“For whatever reason white, pretty, heterosexual people get a pass. When they make mistakes we find them redemption. What about f**King everyone else!!?”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Hisam
Nominees: Reilly & Cameron
POV Players: Reilly, Cameron, Hisam, America, Matt, Blue
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Veto was not used. Nominations stay at Reilly and Cameron. Feeds seem to be cutting a lot this afternoon this will impact the conversations. Reilly doesn’t have the votes.

7:05pm HOH room – Hisam, Jag and Blue.

** WARNING – Read at your own risk – Hisam has blown a gasket. Reilly is going to need a restraining order after she gets out.**

Hisam – its not as if she has no awareness of what happens in this place. She know this f**king game. So I was like why would you.. why would you do that?! So those are the things that have been on my mind. That I have been keeping under wraps. The last thing I want it to be is .. this is about a race thing. This is about this.. but like it just happens like and this happens repeatedly in my life. Like where we see this constantly. For whatever reason white, pretty, heterosexual people get a pass. When they make mistakes we find them redemption. We give them everything we can to save them. And I was like what about everyone else? What about f**King everyone else!? Right?! Like, what about us?! And I thought I could be in my mind.. I was like I am going to give you your very best shot at saving yourself and redeeming yourself. Right?! Like this is about you finding your own redemption! Right?! But its not going to come from me.. this has to come from you! Right?! Its not my job to redeem you. Its your job to redeem you! Right!? So I didn’t backdoor her on purpose. So that she could play. So that she could have a shot. And I told her that. I said I am giving you, your shot to win which lots of other people wouldn’t have done. I AM GIVING YOU YOUR SHOT TO REDEEM YOURSELF! Right!? Same thing with the vote. I am not going around campaigning against her. Right!? That’s her job to redeem herself. Its her job to find connections. Its her job to to do that work. Right?! Its her job. And at the end people basically find redemption for her .. would it surprise me? No! Because it happens ALL the time. Blue – yeah. Jag – yup. Hisam – and I will just deal with the consequences of what happens. But I felt like I needed in my heart to make a stand. That you CANNOT do this! Right?! And if it was anyone else in BIPOC community they wouldn’t get this chance. Right, we would already be voting them out which is what in my mind happened to Kirsten. We already made up our mind. There was no redemption story for Kirsten. Right!? And I tried when I talked to her about the veto.. but you have to stop lying! Right!? You’re not going to win this game my lying! Right!? And you’re not going to win this game by telling me things that are not true! Like I know.. I know that didn’t happen. So don’t tell me it happened. And I told her.. and if you got to talk to Kirsten we sat in the hammock for 3 hours and when she said something I was like that is a lie. And you know its a lie! And you think I am too stupid to know you’re lying to me!? And you’re trying to create this chaos and I won’t allow it! Right!? So give me the truth! Give me the f**KING truth! Right!? If you want the veto used on you, then tell me the f**king truth. You have nothing to lose but to give me the truth! You know?! And I feel like I have been more than fair with Reilly.. I do. I told her exactly what the plan is and was clear about my intention. I haven’t lied to her. I gave her the option to save herself. I am basically not actively campaigning to get her out of the house. I said my speech. I said what I said and now the house gets to decide and I am fine with that. Big Brother switches the feeds. Hisam – accepting that this is how things are and then I come into the big brother house and its still f**King happening!!! Big Brother switches the feeds again. Hisam – the truth is she is on my radar screen because I am f**king tired of this stupid f**king story.. this narrative. And I know what is going to happen. I am going to walk out of this house and people are going to be like that Arab guy went after that cute white girl. Right?! That’s what the narrative will be. Which is why in my speech I wanted to be clear about WHAT SHE DID! And why these are the consequences! Right!? Was it too much, yeah. I agree, I went too far. But I just wanted to make it clear when I had a chance to make it clear like she did things. There are consequences to those things and I am hoping there is a new world for us. That’s what I am hoping. That’s what that speech was about. And I know that hurt her.. which is why I was like I am so sorry. Right?! I don’t want to hurt her. I don’t want her to feel like sh*t. I don’t want her to feel like Hisam is this mean vindictive dude. But the narrative for Arab men is that they’re mean to women. We’re mean to women, we take away their rights. We basically go after them. We devalue them. And I just want to make it clear that there was a logical explanation for why this happened. And I don’t think America is going to look at the tapes and say she didn’t split that house. But you have to call a spade a spade. The spade here is that she did it.. whether she intended or not. It happened. Right!? Originally she might have been thinking this is smart game playing, I am doing a really smart thing here.. Right!? But in the process of doing what she thought was smart she drove that wedge between us. I didn’t have a wedge with you. I wasn’t against you. I just wasn’t on the same side as you and because of that .. now we’re enemies?! Blue – right. Hisam – I was like F**K THAT! I WAS LIKE F**K THAT!! And she had no consideration of that.. like if felt it was going to be the Marvel versus the superhero’s conflict. Like are we now the two brown people against each other?!!? Like are you and Izzy now the two QUEER people against each other?!?? Like is that what the f**K we did!? And I was like I don’t feel f**king good about that!! And I won’t feel good about that. Like I did not come in this house to be antagonist against the other brown person. That was never my goal! BUT she forced that on us because then you and I can’t talk game. And I f**King resent that! I f**king resent that she chose for us!! I am so f**King tired of people choosing for me. Like I am an adult, I can choose for myself. Like I didn’t get here because I didn’t make any choices. RIGHT!? Anyways.. its been a very emotional 12 days for me and that’s what’s been weighing on my heart and on my mind. And I am watchin her try and maneuver the world and I am watching people try and save her and I am like just like honestly. Can’t we just hold her accountable!?!?! Can’t we just basically say that you have wronged us?! We weren’t against each other. If any thing we should be aligned with each other. And you decided we weren’t going to be. And that is Okay!? Its not okay!! And that comes from where and I am tired of that coming from someone that basically has the privilege to do that.. That is too much for me. Big Brother blocks the feeds. (WOW he is on a downward spiral! I really do not understand how Blue and Jag can sit there and listen to him.)

