Hannah – “BIGD already has his prize money he needs to be the first member of the cookout to leave”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa and Xavier
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Alyssa and X are nominated. Alyssa is the target. Alyssa winning Veto could bring some drama. Otherwise, it’s zzzzzz for the most part.

1:17 pm DF and Tiff
Tiff having another one on one with DF..
Tiff – who do you expect is targeting you
DF – I’ve been playing such a by myself game people think I’m expendable. Phh I don’t have to get any blood on my hands I just have to get rid of BIGD. Do you know what I mean.
DF – I haven’t even made anything with Azah and she’s on my own team.
DF – I’ve been playing by myself (In a 6 person alliance)
DF – If I play by myself I don’t owe anybody nothing. I’m waiting until I get to here.. I’m going to be fair with everybody. I want to wait until we get there and say OK whose open to what.
DF – if you know what I should do if you have some advice for me. I just feel like I’m kinda just.. I’m here waiting to win
DF – I want to get rid of the people that want to get rid of me but I don’t know who that is. Cause I’m cool with all you guys. I’m like who wants to get rid of me.

DF – I’m open to whatever. Whoever comes t me first when we get here I’m like OKAY what are we going to do. What do you think is best for US and WHAT NOT…
DF – I’m trying to be.. Cause I PUT you guys together. I’m like Hey lets all work together lets all get us all together.. X comes up with the name of the group.. Sh1t like that and now i’m like.. I feel like .. let’s get to final two .. it doesn’t feel good in my gut
DF – It feels weird to me to make deals before we get there (Final6)
Df – I mean like… I feel like.. When we get there I’m taking a chance.. like I’m taking a big risk I’m willing with you and Azah because of that Heart to heart and how we’ve talked for the last couple of weeks I’m like. I don’t want you guys to have to put. yourselves in jeopardy of Playing you know not being able to paly in the HOH after we get to 6 (WTF)
DF – when we get to six (he means 7) it’ll be a mental thing.. Let me take out ALyssa or Claire whoever is left at the end of the day
(Ohh I get it he’s begging to have the HOH thrown to him)
DF – so that is done then you guys can play in the six that’s where my minds at.. I dunno.. (Jesus)
Df – Maybe I’m playing this so f***ing wrong I’m guessing.. I’ve been thinking about who I want to work with in the six to get myself further it’s like.. I dunno.. you won twice.. great.. won twice. hannah is smart as sh2t.. Ky’s f*cking Crazy (you’re telling me), X I don’t f***Ing know I think he’s good a sh1t I feel like he is but I don’t know
Df – Azah./. she’s good but she hasn’t won something like me.
Df – who do you think will get you further in this game.. I feel better .. obviously, you know this game very well and you’re good at it so it would be better for my game to be like OHH TIFF lets move forward and work together. you know how I originally felt and WHAT NOT.
Df – then it’s also like.. I feel bad because I haven’t even sat down to the person that is in the same room with me.. you know and I feel bad.. so what is best for my game AND WHAT NOT ..
DF – I’ve made it clear I just want to make it to the top FIVE..
DF laughs
DF – If I make it further GREAT thank you so much.. I want to be able to get something so I can go home with …. stuff.. I respect whatever decision you make whatever you have to do for your own game
DF – maybe I’m going crazy we were all going to wait until we got to this.. maybe I’m naive or there’s other sh1t going on
DF – to be honest with you I think the girls .. I don’t think the guys are going to make it I think the girls will make it to the end I see that happening and it’s fine
Tiff – no I don’t see that happening No I don’t
DF – each one of you girls are so powerful

1:25 pm Kyland slurping down an apple talking to the camera
Kyland says he thinks X will take him because he “knows he’ll beat Ky.
Ky – Tiff might actually take me because she knows she will beat me.. and I think BIGD might take me. If he had that option.. Hannah might also though cause Hannah knows that of outside BIGD and Azah her best chance at beating someone is me. She knows she would lose to TIFF she knows she would lose to X. So three people most likely.
Kyland- If we get to those four, Tiff will cut me at four, Hannah wouldn’t I don’t think X would.. He might also be at four. if I make it to four I have to win that Veto.. That HOH. If I get to Three I’m going to win one of those no matter what. Maybe not the final one but I will win one of those and I might win that final one
Ky – if i win that final one I win the game if I don’t win that final one I probably lose
Ky – if I don’t win that final one the advantage I’d have over Tiff is not being selfish and the advantage I would have over X might be my goodbye messages and over tiff.. being in danger.

