Frenchie – “We’re about to do some damage girl! Frenchie is going to be the showmance killer!”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Smells like Frenchie French is wanting to put up two pawns and backdoor a “big” target (Chrisitan perhaps?). He’s adamant about not putting up a girl.

10:26pm Bedroom – Frenchie and Tiffany.
Frenchie tells Tiffany that they will talk when his room opens up. Frenchie – I think was the second she said congratulations on your HOH. I knew that I did not want to .. one – I had no intentions of targeting a woman. And I knew that the people I was close to you and D (Derek) ..was definitely a no. Britini is a no. And then I started to notice what I was noticing. And its the same people you’re talking about. Tiffany – Okay.. Frenchie – so you know what? We’re about to do some damage girl! And he ain’t going to see it. Tiffany – if you’ve watched those seasons .. that’s what jocks do. Frenchie – I’m noticing potential showmances starting.. I am just telling you Frenchie is going to be the showmance killer! Claire joins them – Yes please! Yes, yes please! Frenchie – That’s what’s going on!

Bathroom. Alyssa and Frenchie.
Alyssa – I feel like a lot of people don’t know the game. A few people said they only started watching when they were cast. Frenchie – I know a few people are superfans… because the admitted it to me. My big thing is .. just be real with me. Once everyone starts showing their true colours.. Alyssa – I sh*t you not .. I’ve auditioned 4 times. Big Brother switches the feeds and then switch back. Christian, Travis and Brent join them.

11pm Whitney and Tiffany.
Tiffany – how do you feel about Frenchie? Whitney – I love Frenchie. Tiffany – how do you feel about joining him. Whitney – I would love to. Tiffany – when he gets his HOH room, we should go up to him. Me, you and Frenchie need to get together. Frenchie joins them. Whitney – we want me, you, Tiffany and Britini and maybe one other person. Frenchie – I am with that.. I like that. Tiffany – I definitely want us three together.

Brent and Derek – Derek – I think it is crazy that we are all in teams. Brent – I have a feeling .. like I know they say expect the unexpected but ..$750,000 is a lot of money! I really think they are going to bring it this year. They’re going to keep tempting people. Roll the dice just after you win HOH? Derek – if they’re willing to do that, what else are they going to do. I don’t know if I even want it. That is a lot of pressure. Brent – I feel a big twist coming.

11:15pm Havenot room. Christian and Xavier check out where they’ll be sleeping. Xavier – honestly I think we can make this room fun.

Christian, Travis, Derek X and Kyland.

Alyssa and Derek F.
Alyssa – I am about it. I agree we can kind of use our brains together .. you know what I mean. Like you have these people talking and I have these people. Derek – we’re on different teams so it works out. That is the best thing to do. Alyssa – because your social game is going to be good. I can already tell. Derek – this is just me being me. Alyssa – you have to use that to your advantage. Derek – you saw how we all got picked today.. I’ll get picked last .. that’s fine! I think it is all going to come down to when teams start winning and teams start losing. Alyssa – and when the teams split up too. Derek – I don’t think I’m ready for all this.. This is too much! This is insane! Big Brother 23! Its like Julie said “Go big or Go home!” I’m big and I am not going home! I just want to make it to the end. I feel so good about you. Alyssa – I feel good about you too. Who do you like? I really like Frenchie. And I am not just saying that because he is HOH. I am not. Derek – he is very genuine. I think that is why I like him and I hate that. He is like pulling out the genuine in me. I think what I am nervous about .. is the boys. The Hawaiian kid (Travis). Alyssa – with Travis I get a.. Derek – him and that other Derek kid. They are going to check us off one by one. So either we play smart or.. Alyssa – they’re not safe this week. Derek – they’re not. Alyssa – you just have to talk with your team and with Frenchie. Don’t like put it in his head but like kind of place it there.

12am – 12:20am Big Brother calls all the house guests to the living room. They’re all sitting around waiting for Frenchie to come out of the diary room to get to see his HOH room.

