“Here’s my idea. If we win put up Breydon and Beth”

Head of Household: VIC
Nominations: Breydon and Austin
The Power of Veto Players are: Ro, Vic, Breydon, Austin, Ty
POwer of Veto Winner: Ro
Power of Veto Ceremony: Rohan did not use the veto.
Have nots: Ro, Vic, Breydon, Austin

Early this morning Breydon alluded to Austin about an encounter with Ty last night. Something out of the playbook of Kevin Martin.
Apparently have nots is over.

11:15 am TNT
Tera – I’m really paranoid about the double.. Putting the boys up and the backlash
Tera – here’s my idea. If we win put up Breydon and Beth (ZOMG)
tina – mmmhmmm
Tera – we tell Breydon we have the votes to keep him but he has to gun for it. Say nothing to Beth at the time. That ensures we never lied to the boys we never put them up which we haven’t. Either one of them comes down we choose which boy we want out to go. That way we can salvage the other one. If the noms stay the same by Beth. If the boys win double they’re not coming for us because we didn’t put them up.
Tera – we can always tell Breydon. We for sure have the votes for Breydon. Me, you, Ro, Vic would not vote out BReydon over Beth ever!
Tina – this week?
Tera – this week. Tell Breydon we have the numbers, it’s an easy out because he doesn’t talk game with us.
Tera wants them to try and pull Breydon in after they take out one of the boys in this scenario
Tera – and then if it’s a double nobody will be looking at us and if it’s the boys they will take the shot the other way.
Tera doesn’t see the boys taking a shot at them during a double if they kept them safe.
Tera says if you put the two boys up “who will be the replacement nominee? there could be a flip”
Tera – you have to dismantle their numbers so when we take the shot we can choose. Someone like Ty could be powerful for us or if you have a good relationship with Jedson.
Tera – we have to make sure whichever one stays isn’t coming hard for us.
Tera – don’t tell Ro don’t tell Kiefer this.

Tera – we got to win and not only do we have to win we have to play smarter than them we win then we move back into the shadows.
Tera says everyone will take a shot at Ty and Jed in the doubt ‘No one will take that shot against you and me with those two boys”
Tina – you would hope not
Tera – those guys will sacrifice Beth, They are closer to each other
Tera says she’s hearing that Beth doesn’t want to win the HOH she wants to throw it.
Tina asks what are they going to do about the other side, “Ro, Breydon, Kiefer”
Tina – they will want the boys
They agree they’ll tell the other side it’s a backdoor plan for Jed/Ty
Tina thinks once Austin goes Breydon will start to connect with Beth more.
Tera – the worst case is Beth is gone and you know you have Breydon now.. and everyone is looking at the boys at that point. (that’s when production rolls out back to back to back Male underwear modelling contests for HOH)
Tera doesn’t think if Jed or Ty win the veto they won’t sacrifice one of themselves and take Beth off.
Tera – I don’t know who is more dangerous. Beth is playing all side. She’s playing us
Tera – I would be open to working with her but I don’t trust her.

Tera says if they put both boys up and neither of them goes they are screwed.
Tina says what if Breydon wins veto and it’s a guy against Beth. There could be a split (vote)
Tera – the guy will go.. or Beth will go who cares.
Tera will tell the boys she made a deal with Ro last week if he didn’t use the veto she would not put him up if she won HOH
Tera – we have the votes to keep Breydon.. ohh wait I don’t have a vote.
Tina – I don’t think we have them. Beth would be up, Breydon up and you I wouldn’t get a vote. That only leaves. Me, Ro.
Tera – no it would go three – three and I would break the tie. you think Vic is going to keep Beth over Breydon? she can’t stand Beth.
Tina – if it’s a Guy and Beth.
Tera – I think they will take the guy out. Kiefer would be like they got to be split uip.,

Tera – we still have to win
Tin a- It’s a good idea.
Tera – if Beth thinks she has Breydon then they have numbers. I know Ro thinks he has Breydion but he can be the swing. You have to break apart that connection at the very least.. best case you take out the bigger one worse case you break up that connection.
Tera – this damn double you know it’s coming.
Tera thinks if they can survive the double they are set to the final 3.

