head out of her ass and vote out ika….any of the remaining 3 guys would take her to final two. How has she not thought this through?????

    2. Lol Karen is a determine woman she will get votes if she gets him out but I am rooting for IKA to win the HOH because I do think she deserves to stay over anyone still left in the game

  2. It’s crazy that Ika has fans. People that think she’s a great person must be just as bad as her, if not worse. She’s a bitch and a bully. Pure and simple.

    1. Jackie should be extremely happy that she got her wish of no Ika in the jury house for an entire week.

    2. Does your halo hurt your head? This isn’t a competition for who’s the best person go watch the disney chanel. Ika has PLAYED all these fools #Demika for the win!

      1. Can you give examples of how ika played all these fools? Oh that’s right. You can’t!

    3. It’s crazy that you hate someone so much that it’s not enough that you express your opinion, you have to attack anybody else who expresses their own opinion to like her or otherwise respect her.

    4. Agreed. I don’t know how people like her. She’s an awful person, and I think Demetres, a genuinely nice guy, is blinded by all that plastic on her chest.

        1. She doesnt seem nice to me she has true hate for jackie and wanted to make her have a break down. She knew jackie was feeling weak and alone so she attacked. Imo ika is a bully.

          1. Jackie had a few too many crocodile tears for my liking.
            She complained about how bad she had it and was essentially ungrateful for the BB experience all the way through.

        2. Umm Ika is not a ‘nice’ person, but she can be really kind. And she’s one heck of a manipulator. Masterful! Can she really win against Demetres? Not as sure as others, about that part.

      1. By making a comment like that, aren’t you doing the same thing you accuse her of doing (being a mean person)? I’m not defending her actions/behaviour, and I don’t if she’s like this in real life, but I’m sure production encourages her and other people on the show to act a certain way so they can fill their “characters” for the season. I take every outburst with a grain of salt, because who knows how “real” it truly is.

        1. No it’s not the same thing. I’m making a comment on her character. I’m not going out of my way to make her life a living hell, which is something that Ika has done on both seasons that she has been on Big Brother. My comment about the plastic on her chest is me trying to find the reason why Demetres even associates himself with her. Ika is gorgeous, so that’s the only reason I can see.

          1. Demetres said he likes a little bit of crazy
            But yeah the only thing I’ve seen on the feeds is Jackie and Ika talk shit about each other. Jackie was even in an alliance that week on slop with the express goal of getting Ika out (“peasants alliance”). She attacked Ika verbally in the bathroom while Karen was chastising Ika when Ika was put on the block.

            It has seemed pretty reciprocal to me. I don’t understand why Jackie is any less guilty of being a mean girl? Is it because Jackie has that innocent look and is not loud?

            Or Is it a cultural thing that people don’t know how to take strong black women?

            The only thing I found over the line was when Ika tore up Jackie’s study pasta — but that was clearly under the directive of production because she has a reputation and had to tear up something.

            I just don’t understand why Ika is the one who is called a bitch and Jackie is just pitied when to me, from what I have seen on the feeds these past several weeks, it has been completely reciprocal.

            1. Is it a cultural thing that a black woman is never a bully but instead is just a “strong black woman” People always love to make everything about skin color.

              1. Hold on. This is the first time ever in these threads that anybody has ever mentioned it. LIke I literally have been wondering this for weeks and I knew people would jump down my neck if I even asked.

                The fact is that Ika is being called this right now. And she IS a strong black woman.

                But Why is Jackie not ALSO called a bully – because both have exhibit that behaviour. Why is she always cast as the victim by all these commentors?
                People justify or simply overlook her behavior – why? I just need an explanation and I don’t know why people are jumping down my neck for asking about the discrepancy of judgement between the two.

            2. “For the past couple of weeks” is the key words here…

              Jackie really only started standing up for herself in the last week or two against Ika, prior to that it was VERY one sided. In fact, it was Ika herself who got pissed off after the bathroom conversation that Jackie was starting to stand up for herself against Ika, and hadn’t been prior, and then goes on to state: “if this girl thinks for one minute i’m going to let her punk me I will drag her ass up and down this f***G house every single time she does not know the mouth I mother F***g have on me. I will have her rethinking her whole entire existence and genetics and birth and mother and father… I’m telling you talk to your little friend I don’t want her in therapy for 5 years after I will drag a b1tch,” etc. (a lot of bashing goes on here).

