Azah “If people start going on a witch hunt, do you know the first name they’re going to scream? Frenchie!”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: ?
Nominations: ? and ?
Power of Veto Players: ???????
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: WILDCARD Winner: The winner is safe for the week but in order to be safe they must switch teams.

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9:08pm The live feeds return.
In the bedroom – Azah is comforting Tiffany. Azah – the fake atmosphere was too much for me. It was too vague. Everyone was too fake. I couldn’t do it. I was trying .. I was trying .. I just couldn’t do it. Tiffany – that’s why I was .. its okay I know you got me. Azah – I was like BRA.. this Brent dude he controlled Frenchie’s HOH and got no blood on his hands at all. Frenchie got all the blood. Tiffany – Frenchie talks entirely too much! And if there is one thing that I don’t like .. I don’t like no talking a$$ man. Azah – yup. Tiffany – Shut up! Women talk! Women talk. Azah – I gave him some info that I found out and he immediately went and asked the person. When he put his nominees up there he came in the room to confront Christian and he tried to throw me and Brit under the bus saying that you start an alliance that person needs to say who he is. I looked right at him and didn’t say nothing. He wanted me to say something. If he had asked me I would have said I know nothing. He tried to blow up my game. I never said anything about Frenchie outside of our group. Azah – if Frenchie had just listened to me he wouldn’t be in this situation. Tiffany – because he is too busy talking and can’t listen to nobody. Tiffany starts crying. Tiffany – At least he got to see on tv today. Azah – I want day one Frenchie back. Tiffany – yeah I miss him.

Bedroom. Alyssa and Derek X
Derek – I am really not that nervous but I am nervous for him. I feel like it is going to be a hectic week. Alyssa – I feel like I am okay with him because I feel like he knows that I went through it already so wouldn’t make me do it again. Derek – exactly. Yeah, actually. And he is such a nice guy. I haven’t talked any game with him. Alyssa – I don’t think he wants to. Derek – yeah, I just told him to relax right now. Alyssa – are you okay though? I am making sure you’re okay. Derek – oh I appreciate it. Alyssa – because I know he (Travis) was your closest friend and all. Derek – Travis, yeah. Of course I am going to miss the dude but.. Alyssa – its part of it. Derek – yeah. I just feel bad, like I f**ked up his game. That’s all. Alyssa – right, you didn’t though.. don’t think that. Its kind of good that I was on the block because I was like it wasn’t me. Me and Frenchie were like it wasn’t us. Derek – he is so nice, I don’t think he would have the heart to lie about two people. Alyssa – I feel good about Ky. Derek – you did good up there. I liked your speech.

Chess room. Brent and Xavier.
Brent – the whole thing about Tiffany.. you’re not going to win this game because you’re a mother. You’re going to win because you played an amazing game. This whole thing where this person has a cousin, this person has a nephew.. Xavier – that is why I didn’t want to tell you about my brother.. because I have a nephew that I am playing for. I kept that a secret because who are you here for? Who are you here for? Who are you here for? It doesn’t f**king matter why I am here. Everyone has a reason why they’re here. Take me out if you have to. Brent – you know what I found odd too .. Big D wanted to take the blame for the vote even though he didn’t do it. This is big brother, why would you say that if you didn’t really do it. (It was Derek F and Tiffany that voted for Alyssa) And it doesn’t matter to me, the alliance isn’t going to get attacked by me until top 8. Xavier – I had a suspicion that there would be one rogue vote, I didn’t think there would be two. Brent – this stays between us.. and if it gets out I will know it came from you. Xavier – Yeah absolutely. Brent – Frenchie said to me that the two people that made the votes one of them wanted to stay anonymous. Big D wants to take the fall for a vote that he didn’t make so right there he definitely made that vote. Because who would want to do that in big brother?! No, you don’t do that. And the other one wanted to stay anonymous .. so what if it was Frenchie? (WTF – Frenchie is HOH he didn’t vote) No one would ever find out because he’s the one. Those two are the votes and they’re the two that are getting the most sketched out. Xavier – Too much scheming .. it was unnecessary. Now we have to have a meeting. Brent – I am just going to stay quite. Xavier – I’m not going to say sh*t. Everyone wants to be like (Dr.) Will, everyone wants to be like Derek (L.), Everyone wants to be this mastermind. I get that. I understand that desire you want to be one of those legendary players but people that try to be legends too quick, their a$$es with Julie right now. Brent – and then Frenchie made the point of saying he volunteered to be a pawn. Ok you’re going after Derek X and you want to be a pawn but like why are you trying to do all this? Xavier – its too much. Its too much. I respect the mans heart and his integrity and how he is trying to play an honest game. Brent – but he is too honest. Xavier – he is too transparent. Brent – he is telling everyone everything whos not even in the alliance.

