DF – “[Tiff] is definitely seeing the block no matter who wins in this double”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa Claire and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto: Alyssa
Power of Veto Ceremony: Alyssa used the power of veto on herself. Claire was nominated in her place.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Claire going to be evicted. It’s been generally a very slow day.

10:24 am X and Ky
Talking about Thursday being a double eviction
Alyssa joins them. Talk continues about the Double and the types of competitions like the ball pit

11:32 am Hannah and Azah
Hannah – do you think X will gun for the veto (next week)
Azah – if he guns for the veto he won’t use it. Yeah, he’s going to gun for it. IF Alyssa wins it we’re all screwed
Hannah – he’s the only one guaranteed not to go home.

Hannah wonders if Alyssa will put up BIGD.
Azah – hard to say they have a relationship close than me and her.
Hannah doesn’t see Ky touching any of the guys if he wins this next HOH.
Hannah asks where the votes would go if Ky wins HOH and it’s her and Azah on the block. BIGD to Azah, Tiff to Hannah.
Hannah – it comes down to Alyssa and X
Azah – we have to pray that scenario doesn’t happen.. Ky can’t win
Hannah thinks X will vote to keep Azah and Alyssa will vote to Keep Hannah. “Ky will break the vote in my favour”
Azah says Ky would likely want her gone.
Hannah counts the votes if it’s X and Azah on the block, Hannah and Tiff for Azah.
Azah – BIGD would vote for me.
Hannah – X would go home. If I was up there next to X..
Azah – you would get my vote
Hannah – Alyssa and BIGD would vote for X. I don’t know how Ky would break that tie.
Azah says if Kyland doesn’t put Tiffany up the first or second time “that burns me and yous votes for him”
Hannah – lets repeat what the three of us will do. If I win I’ll put up X and Alyssa. X will stay regardless who he’s up agaisnt. HE has your vote and BIGD’s vote and Alyssa’s vote. If Alyssa comes down than Ky goes up and we vote to send Ky home. It might be a unanimous vote. I Don’t know what Tiffany will do in that situation.

They mention how BIGD has been irritated with Ky for weeks but he’s still in love with him.
Hannah – if BIGD wins it’ll be Tiff and Alyssa. If Alyssa comes down I go up. So I personally can’t have BIGD win. IF that’s the case I have the votes to stay.
Azah says she would get her vote.
Hannah – I would have Alyssa’s vote. I don’t know if I would get X’s vote. Even so BIGD will break the tie in my favour.
Hannah – it’ll be you, me and BIGD vs Alyssa in this HOH. WE can do it.

11:50 am Alyssa and Hannah (they have a fake final2)
Alyssa says BIGD thinks Hannah is close with Tiff so won’t vote out Claire. She told BIGD if they tell Hannah about the plan to keep X last minute.
Alyssa – if you go to them they won’t feel comfortable telling you they’re keeping X because they think you and tiff are like THIS (Crossed fingers)
Alyssa has been telling them they will tell Hannah on Thursday the plan to keep X that way she’s on their side of the vote. “If she wins HOH we don’t have to worry about Hannah because she’s on our side of the vote”
Hannah – thank you for letting me know
Alyssa – I’ll talk to X today about us three. I’ll just act like I didn’t have this conversation with you.
Hanna – start thinking of names.

12:52 pm Alyssa and DF
Alyssa- I talked to Azah about what I told you this morning. The smartest thing is to wait until right before the vote and tell Hannah we want her to be part of the house vote we don’t want to go after her we don’t want her to be blindsided.
Alyssa – that way she doesn’t have time to tell anyone and she’s on our side of it. If she wins HOH she’s not looking at us because we told her
Alyssa – KY cannot know..
DF – okay we want Ky to be the one vote
Alyssa – Best thing is to blindside them. HIm and Tiffany will be so frazzled he may not compete at his best.
DF – OKay
Alyssa – do you agree
DF – yes
Alyssa – Azah agreed
Alyssa – tell Hannah it’s a 4 to 1, Hannah’s not looking at us, and then that way Ky feels he’s alone. He might want to go after Tiffany because he doesn’t want to go against the house (lol at least she’s trying)
DF – got it he will not know
Alyssa – how do yo think Tiffany will react
DF – she will be stunned. she’ll be like what the f** is going on
Alyssa – it needs to be Ky and Tiffany on the block. When Tiff realizes that Ky is that one vote and he realizes tiffany is the only vote on his side if they are not on the block together they may take each other off the block.
Alyssa – if we win it needs to be Tiff and Ky. if one of them wins veto the other one goes home.
Alyssa – did I tell you waht Tiff told me?
DF – no
Alyssa – I told the jokers to tell you that they want X here but they don’t.
Alyssa says she’s never thought her and X are safe she’s never heard anyone say that.
DF – no one ever have.
Alyssa – she thinks she has you guys
DF – ohh please. I guess because I’m being nice to her
Alyssa – the two HOH really got to her head
DF – she is definitely seeing the block no matter who wins in this double
Alyssa – the fact she put Claire up instead of Ky they are working together. You are going to risk your number one ally? You feel comfortable enough to do that?
DF – I don’t know what she is thinking She working something with KY to potentially lose Claire.
Alyssa – they’re each other’s shield
Alyssa goes on about Claire going up was part of their plan.
DF – she’s going home. sad that Claire thinks she staying
Feeds flip when we’re back.
DF – I need TIFF go badly I can’t be in this house with her any longer. I need her to go.
Alyssa mentions that Tiff wanted her to use the veto on X. She pitched moments before Alyssa went into the Diary room.
Feeds cut. after a couple of minutes, we’re back.
Alyssa – Tiff said we need to get all the guys out that’s the only way us girls can win. I’m like I can sit next to a MAN and I can still win this game.
DF – you could.. absolutely.
Alyssa – she wanted to get the guys out including you. She wants to make it as easy as possible. that is how you know she is not strategizing.