              Ika herself admits she was mean and vicious to Jackie. Jackie brought it up with her and Ika stated “I know I am, so fuck off. Fuck off.” or something of the sort, and from that point on she really started defending herself.

              1. Was it predominantly just in week one and week two?

                Because I’ve been watching feeds since mid-season and I have not seen this behaviour … it seemed like they talk trash behind each other’s backs, and were equally shitty to each other. I knew there as beef but I did not see any one-sided bullying, just a mutual hatred.

            3. The conversation that you are referring to where she jumped into the Ika/Karen conversation – Ika turned and looked directly at Jackie and said something along the lines of “I have been mean and vicious to SOME people in the house (implying Jackie), before turning back and continuing her conversation with Karen. It was Ika who bought her into that conversation, not Jackie jumping In.

        2. Thank you! She was taken on for her ‘persona’. It was practically in her contract that she had to tear something up.

          But the real Ika has a tremendous amount of empathy. She was the first to run out to hug and comfort Bruno.. remember when Bruno saw that at the end of the clip he said “that’s the real Ika I know”

  3. People saying Kevin’s POV was a bad move when Karen voting out Dillon would be 100 times worse. All but guaranteeing herself third place just to spite Kevin and get Ika to pretend she’s her sister for another week. Laughed out loud last night when Ika said Karen is the only one who could turn up to her level a mere week after Karen cried about how vicious Ika was for not attending her dinner parties. If Kevin threw Karen up she would have campaigned to leave because all it took was a week of Ika nursing Karen’s fragile ego for her to turn on her #1 and tank her own game.

    1. Agreed, it’s Karen that is making the bad move. She is prioritizing getting ika and dem to final 2 just to spite kevin. so dumb. I feel bad that he has to put up with her idiocy.

    2. If Demetres Leaves: 50% chance that Kevin leaves / stays next HOH-week.

      If Ika Leaves: 62.5% chance that Kevin leaves next HOH-week, OR 37.5% that Kevin stays to final three.

      If Dillon Leaves: 85.7% chance that Kevin leaves next HOH-week, OR 14.3% that Kevin stays to final three.

      1. Are we resorting to name-calling now? All I see is a bunch of cry-baby haters… too bad she’s made this farther than your hate-wishes. Go cry in your corner.

  4. Either way, Karen is going to at least final three. She’ll go to final two in most scenarios anyways.

    Kevin said he’s not taking Karen to final two – said to cameras. “cuz I don’t like Karen”.

    Karen doesn’t need to give a f*ck.

  5. Karen is hilarious and awesome.
    She’s gone farther than any older-person cast. The game and jury are age-ist. She has highest chances of second than anybody — that’s an awesome result!

  6. I’m watching last night’s BBCAN episode… with the slow-motion audio… what is wrong with Neda? why can’t she pronounce her words. She sounds like a toddler. its the weirdest thing to listen to.. especially when slowed down….

    1. I HATE NEDA’S VOICE!!! Once I noticed the weird sounds she makes when she talks, that’s all I heard. Example: the word “shoes” she says it like chhhshoes, “that’s so crazy” = chthat’s so crrhhazy. I don’t know it’s hard to type those sounds into words lol. Good luck once you hear it!

      1. Gah That’s exactly what happened to me, it was like the week she had HOH! I cannot even pay attention to what she’s saying

  7. This game is wild right to the end I really hope they get Kevin out he such a slime bag he has the characteristics of a social path he’s so annoying and fucking gross !!!!!!! Dillon was a floater anyway and I think sending him to Jury might do him some good being out there so he can breathe in some fresh air big country breathe is so heavy it’s all I can hear on the live feeds. Demika for the Win Baby & if karen wins then i wont be mad either, she was the like the godmother of the house & she played a really good game considering she has age against her in comparison to the rest of the house guests I give her mad props !!!!!!!

    1. He is truly disappointing right now.
      And yes Ika has PLAYED and deserve the props and the attention … even the haters who hate her so much.. that speaks a lot to the impact of her game. Good on her!

  8. To the Ika haters… get over it babies! Ya she has been aggressive at times and mean but it’s a game. None of this makes her a bad person it’s just how she plays the game and guess what?!?! It’s working! I doubt she goes around picking on people in real life, it’s a game! Even if you are one of the “I would be nice and play clean blah blah blah” take a step back and recognize different strategies. Ika has done incredibly well especially given her circumstances of pretty much always being on everyone’s radar so give the girl some props.

