Alex “I think whoever puts up Jason, America would respect that they have the balls to do it!”

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BB BUG – Can’t be 1st HOH

So far – Justin, Shane, Scott, Kryssie, Danielle, Shelby, Neeley, Morgan.

8:25pm In the lounge room. Monte, Shane and Alex are talking. Alex — I love Whitney and I know I can trust her. Monte – I don’t trust Jason. Alex – I can’t get a good read on Cornbread. Monte and Shane say he’s a good guy. Alex – I get good advice from him but ever time game talk starts he leaves the room. Alex tells them I would never target y’all. We’ve got the same goals too. Shane – I like Morgan and Whitney. Monte – I don’t trust Jason, Kryssie or Neeley. Monte – Jason has been here before. He’s a threat. Shane – Justin, Jason and Danielle are together .. that’s what I think. Alex – I think whoever puts up Jason .. America would respect that they have the balls to do it. Alex – if y’all can control Danielle I think I can get Whitney and Morgan. Whitney joins them. Monte – I need to know y’all have my back. I’m going to try and get this HOH. If I do I may go after Jason. Alex – I would never put any of y’all up if I get HOH.

8:40pm Outside the HOH room – Cornbread and Shane are whispering. Shane – its only been a freaking day. These people are too busy doing their circle jerk and figure out who they are and not playing the game right. It’s a marathon. We’ve got our foursome but on top of that we’ve got Alex and Morgan. Cornbread – do they know about Scott? Shane shakes his head no. Whitney joins them and tells them to be careful talking. Cornbread – circle of trust. I’ve got y’all. I’m going to move. Cornbread leaves. Whitney – we just need to ride it out. This week is fine because the only one that’s lived is Jason. Shane – I’m not worried about Jason. I would rather get out Kryssie. Whitney – I think she’s a loose cannon. Shane – she would need to be backdoored.

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9pm In the backyard – The house guests are hanging around the hot tub chatting. They talk about the HOH room having a bath tub or not, breast feeding, etc. Shane and Cornbread go to play pool.

9:35pm Jason and Scott are geeking out about the feeds and their knowledge about past seasons and house guests. Jason – I just don’t want to disappoint myself and go out earlier than I did last time.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-29 23-43-43-533

10:45pm By the Pool – Cornbread, Neeley and Shane are talking about random things by the pool.

11:25pm In the kitchen – Monte tells Cornbread – we need to keep this circle tight. Shane is bringing too many people in. He’s trying to bring in Danielle. We just need to make sure we have enough vote to send Jason home if we put him up. Cornbread nods. Cornbread then goes and talks to Shane and tells him y’all need to protect me if I put Jason on the block. Shane – oh yeah.

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11:10pm – 12:35am Backyard couches – Jason is talking to Shelby and Kryssie. Jason is worried about being taken out because he’s been here before. Scott joins them. Kryssie – YOu are the only one out of all of us that is likable because everyone feels like they know you .. so if you end up there (as HOH) no one would hold it against you. That’s why I didn’t give it (BB Bug) to you. They continue talking about random things. Kryssie talks about her tattoos and how when she gets out shes getting a pin up girl with the predator’s head on her leg. She tells the live feeders not to steal her idea. She says she told a tattoo artist she was going to get knuckles tattooed on her knuckles and then he did it.

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1:15am – 1:35am Backyard – Scott, Jason, Justin, Kryssie and Shelby are talking about random things. Kryssie talks about her foot fetish and whether or not they can fit their fist in their mouth. Off camera Scott puts his fist in his mouth. Jason – I’m probably the most arrested person to be on here. Justin – I’ve been arrested 11 times. Jason – you’ve got me beat. Lets here it? Justin – I’m from New Orleans. I’ve been a victim of police brutality and sh*t when he was 17 / 18. Jason – sue them! Justin – no you can’t, that sh*t always happens in New Orleans.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-09-30 01-57-18-933
1:45am – 2:05am Justin starts talking about how big of a crush he has on Danielle. Justin says he isn’t bothered that Danielle’s attracted to Shane and sleeping in his bed. Jason – she’s attracted to attention. Whoever gives her the most attention tomorrow she will like. Justin – She has that natural beauty. Justin – I think Monte will be a problem. Kryssie – everyone is so nice still. The smart thing to do who ever is HOH .. if they (Shane & Danielle) do get in a showmance .. they got to be the first to go. The talk turns to drugs. Justin – I’ve literally done every drug out there. Kryssie – have you done meth? Justin – I’ve done it once and never again. I like herb. Shelby – in life I don’t want to go through it not trying everything but meth is one thing I will not try.