Alyssa – if we add Hannah into this plan she will put Ky and Tiff up ..
DF – okay
Alyssa – we’re adding her to this plan
DF – I don’t think so. If Hannah wins. she will put up me and you or you and Ky, or me and Ky. Be prepared for that. IF she wins.
DF – if Ky wins he might put up Azah and you or you and Tiff, or Azah and Tiff.. he’s got some options
Alyssa – that’s why we need to frazzle him that’s why it needs to be a blindside
They talk about a double
Alyssa – imagine Ky trying to do one on ones during a commercial break?
DF – I hate the double..

2:50 pm Chit chat (most of today has been this)

3:23 pm Tiff and Claire
Counting Jury votes.

4:00 pm Hannah and Tiff
Hannah is saying that Alyssa it expecting a 4-1 vote she will be shocked by a 3-4 vote. This will make her worried and try hard for the HOH.
Tiff says Claire is pitching to the jokers today “her pitches make sense it’s logical if you don’t see it it’s because you don’t want to see it because you have something else”
Hannah – what do you think about Ky and the guys because the three of them have been spending a lot more time together. If Ky wins this HOH he’s not putting any of them on the block.
Tiff – if Ky gets power and he doesn’t put X on the block then we know.
Tiff – If Ky puts either one of us on the block then we know for sure it’s just you and me in this house.
Hannah – I think we can convince him to put BIGD on the block next to Azah to ensure Azah goes home.
Tiff agrees says they are two guaranteed votes why put one of your votes on the block.
Tiff – it makes no sense to put us on the block.
Hannah – I have to win this HOH I have to.. I have to.

4:30 pm Claire’s pitch to Azah
Claire- I stuck my neck out for Brinit at a detriment to my own game.
Claire says she doesn’t think she has a good chance to win this game. she’s here to play the game and help her friends.
Claire – if I get to the end with ou I’m one of your best shots to win this game.
Claire says if Azah keeps her and makes it to the final 2 it’ll gain her X’s vote.
Claire – X has a lot of deals with a lot of people. He’s smart and very strategic. If you do this active move and keep me he’ll respect it at the end.
Claire lists off all the people in Jury that will respect the move in the end.
Claire – X is playing an amazing game

5:34 pm Tiffany and Claire
They talk about Azah and DF being one brain she does everything BIGD says.
Tiff – the crazy thing is for Derek to not have won anything. he’s perfectly positioned he’s got Azah, Ky, and X
Claire says there might not be many more chances for them to get rid of X
Tiff – Girl his a$$ may never touch the block again

Tiff – if you stay and X leaves if you win who do you put up?
Claire – Alyssa and BIGD to split them up
Tiff – BIGD will go home
Claire says Azah will be her replacement, “it’ll be 2-2 no matter what it depends on what you and Hannah decide”

Claire says if she goes they have to put up X and Alyssa during the double.
Tiffany says she can’t win the next HOH it’ll have to be Hannah.
Claire – if you and Ky hit the block Ky goes home.
Tiff – he better

6:12 pm DF and Azah (Azah wants Ky out first DF wants Tiff.. )
Going over scenarios who to put up during the double
DF – I don’t want any of those three here. I don’t care for them
DF – I don’t care for Hannah because she’s good and can f*** us up.. I don’t care for Kyland and I don’t care for Tiff
Azah wants the final four to be her, DF, Hannah, and X.
Azah – if Ky goes first what options do we have? If Kyland goes first what options do we have?
DF – you and me have always been on the same page protecting each other I don’t know how I feel about this.
Azah – we can have different targets
DF – I look at the five being, Kyland, X, you, me, and Hannah but you see the five being Tiff, Hannah, You, X, Me .. that’s what it is

