Godfrey lists off all the guys Britt has nominated & voted out. Sarah “The Man Killa!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-14 08-51-09-653

11:30am – 12pm UP in the HOH room. Sarah says I told Godfrey he needs to win it. Maybe now we’ll see him finally win something. Britt says hopefully he doesn’t win it and pull Zach off. Sarah says he wouldn’t, he’s wanted him gone. Brittnee says that was Bruno’s logic. If Godfrey won and took Zach down .. you would put up Pili right? Sarah says yeah. Britt says and you would want Ash gone then? Sarah says good. Either way one of them are going. Sarah says if Pili wins and pulls Ash down .. we would have to put up Godfrey .. and then the girls choose to send Godfrey home. Britt says I am going to fight hard for it to keep the noms the same. You could win it too. Sarah and Britt comment on the task they’re supposed to get today and how they’re in teams (Sarah & Britt are together). Brittnee says she hopes its something we all win. Brittnee says I feel bad for Zach and Ash but they had their time and now we have ours …and they would have no problem putting us up. Sarah says if Pili was smart she would throw the veto. I can’t believe she didn’t listen to the rules (last nights HOH rules). It was 100 minutes of hell. Godfrey finishes listening to music and tells Brittnee that he is the only guy she hasn’t nominated or voted out. He lists off all the guys Brittnee has nominated/voted out. Sarah calls Brittnee the man killa! Britt says he’s right. Sarah says if its (veto comp) is a how bad do you want it .. I would shave my head! Brittnee says no. Sarah says why not infamy.. that would be talked about forever. They talk about giving up a portion of the 100k. Sarah says he (Zach) could give up 50K… its between staying and going. That’s the one thing that I wouldn’t put down too much .. like maybe give up 25k. Britt and Sarah talk about how close to the end they are. Sarah says I never thought in a million year we would get this far.

12:50pm Britt and Zach are sitting outside the bathroom chatting. He says he is going to get so wasted when he gets out. He says it sucks being so close yet so far away. 18 days! Brittnee asks that’s how far it is away ..so crazy. It will be so crazy when it gets to single digits! Zach says so crazy! Britt says we’ll be so close. I wonder what Bruno is telling them in jury? Do you think he would tell them good stuff or.. Zach says yeah he would spit it real. Britt says I wonder if my friends saw me kiss you .. and Bobby and Johnny.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-14 09-55-55-867

1pm Pili asks Do you think we’re doing them a favor with taking out a strong player? Ash asks what? Pili repeats herself. Ash says Zach isn’t coming after us. Pili says if we get rid of Zach they are coming after us next. Because they are sticking together. If Zach does leave we are going to have to win that (next HOH). Ash asks where do you think Godfrey lies? Pili says I think he’s alone. Ash says is he more with us or them? Pili says more with us. Pili says but if he (Zach) is still here and it gets down to it. I could be thinking why didn’t we get rid of him when we had the chance. The final HOH you choose and he wouldn’t choose me. If its (HOH) a mental one I am screwed. If its a physical one I think I am also screwed. What do you think? Ash says I don’t know.

1:40pm – 2:15pm Sarah pulls out her fake tattoos and does them with the other house guests. Zach gets one on his chest. Brittnee and Sarah both get one on their arms. Sarah says she wanted to put one on her face but big brother told her not to. Brittnee tells Sarah about how last night Zach said he’s 50% into Ash and 50% its just game. Godfrey, Ashleigh, Sarah and Brittnee are in the bathroom putting on tattoos and talking about random things.

There was a live feed leak of the house guests upcoming task “PIZZA PIZZA” – Pre-season press releases stated “Pizza Pizza – Returns to sponsor a themed task where they will win a savoury reward if they successfully complete the task.”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-14 11-10-33-489

2:35pm – 2:45pm Zach tells Godfrey if you won the veto and took me off one of those girls would go up and then we would split them up. Just depends on what is best for you game. If you did I would be f**king loyal to you for the rest of the game. I don’t have anyone else. Godfrey says if Pil’s would win the veto and took off Ash I would go up. I am screwed that way. One of those pairs are going to cut me before they cut each other. Zach says its the same for me. Godfrey says if Pil’s wins it I will go up. You haven’t really felt the block .. you went up for a few seconds and then you’re done. Godfrey says if I win it I would take you off. I know where I stand in this game. I know what’s best for my game is if you or I win it. They’re going to be pissed when I do that but I have to do what’s best for my game. Big Brother calls all the house guests to the HOH room. The house guests think their task (Pizza, Pizza task) is starting soon.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-14 11-36-24-172

2:45pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

5:50pm The live feeds are still blocked..