Tera – I don’t know who is a bigger threat to us? the two boys or Beth..
Tera thinks it’s Beth that is throwing their names out more than the boys
Tina – Beth will either put myself or you up against Ro
Tera – the guy’s target would be Ro the guys think they can beat us.

Tera says she can’t beat the guys in power but she might be able to beat them in endurance “I can find a good pace going back and forth.. that’s an advantage to being small”
Tina – endurance isn’t my strong point I have some upper boy strength

Tera says she’s trusting Ro more
Tina – I’m still not there

NoonTera and Tina are running/walking, working endurance and upper body strength. A bunch laying in the sun.

12:28 pm Austin and Tina
Tina says yesterday she confronted Beth and Jed and told them what she thought of what is going on this week.
Austin – I’m not afraid to say what I think
She goes over her pitch “I’m going guns blazing.. I have nothing to fear”
Austin lists off the Beth lies she called her out on yesterday. (during the 12hours plus of feed outage)
Austin still thinks Ty is the Invisible HOH. (Sigh)
Austin goes on about how if she stays in the house she’ll play a more competitive game “I ruffle feathers I’ve won things” adds that Breydon is closer to the three. She’s gunning for them.
Austin says she’ll go straight for the 3 if she wins HOH.

1:44 pm Kiefer practicing his final 2 speech and generally deciding he’s the best. (Kiefer has done it.. this is what Kraken looks like)
Kiefer – I’m going to win this game. I am going to win Big Brother Canada Season 9 I am going to be one of the best big Brother Canada winners in the history
Kiefer – Anything less than winning is a failure now. I’ve made it.
Kiefer – I got this. I can do this. I can win.

5:30 pm Hot tub time (nothing is going on in the house)

5:50 pm Ty and Jed are digging (they’re actually trying to estimate the balls but counting a quadrant. Their corner came to 2K. Notice they did find a black ball)

6:40 pm Kiefer making dinner

7:50 pm Family dinner

8:20 pm Rohan and Victoria
Rohan is campaigning for Vic to keep Austin saying that Austin will be the bigger target in front of them. If they keep Breydon they are bigger targets than him.
Vic – I think they are pretty equal.. I’m down for either one I really don’t care. I just don’t think there is any difference.
Vic says Austin hasn’t compared to her which is something important to her.
Rohan leaves…

Vic to the camera – Roshow I don’t have a vote..
Vic laughs..

9:30 pm Ty, Beth and Jed
Beth – we’re stil ok for Thursday
Ty – we’re good.
Ty – I just get weary because it looks like Ro is hustling. He’s putting in overtime
Beth – he’s alone he has to
Ty – him being alone gives him value
Ty thinks somebody has picked Ro up, “if you haven’t talked game with him in three days it’s not us”
Jed – whoever picked him up is he a priority to them
Ty – no
Ty – I don’t think Vic will turn on us but she’s ruthless
They talk about a possible flip.
Ty – does Tina want Austin to stay or does Tera?
Beth – Tina has shown that he’s kinda a puppy too
Ty – why would Ro pitch to Vic
Jed – she said he wasn’t pitching.
They agree Rohan has to go.
Beth – I wish you guys were more worried about Tera
Ty – I am but not as much as Ro
Beth says Tera has Tina more than Tina has Tera “Tina just stands there and agrees Tina never has an opinion ever”

They agree Kiefer is playing his own game.
Beth – he would turn on us.
Ty – faster than Vic?
Beth – Faster than Vic.. probably the f***ing same.. we only have each other.
Ty – whose the fourth person we can trust
Jed – Breydon
Beth – Breydon for sure.. Breydon’s not going anywhere
Jed – we need Breydon
Beth – Breydon might be our new person
Ty – I can see that, if we do that not everybody can see that
Beth – and Breydon has the biggest crush on you ever. use it
Ty – Oh I know I am
Beth – he won’t go away from that
Ty – I know I’m playing into it (the Kevin martin)
Ty – he was kissing my neck last night
Jed – are you serious
Beth – ohh yeah
Jed – ohh sh1t
Jed – like from behind
Ty – no right here I was laying ..
Beth – he’s got the biggest crush on you.. I think we can use that dude
Ty – Already on it
They talk about having Final 4’s with Vic, Breydon, and Keifer.
Beth – they all don’t talk to each other. We’re guaranteed then
Beth – that’s our six..