Hammock – Izzy Cirie and Reilly
Reilly – I want the chance to build with you. Izzy – yeah, yeah. I do too. Reilly – because we do these group settings and all that.. Personally I want to. Izzy – I do too. Reilly – even if it is my last two days here. Izzy – I am not promising you anything or Hisam anything. Unfortunately this hurts me but unfortunately no matter why things happen there are always consequences. You know so I am just weighing that for myself. At the day, the most honest thing to say is I am looking out for me. Reilly – absolutely. You should be. Izzy – so you know if there is a path forward for you to help me of course that is a conversation I want to have. Reilly – yeah, and I am completely open to that too. I don’t want to leave here and regret missed opportunities. Friendship wise and even game wise. You know where I am at and you know that I love Miss Cirie. I love Miss Felicia. And I really think that we could do something down the road. Izzy – yeah. Reilly – and so it is going to be on your terms obviously but just know that is where I am at mentally too. Izzy – I appreciate that.

Upper Level Backyard – Jared, Izzy and Cirie
Cirie – Hisam is eliminating the threats to himself. He is a major threat and how did it change from a hate Cameron to Cam. I am thinking about us. Like who do we want to compete against? I know that Reilly is a beast but so is Cameron. She didn’t win when she needed to. I think we have more of a chance at beating Reilly than we would ever have of beating Cameron. Cameron is going to go to the death. And I think .. I think .. we would still have the numbers if Reilly were to stay. All she would have got is Matt, Blue and Jag. We still have our numbers. I just think we would have a better chance and she would owe us. And if she was to come after you .. she don’t want to lose me. She don’t want to lose miss Fe. I think she would owe us. Think about where we would be right!? So now Reilly owes us and Jag and Blue can’t come after us. We still go me, you, Jared, Cory, Meme, Miss Felicia. Izzy – you think Jared will be able to convince Meme to keep Reilly? Cirie – I don’t think it will be hard.. only because Hisam f**king up. And Cory wants Hisam out! But talk to me and tell me why that is wrong?? Izzy – I worry that the power of this.. after giving her the power of keeping her here.. is going to be like crazy fuel. And crazy bonding for those four. For Matt, Jag, Blue and Reilly. To have the power to bring more people in. Like look we did it against all odds. She stayed. Cirie – but who are those people. Izzy – I don’t know.. Like Bowie loves working out with Jag and she is all wishy washy.. Who knows what Red is going to do if we can’t win comps and he is like well I need to be protected. I worry about our floaters with Reilly .. more than Cameron. I don’t trust that she will honor what she owes us… at least for me. Cirie – okay.

Bedroom – Reilly and Matt
