“Hannah why would you say that? You’re making it so difficult to keep you here.” **updated**

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Nominations: Hannah & Whitney
Power of Veto Players: Christian, Hannah, Whitney, Claire, Azah, DerekX | Host Alyssa
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Veto is today. As it stands now Hannah has the votes to stay but plenty can happen. The jokers gotta joker.

8:39 am Xavier and Alyssa
Alyssa – Hannah was talking to me.. was talking to Christian then I walked in before noms
Alyssa – She wanted to talk to me. She was trying to figure out why we weren’t putting up a joker and then she said.. you know. BIGD was in his seat where he’s always sits in the eviction chair there.
Alyssa – this is what she said. he said Loudly wasn’t trying to be quiet. “I don’t give a F** they’re the only team with 4 left I’m putting two-up”
Xavier – how much is him throwing heat
Alyssa – exactly, either way, we’re not going after him, we’re not going after him. I told BIGD and he was livid..
Alyssa – he thinks it’s Whitney and he’s pissed.
Alyssa – I told him it’s not Whitney if you win HOH next week I’ll tell you who it is.
Alyssa – I can’t tell you who it is because I don’t want you to get sidetracked from the target this week.
(BigD and Azah already figured it out it was Hannah)
Feeds flip

8:40 am Claire and DX
Claire says if the nominations stay the same there will be people pitching for both of them to stay.
DX agrees.
Claire – there’s only like one person that does but they feel it very strongly I think. Supposedly it could be an act but who knows in this game.
Claire says she heard Hannah say that person’s name before as a target. (SB)
Claire – you have to watch out for that..
Claire – Christian wants Whitney out.

8:45 pm Xavier and Alyssa (Feeds back on this convo)
Xavier says at this point don’t tell SB about this she’s already GUNG-HO about getting out Hannah.
They agree to keep this in their back pocket maybe for next week. If they need to use it they will. (If A joker wins HOH)
Alyssa is worried that BIGD will put her and Christian up.
Xavier says BIGD just spews sh1t. Sometimes it’s real sometimes it’s not.
Alyssa points out everyone in the house has been saying “Yeah we’ll get the kings out”
X – most of what he says I don’t take seriously most he’s in his feelings and just be spewing.. Most of the time I don’t take it seriously. When is he going to win?
Alyssa leaves..

Xavier alone – HANNAH what are you doing.. what are you doing. HANNAH, HANNAH, HANNAH now you’re throwing dirt on BIGD’s name.. HANNAH.
X – I’m trying to take the heat off Hannah’s back for next week but she keeps giving people reasons.. she’s got to stop talking to everybody
Feeds cut. When we’re back.

Xavier saying DerekX and Hannah (If BIGD one HOH). “We could send DerekX home but that’s another guy going home.. F***”
X – if he puts up Brit and Hannah.. he can’t put up Brit she’s on his team
X – if he puts up Hannah and Alyssa, Hannay going home, Hannah and Sarah Beth, Hannahs going home.
X – Hannah and Claire, Claire can’t go home she has two weeks of safety.. that’s why I wish she would have picked the fricken team option.
X explains Claire could have picked 1-week team safety or 2 weeks of personal safety.
X – people are not thinking things through they are just reacting and saying things. Making this difficult.
X continues to go through the list of who BIGD could put up against Hannah to ensure Hannah is not going anywhere..
X – Hannah why would you say that? You’re making it so difficult to keep you here.
X says if BIGD throw up Hannah and anyone on his team other than Christian she will go home.
X – Hannah and Christian that is the only scenario where it is possible Hannah would stay
X – Make me nervous to give Hannah too much advice.. this shows she talks with a lot of people in this house. That is dangerous.
Xavier says Hannah is setting herself up to be the clear-cut target next week for his team.
X- I can’t win the HOH because my team is going to expect me to put up Hannah. I can’t put anyone up against her. I can’t win the next HOH.
X – Alyssa or SB can take it. I can’t take it.
X – why is it so hard for people to keep their mouths shut in this game.