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Mrs. Mac

Can we get a poll up? I would love to know what the votes are gonna look like


Poor Jason, he better win pov or he’s done

Double D

My understanding is the fans are voting out the houseguests. They just voted Jason in. Doubt they will vote him out right away.


Here we go again a group of guys working togther and have a couple of ladies as their shields lol poor Jason I hope he doesn’t get evicted first they should of given him immunity as unfair as that sounds but come on his like the only new vet in there


Julie said a new safety ceremony this season


I’m sorry, but this cast is somehow worse than the borewhores we’ve been getting for the past 5yrs or so. It’s like a toxic mix of basic bitches and ignorant morons without the freakshow factor that would otherwise earn a pass. Jason fits right in with his lack of self awareness and no ambition, so I won’t be surprised if he limps out in the first two weeks with little to no resistance.


I agree with you on the Jason comments but I am actually thrilled with the new house guests with the exception of Monte. He is playing so hard and already has the idea that he will be untouchable in the game. I really hope they have more comps lined up that will prevent him from having an edge on the physical comps. I am happy to see people on there talking about things other than making it to jury, etc. This cast has more everyday people in it and I like that.


No freak show? Allow me to introduce you to Justin…

Jake K.

Really enjoying this season so far…this HoH has really caused them to draw some lines early


I hate Monte!


Shane too. He gives me the creeps.


I know its still just the first couple of days, but I really like this cast! It reminds me of the types of casts they used to have. There are a couple of over 20’s mixed in, a good mix of fans and non-fans, and most importantly most of them seem to be trying to use some kind of strategy already.


Gosh, I am so hooked so far. This has so much potential. I am the guilty peeping Jane.


Pretty good start. I already hate Monte, Shane, Alex and Morgan. Team Jason and Scott.


Dawg and Simon,

Do you hate me? Why aren’t you posting my comments anymore? I’ve seen you approve worse comments.
AMERICA- F**k Yeah


The word you’re choosing to use is being filtered your comments that contain that word end up in spam. Please consider using *&#@ if you want to use those words.


Yep…..your comment is a non-comment. It is automatically filtered to trash because it is.


You ever hear of having fun and joking around? People do that all the time in this comment section. I’ve been using this site for years because it’s fun to come here and read and comment. If you don’t like it don’t comment. Just downvote me like I know you already did. Everyone in the comment section has become so damn sensitive. This was the first year I decided to use Dawg’s link to buy the CBS All Access, but I will be cancelling it and go through another site instead so they can make some money. Goodbye Dawg and Simon and all the other sensitive minions.


You’re just dropping F bombs and then complaining when people say that has no substance. Grow up a bit.


Oh bull. You aren’t going anywhere and you know it. This is the best BB site.


Following BBOTT using this site only (I am Canadian) is sort of like playing on line poker. No live action to watch and you have to go by a picture and the posts to evaluate the players. Interesting.


Ok. But I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people swear in their comments hundreds of times before me.


Sometimes stuff slips by.. I had to “tighten the screws” as teh number of swear words that are being picked up on your average OBB post went up which isn’t good for the site.

*dropkicks Yep*

Danelle is hot….


They don’t let you use swear words of any sort on the feeds either (you would actually be surprised the relatively tame words they censor) but, Simon, you do what you have to do to keep this site successful and active. We all understand – and 99% of the commenters here appreciate the work you do on this site and can manage to communicate without profanity.