Reilly – I was like also I am .. I can protect you. I can win competitions. I will have your back if you have mine. That is how I operate. I am a very simple person. You help me, I help you. That is it. And I was like you don’t have to be scared of him because as long as I am in this house and he is in this house. I go as long as I am here, I am always going to be the person that he comes after .. not you. I literally told her I am a human shield. I told Meme I am a human shield. He (Hisam) will never come after anyone but me as long as I am in this house. He will never stop trying to get me out. Matt – he will come for me next week if I don’t vote you out. Reilly – no he wont, he will come for both of us. She laughs. Matt – Its a move that we need to take next week. Reilly – oh yeah no, I want to backdoor the f**k out of him (Hisam). If I am HOH .. if either of us are HOH .. it is OVER! Matt – 100% I will make a move. You just have to risk it. Reilly – risk it for the bisket! It might work.. we’re almost there.

7:55pm Upper Level Backyard – Cirie, Izzy and Cory.
Cory – he (Hisam) doesn’t give a sh*t about the consequences he is just trying to get everyone in his pocket for next week. Izzy – the same language the he is starting to say where like a clean slate with Reilly and all that sh*t. That is what Reilly is trying to say to me. Cirie – what scares me is that if he is insinuating us to Cory, then he is insinuating us to Jag and Blue so if they will I won’t be offended or fight. Cory – he also talks to America about like yo all of us downstairs we’re not that close .. and America is of the mind that they’re trying to create a new group. That’s a bullsh*t group. I don’t know who is in it.. I think its basically just him in it saying I am the new Reilly. I think he is realizing that, that speech did not.. Izzy – do we keep Reilly!? Do we keep F**KING Reilly!? Cirie – I am telling you! I am telling you. Izzy to Cory – if you just tried to manufacture that I am going to be so mad at you Cory. Cory – what?! Cirie – to keep Reilly? Cory – yes! And then we’re going to hook up next week… no. Izzy – but what do you think? Cirie – what do you think of the possibility of us keeping Reilly?? Cory – I looked at Hisam and he asked for my word that I would vote out Reilly. Izzy – who f**king cares! And what did you say? Cory – of course I said yes! Izzy – do you care about your word? He is lying to everyone. I am just curious? Cirie – you owe Reilly .. she took you down. Who do you owe more Hisam or Reilly? Cory – if it was my choice of saving Cam or Reilly. Who do you think I am saving? Izzy – REILLY. Cory – F**K YEAH! I am saving Reilly. Are you kidding me. Cirie – and you said that to Hisam. Cory – he f**king lied right to me. Cirie – f**K that. Izzy – I know I know. Cirie – because he (Hisam) is already working to pull Jag and Blue over with him once Reilly is gone. And making people feel like we are f**king expendable. Izzy – I agree.. yes. Cory – but if Reilly is not gone do you think she would just go back to Matt and Jag and we wouldn’t hear from her till next time she is on the block. Cirie – no I think Reilly will spend her life’s blood trying to get rid of Hisam. Cory – oh yeah that is obvious. Cirie – and she will owe us. Izzy – and frankly Reilly has shown that she is beatable. Which Hisam has not. Cirie – he (Hisam) is going to spiral even more if Rielly stays. Izzy – exactly he is going to go bizzerk. Cory – if Reilly wins HOH .. there is not a world we’re in any sort of trouble. Cirie – exactly. Cory – but next week if anyone else wins.. would everyone target Hisam? Cirie – absolutely. Izzy – I want to do whatever is good for the four. I trust both of you.

