James “We can send Z home. Me, you & Paul that’s all we need. I could cancel Paulie’s vote out.”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used NO! POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

POV was not used nominations stay the same

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-08 03-38-14-401

12:30am HOH room – Vic and Paulie. Vic says yesterday I was talking about how perfect it is that your boy f**ked up because if a double evict comes and one of us gets it. Right? Like you or him and you put up him (James) against Natalie. We have, Michelle doesn’t like him. Bridgette would get him out. And then me and somebody else. You or Paul .. that’s all we need. Paulie says yeah or have Bridgette up with Natalie and then BD (backdoor) James. But if Bridgette is still up there then she goes home. Bridgette told Corey she doesn’t want to win the double eviction. Vic asks why? Paulie says she said she would want to win the one right after. I don’t know what the reason would be. I think if she went after the one after double eviction she would target Nicole and Corey. Vic says anyone that isn’t us, isn’t a bad thing. Paulie says even if Paul or I wins we could talk to James and ask him to go up next to Natalie because we want to backdoor Bridgette. Vic says I don’t think he would fall for that, he’s not dumb. Paulie says someone is talking to Natalie about an all guys alliance. There was an all girls alliance. Vic asks you don’t think Corey was leaking it? Paulie says no, I was talking to Bridgette and she was talking about how observant she is. Paulie says I just don’t know what Michelle would do if she won.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-08 03-51-49-482

12:45am – 1:15pm Bedroom – Nicole, Corey and Paulie. Nicole asks Paulie what Vic was saying. Paulie says he was talking about.. Nicole says that he wants Z out? Paulie says not going to happen. Corey says not going to happen. Nicole says Z is completely cool with you not using it on her. She’s like super cool about it. She asked me what would Corey do? I said oh I would not expect him to use it at this point and make anyone angry. Paulie says but you guys do know if it was down to you, I would 100% use the veto. Nicole asks are you going to try and get Paul on board? Paulie says I’m going to try to. Nicole tells Paulie about her conversation with Paul and his points on why he wants Z out. Paulie says I just don’t see his points. I don’t even let anything she (z) does bother me. Corey says Bridgette told me she didn’t want to win during the double evict. Nicole says I don’t believe that. Corey says she said she wanted a letter. Nicole says you get one. Corey says I said that. Nicole says that’s good Bridgette and Vic won’t be playing for it. Nicole says if I were to win I would just do what you guys want to do. Paulie says I think Bridgette would be next. The only other thing would be if the possibility presented itself to put Vic up there. Paulie says Michelle said she is going to blow sh*t up so I was going to talk to her after the veto ceremony. She’s afraid of going home so I was thinking of telling her hey its nothing personal but you’re next to Z and that’s my girl. I’m not going to campaign to get her out but I will campaign to get you out. It looks like you’re going home. And then see if she blows up. Corey says then she really will be mad at Vic and Paul. Nicole says what if they tell her they want her here and then she has the round trip and is mad at us?

2:30am Paulie and Paul play a game of chess while Z watches them. Paul checks the tunnel to the secret Paris room and says they bolted this sh*t shut. They’re not f**king around.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-08 04-23-09-591

Natalie and James are talking about random things. Natalie says she is going to put this on her performance resume. She says she knows she isn’t going to be famous from this. James says you never know.

4:15am James and Michelle are talking. Michelle asks you really think I still have a chance in the game. James says I think both of you do. You need to go out there and tell people what your game plan is. You don’t have to show all your cards. Or even say if you don’t know what you’re doing. Michelle says she thinks she is up because of a personal issue with Victor. I had called him out about the whole whispering thing. I threw that whale and he got mad at me. I said some people have a big mouth. I’m pissed that he said that in his speech because it makes it sound like I’m always mean to him. James says I think the only deciding factor would be who you’re putting up. Z would be like I’m not putting any of you guys up. Michelle says If I won, I would probably make a big move. James says I hope not with me. Michelle says I wouldn’t put up you or Natalie. I don’t even know what I would do yet. If you keep me I would be your pawn. I literally just want to stay till Zingbot. James says that’s final 8.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-08 04-46-15-868

4:40am Storage room – James says Michelle said Vic said everyone in the house has a duo and he is going to try and pull in Bridgette. Natalie says that’s why I said we needed to pull in Bridgette. James says Bridgette isn’t going to want to work with me though. James says I’m almost set now… like maybe we should send Z home. If Z goes home, she won’t be connected to Paulie. I think Paulie is going to have Z do his dirty work. Like if he ever wanted to take a shot at me, you, Corey he would get her to do it. But if Z is gone he doesn’t want to do any of that. If Z is gone it would force him to attach to someone else. We can send Z home. Me, you and Paul that’s all we need. And I could cancel Paulies vote out and either Corey or Nicole’s vote. You just need to stay on Michelle’s good side. Natalie tells James he can’t fight with her any more. They head to the kitchen. James tells Natalie that he is going to tell Paulie that he is going to cancel his vote out so that he doesn’t have any blood on his hands with Z.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-08 04-47-25-357

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-08 04-55-55-277

5:10am – 5:25am Paulie, Paul, Z, Natalie, James and Bridgette are hanging out in the kitchen chatting. everyone but Bridgette head to bed.

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Big Jim

I hope James follows thru with that plan and keeps Meech. Would show he is playing the game and doing what is best for him not being Paulie’s robot


Who are those two little people named James and Natalie? Did they just enter the house?