10:10 pm back to the hottub

11:20 pm
face mask time for Ty and Ro

10:15 am Wednesday morning.. waffle Wednesday folks..

Houseguests getting up..

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Feeds Gold

feeds were down for so long yesterday because tera had a 12 hour dr brainwashing session where every producer on the crew was involved convincing tera not to target jed/ty


why would they do that?

Feeds Gold

i was joking

its just very odd shes wanted to take a shot at ty/jed for weeks, now out of nowhere shes not targeting them

production do have their faves and i think their ideal f2 is vic and jed


If this Thursday isn’t an April Fools joke & both Aus/Brey stay I’ll be annoyed but you’re right it sure seems like TPTB have been working overtime to get Tera in line -you WILL NOT nominate Ty/Jed & ensure they get the house in line with what ‘the script’ is going to be moving forward.

Clearly, the goal is to get Ty/Jed deep in the game with Beth, Vic & Keifer the other 3 in F5 — all of their edits are positive — so much so that suddenly Keif thinks he’s a genius who’s won the game (I can’t).

Vic I get running to the TJ b/c she’s been enamored with them as the cool kids since the beginning — her targeting Austin looks super petty especially since she hasn’t been that close to Breydon & this is playing like she’s jealous of AB’s relationship. And there’s no way if Aus is evicted Thursday that it won’t come out it was Vic who was the invisible HOH which will only serve to make her his target.


because theres been 3 black guys in the final 2 in past BBCan seasons and none of them won. Arisa called those jurys racist. So production wants 2 black guys in the final 2 this season so the jury is forced to pick one to win


Simon and Dawg thank you for keeping this site up and for all the updates!! Normally I always agree with you both, but this year I do not! ;)

Jed and Ty are both great guys and have extraordinarily strong characters. Therefore, they are top runners for a win. BBCAN did a great job with cast this year…if either of them do win it is NOT because they are Black, it is because they are good people who have played a good social game. You can say they have not played one, but they have yet to hit the block, so they are doing something right, and I do not feel it has anything to do with production. Vic maybe has had some production assistance to still be in the game, but other than her I do not feel anyone has had any huge assist from production. Vic is the beast of the season and she has chosen to be with the Sunsetters and saying she is only doing this due to production is laughable! If I was Vic I would rather spend the endless hours trapped in the house with the Sunsetters…and that is due to character and the fact that they can use logic, something the oddballs totally lack! The Sunsetters have been loyal to each other from the start, while the Oddballs have not…anyone pulling Tera into an alliance just did not realize her alliance is to whomever is HOH, so it was never real. Tera would not put Jed or Ty now because I believe Tina has finally gotten her to understand that the Oddballs don’t win and if they try to keep that side going, they will just be next, hence she is now trying to build a relationship with Jed/Ty until the time comes (if it does…lol) to put the two kings on the block. Makes perfect sense to me…the next to go would be Ro/Brey…sadly either way once Ro and Brey are gone the next in line is Tera and Tina. This gives both Tina and Tera a few more chances to win an HOH and then take the shot at Jed/Ty…if they go around saying they are going to nominate Jed/Ty they will be next in line to go, not Ro/Brey. …but of course, for things to work this way the Sunsetters need to win the HOH most weeks going forward. With Vic and Kief they have good odds to win…

However, if somehow either Brey or Austin do not get evicted this Thursday, then yes production has jumped in to help the ‘underdog’. The Oddballs are NOT underdogs, makes me laugh out loud each time they say that. They are not logical, so maybe that does make them underdogs? They still think Ty is the invisible HOH, since they just cannot imagine that Vic (one o the sneakiest players EVER) would put them up since she ‘loves’ them. Why do they think that everyone has their backs when they have never had anyone’s back and have had such fake relationships with most…very hypocritical, IMO. Brey and Austin have played a terrible game from the start, both socially and strategically. I think they assumed their youthful charm would carry them to the end.