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Ahhh… now I understand Brits move last night… Shes crushing on Zack!! She wants a bite of that top dog!


Can’t believe how much Britt & Sarah are congratulating themselves on their wins, Even I could win if I had the powers handed to me on a silver platter, you go girls I just know productions not finished with you yet….


i gues bruno special power aka double vetos were a gift from production to?

uh duh

a top Daoc player and BB fan knew not to use it. Brit was “forced”

uh duh

Also it was set up as a coup d’etat to replace 1 or both of the HoH’s noms, and all HG’s could compete for it.


They won their HOH’s so it happened to coincide with powers. Anyone could have won. Canada voted for them and I thank BB for it. It will be nice to see Zack and Ash finally up. They have been at summer camp all summer.

A Female

Why? Because she mentioned kissing him? Women! Such weak emotional beings. Can’t talk about kissing a guy without ‘crushing’ on him and wanting his ‘top dog’ right?


uh…yes? Do you normally kiss guys without crushing on them or liking them? Thought so.


Can’t speak for girls but as a guy I have kissed many girls that I haven’t liked. Some I barely even knew…

You're Right . . .

And the men can’t talk about preferring to work together or the notion of a girls alliance without being mysogynists. Such a double standard. Sarah and Britt can talk about being men killers and no one says a thing. Oh, and I’m a woman too, not sure why that matters . . .

lol what?

it would’ve been so Epic to see Bruno go out on Sarah’s HoH

Team Deluded

LOL, okay you no longer have only $0.01 in donations as I have donated some $$$, Simon!
Awesome site, by the way 🙂


stop blaming production it was canada voted for those twistos!

uh duh

blame canada,…blame canada


what is yo\ur plan?


After watching the jury spot last night, does anyone else get the feeling that Kevin is going to be a bitter jury member? I might be imagining it, but I just get that feeling.

The Truth

Even while he’s being driven to the Jury house Kevin still thinks he played an amazing game. He is so full of himself. Welcome back to earth.


Can U imagine if PeeLar won BBC3 No one would be able to understand what she saying!! UGH!

uh duh

you cant understand Mr pee pee either (the winner from bbc2). “HUNDO” “HUNDO” “HUNDO” “HUNDO” “HUNDO” “HUNDO” “HUNDO”

Ho Hum

Well I guess I can take this whole week off from watching live feeds. Already tired of watching Brittnee/Sarah patting themselves on the back. Hopefully Zach wins the pov and stays. At least it will be entertaining to see how Production fixes it for them next week. Maybe they can have a contest involving makeup or hair styling next week to give them the chance for another HOH.


Lets see diapers running the house. The private banter, the celebrating, making fun of the other HG’s…… oh wait that’s Sarah and B and less than 24 hours. Where are the trolls raging on Sarah for her behaviour/ we all know the answer they are hypocrites who have 2 standards 1 for productions douche bag Sarah and 1 for the rest. Wonder about that buzzer Sarah had in her pants that buzzed at 99 minutes so she could count down to 100.I wouldn’t put anything past production. This group is the most unethical I’ve seen on BB ever.
For G D sake get Zack out. Then GOD won’t feel so comfortable. I laughed at Sarah telling him Gab and the Goblins. Well GOD old buddy after Zack goes your target number 1. Sarah gonna scoop up the Goblins you gonna go jury.
Please lord Zack F6 evicted. Then Sarah no HOH eligible. Maybe we get lucky Sarah gets evicted and either B or GOD win BB CAN 3. Most likely F5 GOD to stupid to understand the real threat to his game is Sarah/B. Funny a lot feels like Andy the rat’s season on timing after a Zack evict which I pray happens. GODS gotta go after SARAH/B, not continue to work with them. I don’t think GOD has the chops to do that. As for his season I think he’s played a good float game that at times has been close to excellent. Unlike Andy his position in the game has been earned pretty cleanly. I like GOD for his entertainment to. would not be upset to see him win.
Troll warning from above the Bridge:
Ash and Zack up good. If Pili wins POV no diaper goes home and sadly GOD gets rimmed F6 or does Sarah take B out lol? The POV has to be set up so Pili doesn’t win. Production should have no trouble with that though. Bruno staying and Zack leaving would have made for a way better game.
By the way trolls how’s the dampness under the bridge. Bruno gets to the Jury house and Willow is going to find out selfish lil Sarah sent her out the door. So trolls instead of talking about the pain of poor Sarah having to wait in the HN room without knowing about Canada’s secret power vote lets see you talk about the pain selfish Sarah caused her snuggle buddy oh great hypocrites!

