Hannah “Big D’s HOH reign would be the continuation of the French Revolution..”

HOH: Tiffany
Nominations: Sb and Ky via HOH, Xavier Via punishment
Coin of Destiny Coup D’etat: Claire won and kept noms the same
Power of Veto Players: SB, Claire, Hannah, Kyland, Xavier, Alyssa
Power of Veto: Hannah
Power of Veto Ceremony: Hannah used the power of veto on Xavier. SB and Kyland remain on the block.

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10:04pm Bedroom – Tiffany, Hannah, Kyland.
Kyland – Once it comes out and Claire is over there sitting as always the target. Claire didn’t know what was going on. Tiff – so they will know that they’ve always been the target since day one anyway. So who do you think should go? Kyland – this week? Tiff – no you or SB! They all laugh. Tiff – No, f**k that, next week. Ky – I think it depends on the targets. As of right now .. I am pretty sure that I am first or second on both their list so I don’t really care. I think it depends on the danger of winning and who is going to target who. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Ky – I think its safer to assume there will be.. just because that is a worst case as apposed to assuming there won’t be. Tiff – so maybe we should plan that their might be a battle back. Ky – if we plan for a battle back .. Alyssa is a better competitor but Claire can more easily partner with DX. Tiffany – yes. Ky talks about he was waiting to have long term campaigning on Wednesday night. Tiffany leaves. Claire and SB join them and the talk about past seasons of Big Brother.

11:23pm Kitchen – Azah, Big D and Xavier are talking about relationships and life outside the house.

11:25pm Bathroom – Kyland and Hannah.
Hannah – Tiffany and Azah are leaning towards sending out Alyssa next week. I would rather send home Claire next week because I am operating on the fact that there will be a battle back.. Ky – that is what I am kind of thinking. Hannah – and because DX will be back in the house. Ky – that’s where I lean because of that. Hannah – also and the fact that Claire can’t plan in next weeks HOH comp. It leaves her in a vulnerable spot. Ky – I think my bigger thing is not wanting to win but the order of.. I don’t think Azah would but up Claire. Hannah – No I think she could and she would. Ky – If Bid D did I think the perception would be fine for him to attack either of them. (Alyssa or Claire) Hannah – Ideally I would want Big D to win. Actually for me I would want Azah to win, then Big D.. Ky – if Azah could do it that’s great but what is her relational for taking out Claire or X and Alyssa? Hannah – the fact that the Jokers are isolated. Ky – I think that’s why Big D is better because he can put up either with no questions and the only other person that can do that is me but I don’t want to win. But I would win over you, Tiff and X. Hannah – yes. But again if its Me, Tiff and Azah at the end I will do what I have to and win. If its me and Azah, I am throwing.. If its me and Big D, I am throwing. If its me and you …if you’re adamant that you don’t want to win HOH for a third time then I’ll do it. I have less of a reason to protect Claire. Ky – but Big D has the most reason to target either for his volatility. Hannah – Big D’s HOH reign would be the continuation of the French Revolution.. Ky laughs – The French Revolution .. I’m DEAD! Hannah – Again, I wouldn’t be scared of anything.. it would just be an annoying week but you’re right him winning makes the most sense. You winning probably makes the second most sense but because you’ve already won twice … then that defaults to Azah. Then probably you and then me but again if it isn’t smart for your game, then don’t win again… Then I’ll do it. Also if I won, my target would have to be Alyssa so that would change the plan. Ky – yeah I get you. Hannah – If Tiff won, her target would have to be Alyssa. With Azah I feel like she is equally aligned and unaligned with both Alyssa and Claire. So Azah, Big D and you have the most flexibility.

11:52pm Bedroom –
Tiff, Sarah and Claire talking about short guys.
Tiff – Nobody wants to date the short guys so that leads me to believe that there are a lot of nice single short guys out here. Sarah – I’ve dated a short guy, it doesn’t bother me. Tiff – I’ve never been into shorty guys.. so seeing a short guy is weird to me. Hannah joins them. Claire – if the guy doesn’t have a problem with it, then I don’t. Tiff – I will have a problem dating someone shorter than me. They have to be 4 inches taller than me. How tall is Brent? Hannah – 5’7″. Tiff – Fine! Fine! Fine! All things point to Brent .. he is a Scorpio. Claire – she’s dating Brent.

12:30am – 1:30am Backyard – Alyssa & Big D/Xaiver versus Claire and Azah. They’re playing the guessing game of this or that. They head inside and continue playing with others.

