Big Brother Spoilers: Adam just about burns down the BB house with his bacon obsession.. *Updated*

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10:50am – 11:45am Adam wakes up and heads out into the backyard for a smoke. All the other houseguests are still sleeping. At 11am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to wake up the other houseguests. When the live feeds return, Porsche and Rachel are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Adam is in the backyard folding laundry. Rachel talks about working out. Porsche starts to think she will go back to sleep ..then changes her mind and thinks she might get in the hot tub because its cold outside. Rachel and Porsche talk about doing their nails, hair and teeth. Adam start cooking up two trays of bacon .. one regular and one maple bacon. Adam gets called to the diary room. Porsche says it’s for the medic ..have fun! Adam comes back from the diary room and says advil and ice for now till it gets better. Rachel is getting ready to wash their tie-dye clothes. Rachel, Porshce and Adam compare their cuts and bruises. Rachel and Porshce head out side and they all decide to sign their names on one of the t-shirts and final 3 …so that they can give it to the biggest fan the night of the finale. Rachel and Porsche are cleaning the tie-dye clothes with the hose. Rachel asks them if they want her cow costume.. she says she can’t take it because her and Brendon don’t have much room to store stuff. Porsche says that she’ll take it or that maybe a Brendon/Rachel fan would like it.

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11:45am – 12pm Rachel tells Adam that she seriously cant wait to see Brendon and jump on him. Adam says that when he saw Tori come into the house he thought she was coming in to plan Rachel’s wedding. Adam says that if Rachel takes him to the final two he will get Tori Spelling to plan her wedding. Rachel says oh you got connections. Adam says yeah ..she came to see me. Rachel thanks Adam for saying that he will vote for her… she says that she hasn’t decided what she is doing yet but that she first has to win the next HOH to make that decision. Rachel and Adam go over the jury votes. Adam says that it will take him a long time to get over losing his chance to win. Adam says just think about this I never nominated you … Porsche did and you were her target. Rachel says I know … jerk! Rachel starts going over the questions she might be asked in the final part of the HOH. Adam gets up and goes inside and realizes he forgot his bacon in the oven. He says oh shit.. sorry big brother. When Adam opens the oven door a big cloud of smoke comes out. Rachel comes in and says good thing we don’t have smoke detectors!

12pm – 12:10pm Adam says that today is the 10th anniversary of September 11th. Porsche says we should do a moment of silence tonight. Porsche tells Adam …like at 11:11 tonight we should have a moment of silence. Adam says no at 9:11 tonight. Porsche says yeah that’s what I meant.

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12:10pm – 12:30pm Adam says that he can’t go down without a fight … newbies to the end?! Porsche laughs a bit and asks if he asked Rachel the same thing. Adam says that he asked her what she was doing. Adam says that all Rachel had to do was answer a phone to get on this season. Adam says that he hates doing this .. Porsche says that if she was in that position she would be grovelling. Adam says that isn’t him though. Adam tells Porsche if he had won he would have taken her to the final two. They start talking about the jury votes. Porsche says that over Rachel she has Dani and Kalia’s vote for sure. Rachel comes in and the conversation ends. Adams hand is really banged up and Big Brother calls him to the diary room. Rachel and Porsche go out in to the backyard to make more tie-dye shirts. Rachel asks …so Adam hasn’t talked to you yet?! Porsche says that he did just make a little plea… but he has too. Rachel says yeah I would be too. Porsche says that he said we had to do a lot more than answer a phone call. Rachel says whoa …whoa, whoa…. I had to do a lot more than that… it took a lot for me to be here too.. I had to fight to be here and I gave up job opportunities to be here. Rachel says that she understands that Adam has to campaign. Rachel tells Porsche that she is taking her to the final two if she wins part 3 of the HOH …and that Porsche has earned her spot to be there. Porsche tells Rachel that Adam told her he would take her. Rachel says that he said the same thing to me too. Porsche says awe Adam! Porsche says its funny he told us the same thing. Rachel says well good for Adam for playing the game.

12:30pm – 1:10pm Porsche says that she doesn’t even really want to hear the campaigning …she wants to just think about how she at least has $50 G’s and that me and you have a bunch of fancy lunches to go to. Adam is now out of the diary room again. Porsche tells him to come back outside to see their tie-dye jobs. Adam finishes putting bandaids on and joins them in the backyard. All three of the continue to make tie-dye shirts for fans.

1:10 – 1:40pm Porsche and Rachel continue to design their shirts. Adam talks to Porsche about the last competition and how he figures he lost about a minute because of his goggles. Rachel and Posche keep adding more to their shirts. Adam asks Porsche if what she did was a spider? Porsche says no’s a sun!! Prosche then goes to suntan in the lounge chair. She pleads to the camera for them to put some music on while she lays by the pool. Rachel is working out on the elliptical. Adam is in the kitchen eating.