8:05pm Living Room – Reilly and Felicia.
Reilly – that was hard for me to feel completely publicly humiliated. Felicia – after Hisam came in the bathroom and said I think I need to do damage control. I said I am just going to be honest, I think you went over board. I said I know that you’re a direct person but that kind of felt mean spirited. You went into her hard and you didn’t have to do that because if you said that you already had a private conversation then there was no need to do that. Everyone was just like Okay. And if everyone gets the same reaction then it means it hit everyone the same way. I said that came out of no where and that was not necessary. I just felt like I had to say that to him. I don’t think all that was necessary. Reilly – I don’t either. He came to me too and apologized too which I appreciated. I just don’t want to go out like that. I don’t want someone to treat me like that. I didn’t know what to do. I am not the kind of person that is going to stand up and be like well screw you! So I just kind of like took it. Felicia – I feel bad not saving you because you saved me. Reilly – don’t feel bad, you have to do what you have to do. You and Cirie are near and dear to me. I don’t ever want to guilt you or make you feel bad. I think of you moving forward and now I can help and protect you. I understand why Hisam is good for you guys.. he is a comp beast, he is a physical threat, he is very strategic person but he is not the all mighty king of the world. Felicia – no. Reilly – and that are more people that can help and protect you and I am one of those people. I always think of you guys and that will not change moving forward. I hope after today people looked at what happed and see that maybe a dictatorship might not be the best way to go about this game. Felicia – right. Reilly – and I don’t believe in making decision for other people. I will never force you to do anything. You’re not going anywhere, Cirie is not going anywhere.. but Hisam .. see that door right there? Felicia laughs. Reilly – I am not the only person that thinks he is going to be a problem if this isn’t taken care of. Do not be afraid of him. Felicia – oh I am not afraid of him.

8:25pm Backyard Couch – Felicia, Meme, Jared.
Jared – I know that Red is saying that he is with us now.. but I don’t trust Red. He has said that he is going to play the middle till jury… then he is going to start performing. Felicia – see I don’t like the people that are just going to slide under the radar. The first week we go for them and then we go for the under the radar. Meme – I think this week still go to be Reilly. The shot is there.. its got to be taken. I don’t think it helps any of us.. like what does it do for us. Felicia – although honestly I could get rid of Cameron just as easily because he don’t do nothing for me. Meme – right, right. Jared – I agree. The one thing is .. Cameron don’t got an army. Reilly got an army. That’s what’s scary. I was thinking about this, this morning .. she is so self righteous and she has people that are willing to support her self righteousness. That is what is so dangerous. They are just so die hard for her that she is dangerous. Either we get rid of the troops or we get rid of the leader. Felicia – you got to get rid of the leader and then the troops fall. Jared – exactly. The army is going to crumble. Meme – we have the votes and I think we got to keep it that way.

Upper Level Backyard – Cirie and Izzy.
Cirie – He said that he wants to work with people that can compete and that broke our hearts because we feel like everyone looks at us as people that can’t compete. And to hear that come from you.. that is why. So we got a reason. We just got to think with clear heads though before we make any moves.. before we talk to anybody.. Is this the right thing? Izzy – yeah. This would.. and I am not saying I don’t want to do it.. I am leaning towards what I want to f**king do.. but this would blow it UP! Cirie – it is going to make for great TV. Izzy – I mean I am excited! Cirie – it is going to make for great tv because the world is probably like are ya’ll stupid!? Are ya’ll letting Hisam. Izzy – and we’re not. And we have been a step ahead of him this whole time.. and lets f**king stay that way. Cirie – he will have no place to go.. and he can be mad if he wants.. Izzy – and his anger will just continue to dig his own grave. Cirie – HE is going to spiral. Izzy – and we will not. He can yell at me. People yell at me all the time and I just look at them.

