Britt “Its working fine now, but it sucks we’re stuck with girls that are incompetent..”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 17
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-17 05-56-02-740
8:30am – 9:10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Brittnee starts passing out the new batteries to everyone. She talks to Sarah about how all last night people kept getting up and opening/closing the bedroom door waking her up. She said that Kevin and Pilar kept getting called out by Big Brother too. Sarah comments on how Big Brother also locked the havenot door during the night and says it was scary. Up in the bedroom – Britt talks about how Big Brother was in the house last night. Willow says a 3 day POV comp great! In the living room – Sarah says when I couldn’t get out of there I kind of panicked. Brittnee says that JP asked me if he gets house guest choice can he pick me. I don’t know why he wouldn’t pick Kevin. Jordan comments to Bobby how they’re (Big Brother) still working on that comp in the backyard. Jordan says it must be the greatest comp of all time.

9:15am – 9:45am Up in the HOH room – Ashleigh, Zach, Jordan, Brittnee and Sarah are hanging out. They talk about what cars they drive and accidents they or their friends have been in.

9:45am – 9:55amBrittnee asks Sarah if she thinks the POV will be today? Sarah says yes. Brittnee says yeah it makes sense now why he (JP) would pick me now. You don’t think they would backdoor Kevin do you? Sarah says no, but our deal is we have to get close to Kevin. Sarah comments on how pretty Zach is sitting. Brittnee says its working fine now but it sucks we’re stuck with girls that are incompetent.. well not incompetent but.. Sarah says maybe not, maybe they’re just doing what they think they have to. Sarah says right now Parhar listens to Zach way more than he listens to us and I have no idea why.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-17 06-48-49-836

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-17 07-01-13-533

10am Zach tells Kevin – this is a tough move for me. Bruno and Bobby were like ride or die. Saying We have to get the little Canada’s player (Kevin) out of here. Zach says now I have to put a knife in their backs. It’s going to be hard but I’m with you. You and me will have to go hard. We can kill comps. Kevin says we’ve got this. They’re so in the dark. Zach says it’s pretty hard for me right now but we’ve got it. We’re on the same page.

10:15am In the kitchen – Willow comments to Sarah that she has to stop making slop for people. Sarah says I made it the other day it took 45 minutes, I left the room and it was all gone. Willow tells her not to make it. Someone else will make it. Sarah says not for me. Willow says ask Jordan. Sarah says I’m not going to tell him I’m hungry. In the living room – Godfrey and Jordan are playing the game Kevin taught them.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-17 07-39-53-253
10:35am – 10:55am Sarah and Jordan talk in the bedroom. Sarah asks Jordan if Ashleigh knows about the “Purple Cobras” (Hexagon alliance) and Jordan says no, as far as I know she doesn’t. I don’t know if Zach has told her everything. Sarah says so Ashleigh is under the assumption that you and Zach are just super super close. Jordan says yeah. Ashleigh joins them. Sarah asks how Zach is doing. Ashleigh says he’s nervous but he knows he has to do it. It’s going to be a weird 3 days. I just keep telling him that this move he’s making is going to gain him so much game respect. Sarah says and you know if he didn’t make it he would be next. And when you’re HOH everyone kisses your a$$ so hard so you think you can trust everyone. Ash says I honestly wish it was an Instant because 3 days of living with a backstab. I feel bad even complaining because it’s Zach that needs to deal with it. Zach just needs to pull him (Bruno) aside and explain to him why. He’s level headed. They talk about how close Godfrey was to winning the HOH and how they don’t know what he would have done. Ash and Sarah laugh about how Zach’s speech to Godfrey being nominated was “Godfrey Nap Time is Over”. Sarah asks if the POV will even be today. It doesn’t say on the board. Sarah says its gross to say this but the logic is there that if he’s not going to win.. only one person can win.. Ash says that he needs to go home to his family before jury. He has an emotional connection with everyone in here. There is no way he wouldn’t win if he made it to the end.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-17 07-42-56-710

11am Up in the HOH room – Sarah and Willow are hanging out. Sarah says I miss Johnny. I miss Naeha … I even miss Graig. Willow says I don’t miss anyone! They’re all dead to me! Sarah then brings up how Graig made her cry.

