“Cheers to the lone soldier”

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The feeds are essentially..
1) Karen, Demetres and Ika retells
2) Karen bashing Dillon and Kevin
3) Dillon breathing heavy
4) Kevin alone
5) Ika and Demetres kissing/cuddling
6) Karen completely distorted in her thinking

Demetres complaining that every week people were throwing comps… “it’s kinda annoying but it caused a lot of drama”
Demetres – there’s a time and a place to throw a comp.. but when it’s every week you’re just f***g the other people by doing it
Demetres – I didn’t throw 1 comp this season
Dillon – obviously
Demetres – HAHAHAHAH
Demetres – the only one I threw is the Have not the dodge ball one
Demetres says he figured it was a good week to be a have not and he just wanted to get it over with
Demetres – I totally regret it

Karen just won’t shut up… Calls Kevin Big Ears.. continues to retell scenarios from the season. Completely distorted.

Kevin spends a good chunk of time making a tasty Breakfast.

Cheers to the lone soldier

Dillon Karen Ika in the bathroom

Karen and Demetres Red Room Part 1

Karen & Demetres in the bathroom studying the events of the season. Karen – I cannot believe I made it to final 4 of this season. Like you have no idea how much that means to me. Demetres – yeah. That award show is going to be crazy. Karen – you know I didn’t even realize that was such a big deal. Ika and Kevin think its the biggest deal on earth. When is that? If we do the HOH tomorrow.. Demetres – yeah it could really change the mood of everything. Karen – unless he wins the HOH. Demetres – he can’t. Karen – so why will it make a difference? Demetres – if its after the POV it could be. So I’m not wrong in.. Karen – thinking about yourself? Demetres – and not throwing that comp to her (Ika). Karen – no Demetres, you can’t! You’ve come too far. You’ve never thrown a comp. Demetres – say I don’t win the HOH and I don’t win the POW … I’m going home. Karen – why wouldn’t Kevin be going home. Demetres – say if Kevin wins the POV. Karen – you would be a fool. Because you just said you’re a fool because then you can be put up and sent home. Demetres – being put on the block the first week was the best thing that ever happened to me. In this entire game I’ve never been in a position where I could throw a comp.

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……..that is all 🙂


Ika is a BEAST. A psychological and emotional beast.

She got Kevin on TILT this week. She is way stronger than him on an emotional and psychological level. She crushed him. and he totally tilted. You can tell that he is already semi-resigned.

Kevin has come a long way since last year. But wow she has him dominated.


Who’s Kevin Martin? Is K-Mart still in the house? Haven’t seen or heard a peep from him all week.



……..that is all 🙂


Demetres should win imo he did the most and he wasn’t a nasty person to get to the end.


Agreed. Nice person, but also a great player.


He is nice and a good player but Ika should not have been allowed to help him with the POV that was unfair even if Kevin won it. With that said, I do hope Demetres does win


He didn’t have to be nasty. Ika did it for him.


Thats a good point. But he seemed to try and calm her down when she was going to blow her top or take it too far. I dont think he liked ika being nasty.


– deluded kevin fan




Cheers lone soldier! You screwed your game by not convincing Karen to save William during the triple! He would have been loyal to you unlike Dillon!
Karen was in tears not wanting to send William home and you could have convinced her to keep him but you didn’t. Because you want to be a lone soldier!!!



Karen would not have saved William. Saving William helps Kevin. Who does Karen not want to help more than anyone else in the house? Kevin.

Botox Pelosi

Exaclty right.


Gee, I wonder if Kevin is isolating himself more than necessary in order for the editing department to help craft an underdog storyline. It’s not like Kevin has been concerned with the way storyline has progressed, She thinks she’s been the deciding factor in much of the season and what role he has in the episodes / how he’s perceived by the viewers. No. Not at all.
His overheard monologue plan… doesn’t make sense. He’s going to try to get Karen to believe that he actually wants to evict Dillon so that Karen will split the vote and give Kevin the deciding vote to evict Dillon? Karen would not want to give Kevin the ability to determine outcome. She believes she has been the determining factor in most of the game, and wouldn’t want to give up her self determination to Kevin, regardless of how he was going to vote. She’d consider that giving the fox the keys to the hen house.


Kevin is isolating himself because nobody wants him there. It’s the house against him.

He is Ika and Demetre’s biggest threat, Karen unnecessarily hates him, and Dillon is going home.

I actually think his plan of getting Karen to catch him saying she’s doing his dirty work by sending Dillon home and that’s what he wanted all along is pretty smart! He has a good grasp on things in that he knows ALL Karen cares about is not helping Kevin and that she cares more about that than she does her own game, so he’s going to try and use that against her by getting her to think he wanted Dillon gone the whole time and she’s doing it for him.

I do doubt it will work because Karen is pretty far up Ika’s toosh, but at least the guy is making moves! I like it.


Only thing he’s had a good grasp on is William’s… heart.
His knowledge of Karen’s incentives and motivations is third party, from Bobo the heavy breathing gorilla, who had not yet heard Karen’s latest mindwarp time spasm recreation of the game thus far. That she believes she is in for a pound with (insert name) and the ratchet, is going to be worth far more than any penny Kevin could ever toss at the donkey in the well.