9:28pm Havenot room – Reilly and Izzy.
Izzy – I just want to say if Cirie trusts you, then I trust you. Reilly hugs her. Izzy – I want to say that I know you were saying my name as a target. I am not an idiot trying to build something moving forward. Know I was not happy with how things went down. And yes I don’t want to be dictated my game. I just want to say whatever we say right now stays with us. Reilly – perfect. Izzy – and I will know. I will find out. Reilly – yeah, yeah perfect. Izzy – the door for me is not closed. I want you to know that for Thursday. I felt like today having a little bit of an ice breaker was good. I am still weighing everything. I will want to know tangible ways of protecting myself if.. I vote a certain way. Reilly – 100%. Izzy – because I couldn’t be going out more on a limb if I vote a certain way. Reilly – I know. Izzy – I just want to open that door. Reilly – I really appreciate you and again.. please don’t feel pressure. I know that you’re in a tough position. I completely understand that. And like I said before I wish I could wipe the first week away because I was acting so uncharacteristic of myself. I am so sorry. Izzy – I think that this brings out weird things that we don’t know. Reilly – I am so sorry for how that went I was acting out of stress, paranoia, anxiety and I have learned from that.. and I can assure you that you are protected moving forward. I really appreciate you opening that door for me. We will continue to talk. Izzy – absolutely.

10:30pm Backyard – The house guests are chatting about random things on the couches and by the hot tub.
Izzy, Felicia, Red and Cameron. Izzy – All day Jared has been flexing. Izzy leaves. Felicia to Red – that is funny I was actually thinking maybe Blue and Jared. Red – oh not that is definitely a thing too. Cameron – oh come on that is obvious. I actually said dude, stop ..just stop. Red – I think she would go along with it for as long as it benefited her. That girl is cutthroat. Its just her personality. Felicia – she loves everybody. Red – but also wouldn’t have any problem removing herself from any situation. She even said those words.. I don’t care about a showmance. I’ll throw my showmance under the bus. Felicia – oh really?! Red – I ain’t walking across the line second. And I believe her. Felicia – wow so there is a lot going on under our nose. So there is Jared & Blue, Cory & America, Matt and Reilly.

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Hisam is a big yikes for me. That dude seems psychotic and very classist, misogynistic, and for someone who espouses equality he’s the one who is making it an us vs. them scenario, whether it’s his “brown on brown crime” shtick or now his “hetero vs. LGBTQ” shtick. If I were Cirie, Felicia, or Izzy I would run from him quick, keep Reilly and then send him packing next week. His HOHitis has got to rank up there with the best of them over the years. The dude needs a Xanax stat!


the plan for cirie and her core alliance was always to use hisam as a shield. they’ll continue to play with him as long as they’re in power, but he will be thrown under the bus hard as soon as they’re not in power. the most frustrating thing about his play is how he can’t see that his hoh ends at the end of the week and he can’t play for it again. he is very likely to be backdoored with no chance of defending himself.

un autre nom

There’s no way Meme goes for a flip.
She’s wanting Hisam as a shield for as long as possible.
To me this shows she’s more Professors than bitches or babes. Maybe that’s just me.

Hisam’s baggage is unpacked. His real world issues are flapping in the breeze.
If his talk works on Blue and Jag… eyeroll.

Wonder if Meme tells Hisam.

It’s Monday.
I expect things to be fluid until Wednesday.

un autre nom

What I see as Meme’s issue: she’s paired it down to Hisam v. Reilly. She isn’t thinking Manson, at all. What good is Manson to Meme?
It’s about support Hisam, he’s our shield.