Seriously, this is the kind of Cowboy, Bang-bang shit we’ve needed from James!!!!! Finally, he’s thinking. And GO GIRL Natalie for bringing all this shit up! YES! Natalie is super observant (although it doesn’t take a genius to see) and I am so glad she is finally talking to James about it! You see JAMES?! Don’t tell Natalie to not talk game.! She is helping you!!!!!!! Please James, don’t let Paulie have a crutch in this game. Idiot Corey can’t even see what is happening! I would love it, if James did that. Only problem is he said he would tell Paulie about canceling his vote out. Let’s see how convincing Paulie is…

totally agree

Yup, and no make up and bra nat nat is still awesome mmm mmm good


Natalie is hott just chill like that. She could dazzle and hypnotize Corey to vote out Z, and then Nicole would be on board. BUT, it won’t work because, HE’S GAY!




exactly. no game James telling Paulie about canceling his vote verifies that this season, everyone is scared to make a bold move without telling anyone.

Keeping it Real

I’m pretty sure James meant that Paulie would be relieved to have his vote cancelled since Z will still be on the block. This way Paulie won’t get blame for Z’s demise.

I wish James’ cancelled votes could be confidential, though.

We need to consider that the context of words can completely change based on intonation, accent, and delivery. It’s not always easy to pick up intent from printed words. We also can’t forget about sarcasm, lies, and mind games.


Michelle gave her all the info a couple days ago.

sunny dee

james and natnat talke game half their conversations, she just isn’t getting an edit in the shows about this. He is giving her advice like what he does, as in don’t talk game with others, don’t show your cards, go along and figure out what they are talking about, and use the info. good advice,, you see where michelles and day’s mouth and actions got them. we have natalie who was 5 minutes away from winning a few HOH comps, and those guys still see her as excess baggage, not a legit comp threat.

in the care package i’m voting nicole to win it cuz i want america to send her a WAKE UP IDIOT message. She’s a target by those guys and doesn’t know it, tho she;ll probably think we are saving her from bridget, she doesn’t seem to have a clue she seems to be targeted by all the guys. if she extricated herself from paulie, she might take a shot, and i can totally see james being on board with voting paulie out, and leveling the playing field.

james taking paulies vote away is a good idea, paulie will probably be on board with that anyway. he probably will make fish eyes at james taking out another for sure vote to evict michelle, but he’ll still think it will be a landslide. we’ll see.

Keeping it Real

Yeah, I dislike Nat’s edit, too. They want to play her off as a dumb bimbo, which she is definitely NOT.

I don’t like Bridgette’s sweet and innocent edit, either. They aren’t showing her trash talk at all. This leaves the tv audience thinking she’s a victim. Her position in the house is mostly because of Meech, but Bridgette is to blame, as well.

I don’t understand why everyone thinks James is floating and being controlled by Paulie just because he makes comments like “whatever you want” and “I’ll do what the house wants”. That’s called telling him what he wants to hear. It doesn’t mean that James doesn’t have a plan just because he doesn’t broadcast it like Jozea, Frank, Vic, Paul, and Paulie. James know: Spill your game=Kill your game.

I felt the same thing about him last season, it’s just things couldn’t go his way when it came to losing a few of those comps.

I like James and Nat for the win (Hunger Games style).


Canceling Paulie’s vote is NOT James idea. Paulie asked him yesterday to cancel his vote. He said he didn’t get blood on his hands and to cancel Paul’s vote, so Z stays.


I like the feisty ones. They could get rid of Z, Nicole, Corey and in that order for all I care. Those three are boring as hell to watch. They better figure out how to back door Paulie before it’s too late.


Except it would only confirm that he’s tone deaf in the game since Michelle isn’t relevant to his game at all, does nothing for him….but going against Paulie (which is different than going at him and evicting him) puts a target on him (one Paulie’s allies will jump on) and makes the showmances a priority target, which blows up his game. Paulie won’t blow his stack, because he gets this week is not the hill to die on, but him, Corey and Nicole will see James as a threat, Vic and Bridgette are cool with James going, while Paul won’t trust him over Paulie.

If James is seeing Paulie as the big game, then great…but if he’s going to clumsily make that known for no good reason, with only Michelle (the unhinged mean girl who sleeps all the time) jumping on the bandwagon, he’ll only help Bridgette and Victor move up in the house pecking order (since this is a “house” season) as James, Michelle, and Natalie become the next 3 out.


Add to that talk of Z winning an HOH to target Corey/Nicole is all academic (at best) since she doesn’t win anything,and on the very very very slim chance she did, she is set on Vic.

James is potentially making the same mistake he made last time;aligning himself with people who can’t win. This places the burden solely on his shoulder to not only keep himself safe,but the others he’s trying to use to short stop Paulie’s strategy.


“Except it would only confirm that he’s tone deaf in the game since Michelle isn’t relevant to his game at all, does nothing for him….but going against Paulie”

HUH? Which houseguest could be a number for james and nathalie? She is alone, and loyal. Keeping her, adds a number to them, how would Z ever be a number for james and nat? Paulie has talked himself into a corner, since getting Z out was the plan all along, so I cant see the others being to bent out of shape so much to make James target #1. Paulie will have to act all cool about it too. Stepping on Paulies toes is the ONLY reason for him to vote out meech! What kind of a spineless reason is that?


Exactly, Zakiyah in the house only benefits Paulie whereas Michelle could be coerced or cajoled into other groups. Zakiyah will not give up Paulie for anyone else no matter what she says in the DR.

Franks fumes

Im super pumped about this development I bet the diary room is getting involved… I don’t see James having the sense to come up everything himself… Hope it happens we need some choppy waters ahead for the douche canoe!


Your words prove that you are so aptly named.


I almost spit my drink out at “douche canoe” – that is awesome – lol

Pinocchio Obama

With all the information leaks in the house don’t be surprised to see Paulie use the veto if he gets a hint of what James is planning.


James will flop imo.