Loving the season and all the different takes! 


I have been following your site since you have began hosting it! …but I have not commented much since normally I could just like yours or Dawgs posts…lol…not this year! ;) So here I am posting!

Feed blocks are driving me nuts…normally I don’t have the time (or desire) to watch the live feeds, so not sure if they have always been like this or not!? This year I cant seem to stop watching…but for sure annoying at the same time! I am sure production does some medaling each year, but other than Vic I really don’t think they have meddled much yet? …granted I am enjoying the Sunsetters so I am seeing it different than Oddball fans!

I have been huge supporter of Kief since day one, however not sure what his plan is!? lol Yesterday when he was telling Beth and Ty that he is a real threat to win, was odd for sure…but may be a strategy of his? If he keeps telling people he is great they will no longer think of him as a threat since no one takes him serious? I do not know! I do not think he is bringing them down, really, but soon they will be battling each other anyways…if anyone is bringing the boys down I would think that is Beth? When people keep saying Kief’s unlikability I am not sure what they mean (lol), since I have liked him always and I also think most of the house does? I think they took Kief as part of the Sunsetters thinking he would be easy to get rid of when the time comes… I do think they are starting noticing he is a threat and their plan to just use him until the end may not work!

Yes Jed and Ty are young and typical for most good looking and confident guys. I mean why not flirt if this is going to get you ahead? Dont people do this all the time in the real world? I for one, love watching them walk around shirtless…haha Ya gotta play your strengths ;)

Looking forward to seeing who wins!! Thanks for the posts!! :)

Feeds Gold

im surprised jed/ty didnt think the random black ball in the pit was anything special

i would have taken it straight to dr to ask just in case

another name

Popped in to see if anything earth shattering and not smelling of prodogremlins happened today.
For a laugh, and entertainment purposes only, I’m going to do something I never do.
I’m going to show my episode one notes on what I thought would happen this season.
I’ve added what i thought would happen for week 6 until finale, just as a prediction made after the noms.
Don’t take it serioiusly. It’s just for entertainment.

Back out again to get a project finished. Hopefully I will get back in time for the next episode.
Cheers everyone.


Something that makes ZERO sense -is why Ty isn’t going out of his way to tell AusBrey he isn’t the invisible HOH— WHY on earth would he just chill and let ARB & TNT believe he is the HOH thereby increasing his chance of going on the block in retribution for this week especially b/c the house took the double slop/OTB hits as excessive.

The trio & Keifer KNOWS that Vic is the HOH – so again – this isn’t logical.

The only reasonable explanation is TPTB has told him to stay quiet — why else protect Vic?

Feeds Gold

(enzo voice)

thats what i keep tryin to say yo

alot about this week is sus to me


The two-faced line of the week…

Austin/Breydon ask Ro if he finds a special power (like something in the ball pit) if he’ll give it to them.

Ro “100% I’ll give it to you (pause) I mean like I’m serious — NOT like when I said I would last time (the POV he means) so like 150% yes.”

Sure Ro – like you not using the POV after begging them to throw it to you is about as low as it gets — the fact he is using being worried about TNT/Vic as his reason is a joke – sorry. This duo was supposed to be your main alliance – it’s the equivalent of Jed telling that to Ty & Beth & saying sorry I can’t use it b/c then the rest of the house will target me. Such a production influenced move (TPTB fwiw are RUINING this season)

Feeds Gold

so ro is getting tina/tera on board to keep aus

if that happens aus would still go 4-3 as sunsetters would vote her out

but at least that would hopefully expose vic being with the other side(as swing vote or invisible hoh, depending if she can keep up her lies and who believes her or not if she was hoh)

if ro or brey win hoh im lookin forward to sunsetters outing vic


see my post above (or below? lol) — there is a way to do it “IF” she gets Keifer to flip his vote but that would expose them to the trio. However, it does make sense for Keif/Vic b/c she could get Aus to promise that both Vic & Keif are safe (don’t go on the block for initial or re-noms). That would make them the safest two players in the house b/c even if one of the trio won they’d still target Aus/Ro ahead of Vic/Keif & likely use Tera as the re-nom.