1:50am Bedroom – Claire and Alyssa are talking about “longest hugs” with Ky and SB. Claire talks about how one was 7 minutes..

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Feeds are dead boring but we’re still here.. Working on some sort of update.

Game fan

Who do you decide to delete the secret hoh on Claire?

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

Oh, Ky must be lecturing?

another name

Feeds were down at one point due to something involving fire.
The reason X was doing ALL the dishes is because of the fire extinguisher.
This was the hour and ten minute feed block at about 7.
The other 3 feed blocks after that? Who. knows.


Can we vote for the cats/dogs that are up for adoption for AFP? We’re seeing more of them than any of the HGs because of the constant blocking of the feeds.


I like them better though


I agree. They might as well not have live feeds, they stay off more than they stay on. They have almost lost me as a BB Fan. This is the worst season ever.

Not Sorry

Not Gre8tful Eight? Hum.


Did you see someone asked X if he’d return for another season — his response ONLY if it was All-Stars against other winners like Will, Dan, Derrick. Cody & I think he added Paul.

Ummmmmmmm okay you’ve had a good season but I wouldn’t put your name in the same breath as Dr. Will & Dan. Perhaps the more interesting part was him saying “against OTHER winners”. Is that his confidence/arrogance or pre-determined outcome?


Whoa! Didn’t see that. Either X is overconfident or X knows something the viewers do not know (does he know that he is production’s pick?).



another name

I didn’t see.
I’m not surprised.
I mean. Yeah.
And yeah, his rant yesterday (Al or CL… who goes first and why), went over the mission line, and jumped into the deep end of prejudicial. Not bias, which the mission has always had inherently baked in, but right into prejudiced. Whether the mission has merit or not is not the question. Whether the individual made comments that should be pointed at in derision is the question. He did.
He does have a lot of the characteristics of Cody and Derrick… he complains to production, he becomes upset if anyone says anything he hasn’t approved, he expects everyone to play for him… and for some reason they do. He hasn’t jumped into Paul territory yet. D/R hasn’t told a houseguest to run their thoughts past X yet, like they did with Paul in 19 (as noted on feeds)… as far as we know.


What an arrogant a**!!! He isn’t anywhere near ANY of those players!! X hasn’t done much of anything. He was protected by the Kings and the CO’s women. He hasn’t shown any gameplay as those past winners. I would say he’s gaining on Big D for Couch 2. I am also not a Ky fan…but, if I had to give credit, I would say Ky is working harder at playing this game than X is!

This also irked me –
Xavier says it’s up to Hannah to decide what is best for her game “I’ll let her do what she wants to do” Who does he think he is to say…”I’ll let her…”

another name

Fire explanation:
greasy oven rack moved to the top to cook a steak on broil.
fire ensued.


What a snooze fest. Wake me when it’s over!

Sarah-Beths thigh bruises

How about we don’t wake you & you just sleep on forever? RIP

Susan Sholly

Agreed. Most boring season ever. Every vote is even orchestrated. I am so over Big Brother.

TC Lover

Don’t hate on them for playing the game. If they plan for next week and week after next it just mean they’re thinking about how to navigate through the weeks to come. I think that’s impressive


Playing the game, That’s what you think they are doing? They came in with an Agenda. Blacks get rid of all the white people and finish with a Black first and
second. Simple as that.


We should play a drinking game for every person complaining about the CO being racist. lol

debbie bentley

Totally AGREE!! this season .is not worth watching at all they are over doing it.


It’s been like that for several years now. I like the way this has turned out. I like the forced team thing at the beginning. It allowed for a slightly more even game rather than people naturally selecting alliances and running through the game. I do understand how the cookout created their alliance naturally, but I like how they’ve been able to keep it a secret for the majority of the season.


Yeah I guess Naturally is one way of putting it.


Wake me up before you go-go
Don’t leave me hanging on like a yo-yo
Wake me up before you go-go
I don’t wanna miss it when you hit that high
Wake me up before you go-go
‘Cause I’m not plannin’ on going solo
Wake me up before you go-go
Take me dancing tonight
I wanna hit that high
Yeah, yeah


I got you. I’ll wake you.

Festus Hagen

What is there to discuss? Production has rigged the entire season so a person of color wins this season. From over representing the persons of color in the house to the going to jury house earlier in the season. however why did we not have video of the formation of the “cookout”? Was it formed in the DR by production.

Sir Kirby Williams

Could explain why DF was caught on feeds talking about being close to production and safe before a feed flip.