11:30am Willow helps Sarah take the hoodie off so that her boobs don’t pop out.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-17 08-26-10-339

Up in the HOH room – Kevin, Britt, Zach and Willow. Willow talks about how she wished she could have been in season 2 with Jon. It would have gotten messy with Neda and him having a girlfriend at home. They talk about all the kissing they’ve been doing. Zach says if you’re a confident guy you can kiss another guy and it not mean anything. Zach brings up Godfrey blacking out when he was drunk. He was so hungover the next day.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-17 09-19-49-205
12:20pm In the kitchen – Bruno says if he (Kevin) doesn’t get drawn that would be perfect. Jordan says this could be the one that he doesn’t get drawn. Jordan says yeah because if he doesn’t get drawn then no one is even going to care about winning it. Bruno says either way you’re fine. I kind of get why he picked you but did he not want blood on his hands? Jordan says yeah that’s how he explained it to me. I asked if that’s what he wanted to do so I said if thats what you want. Bruno says I was just so surprised. I thought it would be the two girls. Jordan says maybe he thought it could be a mental one that maybe I could win. Everyone has to go up at some point. Bruno says I would love to get this draw done.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-17 09-31-34-868

12:50pm Bobby, Bruno and Jordan start playing cards at the kitchen table. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Pilar and Ashleigh are taking a bubble bath together. Pilar says she really wants to host the POV. Ash talks about how its nice to have the HOH room and not have people comment on them kissing. Pilar asks Ash if her and Zach did anything else. Ash says no. Pilar says would you tell me if you did? Ash says yes. Pilar asks no more of this. She makes hand gesture. Pilar asks do you like him? Ash says I feel like you’re in the same situation as I. Its a weird situation to be in. Pilar says I really like him too. Ash says its hard for me to let down my walls let alone playing a game. Pilar says I trust you, Kevin and Zach. Ash says me too. I trust JP too but not as much. Pilar says so everyone knows we are backdooring him (Kevin) but I wonder if they know I know? Ash says I don’t think so. It is going to be so awkward. Ash says next week it has to be me you, me, Kevin, JP or Sarah that have to win HOH.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-17 10-03-47-966

1:10pm Kevin asks does will know? Zach says in the alliance there’s Bruno, Bobby, Willow, Ashleigh and me are in the alliance. When we blow this up …right before I will pull Willow aside and talk to her. Bobby enters the storage room and interrupts the conversation.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-17 10-40-51-205
2pm The house guests hear the construction still going on in the backyard. Sarah comments “I can’t believe they’re still building! Willow says I know its scary. It’s going to be a crazy set up.




There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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While I’m all for “girl power”, I’m glad that Britt and Sarah have come to the rationale conclusion that Ash and Pilar are completely useless to their games. I’m still not sure about Willow though. I can’t decide whether she is a Coaster or a Floater. She’s definitely trying to play all angles which is fine, but I’m not sure she’s strategic, social, and or manipulative enough to be a Floater.

another name

apparently naeha called out bobby as her biggest target if she returns to the house on the sideshow. not for his game prowess or strategy, but because he laughed at her getting instant evicted. that sort of pure emotional non game response makes me think she would follow through with her exit interview thought of going back in to rejoin Zach and Jordan.


I thought she was smarter than that.


If JP leaves on Zacks hoh that would b one of the greatest and funniest moments in all of bbcan/us history!!!! PLEEEEASE LAWD MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!


you have to take risk in big brother, but this ones too early and unnecessary


Given how arrogant JP/Zach have gotten these last 2 weeks there’s nothing I want to see more than some heat get thrown their way.

If Bruno leaves we’ll soon have the newport Vs Kevin battle to deal with Seeing as Kevin is the fan fav (Going by edits/polls) it should be interesting how the hordes of Kevin fans react. Might have a newport / Kevin fan war here which will be a lot of fun.

I wonder if Naeha/Johnny come back in tonight if it will change Zach’s plan maybe he wont go after Bruno and instead take out someone safe like Brittnee. Zach was talking last night how scared he was of making that big of a move so early stressing there’s still 11 people in the house.. now make that 12 and it might alter his decision.


Whoever comes back it- it won’t be until after the eviction and probably will have a week of immunity


I was thinking they came back earlier.. but its all murky at this point


True–really can’t say for sure with bbcan. I am just guessing too…


I am praying for that to happen Flygirl! Be so funny and embarrassing fir superfan! Ya never volunteer to go on the block! Lol JP! We also would stop hearing about past seasons too! Let Canada decide! Lol


It’s so weird that Sarah and Willow are getting so close right now. >_<

another name

during the great gummybear adventure, sarah made mention that she would have to draw willow in before making a big move because willow is in her estimation the swing vote.
so not really so surprising.