Powder Puff Girl

James tends to asks Paulie “His Leader” to grant him “Permission” to make a move. Hope I am proven wrong.


Nat had to break out the big “guns” to wake James up. BOING!! Those things are excellent!


Why would Michelle want to stay until Zingbot? #crybaby during HOH comp should have tipped her off. Or how about #meangirl. Hasn’t she done enough crying in national tv?


I completely agree. I think she wants it though as it’s just another form of self-loathing. I’m really surprised she passed all the psych evals to even get on the show. I actually really feel sorry for her, she is one messed up girl. I’m not excusing her bad behavior, but I do think she needs help. Not too long ago Nicole was saying that she hadn’t even watched her entire season when she got out. Michelle on the other hand will watch it 3x, go back and watch all the live feeds, and read every little nasty thing written about her. She’s obsessed with how she looks and what people think about her. Very sad.


I don’t think the psych evaluations are in depth. I’m betting they meet with a therapists or maybe a psychologist a couple times.

psyche evals ?

Are you kidding? Casting do psyche evals? If they even do any, I am sure it is to find the ones who truly are borderline personality, or borderline social disorder at times. I said it once, but you remember Vanessa last year would wait outside the DR for her meds. You could actually watch them kick in. Thing is, she would almost seem to start withdrawing, and always needing them early.. as if someone who was either A:) not using them correctly to begin with, or B:) have the wrong dosage titrate. For the issue she had, it looks like the former. Not that it matters, but CBS & Kass seem to go out of their way to find people who are on the verge of mental wackiness. It is a serious issue, not one that people need to put on national TV. Michelle seems to not only have the Psyche problem, but an eating problem too. Didn’t Natalie even admit to having a disorder of that type? This tells me that CBS purposely finds some mentally or physically loose cannons. Bad casting.


Good Lord! Zingbot will send Michelle over the edge.


zingbot went so soft on everyone last season, i can’t imagine it will have any actual zingers this year either.


Meech is the one I like most.


Well she is the one who has the most to love. You must be going for quantity and not quality.


Oh Danny! I’m so disappointed in you. Michelle is far from overweight. Why would you suggest that? You’re just being mean. Every now and then I see a disappointing post from you when more often your posts are intelligent and insightful. Stick to being witty and friendly. This other side of you is just not attractive.

*grabs wooden spoon


As much as I don’t like Michelle, I would rather her stay then Z because she is actually playing the game and not spending all her time worrying that she looks good for Paulie and/or becomes more insecure by the day before our very eyes.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there’s a guys alliance! Paulie probably has the strongest game so far but he’s kinda all over the place wanting Z gone to wanting to keep her. Too much back and forth! Personally I don’t like her and hope she goes just to piss him off! I really can’t see why they are so threatened by Bridgette and why everyone is so scared to make any big moves and I’ve never understood why they want all of the easy targets and people who they can beat in the end gone so badly. Personally I’d want a Bridgette or someone similar around instead of having to compete against one of the athletic guys! I guess the guys won’t be happy until all of the girls are gone and they can have their sausage party that they all seem to want so badly! This make for terrible TV for a straight guy who enjoys seeing the females of the house!!!


For straight women too. Those guys are not attractive with their egos and personalities. Paulie is the worst the way he things he can control the women and Nichole, ugghhhh.


Paulie is the one that told Paul that Z wanted him out. Now he is making an argument to keep her. I think he is starting to mess up. The unraveling of the king…


Here’s to hoping that’s true. I want to watch his face when he gets suckered.


So if I was much, much, much younger….Sure, Corey is easy to look at. Paulie’s muscles are nice. But the only guy I’d be interested in actually dating would be James. James may be just a few inches taller than me when I typically prefer a tall drink of water, but his personality makes him the tallest male in the house. James isn’t Brad Pitt status, but he’s James…..great just the way he is!

(none of the other boys are unattractive….just not Granny’s type)

Don’t call me a cougar. I’m really more of a sabertooth tiger. *chuckles

sunny dee

it’s bizarre that paulie thinks that someone would have to tell a girl that there is or could be an all guy’s alliance. He thinks so little of their intelligence (and their physical abilities) he assumes that someone has to have told them. He assumes there is an all girls alliance, and is super paranoid about anything forming up, even tho there isn’t one, and the only one that existed lasted less than a day, yet no one else is permitted to come up with an idea based on (get this) the logical conclusion that guys doing bro hugs, sleeping together in HOH, guy HOH’s only putting up girls as noms, girl HOH’s working closely with one of these guys only putting girls up as noms, only talking to each other, getting together at random times in the HOH, getting caught in conversations, heck no girl smart enough to even wonder if that might mean something.

Powder Puff Girl

Paulie wants to cut the other showmance girls but not Z he is throwing out red herrings. I think he wants to keep her to final 3, 2 … “not this week” “wait until so and so is gone” “not the right time” “she cannot win comps” “she will do what I say” he has all the excuses in the book. Paul is on to him but I doubt it will do any good. The same lame excuses can be used on Nicole, open your eyes Corey.


I am convinced CBS does not tell these recruits and “superfans” that there is a substantial cash reward for winning the game. Everyone seems to be there for the experience and thinking making it to jury or Zingbot is all there is to this game.
Paulie is a dick, point blank and the period. Not seeing the point in not using it on Z (your BB girlfriend) when both will be safe and you guarantee she survives eviction. If he doesn’t have a target on his back now, saving Z won’t put one on there. BUT he would use it on Corey or Nicole….
Is James (finally) starting to play Big Brother? Just not sure if he wants to show his cards (IF he has any) right before a double eviction. And is it just me being tired of houseguests knowing what and when to expect things? I remember when double eviction was an actual surprise and the scramble and strategizing was good television.