The formation of the CO alliance took place informally in the kitchen during Week 1. If I remember correctly, it was briefly presented on the show as, “We’re all going to look out for each other, right?”

As for your overrepresentation argument, I have a slightly different take. CBS has announced that it will cast 50% BIPOC in all reality show casts. (For anyone who doesn’t know, BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). I’m in favor of more diverse casts. My question is, where is the “IPOC” in the BB23 cast? CBS has covered the “B” with six Black HGs, but missed the rest of the acronym. Where are the Indigenous cast members? Zero. Where are the other POC cast members? One Asian-American (DX). One Latina (Alyssa). If we want to get technical, it seems to me that this isn’t an overrepresentation of POC, but it also is not an authentic attempt at 50% BIPOC cast.


The formation of the CO alliance took place informally in the kitchen during Week 1. If I remember correctly, it was briefly presented on the show as, “We’re all going to look out for each other, right?”

Actually, I recently just read in an article that Tiffany approached Big D with the idea!! Naturally, both Big D and X tried to take the credit. God forbid they gave credit to a woman!


Thanks for sharing. I could not remember watching how the CO came about (and I’m a feeds watcher). Tiff is my favorite HG because she game in the house strategizing from Day One, so this doesn’t surprise me.

Jaymie lee

And the asian and latino arent the right skin colour so about as useless ine the game as Whites. Whites vs blacks is what they reduced bbus too.

Buh Bye

Folks on here whining about the competition being “rigged” for a black person to win, really will be butt hurt when they see the next Survivor cast. CBS did actually fulfill their BIPOC promise as well as including a few players over 40.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Um yeah, buh bye viewers. I really don’t give a damn, and as many have done so over the past few years, specifically with sports; we find other things to do. BBUS, Survivor will end up on the BET channel soon enough.

Buh Bye

You’re white priveledge is welcome to tune out any show you want. Sports, BB, Survivor, AR are all going strong.


Yeah it really sucks when they even the playing field.


Cujo again with his “white ass”…. Bro just busting your balls don’t get your white guilt all triggered. I’m just bustin balls. Not trying to offend. Just comedy.


Totally agree. Rigged by production for African Americans to win. CBS also raised the final prize money.


It would be nice if people cheered on for an African American finally winning BB, wronging just a tiny bit of the bias and racism that Black people have endured as HGs for over 20 yrs. Instead, we have bitter, bitter, bitter……..


I don’t think it’s rigged for a person of color to win. I think the non-black players were just not that good. Sorry.

Jaymie lee

So youre counter is the only way the cookout can win is by being black. Not actually playing the game. But as ive been told because its Blacks doing it nope not racist. But an all White alliance doing it for the ‘culture’ we cant have that.


Wrong! If you were not in the CO, you didn’t stand a chance. Every person in that alliance was responsible for their token “other” that they had to get close to and make sure that they got evicted. Some of them (non-POC) were good players, maybe some weren’t. Same as the floaters in the CO.


I would rather watch DX and Brit in the jury house than this crap. So. Boring.

Just Play the Game

Again, I wish they would play! Don’t plan on who will be HOH! Play to win comps! Make big moves! Shake up the house!

The Beef

The only difference between what we’re seeing here and the 1919 Chicago Black Sox is the Sox were rigging the game to lose for money, while the Cookout is rigging the game to win for a cause. When 6 out of 7 players are “fixing” the comp (Claire either isn’t playing or has to throw, it’s not real clear how production will accomplish the “sitting duck” scenario) is it really a competition? It’s more like a coronation, or simply the 6 “voting” on who they want the next HOH to be, and that person will then do whatever the 6 want them to do – which seems to be target Claire at this moment in time.

I guess some think this is great strategy, and maybe it is, but it just kind of goes against what the game is all about to me – especially when it’s been happening pretty much the whole game long, with a few weeks exception (notably week 1 – the Frenchie fiasco). Maybe we’ll finally get some action once Claire and Alyssa are gone, in two weeks.

Just a thought

I agree that his season, like others in recent years has been boring. But even more so since The Cookout decides who should be HOH the week before. They throw competitions to that person, I would prefer that people actually win. I think there should be punishments for finishing in the last spots. That way people would actually have to try. Also bring back food competitions, so people have something to fight for, even when in an alliance.


Punishments for last 2 places And $$$ for first, second place,
would make the game more enjoyable.

another name

Yeah, I’ve been confused by what Hannah is saying.

  • To X she’s agreeing Alyssa has to go.
  • To Ky she’s agreeing Claire has to go.
  • To Couch she’s saying she’s looking at Alyssa, X and Ky.