The reason to believe it’s feasible is b/c Aus & Vic have been spending a ton of time together this week & for as much as “production” planted the storyline of Vic hating on Austin – that’s exactly what it is — a storyline. They both said things about each other (Vic actually pinned a ton of sh*t on Aus that she said/did).

Vic HAS to know Aus would never come after her, is a guaranteed jury vote, and would win more than Brey. It’s better for Vic to have someone like that in the house versus Breydon who will only get closer to Beth & his crush (Ty) which also puts Vic’s position in jeopardy with the trio.

At the moment Vic isn’t thinking this deeply into the situation as she said after Ro talked to her “sorry Roshow I don’t have a vote”. BUT when she stops to think about this she has to recognize she put herself in a terrible situation by telling Austin she’d vote to keep her if she got 3 votes (which she has with TNT/Ro) & as per my other post by doing this she’s either getting those 3 to target her ahead of the TJ and/or exposing she was invisible HOH which also turns Breydon on her. She could slide out of this HOH with NO TARGET on her back but this overplay could make her the primary target of the majority of the house.

While it’s not inconceivable TPTB seems to be dictating every action this season so it might not matter regardless of what Vic wants to do.

Frankly, I’ve never felt this was a smart move for Vic other than it helped her get in tighter with Ty/Jed – but since they know she’s the HOH even if Aus stays they can’t hold it against Vic b/c she doesn’t vote.

As for Keif he could spin it to either pin it on Beth or say he promised Austin a single vote so she would get one & then TNT/Ro played him. Again, the guys aren’t going to punish Keif ahead of Aus/Ro or even TNT so he doesn’t have a lot to lose.

The problem is he’s so smitten with being in the cool kids club I’m not sure he changes even for Vic…

Then again – – with him spending part of his day sharing his F2 speech & how he’s so much smarter than anyone in the house & one of the best BB players of all time – it would be pretty easy for Vic to stoke his ego & get him to do what she wants.

Feeds Gold

the problem is queefer hates aus for whatever bizarre reason on a personal level, they have used each other as a pawn, but he calls her a bitch etc and not to be trusted, even though she has always been very pleasant to him, despite him blindsiding her and going back on their deal

vic used to like aus, but ive felt the jealousy vic has for aus rise week after week due to her bonds with brey, ro and kyle(there was one time on the couch in week 2 or 3 when aus saw vic looking at her admiringly, and aus said “i love the way you look at me” and said they love each other, it was very genuine)…im stunned how majorly vic has turned on her, with vic knowing aus is loyal to her, a real asset in this game shes tossing away

this is a personal move and i dont see queefer budging, hes too loyal to the trio

even though vic/queefer know brey will be closer to the trio than them, and aus would be more loyal to vic/queefer over the trio, they dont care…its personal, not game

i will be happy to be wrong, but i think its a 1% chance


Yeah – I’d agree although Keifer did say this week he’s really changed his opinion of Aus & is enjoying her a lot more now (although that could be scripting). I think she tends to come across as standoffish (when in reality I think she has a combination of self-confidence mixed with a sort of shyness which can come across negatively).

Based on Keifer feeling pretty confident now & having Vic as his F2 I think he might be more inclined to make the move if he thought Aus would protect him/Vic. Especially b/c he has to know how hard it would be to beat both guys while having Aus on hand to remove one or both of them would make his/Vic’s path to F2 far easier.

Since everyone would target Aus anyway I just think it behooves Vic/Keif to keep her more than it would Breydon. If they (VK) stop & discuss they’ll recognize how Breydon could easily replace one or both of them (which has already happened though they don’t know it) whereas Aus will never be accepted by the trio.


Ro TNT & back onto the “keep Austin” discussion since she’ll be a better option for them than Breydon. Presumably, TNT/Ro are realizing Breydon is closest to Beth after Aus & also he likes Ty which means they’ll be able to pull him to their side. Plus Aus is a better competitor (so far).

Keifer has repeatedly said he’s keeping Brey & won’t move off it & we know the trio also will vote her out (that’s the four needed to evict her).

The interesting factor is Vic told Austin if she got THREE votes then she would vote for her to stay– soooooooo as the invisible HOH how is Vic going to spin this?