I check in her a few times a day to see if anything new happens. The game has become predictable and therefor boring. I have watched since season 1. I am not giving up hope that rules will be changed and all HG will NOT be able to vote with the house or even discuss their votes with others. That way it would be a surprise. The game has become routine.


In BB australia (rip) they werent allowed to talk about their votes at all. BBUS needs to take some notes from other BBs to regain surprise and fun to the game for the players and for the viewers..


I feel like I’m the only person who thinks this. In my opinion as a casual watcher BBUK and BBAUS are not fun for me with BBUK and it’s celebrity counterpart being the worst of the two.

BBUS needs to stop with the twists and improve the casting. If you look at the last 4-5 BB seasons the cast all follow the same formula.

An Apple a Day

That’s what keeps Survivor so good. Great variety of cast each year, and they mix up the competitions, and change up the teams each year so it’s not predictable to the cast. They HAVE to play the game. BB is too predictable for even the house guests, let alone the viewers.

My 2 Cents

Exactly. They cast:
A crazy gay guy
Young, beautiful, dumb girls
Young, hunky, egotistical boys
(Trying to inspire SEX, SEX, SEX on camera)
Prankster (s)
An old fart


Because keeping Z is in no way vital to his game. Paulie talked of evicting her before just to float to Paul that she’s expendable (…down the line) and so Corey and James hopefully take the hint when their girls go. It’s negotiating. I put out my willingness to concede, hoping you match….then I get you to concede more.

Paulie will work for the votes but not too hard because he’s not counting on Z in the game at all. Using the veto is a big move because it throws his loyalty to the guys into question….an opening none are likely smart enough to exploit, but still Z is not worth the risk. He’s telling Paul and Vic “I want Michelle gone, you want Z, but we’re only disagreeing on timing and either way is fine”. He’s telling Corey, Nicole, James “I think the showmances should be safe and Michelle is Da, targeting them all” Using the veto harms that messaging.

If James is dumb enough to blow sh*t up to save Michelle….Michelle..Paulie’s not going to be upset because it’s not a big deal, but James making it a big deal will be his demise.

Butters Mom

Paulie only told corey and nicole that he would use the veto on them because he wants them to use a veto on him if he ever needs them to.


OMG is James actually growing a set?

Marvin Gaye

James won’t do it…..


Long way between now and Thursday

Frank's Fart's Are Juicy

No he hasn’t. James is a Pu$$y!!! Nicole “If I win HOH I will do whatever yall want”. She is pathetic


Yea when I read that I was like no sh*t really Nicole. Sad for a newbie but after what happened to her on her season she should have known better. she will have nobody to blame but herself and when she sees how disliked she is her family will have to listen to her whine for ages. I hope she watches the season and sees how little Corey cared when it came to her and the bros


Don’t hold your breath. These are a bunch of flip floppers this season

Franks fumes

I think his new balls were installed by Production…Its about time!


My musket balls exist, thank you very much! I just keep them out of sight.
Why all the doubt?

Only can wish

Growing a set of what? Yeah, a set of Breasts…too scared to go against Paulie.


C’mon James grow a pair. That’s the first strategic move I’ve heard you consider all Season. And it’s because America gave you the vote cancelling power, and now you’re forced to play rather than your usual laying low.


They will shrink again.


I refuse to get my hopes up that James won’t wuss out by Thursday. If he goes through with it and cancels Paulie’s vote to keep blood of P’s hands with Z does he plan on telling P that Z is in fact going home? If he tells P then he will just get talked out of it. If he doesn’t then a P voting blindside would be great! I just don’t see James having the stones for that so I think come Thurs it will be Meech going out.


Would be funny if this happened. Kind of like what they did to Frank when he thought Tiffany was going home. But I won’t hold my breath. Thursday is a long way away and James will most likely wimp out by then.


So maybe James is going to finally start playing the game. Best move is to get Z out so Paulie doesn’t have her as a pawn. Let the games begin!


Oh no Simon or Dawg you are going to send the commenters into a frenzy with that Nat pic with her headlights on! I hope it doesn’t crash the site.


Meech thinks she want to stay until Zingbot; she might just get her wish. I can guarantee you that it will backfire in her face. She will be Zinged for being a mean girl. Then Meech is going to vomit and cry


awe Nichole doi9ng everything the boys want. So sad to see her fall so far all for attention from boys.


please evict zakia

James ruined the season

Natalie has seriously put on like 25 pounds since being in the house. And has been wearing less makeup fake eye lashes etc. Not that it matters but just observation.

What happened to the Nat Fan Club? You guys off her now. You are all like “she isn’t that hot why did I ever think that?” lol

Her cleavage looks just gross to me honestly. Its a bad boob job. And she isn’t that pretty. Honestly I hate Michelle biut find her more attractive looks wise than Nat. Natalie bothers Nicole so that I like about her. Nicole is obsessed with Corey so she thinks every girl would be. No Nicole. Not every girl is as thirsty and desperate as you. Corey and Nicole both sit around trying to make eachother jealous. Corey with Nat. And Nicole likes it when Corey gets mad when Vic talks to her. She plays it up. Vic doesn’t seem to give two shits about Nicole.

James talking about telling Paulie a plan to get Z out by cancelling Paulies vote. Yeah right James we all know you scared of your daddy and will do whatever he says in the end. So just stop talking little bitch boy James.


Natalie is still very cute. Her personality makes her even cuter.

Franks fumes

Maybe you have a coin slot fetish?


Franks fumes,
Coin slots would be Nicole.


IMO she would look better with no boob job.
But shes a total man player the boobs are for one thing to make it easy to play more men.
She is so fake and shallow its crazy most men cant see it.


