Big Brother 26 – Julie Chen teaser “Connect the Dots”

Big Brother 26 host Julie Chen posted the below on Instagram with the comment “connect the dots”. What do all our big brother super fans think this means? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below? From looking at the comments, it looks like Julie Chen has confused people more than actually provided a hint. It could mean something about the upcoming season or it could be a distraction that means absolutely nothing. The cat looks like its part of the newly redesigned house decòr and I could see the vortex photo being the diary room hallway. Does it have something to do with the “This Summer, these wall will talk?” promo video? Comments online reference: An Alice and Wonderland vibe, The cat in Japan means luck, The Butterfly Effect, With only a week and a half to go till the premiere we’re dying for as much info as we can get on the new season. We’ll hopefully soon get the full cast list of newbies with their bios/first impression videos, video house tour/house photos, theme and any other details about the upcoming season. Either way its only a short amount of time till our summer guilty pleasure starts with a special 2 night premiere on Wednesday, July 17th!

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