“We need to make an effort to win this HOH. Ky cannot win it no matter f**ing what”

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Claire (safe 2 weeks)
Nominations: Hannah & Whitney
Power of Veto Players: Christian, Hannah, Whitney, Claire, Azah, DerekX | Host Alyssa
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Christian did not use the Power of Veto Nomiantions are locked.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Hannah has the votes to stay and I don’t really see that changing. Whitney has said twice now she knows she’s going home. Feeds are cutting a lot again.

3:36 pm Tiffany talking to the camera
Tiffany says her plan remains the same but relationships change
Tiffany – I connect myself to people that have what I don’t have..
Adds that if someone has what she has she doesn’t need them in the game.
Tiffany – I would love to sit in those two chairs with Hannah. I am so impressed with her..
Feeds flip .. they get cut… when we’re back Tiffany and Hannah are in the coral room chatting studying days…

4:14 pm Tiffany and Hannah
Tiffany says after the show she genuinely will be friends with everyone inside this house
Tiff – I don’t know how it all going to look
Hannah – if they (non-cookout) are bitter in Jury I don’t think America will be on their side
Tiff – America, We didn’t have a choice when we walked into that door. To do anything other than that.
Tiff – it wasn’t something we planned it wasn’t a strategy it wasn’t what we even wanted. I made other relationships with people in this house that I would like to take to the end with me however because in 23 years we’ve never had a cast like this we’re all we have. We don’t have a choice
Hannah – I know
Tiffany – if we can’t stick together in here what does that say?
Hannah – I agree, I feel like everybody else they might be bitter about it for a second but they’ll Understand
Tiffany – I think if anybody is bitter about it. it’s because they never did it to us Like this cast didn’t. THey could have bonded against us. Nobody has done that. Everybody has been open and together .
Tiff – there’s a flip side to every coin.. I’ve struggled with it I had to have a real conversation with myself. that it’s not all about the money. I know there is a bigger message

Brit cruises on listens-in but the feeds flip so no idea if she heard. Most likely not. Tiffany and Hannah are whispering

Hannah says if anyone is bitter about their cookout alliance they won’t be looked upon kindly by America “Everyone wants to be on the right side of history”
Hannah – if a black person can win this season that is history.
Tiff – DX if you make it through us then you deserve to win (No sh1t)
Tiff – Claire, Christian too, anybody else
Tiff – the 6 is not about my own personal game it’s something bigger than that. it’s not all about me
Feeds cut..


4:39 pm DX, Hannah, and Tiffany
Tiff – Christian, and Alyssa don’t give a sh1t about anything other than Christian and Alyssa
Tiff – we need to make an effort to win this HOH. Ky cannot win it no matter f**ing what
DX says that he plans on having a chat with Ky later about the HOH. “Should I not mention SB?”
Tiff – not at all that’s his right hand. SB is closer to KY than you, than X, Than Me, than Her and anybody else in this house he would never be for it
DX – do you think Ky wants to bring Sb all the way
Tiff – YES
Tiffany – that is his person.. Hos number one.. She has to go.
DX – I believe it
Claire joins them. Quick banter about who killed the moth. Tiff and Claire think it was Ky.
Tiff – I wanted to fill you all in so we can work on this plan.
Tiff – Ky can’t know…
feeds cut.. when we’re back
DX – don’t put up KY do not put up KY
Tiff – I agree
DX – you put up a joker you are guaranteed two votes from their team right there that’s five to win next week
Hannah – put up Britini because Briniti is another vote for SB to stay.. Britini and SB you break up a strong duo in the house (ZOMG)
They Frantcailly go through scenarios of who they should put up next to SB.
Claire suggests they could try and Pull Brit away from the jokers and put a joker up so she has to decide between SB or one.
Hannah – NO I would rather keep Brit close to the jokers
Hannah – if we have Azah and BIGD then Brit will do what they do. I don’t have to worry about Brit aligning with the other side of the house.
Tiff – Azah and Brit both like SB a lot
Claire tells them to remember week 1. Frenchie LOVED SB and he instilled that love into the jokers
Tiff – Frenchie loved SB and that whole team loves anything Frenchie said
Tiff – you still can’t say anything bad about Frenchie they leave they get mad
DX – I know
Tiff – Brit and Sb do things all the time..
DX – like what
Hannah – they nap together, they play chess together
DX – I’ve never seen them
Tiff – you aren’t paying attention..