Ky – it’ll never be in my interest to take a shot at those two

1:31 pm Tiff to the camera
Tiff – C’mon BIGD you are going to wait to get here before you have a discussion how your game is going to progress forward that conversation for me was done the minute he started talking we are playing a game where we all understand that we want to get here but the game doesn’t end here unless you plan to self evict of you volunteer to get evicted the game doesn’t stop. no one is going to start playing a new game when we get here. this game has started day ONe and everybody has positioned themselves or tried to position the themselves.

Tiff – I know he has final 2’s with several cookout members I know he’s been discussing his further meant in this game with different people no myself and Hannah. the fact that he doesn’t want to offer anything he doesn’t have any suggestions about us moving forward he doesn’t want to open up and tell me anything. That tells me everything I need to know. I am not on your list moving forward. I am on your list to be expendable and probably first.. you do not want to commit to anything you do not want to offer any deals to me but if I was Ky or Xavier I’m sure those conversations already happened. He’s moving forward with them. His inability to give me anything told me everything. You are unable to outsmart me I recognize BS.. I am playing the game and I know when someone is trying to play me.
Tiff – he can wait until we get to six my plans will already be made at six.. thank you.

1:44 pm Xavier and Ky
Generally complaining about Tiffany.
Ky says he’s played this game assuming Tiffany had his back.
X – Week 6 we were sitting on the couch she said I want this please throw it to me Alyssa was sitting right next to her. The question got asked I pressed wildcard the answer was Veto. and then after the fact she came in here with Alyssa right there saying Don’t ever throw another competition to me again I was like..
Kyland – while Alyssa was there?
X – right here dog..
X – I was like Hey Alyssa can you give us a moment.. You literally asked me to and then you dropped the ball.
X – we wanted you to win HOH Ky already had one we wanted you to have one. She specially asked me to throw the competition

Xavier says Alyssa winning the veto would be bad for the group but would be “Funny as hell”

1:55 pm Kyland and Azah
Kyland says After Noms and before the veto he’ll have nothing to do. Then after the veto, he’ll have nothing to do.
Azah – I find it interesting that Claire told you that I was targeting you
Kyland – I think everyone has told me at some point
They laugh and hug..
Azah – did I tell you about our one on one convo with SB?
Ky – the recent one?
Azah – the one on one.. during her HOH..
Azah – she was like what would you have done this week I said my target is Kyland I’m telling you the truth. She said I’ll tell you the truth I did everything in my power to make sure Britini was sent home this week
they laugh.

2:03 pm Alyssa and Hannah
Alyssa doing some pre campaigning. She telling Hannah that she’s not targeting Tiffany if she wins HOH>
Alyssa – X is expecting to go up..

2:12 pm Tiff and Azah
Tiffany explains why she went for the HOH instead of tossing it. (we’ve heard it now a dozen times now)
Tiff – Kyland’s HOH kinda stress me out a little bit
Tiff – how do you feel about your position in the six and how do you want to move forward
Azah – I can’t get through the game off HOH’s the person I want to take out is Ky.. that is between me and you.
Azah – I’ve felt like this for a long time
tiff – in my personal game I’m not looking at you
Azah – I’m not looking at you
Tiff – after Ky who is next
Azah – based on the trust I trust BIGD and I trust you after that…
tiff – anybody can go.. mmmmhmmmm
Tiff – I feel like me and Ky are first and second or equally first
Tiff – my Desire is to see a woman win. there are three women included in the 6. I would like a woman of colour to win this game.
Tiff – everyone is considering to take BIGD because everyone thinks they will beat BIGD.. He’ll probably win ..
Tiff – I don’t see me getting past five unless I win HOH’s I’ll get backdoored it’ll be Xavier.. with Kyland gone Xavier will have nobody to target besides me..
Tiff – I’m expecting X to cut me, BigD to cut me and Kyland wants to sit next to a guy because he doesn’t think a girl will vote for him besides Sarah Beth (Sweet Sarah Beth)
Tiff – I personally believe the guys have a final 3..
Azah agrees.
tiff – neither of them wants to sit next to a woman with the jury full of women.