9:57pm Bathroom – Sarah and Kyland.
Sarah – congratulations! I am trying to act pretty bummed that I didn’t win but when I saw you up there I was like heck yeah! Kyland – I am not going to tell anyone except for you. You’re not going up. You’re not going to see the block. Replacement, anything. And I am not going to say that to anyone else because I know Frenchie told that to 20 people including me. I’m going to do one on one’s and I want to see who everyone goes to when they’re done.

10:05pm – 10:15pm Bedroom. Britini and Azah.
Azah – Tomorrow is the wildcard competition. Keep the high hopes and good vibes tomorrow. Play that and we’ll see who wins. Britini – I hope its Frenchie. Azah – if we’re able to do that then we can move on to the next thing. Then lets figure out how to make sure this broad and I don’t get on the block. We will take each day at a time. I told Frenchie the same thing. Don’t make yourself a target. Just chill. Like day one energy. Azah – if people start going on a witch hunt, do you know the first name they’re going to scream? Frenchie. That is the first name they’re going to say. You ain’t heard nothing, you ain’t seen nothing. And I am going to say the same old thing because I never attended no meeting. Britini – I didn’t either. If I were to ever be put up on the block I would stay because I have the numbers to stay. With Big D, I have 8. But I could see him doing me and Frenchie. Azah – I think we are okay. Lets get the wildcard out of the way.

10:30pm Bathroom – Tiffany talking to the cameras.
Tiffany – Frenchie is dangerous because he doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut. I threw that vote to show Frenchie that I am loyal to him because its better for him to think that I am on his side. I don’t want him to think that I am against him. Had I told him no, he would have wondered something. Had I didn’t throw it, he would have known something. I would rather keep my enemies close so that he thinks I am working with him. I never wanted Alyssa gone. Frenchie is dangerous for my game if he keeps talking so much. So he is on my radar but as long as he is loyal to me I will work with him. Him and Brent are very dangerous in this house. I would like to see both of them on the block this week.

10:48pm – 11:05pm Chess Room – Christian and Alyssa.
Christian – Remember how there was the Detonators? Remember the season with Derek and Cody? Alyssa – yes. Christian – There was the Detonators with Caleb and there was the bomb squad? The detonators controlled the larger group the bomb squad. Okay, you’re part of the Slaughter House. There is a smaller group within it. Alyssa – and its not me? Christian – you’re not a part of it and we’re working to change that. Alyssa – who is it? Christian – so theres the Slaughter House and then there’s the Butchers. Alyssa – and who is it? You, Frenchie.. Christian – me, Frenchie… Big Brother cuts the feeds. Alyssa – so you knew and you didn’t tell me? You knew I was going on the block? Christian – no, I didn’t know. No one knew. Nobody. Frenchie joins them. Christian – we talked to Ky.. we’re going to talk later. They agree that it doesn’t matter if anyone sees them all go up to the HOH room together as the line has already been drawn.

11:18pm Bedroom – Frenchie and Tiffany.
Tiffany – how are you feeling? Frenchie – I’m nervous. Tiffany – are you? Frenchie – oh yeah. I think unless .. I don’t know .. Unless somebody talks some sense into him. I don’t know. I am pretty sure I am going up and if I don’t I am getting backdoored. Tiffany – I would just hangout and chill. Frenchie – I didn’t get the opportunity to just hangout and get to know people so that is what I want to do. Tiffany – yeah you should.

11:42pm Kyland comes out of the diary room – Who wants to see my HOH room!! They all head into his HOH room. Everyone hangs out for a bit and looks at his HOH photos.

HOH room – Derek X and Kyland
Derek – when I win HOH I am going to have a board of advisors. Kyland – that’s not a bad idea. And literally just your team because you can’t put them up. Kyland – try and think on anything that you told people .. that you ahhh… basically I am just going to be cross reference information as much as possible. I am not saying anything .. I am going to ask questions and not say anything. Derek – we both got burned the same way.