Tiff – you see her with KY? You see that love they were making on the couch outside (LOL)
Tiff – what if britini wins the veto?
hannah – if brit wins the veto maybe we put up Alyssa..
DX – wait why.. you think Alyssa will keep brit over someone on her team?
Tiff – SB is the stronger player than ANYONE on her team
Feeds cut..
DerekX points out it they burn Kyland they’ll get rid of SB but they’ll lose Kyland’s trust
Tiff – Christian wants Ky gone
DerekX – what would it look lie if Ky did flip. It would be Ky, Alyssa, Xavier and Christian against us four we lose every time
Tiff – we still have the jokers
DX – we can’t win comps.. Can the jokers win HOH? they (Ky’s side) are going to win every time.
Tiff – Christian will come to our side

Tiff says it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t trust them who else can he trust
Tiffany – we can have Christian I think Christian will come to our side
Hannah – X is 100% in on this plan to get out SB

SB breaks them up
Tiff – Hey Girl
Claire – Girly Girl
Hannah – Hey SB
TIff – HOw you doing
Hannah – Girl let me help you fold them

4:41 pm DF says the Back yard closes at 5 am “they’re setting up for something BIG.. ohh boy”
5:05 pm Some chilling and BIGD is Running low on smokes..

5:16 pm Xavier and Azah
Xavier is talking about the type of girl he likes “Outgoing but doesn’t have to be the life of the party”
X – I’m more of a homebody.. I like to drink wine and watch a Disney movie 9 times outta 10
X – drink wine get weird..
Azah wants him to define weird
X – “Getting drunk and Playing Jenga .. take a random trip to Walmart at 3 am.. just doing stuff just because.. having fun” (LOl sounds good)

5:50 pm Hannah and Ky
Ky – Christian, and DerekX see each other as shields. You and Sarh Beth should see each other the same.
Hannah – I know she was a proponent of me going on the block this week. I don’t know why.
Hannah – there’s merit in getting Christian out before Jury
Ky – I don’t see how there’s not
Hannah says she doesn’t know where Brit and SB’s heads at “They might target me if she were to win HOH or at least put me on the block”
Ky – what are the pros and cons of the kings going past eviction 5?
Ky – is there any pros that is my question
Hanna – no

5:55 pm Tiffany
Tiff – even if I don’t win my plan needs to be in motion
Tiff – If Alyssa wins she wants to go after Hannah to and that does not work for me So that means I can not discuss my true plans moving forward next with Christian and Alyssa.
TIff – I did just tell them if I am asked who I would go for if I won HOH and I said KINGS which is true. Poor little Britini will have to sit next to SB. (you are playing with fire putting Brit up .. lol)
Tiff – Christian, and Alyssa won’t care if they are off the block. Alyssa just can’t win.. If Alyssa wins and puts Hannah on the block me and ALyssa will fall out cause I’m not sending Hannah home.
Tiff – I don’t care if it’s a WHOLE house vote I’m not voting against Hannah.

6:19 pm Kings and Claire goofing around

“where is the brown bucket hat”

6:40 pm They’re going to hold court tonight to find out who threw out the moth. Marty the moth.

7pm – 8pm The court case continues with numerous witnesses, pieces of evidence and facts that are presented in the pursuit of justice and the truth. After breaking for dinner, Xavier comes out and admits that he was the one to plant his own hat in Tiffany’s room.

8:10pm HOH room. Christian and Alyssa.
Xavier leaves the HOH room. Alyssa – I love him. Christian – he has got to be the fifth. He has to be the fifth. Alyssa – I know. Christian – he is literally the perfect fifth. When us four were up here I wanted to talk about him being the fifth but then Brit came up. He is a perfect five. Alyssa – he would have our backs. Christian – and its only two guys and three girls. They start making out under his hat.

8:58pm Kitchen – Derek X and Claire.
Claire – I don’t know what comp he would beat you in. Derek – Ky? Claire – yeah. We haven’t really seen him do much though. Derek – memory. He actually has a great memory. Claire – does he do the thing where he tries to test you with the days? Derek – oh no he’s never done that with me. If we ride to final 8, I think we would win. Like our four. I think we would beat them out… Hmmm actually no. If it was a physical comp I think Christian might beat… Claire – but I do think Christian would want to keep you. Derek – but he would put Ky and I up. Claire – yeah he would put you and Ky up in the hopes that Ky would go. I do think that he wouldn’t do that for a little bit. I don’t think they’re as scheme Derek – yeah, I agree.

