“He was like I will not let a woman and I will not let a minority go home and he throws up a Woman and two minorities”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take. Nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, Kyland, Claire, DereX | HOST – Tiffany
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: DerekX did not use the power of Veto.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Derekx did not use the power of veto. Frenchie is full sh1t.

1:54 pm In the bathroom Frenchie tells Britini “I refuse to campaign against you.. I want you to do what you have to do.. ”
Frenchie – you’re a fighter and a competitor
Frnehcie – you’re like my little sister.. I’m proud of you
(But I thought you just said you felt like a Chump because you weren’t up against a male strong competitor?)

2:00 pm Frenchie, Whitney and Brent
Frenchie – I know one thing I can tell you everybody on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook whatever the one thing everybody loved.. a woman, A minority, or the old guy didn’t go home first.. Every season is like that.. (there no stopping him)
Frenchie – we set a trend this year.. 22 seasons of that happening it was time for a change.
DerekX – really
Frenchie – there was only one other time a jock was nominated first.. he started a lot of sh1t that’s why.. Normally the first week you have a little reason to nominate somebody.. With us it was difficult.. you fell off this comp first.
Frenchie- what the hell did any of us have to go by. It was super difficult. I had the three things in mind at the time.. The old guy, the minority, and the women are not going home first if I get the first HOH it’s not going to happen.
Frenchie – when I started looking that really narrowed it down and that’s why I stayed true to what I said to myself in the beginning that is why Travis went.
Frenchie says Travis was a “perfect human being”

2:03 pm Alyssa, Xavier, Christian (After Alyssa’s one on one with Ky)
Alyssa – I asked him if we’re still acting like we’re in the slaughterhouse and he said yes
Alyssa says Whitney, Brent, and BIGD still believe the slaughterhouse is something so keep going with that in case they win it. “If it’s Claire, Tiffany or Sb throw it to them and they will take the shot”
X – that’s what they are saying we want Sb to take the shot
Alyssa – do it for Claire and Tiffany if it’s them left.. but I don’t think it will be them left.
Alyssa – I asked is it too early to show are cards and he said every single person wants those two on the block (Brent/Whitney) so you have backup except those 2 and Hannah.
Christian – between those two it’s better than BRent goes home
Feeds cutting a bunch of times..
Alyssa – the fact that our name was talked about other than this duo thing.

Kyland joins them. “If those two people win I’m hoping the Slaughterhouse will help us”
Alyssa – I think BIGD definitely thinks it’s still a thing
Kyland – he needs it to be

2:40 pm Kyland’s meeting with the jokers: Frenchie, DF, Brit and Azah
Frenchie – what’s the plan big man?
Ky – how do you guys feel about the meeting and I will answer with what I feel comfortable with
Frenchie – can I start. I told her last night not to be upset with you I am not upset with you
Feeds cut.. When we’re back.
Frenchie- her on the block next to me is a big thing for her cause I’m a big target.. My hope for you and them at this point moving forward your team is missing somebody my team is missing somebody.. there’s a possibility that someone from the two of our teams come back. I don’t know this
Frenchie – It would be naive and dumb if the two teams that are missing a player don’t work together moving forward.. I am saying this as a neutral party because I am gone.
Frenchie – there are some rocky times but together you can crush those rocks into sand and create your paradise..
Frenchie – If I come back Intio this game I’m playing a lot different because I had some internal sh1t going on and I am very grateful and thankful for this amazing women.. I’m not going into details .. but I am very thankful for her she is a blessing and I needed to be humble ed and I was
Frenchie – I would like to see if I did come back through those doors the two teams were strong with 6 people.. that would be amazing.. stay strong use numbers that’s all you got in this game.. Loyalty and numbers that’s it. Use the numbers and you’ll go far.. you have to stick together if not the cookie’s going to crumble. you’ll get picked off 1 by 1
Frenchie says he’s not campaigning against Britini.
Frenchie – My children will be watching this on Thursday so I would prefer no cursing so my children don’t see that.. that’s It I don’t want to talk game anymore.. me personally I want to have fun these days..
Frenchie – I’m ok with everything. my last bit of hope and effort was when I spoke to you before the ceremony (When you blame your HOH on your son or when you asked to be up against a strong male competitor so you wouldn’t look like a chump?)
Frenchie again says he wont’ campaign “My heart won’t allow me to do that”
Frenchie – I want a pity vote
DX right away enthusiastically says “I will do it”
Frenchie goes on about people voting what’s best for their game, he wants a pity votes and he’s not campaigning against Brit.