Tiff asks what does it mean when people say they started the cookout
Azah – I was asked I didn’t initiate
Tiff – did you not see all of us when you walked in the door and thought we need to stick together
Azah – of course
Tiff – I don’t see why people are taking credit.. the name Yes… making sure we stick together yes.. I think it was a collective unspoken decision when we walked through that door .. Samn there’s a lot of us we gotta stick together (BIGD has been saying he started the cookout so this is Tiff’s response to that)
Azah – I feel you.. I understand that
Azah – My priority is to make sure a person of Colour wins.
Tiff – I don’t know what will happen at six I just want you to know I’m not looking or desire or have any plans to get you out of this house
Azah – I feel 100% the same
Tiff – I don’t care if Ky leaves at six..
Azah – who would your first boot me at 6
Tiff – it would be Ky.. I would hope that I’m not next on anybody else’s list.. Ky is also a good shield for this game.
Tiff – Ky is a shield for me so i struggle a little bit
Azah says Ky might target her
tiff – who would you be up against
Azah – Hannah
tiff says Xavier and BIGD would vote for her. “even if I voted for Hannah that’s still 2 to 1
Azah – if Hanah wins Veto and he puts up X I go home
Tiff – hell no.. why would be and Hannah keep X over you? To make it hard on ourselves he would only have BIGD’s vote if he only had BIGD’s vote if he even had BIOGD’s vote..
Tiff – you would have me, BIGD, and Hannah voting for you and X would go home. Me, you, and Hannah take out Ky next week. You will not go home.
tiff – I don’t expect Claire to win that last HOH I expect it to be one of us. I expect us to send her home I don’t expect her to win that last veto and I expect to see the six of use celebrating in this house jumping around having us a jolly old time.
Tiff – It wouldn’t be me, you, or Hannah If she wins veto or she wins HOH, the girls are safe.
Tiff – Alyssa is NOT nominating X.. she is looking at you, me, Hannah and BIGD
Azah – Kyland
Azah – she wants Kyland out more than Claire.
Tiff – my loyalty is to you more that it is to them (Cookout boys)

2:23 pm Alysa, X, Claire and BIGD
Alyssa says she’s on her phone for 9 hours our of the day
BIGD – now that you are on BIG BROTHER you’ll be on your phone even more
BIGD – you want to answer your fans on Twitter you don’t want your fans blowing up your DM’s I would do Instagram life
Alyssa – I don’t think I have any fans
BIGD – you’ve been here long enough you have fans
X – anyone who has made it to the small
Claire – you have a group of people that are aggressively rooting for you
X- we got the Claire Bears we have the Lyss kiss we got eh BABYd’s or the little d’s.. Hannah’s Bananas,
BIGD – the way I’m going to interact when this is over is Instagram live for sure get a bunch of questions on Instagram live that you can answer. and some people on Twitter..
Alyssa – so on Twitter people ask questions and you can answer them. Isn’t that like Instagram when you do the ask me something question?
BIGD says to do both Instagram and Twitter
BIGD – let’s say I want to give away a prize like one of my costumes..
they start talking about monetizing Instagram and Twitter. Company Sponsors, influencers .. etc..
BIGD – you want both
(he lifts up a pillow)
BIGD – let’s say I’m sponsoring this Pillow I want to take a picture of this pillow HAHAHAHA. Post it on Instagram. I might tweet.. OH MY GOD TODAY I DEFINITELY USED THIS PILLOW from ferry land”
(Pillow manufacturers everywhere you have your man)

2:31 pm Hannah and Xavier
They talk about the order of people dropping last night.
Hannah – I could tell Azah was trying so hard she had the same problem as me. when she tried to get up her feet slipped out from underneath here
Hannah – when Azah Dropped I was like Wait why didn’t those TWO throw it to Azah.. Azah hasn’t won anything
Xavier – Exactly
Hannah – she has the most freedom and flexibility to take a shot. She could have put up Alyssa and Claire and we could talk about it.
X says Tiff and Ky don’t trust each other
Feeds cut when we’re back X is going on about Alyssa being the 7th POC.
X- time to be on the block round three..