6:25 pm Hannah and Ky
Hannah says Claire feels 50/50 with Azah’s vote and she feels 50/50 with Kyland.
Hannah – are you pretty set on not winning this HOH
Ky – I’m set on the importance of getting to six
Hannah says she wants to win this she’s just trying to figure out what she’ll say to Alyssa, “Do I say she is a pawn’
Ky thinks using pawn this late in the game is silly.
Hannah says she’ll put up Xavier beside Alyssa and will say she’s targeting a strong duo.
Hannah – we all agreed we will sit next to our person
Tiff joins them.
Hannah says he told X he should be prepared to go up on the block
Tiff – if she comes off put DF up
Hannah – you send home who you want to send home.. whatever makes sense.
They agree Tiff/Ky are the targets from the other cookout members and Hannah is the replacement.
They also talk about the final 7 are all “POC”
Tiff – first time in history

6:50 pm Waiting around for BB blind date to start

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Oh, production is doing Alyssa dirty! Letting her get riled up about what she believes is her brilliant plan for Claire to be evicted this week, only to leave 45 minutes after her.

X and DF are plotting to cut Tiff at F7, but I have a hard time seeing production letting this happen. It may be X’s plan to bring Alyssa to F4, but the change in production schedule is telling. Originally, this week was supposed to be a regular episode (no DE). Next week is the scheduled two-hour episode, which was originally set to be TE and take the house from 7 to 4 in one night. But grumblings were plentiful on BB Twitter that the CO’s mission on making the final 6 would be overshadowed with the TE and there would be no time to celebrate the CO achieving F6. Suddenly, production changed their schedule. The TE scheduled for next week was changed to DE this week and DE next week. What does that accomplish? DE this week cuts the house from 8 to 6, and the CO at F6 is then shown for a full week on the feeds before cutting the house from 6 to 4 next week. Additionally, next week is still a two-hour episode, so it provides extra airtime to highlight the CO at F6.

Prediction: Hannah wins HOH in DE, she nominates X & Alyssa, Alyssa is evicted. Cookout makes F6. Most likely, X wins the HOH at F6 and Tiff is the first cut, unless she wins veto.

Miss Impression

I hope your prediction is right but I’m concerned about who can or is willing to beat Alyssa in the DE veto.


I believe Hannah is most likely to win this HOH. But I see other potential scenarios…

Because Hannah knows that Ally expects a 4-1 vote & is worried that the 3-2 vote will freak her out watch for Tiff/Han to come up with a plan to use it to their advantage. Right after the vote & before the HOH – Hannah can pull Ally in a room & say clearly Big D is working with Ky or just wants Claire’s jury vote. Tiff told me Ky plans on throwing this HOH b/c he feels safe with everyone but me & Azah so since you’ve been on slop all week I’m good to win this HOH that way you can eat & be ready for F6 and win that one so we know we’re safe to F5. Since Ally trusts Hannah it just might work.

Typically the HOH is some sort of Q & A (so either before/after, speeches or memory) if it’s memory I think Hannah will study with Azah like she did with Tiff who they know would nominate Ally/Ky. That would allow Hannah to bow out once Ally & Big D are out ensuring Azah winning & let her/Tiff both play in F6 HOH. Hopefully Azah would stick to her original plan to put up X if Ky comes down b/c I do think X would try to get Ky/Big D to vote with him to keep Ally if not.

I know we (you & I) will be pulling for Tiff to survive DE but I’m equally concerned about her/Han’s safety at F6 especially if Hannah wins F7 HOH. You could be right that X wins F6 HOH putting up Tiff/Han but I could see Ky winning & b/c he’s in the middle maybe put up Azah/DF (especially if TPTB got in his ear). Then a BB Comics Hannah POV win could keep noms the same & her/Tiff vote out Big D (HAPPINESS).

In that event the girls would have the numbers going into F5 DE with four of the five best players still in the game (where I’d of course be praying for the ladies to win again). After this past week of X’s constant Tiff bashing I’d prefer to see him out at F5. In truth I struggle to find why he’s the favorite other than his luck of placement (Kings & CO). His HOH took out Brent (DX/Hannah threw that comp) & I’m not sure how his throwing comps is a big jury speech motivator (Hannah can say precisely the same thing). While I may not like Ky’s game play or personality (especially the ego) he had more to do with Chris/DX’s ousts than X. If it weren’t for the Cookout, Tiff would’ve had the better house position with both those young comp threats never targeting her & she would’ve directed Chris to take out Ky & DX to take out X (they were both already looking in that direction)- – plus she came up with the CO strategy.