2:53 am Claire and Tiffany
Claire says Whitney knows they are in trouble so she’s been touching Brent under the bus a little bit.
Claire – one of them will stay
Tiff – which one first
Claire – Brent
Tiff agrees ‘The longer he’s here the more relationships he makes’
Claire – he’s transparent
Tiff – Transparent is attractive know makes you think you can trust them.
Claire- you know what eh’s doing. Whitney is better at hiding it.
Tiff – She’s very sneaky to me I trust her less..
Claire brings up Alyssa and Whitney saying they will flirt and cuddle in the house for their game.
Tiff – that was never my strategy
Claire – me neither.
Tiff – here comes Hannah
Claire – I think Hannah is closer to Britni and Brent
Tiff – Mmmmhmmm she’ll have to lose Whitney that will be good for us.. she’ll have to come with us.
Feeds cut when we’re back Hannah is with them.
Hannah – Last week was pure chaos
Claire – it was so stressful
Tiff – he’s utterly embarrassed he came in here feeling.. once he realized he was the oldest he felt like he had something to prove he was going to run this house. He thinks he was handling things the way they should be handled even though he was dealt a really tough hand with all the safety the first week.
Tiff – I think Ky running the HOH like he did and then Frenchie deciding he wanted to self evict.. He’s embarrassed.
Tiff mentions how Frenchie looks at the people in the house like they are children then this young guy Ky comes in handles his HOH like he’s the CEO of Big brother 23
Tiffany – The way he assessed everyone was totally hypocritical to how he said he wanted people to be in this house. You (Frenchie) were the one that pointed all the fingers at all the people for the reason you thought then had to come back and say you were wrong about that. You thought it was going to be other people pointing fingers at everybody else. You wanted to be the superman and protect them. I think he’s embarrassed really .. I would be
Hannah – especially with him being such a super fan.. leaving week two that sucks
Claire – especially first HOH. First HOH’s go deep into the game you can build such a thing

Feeds cut .. when we’re back. They are talking about Frenchie protected ‘categories’
Hannah – I personally didn’t like when he brought that into his gameplay
Tiffany – if that’s your gameplay keep it to yourself
Claire – absolutely
Tiffany – everybody in those categories you name should be offended.. or expect to be a target.
Hannah – if that is genuinely part of your gameplay. if you came in here with a strong conviction that you won’t do that’s great.
Hannah – the fact that he contradicted himself.. that fact he was like I will not let a woman go home and I will not let a minority go home and he throws a Woman and two minorities on the block.
Hannah – Travis could have easily won the veto and kept the noms the same and then Alyssa would have gone home, A woman and a minority.
Claire – or Derekx could not have use it
Hannah – I just don’t like that he pulled all the women aside and said none of you are going home then 5 minutes later he said I need one of you to be a pawn.
Claire – apparently he told Travis on his way out I made a mistake.
Hannah – he’s all over the place as a game player.
Claire – as a super fan he should have known better..
Tiffany – I wonder what was his strategy coming in here?
Claire – he just has a big Heart and I think he wanted to get brent outta here. Get the meatheads out and then he talks to Brent and is like.. ohh wait Brent is a good talker.
Claire – ohh wait you’re a good guy
Tiff – then turned on Brent!
Claire – then throw him under the bus
Hannah – Frenchie came in here wanting to play the Eval dick / Devin game.. (LOL)
Tiff – I can’t believe he wanted to pick Devin’s game.. he’s like the evil Devin.. more Devin than D1ck cause at least D1ck was smart.
Feeds cut.. when we’re back.
Tiff – until he blew it all up he was the most protected in this game. He had Brent, He had whitney, He had Ky and Derek, he almost had Christian fooled.
Hannah – he started an alliance with every single person in the house. people soon realized nothing he said last week meant anything
Hannah – the moment he went wrong was telling everyone, Not just this one person. Kyland was safe, Kyland was not on the radar, Kyland was not going home. We were all Shocked when we say Kyland’s face on the block.
Tiff – it made no sense to put Ky on the block. Ky hadn’t won anything.. You put him on the block to help you win the veto? (that’s the story Frenchie was telling)
Hannah – at that point it clicked for people. Frenchie could have been the most protected person up to that point but no.
Tiff – who do you think he should put on the block?
Hannah – he could have put anyone on the block just don’t go around the house saying this person’s not my target
CLaire – or this person’s safe or I trust this person.
Hannah – that’s the moment it went wrong.. ok Frenchie isn’t a man of his word even though he walks around saying I’m blunt I’m honest I’m trustworthy
Claire – I’m going, to tell the truth.
Tiff – Day two I said something to Frenchie and asked him not to say something about it the next thing I knew later that night I and that person were in that room and Frenchie said this is what you said.. I was like wait a minute I said that to you in confidence.
Hannah – he has the hero complex.. I don’t need to be protected..
Brit joins them.