1:55pm They start playing the what Disney character am I game. Rachel and Porsche start to talk about wanting to just watch a movie. Adam says this isn’t meant to be mean …but if you want to go watch movies ..go to the jury house. Porsche says whoa! Adam says I’ve got three days to get the last of my sarcasm out.

2pm – 2:15pm Adam says that when he gets out of the house he is going to continue to work out so that when he comes back for all stars he is buff. Porsche says me too …I am going to come back and look like Rachel. Porsche tells Rachel that she had a dream that she was laying on the bathroom floor naked …and that she was so upset that people saw her naked.. that she had spent all this time to shower with a bathing suit on and now everyone saw her naked.

2:30pm – 2:45pm Adam, Rachel and Porsche recount the events of the house and all of the alliances. Rachel says that Shelly and Brendon had the morning coffee alliance. Rachel says that Shelly also wanted to make a couples alliance with her, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan with her being the mom. Adam says that of everyone in the cast …the person he will talk to the least will be Kalia. Anyone else can come to me for anything or talk to me. Rachel says that coming into the house she was so scared that some girl was going to be in the house that was going to be up all on her man … and it would be on. Porsche says maybe that was supposed to be me. Rachel says listen if any girl would have come up on my man …I would have been so pissed. Rachel says who wouldn’t have wanted Brendon ..he is the hottest man in the world! Adam says UMmm..!? Adam explains that Brendon is a good guy and wouldn’t let anyone come in between them. Adam says that you two are meant for each other. Porsche says do you know he sometimes makes out with her with her retainer in … Adam says that is love. Rachel says and he used the veto on me. Rachel says awe Brendon I get to see you in 3 days…

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3:46pm Cooking Bacon

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rachel. keep the cow costume. somehow. someway, evel dick got money for EVERY darn piece of his cow costume


I spend too much time on this site. Last night I actually had a dream that Rachel applied for a job as a housekeeper at my hotel, and everyone kept yelling at the head housekeeper to hire her because “She deserves it”


Funniest thing I’ve read in awhile!!!


HILARIOUS! you can’t make that kind of thing up!!


What happened to my feisty red head? No drama, acting like a lady! She knows she has it wrapped! Go Rachel!


Today on Rigged Brother
In the purple room Adam has tears streaming from his eyes and a snot bubble under his nose and is crying to Rachel and says “I’m sorry about the last couple of days, that’s what happens when I eat too much bacon, I get on a high and think I deserve to be here”. Rachel says “yeah you were kinda creeping us out, frothing at the mouth, telling us how this game has never been played like this before, I have to agree on that”. Adam says “Most times after my bacon highs I do a lot of soul searching, that I feel real bad for the things I’ve said and done”. Rachel says “I don’t have that problem, what would you have changed in your game”. Adam says “first I would of listened to a proven winner like Evel Dick he said play balls out, damned the consequences give it and America all you got, but no I listen to Big Jeff he said let others play hard, keep the bulls eye off you, talk about how good of a competitor you are and make it boring so you stand out”. Rachel says “you made it father than Jeff why do you think that is” Adam says “Jeff liked to control the game with threats and belittling people, I chose to be non-committal and instead, say you make a good argument, and float with the power”. Porsche comes in and Adam tells her “that Rachel will beat us both in the final two, are you really going to take that chance”. Porsche says “taking you would be too easy”. Rachel and Porsche laugh Rachel says “you didn’t deserve to be on the show let alone final two” More laughing which makes Adam leave. Porsche asks Rachel “what changed why did production let Jordan leave”. Rachel says “they knew that if Jordan stayed even a couple of more days that she would of been bald, and that might be bad for ratings” Rachel asks “did it bother you that Jordan took a couple of shots at you before she left”. Porsche says “frankly that was the most proud of Jordan I have been this year, she finally got a name right, and I expected it after Jordan snubbing me all year”. Rachel says “I really deserve this, my alliance sucked but I made it through to the end, i didn’t float and ride coat tails, my alliance let me take all the heat and be the target while they coasted”. Porsche says “that unlike the other players we both had to win to stay in the game”. Rachel says “but I’ve still won more comps”. Porsche says” but the comps were set up for you to win and I didn’t go cry in the bushes, remember I voted for Brendon to stay the first time, with just that one vote for Brendon I did more for you this year than your whole alliance did” Rachel says “so true” …feeds cut…


Go, Team squabble, yo! Team Shelly for Life, yo!


That was really funny! You have insight!