12:30am – 1am to Kyland, Xavier, Christian and Alyssa.
Christian – Its like honestly, don’t even pick a target yet because with the wildcard comp. Kyland – I’m not, I won’t. I am not going to tell anyone that they’re good (other than Sarah) and I am not going to tell anyone who I am thinking about. If anyone sayd that, then let me know. Xavier – because they’re lying. The hardest thing was to not tell Derek X that you’re safe. Christian – if you see or hear anything weird, then come talk to us. We want no misunderstandings. Xavier, Christian and Alyssa head downstaids.

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Houka Inumuta

Sarah won the lottery. She’s 100000000000000000000000000& safe this week.


no one is gonna waste an HoH on her anyway

James Boned

I don’t normally like floaters but I’ve gone back through the updates and out every houseguest thus far Hannah has only been mentioned 3.56% of the time. This is pretty impressive for this early on and my favorites are now Hannah and DX


Britni has been trying to push Hannah all week…but nobody seems to pay attention to Britni lol.


Why did D Biggy throw a rogue vote? was it also planned like Tiff’s?


He wanted to cause conflict – stir sh*t up. All b/c he feels safe & wants drama in the house. He discussed doing it during the week with Xavier & I think Brent (possibly others too). One of X or Brent said NOT to do it so that person has to know one of those votes was Big D’s.


Brent already vocalizing to Ally & Christian that Frenchie will be gone in the next two weeks & how he never wanted to be in that alliance (Slaughter House) but got dragged into it.

This just after Alyssa told Chris she wants to form a F3 with him & Frenchie & that she sees through Brent trying to drive a wedge between the two of them (Ally/Chris).

We all knew Brent would turn on Frenchie right away & b/c he (Brent) pushed to keep Ky OTB last week initially he needs to do some clean up in case Frenchie tells Ky. So he’s already trying to distance himself & burying Frenchie with various hamsters.

Meanwhile it’s not just Ally who sees through Brent — Azah, Tiff, Claire & others are fully onto Brent’s sneakiness so it will be very interesting to see if he plays in wild card or feels safe & whether Ky looks at him bc he seems focused on taking out a female with Brit/Whit looking like his main targets.

Not surprisingly Frenchie is telling people he’s worried he’ll go OTB or be backdoored, it’s confirmed he TOLD his group he’s playing in the WC comp (so that should confirm to Ky how real their alliances are) & also already saying to Ky “they” will be fine to just put up people outside Slaughterhouse. So he’s going to try to run this HOH too. (again — SHOCKER).

Ky made a great decision to not offer anyone safety (except SB privately). Another wise decision is he asked Claire & Tiff be his detectives – they’ll track who each hamster runs to after speaking to Ky in HOH. (He might have also asked SB b/c he told her that plan).

I’m placing bets Brent will be in that mix & not b/c of people running to him — rather him grabbing them to get the 411. That should enhance the target on his back.

We’ll also have to see if Tiff/Claire are strategic & plant seeds even if Brent doesn’t jump on everyone but make it seem like he & Frenchie were cutting everyone off at the pass. To that end, we know they both want Frenchie/Brent OTB so let’s see if they can switch Ky off getting out a girl or if they can get Whit/Brent OTB if not.

In their initial talk Tiffany didn’t pull any punches telling Ky:

  • there is a big group they are not a part of (she doesn’t know Ky is).
  • covers her ass on the hinky vote by saying the reason Frenchie, Brent, Chris & Ally are freaking out over the 2 votes is b/c there was supposed to be 3 b/c someone was trying to pin it on them (the Queens) – Ky might buy that.
  • says anything Frenchie offers as advice – do the OPPOSITE (lol) this b/c Ky had said in front of everyone he would ask GC for HOH advice.
  • Drove home the fact that someone else ran the last HOH (Brent)
  • Tells him DX is on an island/always wanted to work with them (the Queens) & reinforces the people they can definitely trust are the 3 of them plus DX, SB, Azah & Xavier. NO ONE ELSE. And says with that group Ky can do what he wants & they’ll have his back to make it happen (although I doubt they’ll want to send out Brit or Hannah over the other options).

After their talk Tiff/Claire pull out puzzle pieces trying to discern who is aligned. Travis shared some intel with them before he left.

It seems like everyone scattered like rats tonight & there was some drama over the votes. Earlier, Brent kept going on about who cares that Tiff is a Mom we are all playing for something. He said this to Chris/Ally as well as Xavier & Big D – so it sounds like Tiff/Brent might also have gotten into a spat.