3:05 pm Frenchie and Kyland
Frenchie – I’ve said this since day one I’ve had your back.. I know my story has been changing
Frenchie – I refuse to ruin anybody’s game..
Frenchie just doesn’t want Kyland to be used like he was used. Says that people will be nice to you to your face then the next week you’ll be pulling knives out of your back.
Frenchie – I don’t see that happening to you
Frenchie – I personally never took anything the wrong way As soon as I saw my picture I hugged your neck and said I’m not mad I love you to death.
Frenchie – Before I walk out of those doors I want you to be the last person I speak to.
Ky – that’s what I was going to ask to
Frenchie – I want to hold your neck and tell you I love you one last time. I hold a lot of respect for you and I enjoy you. I’m not holding any of this against you. If there is a battle back and I come in I hope, You, Me and Derek can work together.
Frenchie – that’s the only game talk.. why you put me up that doesn’t matter to me that’s ok. I don’t even need to know. I rather not know. Umm.. I have a very very very good idea why

3:09 – 3:52 Pm Feeds cut..

Even though the feeds are back they keep cutting in and out hard to follow..

3:55 pm Frenchie – fueling up on cola
3:58 pm Frenchie – pandering to the camera. We jumped into this conversation late.
Frenchie – I’ve had the privilege to be on Big Brother. An external Platform. I’ve always said if I ended up on Big Brother my platform will be used to change people’s lives for the better. So if there is something I can do to accomplish that and if I can help your charity in any way please let me know I am more than willing to do that.. that excites me. me
Frenchie – please don’t ask me if I have seen this show because I am not going to watch it at least for a while.
Frenchie – this has been a wild ride..
Frenchie – it hurts to hurt people’s feelings in this game.. it sucks..
Frenchie – if you are a kid watching it and thinking of doing this or a specific job.. Xavier. comes in and Frenchie drags him into this “I can I will nothing can stop you” speech.
Frenchie – I have no regrets..

4:13 pm Outside Frenchie, DF and Azah
Frenchie – I would have been an amazing survivor player. (Of course)

4:50 pm DX and Brent
Brent talking about ‘Co-worker’ he calls them coworkers but they are his friends. They are attracted to each other so they stay apart outside work “at the end of the night you are goign to want to do things. there is no separation”
Brent – I like Hannah to..
DX – you like Hannah?
Brent – Christian’s all over her.. Alyssa there’s no point. I don’t like competing I don’t need to compete I like the women to decide.
DX – I was vibing with Hannah
Brent – yeah she’s cute.. but I’m not her type.. so.. I let the women decide..
DX – Whitney?
Brent – I could never with Whitney
DX – not even in the house?
Brent – to be honest just in general
DX – are you physically attracted to her
Brent – NO, I like Very slender, dancer.. the dainty gymnasts I think very athletic but slender build.. I don’t lie big ti… I don’t like Big B**bs. I like Nice little p$rky butt I like Nice little p$rky b**bs
Brent – that’s just my type that’s how it’s always been. I don’t like Fake to me that’s insecurity. I don’t care if you did it to make yourself feel secure. I like Natural Beauty .. less makeup the better..
DX – we’re the same way I actually agree with that stuff.
Dx brings up his girl from Hawaii “She was very naive she thought that every guy that came up to her wanted to be her friend.. that’s not how guys work”
Brent – they need to get their foot in the door being the friend is the easiest thing to do

5:35 pm Feeds have been cutting a lot .. Chit chat..

5:49 pm Frenchie and Tiffany doing dishes
Tiffany says she feels like people are avoiding her
Frenchie – that’s how I felt yesterday
Tiffany – you were just late to the party yesterday.
Frenchie – I wish .. we could pick out exit.. our goodbye messages.. If I can pick I’l pick yours, BIGD and Azha’s any four of the combination of the three..

6:00 pm Chit chat and feeds cutting to the pound that is what tonight is about.

6:13 pm Azah and DerekX chit chat. Love those glasses..
DerekX wants to have a carrer in food. He’s been playing it down becuase he’s doesn’t want them to pull him into the ktichen.
6:22 pm
Azah says if she hears anyone saying they are targeting DerekX she will defuse
DerekX – Thank you Azah. I will too.

