Garry has had enough of Andrew’s flirting “every time he slaps my butt he adds 10 years to my life”

POV Holder: TOM Next POV March 9th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Garry Suzette
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian


9:53AM Backyard Andrew, Liza, Talla, Alec and AJ

Liza is saying that there is no studies that prove that tanning is bad for your skin. Her Doctor doesn’t like that she tans so much. She thinks that the Doctors are wrong there is nothing dangerous about tanning under UV lights if done properly. She says that there is a lot of low end tanning salons that are going to go under because they are banning tanning for people under the age of 18. She isn’t worried about her business since she doesn’t cater to the under 18 crowd. She points out that other industries have been age restricted and still survived, Cigarettes and alcohol to name two

Alec starts to defend the scientific studies that prove that overexposure to the sun causes cancer. Liza says that it’s really harder to get skin cancer than you think she says it’s really the smokers who tan that are “Asking for it”. Liza: “We’re all smart tan certified.. you are not allowed to work in a tanning salon unless you are trained as a professional” (Never knew tanning salons were so safe ;0 )

There’s a side conversation about cheese between Emmett, Jillian, AJ and Andrew. They joke about Emmett saying the “Cheese Plant is in westport” Andrew jokes he’s never seen a cheese plant before thought cheese came from a cow.



10:21AM kitchen Andrew, Suzette, Peter and AJ. AJ talking about telling his parents that he was studying for his MBA when he was really just hanging out doing nothing at his parents house. AJ adds that he opened the MBA book and after looking at the first question decided he wasn’t going to do it. So he kept the ruse up for about ½ a year.

Andrew asks Peter what he did at university. Peter says art and english, “I went to university because all my friends did”

Andrew tells them about his past at university.. Andrew has a twin brother and they both flunked out and went to work at the ski resort. After a couple years his twin brother went back to dalhousie and he went into Hotel management. Andrew: “I work so I can live I don’t live to work”

Big Brother tells them that the bathroom is now open looks like the toilet was fixed.


10:37AM washing machines Talla and Garry Talla is complaining about Andrew not doing any cleaning. Garry: “He acts like he’s 12 years old” Talla goes on and on about him not cleaning the dishes, sheets etc etc. Talla adds that he cooked that dinner but that was a task most other times he isn’t pulling his weight around the house. Talla “It’s called Shared responsibility.. I’ve never seen him help” Talla wants to call a house meeting. Garry doesn’t think that will work because nobody in the house wants to have one. Garry: “All he’s (Andrew) done is cook a meal and it was a shitty meal.. tasted like sugar.. it tasted bad.. he grosses me out the only reason why i’m nice to him is because of the game no shape or form would I be interested in someone like him”

Talla: “He’s a nice guy”
Garry: ‘Everything he does is annoying.. his jokes are annoying the way he eats his steaks is annoying.. but the boys like him.. I almost want him gone before AJ”
Garry: “Do you think AJ can play some game.. is AJ just a joke”
Talla isn’t sure, she thinks that AJ just sucks.
Garry about Andrew “His face is annoying me.. he looks like a vampire.. he totally makes me feel uncomfortable when he slaps my butt.. every time he slaps my butt he adds 10 years to my life”
Talla tells him to say something to Andrew.
Garry: “everyone is using their body in this game.. it’s just game”
Talla: “I’m not using my body”
Garry says that Tom is old enough to be his Dad it creeps him out.


11:00AM Aj and Topaz Chatting about how Suzette thought she was out of the game when all that happened was one person was evicted that she thought was safe. AJ points out that Susette was very much safe but the way she acted after Danielle left sunk her game. They mention Kat and how much of a beast she was, AJ says Kat would hang out with the boys playing sports and once she was on the block she started overplaying.

11:21AM Tom rocking out in the HOH room.


11:24am Alec and Liza chatting neat the weight room.