Midwest Fan

Great Read.
Hope you return for BB14.
: )



Julia Christine



nawww boring and predictable, me thinks that you have read the feeds about yourself and actually believe them!! lol oh well, there is always bb14 to try try again!


Squabble, you got it right. Porche never once cried for losing a comp, and Rachel cried every single one that she lost…

Yet, everyone on here thinks Rachel deserves to win… Why? Because CBS wants her to? FFS, get your own damn opinions people. Also, Squabble you are the man, and I am sure you will be on BB14 next Summer, I can’t wait.


Porshe needs to win

SHe is the one who deserves.

I hope Adam votes for her.

But if she wins the last HOH would be better to take Adam, because Rachel and Brendon would vote for her

Adam is just a shit and would vote for Rachel..

go POrsheee


Porsche had no game and got lucky at the end. How does she deserve to win?
Plus, she has zero personality. At least Rachel is interesting to watch but crazy.


She has plenty personality. If you watch the feeds you will know this. And she has handled BB with more grace than Rachel. Porsche has never cried, pouted, yelled or generally lost control of herself. Never. And if she wins the final HoH, comp wins will be pretty much even. Porsche for the win!


Well, Rachel never put something in someones milk and made them sick like Porsche did (benefiber in
Jordan’s muscle milk)… is that considered good game strategy???

If Porsche wins the final competition, she will win & I’m okay with that scenario, if Rachel wins the final
competition than she will win & I’m more than okay with that (assuming in both cases that Adam is
the swing vote as he said he will vote for whoever wins the final HOH). ’nuff said!


LOL…Who got sick? You need to read up on Benafiber before you get all bent out of shape there.


If she can contaminate the slop, there’s no telling what else she’s capable of doing. She is a whiner, loves to ridicule people and doesnt have a compassionate bone in her body. This person only thinks of herself.

Nick B

What’s with the JJ camp’s propaganda crusade against benefiber? Don’t like being regular?


I agree 100%. I’m not the biggest fan of Rachel, but out of these 3, Rachel played the game the best. I think that if she wins the 3rd HOH, she should take Adam to the final because everyone in the jury house will realized that Adam was carried all the way there and he doesn’t seserve to win. 50 grant is enough for being carried out all the way.


Rachel in the final, whatever the scenerio she will win 7 to 0 hands down! Rachel plays with her heart on her sleeve, right on wrong that is Rachel. However she has had to fight EVERY comp, HOH, VETO,ect……..
just to stay in the game. She was not my favorite EVER until (Bren-an) left and the IMO the true rachel emerged. A real person, love her or hate her she has done an awesome job and deserves win!!!


If Porshe screwed Rachel over, believe me BR would not vote for her, and JJ would vote for Adam therfore, Adam would win 500K


Rachel for the WIN!!!!

I think she should take Adam….I only say this because he never put her up and like Porche did…..I think she would win whoever she was up against…… next Rachel will win the final HOH.

funny how he is called team bacon and some call Porsce porky (I dont see it she still looks good – more curvy) .


I don’t agree with calling her porky either, she is not that big, but she isn’t as pretty as she thinks she is


You may not like her but have to admit that she is very pretty.


They call her that cuz almost all her clothing (including bikinis) are now too small on her as she has gained quite a few pounds while in the BB House. I agree, if we hadn’t seen her before she is not porky. Once she either loses the weight gain or buys new clothes she will be fine, but relative to the clothes she came into the house with she may be a bit “porky”.


Porka does not deserve anything but a swift lick in that fat ass of hers 🙂 the goddess rangel takes it all as she played the best game ever in BB history 🙂
team Rangel 🙂


meant to say kick LOL


LICK sounds better than KICK. I’m sure Simon and squabble would agree.




LOL!!!…….. did you really mean to say kick?


Here are some ideas that CBS should consider in order to improve BB14 for their viewers:

1) The Grodner Rule: Fire Allison Grodner, and make her the first of 30 house guests for BB14. Start her off as a Have-Not. For every comp either tie one hand behind her back, or one leg, or blindfold her or make her wear earplugs, depending upon the type of comp. Never let her win. She would be automatically voted out 3rd last, booted to the curb, not even go to Jury House.

2) The Rise Of The Apes Rule: Put a live feed in the Diary Room so that viewers can see how many times it takes for Jordan to say “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” before she gets it correct.

3) The I Squirt On U Rule: Place strategically located high powered squirt guns all over the house, that can be operated by the viewer. They can charge for this. I would have paid good money to have been able to squirt Adam as he slept all this past week, or put out his smoke as soon as he lit it.

4) The Play Like Crap, Smell Like Crap Rule: Make toilet paper and showers available only by either winning comps, or finishing in the top 3 of each comp. This might help with floaters and sinkers.