Looks like the tide is turning for Reilly and I am glad. I can’t stand people who come on this show to use it as a personal platform to air their grievances that the world is not fair. Get with the program people and wake up! The world is not fair…get over it !!! We live, we do the best we can, then we die. That’s it. Get over yourselves.
I will be doing a happy dance when Hisam leaves. I only hope he’s next.
BTW…doesn’t he know what show he is on? This show is based on lies and deceit. Maybe he should have watched some more seasons of it?

I can’t wait for the spin…

“I can’t stand people who come on this show to use it as a personal platform to air their grievances that the world is not fair. Get with the program people and wake up! The world is not fair…get over it !!!”

^ These are your incredibly ironic and hypocritical words today after boo-hooing just a few days ago that there are double standards and you can’t say the n-word. HA! The jokes just write themselves ladies and gents.


True….you always will have those that have problems ascertaining the RIGHT hand from the LEFT hand.


Not enough “rights”

un autre nom

It’s like every HOH starts crying victim as soon as veto ceremony ends this season.
Reilly got outed by the imbedded spies. victim spiral.
Hisam and his baggage practiced that veto talk, it didn’t go well. victim spiral.
Imagine an Izzy HOH. she rollercoasters as a natural state.

Who psych evaled this bunch?


The only problem is that you always have aholes trying to suppress them.





America Lopez Fan

Wow, Hisem really needs to take a chill pill and i’m saying this as a non-white.

I’m pretty neutral on Reilly as i’m not rooting for or against her but i very hope she outlast this guy. Yikes!


Hisam is unstable BB needs to take him out of the house immediately before he does something to Rielly! This guy is dangerous.

un autre nom

Nah. He’s not scary, dangerous, threatening in a physical fear for safety way.
He’s an emotional baggage collector that thinks he’s considered less by society because of xenophobia added to homophobia. because he believes he wouldn’t get the same rights as a heterosexual caucasian, he’s going to spout his rhetoric and that’s as far as it goes.
There is no threat to physical safety here. There’s a reeeeeaallly scarred emotionally guy that considers himself on the outside of every community because of his identity. This does not mean he is a physical threat to another houseguest’s safety. this means he’s in need of counseling more than just chalking it up to he’s a danger to others.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

He IS Caucasian. Look it up.


He is not. Hisam is an Arab. He is Egyptian. Some may consider that Caucasian, on paper, but he knows he is not!


Lol! Egyptian is not a race. That is a nationality, and a culture but not a race. Hisam is white but he is treated as other because he is Muslim and gay. Trust me when I tell you. There are really like only 4 races. The census made up a few recently to make some people happy but even if you count those, Egyptian on not one of them. News flash, your either a white Egyptian or a black. Egyptian. Most of them are considered white and when you ask them the well say white. I have a few Egyptian coworkers and they call themselves white. The census list them under white. By all accounts they are white. That’s what’s so funny, is he is trying to this thing. He’s not oppressed because of his race. It’s his religion and sexuality. If people see him walking down the street all people see is a white man. So many people don’t have no clue what race is anymore. There is nationality, culture, race and they can be 3 different things.


CeeDee.. you are correct. I am well aware that Egyptian is a nationality and a culture. I was only repeating what Hisam was telling Jag about himself when he was on the exercise bike. He said Muslim, gay, and Arab. Yes…’on paper’ he is white. I have a dear friend who is Egyptian, mid-60s, veterinarian…who considers himself white. He looks similar to Hisam and when I look at him I don’t see ‘white’. He has somewhat wavy hair and his skin tone is exactly like Hisam’s. A pure Anglo Saxon, whatever that is, would not consider Hisam white. It’s all silly really that people, including us, discusses these things, but it is what it is.


The scary part is, that’s what people think of most of the dangerous people who go postal. They all say, “he was such a sweet guy, everybody loved him, he wouldn’t hurt anyone” the rest becomes tragic! he’s obsessed!