Thank You

I love this!! I don’t care who wins anymore. All my favourites are gone. I will be happy with anyone, except Sarah, at this point. She does not deserve to win imo because of her whiny, self-pity, and hypocritical behaviour and personality. I also feel like some of her fans fit that description too. They think they are rooting for a persecuted underdog, because in her airtime, DRs, and commercials, she has been spun that way, but if you actually, critically think about it, she had never been an underdog.

604 Macho

Does anyone know if there is a stream for Side Show tonight?


I thought it was available in 604, isn’t it? I don’t have a link for stream.


videobrother.net will play it at 7 PM pacific time

604 Macho


Ms Anthrope

Wake up Ashleigh and Pili – you both realize you can’t beat Zach in the end so now’s the time to cut his ass. What are you girls waiting for? Is it still too soon to make some big moves? The game is going to be over soon and you’ll be scratching your pretty heads wondering what went wrong. This is why i can’t get behind their gameplay – especially since Pili doesn’t even know what POV stands for.


it all depend what kind POV it is!


Pilar seems to have an understanding about what’s going on and who needs to go in order for her to go further, I hope she doesn’t listen to Ash about keeping Zach if things worked out in their favour with the POV. I felt kinda sad for Bruno last night, I hated his rants in the house about Sarah being poison & the girls alliance thing, but it was still a crappy way to go out, was really hoping Zach would finally be gone. I don’t care who wins this season, it’s a good group of people and I like them all, Godfrey is my number one pick though, just cuz he cracks me up and I’d like to see him win some money to help his life.


Godfrey is hilarious! no doubt
But his game play?
Throw all comps and tell everyone what they want to here
I just can not respect that game strategy. That said, out of
everyone left I’d like to see Godfrey get 2nd place and Sarah 1st
As for who needs the money the most? I think all of them could
benefit from the money except Zack, He seems to be well set.

uh duh

so you cant respect Dr Will’s game either? puhhleez


Go ahead and thumbs down me.
No I don’t like Will, Boggie, or Derick
And I wanted Neda to win last year, Jon was not a good player IMHO
I like players with a good strategy, able to win a few comps, loyalty, and only lie when necessary.
But thats just my opinion.


Dear Production,

Please make Zach clean himself up. His biggest game move was allowing his closest ally to be evicted, so he’s clearly not the sharpest crayon… but at least he was pretty to look at without that thing on his face…

Female populace.


what do you say to pilar and ashleigh they had zach and kevin played into there hohs!like being in there ears 24-7!


Well it looks like God is in a good position depends on pov but he would most likely make it to final 4 and hopefully does not thow comps from there


At this stage of the game, every hoh should be playing for themselves, period. Thinking about how the f2 would look if they make it there, if I was Sarah is get rid of Brit, there is no way she will win against her in a f2, and with everyone playing veto this may be her only chance to get her out, next week Brit can play and she can’t, and Sarah will win against the other hg.


I think Sarah should get rid of Brit sooner than later also
Just because I don’t trust her at all.
But as far as going head to head …
HOH wins … Brit … 1.5 / Sarah … 1.5
Veto wins … Brit … 0 / Sarah … 1
Special power Brit won against Sarah woopty doo
Screw ups … Brit abunch … Sarah a few
Seems pretty close to me
plus the jury thinks Sarah is behind all of Brits moves (not true but… perception)
Sarah as the rest of them would be better off against Pili
what’s a POV? Where am I? Is camp almost over?