5) The Big Jeff Rule: Anytime an HG refers to themselves in the 3rd person, have an instant penalty. Maybe make them drink a mixture of goat piss and squirrel snot or else they are auto-evicted. Let viewers decide what the concoction will be.

6) The Dance Monkey Dance Rule: Have a contest/comp every single day. Hell, they’re getting paid so they better be doing something for it. Prizes can be meals, toiletries, or liquor. Especially liquor, yeah, hahaha.

7) The Earn Your Stipend Rule: Lockout the sleeping areas to HG’s between 6am and 11pm, including the HOH room. We should not pay to watch them sleep.

8) The Everyone Plays Rule: Allow all players to play in all comps, but allow any one player to win 3 HOH’s in a row, max. Then they’d have to sit out the 4th one. Everyone plays for POV too.

9) The Flush The Floater Rule: Halfway thru the season, anyone not finishing in the top 3 of any comp, or has a comp handed to them, is automatically booted out. We can thank Jordan and Adam for this.

10) The Ditch An Ass Monkey Rule: Have a new comp, called the Teabagger Comp or the Adam Loves Jeff comp. Top 2 ass monkeys nommed to play the comp. Winning ass-kisser must have no contact with their idol for 24 hours. Make it 48 hours for the loser.

11) The Entitled Vet Rule: Have a 3rd prize, a pot possibly built up with contributions by viewers. If in any future BB’s, a HG beats the crap out of Rachel, Jeff, Adam, Jordan, or any other over-used, undeserving vet, then that HG wins this pot.

12) The STFU You Annoying Bitch Rule: Each HG should wear a collar, similar to a dog bark control collar. Make this controllable by the viewers (for a fee), so that whenever a particularly annoying HG starts shrieking, they can be jolted with an electric shock that will shut them up. Big money maker here for CBS.

13) The Nuclear Option: If at any point during the season a majority of viewers feels that BB just got it all wrong again, then just blow the whole group up (auto evict ’em all) and parachute in a whole new cast. Start all over, with Allison Grodner as HG #1 (See rule #1).

Did I miss anything?


Forgot rule 15 and the most important…When a poster is as stupid as you,we can automatically block you from posting here again.I think this rule would be very popular.


The upside is we’d never hear from you again. 🙂


Cue the JJ fan, rabid and frothing at the mouth, hahaha. Does your parole officer know you are on here?

Go back to rubbing yourself while watching past clips of Big Jeff. Review the Clown Shoe episode, moron, hahahaha.


I like #12!! Too funny!! 🙂


Great ideas, and you hit every weak play with an appropriate rule!!! The only one I can think of to add would be the BOOHOO rule: When a player starts to cry and whine like a sissy wa-wa, or as tho their entire family has died, because of some percieved slight or nomination, they must go to the living room and share their tears and words of woe with all the house guests. The house guest will be given 30 minutes to ridicule the cryer with laughter and common sense of how incredibly silly the “boohoo-er” looks to anyone with a double digit IQ.

Midwest Fan

I don’t agree with all of your Rules, however you’ve nailed down
quite a few good ones.


HAHAHA this whole set of rules is freaking amazing. i wish you were a producer on BB!!


Rachel FTW, I want her to win the last comp. I don’t trust Porshe if she wins. I remember Dani telling Porshe and Kahlia not to let Rachel get near the money, they both told her they wouldn’t, and Porshe might think she could beat Adam, and she wouldn’t. Adam would have JJ and BR.


I don’t know, I think Rachel and Porshe are foxhole buddies now, they did the bonding, victorious, dance of the VIP waitress, they’re solid. I would hope that Porshe would win, because I think that the person who wins should be the least obnoxious; but as long as Adam doesn’t win a cent, I’ll be happy. I see he has told Rachel that he’ll vote for her, because she played the best game, and he’ll vote for her even if she votes him out. Oh no wait, he’s saying whoever wins the final HOH will get his vote. Just ride that fence all the way in Hoss, and eat your fill of that free bacon!


You think putting benfiber and making some of the awful remarks that Porshe made is less obnoxious???


But let’s be real, If it was Jordan who put benefiber in someone else’s drink, you all wouldn’t have a problem.


lets be real, jordan would not do that


nope she would’t, not surprising, considering that Jordan has been the only house guest to admit that she was still in the house because of the help from someone else (Rachael) Whew!! Got tired after my run on sentence! lol

Anywhooooo my point is, Jordan is a little to classy to resort to school yard pranks!


she used to sniff coke too. just saying


I would. I like Jordan and if she did that, I would definitely dislike it.


good answer!


Let’s be honest- at one point, they all said some nasty shit, but some of Porsche’s comments were beyond nasty………


LOL Adam’s bacon is toast just like his gameplay yo.