(Feeds are cutting every couple of minutes.. wTF wasn’t this bad earlier in the day. )

6:34 pm Alyssa, SB, and Christian
Talking about how no one is “Crushing” on Whitney
Christian – she’s a boss a$$ b1tch
Alyssa – it’s a good thing.. but..
Christian – no it’s a great thing
Alyssa- she’s older.. how old 30?
Alyssa says when they first came into the house she thought Christian and Hannah would be cute
Alyssa brings up Hannah saying that DerekX is her type personality-wise but there’s not guy her type look-wise
Feeds cut..

6:41 pm Azah and DX on the hammock
Azah – What made you want to apply
DX – one of my friends knew a producer..
6:50 pm Feeds always cut

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Creepy Harold

This white savior complex with endless virtue signaling of Frenchie is f**king tiresome! I’m sure the people of whatever town he’s from in TN are gonna welcome him home with open arms after calling them racist and homophobic trash.

Christime Ahrens

Shame on you making sly comments. He buried a young son… hope that never happens to you…..

Creepy Harold

No SHAME ON FRENCHIE for saying I don’t want my son exploited then immediately using that sympathy angle a few minutes before the final veto meeting with the one guy who has the power to pull him off. He was always gonna use that for sympathy…Im sure he was saving that card after he got to jury rounds. He thought playing the “woke white guy” would, at the very least, get him AFP. He won’t even own up to all his BS instead he blames it on his dead son….REALLY??!!!!!! You can’t get anymore class less than that! SHAME ON YOU for even defending that behavior.

yvonne miller

My daughter lived where he’s from when she was in the Military. He is not lying about that. Confederate flags all over the place.


Is there a reason why you are called Creepy?

No fave yet

Except for Bozo the clown, this cast is proving to be very boring. Bozo was so dumb it was entertaining. I hope I’m wrong about them.

The Foosa

Well, I’m being proven right the moment the BB cast was released to the media. That in combination with the ultra wokey CBS production team and the insufferable Chen Mooney, made it obvious this season is going to be another stinker. Not even bothering this yr and just reading the recaps for sh!ts and giggles.


More shitts than giggles methinks!

Michael Kennealy

I feel for you guys having to sit through all these Frenchie scenes to transcribe it. I always change the screen if he’s yapping. But at least you only have four more days to listen to his crap:)


Frenchie is the definition of delusional. No ability to reflect on his actions and take responsibility for his neurotic game play.
In other news, the women in the house are looking pretty set up for a takeover. Travis,Frenchie,Brent??? …then the boys get picked off. However, I have never been a fan of seasons where it is down to gender.
I am enjoying the intelligent breakdowns between Tiffany,Claire,and whoever wanders in. They know who to trust,who to distract the convo from, and not really making themselves huge targets…yet! Great season so far! Excellence in houseguests! Perfection of casting.


I would have been an amazing survivor player,” says the guy who crashed and burned after 48 hours in the BB House.


Don’t cuss Thursday cause my kids will be watching. Also remember I didn’t want either of the people I put on the block to go home. I wouldn’t nominate a female during my HoH but I wasn’t sure how Alyssa identified so my bad.

Backseat Driver

We’ve all known….or worked with….had a neighbor….who was like Frenchie….we call them a “bullshit artist”.


An average Joe.

The Foosa

People loathe the average Joe these days. Ratings reflect this attitude, especially from the SJW TV executives….BB’s days are numbered in the US.


If at the end of the season you add up all the words said by the last two remaining players it will not be equal to the number of words Frenchie managed to spew in just two weeks. He never shuts up.






Is Brent trying to look like the karate kid? I keep watching waiting for him to do the crane kick..


ya and/or Rambo, lol

Christime Ahrens

Shame on a you houseguest and ppl reading this. Frenchie flipped out cuz he lost a son 5 years ago. And a you ppl have no clue about what he’s going through.
I’ve been through it… he wS one of my favorites… big bummer….


Saw on FB that Glue told Derek F that he was leaving before the eviction. DF told him not to self-evict but to wait and Frenchie said, “No!”.
I don’t think he’ll self-evict. He probably wants money. And who knows? Maybe there will be a. Comp for the first four evicted. He could come back…
It seems like he knows deep inside that he screwed the pooch with his BOB but he is trying to save face . Problem is that nobody is buying it. He needed to remember that loose lips sink ships! His ship has sailed. Bye Frenchie…


Maybe he is on a submarine boat.


“she’s been touching Brent under the bus a little bit.” I reread it so many times and could not help myself from laughing until I cried.