So far I’m liking this season. The house is becoming devided already and I love that. I don’t really dislike anyone yet but I’m sure someone will step into that role soon enough.

Jake K.

Scott just looks so weird with a cigarette


Damm¡t this whole time I kept saying, “I’m not getting the feeds, not watching Over the Top, I don’t have time for it, especially if it’s online only!” Seriously though, it is annoying that you can’t just come home, pull up the DVR and push play. You have to drag out your laptop, Ipad, or phone and log on. Super ANNOYING! However, after reading these updates I think I’m sold. Lol. I’m just too much of a BB fan to skip this 🙂 I guess I’m buying the feeds. I just pray that they do have some kind of episodes on there and that I don’t have to seriously watch the feeds 24/7 to figure out what’s happening.
Simon/Dawg/Anybody Before I buy this can you please answer a cpl questions? Do they have 1hr episodes on the feeds? If so what days are they on there? Or do we just watch the feeds 24/7 and produce the show ourselves? I don’t have time for that. I’m only gonna buy it if there’s shows on there.
Thanks for all your help and your updates. You were great, as always, this summer:)


If you go to the CBS site and look for BBOTT under “shows” at the top, it will tell you how it works. There is only one episode a week but you can go back in time, so when OBB gives you something juicy you can note the time in the post and go back in time on the CBS live feeds and see it all play out. Hope this helps.


Thanks so much for your help 🙂

Senior crabs

Or if you would of ever done something with your life you would have a smart tv and be able to pull it up on your 70″ tv screen anytime… C’est la vie I suppose.


It must suck to live with such random mean-spirited hate in your soul. People like you…


Senior Crabs,
FYI, I have a Smart TV! Thanks for the suggestion though, a$$face!

Jake K.

Hey there! Just a suggestion to you and others…go out an get an Apple TV (can even be an old generation used one off EBay or Amazon). There is a CBS All Access App already loaded on the device and in Big Brother sections (both normal show and BBOTT) has live feeds streaming (with incredible quality), clips, episodes, recaps, etc all organized for you. It’s great for the normal show but ESPECIALLY BBOTT which is more clip based. It’s also nice being able to switch on your TV and watch it like a normal program (rather than on a media device)


Hey Willow, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Weekly schedule – times are Pacific
Monday 1pm: Veto comp
Monday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Tuesday 1pm: Veto meeting
Tuesday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Tuesday 7.30pm: Live Diaries
Wednesday 7pm: Weekly recap
Wednesday 8pm: Live eviction
Wednesday 9pm: HOH comp
Thursday various times: Julie QA with hamsters, and evictee interview
Thursday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Friday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Friday 7.30pm: Live Diaries
Saturday 1pm: Have-not reveal
Saturday 7pm: Safety ceremony
Sunday 7pm: Final safety ceremony/nominations

you can flashback to these times to see the recaps.


Thank you soooooooo much! That was much more than I could’ve even asked for 🙂 You helped me tremendously. I actually was wanting to ask more specifically about days and times, but I didn’t wanna be a pain in the a$$. The fact that you just willingly put all that on there made my day. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Anytime willow 🙂


Just a point about the poll,,,

Jason should not be in a first impression poll. He played before. He has fans on this site. He has haters on this site. Most opinions of him have already been made. Shouldn’t be there.

No offense.



where’s Victor??????????? 🙁 lol


Dawg, Love love you and simon, just wanted to say thanks, first. lol, And second to say i really miss the pic with names on the side of the site. I’m still learning name so thanks, if you can.


ooops just saw it, my bad


since monte hoh this week next week im put him up for vote America nom he be the third nom
this week we should nom shane or alex they want go home but it will show them we in control
I like alex but I want to open her eyes monte an shane using her by America nom her she will
change her game in her an morgan will work with somebody else I like to see alex morgan Jason Justin an scott
Danielle work together


I’m I the only one that craves corn bread everytime they mention his name!

Franks fumes

Cornbreads toenails look like Fritos scoops…….you know the kind for dip!