Why, oh why

I just want Bobby out this week.
My perfect scenario is Bobby getting BDed.
I don’t want to hope too much on the JP leaving angle… It’s just to good to be true 🙁

Bruno's Thinning Hair

Bruno was too scared to use the double veto and now he will pay for it. His chances at winning this game are now as thin as his hair. He could have been a hero but will be remembered as the coward he is. How could he not have used the veto? This isnt club med Bruno, its big brother and you screwed the show, the fans and the season by not making a big move. Your game didnt fool anyone and now its time to stop fooling yourself and shave your head when you go home. You have nobody to blame but yourself.


I agree that he should shave his head and used the veto.. don’t think he’s a coward

Bruno's Thinning Hair

LOL thanks Simon. Maybe Godfrey should buzz his head…


then it might look worse.. LOL


If Bruno is the one backdoored, I think there’s a slim chance he will survive.
If Bobby is the one backdoored, I think he could work an angle with Sarah/Willow/Britt (he doesn’t have the brain to do it though so… yeah!!!)
SARAH’S VOTE is CRUCIAL this week if any “FLIP” is to happen. Idk if she realizes this yet, but the person that needs to realize this the most is BRUNO!


I was rooting for Bruno but now that I know his “strategy” is to just get rid of the girls rather than other obvious threats, it shows he has no game…he should be aligning with Sarah/Brit/Willow since they’re not in showmances and split up the obvious couples (Zach/JP, Kev/Pil, Ash/Zach), but no, he just wants to get out the girls cuz that’s his only strategy, boys against girls….ugh, welcome back to sixth grade.


one of the lamest things people can say is “its to soon to mae a big move”

the only reason they get in trouble later on when there is less people is because they didnt makea big move. britt made a big move and no one is putting her up since she did that


Holy cow the buyback comp is endurance its happening right now.. Who do you think will win?

Other Doug

Cindy with an S killed it in the other endurance comp (sigh). Too bad, I was hoping for drama not irritation.


I think Naeha with a N will be the one to come back, then Zach will have all the girls wrapped around his beautiful little fingers and still get rid of either Bruno or Bobby this week. Jp is too smart to anything to blow up yet but give it a few more weeks, Newport is going to fall Zach get evicted and he will be forced to be in Fortress, because that will be the only way he goes to the end. Jordan is definitely smart he has made so many alliances/ bromances in this house, he has a sheild of women and men standing in front of him.

another name

something that has bothered me:
bruno justifies nominating sarah and jonny last week by saying they’ve never talked game with him. two sided coin. has he ever talked game with them? no. he was too concerned with sitting back on his makeshift mancave throne with graig and godfrey. so to me, that was a cop out. in a way I wanted to root for him, but he’s got a bit of tunnel vision where women are concerned.
now bruno and bobby are saying each of them has to get close to a non chop shop to feel out where the house is going and control numbers. i’m thinking if he’s taken the the talk with britt and sarah last week seriously, he doesn’t need to do that. here’s Bruno’s Achilles heel. he doesn’t take the women seriously as allies, because he’s too afraid the women will forge an alliance. imagine if bruno stays/ a guy goes home, and naeha or cindy or risha return to the house. the women will outnumber the men. he’ll have a complete conniption.


He told Godfrey that he wanted to flip the house and take out JP not Kevin this week, but they couldn’t tell Bobby yet. He knows Bobby doesn’t see what’s going on and he has to humour him.

another name

when he and godfrey figured out Zach and Jordan, that’s when I wanted to root for him. again, when he said he wanted to take out jp not kevin, I wanted to root for him again. but does he want to get rid of jp to attack jp and Zach, or does he want to get rid of jp to bring Zach back into the fold? he also talks about bringing kevin in. the only time he questioned the loyalty of a chop shopper, it was willow. instead of bringing sarah in because he believes she’s the type that can rally people, that’s the reason he says he wants her gone. so who is his go to rally person? bobby or godfrey? that’ll work. one’s been in over his head so long he should have gills by now, the other is thought to be an idiot or a liar.
I just can’t help but feel that if a woman walks in, his old girls alliance paranoia will turn back on.




Yeah they showed it on the feeds. It’s endurance with them holding onto ropes. I suspect Dawg will have a post about it coming shortly..


Wow. Saw the BB3 Jason and Danielle alliance in the poll and HAD to vote for it. I loved BB3 the most. Jason is my ALL TIME favorite player because he was the genuine article of a GREAT guy. The alliance he had with Danielle was solid and it stayed a complete secret the entire time. From what I understand, Jason even ended up working in casting for BB (and other reality shows) for a few years before he went on to be a news anchor in Florida.


Dawg, the first 11 cannot hold true. One is destined to go home prior to the opportunity of getting the returnee on the block.