This is one of the best, most intelligent responses ever.




Society sees him as white. It doesn’t matter that he’s Egyptian. If he’s walking down the street, he looks white. He is loosing it.

The Beef

The scary part is HE’S one of the people who gives counseling to others! With views like his, he shouldn’t be counseling anybody, especially since he seems to think he owns the rights to align/team up with certain people, based only on their sexual preferences and/or their skin color, and he doesn’t seem to think those individuals have ANY say in the matter either. Either they align with Hisam, or else he’s going after the person they do end up aligning with, because that person has somehow WRONGED him by denying him the ability to work with who he chooses.

Isn’t it ironic that had Reilly built a lily white all athletic young person alliance as we’re so used to seeing on BB, she and those people would have likely been called out for lack of inclusiveness for doing it? But here’s good ol’ Hisam, condemning her, not only for including LGBTQ members in her alliance, but also it seems Brown and Black ones! Seems like no matter what she did, somebody was going to condemn her for doing it.






Dear Captain, can you please ease up on the ALL CAPS? It’s still considered shouting on the Internet. Please and thank you. Don’t want to spark your ire with this request.

un autre nom

So what I get out of today:
Manson doesn’t plan to campaign.
Nobody is asking what Manson would do. They don’t seem to plan on it.
Hisam is doing what he told his alliance not to do (making deals).
Jared is getting a little messy. don’t worry, tonight’s memory wipe will take care of that.
Everyone is concerned about a Reilly’s army.. there isn’t one.
Early vote flip talk is just that. talk.
Jag’s cowardly lion strategy impairs him from having real game connection.
I don’t get why Blue and Bowie are there.


Initially it seems counter intuitive for Cirie to want to turn on an ally this early who can win competitions to protect her alliance but understanding how Cirie plays these games building personal relationships emotional connections and loyalty is her MO and therefore more important than winning competitions so scooping up Reilly and Matt who don’t seem very game smart makes sense.I think Cirie’s biggest problem might be keeping her son under control.This is the season of Cirie.


“I wanted to be clear about WHAT SHE DID! And why these are the consequences! Right!? Was it too much, yeah. I agree, I went too far. But I just wanted to make it clear when I had a chance to make it clear like she did things.”

What she did? Right? What did she do, Hisam? Being foolish enough to answer your abrupt and direct question about targeting honestly? Right? What else did she do to garner such hatred, Hisam, right? Just being a young straight white girl, right? Was that enough, Hisam? If so, that’s not cool. Right?


I have NEVER heard a person say ‘right’ and ‘like’ as much as Hisam does. I find myself counting them when I listen to him speak. He is weirdly entertaining though.





Aaryn Gries didn’t get a pass. She still gets harassed for what she did years ago and got roasted by Julie Chen.


“For whatever reason white, pretty, heterosexual people get a pass. When they make mistakes we find them redemption. We give them everything we can to save them. And I was like what about everyone else? What about f**King everyone else!? Right?!”
HISAM IS 100% CORRECT…..but the reference to heterosexual vs homos seems to be a bit out of place since both of those categories are unlike “race”, “sex”, or “ethnic or national origin” which are acquired at birth without a choice. Rodney King and George Floyd didn’t get a pass, as well as many others. But that’s another discussion.

REILLY represents the typical Barbie-type who is used to getting a pass IN LIFE just by smiling and/or wiggling just a bit…..and yes…..FROM BIRTH……She doesn’t need the money because EVERYTHING IS PROBABLY HANDED TO HER ANYWAY….

HISAM is right about having her KICKED OUT !!!!!


“we would already be voting them out which is what in my mind happened to Kirsten. We already made up our mind. There was no redemption story for Kirsten. Right!?”




Rene' M

Yes and it was hilarious. No one even nominated them and they were still up for eviction by their own doing (losing). Lol


It was random. The people who were in the first nominated for eviction group lost their challenge on the first night. It could have been anyone of 4, like right?