While he was the ONLY CO member not cool with outing their existence he’s already planting seeds with Ally as she told DF/Azah (and woke up Hannah to tell her “X was saying how we’ll be all minorities at F7” hmmm I don’t recall him discussing that with anyone in the CO but Tiff had to give him a word for word breakdown of what she was telling Claire. And in truth I don’t think Ally will be bitter about the CO — but I DO think she won’t appreciate being made to look like a fool running around spouting how genius “her plan” was to get Tiff to nominate Claire!

I’m open to hearing what X did strategically b/c the one time I recall the CO needed him to save one of their own (Hannah) he wasn’t able to stop her from going OTB & it took Han/DX/Tiff’s efforts to ensure Whit remained the target. The only time he fought to protect anyone was trying to flip the vote to save Chris & his push to keep Ally safe (right — NON Cookout players). And even before SB left if Ally had won her targets were Ky, Big D & Azah (and Ky remains her target) so I can’t say he’s that influential.

Ultimately, X’s problem with Tiff isn’t that she’s selfish – it’s that he recognizes she is his biggest threat and he also can’t stand the thought of a woman beating him.


I cannot deal with this conversation between Alyssa and DF. They both talking crap like they run the house. There isn’t anybody they could sit next to and win this game. Maybe Azah, but it’s not looking good for her. She’s just a floater.


DF is an unlikeable HG. In later BB seasons, plenty of HGs who “do nothing” have been taken deep into the game (i.e. – Victoria, JC). But DF has a sense of entitlement about being taken deep into the game. He also perceives his gameplay as superior to the “girls,” as he calls them. His delusion is funny at times, but his condescending rhetoric about the female members of the CO is all kinds of wrong.


Agree. I seem to recall DF referring to them as “bitches” a few times.


Agree. I believe he has also referred to them as “bitches” and not in a loving way!!


Did you catch him talking about how he intends to turn this into a gig of being an influencer? Or how he planned on getting an agent?

Delusions in and out of the game apparently. Regardless of what happens I’m hoping beyond all hope if AFP reflects the majority of main polls b/c I still don’t believe he was $100 Big Bucks recipient.

Nothing would make me happier than Grod/TPTB not falsely gifting him. And, it would be even more enjoyable if couch’s nemesis (Tiff) is in the top 3 especially since barring some major luck she’ll be one of the first CO members to jury.

How great would it be if Julie said “the top vote getters were Hannah, Tiffany and Derek (pause for dramatic effect) X and with 80% of the vote DX you’ve won. I actually think Tiff making top 3 would piss him off more than DX winning.


I think azah is a sincere soul. I think she dislikes having to lie and is battling the infamous do the ends justify the means quandary. She volunteered to go up earlier. It is bugging the crap out of her. She will go off unexpectedly cause someone will drop one more straw. I feel bad for her. I hope it’s X cause he (and his buds) are walking a fine line

Miss Impression

BS!She is very selective about which lies she feels bad about.She knew the game she was signing up for.If you don’t like lying and manipulating don’t sign up.


This is one of the most forgettable seasons. I’ve been done for a couple weeks now. Don’t care for anyone of these people to win. And I hope not a single person is ever brought back. Brutal season.


Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Hannah wins? She is now an accepted member of the BBQ aka CO, yet she is actually half Indian (As in her father is from India) and her mother is Caucasian. Hannah herself identifies as “white” on her application. Hahaha.

The Beef

Where are you getting this information? Seriously, I thought I read her mother was black, and I know I read she’s from South Africa, which has both whites and blacks in their population. I did find one link where her ethnicity was listed as “white”, but I’m not sure if she is responsible for that statement or somebody from that website is.

If she does routinely claim to be white, but is using the CO alliance to advance her chances of winning the game, that would be hypocritical as Hell! I’m not saying she’s doing that, just saying it would be hypocritical if she was. But knowing how cold hearted and how much of a back stabber she is, I wouldn’t be at all surprised at what she would do to improve her chances to win the game.


Judy Walker

LOL what are you doing commenting on a spoiler site if you are done with this game?

I have loved this season. It’s been awesome to see the Black folks hold their alliance together this long.

Big brother lover

How did this season get soooo boring


My BB 23 Double Eviction Dream Sequence:

-X is magically evicted instead of Claire.
-Hannah + Tiff + Claire make a deal with Ky to throw him the HOH as long as Alyssa is eliminated.
-Azah + Couch are non-factors, as per usual.
-Ky wins, then proceeds to nominate Alyssa and Hannah with Alyssa as the target.
-Ky and Hannah gun for the veto with the mutual goal of preventing Alyssa from winning.
-Alyssa loses and is evicted.
-Hannah, Tiff, Ky and Claire then target Big D + Azah in the next DE and they both gtfo.

*End sequence*


Sounds like my dream until the end. Ky Wins, puts up Big D and Alyssa. Alyssa wins veto. Ky puts up Azah, Big D goes home.
Claire wins Hoh, puts up Ky and Azah, one of them goes, who cares which one.