Two options I guess – one being to say yes & then try to blame Ro for flipping — that’s not just dangerous it’s dumb & unnecessary especially heading into an HOH as then he’ll know Vic WAS the HOH & has been lying to him. OR… maybe (long shot) Vic gets Keifer to flip his vote to keep Aus telling him she can ensure they are both safe if Aus wins HOH.

Edited to add: Ro talked to Vic & after he left she said “sorry Roshow I don’t have a vote” but one would think she has to see the danger in doing this — b/c Vic can’t vote she either does this to put TNT/Ro on an island by screwing them over (they think she switched) which means Vic might become the priority target of that trio OR more likely it confirms Vic was the HOH & then add Breydon to that mix so HALF the house making her their primary target.

Either way – it’s an unnecessary risk to take IMHO


Yup– and there you go Jed/Ty/Beth pecking order to go is Ro, Tera, Vic, Keif — you knew they weren’t keen to keep Vic/Keif (and if they ever suspect VK are paired up it won’t be surprising if they take an earlier shot at Vic – since she’ll be the one they peg as more dangerous.

If this isn’t an April Fools joke & Austin leaves on Thursday– Breydon will be right in the middle of the house F4 with the trio & F4 with TNT/Ro – Vic/Keif both like him & would likely target Ro/TNT/Beth before him so Breydon is likely cemented in F4 is my guess unless he gets bamboozled in a double eviction.

Feeds Gold

im not a fan of kunty beth so amped about humiliating brey to the boys and all three laughing behind breys back about his crush on ty

Feeds Gold

first time aus/brey in the hot tub this season


I wonder how Ty stating he’s playing up the Breydon crush on him & letting him kiss his neck just to use him is going to go over publicly.

An equal opportunity I guess as Another Name says Jed can play the flirt game & get away with it while Beth gets slut-shamed. Am I too sensitive b/c I feel Ty doing it to Breydon is sort of worse than what either Jed or Beth are doing? Perhaps I feel that way b/c Jed/Beth are doing it to each other and making out so clearly enjoying it – & also flirting with others but they aren’t trying to kiss others or letting the others get physical with them.

another name

Hey TTOTambz,
Just leaving for the day, and checked things out.
I’d be fully prepared to call each of TY/Jed/Beth a skank. I just don’t think one of them should centred out as slutshame material when all three have been doing the same thing.
The ‘joke’ between Aus/Jed/Beth that she’s on the block because she didn’t play along and let the guys have their way with her… I don’t actually think it’s a joke. After she wouldn’t go along with Jed trying to grope her in bed and later denied Jed in sharing a bed agian, he spent the day calling her a bitch. His attitude about her did a dramatic 180. There’s some truth to that joke. It has teeth.
While Breydon initiated the actual encounter (which Ty fans are pointing to on social media to say seeeee, it’s not Ty’s fault, apparently Ty is never responsible for anything) let’s remember who was prompting Brey that they’d be receptive. Point to the ‘thought last night would be the night’ flirting with the hand on Breydon’s chest conversation. Ty has been pushing the flirt card since noms. He did the flirtalong game early inweek two with Austin to the extent that I thought they were a showmance. He is currently doing a light version to Vic, and a heavy sell to Brey. What he doesn’t realize: when KevinMartin did it in season 2 and season 5, KevinMartin got a lot of heat. So if a guy that admits to being bi/queer on feeds gets heat for manipulating sexually, I would expect Ty to get the same heat. He won’t because there is a huge social media hivemind that has decided Ty can do no wrong.
The fact that it’s Breydon, who we have learned from multiple conversations has never had a boyfriend or a relationship I think is the moral part that annoys me, because getting out of the game and finding out the trio discussed Ty flirting it up to him and joking about him.

What do you think of Ty and Beth’s conversation in the bathroom? Deciding that neither Ro of Vic are actually good for their games, and Kief should also go before final 6?
I think Beth has realized that she’s in danger. I think Beth has clocked that Vic and Kief would try to cut her out to get in with the boys. I think Beth has decided she and Ty “have” Brey now, and can beat Tina in the end.
I still think it backfires and Beth gets cut in the next two weeks. Her Paras edit isn’t clicking with the fanbase or storyline.