9:25pm kitchen – Ky and Derek are playing chess. The other house guests are lounging around ..

10pm Living room. Xavier, Claire, Brit, Azah, Big D are trying to figure out which Disney character they each are. Big D is offended when they say he’s Mr. Potato Head or the donkey from Shrek. Sarah is Belle. Azah is Mary Poppins. Britini is Joy from Inside Out. Derek X is Milo. Claire is Lumiere. They change who Big D is, he’s now the clock from Beauty and the Beast. Hannah is Lilo. Ky is Simba. Christian is Dash. Whitney is Meg from Hercules.

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Hopeful for a Good Season

I really liked Tiffany at the beginning. She was strategizing well and I thought could get to the end. But watching in the last few days she’s letting her game spiral downhill due to jealousy. She’s getting sloppy.


Agreed. For the first couple of weeks, Tiffany was one of my all-time favorite HGs with her great reads and ability to plant seeds. Since then, her gameplay has gotten messy. But she’s still one of my favorites along with Claire, Ky, and DerekX. I’m also rooting for Hannah and Xavier.

At least there are several likeable HGs this season who are here to play the game! We’ve hit a slump with unanimous house targets for a couple of weeks, but things will shake-up once the HGs start turning on their alliances and I’m here for it.

Big Brother 23 Fan

Tiffany’s developed diarrhea of the mouth. I loved when she told Hannah that she had two ears and only one mouth and to use her ears.

The first couple of weeks, Tiffany was probably my overall favorite. Now, it’s time for her to win things if she wants to run things.


It depends if her leg will hold up after her injury


The discussion between Hannah and Tiffany should be called out by CBS. They are clearly playing with racist intentions and to flat out say they are only voting for a POC to win is despicable. Fans watch this show to see a player win who checks all the boxes (wins, personality, gameplay, alliances, etc)…. One of those boxes doesn’t entail your skin color.

To let this to continued to go unchecked week after week only leads me to believe this season was intentionally setup for a cookout member to win as some sort of feel good story.

It’s just sad.


Claire, SB, Alyssa, and Christian literally need to team up! Tiffany is really too much and she needs to go up on the block with Hannah next week!

Larry Pooper

Gang I soiled myself.


I don’t see the problem. CBS allowed Jackson to win even when he did things he shouldn’t when he was a have not. Nothing wrong with what they are planning when 2 out of the 4 HG was and will be evicted due to a non POC


CBS and Julie called Jackson out for his behavior. This is apples and oranges when an alliance was built simply because of skin color. It’s wrong and if you can’t admit that then you’re part of the problem.

If you look back at the feeds it even got so bad that during a cookout meeting Tiffany said, “make sure we scatter around the house and always team up with an opposite”. You can in no way ever justify that comment as anything other than racist.


Agreed… I’m sure the production team knows what’s going on. This season’s winner will be decided by race. If all the white people would have started a “cracker” alliance you would never hear the end of it. I think this will be my last BB season to watch if this continues.
Racial tensions are bad enough in this country. Let’s just dog pile on it CBS… You should be ashamed of yourselves.


The Cookout members said this is the last time something like this can happen because in the future houseguests will know. Going forward, they’ve ruined it for poc to align secretly.


There is a reason why racial tensions are “bad,” which leads to a very good reason why POC feel the need to team up to get ahead. Rarely, if ever, do they find themselves in the majority. This is certainly the first time in BB USA history. Why is everyone so bent out of shape because 1 season of BB gave POC a shot at having a big enough alliance that might take them all the way to finale?? Why is everyone so frightened? This is white fragility at its best!


The problem is that with the BLM movement causing such an uproar, the network decided to make at least 50% of the houseguests black. They, whether knowingly or
unknowingly, set them up to ally together. There are many races that comprise this country. Unfortunately for the blacks, they do not make up a big majority of our population. Should they have been given a majority in the house? However, had the Cookout not been formed and acted so blatantly racist, anyone’s race in the house
would never have become an issue.

mad max

The white contestants are pretty lame if they can’t see what is happening.


Is just me or do all the HG look like muppets this season?

Miss Impression

X should not be participating in that court case,BigD is already on to him.