      1. Pretty sure that the people spewing hate are the “bullies” … by any dictionary…. so yeah… people who want to give Ika props are suddenly now all bullies…. what a bunch of sore losers…

      2. Funny cuz I don’t look up to you… let people express their admiration for a GAME. You realize that you are bullying and harassing people who leave positive comments.

  9. I am so an Ika fan!! She played from day one this year. It was a fab year of BB … it went back and forth. It wasn’t one-sided. And, the biggest is isn’t predictable. Yep, a pretty good season. No, stupid twist that didn’t work out or change the game to much. My only disappointment was Karen didn’t host more the comps … think she is hilarious. She knows she isn’t going to win ….. so why let Kevin? I think what happened she heard Dillion and Kevin talk final two. Dem and Ika will be final two ………. so make it harder for Kevin. I like. I don’t like Kevin’s game. Get in with a big alliance, safe for most of the season, didn’t make any real relationship (Bruno/William), that’s it??? What a dumb ass for telling everyone all his friends are in jury (really), I remember Gary and that detective playing this down. I don’t know if Kevin will win anyways. Neda is the voice of reason in the jury by wanting the best player to win …… was it Kevin? I don’t think so against Dem and Ika.

    1. I was not a fan of Kevin or Ika/ Demetres. I respect their games and hope they make final 3 (i know very unlikely). Reading the threads above and its hilarious how people can be so one sided. They praise their favorite while shitting on their favorites competition. It’s refreshing to have a season where there are multiple players left that i wouldn’t be mad at if they won. Usually by this time in Big brother the threats have taken eachother out and its the floaters/ people that hid behind the threats that are left. If i had to pick between the Kev, Dem and Ika to win, i would pick Kev. His game wasnt perfect but neither was Dem/Ika. I wouldn’t say his social game sucks like many others have, but Ika social game is just waaay better. The main reason why i’d pick Kevin over Dem/ Ika is because Dem/Ika cant both be winners and I feel neither would be at this point if the other wasn’t there. Ika might be still there but she would have not have had the influence she’s had in this season had Dem not won Hoh’s. And Demetre wouldn’t have made it passed week 1 if it wasnt for Ika and getting him aligned with the 6. I’ve yet to see Dem have a serious game talk with anyone without Ika being there. So i give the nod to Kevin, He was supposed to the 3rd member of Jury but will have seen 5 players go into Jury since he’s been the target.

      1. Really wel!! I have a bunch of footage of it so I’m going to try and make 10-15 minute “episodes” of evictions. Really fun, 4th time we’ve done it but 1st time we’ve filmed it.

      1. Thanks!! Always been a fan of Big Brother/ this page. I think I’m going to apply next year actually hahaha – maybe some footage of this will help me.

  10. Assuming Dillon gets evicted, I am very confident Demetres will take Ika to final three…..but I have a feeling he wont take her to final 2 (Jon/Neda flashbacks).

    Im not sure if Karen sees this….but if she does it actually makes sense to evict Dillon this week.

  11. Remember the good old days? Like back in week two when Dallas, Jackie, Dillon and Emily were all trying to get Karen put on the block? From her retells, Karen does. But of course she thinks everyone including the towels and the microwave were in on trying to get her back doored that week.

    1. Poor Dillon looked so confused during that convo. And just when you could see him try and wrap his head around one alternative fact, Karen would head off in another direction. She contradicted herself so many times Dillon was mind-boggled. FIrst she says Kevin wants Dem out and is using her to do it (true) then she says he wants Dillon out. Then she tells him she will be throwing Dillon under the bus just to make sure Kevin does not get his way, whatever that is. Kevin, that PAB. (censored)

  12. BB cast people like Ika for the DRAMA !!! We love BB because of the drama and fights. My God how boring would it be if everyone acted like Kevin or Jackie, William……….sleepville. and Dillon!!. And Dillon if you wanted to win so bad then you should have WON comps so STFU !! He just a bitter boy cause Demetres was better than him in comps period ! And Dillon didn’t throw comps what a bunch of BS so GoodBye !! Look at Paul from BB18 people LOVED him cause he was loud and brought drama to the show so whats the diff with Ika doing it or Rachel Riely or Helen Woods. Big Brother is Drama !!

    1. Hear hear!!

      Also for watchability and purely selfish entertainment reasons, I am glad Dillon is going next.

      I think that final four would be great for the Awards Ceremony.