8:57 am block party.
Brit rolls on by starts a pep song. “I believe in you all YEAH cheering for the people on the bikes.. You all got it ahh you all got it.. ”
Hannah thanks her says that’s what they need
Brit “My biggest piece of advice is to take a deep breath before the comp starts”


9:05 am Waiting for Veto player picks

Alyssa and Xavier talk about her swimsuit line and how she got “Granny panties” from Big Brother. They are subpar compares to her brand Molliebird.
X lifts his leg up and they “These are molliebird” (https://molliebird.com/)

9:18 am Feeds to pound kittens

9:45 am Christian, DX and Xavier
Christian and Xavier saying the best case is for Claire or Azah to win it and not use it. DX isn’t sure that Azah won’t use it.
X – She knows if she uses it a Joker goes up.
Christian says in his team meeting with her she through out the same names.

10:35 am Yoga and Chit chat

10:41 am Alyssa and Kyland
Talking about Whitney wanting Christian to put up Kyland. Whitney came to Alyssa and said she knew she was going to be nominated because of the way Alyssa was acting around her
Alyssa – I’m not fake I’m not going to be like OHH you’re ok
Ky – Well somebody has to go up. It has to happen I don’t know what to say
Alyss a- she said she’s fine because she gets to go back to her business and kids
Ky – she said it in front of 5 people
Alyssa- And that she’s losing money being in here..
Alyssa says she would cry if she left.

10:47 am BRit and SB
They’re surprised Whitney picked DerekX as houseguest choice.
Brit mentions telling Whitney the kings saved her last week so if she was picked for veto she wouldn’t go against the kings
SB – ahh man that must have sucked for her. It is what it is. She must realize now nobody will use it on her..
Alyssa joins them brings up her conversation with Whitney where she told her Christian is not putting up a guy.

10:56 am Christian, Alyssa and DX
Alyssa brings up them being told DF was loudly saying to the house he’s putting up 2 kings
DF saying that someone is trying to set it up so he’s the target next week.
They talk about Whitney interacting weirdly with Alyssa now. She doesn’t do that fake smile to her anymore.
DF – I just need to think of what I am doing next week.. I need this team sh1t to be over..

11:06 am Alyssa and Christian
Christian says he was talking to Claire and Tiffany “X has to be our fifth.. and they agreed”
Christian – who’s X’s person? me.
Christian – I don’t think SB should be the fifth especially if her target is Ky
Alyss a- X thinks SB is too much of a threat
Christian – I can beat X in a physical comp

11:16 am – 11:50 am Tiffany and Hannah
talking about Getting Sarah Beth out.
Hannah – our best chance of getting Sarah Beth out is putting her next to Ky
Tiffany – I’m for it
Hannah – do we want to risk it this early?
Tiffany – YES I do. I want her out. She too.. it’s something I’m not feeling it. Honey on day one I was like she’s sweet.. I hear the voice there’s something up under there She’s hiding something
Tiffany says she trust Ky but he is too close to SB.

Tiffany says she can’t be the one that puts up Alyssa and Christian “I would cry I would feel terrible. I know if he’s on the block he’s gone”
Hannah – I don’t want Christian before Jury
Tiffany agrees “If Chrisitan stays the guys are going to be mad, X and Ky will be mad at us. We can smooth it over. Prove you are the sh1t and get him out then”
Tiffany says DX will be ok with Christian in the house because Chrisitan a bigger target than DX

Hannah says they need to rework their partners for the cookout. (Ohh god here we go again.)
Tiff – if we get SB out Claire has to go right after She will figure it out (Cookout)
Hannah says Claire and DX have bonded
Tiff – they got this computer science sh1t
Tiff – I wouldn’t be upset if DX stay further.. to me DX is one of us

Hannah – after Claire it’ll have to be Alyssa
Tiff – what about Britini?
Hannah – she could be the 7th person
Hannah says Brit isn’t a strong competitor she’s played in every competition and hasn’t won anything (Yikes don’t tell her that)
Hannah – she wears her heart on her sleeve
Tiff – my only issue is Azah, DerekF and her, They’re so goofy together.
Hannah doesn’t think Azah and DF will have Brit’s back over the 6