2:46 pm Hannah build up her game to the camera
Hannah is worried people will look at her as a floater. “Hopefully, you guys get to see how much strategy that I’ve contributed to the cookouts collective game”
“Hopefully, I am able to make it to the end I have faith in myself. I’ve accepted that I wouldn’t win it’s almost like I set myself up for defeat every single season has the same type of winner it’s usually there a CIS WHITE MALE or a COMP BEAST that wins not necessarily the strategist not necessarily the young female. I feel like young Females in this game don’t get the respect they deserve. A lot of POC’s are cut before jury if they make it to jury they’re cut in the beginning. I’ve come into this game accepting that I won’t make it too far.
“the past 22 winners have not looked like me so what makes me think this season will be any different the fact I am here Final 8 with the cookout still intact it’s so surreal my odds to making it to final six are high like that is incredible to me.”
Hannah says on her to-do list is to get Claire to target BIGD if Claire wins the next HOH. “I want BIGD to be the first member of the cookout to leave”
Hannah – everyone has a final 2 with BIG beside me and Tiff.
Hannah – BIGD already has his prize money he needs to be the first member of the cookout to leave.
Hannah says after BIGD they need to take out Ky. She will be okay losing to any of the remaining four.
Hannah – my ideal final 3 with ITFF, Azah but I’m still wrestling with who my ideal final 2 is. Tiff would be the loyal route to take but at this point in the game, Tiffany would have more votes than me simply because Tiffany has won more. She’s had the ability to exert more power in this game.
Hannah goes on building up her “behind the scene game” – “people underestimate me I would have a strong case against Azah” (As much as I love Azah she was in the yacht room for 9/10’s of the season she really has nothing but her name on the resume)

Hannah says the final 2’s in the house are
Ky-Tiff, Ky-BigD, Tiff- Hannah, X -Hannah, Azah – bigD, BID -X
Hannah – there’s a lot happening
Hannah says she doesn’t want to have a final 2 with everyone and then end up losing in the end.
Hanna – this game is so much fun,.. I probably using my brain less in this house than I normally do. I’ve never had this much fun..

3:05 pm Feeds cut to Pound puppies
4:41 pm Feeds on the pound

4:50 pm Feeds return Nominations are Alyssa and Xavier


Kings do a block dance

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How is Alyssa considered a POC but Derek X wasn’t? Because he didn’t have as much melatonin…am I missing something? I thought Alyssa just had a really dark tan honestly…

Miss Impression

X is trying to rationalize the irrational.


Not sure how his law firm would like his comments or positons on race, but maybe they are woke too and dont care??




Lol I clearly didn’t have enough of a nap this afternoon…


The goal of the CO is for a Black person to win. Black culture could be considered the main subset of POC.

Each culture has a right within that framework to work towards its own goals. Being that African Americans are the greatest victims of systemic racism (I will put Natives in a different category as they suffered a more direct sort of genocide which essentially erased them from the landscape), many view their goals as naturally taking a dominant role against the oppressive acts of this country.

Alyssa is half Brown. That makes her a POC, but as she is not Black, she was not a part of the CO mission. In the same vein, neither was DerekX.

Right now X is expanding to make Alyssa a sort of honorary member, in order to make her feel less betrayed and left out. Alyssa’s feelings about this would not necessarily have anything to do with her being left out as a POC; if she’s rationale, she cannot deny that she does not belong in the mission category of Black individuals. Further, a Brown person has won in the past. But it is very upsetting for any HG to realize as the final non-alliance cut, that they have been outnumbered and duped throughout the game. See, Britney Haynes.

It’s also a way for X to rationalize having Alyssa stay over Claire.

I don’t like what X is doing here bc it is infantilizing to Alyssa. I hope she doesn’t fall for it. He should just tell her straight up what the mission is. He always wants to look pure, but now it’s getting to the point of being phony and hollow. The lawyer in him is becoming more and more apparent. All show with lots of game for self-promotion and self-interest.


Did Ky type this?


Too bad you can’t distinguish between articulate reason and rambling. Feeling insecure?


Hannah is black and Indian


You have to learn the hierarchy
of POC. I know we were told not to look at a person that way, but that was pre 2020. Now it is ok to do that, even major TV networks promote it. who knew??