Dude your a moron, Dani have been out of the game for almost a month. Get over it.


Dude, your a moron

Nick B

dude, YOU’RE a moron.

TEAM DANI 4 LIFE, YO! (Or Porsche or Rachel)


Big Brother HOH record watch (The quest of Tying Janelle’s all time HOH wins):Welcome back!! BB Fans, we are excited at BB House and we will live of coverage of HOH Record Chase to tied Janelle’s all time HOH wins. Right Now,Porsche & Rachel have a conversation about what will happen in Final Round HOH competition. Porsche pretend that she will support Rachel’s Record chase but she don’t know that Porsche will screw up the final HOH competition which Porsche will clinched the winner of HOH. Rachel’s strategy indeed to win the final HOH competition. All Rachel’s Fans expected witness of Rachel’s attempt to tied with Janelle’s HOH wins. Let’s take a look at the bottom screen: Janelle (6 HOH’s & 7 POV’s) Rachel (5 HOH’s & 2 POV’s). As we expected that Rachel will continue to focus on winning the final HOH competition. Fans will be attended including Janelle from Big Brother 6 & Big Brother 7 All-Stars!!! will show up to witness the Historical moment of Rachel’s set up HOH Record Chase! Also, we just came in that Big Brother 13 set the POV record with 13 POV’s (including Jordan’s since Porsche open Pandora Box). Congrats to Big Brother 13 season cast to set the new BB Record. Who will attempt to break the BB13 record. Will find out!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!!


Just curious, is English your second language or third?


Dude, I speak English. I have autism okay. Not other language.


Lost in translation.


Harry, do I look like another country? Think Genius!!!! I’m from the United States!


SHOT WHO????????????


Jeez, you think Big Brother could give a heads up to Adam that his bacon was burning. That’s bacon abuse.


good point, they have how many people watching and someone did not notice the bacon burning


“Adam says that if Rachel takes him to the final two he will get Tori Spelling to plan her wedding. Rachel says oh you got connections. Adam says yeah ..she came to see me.” Wowzers. Adam really thinks he has pull wih Tori Spelling? He’s even more delusional hat I previously thought!

Malcolm Delaney

Ummm….I think was was…what’s the word…JOKING…..the stupidity of some of the comments on this site is frightening

Nick B

right? The delusions of the JJ fans are enough to leave me trembling.

Rachel's real zit

Rachel should just go crazy right before the last competition. She would intimidate Porshit and she would lose. I need my zit cream.

Uncle Cool

I think Porsche deserves to win because she basically had nobody protecting her like Rachel did.

Go Porsche.


i, agree….porshe sh’s alone…..Rachel have Adam,Jordan….Porshe help the game at end….with win for evict Jeff….
but the big players to deserve to win is Rachel,Jeff,Daniele,Brandon….Daniele and Jeff are the top ….
little upset they go….before the end….
the loser is Shirley,Adam….
Dominic to bad is live to soon….

Julia Christine

grammar lesson!


Stop critizising…This person is probably ESL. At least he/she makes an effort to learn another language.


Yeah, but Rachel didn’t have a free pass for a month with a golden key like Porsche. And Porsche was with the vets for half the game, riding their coat tails. I’d say that makes them even.

Brigade STILL Rocks!!

Wow, get rid of the stars and this site slows down a lot. I’m SURE other BB sites suffer the same fate. BTW–Rachel, IMO, is not a true BB star. She’s only a nice distraction.


