Reilly – “He literally hates me so much that he can’t even control his words around me.” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Hisam
Nominees: Reilly & Cameron
POV Players: Reilly, Cameron, Hisam, America, Matt, Blue
POV Winner: Hisam
Veto Ceremony: veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Veto was not used. Nominations stay at Reilly and Cameron. Feeds seem to be cutting a lot this afternoon this will impact the conversations. Reilly doesn’t have the votes.

2:36 pm Matt and Reilly
Matt – I talked to Cerie I think she can be persuaded
Reilly and Matt go on about liking Cerie and wanting to play with her.
Matt says jared is fine he had a good talk with him.
Reilly – ohh yeah yeah I talked to him he’s fine he’s pissed off.
Reilly – what did you think about the speech?
Matt – I’m glad. remember I told you before the meeting I hope he does it will make him look bad.
Reilly – he literally hates me so much that he can’t even control his words around me.
Matt – now he knows everyone is pissed off so he’s running around with big Puppy eyes.. I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings I just let my emotions get to me.
Matt – NOooo. you had all day to think about this and you planned on doing the speech all day this wasn’t out of nowhere.
Reilly – was my speech bad? I didn’t prepare a speech. I forgot to prepare a speech. It is sound bad?
Matt – no no no no it’s fine. It doesn’t matter because you forget in 4 days. It was more for you guys than it was fo rhim
Matt says she a more valuable player to have in the ouse than Cameron and the other team see it.

3:07 pm Corey and Hisam
Hisam – if you are a smart player and you are looking at this landscape you want off this train as soon as possible.
Corey – there’s still people talking about ‘where are we finding our 7th vote’
Corey – they don’t have 6 they have 4 or 3. When they ask me I don’t lie to their face.
Hisam – if you were playing this game smartly you would hop off this train it should be a unanimous vote.
Corey – it won’t be.. it won’t be 6-6 or 7-5
Hisam – if it’s 6-6 everyone knows what I will do.
Corey – they know that they are looking for 7. When they start poking around and can’t find a 7th what will they do?
Feeds cut. when we’re back
Corey says hisam has his word 100% he’s voting out Reilly.
Hisam – you have my word I am not coming after you
Corey – same.

3:17 pm Racing in the pool

3:21 pm Jag and America
America – we can’t just give up
Jag – I really really do feel this. what happens this week will eb the trajectory of a lot that happens for many week to come. I think that losing a number on our side losing Reilly. Is going to be .. anything can happen … it’s going to put us in a difficult position like even if we want someone out they will have a lot of numbers to do what they want.
America – you don’t have to convince me I know.


A Giant bug scares America feeds flip

3:22 pm Blue eats red’s grub like a savage
Blue – Yum Yum Yum
Blue – This is really good I can’t believe you just made this it’s insane.. you know what red for what it’s worth I appreciate that you came to me that day and we have moments like this I think you’re a real standup guy.
Red – thank you I do try to be I come in here and be like my children are going to watch this


3:29 pm Izzy manhandles Jared.

3:32 pm They are racing in the pool side to side. Matt’s tiem is insane. They are using his time as a baseline.

Izzy Cheers after matt completes a lap.

3:40 pm Jared and Matt testing who can hold their breath longer
After Jared jumps up for a breath Matt continues to hold his.
Jared – he just breathed out a bubble what the hell.. it’s like he’s taking another breath

4:31 pm These two are chatting again.

5:01 pm Izzy, Cirie and MEME
Izzy – if we’re not ready for Hisam next week we have to do Cameron
Cerie – I’ve been ready for that..
MEME – who does he sit next to?
Cerie – you pawn him next to Corey
MEME – I dont’ know yo
Cerie – or America
Izzy – If Cameron comes down you backdoor Jag or Blue
Cerie – I want Blue out of here
Izzy – Put Blue and America up together and backdoor Cameron.
Izzy – if we are going to cool it with the HIsam that would be the move.

MEME – low key him winning is best scenario (Jared)
Cirie – he wants to win.. Any of us and Jared..
Meme – cameron .. no
Izzy – even if Corey wins he wants to put up Red and Bowie
MEME – Jared or Corey
Cerie says Corey doesn’t have to be their favorite person but he’s with them.
Cerie – he can make it to Jury but he won’t last long.
Izzy says she can’t stand people that are here for “Followers”
Izzy – that’s her (Blue) and red
feeds flip..

5:11 pm pool

5:36 pm Blue joins the bumper pool game gives Corey a hi-five then leaves.


5:50 pm Jag and Blue
Blue has been giving Jag a debrief of her conversation with Hisam.
Blue – I brought it back to him, Me and you working together. Umm I think now it’s the best time for us to have that conversation. Now we have a little bit of power. he lost a little bit of power.
Jag – yeah..
They do a dance
Blue – He mentioned he doesn’t really talk game with Red and Bowie.
Jag – I almost believe that
Blue – IZzy talks more game to them than Hisam. In a back way Izzy is stronger than Hisam. in a social sense.
Jag – yeah yeah yeah and really observant.
Blue – obviously they are working close together but we really have to look out for Izzy because Hisam now has this red mark right but Izzy is scotch clear.
Jag – should we align with her or take a shot.
Blue – talkto Cerie.
Jag wonder what group they should propose to Cerie.
Blue – Me, you, America and Cerie us four.
Sounds like they are also including Jared.
Blue- America over Matt for sure for me.