Your gonna upset the trolls….

Sarah beats Ash, Pili loses to B, GOD and Zack. Zack’s not getting F2. Best for Sarah’s game her or Pili win POV. Take ash off put up B or GOD. Real headache is she likely won’t do it herself so Pili needs to win. The problem is she cannot compete next HOH. Perhaps production can twist/cheat that up for her.
Best for the game Zack finally leaves. Best for Sarah Zack going but close second Pili POV renom B or GOD they go jury. that’s only if production can rig the double for her. We all know the answer to that.
Pili beats Ash. No one else to bad Pili
Ash beats no one.
GOD beats all but Zack at this point.
Zack beats them all but never gets F2. To be clear it’s my opinion based on the jury. He certainly has not earned it.
B beats all except GOD and Zack. Get F2 no GOD I think she wins BB CAN 3. Of the 2 crybabies simply the better player.
No Pili POV the things as boring as watching paint dry. Though Zack goes and that’s a good thing.


Ugh! Pili is worried that if they get rid of Zachula, then they will be in danger because Britt and Sarah will stick together and come after them. *facepalm*

When is Pili going to get it into her head that yes, Britt and Sarah are going to stick together…exactly as she and Ash are going to stick together…and it will level the playing field if they all four work together to get out the two remaining guys and then battle it out 2 against 2. Otherwise, those two guys are going to use each other to pick off the rest of you, til there is one left, and then battle each other to take that girl to the final.

If Pili had any sense and wasn’t so trusting, maybe she would realize that Ash intends on being that final girl that they battle over and has no intentions of taking Pili with her. Hell, now that Ash is finally going on the block…she not only has been laying around sulking all day…but also has not even tried to hide her annoyance with Pili. Last year, Jon was sharp enough to catch that vibe from Neda…that she was making decisions for her own game and not for them both. But Pili is never going to see through Ash. Even Britt noticed Ash’s change in attitude towards Pili. Ash is just as clueless as Pili, though…thinking Zachula cares and has her back. He would only take her if he thought the could beat her…but would sell her out in a heartbeat if it saved himself. I wish she would have heard that convo he just had with Godfrey. Then again, I don’t think she really would care. She keeps claiming that she is concerned with how Canada perceives her…but has to have caught on by now, that it is her loyalty to Zachula that is hurting her the most. I honestly think she doesn’t care about the game at all…and only hopes that they become the next Jillian and Emmett.

As long as Pili or Godfrey don’t win the veto, I will be happy. If Pili wins it, she will take off Ash and Godfrey will have to up and will get voted out. If Godfrey wins it, I am afraid he will pull a Bruno and save Zachula. After that convo they just had, it is a possibility. I would hope Godfrey would be smart enough not to join up with him, but you never know. Too risky for my liking. If Zachula or Ash win it, then at least the other will be going home. Zachula needs to go…but I don’t mind Ash going as well…because she is his ass puppet and a lost cause.


Well said..
This is what happens when parents don’t teach their kids to be independent and think for themselves. They always have to rely on someone else to tell them what to do. Very sad really.
This is also why I don’t care for the Victorias and Pilis on BB
They can really mess up the games of people who really want to be there and play.
BB should have a minimum requirement of knowing how to play a simple game of chess
But it’s BB … they can do whatever they want … It’s just entertainment after all .


Oh Also if Pili is worried about what Canada thinks
(right now I might be thinking that Canada likes Brit n Sarah and maybe she join that side?
They didn’t give Zack or Ash special power… why not Pili?)
Maybe she should be thinking of an all Girls final 4
Don’t think that has ever happen … She would be making BB history
Gee Pili maybe Canada might like that more than sucking face and riding coat tails?

wow just wow



I’m not sure what Maggie is…but I don’t think it is female…or male for that matter. Is Maggie even human?


If God wins veto and uses it on Zach haha wow the girls are going to be pissed. Then again why would God want to be the only male in Final 5, there seems to be an unspoken rule that you never want to be the last of your gender in this game.