Today on Big Brother HOH watch (The quest of Tying Janelle’s all time HOH wins):3 HG’s Finalist are doing something and door bell ring. DING!! DING!!!! Then who came in,It’s Janelle the Queen of Big Brother came by to say hello to 3 HG’s. Out came Porsche with a happy smile. She says, “JANELLE HOW ARE YOU? IT’S BEEN AWHILE. DO YOU WANT TO SEE ME AND EVERYTHINGS GOING. HMMMMMM!” Janelle says,”Actually I’m going see Rachel right now. I heard Rachel has 5 HOH wins, that’s good but I want a challenge.” Porsche mad & upset,”WHAT? WHY? YOU GAVE ME A RING FOR GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE SUDDENLY YOU WANT TO SEE RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON JANELLE!!! WE BEEN FRIENDS, WORKING AT SAME RESTURANT AND EVEN GAVE ME ADVICE. AND NOW, YOU WANT TO SEE RACHEL TO ATTEMPTED TO TIED YOUR RECORD!!!!!!! THAT’S (BLEEP) UP!!!!! THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT 1 HOH WIN 2 POV ARE YOU PROUD OF ME!!!!! I ALREADY GET RID OF JEFF,JORDAN & BRENDON!!!!!! NOW YOU WANT TO TALK TO RACHEL!!!!!!! THAT’S BULL(BLEEP)!!!!!!!! Porsche been called by DR and she went in. Janelle talk to Rachel about congrats on attempted to tied the HOH record. Janelle says,”Hey Rachel, Love the show from BB12 and now BB13. How are you? I heard you got engage!!!! That’s good!!! How’s your strategy?” Rachel says,”That’s good, I have stay low and change the strategy. That way, I won’t get being a Target.” Janelle says,”That’s good and what’s up with my friend Porsche. Is she upset that I gave her my good luck ring.” Rachel says,”That’s okay, she will be fine.” Janelle says,”Okay, well I will talk to Porsche later but good luck in the Final 2.” Rachel says,”Thanks, good luck with your family.” Porsche is in the HAVENOT room crying her tears. She says,”THAT’S NOT (BLEEP) FAIR!!!!!! ME AND JANELLE ARE BEST OF FRIENDS!!!!! AND NOW SHE ROOTING FOR RACHEL!!!!! THAT’S (BLEEP) FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ALREADY TAKE OUT 3 VETERANS AND RACHEL STILL HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (BLEEP)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SHOULD GO TO THE JURY HOUSE AND I DON’T DESERVE TO WIN!!!!!! THAT’S NOT (BLEEP) FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Janelle walk to the HAVENOT room!!! She says,”Porsche,Porsche,Porsche, are you okay” Porsche says,”GET THE (BLEEP) OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!! Janelle left and Porsche continue to cry. Meanwhile in the Jury house, Kalia & Dani still wearing a Negative T-shirt says,”RACHEL IS NOT JANELLE!!!!” on the back says,”PORSCHE WINS 500K” JJB walk in and wears No.6 HOH win. Brendon says, “If you wear that T-shirt with negative saying, I will come after you.” Dani says,”Bring it (Bleep)!!!!” Jeff stopped in said,”Dude, let it go it’s not worth it. Beside Porsche don’t know the clue that Porsche is in love with all three contestant including Dani.” “So dude!! don’t worry we got your cover.” Brendon says,”Thanks Man!!!” Stay tune for coverage of Historical moment of Rachel’s HOH winner chase.


Janelle > Rachel

Nick B

Janelle > Rachel X 100, buddy.


Dude, you know Porsche weakness is Question. So Janelle<Rachel X1000, Buddy!


You want Porsche to win. Are you nuts? Porsche will get her ass kicked!!!! Janelle<Rachel

Nick B

did you major in lacking logic? Why does Janelle being better than Rachel have anything to do me wanting Porsche to win? (and for the record, I’m happy as long as Adam doesn’t win, so I don’t really care).


Okay first of all. Rachel keep winning HOH based on of Changing her Strategy. That way Rachel has 1 more HOH win and she will tied Janelle. That’s mean Porsche has to avoid Rachel’s attempt to tied Janelle’s HOH Record. It’s like baseball when Barry Bonds Smash Mark McGuire Homerun Record. That’s How Rachel will attempt to tied Janelle’s Record.

big brother 13 fan

Rachel win the last HOH please and take Adam not porsha adam wont have very many votes you will then you will win… but if is adam and rachel its going to be close because jeff/jordan are close to adam and rachel however i would say that jeff and jordan will vote for rachel at the end even if adam is too…


Alright so BB14….are we thinking, ALL STARS or fresh faces?


BB 14 is all new cast. they aired a commercial that said if you want to be on BB 14 go to etc… so I am assuming this would mean new cast 🙂


if they don’t start picking better contestants, I say all stars, the newbies sucked this year

Julia Christine

I’m going to be on there 😉


is it bad that i am kind of hoping for Allstars!! Straight up, no newbies!!

who’d you like to see as an Allstar next year???

GOD Bless America

When is the Final Hog competition??????????


hahaha that was funny.

GOD Bless America



anyone know if BB is on tonight? tv guide has a 911 special listed then the good wife. 🙁

Julia Christine

they’ll probably skip over it for the night but it will still be on cbs website tomorrow..


No BB tonight….

Big Game Move

When is the 3rd and final HOH?


I think it happens live during the finale on wednesday


I hate that comment that the vets just had to answer the phone. What about the first time they were on? Didn’t they have to go through the process the same as he did? Plus, they KNEW what they were getting into and Adam even said he would not come back. Yet, if he decides to come back for an all stars version, then all he has to do is answer the phone as well. So, I assume that Adam will throw himself out of the house unless he wants to be a hypocrite. Oops, too late.

I do hope Rachel wins and takes Adam because she has the best chance against him. I think, if she is HOH, she will win either way but I would prefer Adam win $50K than mean girl Porsche, who is now only friends with Rachel because she has no one else. Until Kalia left, she was still bashing Rachel. Ultimate floater until the end.