Seriously I don’t see the big deal if she has fake boobs or not. She said she was a “very small A cup” before. Maybe it’s something she was teased about in her younger years? It’s not like she got double D’s or something ridiculous for her body frame. I mean it’s her body. If she feels more confident in herself now, then good for her.


Maybe more people don’t see it because it’s a product of your imagination.


And yet Nat would never sit around saying negative things about your looks.


I don’t care for Natilie for her flirting. But I don’t like people criticizing someone’s weight or appearance. Nicole shouldn’t be worried about Natilie instead she should be watching out for Bridgit. He was flirting like crazy with her in the pool the other night. Corey body language with Nicole has changed and he’s no longer interested. Bridgit and him have been flirting right in front of Nicole and she’s so oblivious to it. Bridgit cooks for him and is nice. Nicole complains about everything and Corey not being that strong of a player.


Looks like that game talk Nat had with James may have opened his eyes some. Really like that James is now thinking about getting Z out. That does weaken Paulie as she would never vote him against him if he was on the block. Of course that may put a target on James and Nat but at least it is better than just sitting there waiting to be picked off by Paulie.


I want Michelle to stay and James to go against Paulie just to piss him off. The only problem is this is not a good move for James just before Double Eviction. If he does this he will just put a target on his back. Paulie, Nicole and Corey would be upset with him and most likely put him up for Double Eviction. It would be a good move only if he had Paul and Victor on his side, but they want to get rid of James also. James needs to make a move but this is not the time to do it.

bad move or not....

bad move or not for James…. at this point they need to make moves. For the past few seasons, it seems like having any personal thoughts are bad. Look at Munchelle’s reaction to not being allowed to vote with the house. This is the problem with the game. Why CBS recruits people with this mentality is beyond me. I would want that house tearing each other apart each week, not trying to be friendly singing Peace songs on a consensus each week. People want to see big moves, not what we’ve seen for 4 years, save for a few people. Really, the only big move this season was from James.. give him credit for that, even if it did make for bad viewing by taking out Frank. Otherwise its just a pre ordained ladder of people to get out. Vic is proof of that with ignorance of his nominees.


I don’t think Nicole or Corey would be too upset about ditching Zakiyah over Michelle. Plus neither of them is really steadfast. I think James can shift the target and tell Nicole/Corey it’s a way to reduce Paulie’s dominance. Paul and Vic would back him on that point. James already has a target on him so it’s not a big deal.


I hope James waits until after the POV ceremony to talk to Paulie about his change of heart because Paulie just might decide to use that veto and hello Nat! Welcome to the block. Take the pawn seat.


Paulie needs to go out second at the double evict. That’s when it will get interesting. They will have to make their own decisions…what a concept.


These people are all SO stupid! Watching last nights episode was almost unbearable. Michelle cried because she would have “voted with the house.” I could really go on and on but I think I’ll just say that if this is how they are going to continue casting, they should just cancel this show. It’s ruining what it was we use to enjoy watching! All any of them want is to hang out and maybe get famous! Natalie is also really losing her appeal…just as much a shiner and follower as the rest!

Buzz Lightyear

I just hope my daughter doesn’t leave this week. Go Big Meech! We love you to infinity and beyond!


And big Munchie is getting bigger and bigger every day. More of her to love I guess.


Apologies to the skinny ladies out there but I don’t understand men’s obsession with stick thin women that essentially have bodies like…. a man. Call me crazy but I like round hips, round butts, a little pudge…. you know, curves. A skinny bony woman who is basically like holding a man… no thank you. You guys have freudian fun with your ‘boyish’ shaped women and leave the curvy ones for me.


You must be perfect, Dan!

Michelle is a thin, cute girl. She may think she’s ugly and hate her own body, but that’s just her poor opinion of herself.


If you are that monsters parent then you should be ashamed of yourself. What a disqusting, disturbed, stunted, bitch of a daughter you have “raised”. My 7 year old has more maturity than Michelle has in her nasty pinky finger. In sure you aren’t but just in case…..YOU FAILED AS A PARENT

Bed bugs and cooties

Does it gross anyone else out that they all share beds and blankets? And they drag those blankets all through the house and outside. (not to mention the state of filth the house is in) Nasty Nasty

Nonon Jakuzure

This has to be the weakest group of women to ever play BB. The overall quality of players is poor. Danielle S3, Janelle, Amanda from McRanda, Rachel Reilly and Danielle Donato would outplay these guys. I know there are more I’m forgetting to mention. These women are just awful.


You’re right! These women are looking pitiful. I hope future contestants see this and not let the guys steamroll next summer. Janelle and Rachel would have those boys shaking in their flip flops.


It’s a very sad day when a women’s cast is weaker than BB16’s.


Lol I personally find all the Meech hash tags vomiting and crying funny. “Superfan” huh….. She is a superfan of just strictly watching the show and gained ZERO WISDOM from her viewings to apply it to her actually being in the house.

Do not just play this game just for jury or to make it to a certain point … play to win $500K


Hey Paullllllie! The reason that Paul wants Z out is YOUR BIG MOUTH!
That night that Paul & Corey were playing pool outside & you came out & told him that Z wanted him out.
Do you remember that look on his face????????????????

If Z get evicted……..it’s all on YOU!


Z needs to go, everyone need to play their own game not Paulie’s. The way it’s going, Paulie will be 500k richer.


I hope James finally make a move. And he doesnt go trying to get the approve from Paulie. Make a damn move and make Paulie a little beat weaker getting out her chick.. Don’t they see all Paulie is trying to do is get Votes on the jury? even Nicole said the other day she would have 0/2 votes if she send Michelle, these guys should be playing looking long term not if Im gonna piss someone. smh. Grow a pair James, pull Birdgette and you have 4 people and you still can cancel paulie vote.