AND most importantly:
How do you feel about Tina and Tera seemingly forgetting they decided Vic is the HOH?
They’re not discouraging Ro in the flip when Vic’s vote is included.
They’re telling Austin to campaign to Vic.
THAT smells to high heaven of prodogremlin magic.
It stinks of broken feed continuity flow.

We all know Vic only wanted to argue with Austin and Breydon because she’s dying for justification for her move that isn’t jealousy and envy. She wants the opportunity to Yell it from the rooftop at them that SHE is the HOH and SHE broke them up, to rub it in their faces. She isn’t getting recognition. Vic can’t handle that.

Okay. Back out again. Mostly caught up. lol.


LOL – I was missing your input yesterday. Your spot on that Tina-Tera has this figured out (Vic is HOH). Part of the reason for their clarity is they are the two women in the house who aren’t being flirted with by Ty/Jed so they can see through the nonsense. They (TJ) ONLY play this “buddy-buddy” game when they need to make someone feel part of the club — just like they did on Keifer’s HOH — & just like they are doing this week with Vic.

I also think as much as they do trust Ro they might also have figured out his takes are bad.

Another tip for why they believe Vic is the HOH became more apparent to TNT b/c they’ve worked with Vic for quite some time both in the pre 90’s group & with her as well in both versions of the Pink Ladies. That’s allowed them to catch her in repeated lies. Tina may not say much but she is very observant and places a ton of emphasis on direct eye contact.

Now that Aus has gotten more comfortable talking to her, Tina sees how genuine Aus is and the contrast with Vic bouncing all over the place has confirmed her long suspected opinion that Vic couldn’t be trusted. Aus made extremely relevant points to Tina that if Vic is the invisible HOH this is a really dumb move. AHA — so why would she make the move then — UNLESS Vic felt confident she was in tight with the Jed/Ty (bingo).

In addition, Tina and Keif were super close early on (before he made the F2 with Vic). Tina has sat back observing, watched how Keifer’s HOH played out, is watching how the trio conducted themselves this week toward Vic & that combination has her seeing things more clearly.

Tina did try to get Aus to consider Vic as the HOH & even Ro is starting to question where Vic lies. I think one factor that could sink Vic is she told Austin early on “if you can get three votes, I’ll vote to keep you”. We know she can’t vote as the invisible HOH but how precisely does she backtrack from making that promise? Is that why she’s feigning this “anger” she keeps citing toward Aus & Brey for NOT campaigning? I think your assessment is the truer reason (she wants to shout HA — I broke the two of you up).

Your dead on TPTB hands are all over the gaslighting plot shifts. The most exciting part follows up on your point about Vic/Keif (more intrinsically tied to Beth — see my recent post). I did note that the trio had already decided the F4 would be them with Breydon. But I think Beth knows her path to reach F3 or F2 is much easier if she keep Aus — & works with her as a secret ally. She might even stop to consider IF she plays this right & Aus promises to take her to F2 she’s have the votes to beat her (Ty/Jed/Keif for sure — & probably Vic if Aus takes her out). I’m not saying that’s how the votes would fall BUT Beth could convince herself of that.

Feeds Gold

tera and tina talking alot of sense this morning…are sure that vic cant be trusted and that she is hoh

realising queefer is the swing

they need to chat about this with aus and ro and have aus promise the world that queefer will be kept safe for weeks by aus

i would still say a 1% chance because this is a personal move by vic/queefer…so many reasons gamewise it makes sense for them to want aus to stay

Feeds Gold

if it were to be an april fools non elimination round that would be amazing tv and so many would be pissed, and would create alot of drama(vic would lose her shit) and it will get outed she was hoh then imagine an endurance with tiny tera winning, feeds would be fire(vic and sunsetters throwing each other under the bus, aus v vic, aus v beth, aus v trio, tina/tera v beth potential clashes)…this would allow an extra double in future weeks, so a double next week or the week after, and a 2nd one at final 6

its the perfect setup for april fools…if they do this and both stay, the season will really come alive


Truer words were never spoken!