There isnt a BB on tonight the finale will be on Wen 9:30 to 11:00 PM ET


right survivor premieres at 8 on wed then 90 min finale 🙂 can’t wait 🙂


you know what cbs should do is ask any past bb losers to go on survivor next year .then we can see who can out do the other.I don’t think that they will be doing to much arguing.they will be to busy finding things to eat and drink ,cause things won’t be handed to them .it would be great tv “)


That’d be good


Hi Simon and Dawg, I enjoyed very much reading your site the last couple of weeks. The one thing that bothered me a bit, particularly since it seems that other people are picking it up as well, is your incorrect use of COULD HAVE, SHOULD HAVE, WOULD HAVE (see Please, don’t take this comment in a negative way, my intention is only to improve your site.


WTF I clicked on that page it said missing page. why are you criticizing Simon-dawg? this is their site and it’s fine the way it is. create your own site if something is bothering you 🙂
peace out
and thanks Simon-dawg for another fun BB season on here 🙂


I’m tired of the grammar police, I’m human I make mistakes, Simon is human he will make mistakes also, if anyone has a problem with it go to another site
most of us just don’t care


I hope the only reason that Simon or Dawg allow asinine comments, such as yours, to go through is so that the rest of us can bash them. That said, before you correct someone else’s grammar, you should brush up on your own punctuation.

Thanks for another great season of updates, Simon and Dawg! Great job! 🙂

derrick s

do you mean by the writers or the commentors on the site


I want a tie dyed shirt signed by Rachel!


Is the live show LIVE forever one even the west coast viewer?


No, sadly, I’m pretty sure it’s live on the east coast like all other “live” shows.


hi all,
I only started watching BB from the middle of this season and I don’t understand something. As Herm Edwards said “you play to win the game”! So why didn’t porsha choose Rachel to leave instead of Jordan? I think if Rachel was in the same position, she would have kicked out her strongest competition for the money and that is porsha. When you’re down to 4 people is not about alliance anymore, everybody for him/herself.


Because Porsche is an idiot and hated Jordan all season,because she wanted Jeff and Jordan already won BB 11.She let her jealousy/spite get the best of her.


Still hating without logic see lol


Still making NO sense, GOOD JOB Cat Person.


It’s also about votes at this point and she couldn’t win against jordan


I miss the good ole days when Rachel was wiggin out… Jeff was bullying anyone who had different opinions from his… Adam’s head was up Jeff’s ass… Shelly was lying her ass off… Jordan was snatching herself bald… Porsche was 20lbs thinner… Dani was trying to play the game… etc…




Simon is the show not coming on tonight? I’m in Texas and they are airing a special for 9-11


Rachel..should win….she and the vet couples have been a target all season long,how many times has that woman been on the block,and escaped…by either winning the veto,or stupidity of Kalias 1st HOH(that 1 still gets me)…she’s had a bullseye from day 1…..Porsha seemed to start playing just like Jeff 55..yeah shes won some comps,after all the Good competeters left..and Adam…………


She’s been on the block 4 times, once she was saved by Brendan using the POV on here, and the second time the twist kept people from voting her out.

Porsche has beaten Jeff in one comp and Rachel in 3 comps now. Are you saying Rachel’s not a competitor?




Rachel carried Porsche the first four weeks as Rachel gave her the power of golden veto and she was safe. If she did not have the golden veto she would have been evicted. Rachel’s last HOH, Porsche made a deal with Rachel not to evict her and promised her F2. All three finalist deserve to be the F3, however, Rachel deserves to win the big prize.


She made a deal, she got the golden key and the vets got her vote for those 4 weeks. It was a fair trade. please don’t make it sound like it was a gift, both people benefited.


The first 4 weeks Porsche didn’t have to do anything. I’m a Dani fan but look what doing exactly the opposite (playing too hard so early) did for Dani’s game.
You’re damned if you play like Dani (gaining the wrath of an alliance), damned if you don’t play, like Porsche( risk being called a floater who did nothing). I don’t know if Porsche would have stayed with Rachel to the end had Rachel not shunned her after Brendon’s eviction even though she had given him a vote, but yes, she turned to Dani for a reason. She wasn’t going to stay in an alliance where she was already being treated like crap, so she was playing…picking who to side with…not kissing ass.
Yes, I’d love to see her win. But Rachel also deserves it. That girl fought. I know people hated her in BB12 but I feel like she was robbed. Say waht you will, but If she wins She deservesit.
Final 2, If its PR I think Jury will give Rachel the half mill. If its PA Porsche will get it. If its RA Rachel will.
But then I’m hoping Porsche wins this one.