  13. Jokers has Ika, Dem & Karen one, two, three in their house guest poll (and have for some time). They are followed by Cassandra and Gary.. Kind of crazy how different the polls are. I’m in agreement, because while I recognize Kevin has won these past few weeks when required it should be noted he got Dre to give him the HOH, was saved by William in a twist where he was leaving (and he made no effort to try to save him & told the cameras he wasn’t loyal to him), backed out of ensuring Ika would leave by putting up Jackie and only took Ika off the block to ensure Dem would leave b/c he was worried Dillon/Karen would vote to keep Dem (though I do think Dillon would have voted out Dem).

    The constant talking to the cameras I’m sure is appreciated by Kevin fans, but the fact he isn’t being successful makes him look silly. Watching him on the TV version say he would honor the DemIka final 3 was hilarious, b/c live feeders know he had zero intention of it. I wonder how they’ll spin his current move to make it look like he knew all along.

    For those asking about what Ika did this season (first if you are Bruno/Kevin fans go back to their discussion about what an amazing game Ika has played & their envy over how she played). If you are simply looking for her influence:
    * she was the reason Demetres stayed week one (With Cass help – though Cass almost got too aggressive & in the end it was Ika getting the French Connection, Sindy and Neda on her side)
    * She knew how long to play along with Neda/Bruno/Sindy/Kevin by voting out Dallas, Cass and Gary. The only one she regrets is Gary – but in hindsight he was aligned with Kevin so it was a smart move.
    * She knew exactly when to turn on the 6 and by getting Sindy to take out Neda it changed the course of the game. Without that occurring Ika’s days would have been numbered.
    * she aligned herself with Dem – the comp beast -who is 100% loyal to her
    *those thinking she has no heart or isn’t loyal to Dem & her alliance need to look at the fact she was willing to leave so Dem/Karen/Dillon would have a better shot at taking out Kevin
    * she protected Dre/Will/Karen throughout the game after building relationships with them early

    Her only mistake was not seeing Dre’s shift in the game. In truth I think Dre knew she was protected by DemIka, but recognized the window to take over. She overplayed b/c she wanted to desperately oust Kevin, Dem & Karen all of whom she saw impeding her way to securing F2’s with each of Will, Ika, & Dillon. Consider how long DemIka was a threat & target in the game, then factor in Dre effed up her game in the matter of a week when she had been safe mostly due to DemIka..kind of puts it in perspective.

    I’m not a fan of the way Kevin plays, but I can respect & appreciate all of their games with Ika, Dem, Kevin, Karen & Dillon from first to fifth as my order. I enjoyed Karen’s craziness & again she’s been the person responsible for ruining both of Kev’s HOHs. Dillon I’m less impressed by, especially b/c (if true) throwing a POV at this stage is just wrong.

    One final note: I think Sindy’s message to Dem regarding him being viewed as Ika’s puppet was Neda, Sindy & Bruno’s last attempt to get him to ditch her at F2 should they get to F3 & he makes the choice. It could be another Jon/Neda situation or it could be the first couple to ever make it all the way. As it stands Karen is F3 regardless. What we don’t know is who the other 2 will be which will be solely determined by who wins HOH & then POV. Kevin only stays if he wins POV & depending on who sits in the HOH he’ll evict whichever of the duo is open.

    But – based on how great the season is, it would be hilarious if one of Dem/Ika win F4 POV & hold true to allowing Karen be the single vote that sends Kevin to jury.

      1. Well it IS a competing site. So it not unsurprising that someone has something to say about it.

        There are group-think tendencies in every site.

        As well as weaknesses – like on this site is susceptible to repeated voting (such as automated scripts) by fans of a certain person, on both the polls as well as comments.

        So that the representation must be taken with a grain of salt, depending on each situation.

    1. This is a very well done and thorough contribution. Thank you! I agree completely with your analysis.


  14. Sweet Sweet Sweet Ika gonna win
    O Ya
    the woman is B…h Queen
    Even Kevin sees it in his Poker cards
    Har Har Har

    1. Just hope she can win a competition.

      Apart from competition abilities, Ika’s game is superior. Socially she played circles around

