FIRST LOOK Inside the NEW Big Brother Canada 2 House!

The Big Brother Canada house for season 1 was only built last year and it has already been decommissioned. The exact reasons why the producers of Big Brother decided to build an all new house in a different location is unknown. The only response as to why a new house was built was that it was due to “unexpected circumstances”. The first house was technologically advanced with 64 cameras and 50 microphones in addition to the backyard lighting system that mimicked daylight. Which begs the question – What type of house will the NEW house guests be moving into in just over a month?

The original house for season 1 was located at 5101 Orbitor Drive in Mississaugua, Ontario and the NEW house is rumored to be located at a studio in Leslieville – Toronto, Ontario.

Big Brother Canada states:

“The #BBCAN2 house rumour is true! Here’s your first look at the new digs.”


This first picture is just a tease but don’t worry a lot more pictures will be released very shortly. As you can see the house is still under construction but we’re confident they’ll be able to finish it by the March 5th Premiere date. Lets hope the new house guests keep the new house a bit cleaner than the last house: The Big Brother Canada House is a MESS!

Big Brother Canada also confirmed that the BBCAN Live Feeds will be back and they’ll be FREE of charge. It is likely that the feeds won’t be open to US viewers but don’t worry Simon and I will be working hard 24/7 posting all the live feed updates/images and videos you can handle!
“#BBCAN2 live feeds will be available (and free!) to fuel you, our #BBCANSuperfan army.”

Here is the newest photo of the BBCAN2 house released on Feb 6th while it is still under construction.

Here’s another #BBCAN2 house sneak peek to celebrate being less than a month to launch!


NEW photo of the house still under construction – looks like we’ve got a “RED HOT” BBCA house!



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Wow! That’s awesome. The leaked names of BB Canada house guests has Aaryn Grimes on it. I guess BB Canada wanted a super villain on the show to shake things up. I wonder if she will be the first person evicted?

I wonder how much BB Canada offered her to come on the show? With all the abuse she has already taken, she shouldn’t have come on BB Canada for anything less then 200 thousand dollars.


That would be messed up! This is only the second season, they need to stick with all NEW people and just let the BBUS ones go! I understand Canada has been watching the BBUS for the past 15 seasons but let’s just keep it to Canadian’s to actually be the ones playing on BBCAN. Also, given Peter’s connections with BBCAN production and how much he & Aaryn have been hanging out, it does seem like it’s plausible. Will be extremely disappointed right from the beginning, if she is on it…..


Can’t Wait!

Thank you Dawg and Simon.


Yes Arryn should shake things up but I think she’s just going to try and be everyone’s friend. Aaryn will go out of her way to be nice to minorities on Big Brother Canada as compared to BB USA.


Simon and Dawg, did you guys know that Aaryn Gries lost her father yesterday?


Glad they released the finally released the house pics, but on a different topic i’m just wondering that how come the thumb up/down rating system for the comments isn’t here anymore?


Just a bug in the site.. I’m working on a fix.


Fixed it 🙂


Nice, thanks !!!


This will be for first time seeing Big Brother Canada and I’m really looking forward to it. Is there any difference between this and the USA version?


There’s little to no difference with the possible exception that occasionally you’ll hear Big Brother talk to the houseguests like you would in the UK or Australian series but without the charm.


I’ve been digging through the OBB archives lately, anyone remember powerhouse ?

Pinocchio Obama


Is that chicken choking Joe?


Get ready for Big Brother Canada Season 2

Wave Pool


Where can I watch BB Canada?


In Canada it will probably be free off the website.
In the US we will be posting the videos of the good stuff on youtube much like last year.

As for the episodes they to will be posted on youtube shortly after the episodes air on the slice network.

I’m just going by what happened last year we haven’t been given any information about the feeds yet 🙁


Check out our forum…

It’s still in Beta

Pinocchio Obama

What a shock that Amanda and McCrae broke up….not.


Hope Aaryn still decides to do BB Canada. Granted family comes first. She would of been a great addition to BB Canada.



Make it Rain

The Big Brother House doesn’t look like its going to be completed on time. I will offer my house to Aaryn while she waits for the BB Canada house to be completed.


not sure where you guys are getting your info, but how do I find out who are the houseguests of BBCanada2 and please tell me you’re all joking when you say Aaryn will be one of the houseguests.


I think we’ll find out about the cast this week


if I’m not mistaken, these are pics of the old BBCanada house and I bet they are only teasing us when they say the “new” house isn’t ready yet, like that would ever happen


Why did they build a new house?