Jon Pardy was and God knows they may not have another opportunity to get Zach out

another name

As far as being supportive of an alliance’s agenda in the game I’ve leaned more toward supporting the ‘fembot’ agenda than the ‘diaper’ agenda. My reason for doing so is that the fembot agenda has for the most part been to target a larger threat to get further (I don’t agree that Bruno was a larger threat, but can see how their emotional perception guided their logic, don’t agree with it but I can see it). Take out the people that can beat you and you’re chances increase. The diaper agenda has consistently been to take out the weaker threat in order to get to a free for all later. I can see why Zach wanted this since he believes himself to be superior to the rest of the players in competitions, but never understood pilar and Ashleigh going along with the theory. the ‘too soon to make a big move’ theory has vexed me.
No matter who is voted out, every voter gets blood spray. the hoh may have put someone in the line of fire, but the houseguests pull the triggers in the firing squad. Fearing the big move doesn’t impress me. It’s too soon to draw the line in the sand in weeks 1-4 of ten. it’s iffy in week 5. IMO after that, if you don’t make the big move, you’ll be the victim of a big move. It’s a ten week season. Wanting to keep every comp. threat until week 9 is a fool’s gambit.

To be frank

Every year, girls somehow get swayed by the guys in the BB. I am so sick of it. Britney with the Brigade and Christine last BBUS season. I doubt Ashleigh and Pilli would break this habit. Can we get players like Janelle? Intelligent, brave women who do not get evicted in the first couple of weeks? (ex. Laura from BB11, Brittany BB16, Elissa BB15) Thanks!


look how rachel reilly won crying win!

queen confused

Don’t forget that it’s double eviction so really anything can happen !! What are your predictions Simon /Dawg ?
I think if Britt doesn’t win next HOH then the model/stoner will definitely be in trouble!!


Wait what about this week… Is Pilar will save Ash and God send Out / Will God put a Brunade on the girls and save Zack (Man this guy is like a cat having 7 damn lifes… Has to stop as a point) Will Pilar win Hoh save Zack and all send Ahs Home / Will Sarah/Brit wi and Zack is out… Will Zack or Ash save themselves and Pilar on the Block : Pilar Vs Ash : Ash Out / Zack Vs Pilar : Pilar Out


I think one of the juror will be back. Next week its a double and 99% Arissa will say Canada vote for your favori juror… 2nd chance… Kevin or Sindy or Willow?

another name

if i’m Godfrey, I feel like i’m sitting pretty in a way.
each group of girls is willing to keep me for another week. each thinks i’ll be in a three group.
they’ve bought it that I’ve been the poor alone single all game. What do I need Zach for? i’ll just let him believe i’ll play for him in veto in case he wins it himself. then he’ll bro out with me and ash and pili are on the block. If he doesn’t win it for himself, he goes home.
if pilar wins veto, I tell her this is why I voted for you to stay on triple eviction night, I knew you had it in you, I don’t know why Zach wanted to vote you out and keep willow. that should keep pili for removing Zach or ash from the block and we can vote him out.
If i’m godfrey and I actually win the veto and take zach off the block I’ve got to hope they vote out ash to break up the couple. But then pilar will still be there and I have to wonder, if she’s seen as a better bet to take to final two than me? maybe isn’t the same as sure thing.
in order to go with the devil you know, the certainty that each group of two girls wants him right now, if i’m godfrey I don’t save zach if I win veto, but I get close to him in case he does.
Of course, I’ve had the hardest time reading godfrey this season. he could be thinking of chicken feet for all I know. i’m just speculating.


The Big Brother format has become like a cult TV show with it’s own integrity but there is something about
the Canadian version that deteriorates that integrity..
BB is not the people’s popularity contest- it is a wits game of social and strategic abilities that if ‘messed with’ too much just turnes into nothing..
I mean, I understand the need for production twists since the show has been on for so long the viewers need some variety to surprise and catch their attention but BBCan’s idea of adding the people’s will to the equation to this extent basically ruins all true attempts of the players who really came to play true Big Brother game and it’s sad and annoying to watch.
let’s face it- Sarah is a super cool girl really she is my favourite in the house throughout the entire season but she is not a good BB player. she is over dramatic and plays her cards way too openly so other house guests always knew her true allegiances. Bruno was a MUCH better player and it was completely unfair for him to leave that way because he was one of the few who stayed true to the game.
So even though, personality wise, I want Sarah to get the money she doesn’t deserve the title… Zach and especially Godfrey played a much much much better game. (I don’t want to even mention Pilli & Ash they remind of Victoria from BBUS last season- a waste of space).
BB Canada should stop interfering this much because it’s just looks ridiculous now…


tell that derek l,dan gheesling and rachal reilly then see how they won there seasons!