Alec asks her who she would put up if she won Head of Household. Liza: “I won’t win.. but if I did it would be floaters because it’s too early to make a power move” Liza tells him that the guys are not going to cut their showmances she knows that. She wouldn’t be surprised if the guys get to gather and swear they will cut their ladies but she doesn’t see that happening. Alec thinks they should continue this conversation in a little more depth with Peter. Liza adds that she feels like they don’t talk much because they have Pete. Alec: “Pete’s like our conduit”
Alec proposes Alec, Peter, Liza and Topaz as a strong 4 moving forward.

Alec says the reason why Tom is winning all these challenges is because people are throwing the comps to him. “None of Tom’s assets assisted him in winning these early competitions”


11:35am hottub room Aj and Andrew Andrew is giving AJ a project called “Voice Control” when AJ talks game he gets really loud. AJ: “You are super paranoid” Andrew: “You have to be paranoid” Andrew says everyone is thinking that the competitions will be physical but there will be crapshoots that anyone could win. Aj mentions if they take a shot at Jillian it’s the same as taking a shot towards Emmett. Aj: “Give me three names you always have to have three names in your head” Andrew:”Garry, Talla and Aneal”. Andrew says if he wins HOH and puts Talla/Garry up and POV is played he can go up to Tom and say “Hey Bro remember how you put AJ up.. he’ll be all like HEy man you’re gunning for me.. Dude you are a pawn like Aj was” Andrew says Tom should not put Aj up when he’s been talking about getting Garry out all week. Andrew points out how obvious it is that Tom and GArry have some sort of deal. AJ: “Taking GArry off is going to hurt his game BIG TIME”

Emmett pokes his head in the Hot Tub Room says high. They both like Emmett, AJ mentions that Emmett is always “Brooding.. Milk Brooding” (?) they leave the hot tub on the way out Aj says about Tom “Every guy and most girls in this house want Tom gone” points out with the exception of Talla and Liza


11:52Am Hot Tub room Emmett and Peter
Peter tells him the game really starts once they hit jury, “Right now it’s just preseason”. Emmett points out after this week there will be only 3 girls left in the house. Peter: “i think the girls are becoming scared it’s becoming a boys club” Peter says the relationship between Andrew and AJ is funny but warns that those 2 are a voting block.
Peter: “Do you think the Tom and Garry deal was a good deal.. Cause I don’t suzette is so useless.”

Emmett says that Garry can’t just put up anyone if he wins HOH because Tom and him made a deal. Emmett points out that Suzette is really not playing the game whereas Garry is a wildcard. He thinks Garry would be the better target.

Peter: “Garry left in the game for too long is dangerous.. for all his wackiness he can get it done in challenges”

Emmett and Peter agree that AJ and Talla are pretty useless in the game. Peter thinks there will be some type of mental thing that Aj will be good at.

Emmett: ‘If Suzette hadn’t made a scene after the ceremony she would still be here”
Peter: “Yup./. and she’s going to regret that for the rest of her life.. She could have floated to final 5”

Suzette walks up behind them to go into the Hot Tub room. Peter and Emmett leave.



12:00pm Bedroom Liza and GArry Liza is working Garry to put up a pair when he wins Head of Household to really stir the house up (She’s hinted that this pair is Alec and Topaz) Liza says once he wins the HOH people are going to start kissing his a$$ hard he’s going to be able to figure out where everyone’s game is at. Liza: “Taking out Aneal is a bad move because this is a numbers game and you don’t have the numbers.. Taking him out isn’t even taking out a pair or a 3 group of 3” (Liza has been working Garry hard to put up Alec and Topaz not knowing that Garry is close to them and will tell them everything she said)
Suzette joins them and everyone leaves like the room is on fire..


12:09PM guys are working out.. AJ is actually running around the yard.. GAme on yo


12:32pm After getting ready for the last hour Garry is almost ready to show off his brand


12:37pm The slop bucket doesn’t fit in the fridge so they decide to leave it outside to freeze it. The Slop minds Agree that it’s much better frozen.