12:23am Frenchie comes out .. WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM! They all head up to the HOH room door chanting “Frenchie, Frenchie, Frenchie!” They all head in. Frenchie goes straight to his HOH photos. That’s my baby! That’s what I wanted right here!

Frenchie, Claire, Azah, Britini
Frenchie talks about the option to roll the dice after winning HOH. That was the last thing I wanted to do. What kind of sh!tty person would I be if I was like yeah lets roll this dice and I didn’t get it. I lost HOH.. which I really wouldn’t have been bummed but for the pictures… but at the end of the day I would be a super sh*tty person if you, you, me, D.. one of us ended up on the block and evicted and I knew that I could have easily been like na we’re good for the week. I would have been such a sh*tty person. Azah – but ultimately though we would have been cool with whatever decision you would have made. Frenchie – but at the end of the day there is no I in team as cliché as that sounds.. but I live by that. This wasn’t a me thing.. this was an us thing. This is y’all’s room too.

Frenchie, Kyland, Britini, Azah, Hannah, Whitney.
Frenchie – when people think of southern farmers .. the first thing that peoples minds go to are Trumpy, a redneck, and probably racist. Its sad that its come to that but its a stigma that nobody will outlive. Kyland – stereotype. Frenchie – I hope that stereotype goes away. I love being able to be on big brother to show America that I don’t like Donald Trump. Just my personal feelings. I don’t. My best friend is a gay blackman. That’s my best friend. I would lay my life down for him. The preconceived notions that people have, I just want to break that barrier. And don’t judge people by their looks or .. get to know people before you make assumptions. If I could do anything.. like if I am able to do that. I have served my purpose here. Kyland – you did. You have! He thanks Rockstar and Paul for teaching him a lot about this. I have to thank them in a big way.

3:24 am Christian and Brent
They’re trying to figure out what Frenchie is doing. Christian is hoping that the real target is clear after Nominations.
Christian – the one thing that has me nervous I haven’t told anyone but I’ll tell you. I don’t know what people thought as far as my performance today in Comps.. I’m not that great of a competitor. the fact I didn’t pull it off I’m hoping he’s not thinking let’s get him out.
Brent – I don’t think we are on Franchie’s radar.
Brent mentions how much Franchie knows the game.
They go back and forth speculating what Frenchie will do
Brent – He just wanted to see his kids..
Christian asks what his read of the house is right now.
Brent – I like everyone it’s only day one
Christian goes on about being on slop.
Brent says he doesn’t think he, Alyssa, and Christian are on Frenchioe’s radar..
Brent – I like everyone.. everyone likes everyone ..

3:41 am Derek and Christian
Derek says he thinks they will be on different sides of the house. Points out about the way things are working out in the house.

3:44 am Feeds flip to the HOH where Frenchie is chatting with Azah, Hannah, and Claire in the Head of Household
Claire says Brent is looking for a showmance
Azah – Brent’s Italian was nice that is the only thing that made me quiver

Frenchie – I refuse to nominate women this week.. just a personal preference. I don’t care if people hate me. I’m going to need some help with this I have no idea.
Frenchie – whoever gets nominated is not remotely.. like I want them to win the veto to do what I need to do
Frenchie is looking for a backdoor plan.

Hannah says he needs to pick people that are competitive enough to pull them off the block
Frenchie – the person I am considering will be a beast down the road. They will easily take 750 thousand from any four of us.
Azah asks if they should keep it’s private that he’s not nominating a woman.. Frenchie wants it a secret.
Frenchie – I want you all to enjoy your week here.

The feeds flip to the have nots.. Where they are speculating what Frenchie will do.