Why would he think that it is helping him to be lonely ? Jury don’t see that. He is just alone and enjoy the hoh room out of ika drama and Karen craziness. As well he pass more time studying then anyone else.


for the purpose of edit and presentation on episodes. Fan reaction. Buzz. Kevin has been all too aware of how he is being presented to the audience. He may be isolating himself exactly so the ‘oh poor kevin, they’re so mean to him for alienating him’ comments happen, which gets him more fan support, and the whole ‘lone soldier’ edit on tv. Not for game. for his notoriety outside of game to the fans.


Simon i really appreciate you for posting the videos but i simply CANNOT listen to Karen anymore. I think being locked in a crate filled with a billion mosquitoes buzzing and biting would be far more enjoyable than the repeated drone of her nonsense. Keep up the good work Simon and once again I really have sympathy for you having to listen.


Gad she’s awful. Old goat drones on and on. Second worst is Ika. Then Dillon’s heavy breathing.

sunny dee

just saying

maybe karen and ika’s time would be better spent studying comps and days rather than rehashing kevin’s transgressions.

and his idea of monologuing to convince karen he wants dillon out, well they’ve already discussed the fact that as soon as he knows that she plans to vote dillon out he is going to try to make it look like his own idea so he can take credit for it. so it won’t work as a deterrent to not voting dillon out.


I think they’ve all started to lose their minds in that house, the seclusion has gotten to them. The only one who seems to still be in his right mind is Demetres but even Ika’s been trying to mindf*** with him for the past couple of days…”yes, I want to try being with you after the show” shortly followed up by “no, we’re not together” and back and forth. WTF.


Kevin is like Tom Hanks is castaway. The HOH room is his island and piggy is Wilson the volleyball. He ‘s just waiting for someone to save him.

Kevin the Actor

But Tom Hanks is a waaaay better actor


Not that I see Demetrius doing this, but if he puts Ika and Kevin on the block and karen wins POV, can she use it to save Kevin to ensure IKA leaves? Just curious.


Ika is a butterface


Ika is hot but she is friggen crazy. She goes off on a dime. I would never want to spend that much time with such a hot head mess.


Maybe you like this type of artificial person. I really cannot stand anymore her doing her makeup over 3 hours every day. That’s way to much. I’m not into fake hair, face, boobs and crazy personalities


If Karen is such a superfan why the hell is she leaving Demetres in the game.


Karen has more than a few screws loose.


Because she wants to see him win as a fan because she sees him as most deserving.


Kevin is reverting to his comfort zone from his regular day to day life for the past year. He pretty much sits by himself in front of the computer live-streaming online poker games for hours on end.

He is pretty much live-streaming his ‘game’ where it’s just him, his viewers who are privy to his thoughts, and his “opponents”.


One more comp loss and Ika ties the record for consecutive comps competed without a win in the bbcan history books currently held by Talla.
Just one of those factoids nobody else is going to bother sharing. 🙂


Jordan Parhar is that you?


About tonight episode: Just realized that the tour guide in the slow/fast/stop motion challenge is the voice of Marsha the Moose.


It’s Trevor Boris. He creates the comps.


What the f*ck? Why is Kevin completely alone. It’s totally weird.


There’s a few weird components that make up the completely alone phenomenon.
For some reason, since they split the bedrooms in two there has been a weird dynamic where people that predominantly sleep in one of the rooms do not spend much time in the other room. This also explains why a similar case can be made for Dillon, but nobody seems concerned for Dillon.
Additionally, Kevin, it appears to me, chooses to spend his time apart from the larger group. In most situations this season. Beside bibletime, or lock outs, Kevin was hardly ever in the group setting. If everyone is sitting in one room, and Kevin chooses to sit alone in another room, that’s his choice.
Some will say he is being ostracized. That could make up a part of the strangeness. The other people do want to evict him at their first available chance. Are they going out of their way to avoid him, or are they just not extending an invitation to him?
Some will say it’s part of the storyline narrative, can’t forge an underdog come from behind story if the protaganist is in the midst of the group. That doesn’t edit well.
Choose any or all: to some extent a case can be made.


Demetres must win.
He represents this season with Strength, Honor and Grace.
Greek Gladiator in the Arena for the win.


Well Kevin just killed his game. Why the f@ck would he put Dillon up instead of Karen? LOL…she will save Dem instead of Dill. Kevin…what the hell were you thinking? Ika, Dem and Karen final three. Karen is playing the game for the showmance. She is batsh!t crazy.

Kevin the Actor

Big Brother Canada is over. If I have to hear one more person talk about a good edit or who Canada loves or what kind career path they can get from the show after it’s done I’m gonna barf. They all seem very coached when they are in the diary room (in particular Kevin) The last few seasons I have liked or cared about the players less and less. If Kevin wins I will be disgusted. Making out with a girl one season and making out with a guy the next. Just shows that he would do anything and I mean anything to win and manipulate people and their emotions.


I agree that Kevin went too far with William.


