Frenchie “There will be no stopping us at that point. There is no way it goes sideways.”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winners team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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7:05pm Backyard – Frenchie and Christian.
Christian – How do you feel about Travis? Frenchie – we had a good talk earlier. Christian – I would think Travis though. Travis and Derek X I think are boys. Frenchie – are they. Christian nods yes. Frenchie – I haven’t mentioned nothing to him. I’ve seen them around each other a lot. Christian – They’re boys. Frenchie – yeah. Christian – People think that me and Travis are boys. We’re friends …but no. Him and Derek X, yeah they’re boys. I think its part of the .. he’s trying to get in with Travis. I mean I feel good about it. Frenchie – yeah, me too. I am slowly. And it will feel even better after veto noms because there will be that line in the sand. There will be no stopping us at that point. Christian – that’s tomorrow. Frenchie – the veto? Christian – the noms. That is when sh*t is going to get real. Frenchie – yeah. I have to find two pawns. Christian – you said you had.. Frenchie – I did, one of them backed out. Christian – do you have an idea? Frenchie – at the end of the day we know what the game plan is. Everybody is on board. There is no way it goes sideways. Its just finding a pawn. That is the last step in this process and keeping him super safe feeling. Christian leaves to get in the pool. Derek F joins Frenchie. Frenchie – we are about to make a splash! Do y’all understand? We are about to make a week one splash! Like here is the sand and here is the line. And here is us and here is them. We’re about to cruise!

HOH room – Frenchie talking to the cameras.
Frenchie – I am very well aware. I am not stupid. I know it. I see it.. but I keep it here (in his head) instead of here (say it). Information is key. Sometimes visual information is all you need. He leaves and chats with Tiffany about what he was saying to the cameras. Frenchie – I am not stupid. I see what is going on. Tiffany – right. Frenchie – information is key. Most of the time you keep information visually and don’t speak about it.

7:30pm Hammock. Frenchie, Alyssa and Xavier.
Alyssa – we’ll back you up no matter what. Frenchie – making these nominations, or the veto, or the eviction.. next week no matter who I put up.. Xavier – one person is still here. Frenchie – the other person is still here. Do I have a big painted target on my back next week. No disrespect to anyone but two people have to go up. Alyssa – everyone understands that. Sarah and Kyland join them. They talk about the bully that happened last season and how they don’t agree with it.

7:43pm Hot Tub – A bunch of the house guests are sitting around the hot tub chatting about random things.

7:50pm – 8:10pm Kitchen. Azah and Derek F.
Derek F – A man got to go. I would like to keep Derek X and see what else he can do but he is smart. He is smart! Azah – he is smart. Christian is smart. Travis is smart. He is just chilling right now. Derek – yeah Travis is chilling. Travis might have to go up on that block. He might have to go up there and leave it up to everyone else to pick who they want. Azah – did Derek do anything to make himself a target do you feel or is it just because he is smart? Derek – I feel like its because he is smart. Have you heard anything? Azah – no but this is just between me and you if Christian hadn’t won, I would have wanted him to go. Derek – Christian is playing the short game. We have to make him think that we are working with him .. but when the time comes and then he got to go. Azah – I don’t want to keep him too long. Derek – we aren’t going to keep him too long. I would rather keep Brent over him. Azah – Definitely! Definitely! I am always looking out for next week and the week after. Tiffany joins them. Brent chats with Derek. Derek – I think its going to be the same people we said. Brent – I think its going to be Derek X and Travis. Derek – Hmmmhhmm. Brent – Travis is VERY smart. Derek – very smart. Brent – he is trying to play the surfer dude. Brent leaves. Derek and Tiffany talk to Hannah. Tiffany – Listen, we got you! But I don’t like want you under us. I don’t want us to look click’ish and I don’t want them to think you have a click. You go and do your thing. We are going to protect you. Hannah – thank you.