Don’t worry. This is the season where nobody compares notes, and nobody calls anybody out for telling multiple different stories.
Did anyone EVER tell SB that Ky narc’d her out on snitching about Jackpot? No.
How would SB’s HOH have been different if that had been exposed?
The bandage on Hannah’s wrist? She said a sprain involving the hammock.

Azah is now on board with just putting up Claire and Alyssa straight up if she wins HOH, but telling them both it’s a backdoor plan to get Ky. When one of the two says it’s final 8, you don’t do backdoors using your allies as pawns in final 8… what then?


What’s funny been dieing for game talk. I like this idea even if it’s not logical


I’m reallllllly hoping someone checks her on her lies soon. It probably won’t happen until she pisses off Tiff though…


Does this mean that you are laughing at what SB is saying now with Hannah: “I don’t like the twists. Even as a fan I didn’t like the twists. People should only save themselves through competitions and their social game”. I wonder how she will feel once she finds out people in the house duped her

another name

I dislike all twists, whether they save people I like or hurt people i like.
Twists are production reaching in beyond the parameters of their own contrivances in order to course correct or pull on the emotions of viewers.
I have not met a twist I didn’t have a problem with on some level.


That wasn’t how I took the couch/Hannah convo. They were discussing who to nominate and target between Claire/Ally —

Hannah told him her (CLAIRE’s) targets are Ally followed by X then Ky. It wasn’t who she personally would target & in truth she doesn’t ever really talk game like that with Big D b/c all it takes is saying one syllable wrong once with him & he’s like a dog with a bone.

Tiff/Hannah want Big D out early (like he could be a casualty of F6 or F7 if it’s a double/triple b/c they don’t want him getting deeper & being on hand as an option for X or Ky to prefer to take.

BB Reboot

What really needs to happens is penalties for game play or lack there of:
– HGs are not allowed to reveal their vote or they lose it!
– Anyone caught throwing a comp is not eligible for the next HOH, VETO, reward, etc..
– HOHs that reveal the nominees before nomination ceremony can be nominated
There has got to be some way to get the HGs to play there own game and not do the works of other even if there are in an alliance. I liked old school BB. No one cared what side of the house you were on. If you were the target, you better win or you did not get to the end. And production needs to keep producing and not interfere at every corner. If they continue to play BB like this they may as well let this be the last season and trust me I love BB. It is just becoming watered down.


Having a team compete against individuals doesn’t seem fair.

another name

… it’s been that way since season 5.
The alphaboys formed an alliance.
The others formed a counter alliance.
Heck, season 4 had the alliances baked into the presmise. Houseguests vs. exes of houseguests.

No fave yet

Most exciting event of the season {fire} and no one talks about it…….


Since everything is boring right now. Is BB Comics throwable? I know endurance is throwable. Thinking what their building for HOH. If I remember right Zingbot is usually POV? Slip and slide will be fun but I don’t think quite yet. Any other ideas for HOH comps?

another name

hang on to rope as it bashes them against things. spinning comp.


After one or two years of BIPOC playing the game as they are this year, it may change. BIPOC wants a win and to dominate to make a social/game statement. So they have formed CO to stick together to make it happen. I believe it wii/ should work to that goal. BIPOC may want a repeat next year as well.

Regardless there can only be one winner of $750K. When itgets down to final six which should be all CO they will have to see which of BIPOC they wish to get rid of. I think your going to see some pissed off pepole when their friend backstabs them to now, move ahead.
My point here is this, eventually , not this year, BIPOC groups will see for an individual game & for the win that alliances based on
BIPOC could in fact be detrimental in the end & at that time alliances based solely on a person being identified as BIPOC will be less.
For example ( feel free to change the names, but youll get the idea), this year at this point in the game, if all the women made an allience and stuck to it, they could get the guys or almost all evicted. This group made up of BIPOC & those who are not.
This would leave, I believe leave more BIPOC women to fight for final 2,3,4. than would if they stay strictly with CO. Look at it as if Tiff, Ash, Hannah, clair, SB, got togethet you may see 2 or 3 women in final 3, Going strickly by color only probably 1.
Think to win an individual wiil need more help from other than BIPOC. To make a social statement you dont. But you may be lessing your chance for the win??!!

another name

Newest Post D/R Hannah:
Doesn’t think it’s a double this week because the powers just ended.
Doesn’t think it’s a battle back season because of covid precautions.
Odd. She thought both last night.