I don’t get how Karen doesn’t vote out Demetre that would literally ensure her 20, cause Ika , Dillion and Kevin would take her to the final two, for some one who’s the fan of the show she’s pretty stupid :’)


Kevin was right to not put Karen on the block with Demetre because her pure hatred for him would make her self evict, rather than see him get his way and than he would be going into the final 4 veto having to beat Demetre and Dillion, so at least now he only has to beat one


LOL! Normally i would say that’s outrageous! no one would be that stu…oh wait its Karen


Watching tonight’s episode, I’m getting so annoyed thinking Production was trying their hardest to give Kevin the mastermind edit. First: the bathroom convo between Karen/Dillon/Kevin, followed by a Kevin DR where he supposedly changed his mind b/c of Karen saying he should take out Ika. Meanwhile MORE THAN 24 hrs earlier Kevin said in the pantry I’m going to take Ika off & put Dillon up.

The problem is, in the live feeders minds we knew Dillon also wanted Demetres out (& he said as much on the show). If the reason Kevin changed the noms was truly b/c of what Karen said he would have put her up instead of Dillon. BUT THEN at the end of the show Demetres’ DR session kind of stopped “THAT” Kevin edit altogether. Plus they also added in Kevin saying he needed Dem to go. THANK YOU Production for keeping it somewhat closer to reality.

As for Dillon, he got a great edit as TV only fans have no clue he would sell anyone out to get to those F2 chairs and as for his declaration of not trying, I’m not buying what he’s selling: the big guy was gassed in the Baywatch POV. Production also didn’t show Kevin/Dillon hanging out non-stop or F2 deal they made. Hey, Production knows he’s leaving – no use kicking the big guy while he’s down, I guess.

I can’t imagine not watching live feeds, but I have to say tonight was the ONE TIME EVER I wished I didn’t, b/c that episode must have been crazy to witness as non live feeders. Don’t get me wrong it was still great, but I knew what was coming. No wonder Karen keeps ignoring Dillon saying DemIka & Kevin are working together there is no way Dem & Ika could be between not talking to Kevin prior to noms, Ika letting him have it post POV and their POV speeches. There is NO WAY they could pretend that.

I’d compare tonight’s TV episode to when Ian voted out Boogie on BB US. I might keep this one saved on my PVR for a long time for whenever I need a good laugh, b/c that was hilarious.


Why is Ika repeatedly f—cking with Demetres’ head on the night before an important competition. She always surfaces issues and rethinks their relationship with the worst timing, It then messes with the guy’s head and stresses him out even more right before a comp.

Like when she flipped out over some innocuous comment he made giving the slop-cookies, got so unnecessarily and hyperbolically furious at him and made him feel like shit the entire day before the HOH comp – then did a 180 after he won that HOH.

Sometimes I whether Ika does this consistently right before an important comp because she believes he performs better under pressure or when he is tortured. Or whether it is simply an issue with her level of selfishness and how much she considers/values others over her own stuff.

I often feel bad for Demetres when I see him sad and tortured in the feeds because of Ika. He has endured the most stress and pressure of anyone in that house. Sometimes you can almost see the stress emanating off of him. And he’s been such a good guy and done a good just keeping it together, delivering and compensating for others, as well as being an anchor of sanity amongst the lack thereof..

And if he loses focus or loses this or the next comp because of her drama or head-messing (which almost always implies he goes home as a result), I am going to be very pissed off.

And – P.S. – Why the f*ck is Ika not studying that seriously the night before the comp, instead of cooking up all this stupid relationship drama. I don’t understand why she cries and cries after losing a comp, but does very little to focus and study when she can. It is as if she is expecting for people to win it for her.

George Buttersworth

Do people actually like Ika? She seems crazy.


Ika n Karen r bitches


Hey Simon thanks for all the updates. What you think, is it gonna b one and one vote or they will evict Dillon 🙁


No matter what kevin trys and says about him wanting Dillon gone to Karen it wont help one bit ! Shes voting Dillon OUT ! Karen wont go back on her word to Ika and Dem and vote Dem Out. Period ! Bye Dillon and never come back ! Lazy piece of S**T !


Thanks Simon for the good work. Has anyone of you noticed something strange ? I swear I don’t say this facetiously. Last night, after watching the show, in which there was an argument between Ika and Kevin. The manner Ika was yelling while loudly clapping repetitively her hands together, reminded me of the Nature’s video about chimpanzee behaviour. If anyone doesn’t believe me, I might spend 30-60 minutes to find the exact video where the chimps would be howling and at the same time, hitting tree trunks making the loudest noise as possible.
The video that I’m talking about is similar but not this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-XF0Tx0aQA


Dude, that’s more than a little over the line. People of African backgrounds may be offended by this terrible comment. Do you not know your history and that not fifty years ago people were segregating by race based on arguments than the “black man” are closer to monkeys and thus evolutionarily etc etc… … which is COMPLETE BULL CRAP and DEGRADING IN THE WORST WAY.

Please stop.


Would be epic if Ika voted to send Demetres to jury , the others would never expect that .

F*** Jay

You are a vile, disgusting, pathetic excuse for a human being for making such a derogatory comment. Has nothing to do with the game. Do the rest of the world a favour and off yourself as you are a complete waste of space.