  15. Look all you KRAZY Karen Haters – You are missing the big point here. Karen wanting to evict Dillon all started when she overheard the conversation in the HoH room with Dillon and Kevin when she was walking by and she caught them talking about taking each other F2. She knows there is no chance in hell she will make it to F2 with Dill or Kevin. – And before you attack, attack, attack by saying Demetres and Ika will never take Karen over each other to the F2 think again. Karen is already planting the seeds – how, by telling them how she has been their loyal foot soldier from Week 1 when she wanted Demetres to stay over Mark. Trusting in Ika the Week Gary went home. Now she is making it seem like she put all the work in to save Ika from the block – When truly that was Kevin’s plan all along. If Kevin goes home in 4th that means Karen stayed true to her plan to getting all the vets out with Ika being the last one remaining to get out. All she has to do is convince Demetres it’s in his best interest to vote out Ika for him to win the grand prize or Karen needs to finally win the final HoH. Karen isn’t giving up on 2nd or 3rd she just hasn’t planted enough seeds yet plus they haven’t gotten rid of Dillon or Kevin yet. Karen is a realist, she plays Week by week. Just like she said to all the vets ” it’s no wonder none of you have ever won before ” – or something like that ! Trust me if Karen is still in that house and Kevin is gone then you will see her make a pitch to go to the F2 ( that should be a laugh )!!!
    I love Ika as a player, she may have not won comps but let’s face it, her and Demetres have been able to talk their way off the block more than a few times this Season, Whether it has been through Ika’s mouth or Her “army” or Demetre’s Veto’s they have found their way out of the darkness more than a few times. I would love to see her and Demetres F2 because they both deserve it.

  16. Sorry if this comes off as me being harsh or what have you, but why does everyone call Kevin a snake or slime ball etc???? Do you not think IkA isn’t or even Karen or Dillon for that matter. Don’t like his way of playing the game so be it. He clearly deserves to be where he is in the game!!

    1. The terms come from what is being said in the house. The commentors are discussing what Karen/Dillon/Ika everybody are saying in the house

    2. AS Ttot said above so eloquently: “Watching him on the TV version say he would honor the DemIka final 3 was hilarious, b/c live feeders know he had zero intention of it.” The latest episode where Kevin is yelling this claiming in DR that he is “exposing” them is laughable. I’m not sure if he thinks he has been legitimately fooling houseguests – it just seems silly.

  17. Long live Queen Ika !!! She played a sickkkkkkkk game on every level !!!! Kevin is a slimebag & a bisexual wierdo I never wants to see him again!!!!

    1. Is he a “bisexual weirdo” because he wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot poll no matter what gender you are?

    2. I hope I can ask this question without getting too much hate because I am genuinely just curious?

      Try to think about this with an open and honest mind:
      In regards to his relationship with William, do ya’ll hate on Kevin or call him gross because he tried to use his flirtmance w/ william to his advantage or because he tried to use his flirtmance with a guy to his advantage?

      Because whenever a girl tries to use a guy, or a guy tries to use a girl in this game, no one ever questions it a much as they do with kevin. I’m really not trying to start anything here, just something I noticed and was curious about.

      1. Is Kevin actually straight or bisexual?

        I’m wondering because its a whole other thing to be pretending to be bi or curious because gay guys are attracted to him. I know he gets offered $ for appearances at gay clubs. I also know he’s said definitively in the past that he wasn’t bi or gay.

        So I just want to be clear what is going on here.

  18. A couple thoughts and questions i’m having: don’t worry. i’ll try to keep it short.
    1) A thought: black and white: if Kevin fails to take out a member of the showmance after firing 2 shots and naming a target in both of his hoh’s, instead taking down the season pawn and the easily manipulated darth ogre, it’s a fail in front of the jury. Everything else aside: it makes him look ineffectual in his use of power, and deficient in social prowess in front of the jury; makes the showmance look even better because they escaped. If Dillon leaves, Kevin loses points with the jury if he makes final two. You don’t want to be the guy that took out Jackie and Dillon when you had the chance to take out Ika and Demetres, but failed. It just isn’t a feather in the cap. In Kevinese, it’s just not the sexy move.
    2) A question: When people say Karen is ruining her game… did any of them think ‘wow, Karen should be the winner, I’m team Karen’ all season? Ever? I don’t remember that being a thing…. did i miss something? Is this a teamdillon or teamkevin thing because she’s actually ruining something there? I’m sort of serious here… because i really didn’t know there was a teamkaren. Let’s face it, what’s fan reaction if Karen is named the winner of Big Brother Canada 5? Karen. Let that sink in. Karen? I didn’t realize so many people were so invested in Karen winning. If she was saying she thought she could win, everyone would be talking about her paranoid delusions of grandeur. If she’s saying she doesn’t have the chance to win, she’s ruining her game (that most don’t think she could win anyway). I guess it’s a case of you’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you’re thatkevinmartin. :)
    Okay. Failed to keep it short. Sorry.

