First HOH “I drank the potion and have been infected with the BB bug”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-29 14-44-58-284

1:23pm Living room
Shane explains how the HOH works
Shane – the first Head of household competition is called BB BUG and it has begun
Shane- I drank the potion and have been infected with the BB bug which means I cannot me Head of Household this week
Shane- the next time the alarm sounds I must immediately give the BB bug to another houseguest thus infecting them and making that person ineligible to become the Head of Household this week
Shane – every time the alarm sounds the person wearing the BB bug must pass it to a uninfected houseguest preventing that person from becoming the HOH this week
Shane – alarms will go off periodically until 12 of us have been given the bug leaving only 1 uninfected person
Shan e- when only 1 uninfected houseguest remains that person becomes the first Head of hOusehold
Shane – if you become the first HOH you are safe for a week you must nominate 2 houseguests
Shane – you may not refuse it.. Once infected you must wear the bug until the alarm sounds..
Shane – once you are infected you will be called to the Diary room to get a T-Shirt which you wear until the competition is over
Shane – at 1pm tomorrow the first HOH will be crowned.

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-29 14-30-46-451

2:29pm Shane and Monte London room
Chatting about which girls are the Strongest, Sounds like they agree that Kryssie and Neely are the threat.

Shane – the one person I don’t really care for is kryssie.. She’s a very strong person
Monte – she will bust emotionally..
Shane – I have a bad vibe about her.. I get this weird vibe

They go back and forth about who they should give the Bug to.. Monte is unsure about Scott. THey also talk about who should get the HOH they go back and forth if it should be a girl or guy.

Monte says he doesn’t see Kryssie lasting long, “She’s going to piss off one of the girls”
They agree “She’s cool I like her”

Shane – bromance
Monte – me and your have the intense part of the alliance..
Shane – my angle is I want Kryssie out..
They think the girls would put up Scott and Justine, “everybody likes Cornbread”

Monte has concern that Kryssie and Neely will join forces because “they have that spunk about them”

Monte – most of the guys are safe these first 2 weeks
Shane – give it to sweet kentucky..
Monte – everyone loves Whitney

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-29 14-31-40-896

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-29 14-54-00-406

2:44pm BB bug Alarm goes off (Sounds like a fog horn)
Shane gives the BB Bug to Danielle (It’s a crab) tells her she needs to go into the Diary room to get her shirt.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-29 14-55-51-687

2:55pm Wondering when the double eviction is…..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-29 15-32-25-614

3:31pm HOH Alarm goes off..
Justine tells her he will take it..
Danielle gives it to Justine, she says she’s sad that she has to give it to someone
Justin – this shit’s heavy yo (YO!)

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-29 15-41-16-342

3:41pm Cornbread and Monte
MOnte says Justin pointed at him says he’s next, “that only leaves 3 guys”
Shane joins them tells Corn “we want 1 of us 4 to win HOH” (Scot, Shane, Monte and the corn)

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-29 16-34-15-316

4:12pm Justin infects Shelby

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-29 17-30-20-257

5:13pm Shelby infected Scott

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-29 17-33-22-020

5:32pm Shane asks If her and Justin have a showmance
Danielle – he’s just super funny… I like Jason I like Justin everyone likes them a lot
Danielle – I like all the southern people but..
they are both worried the “Southern people” will team up against them.
Danielle wishes the first HOH was an endurance comp she was prepared to sit on the wall for hours..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-29 17-42-29-629
5:42pm Tokyo Room Alex and Whitney
Alex can’t read Scott. They wonder why nobody is targeting “Those Three” (Jason, Kryssie, and Neeley)
they decide because nobody wants to cause Drama in the house and those three are loud personalities
Alex says she’s afraid to go after Jason he’s a firecracker
Whitney – I’m scared of Neeley
Alex – Me too.. if I get it i’ll target one of them
Whitney agrees.

Whitney – Danielle will go where every Justin goes..
Alex – Danielle follows Jason around

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-29 18-06-18-248

6:02pm Morgan and Alex agreeing they want to target “The three people outside” if they get the bug
Alex is going to get close to Monte they agree he’s someone they can trust
Whitney and Monte join them.. they are wondering who Scott will give the bug to.
They agree Shane is cool, “If y’all friends with me you’ll be friends with him” – Monte
They are worried about Jason because he was voted back in and they think his fans will help him with twists.
Monte – he’s dangerous.. I don’t trust him..
Monte says he’ll put Jason up if he gets HOH.

Monte – he’s got the fan base behind him..
Whitney – we gotta target the big dogs

6:14pm Scott gives Neeley the Crabs

7:31pm Neeley infected Kryssie

8:20pm Kryssie infects MOrgan

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I broke down and got All Access. I am enjoying this so much. Thanks for the updates Simon and Dawg. I can’t tune in 24/7 so you guys tell me what I miss.

A Power

FYI saw Kraken on sale at the LCBO yesterday. Need to stock up?


what a stupid comp


Are you serious? It is great!


This HOH is so fun. Loving this so far. Thanks Simon and Dawg. You guys rock! 🙂
Watching and checking here often.

Jake K.

Love this kind of interpersonal competition stuff. This is how some of the competitions on Big Brother 2 was.


the very first HoH comp was similar

Jake K.

The good ole wheel comp!


Laughing my ass off at how much more I’m enjoying this than the crap called BB18.

Thumb me down haters


Thanks for the updates!! Is it possible to catch the episode from last night at any point? It’s not showing up in the ‘previous episodes’ link




I subscribed to All Access, but can’t find the clip on the CBS All Access website where the houseguests went in the house. Do you have to watch live 24/7 to see everything? I found the 15 minutes of Julie talking before they went in, but nothing after that. Help!!


Thanks Simon. You’re the best.


Liking the cast so far. It was really hectic the first day cause everyone was talking so much and at the same time!
Its cool to finally see the feeds from the very beginning as well.
Can’t wait to see more


America lets vote monte or shane third hoh in give Jason the America care packages if he not hoh
cause he be going home that’s what im doing thank you



Do you think Shelby may be related to Liz and Julia? Her voice is identical to theirs. And they have unique voices. I had the feeds on but wasn’t watching, heard someone talking and I was like is that Liz?! Walked back over to my computer to see shelby instead.

I was like woaaaah. That’s kind of creepy how much they sound alike!


Jason better not get a free pass thoughout this game. He had a piss poor game in BB17 and he’s doing the same I this one. Why can’t BB just have newbies play it out.

Killer K

Im IN! Lol…i love how this is a way different game….even people who dont like this BBOT have to admit the show is at least trying something different….i loved how they just started the feeds last night and their entrances….Ill be sure to tell THE KILL nation Simon is watching and digging it so far! I am too