3:54 am
Frenchie – backdoor.. I want to figure out a really good nomination speech.. I want to make a statement and let him write it and when I nominate him I nominate him with his own eviction speech.. it’s never been done..
Frenchie – In order for this to work, we have to LOCK the numbers ahead of time. We can’t let people know exactly the way I will do this because it’ll piss people off
Frenchie – I’m going to take two volunteers.. They’ll just have to trust me. If two people jump up and say What do yo need down the road they’ll know I will be their pawn.
Hannah suggests Brent as a pawn.
Frenchie – if I pull this off I will walk up to the camera and say are you not being entertained.
Feeds flip again to another conversation.. (ugh..) After a couple of minutes, we’re back into the HOH room..
Frenchie – all I have to do is what I did today.. GUN for that Veto
Claire – now is the time to make a BIG MOVE.. Draw lines day one..
Hannah – it’s legendary
Frenchie – Day one we’re going in it’ll be a saw-type blood .. when you think of BIG moves..
Feeds flip again… when we’re back.
Frenchie – when you think of 23 you will be like this is what started it.. The fans are going to go nuts.. the ratings will skyrocket. I don’t want this show ever canceled.
Feeds flip… (what the hell)
When we’re back Frenchie is talking about doing something with Skittles like Derek did in BB16 (Jesus what a fool)

Lots of feed flipping as houseguests say good night and head to their beds.

5:00 am Sleeping..

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Houka Inumuta

I knew from the first moment I saw Sarah that she will be the winner of Big Brother 23.
She’s smart, cool and personable and she’s going to have every single cast members wanting to be her ride or die.


the little sister position in the game is powerful, just like Paras in BBCan, lets see if she is a gamer like Paras was.

Big Brother 23 Fan

She’d be the first one I voted out. Five minutes around her could make me diabetic.

The Beef

I’m wondering who you’re going to pick next Houka, after Sarah goes out in week 3 or 4? She may last longer than that, since she doesn’t appear to be much of a threat, but it’s so early right now. The only thing really going against her is the Houka curse! lol


SO HAPPY TO BE BACK!!! THANK YOU to obb for already being back to feeding my summer obsession. Here’s to another great summer, with newbies that will hopefully bring the game back to its roots!!!


Is there no more BB After Dark?

Dementia Joe

Well one thing we know for sure after last year that CBS will turn this season into Woke Big Brother.

The Beef

Amen and AMEN! With the way they “picked” the teams, they made sure they “spread” the different hamster types around, so there will be no repeat of last years week after week of POC evictions, and the criticism that goes along with it. I certainly understand why they did that, but to try to portray this as anything other than a production “spread” of players, versus a real captains “pick” of teams, is a total fantasy.


At least they got “some” input….
I’m just happy to see all new players with more diversity. I still would love to see more 40+ age. However, I get how difficult it is for people with careers, families, & obligations that would make a 3 month “leave of absence” extremely difficult, if not impossible. They would need to “tone down” the physical comps some & add more mental & even dare type games (what you would be willing to eat or do, maybe for several hours or days….


So who is Frenchie and his mainly female alliance going after?

Travis and Derek X with the target being Travis?

Or different dudes that have a chance to start showmances this season (Xavier, Brent, Christian)?

I hope he doesn’t try and backdoor Kyland since he is my # 1 and has the second top score so far. I’m sure that will vastly change later on but he is still my top guy.

I also like Xavier so I hope he goes after Travis or Christian I guess.

The Original BB Fan

YES Kyland!!! I love him already! Something about him, not to mention he’s good to look at! I hate to tell you though, my favs never last. It’s like I curse them, I’m sorry!


I’m so glad it’s BB Season again! My big hope is that this season is good enough to watch. The last few I ended up only reading OBB recaps because I couldn’t stand the shows. Thank you in advance, Dawg and Simon!

annette schaefer

Thank you for what you do to bring us the information we need to know :) !!!

Bob daBuilder



I’m working myself up to actually giving this season a shot. I didn’t get past the first episode of last season.


It has great potential.


I actually watched a bit of the feeds this morning as some of them were just getting going. I haven’t been irritated yet. Several of those seem to have potential which is interesting that early in the morning after only a couple hours of sleep. I may break down and watch the episode sometime today.


So far this cast is bringing an energy to show that I haven’t seen in a while. It also seems that a number of them are my type of person……“Morning people!”

Paul Sucks

Don’t like any of them yet but it seems that way every year. Hopefully it will get interesting and not break into a predictable game in cruise control.


After nominations we should see the house temperature


i am really hoping frenchie goes far