    1. You’re so right with what you said about Karen. It’s not as if up to this point all season people have been thinking she would win. So when people say that Karen ruined her game by not voting out Demetres over Dillon, I don’t really buy it. It seems more of a way to displace anger or frustration that Kevin’s game isn’t being helped (once again).
      They attack Karen, but I don’t think she needs to give a shit either way, and she is entitled to keep the people she likes and trusts more.

    2. I think the problem is good game play with Karen. Watch Simons Kraken hour this week. If you haven’t watch, Simon declared this season Kraken. What has happened this week is Karen going to vote out Dillion and Kevin swapping Ika out for no good reason is why people hate Karen…..more….. I find Karen swears too much, isn’t enjoyable to watch, and her billboard ads on BC ferries is super creepy…..

      1. It’s not like her game play has changed really. She’s always been playing like she’s from that Star Trek alternate reality. That’s why I’m confused when people are saying she’s now potentially ruined her game. My brain says in response… yeah, because she was perceived as a real contender all along before this week? The reality: potentially failing to remove one of the showmance in each of his hoh’s is a bad move. Believing that Dillon (who has screamed about personal integrity how many times?) would back stab Karen before Karen, whose motivations he doesn’t even know, Is poor understanding of social dynamic. This is an error that Kevin will potentially own.
        The jury doesn’t usually attach an eviction result to the voters. They attach it to the hoh that nominated them. Karen is either evicting Demetres, which helps Kevin, or she is evicting Dillon, who she heard making a deal with Kevin after they all agreed to forego campaigning to him. In Karen’s alternate universe perception, anything good for Kevin is bad. Being against Kevin has been her motivation since the first eviction vote.

  19. I think the reason people call Kevin those names is because he shows no Empathy and no emotion towards the actions he takes on a game level. Whether it was using his sexuality to gain Williams trust or even when he talks about the people in his life. When you look at his eyes there is just no emotion there. = No empathy. Sure he plays it up for the camera but it’s just downright creepy to me. Even in his Season with Pilar I thought the 2 of them were weird together because he seemed like he was using her and wouldn’t you know it, they aren’t together anymore. Even when he watched the video message from her, no emotion. I would never be friends with a person like that – I would never trust them.

  20. I don’t think I will ever be an Ika fan. I don’t understand how she is so hateful and petty. She still hates on Neda from time to time even though she has been long gone in the jury house.. you got what you wanted and girl you still petty????

    I think she’s played a very good game, and I definitely commend her for that but I can’t bring myself to be a fan of her. I cringe when watching her.

  21. Watch the above video of Dem, Ika & Karen studying …I’m telling you guys Karen has this stuff nailed cold. So much so that I won’t be surprised if she wins F4 POV, especially now that she has DemIka to study with All this week I’ve been thinking how great it would be for Dem/Ika to let her be the one to vote out Kevin Martin BUT imagine if she is the one to win the POV & gets to do it b/c she earned the right! CLASSIC BB TV MOMENT

  22. Karen is a full blown nut case, 53 yrs old and she’s talking like a baby, how Dillion survived listening to her gibberish last night is a miracle, the woman is certifiably nuts….I understood why Kevin used the POV but, it has come back to bite him. Ika is a disgusting person, not her game play (all is fair, do what you have to, to win) the problem with her is she just is not a nice person, rarely hear her mention missing her kids (unless someone’s watching) she’s phoney, and seems to be jealous of everyone. When people need to put other people down all the time it’s because they are insecure and have to attack to make themselves look / feel good. I’ve watched her for 2 seasons now and saw the same behaviour and attitude. Dre had it right, Ika promotes the racist opinion that all strong black women are nuts or violent. Kevin & Dem are the only two that deserve to win, my hope is Dem’s family drag him away from her after the show. Kevin knows he has to win POV & final HOH to stay, I’m rooting more for Kevin because although Dem seems like a nice guy his game experience was ruined once he allowed Ika to run it for him. I want Karen to win HOH just so she can put up Ika & Kevin, she’ll see Ika’s true colours than…….once Ika is gone I’ll be happy for either of the 2 guys to win, Karen doesn’t count even if she won everything from this point ,not one juror would vote for her…

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