The game of Big Brother started in the Netherlands and had the audience vote out the guests. Now BB has spread to many countries each with their own format. I like the Canadian version but also enjoy the US. UK and Australian versions. The games is for entertainment purposes and is in parts , scripted. This idea that there is some sort of integrity for the game is ridiculous. It is played to capture a viewing audience not as a game with very specific rules but for ratings of the TV station that airs it. If you do not like this format then do not watch it but don’t act like the show has any type of standard format where integrity is lost. You do know there is no santa too don’t you?

I want to see a have-not comp!

Hi metoo,
THANK YOU so much for educating sigiBB and this forum about the origins and diversity of the BB format throughout the world. I am disappointed by those who continuously behave as though BBUS is THE one and only “correct” version of the game. As a BB fan I watch many versions –BBUK, BBUS, BBCAN etc and appreciate each version for what it is. BBCAN is different from BBUS –great. That doesn’t make it wrong. Is BBUS wrong because it differs from the BBUK version which predates it? Of course not. BB fans are all different too –there is something for everyone.


Really? BB US didn’t offer Jeff a coup d’etat? Didn’t BBUS bring the dreaded Rachel back into the game? Production has been messing with the game since the game began, so I don’t really understand the complaint.

Yah, It's Called Big Brother

Big Brother, in the true sense, the Orwellian sense, is always watching. It is a metaphor for certain relationships in society, between the people and the government, institutions, society, between family, friends, neighbours, and strangers. It/he is also a metaphor for how we are influenced by society, culture, norms, and forces or events that are often intangible and beyond our control. This is the m.o. of the game and why there are twists and the constant refrain “expect the unexpected.”


any1 think that 3 people will go up on the block?


Really hope Godfrey is just telling Zach what he wants to hear. At this point considering Ash and Pilar make a game move for themselves by getting Zach out this week, Godfrey will have a spot in the top 4.

I don’t know why, but I could honestly see Godfrey and Sarah in the final 2.


Love the site guys. Been here for a few seasons now. Made a small donation today & have a suggestion for you. How about in future seasons having some type of Premium member logo or something, next to people’s names when they leave comments on the site? I think that may encourage people to donate. Keep up the good work!


I know this won’t be a popular post with the “Sarah/Brittnee” fans, but here goes anyway. At this point in the game I have changed my favourite to Zach. Yes, I know he has had his Showmance, and yet he is still in the game. If he can manage to survive this week despite the special treatment the Fembots have received this past two weeks, I feel he deserves to be in Final 2. In the beginning of the game Production didn’t give him any favours even though I think they hoped he would do well. When they realized he didn’t have the fan base Sarah had they changed it up. Brittnee managed her win the week there happened to be a triple eviction, a competition which was made for her due to the fact she had been on the block so many times. She said it herself that she would have to be an idiot not to do well in that comp. The next week either Sarah or Brittnee should have gone home, but they were saved by the Special Power. Yes, it was announced that it would come out during the season, but magically appeared questionably when they were havenots. These two girls rated high on the fan favourite list for several weeks and Production could not take the chance to lower their ratings any more than they were….they weren`t even in the top 30 last week. So by giving it to these girls they hoped to keep their spot in the ratings. Zach has managed to stay in the game to this point, and I hope he manages to stay. He deserves an honest chance to get farther in the game without further interference by production. All I ask is that there is a level playing field. People tend to forget these contestants have all put their lives on hold for this chance, and to interfere this late in the game, leaves many of us with a bad taste in our mouths. I certainly am not saying Sarah or Brittnee are to blame in any way, shape or form. Production has done this, and I feel duped all of the BB fans this year. By clumping all these special powers together this way, the advantage all went to the same two people and in a span of two weeks.


i dont hate zach but why is everybody thinking he’s the biggest target?