1:00pm Kitchen Random collection of people milling around chit chatting

Aj says that his father was a metallurgist. Andrew jokes that he dated a girl whose father was a metallurgist on Vancouver Island and that is the twist this year on Big Brother Canada. AJ jokes the twist is he’s Russell Peters younger brother.

Emmett asks Aj what his strengths are why does he think he will win this game.

AJ jokes that he’s got confidence, “I should be good at Math because I’m Indian.. but Those brain cells have been destroyed”
AJ says he’s decent at poker, Andrew: “So you are good at reading people”
AJ: “Emmett’s thinking about Milk right now.. he wants a glass of milk but he feels bad because he’ll drink it all”
Emmett: “Theres no Milk”

1:23PM Feeds Cut POV Ceremony perhaps
2:05pm Feeds cut
2:25pm Feeds cut
2:45pm Feeds cut

3:18pm The live feeds come back for a few seconds and we see a bunch of the house guests sitting on the backyard couches. Then big brother blocks the feeds again..

4:15pm Still showing the hush hush screen…

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Alec needs to leave!!!


A couple observations:

1. Don’t you think Andrew should just come out of the closet and be done with it?

2. Emmett is falling HARD for Jillian. If this guy thinks he is going to be able to heartlessly cut her when the time comes, he is highly mistaken. You can see it the way he looks for her when she’s not beside him and how he follows her around. Oh Emmett, you are in trouble man.

3. Liza’s over confidence is so off putting. Little does she know that the house is figuring her out and she better be careful or the “Puppet Master” is going to find herself sitting on her couch at home.

4. Tom is his own worst enemy. He is quickly becoming a liability to the Bromance group and they will have no choice but to cut him. You can go from hero to zero in a blink of an eye in this game. Tom better lock it down before the house bounces his ass out the door.

Just my thoughts…


Thanks Simon. One thing I’m not sure of and maybe you can answer for me..

I know that Peter claims to be the smartest person and is manipulating everyone in the house but do you think he is falling under the Liza spell? I really hope not but from what I’ve seen, I think he is a little clouded when it comes to her.

Is he playing her?


I really hope Peter is playing Liza! I love Peter and the Alec/ Peter alliance! I just hope he isn’t getting snowed by liza’s “sexual” playfullness(?UGH!!) But I have to say that whole convo on the couch last nite, between those two, grossed me out!!!


Me too Susan!!


I can agree to all of the comments with the exception of the first one… Andrew has nothing in the closet to reveal. I say this because I know him personally, he tends to be a guy who gives everything to a relationship and they’re only with women


Hey Keizer thanks for the comments and I am not making any judgements either way. Just an observation.


I agree with you Andrew is just someone who is comfortable with his sexuality to joke around with Gary. He likes to get laughs and does things for shock value.


I am loving Andrew. I want him to go very far in the game. I think he is the one that would shake things up the most. He is my pick for HOH next week!


Just on Liza alone. She talks game with Alec about a 4 way deal with Gary and Topaz. Then talks to Gary about nominating Topaz and Alec. Just happens Topaz and Gary are tight. Liza just put a huge target on her back. Better to lay low than put forth schemes without knowing all the relationships.


Does anyone think Peter is awkwardly copying Dan like the way he talks in the Diary Room, etc?

Gary has really grown on me! At first I thought he was annoying but he’s fun to watch! He keeps the house fun. I’m all for the Topaz & Gary alliance.

Talla is hilarious, how could anyone not love her! Team Talla :>


With regards to Peter, that is so funny that you say that. When I was watching last night I was wondering why he was talking so loud in the DR. That is what Dan used to do! lol I think Peter is mimicking a few different BB personalities from the past. He is entertaining to watch though.