Feeds Gold

very good advice from tina to aus for her campaign to stay


OMFG— Aus is REALLY good — Although part of the early convo wasn’t there the premise was super easy to figure out.

Last night on the couch Jed f*cked up by saying to Beth essentially if she wasn’t single ie: making out with him she’d have no game.

Then today she observed Jed & Ty ALL OVER Vic on the couch cuddling and spooning her. Austin picked up on it & on Beth sort of aimlessly wandering and looking a bit stressed out.

Sooooooo again, the feeds missed part of the conversation (so I’m taking some liberties here) but I have a good feel for how she positioned it.

Suffice to say Austin has pitched to Beth that she vote to keep her & THEY BLAME KEIFER. I think Beth must’ve confirmed to Aus that Vic is the HOH (although we didn’t see that — but logically for them to pick Keifer as the person to blame the vote on — it stands to reason she revealed Vic is HOH). In addition, Aus planted with Beth — why is it both Keif & Vic feel so safe with Jed/Ty and who is the person that is on the bottom of both those scenarios? (BETH).

So again, I’m presuming part of this conversation but I think Aus appealed to Beth’s ego saying DON’T LET TY/JED be the ones who get all the credit for all the moves — YOU be the one to make the big move in this game.

At the end of the convo Aus said – she’ll work with Beth moving forward (in secret) & that she just needs to play up like she’s angry that Keifer screwed them in the vote so that will raise his target with the boys. AND that when Vic flips out it will also raise her target (thereby protecting Beth). They touched on what a wild card Vic is (and trust that Beth knows Vic wants her out of the picture— and that couch cuddle was a strong reminder of that fact) SMART AUSTIN — she’s hitting on a hot button for Beth in a very timely fashion.

Beth is worried about TNT staying quiet about Beth’s vote so Austin still has to address that part of the equation. She has two options- swear TNT to secrecy — OR tell them it was Keifer. Personally, if I were Austin – I’d say to Beth we just do it & then afterward we can even pin it on Vic b/c the only way she can prove she wasn’t is to blow up & say “I couldn’t be the flipped vote b/c I was HOH”. Would Vic snap like that? Even if she kept her composure we know it would eat her up & would cause her to be all over the place.

We’ll need to keep an eye on convo’s moving forward between Aus & Ro as well as Aus & TNT –(I suspect if she did learn Vic is the HOH that intel will be exposed).

It may not come to anything — but given Keifer would NEVER budge & we know Vic is the HOH — THIS was her best play (fingers crossed it works).


No frigging kidding — AND she’s following it up with a GREAT convo with Vic– b/c she’s playing to all of Vic’s idiosyncracies.

Austin is planting these little seeds that will fester —

  • although Vic likes to be vicious at her heart her anger at Austin/Brey was based on envy/jealousy. BUT Aus is telling her how sorry she is that Vic felt left out & b/c they said they would keep their space she failed to recognize how it made Vic feel left out.
  • She told Vic she has NO HARD FEELINGS regardless & wants Vic to do well AND if she stays 100% of the time Vic gets her jury vote. That’s not something Vic can rely upon with everyone & if she thinks about it will TNT be as forgiving that Vic screwed them over? (not sure).
  • The subtle (I’m not trashing Breydon part of the pitch) was also wise in that she made sure to note how the trio wants to keep Brey & that Beth is super close and feels she has him. Vic’s next target will likely be Beth – THAT is not good news to hear — especially if she stops long enough to consider the trio could shift off her to take Brey. Of note — she told Aus that BETH is definitely her next target — I’d say that’s more real than not.
  • And finally, Aus played up the never knowing where Beth’s head is at & not trustworthy part. Again, this should appeal to Vic b/c Aus is more likely to put up Beth than Brey is.

Now the tricky part of this equation is that Vic has NO VOTE — BUT — what she does have is Keifer as her F2 and if Vic thinks they would be safer with Aus than Brey she maybe could shift.

Vic is such an actress it’s hard to tell but I suspect she’ll stick with telling Keif to keep Breydon unless she gets paranoid about the Brey/Beth combo.

AdamS Heilinger

Oh yeah please