Tiff – That’s where I’ve been struggling the whole time
Tiff – if I am loyal to this 6 and this 6 ain’t loyal to me I could have played a totally different game.
Tiff – Even if you can’t win competition what value are you adding to the team. What can you offer. What are you helping me do?
Tiff – when it’s time for strategizing I’m not even going in there. when I try to talk to somebody (Azah) about strategy I get a lot of emotion.
Tiff – if you’re not going to win comps I’m cool with that but you need to further us in this game. Not causing drama, keeping your mouth closed, Getting information, Helping strategize, coming up with a plan. All you’re doing is being an umber. We got numbers.
Tiff – I’m struggling with that just going to let you know. America’s a$$ will be out there hating me .. we’re canceling her.. I didn’t come out here to be F***ing .. ugh shut up tiffany.. I came on here to win a game
Tiff – I’m here to play a game I understand the big picture.. I’m doing the best I can..
Tiff – I have a plan it’s pretty good but if everybody ain’t on board we’re screwed and we’re playing the game for other people that we might not even to the end..

They go back to planning every eviction for the next 5 weeks. (YAWN)
Tiffany says if SB is on the block and Ky wins the veto pulls her off she will be pissed ‘He has lost me in this motherf**g game.. that is the only thing that will piss me off”
Tiff – if he pulls her off that means he’s with her

Tiffany is nervous about how Claire will react when she finds out Tiffany has been working with other people. She says getting to final 2 with Hannah would be good with her.
Tiff – I would take you. we are two women.. Young. we’re 21 ..
they laugh
TIff – I still feel 21 in my spirit
Hannah says if she lost to Tiffany in the final 2 that’s a win for her “A black woman has never won”
Tiffany doesn’t want to compete against X and Ky.

Hannah – Alyssa started a rumour that if I won Hoh this week then I would put up Alyssa and Sarah Beth
Tiff – that is a lie
Tiff asks her who told her about this ‘rumour’
Hannah – Ky told me

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The HoH no longer competes in Veto?


Can anybody tell me how they are picking the have nots this season?

another name

week one: team that came in last in hoh comp.
week two: hoh choice in house meeting not on feeds
week three: queens volunteered.
week four: hoh choice in house meeting not on feeds, process of elimination.


Sounds to me like Tiffany is finally getting the gist of the game when she is talking about the Cookout. It’s the “If you’re not working with me, you’re against me”. That’s certainly the right mindset but she talks so much that she’s going to find herself in trouble unless she is careful.
Really, what do BigD and Azah bring to the table to help further the alliance’s goals? Nothing.
And the way BigD keeps spouting off…yeah, he’s all bark while he’s putting a huge target on
his back. I think they are both expendable. Soon the Cookout should realize that there are so
many others in the house that are more attuned to the game and they should forget this all
black alliance and dissolve it.

The Beef

I don’t think they need to dissolve it, but like any alliance, there need to protect members who aren’t adding anything to the group effort should be carefully considered. Exactly how much game capital should be expended to protect either Smoking D or Azah, when neither one of those two have really added anything to the Cookout team effort, and you could say they have hindered that effort by some of the things they have done in the game? What value is there in going to the final 6 with all Cookout members, only to have to eliminate them from that point? Yes, numbers are important, but if you already have the numbers, then it’s okay to let one of them go, and maybe even advantageous for you to do that, to keep from showing your cards to the rest of the players.

Having said that, I’m still hoping for a blow-up of the alliance by either Hannah, due to lack of full on membership, or DF or Azah, if they are targeted and think they may be sent home, due to lack of support from the others. If that happens, it’s going to be interesting to see how everyone reacts to the racial nature of this alliance. Could be huge or it could be nothing. Just like on this site, different people seem to have different opinions about it, so the players may have too.


I love X but he needs cut bait when comes to Hannah. DX seems willing to cut Hannah if he needs to. she’s bottom fish in Royal flush.