Houka Inumuta

James double vote thing is a waste this week. Who ever they want out is out no matter what. If Natalie or himself was on the chopping block it would be different. He should be able to use it next week or the following week or whatever week he feels fit. His game so far is better than it was last year. He actually has an alliance. Last year he had all girls that couldn’t pull their weight. Meg… need I say more?


Paul and Bridgette final two. Pissed.


Paul and Brigette final two? I wouldn’t be mad at that at all. Anyone but the predictable shirtless wonder Paulie. I liked him at first, then he just became too arrogant and cocky. Bye.


Paulie is running the house because of one reason only, people give him information right after they talk to someone. James, Michelle told me this, Natalie told me that. Paul, Vic told me this. Nicole, the girls told me this. Corey, well he doesn’t have a brain to remember what anyone says. These people only got themselves to blame


Oh they definitely only have themselves to blame… But in the meantime, they’re making it one hell of a crapshoot for the fans to watch. And Nicole talking about how great of a season this is, please! For the love of the game, can we see a power shift already?!?


I can’t wait for this season to end so I won’t have to look at Paulie’s ugly ass face again. He is beyond vile and hideous!!


I knowwww… its’s been nauseating looking at him and hearing him talk. Sucks to be the uglier and more unpopular sibling.


I also can’t wait to see how hated he is by America, he is in for such a rude awakening when he gets out. But then again if he wins the 500K i doubt he’ll care, much like Andy did when he won and saw how hated he was.


Is it possible that James gonads are about to drop?

Cross eyed Paulie

Probably. And I’m sure Nat had something to do with it. She’s very smart and observant. I’m rooting for her to win this game. The rest of the houseguests are despicable and undeserving.

Cross eyed Paulie

And I hope James doesn’t report back to Paulie his plans of keeping Z and cancelling out his vote. Otherwise Paulie might use the Veto today to save Z. Worst case scenario.


Sure, little miss sunshine has talked James into going against the group to keep Michelle. He had better think this one through.
That will put his butt on the block for the double. Vic and Paul are already talking about getting James out and his “protection” from Paulie and Corey will be gone if he goes against their wishes SO who will be his “team”: Natalie, Michelle and possibly Bridgette.
If Paulie does catch wind of Natalie’s plan, he could very well use the veto on Z and get Nat Nat or James up on the block.

sunny dee

he won’t be on the block for that i doubt, he can win, nat can win, if bridgette wins she’s not putting him up, (nat will have pulled in her vote, hard to imagine but possible, and unexpected, as a superfan bridgette might go for the idea, plus she can see michelle has no one, but zak has paulie, and paulie will always choose zak over anyone else), michelle certainly will see who kept her and who did not so if she wins she isn’t doing that, and paul and vic getting their wishes means they won’t target him

really it leaves paulie, nicole and corey, and both nic and corey have other targets, and neither want to win HOH, so unlikely they will either. i think he has a pretty good shot at doing this. and he’s really only taking votes away, how others vote is still going to be the question. I think Paul has better rapport with bridgette than anyone else, and with nat’s push as well, bridgette is a likely vote. james takes away nicoles vote, because she might end up volunteering for that, so he doesn’t even have to risk anything by doing that. you get one volunteer and one surprise, and nicole maybe grateful she didn’t have to vote, so not targeting james? paulie might see he wouldn’t have much support for a revenge nom for doing this.

Team Edward

Every year we complain that “the house guests are just giving the check” to certain players. Well, except for Derrick, Dr. Will, and Dan G……who actually won that truly deserved it? Not evil Dick. He was just vile and should have been voted out after cigarette gate.

Not Steve- Vanessa was the best player last year
Not Andy – Helen and Amanda were better players
Not Ian- still not sure why he even made jury
Not Rachel
Not Jordan- Natalie was screwed. Big time

My point is, Paulie will not win. If I was betting money, I think either Corey, Paul, or Bridgette as an outside shot. The best player does not win BB.


You are right that the best player doesn’t always win. But,

“Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.” — Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven

The grand prize is a jury prize. It belongs to the jury to dispense at their whim. There are no criteria. So there are no undeserving winners.


DUMBASS, Ian was absolutely a better player than Dan. So many dumbasses think he was so great because of “The Funeral.” PLEASE!! And Derrick did not play that well. He was just in a house with a bunch of DUMBASSES. It’s the same thing, if Paulie wins this season. And Evil Dick was definitely better than Derrick, Will, and Dan. He would not have fallen for their bullshit, unlike the other houseguests.

Mister pickles

Only a moron or a homophone would say that Helen and Amanda were better players than Andy.



each of two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins, or spelling, e.g., new and knew.
each of a set of symbols denoting the same sound or group of sounds.

Penelope Taynt

Am I the only one who thought that Victor’s nominations speech was disgusting? It’s more than enough to state exactly why he is putting Michelle and Z on the block. Throwing in the personal attacks shows a complete lack of class. I get that Michelle and Z are unpopular but it’s just inappropriate to disrespect anyone in that manner. If Victor thinks his speech was funny (as he has claimed), then he has a very disturbing sense of humor. If it were me I would have thrown those beads right back in his face.


Is it just me or are they all really blatantly playing up to the cameras. I find it embarrassing.
Then again, I could be imagining things, or just finally become jaded about this game.


