Big Brother Canada 7 Dane winner

Big Brother Canada 7 Finale

Going into the Big Brother Canada 7 Finale – Adam was the last evicted house guest. Facing off in the final HOH is Anthony, Kyra and Dane.

Part one of final Head of household

Carry the chip through the water and stack at the other end.

Dane wins.

Part two of the Final HOH
Kyra wins

Part three of the Final HOH

Dane wins

Dane evicts Kyra. They are surprised..


The Jury

Pre Jury (EDDIE and Maki wear their Halloween costumes)

Dane wins Big Brother Canada 7 with all the votes.

I just want to extend out a big thanks to the people who supported our site during the BBCAN7 season. While not a very good season it still had some great moment. I thoroughly enjoyed reading many of your comments it made the season for me.

Next up we have Big Brother 21 starting late June. This will be our regular 24/7 me sleeping on a cot coverage.

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so predictable, everyone knew that kid would win if kept in the game way back in week 2.

i bet Anthony is so glad he kept Dane over Mark now. lol what an idiot.

Guy From Canada

Mark would have brought Kyra so he is glad for 20k…..


Thanks for all the updates Dawg and Simon! All said and done Dane played a great game and deserved the win. I’ll be back for BBUS and hopefully Kassting does a better job.


Thank you for all the updates. !!!!!


Silly that they didn’t seem to have favourite houseguest, but then again we all know it would be Damien lol

another name

Thanks to SImon and Dawg!!!

Post season interview impressions:
the delusions are big. really big. like twice the daily recommended dosage big.
Kyra thinks the decision to keep Dane was Kyra’s idea after veto. (the decision was made before veto). Thinks every decision during Kyra’s hoh was Kyra’s idea and decision. I can’t.
Anthony thinks he saved Dane during Cory’s hoh. (Dane won the veto, Anthony saved nothing).
Anthony says part of voting Adam out was revenge for the secret assassin. (Anthony thought it was Dane that was the secret assassin, that’s why Anthony decided Dane was disloyal and had to beg to stay against Mark). Look at Anthony’s face during the secrets revealed clip on the finale. You can plainly tell he thought it was Dane until that clip.
Debrief show: Anthony says nobody could beat Adam in the final 2. (editorial: flashback to the I will beat anyone of the pb in the final 2 speech from 2 weeks ago. And he didn’t get a single vote.)
Check the moment in the debrief where they expose in a clip Anthony egging Mark on to split up Sam and Adam. Look at Adam’s face. If there were boxes on the set he would have been pummelling.
Mark still thinks he was actually part of the pretty boys. Name one pretty boy move or decision that had Mark’s stamp on it. Even the finale season recap downplayed mark as a prettyboy. he was at best boy adjacent.
As Arisa and cohost guy talk about the whatmance of Mark and Kiki you can practically see her try to climb over the back of her chair to distance herself from the idea. Yup, she saw his ‘only date her for a little while, can’t be long term because she isn’t fully european ancestry’ speech on feeds.
Adam admits Damien would have been a pretty boy if he’d come in with group one or two, but the group was already set by the time the last group entered. As I mentioned many times, a problem with Adam’s game from the get go was he went guns blazing to check off items on his to do list, without actually getting a grip of the whole situation. He didn’t adapt to change, he tried to set everything in stone.
Apparently this was the season of Sam even more than the season of the prettyboys… Anthony can’t get her name out of his mouth. lol.
Kyra admits kyra would have taken Anthony.
Anthony says he would have taken Dane because he was all about loyalty even though Dane wasn’t loyal to him, and in the next breath says he would have taken Kyra, because he hated that people were saying Kyra was weak. There isn’t a counter that can track the number of times Anthony belittled Kyra. He would have taken Kyra, because he would have beaten Kyra. IF he didn’t suck at comps because studying was beneath him. Quitter. People can say it’s because he knew he was being carried to the end by either of the other two finalists, but the reality is: Quitter that didn’t bother to prep for a competition he knew was coming and therefore gave up the chance to be the master of his own fate. I mean, the guy could have spent one of his 12 naps a day studying at any point in the season. I said what I said. No veil. Quitter.

By the way:
Maki and Eddie’s finale looks:
a hallowe’en onsie and a valet driver that hit a pinata. what. was. that.
no. really.

another name

i listened to as much as i could until my bs detector would start to spark and smoke and my eyes rolled uncontrollably.
i really hoped some brave interviewer would at least mention some of the less than cool opinions expressed on feeds, to get the house guest’s point of view or give them a heads up. Not an inquisition, or even an intervention, just an ego check. Other than one of the rhap interviews subtly clocking kyra, i was disappointed.
I agree that in a season of stunk at big brother… Mark and Kyra are probably royalty.
I agree that in a season of stinky personalities… Mark and Anthony are probably royalty.
I will still stick with my opinion that a person that doesn’t spend any of the four days downtime every week studying the events of the house automatically loses my respect, because they are intentionally sabotaging their own game through sloth. Dropping out during comps (quitting is not throwing) also loses my respect.
I do hope that social media doesn’t destroy anyone… oh come on, like you can’t see twitter giving some of them a crash course in reality according to twitter?
At the same time, some of them had no qualms about expressing opinions that are just bottom of the barrel, and part of me wants somebody to tell them how not cool some of those opinions were.
reasonably speaking: that whole we’re brothers talk won’t continue by next week. Once it sinks in exactly what each of them thought of each other… yeah. not happening. The bc contingent will most likely be relatively cool with each other. Mark will get his wish, he won’t have much to do with the majority of the cast. the majority of the cast will make sure of it. Body language in interviews was really telling.
I was almost thinking this season might cause the great kraken drought of ’19.