I wonder if Liza will still be defending tanning salons when she has skin cancer


I dislike Tom, think he’s more lucky than good, but he is trying to play. Outclassed.
AJ and Talla are so not into it. AJ goes soon. Talla needs coattails and luck.
I respect Gary’s lifestyle choices, the courage of his overly flamboyant ways and that he’s trying to play, but unless he can direct much more of his focus to other peoples game needs, he’s doomed. Gary, it’s not about you.
Emmett – I think I underestimated his cunning. When he gets a chance will he take the shot?
Jillian – very lucky to be a) female and seen as potential girl-power ally and b) allied with Quatro thru Em. Apart from that, don’t think she can play.
Andrew – male Jillian, minus a cuddlebud. Nice, wants to try, needs to survive until there’s an opening, but snakebit by house demographics.
Aneal – needs the outsiders to have more game than they do. Too bad. Can he turn nice into devious cunning? Maybe too young and happy.
Lisa and Topaz – wildcards!
Suzette – will Production throwing a curve prolong her agony?
Peter, Alec – who will be the bow that shoots the arrow out the door, or will the Shield withstand all blows?

I wish more for Aneal, Gary and Andrew but don’t think it will happen without civil war among the big Alliance.


Any thoughts on “eviction twist where Canada gets the power of veto”
I am hoping it means Canada can veto the eviction of Suzette and send AJ home then we can see Tom really freak out and Tom thought Suzette was snickering before you can only imagine the panic she will send through the house!!!


I think that it’s a brutal idea to let Canada have the power of veto – it messes with the flow of the game completely. Say what you will about Tom, he has been working hard to win every competition he can so that he could get HoH and PoV, and Canada gets to make his work worthless? That will completely mess up everyone’s strategies. JUST LET THEM PLAY.

Plus, why would anyone want to keep Suzette in the game? She’s worse then Tom is. Calling him a redneck, a douchebag, an asshole, a manwhore – going on hour-long rants with Danielle about him. When Tom did what? Said he was trying to get her out of the house? BIG WHOOP.


Pyramid, agree AND disagree.
As the game is, no, don’t mess up one player, not fair (fair, hehehe)
Evil Big Brother!
Keep them jumping! Lots more group tasks for reward/deprivation, more comps where BB picks the teams (haha!), keep rotating HG’s thru forced pairing, trios, quartets in comps, force them to bond together against BB, force them to adapt to social circumstances not of their choosing!
And put it on TV every night! Mix hour shows and half hour shows but let them know –
Big Brother is ALWAYS watching and SO ARE WE!


I agree. That being said, hopefully this twist is next week, and the HGs will be aware so that it doesn’t mess with any single person’s game. :)


I don’t want the public involved at all actually.
If the public gets a say, then it should be from the start and all the way thru and the whole game should be restructured.
Just my opinion.


So far my thoughts on the “good edits” would be Peter, Alec, Aneal and Andrew (maybe) so far the others are portrayed as either egomaniacs, space cadets or just unintelligent!!!! Just my thoughts


Production appears to favour Tom and Gary too! I think they will make efforts to keep both in the game as long as possible. We kept voting that we disliked Tom and Gary the most in your poll. That’s exactly why production would benefit from keeping them both. Oh yes, we’ll keep watching to see just what happens to these two. Personally, I would love to see Gary take it all…well at this point anyway. One thing is certain, we have a group of Canadians on the show whose arrogance makes us roll our eyes. Hey world, Canada is not populated by such arrogant people. I think this group is getting carried away with the whole notion of being the first Canadian BB houseguests which is making them feel very superior. I am loving it all just the same.


I agree with you on that. I am not thrilled if the viewer POV power can be used this week, which is what the majority of fans think on the Facebook BBCan page. There are many on there expressing the hope that they can save Suzette. My hope is that she can be scooped out of the house asap to spare her from more embarassment and hurt. In her pond back home, she is a popular big fish but in this house she is drowning. I feel sorry for her but I don’t want her to be saved.


Tom probably can’t memorize the script so it’s taking longer :-)




I was just watching the 9th After Dark and Suzette is telling Topaz that its “been confirmed” that people in the house have been making racist comments as well as weight comments about her. I’ve never heard anyone do anything like that. Is that her way of trying to justify her atrocious behavior or did someone actually do that? She’s a very selfish person, always talking over others, putting people on the block then getting mad when they put her on the block, said someone made racist comments then made a racist comment about Tom, etc. I think she’s really got some mental issues.