Paulie and Paul are in charge

Paulie has Z, Nicole, Corey
Paul has Victor, Bridgette,Michelle

James and Nat sit between the two sub-alliances
James is closer to Nicole and Corey
Natalie is closer to Bridgette and Michelle
Neither are close to Z

James should evict Z
This weakens Paulie slightly

Then in an ideal scenario
If James wins the FF HOH, he should target Victor.
The best way to do that would be to nominate Paulie and Victor
(Paulie is just there to battle Victor)
If Victor wins and pulls himself off, backdoor Bridgette
Both Victor and Bridgette are pre-approved targets
So, no righteously pissed off house guests except for Natalie
And losing one of those two weakens Paul slightly


You will be downvoted for the backdooring Bridgette part, though what you say here is reasonable. But, people have latched onto Bridgette the way Bridgette latched onto Frank–in a desperate hope of salvation after their wills have been broken by this cruel game.


I hope if James does cancel out Paulie’s vote it doesn’t come back and bite him in the ass at DE.

TX rar - Let the Games begin

Let’s play the game a bit. Please add your selections and strategy, Lets’s see how well board posters can actually play the game vs just complain how HG are playing it badly.

I’ve been completely frustrate that America gave ACP 2 to James! He first said that he didnt think he would make it for any power moves. UGH! People on the comment boards complain about the HG not playing the game but here WE are able to see the things they say/do and JAMES got ACP2??? If anything he shouldve been awarded one of the later ACP.

I wont award ACP to Nicole, Z, Michelle, Paulie or Paul so that doesnt leave many options left. Here are my selections based on what players have shown they will do and based on my own strategy

ACP3 Super Safety: Victor- may need it for DBL eviction. He is the only one talking about break up showmances voting numbers with putting Z up. He has won 6 comps and that is a direct threat to Paulie’s ego 🙂 Costume will ensure he stops wearing that childish animal hat too

ACP4 Co-HOH: Bridgette- after DE. She has the quiet resolve to make a big move. Please team ip with James & Vic!

ACP5 BB Bribe : Paul – he has the game to be able to bribe someone so it would be fun.

* you can vote 20 times a day
** player can only win ONE ACP so choose strategically


Both victor and Bridget need the super safety but it won’t help either this DE because it’s
awarded on Friday. Shouldn’t matter to PP who goes first eviction on Thursday. They should shake that after the first one leaves, the other goes next eviction. Paul has to insist Paulie hold to word. I’m voting for Bridget in the event she stays after DE, then victor for co-HOH cause he’s the next target and random enough to stir shit up if he starts to get the idea THEY want him out.
Am curious what happens if the person that gets safety also wins HOH. Same if person who wins co-HOH is also HOH?

TX rar

Good option with ACP 3 safety Bridgette and ACP 4 Victor! I’d forgotten that these dont get awarded til Fri – which is after DE on Thurs. I hope James comes through and starts the ball rolling with Z voted out

sunny dee

there wont be any double evict this week, we’d already have heard about it, so this weeks hoh has the whole week. There won’t be, imo, any double evicts until they see the results of the next 2 evictions, for the round trip. My guess has been there won’t be a double E unless somoeone comes back on the RT. if they don’t, chances are there might not be any DEs this year, depending on the numbers. people playing like there is one this week is a mistake, they aren’t looking at the total picture, and forgetting about the round trips. they aren’t having RT on a double evict night, it would be a waste, what vote zak out, she’s got the ticket, do it all over again? because she wouldn’t have a ticket for that 2nd eviction, see what i mean, you can’t round trip and double evict while the round trip is still supposed to be used after every eviction until the 17th.

the other thing is the care packages, some of them are week based, the co HOH, the bribe. you aren’t going to be having some of those care packages combined with double evicts. if someone is safe for a week, it means they will be safe thru two evicts on a double e. so again, not this thursday, and not next thursday re; doubles. after that is co HOH, and that cannot be done on a double evict night, so none


I whould like a team of james natille bridget michell to be on the same side
no one whould in the house could think it could happen in this also help out michell in the
fans eyes for being mean to bridget its a start that way we have somebody to vote for on the 3 an 4 America carepakages 3 to brigdget 4 to michell


Paulie’s ego in full force again. He is dead set on keeping Zakiyah and, when speaking of Paul and Victor wanting to keep Michelle, said, “Sorry, it’s James’ eviction.” What Paulie meant was it’s HIS eviction. What he failed to realize is that it really is up to James at this point. With 2 cancelled votes they only need 3 votes to keep Michelle. Paul seems dead set on wanting Michelle to stay. If James is seriously considering that it is time to play for himself and not Paulie it could be game on. I don’t know who is better for James and Natalie but if they are down to keep Michelle I’m all for it. It would be the first time Paulie didn’t get his own way.
It seems like right now James, Nat, Paul and maybe Bridgette would vote to evict Zakiyah. That means they wouldn’t even need the 2 vote cancellation. If James is willing to make this move it will piss off Sir Paulie but, if he was smart this could be played to his benefit. Nat, Bridgette and James should tell Paul and Victor that Paulie plans on keeping Zakiyah whether they are o.k. with it or not and that he plans on using James votes to make sure it happens. That could finally put a wedge in between the groups and for the first time this season Paulie would not have the numbers. All he would have left is Nicole and Corey against the other 6 people.
I feel like I am giving them too much credit. They all say Paulie runs the house yet they continue to go along with it. James and Nicole should know more than anyone that if you allow someone to run the house that person will likely win the game. If any of them have any common sense this would be the time to realize that Paulie is pushing his agenda too hard. Paulie keeps saying that it’s sketch that Paul and Victor want to keep Michelle and that it must mean they are trying to start something on the side. Paul has actually been loyal to Paulie over anyone else in the house including his boy Victor. Therefore, common sense would say that it’s sketchy that Paulie is suddenly pushing so hard to keep Zakiyah. He has been saying for over a week that he wants her out. He didn’t trust her to stay in the HOH comp longer than him. He wanted someone else to ‘clip’ her so he wouldn’t have to. He wanted Victor to put Zakiyah and Michelle on the block and originally wanted Zak to be the target. Oh, and by the way, Paulie told Paul that Zakiyah wanted Paul on the block. Paul was the only target that Paulie mentioned Zakiyah having. But now he wants to tell Nicole and Corey how shady it is that Paul and Vic are pushing to keep Michelle and evict Zak. Look in the mirror Paulie-there is only one Sketchy McSketcherson in this situation.