As for noms we probably won’t know until after WC but Ky was talking aloud mentioning Brit, DX & I think Whit (or Hannah?). So let’s see if what Tiff said about pulling in DX works b/c Ky & him did have a good chat.

Britini isn’t doing herself any favors – demonstratively showing her stress (Tiff & Alyssa both commented). I seem to recall her mentioning that she had a form of autism (asperger syndrome?). So it would make complete sense that stress would be hard for her to hide. Azah was trying to calm her. Hopefully she & the other ladies can help her stay calm so we get to see Frenchie/Brent OTB or Whit/Brent (selfish wish).


Funny convo between Azah & Frenchie — man she’s soooooooooooo good — while he tries to pull his typically dog & pony show she works him like a fiddle.

Frenchie: I heard Tiff got accused of the vote.
Azah: No one should be mad for an 11-2 vote, especially if people had close relationships.
Frenchie: pauses — “no one HAS to vote with the house.” (we know this is a bit of BS b/c he wanted Tiff to throw a vote & is trying to bury her.
Azah: it’s not good strategy for people to keep talking about the rogue votes. What if it were Ky – – then people are talking crap about the HOH and making themselves a target. Don’t get dragged into it.
Frenchie: Now Tiffany/Clair/Ky are pissed b/c two people wanted to stir the pot.
Azah: (ignores is comment) “Don’t bring up being a pawn again.”
Frenchie: “I was told I’m not on anyone’s radar but I know better.
Azah: you need to chill. This game goes up and down — Derek X was in trouble and won the veto. Ky was on the block and now he’s HOH.
Frenchie: you’re going to last a long time.
Azah: I like one on one conversations.
Frenchie: launches into his woe is me rant about how hard being HOH is & how he put the puzzle pieces together but someone was always a step ahead.
Azah: Who?
Frenchie: I thought it was Christian – who do you think it is?
Azah: I haven’t been in enough conversations to know (she’s so good).

So she essentially wouldn’t bite on the drama, feigned wanting to protect him, told him to chill and when he tried a second time to draw out intel from her or something to use against her she feigned ignorance b/c she wasn’t in those group convos (subtle dig b/c he excluded her from them).


She is such a boss @ss b*tch.

I want her and Kyland in the final 2.


In case anyone wondered how good Tiffany & Claire are — they left their convo with Ky in the HOH room & based on that & events of tonight (how people acted/responded to them before & after HOH) it took them all of 15 minutes to figure out that Frenchie started an alliance with Big D, Ky, Xavier, & Brent then pulled in Christian and DX after things went wrong. They are essentially spot on although the Butchers is Christian in place of Brent.

They’ve also determined SB is in the mix somehow but not as close to the male group as Whitney/Alyssa who were left out of the All-Girl’s alliance which confirmed they were the 2 girls that Frenchie/Brent pulled into the guys group (again – spot on Slaughterhouse).

They don’t want Brit to be the target/casualty so they’re going to try to convince SB to play in WC to win so she can save Brit (but they don’t know the winner has to change groups so that idea wouldn’t save Brit). It would be better to talk Brit into playing the WC.

Just as they are saying they need to pull in Derek X to their side, he happens by so they pull him over to discuss the situation. He outs that Ally tells Frenchie EVERYTHING. DX tells them Big D is in with all of them but tight with X & Frenchie will go after X next. He says Frenchie brought all the big guys in so they can win (and protect him) but doesn’t think Whit/Big D can win although they are firmly entrenched in the group.

He lets them know there is rumors of a girl’s alliance they are all worried about with Brent leading that charge. He begs them not to say anything & knows he’s at the very bottom.

He thinks Hannah would align with them & agrees to work on their plan with Ky & tells them if a girl were to complain about Frenchie it might backfire with a girl going OTB. You have to wonder if this will come to a head this week with someone like Brent looking to out them publicly & with Brit possibly being in danger I wonder if she would out Frenchie. SB told Ky already –but did Tiff/Claire tell him yet? If not they need to figure that out — maybe tell him & say they didn’t take him seriously b/c they saw him making copious alliances.