She’s been saying that DR has told her a lot of things, but she’s making it up…I’ve never heard racist remarks or even weight remarks about her. Tom did call her a c**t, and he’s a douche for saying it, but she takes it too far, and then tries to justify her poor game play by playing the victim. I cannot stand her poor me attitude anymore…She says that because she can’t touch other HGs, she can’t have a real connection with them and that it’s why she is a target. Forgetting that she put up Tom and Emmett for eviction that first night, and excluded herself from the group. I hope she leaves this week, although it is a completely wasted HOH.


I agree with you. Although I’m not sure but I don’t think he called her the c word, unless I missed it. After the blowup between them that was blocked, he was talking to Gary in the HOH after the blow up and told him that he didn’t call her the c word and wouldn’t but that he admitted to calling her a bit*h 50 times.

For her to say that she is targeted for not being in a relationship its crazy because there are a number of other house guests that aren’t in a relationship either like Aneal, Aj, Andrew, Talla, Gary and Peter. There were more people not in showmances in the beginning before Kat and Danielle were evicted and there still are than house guests in relationships. Not to mention that being in a relationship makes you a bigger target. It is also insane that she doesn’t understand that if you nominate someone you are going to be their target. She has alienating herself from the groups but doesn’t see she did it to herself. Just like how she blew up on Aneal calling him a backstabber when she was the one that voted to evict him.


I really like Suzette :/ I don’t want to see her go.


I haven’t heard anything about someone saying racist comments towards Suzette, but many people, including Tom, have called her fat, in a derogatory way. Plus, calling someone a redneck is not racist. I find it interesting that Tom called Danielle “white girl wasted”, to make fun of her and no one is identifying this as racist. If you hear what comes out of Tom’s mouth via the feeds, it is so incredibly sexist and at times homophobic, that I wouldn’t be surprised if he did say something racist towards Suzette. And yes, Tom can be friends with gay people and women and still say things that are sexist and homophobic. And how is calling someone a b*tch 50 times somehow better than not calling her to c word??


Calling someone a redneck is racist if used in a derogatory sense, and her tone was pretty hateful. How is a white guy, saying “white girl wasted” in a joking way racist? You seriously need to reevaluate what you think is racist. She called him a doucheb@g 50 times, so I think that about cancels out him calling her a b*tch.

As for the homophobic and sexist views, if you watch the live feeds, you know that he’s none of that. He’s just an egotistical guy who is high on himself – it doesn’t mean he hates other genders and sexualities. You’re throwing out pretty judgmental statements for not knowing him.


Look – of course I don’t know Tom… to be clear – I said that Tom has said things that are clearly sexist and homophobic. I have not called him a redneck, douchebag, or whatever. I am stating my opinion on things that Tom has said or how he has behaved. You can feel free to disagree. With respect to an example related to Tom saying sexist comments, recently Tom said this… “Tom is telling them that tomorrow morning they will pour a bucket of cold water on them in the morning. Tom: “take that B1tches”. Emmett and Alec do not seem too onboard with this plan. They propose just throwing a condom filled with water on them. Tom’s reply “I don’t use condoms.. condoms are for pussies.. I’m clean i’m fine.. Pull out and shoot on them T!tties”… how is this not sexist? Because he was saying this “between guys”? Because he said this “as a joke”? Probably even more concerning for all the women that Tom apparently has sex with without a condom – saying you don’t use condoms because you know you are “clean” is really not a very intelligent thing to say. Its Sex Ed 101 – not using condoms increases risk for STIs and pregnancy. Look, Tom may well be a nice guy to some people in his life – but he’s on Big Brother and saying these things publicly, in front of cameras and so he’s got to know that people will make judgements about him based on what he says. Finally… in my opinion, calling someone a derogatory word or stereotype because of the colour of their skin or due to being part of an ethnic/racial group they are affiliated with is racist. Calling someone a redneck is maybe rude or disrespectful or classist (i.e. being called a redneck means you are uneducated), but its not racism.