Grandma G

James will ultimately do what is best for HIS game. If Paulie gets Paul on board with keeping Zakiah then James will keep Z. If Paul doesn’t get on board then James will make the move against Paulie. He can”t go against Paulie, Paul, Vic and Corey NOW, but he can go against Paulie (via Z) if Paul, Vic and Corey are on his side in that move. There are seven more evictions until final 3, eight if someone has the round trip during the nxt 2 evictions. Way too early to expose his hand and he is not aware they are putting his name out there.

Paulie won already

I hope Grandma G is right. While I would love to see a big move from James (or anybody) and I would triple love seeing NoMoveExceptAllOverPaulieZ go home, James would only be making himself a bigger target just before the DE. So unless he has others on board, this would be a foolish move. It does weaken Paulie slightly, but weakens James more.


James is all talk as usual . He will do the same thing he did last time , fold and vote out one of his own team members or somebody he could have worked with . I truly believe these are the dumbest people ever to be in the BB house . they don’t seem grown they act like spoiled little children longing for some sort of attention and acceptance . If this is a sample of the next generation , we are in deep trouble .


James’ game is almost totally social and passive (like Ian, Steve, Andy). His goal is to keep his target small until the late game, then win a couple of comps at the very end.

Does switching his target to Z mean James has suddenly started playing boldly?

No. he just has more choices this week, since Paulie and Paul’s goals are not aligned. A split house gives him cover to make a small move in his best interest.

Marvin Gaye

I was so mad watching last night show when Bridgette said ohhhh I owe Paul I have to return him a favor for keeping things went just like he said …..now Paul has a tight 3 ( Vic , b n himself) and Paulie has a tight 4( nic, cor, z n himself) James dumb ass doesn’t realize he is so far on the outs that he will be gone next before NAT…

The Roach Coach

If youre a fan of Bridgette u should be happy she said that, Paul felt uneasy about her since he was really pushing to get her out a few weeks back and she stayed, she was his main target, they’ve repaired their relationship since then and she’s not one of his immediate targets now…

Nicole's Mom

Guys were sooo sorry our Nicole is acting like such a little floozy and not playing the game. Instead she went on the show to hook up with yet another boy of questionable morals and character. This is not how we raised her. She’s bringing great shame to our family and our town. We thought she was a good girl but this whorish behavior has us very upset.

Nicole's REAL Mom

Okay, totally not cool!

I wouldn’t call my daughter’s behavior whorish or suggest that she is immoral. She is clearly smitten with Corey, and although I would prefer she hold off bedroom activities for privacy, she is, otherwise, a human being engaging in normal activities.

Stop being so judgmental, people. Nicole is trying to win $500,00. I support her 100%!


I would like to see James evicted, for the sole purpose to see if Natalie actually starts playing the game. I hope after the season is over they both realize that James flushed his entire gameplay down the toilet and effectively suppressed any gameplay Natalie might have had.


Shouldn’t James let Paul know his plans? Before Paul changes his mind and ends up wanting to keep zak


I cringed last night while watching Vic’s nominations. I could not believe he told Z that she gave all her affection to Paulie and none to him. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve and being a sore loser.


It was a joke. He was being playful (or trying).

It was also a rhyme, but they hid that with the edit.


He looked and sounded like an ass. If that’s his idea of a joke, then more power to him. Idiot.


Going against Paulie in the Z vs Meech eviction shouldn’t hurt James. If Paulie is pissed James has Paul who wants Z out, Nat, Meech and Vic who also wants Z out and Bridgette who is grateful to Paul for saving her from eviction for putting up Da and Vic for not putting her up this week. That leaves Paulie with Nic and Corey who haven’t won sh*t.


But it will hurt James for next week’s double. Victor is mad at James for his pranks, Paul is mad at James for throwing comps and floating on by. If Paulie does not get his way, he will be mad at James as well which means Corey will be mad along with Nicole. Bridgette wants to work with the “boys” and Natalie. Getting rid of James seems like the plan if he upsets the apple cart now. Getting rid of Z or Meech doesn’t really weaken Paulie either way, it would just strengthen PP. They plan on getting rid of the girls anyway, order doesn’t really matter to them.

Floater James wom't do shit

James will NOT cancel Paulie’s vote. He is just talking. I will bet my house he doesn’t cancel Paulie’s vote. Did you not hear him say he will talk to Paulie and tell him he plans to cancel his vote? I don’t even think he will ever tell Paulie that but let’s say he does. It wouldn’t be five secs and Paulie would order him what actually to do and James will obey. Again with feeling… James will NOT cancel Paulie’s vote!

Michelle is going home 100%. You can say different and like usual you would be wrong:-)

I loved last night when Natalie asked James if he is a floater. He didn’t respond then she went back to trying to play along with his lying to her trying to make her think he is the running the house. “Can you tell me some secrets” She knows damn well Paulie is running the house and James is a floater who does whatever Paulie wants.

Your House

I am so looking forward to my new owners!


This is the perfect opportunity to take out Z….but of course they don’t do it… Paulie didn’t give them permission…. idiots!!


Paul has turned into a monster ever since he teamed up with Paulie. Now Paulie probably mad at himself. These two make the show interesting everyone else boring and useless.