The best intel DX shares is 1) Brent is already talking shit about Frenchie 2) that Frenchie pressured him night before POV ceremony to switch & take Ally off the block. And then Ky got upset (remember – Frenchie said you’ll be 100% safe & Ky responded just like I was 100% not going OTB?). Frenchie got mad & felt disrespected (right – let’s ignore the fact you break promises constantly) & somehow even DX heard about it. 3) he believes a F2 was floated between Frenchie/Ky & 4) the piece d’ resistance – Brent said he’ll NEVER trust Ky again. (HELLO – that’s all Ky needs to hear to go after Brent).


Kyland needs to nominate Brent (target) and Frenchie (as the pawn *karma*). If Veto is used then Whitney goes up on the block and whichever male is still there gets voted out.

Now if Brent and Frenchie both win safety (ugh at this scenario) then I’d have Whitney switch to be the target and Alyssa would be the pawn again since she was very chill on the block Week 1 considering.

Whitney going wouldn’t be that bad for Kyland actually since it would still weaken Brent and it would cause the male/female ratio to even out again. She is also a strong female in comps, from what I’ve seen is liked, and has two children and a sad backstory so could be a sympathy vote if she makes it to the final 2..


I don’t think this week the Wild Card Comp offers safety for two. Unless I’m interpreting it wrong the winner can get a reward OR A RISK. Last week it was reward (offer safety to someone else too) but this week it’s the risk where the winner has to select a new team (if they want to accept the safety).

I went back through & Ky was whispering to himself & I heard Whitney & Brent or Brit & DC (plus a 5th name but I’m not sure who).

Based on the interactions he clearly is closest to SB b/c he offered her safety – the only one outside his group. I forgot they had a F2 & she shares a lot of intel with him (& also with Christian – maybe b/c she’s on his team or perhaps b/c she wants a few meat shields). But she also suggested forming an alliance with Claire, Tiff, her, him & DX (which is essentially the same thing Tiff said plus X & Azah b/c Tiff/Ky/X/Azah are already all close due to the Cookout.

Based on the late night convo between DX/Tiff/Claire I expect DX to spill the beans on how Brent said he’ll never trust Ky again. Plus I think SB/Tiff/Claire will figure out a way to plant more seeds about Frenchie with him or as you say suggest him as a pawn. Tiff really wants Frenchie gone first – they also want Brent out but they’ve pinpointed Frenchie as he bigger sh*t stirrer AND the most protected.

It all depends on how committed he is to taking out a female & yes in that case Whitney will be the target I imagine.


I know the Wildcard this week only offers safety to whoever wins (if they switch teams) because I read that on here but when was that announced?I watched the show and didn’t see Julie mention that but maybe I zoned out lol?

But me saying that both Brent and Frenchie could be safe this week is in regards to one winning the Wildcard comp and the other winning Veto.

Kyland imo would be smart to then target Whitney.


That’s funny b/c I missed it too initially (I went back on my PVR to find it).

And yeah that’s true WC/POV – but hopefully he gets one of them. I’d be tempted to put up 2 girls to throw them off make them relax & then backdoor them.


Read on Jokers that it was announced at the very end of the episode.

I guess I stopped watching 30 seconds before it ended and missed it. I saw Kyland win of course.

But yeah I really want one of those men to go. Hopefully neither wins the WC comp today!


I’m liking the very real divisions of power this season so far. There are multiple people playing the game and trying to out maneuver each other. The players are interesting and for the most part seem to be actively playing the game even if that activity is to come across as to not be playing.


Agreed. I admit I prefer the side with SB, Claire, Tiff, Azah, DX, Ky. Plus I hope they pul in Hannah. I liked X more at the start but he seems to be spending more time getting pulled into a flirtmance with both Whit & Ally.

Plus X & Big D were all gung ho for the Cookout but seemed to prefer the guys lining up with Whit/Ally instead. Made me wonder if that’s part of X’s MO with Whit/Ally — that he decided to go with Slaughterhouse instead & wanted to pull W/A to him before the other guys. Wonder how that will shift if DX (or Tiff/Claire) shares with him how Frenchie wants him out next.


Whitney and Alyssa seem to have the shallowest read on the house. Which might be why X is looking to work with them. This week probably won’t have a million alliances crop up each time the HoH blinks so perhaps they’ll get a better feel for how people are really aligned and they can do some shifting.

This week should let us see who’s really with who as last week was just chaos. I’m thinking Frenchie thought hehad a handle on things and when the votes came up with only 2 votes against Alyssa, he’s confused how everyone got in the same line and he has no idea who’s actually where.

Feet Watcher

Simon, does Brent look like Fred Savage to you, from the Wonder Years TV show?