8:17pm Storage room. Xavier and Christian.
Christian – That’s what he spoke to me about.. its a good theory that all of us rotate because obliviously you can’t get it twice. I mean I am safe and I can still compete for HOH next week. Obviously he doesn’t have that opportunity. I like the four of us. Xavier – I like the four. Christian – he said he is going to talk after dinner. If he calls us up .. then we go up. I am real happy with that. I like the four.

8:35pm Backyard Balcony – Tiffany and Britini.
Britini – he isn’t even trying to hide it at this point. You are just talking to people that you feel most comfortable with .. like I get it. Tiffany – but that one person can’t save you. Britini – no. So you have to make some relationships all around. Britini – he has not talked to me about game once. Not once. Which I find… its okay but you’re showing what you want to do. Tiffany – one thing that I am noticing is that you can hear everything in that corner right there. I am sitting up here and I can hear Derek. And he is not talking loud. So just know when we are sitting there in that corner .. just know we can be heard. Britini – so maybe this is the place to hang. They fist bump. Britini – To be honest I have found so much comfort in you being here. Tiffany – thank you. Britini – I feel so comfortable to be around you. If you hear anything, you know that you can always come talk to me. Tiffany – yes. Britini – and I am not going to repeat a damn word. Tiffany – you have been authentic since we sat and introduced ourselves on that couch. I could tell I liked you. They agree they trust Xavier. Tiffany – we really need a solid 8. Britini – you know it for real. Tiffany – I got you. We have got to get that solid number. Britini – we need to get it tonight. Tiffany – nominations are tomorrow. They head downstairs.

9pm The house guests got a couple bottles of champagne. They do a really boring friendships and fun toast and cheers.

9:10pm Hammock. Kyland and Sarah.
Kyland – hypothetically the veto could take away two more people so it would be down to eight. Sarah – yeah its going to get tight. Sarah – I feel like we would work really well together. I just get a really good sense from you. Right away I did. Coming into this game I wanted to find one person that I could really trust. And like obviously have side stuff going on but have one person .. like that is actually where my loyalty is. And if that is something you would be interested in, I would love to have that with you. Kyland is laughing. Sarah – don’t laugh. Kyland – no, no, like .. you’re definitely one of my favorite people. And I wanted to talk to you. Sarah – and when we talked about the competition you have that competitive vibe and you’re analyzing it and trying to get better. I was like this is a player that I really click with. I want to play with people that are mad when they lose. I want to see that passion in people. I really want to work with you. Kyland – I really appreciate that. You know I love you. Sarah – so you want to solidify this? Kyland – yeah, yeah, yeah. Sarah – I have something I want to tell you something to keep you informed. Frenchie has told me that he is not planning to be send a girl home. Which means the guys are in danger. He has straight up told me that I am safe. He has straight up told Alyssa that she is safe. And now the two guys from our team are safe. Kyland – whoa! Sarah – so I am telling you this because it puts you in a little bit more danger. So its just me, Travis, Brent and Derek X… damn. Sarah – I think he (Frenchie) is scared of Derek X. He said a lot of people mentioned Derek’s name to him. I am getting in good with Frenchie so I feel like I can vouch for you. I want to keep you here. Kyland – I appreciate that.

9:30pm – 9:55pm Christian and Derek F.
Derek – How are we going to bring this together and not have anyone look at any of us. Christian – So I was talking to Frenchie and I was like dude this is our first legit conversation. We need to not talk, me you and Frenchie. Its got to be pass by conversations. Derek – okay, all of us. I’ve got to act like you’re getting on my last nerve. If people see us mingling ..they’re going to know what we’re doing. Christian – I don’t think Derek X has a f**king clue that people are gunning for him. Derek – if we get rid of Derek X, we’re getting rid of a guy. Next week, a girl has got to go. Who is going to be that girl. Do we put up Whitney? Christian – we’re cool with Whitney aren’t we? I am cool with her. Derek – if you have and you trust her .. then I am going to roll with it. Christian – but you are talking about putting her up. Honestly I would prefer to not put her up because she is going to explode! She is going to ruin her own game. Pretty soon there are going to be some endurance comps. Derek – we need to make a team where everyone is good at something. For me I could do endurance.. mental.. I am good at memorization. We just have to communicate but that we do it in code. If anyone sees us talking.. we’re f**ked! Christian – I am not going to lie I was scared of Frenchie at first because he is very emotional. I was scared that he is playing this hard. I think he talks. Derek – lets see how he does this week and then we will know. We will know what to do moving forward. Christian – I am nervous he is going to have a big mouth. Derek – and if he does, we will put him in check. We have to make sure we keep him in check. You did the right thing saving Xavier. Christian – Its a good all boys alliance. I just want to rope a girl in. Derek – I think we should use Brit. Christian – I don’t think we necessarily need to get her in.. we don’t need to tell her everything. Its like you said, don’t kick her out but don’t put her in. Derek – that girl is going to be a ride or die. Christian – how do you feel about Travis? Derek – I like him. Christian – I don’t have any reason to not like him.. but I would prefer he not stay here that long. Once we take out Derek X .. he (Travis) is going to be looking for someone to grab onto. Alyssa joins them.