That’s lawyer talk for you.


We’re all pink on the inside and taste like chicken.

another name

Anyone thinking the zings this year will be zingier than what we say about houseguests on the regular needs to give their head a shake.
They’re going to be dumbass quips that say practically nothing of substance.
I mean, the houseguests already know it’s zingbot this week (meaning they’ve probably met with each houseguests to find out hard and soft limits of what they can say).


James Earl Jones will be the voice of Zingbot this season, you know for equity.


I love equity!

Miss Impression

Just a thought,BigD thinks he’s the target every week yet he’s also the mastermind behind every eviction.

No fave yet

Big Dum Dum…a mastermind??? Not ever!


Ok. Now was the woman Clair replaced black or was she white? What would the outcome would be ? Now tiff wouldn’t have Clair so if she were black then it be whole different game now cookout would be 7 of poc. What? Had to repost this. Didn’t see any response. Ok

No fave yet


another name

Claire replaced Christie, a sports illustrated swimsuit model with alopecia. Christie was white. Notification was given of the replacement about 48 hours before move in.
Christie was quite active befriending the first few evictees. The series handlers told Christian to steer a wider berth from her.

Christian replaced Garret. He appeared to be white as well. No reason was given because the switch was made between the initial release of cast and official release of cast.


Thanks. Didn’t know that.

Bean Boy

If i needed something to help me sleep all i gotta do is watch a episode of bb23 zzing

another name

Az / Tiff backyard convo.
Tiff: get a clue.
Azah is pretty much being whoopi in ghost insinuating that Tiff, you in danger girl without saying anything that would put Azah in anybody’s cross hairs.
Tiff is so sure the boys will take out Claire that next week is already written.
Azah is telling Tiff the idea of Ky or X winning next HOH is a bad idea.
Tiff is totally not picking up on the cues.

Sir Kirby Williams

Improbable scenario, but…

…imagine Claire or Alyssa go on a historic run of winning out Veto’s and a few HOH’s, including winning the Final HOH, only to lose out because they weren’t part of the cookout?

What if Claire winning out and also makes moves to keep Alyssa safe, even throwing HOH’s. Would Alyssa gain the Cookout votes over Claire because Aly has been mentioned as the 7th (by X) or would Claire be rewarded for her major run and not only making it to the final 3, but also to remain in the house until the finale? She would get votes from Tiff, DX, Britini for sure, but how would each other HG vote?


Why root for Claire or Alyssa? Is it because they’re white. You guys are doing the same thing you’re mad at CO about? lol

Sir Kirby Williams

I am actually wanting Kyland to win, if not Tiff.
I just think it would be great to see an outcome that we are unable to predict.
It becomes a philosophical question: what would jurors value more to determine their final vote? If the scales of justice were set in front of X, would his vote tip the scales more in favour of gameplay or the cause?

Bird Man

So Hannah and Tiffany keep saying no POC has ever won in the first 22 seasons of BB. Didn’t Josh Martinez win? What color was Josh’s skin?

Jaymie lee

Cant be about Actual gameplay now its about gender or colour. They dont include derekx and josh because the dont have Black skin. But not Racist not racist. Blacks cant be racist im told as they are voting out Whites for not having Black skin. The logic is laughable.


It’s interesting how the CO doesn’t consider anyone not black as POC. What’s even more interesting is within the CO some members had a hard time accepting the mixed race members as part of the original alliance. None of this is considered racist tho, right?

Sir Kirby Williams

Watch out for the purple-people eaters!

Alycia K Shelton

Let’s go CO!!!!

Game fan

my rate for being safe at 6

azah – only ky would target her – would not get two votes against her .
x- he is no ones target. and would get 2 votes to stay in the most scenrios.
hannah – she would stay over tiff and be saved by tiff . but if tiff wins veto or azah put her up next to ky – she would prob go.
big d- hannah and tiff would target him but im not sure they would get two votes to evict him
as they cant vote as hoh. and the others are not gonna nominate him.
ky – def azah target and with the veto been used or running his mouth he can easily be the pawn that goes home
tiff – x and big d targets and can be convice to be ky target . would stay only against azah and thats not for sure