6:03 pm Hisam and Corey
Hisam is now going on about how Reilly is making it out to sounds like the speech was “nuclear” but it wasn’t. He also blames jag for firing her up about it.
Corey agrees that the speech was not Nuclear.
Hisam – I am an honest person

6:24 pm Hisam, Blue and Jag
Hisam is still trying to explain himself after the speech. (He’s short circuiting)
Hisam- I like game play that is strategic.. more game of thrones. it’s just great television.. I Also want BB25 to be epic.. Right.. right.. I want the gameplay to be equally epic right..
Hisam – I’m an artist right.. the only way artists survive is if we work together right.. ..

6:34 pm Cerie and Reilly
Cerie says Hisam’s speech was a little harsh.
Cerie – it’s a game but we’re still people.. i think it was beneficial to you.
Cerie – you need to really grab Felicia.. She grabbed me upstairs and said I don’t like that sh1t..
Cerie – I need you to have a heart to heart with Izzy.
Cerie – If you can get Izzy to turn.. I need you to have two conversations a heart to heart with izzy be like … I didn’t get a chance to know you but I am open playing this game with you and really getting to know you as a person not just a number in this game. Say those type of words.. then talk to Felecia and let her know how your feelings were hurt after hisam’s speech.
Cerie – If I can get those two..
Cerie – I think Miss Felicia is coming this way
Reilly – do you really think I have a shot with izzy? i thought she was close to Hisam.
Cerie – no she’s not… She knows he’s painted a HUGE target on his back and he needs to go.
Reilly – I want to backdoor the sh1t out of Hisam..
Cerie – Everybody does.. look at my face everybody does including Izzy. I need you to get them to swing this way.. I need them to swing this way I want them to.
Cerie says she better talk to Felicia tonight while she’s still mad about the veto speech.
Cerie – if you get Izzy and Miss Felicia I can keep you here this week.
Cerie goes on giving her tips on things she should say to Izzy.
Cerie – Izzy know Hisam needs to go.
Reilly – he will steam roll
Cerie now says Felicia is on the edge “She is pissed” (At Hisam)
Cerie – you got to get Izzy, trust me. if you can get Izzy that’s it .
Cerie says Hisam is going the same thing that he’s accusing Reilly did.
They have a good laugh about this.
Cerie – everyone see it.

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un autre nom

we’d be targeting each other. just for kicks.


No. Not the flex anyone desires. I feel a smidge more understanding for Danielle when she had to play with her dad not once, but TWICE. But just a smidge. Lol

Team Taylor

That actually happened one time on Celebrity Big Brother UK!


That actually happened in BB UK, a mother and daughter


Going to be interesting if Jared wins HOH. No pictures or letter from his mom?


By feeds it seems the house is flipping wanting to vote out Cameron !

un autre nom

not to alarm anyone…
but i heard each veto run took a max 15 minutes.
with resets that would bring us to max 4 hour veto comp.
feeds were down 18?
long ass production note meeting?

Team Taylor

Keeping Cameron is a big mistake.

Take the shot at Cameron now and then BD Hisam. It’ll be just like BB15 when they took out Nick and then BD Jeremy.

Matthew schneider

These players are nothing but weak and a joke for keeping cameron if i was playing i would vote out cameron because hes more of a threat you dont keep threats in the game horrible game play


Watching Jared and Blue flirt….. BARF

Carlito's Way

What’s worse is that a couple of times Cerie actually instructed him to flirt with her for the game. I am losing all of the respect I had for Cerie.


When she says “I can’t stand Blue, she’s so fake” ….. oh, and you and your son are so pure and innocent Cirie?
I love how it’s ok for her and her son to do crap, but not when others do it.
She needs to check herself


What did Hisam say to Reiley at the POV ceremony?


Its like watching Pee Wee Herman’s Play House..except Pee Wee:s show made a lot more sense and was entertaining…..ugh

Carlito's Way

Insufferable is the perfect word.


Hisam is an angry, nasty narcissist that should physcoanalyze himself instead of everyone else in the house. Production has to be disappointed in this clueless cast.


I love this cast! It’s Hisam’s nature. He is also a psychiatrist in addition to being a geriatric physician. If I was in the house, I don’t think I would ‘buy’ that he is a nursing assistant. Nah.

Bring back old style BB

Just a couple of items:

Will someone PLEASE get a razor and shave Izzy’s pits!

Also, Hisam has to go! Since he hates backdoors, please backdoor him!

Pit hair, don’t care

Definitely agree that Hisam should be backdoored.

I think it’s super weird that you care about what another human does with their body hair. Let Izzy live. Izzy doesn’t have to remove hair that naturally grows on ALL human bodies to please anyone.

Are you fully hairless? I hope someone makes sure that you remove it all your body hair simply because it’s more visually pleasing to them, whether it’s pits, chest, legs, a..hole, n¥ts, or vul<a. You better look like a naked mole rat or should maybe try shutting tf up. ;/

Julie Chen

“And those beastly man-haters, tell those chicks to shave their pits then call me!”

Anissa Holder

Let’s do this CameronHardin#BB25


Has anyone seen the commercial for BB that CBS is running? It has a clip of Julie from BB1. Remember back in 2000 when Julie was Moonves’ mistress.


Julie Chen And Les Moonves’ Marriage Secrets And Scandals Exposed
Tea spilled! Your comment made me Google this. I didn’t know the timeline of their early (and somewhat sordid) relationship. Oh Chen bot. You stopped his creeping. OR did you?


Shovel that food into your mouth, Icky. Don’t come up for air

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Nice to see someone else using my name for her.