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I liked frenchie at first, but I feel like he’s overplaying. Does anyone know his target is, and who his pawns are?


Yes! I thought the same!


I have enjoyed this site for many years. I have not commented in maybe 10 years, but I feel I must. Frenchie has diarrhea of the mouth. I have people in my family with that syndrome, and it never turns out well. He has been pouring out his thoughts and feelings, literally, from the moment he walked into the house. He has no filter. I wanted to like this family man, southern farmer, but I don’t. He has a huge inflated ego, and it will backfire. Other than that, I have high hopes for a season like no other!


Hey Kay! Totally agree his HOH is going to be a colossal mess.

Feeds Gold

i love messy hoh weeks

The Beef

Couldn’t agree with you more Kay! Being a Tennesseean, I really wanted to pull for Frenchie, but he seems to have developed a severe case of HOHitis very quickly, and is playing way too hard way too fast! He also eliminated half of the field on the very first day by refusing to even consider nominating a woman, which may be smart, but why do it on the first day? Maybe he’s trying to help production look more “woke” by nominating 2 males on his HOH, but if I was trying to win BB23, I’d be more concerned with getting out the people me and my alliance wanted out, regardless of sex. Maybe it’s to his advantage to get a male out first – I guess we’ll see in the long run, but he sure does run that mouth a lot, despite what he says, and I don’t think that’s going to help him very much going forward.


I said the exact same thing about Diarrhea of the mouth to my family. He needs to shut up!


I cannot stand when people are so confident in the beginning that it’s going to be the best season, we will rule till the end, while they sit upstairs while everyone else is downstairs.

Miss Facepalm

Frenchie said in his intro that while watching BB, he would take notes on what he would do different. I guess he never took notes when someone won the first HoH

Feeds Gold

they are getting some booze

if i was on production i would have arranged a bb beach club swim up bar in the pool, with have nots as bar tenders and a 1 hour cocktail hour every night haha

Feeds Gold

so the group of 8 to form tonight? noms tomorrow?…wonder if veto may be sunday then instead of the usual saturday, just for the first week? they do sometimes do noms and veto same day, but its more common in canada bb


Right now I’m just happy that it is all new players and no returning ones.

Spill da tea

Frenchie is doing too much dude you’ve been in the house for a little more than 24 hours there still isn’t sand for you to draw a line in it.

Sloppy J

Anyone else catch Xavier commenting to Azah/Kyland about “that Aryan brotherhood f’n comments” while in the lounge? Already, this tribal attitude and racist comments coming from the people who say such things…..I didn’t catch who Xavier was referring to, but honestly, if someone (obviously a white person) said something so vile that it would conjure such a bombastic remark from Xavier and if true, then that other person (obviously a white person) should be thrown out on their arse post haste.

People shouldn’t be able to say such crap that like, I don’t care what skin color you have. Don’t make such racist/ defamatory comments unless you can back it up. Saying that tongue n’ cheek when its highly unlikely anything “Aryan” was said is a purely racist thing to say. This season is going to suck, I know you guys are trying to be positive, but Da’Vonne types are just exhausting to watch…..