Little Jeffrey and His future Idiot wife, are bitter,self absorbed,egotistical,

He claimed Porsche wasn’t playing the game because she wasn’t playing Jeff and Jordan’s game… she came in 2nd place in MANY comps, but Little Jeffrey wouldn’t notice that because she wasn’t playing for them. and JEFF didn’t start winning until Brendon was gone and Rachel was upset, otherwise he wouldn’t have won SHIT.


Has Adam located his balls? Cause he seems a bit “testy” to me! Go to the jury house if you want to watch a movie??? Yeah, that’s the way to sweet talk your way into the F2.


Watching Rachel now I think she deserves to win this, but watching her throughout the whole season I’m not so sure….. (hiding in the bushes, crying for days at a time, etc…). I’d really like to see her do a whole season without Brendon and see what she can really do in this game. She is great at competitions and is able to pull out a good social game if she keeps her emotions in check, and that seems almost impossible for her to do with Brendon around. Rachel is also a fighter and has fought to be where she is.

I feel really bad for Adam when he gets out of the house….he has himself so convinced that he was this great player and that the fans love him, and truthfully his game play sucked and a lot of the fans are calling him one of the worst BB players ever. This guy definitely doesn’t deserve to win, but I do still feel bad for what he’ll go through when he gets out of the house.


RACHEL ROCKS!!! she is the best looking and best player BB has ever had. can’t wait til wed to see her win 🙂


is anyone else having trouble with the feeds in the last few minutes?


Ugh. Rachel is better without Brendon in every capacity. Especially after the skype incident, no wonder she is always worried. Although it wasn’t full on cheating, it was to some extent. She was kind enough to forgive him. You can tell she does genuinely care for him. Just hoping he doesn’t hurt her like that again.




posche has laid around all summer and got fat. adam is trying to burn the hoouse down, rchel has cried all summer when it all over rachel will GOTCHA all i all did all summer was cry cry cry and i win big brother . brendon lets get married right now right here or i will cry cry cry


smh @ Adumb still thinking he will be invited to a BB all star. your chances being on all star went up in flames like that bacon in the oven.


the most exciting thing that happened this season was adam’s bacon burning : what a boring year

Day Yum Yum

If Rachel wins the 3rd HOH, it would be a big mistake to take Porshe to F2. Porshe will have Dani and Kalia’s vote and maybe Shelly’s and Adumb’s. She would be guaranteed the win if she took Adumb, because nobody will give that losing floater a vote for the money! Voting to give Adumb the money would be like last years jury awarding Enzo the money! It would NEVER happen in a million years! I just want to thank Simon and Dawg for a job well done as I enjoyed the site once again and you guys were awesome as always! I like this site much better than Jokers as the only thing good on that site are the parodies people create! Otherwise this site is much more informative and goes into much more detail. Thanks again and can’t wait until BB14!

VA Vet

For those who flunked math in high school (if you got that far).

Danielle got the first golden key before the first eviction because Dick had to leave unexpectedly.

Porsche was on the block for the first eviction and got a GK since she wasn’t voted out.

Therefore, Porsche got to sit out TWO (get it, TWO) HOH & POV comps, and not of her own choosing.


Yes it was by her choosing. Porsche went to Rachel and asked to be put up {Dick was still in the game at the time and Dick knew Janelle {great game player} Porsche is suppose to know Janelle} so she could get rid of Keith. Rachel made it happened and kept Porsche safe.


That photo of the “cooked bacon” with steak on the grill sums up where Adam’s game is atm.

Anonymous Adam is going to “get buff” for All Stars….


I just wonder how much JJ were paid to be on the amazing race. I dont think they won . If P wins and doesnt take ratchel. P will not win she will have JJBR votes against her her best bet will be to take the big R /Adam will vote for P just because she is a newbie. This season wasnt too bad , the newbies just didnt have any get up and go. The twist were good . THe golden key and the duo twist . That duo twist was awsome, The look on P and Ks face was priceless. and I could swear I heard K shit herself and same with shelly she raised her ass cheak a bit.
I love the fact they brought back Jessie to torment again. He has to be the most unrespected person ever on BB
But the most priceless moment was the clown shoe. OMG how would that feel . that is like winning the lottery only to discover you threw away the ticket by mistake.


Adam and Porsche just get more and more cocky. I think it’s funny they just assume they’ll be on the all star edition. Counting chicks before they hatch!


For BB14 they should have 13 skinny bitches from east coast cities .New York ,Philly, Boston and Seaside Heights . No broads from California , Louisiana , Arkansas, Alabama the Carolinas , Georgia, Florida and especially Texas .You know all the plump JJ fans would hate them all and their hate would spew all over the comment section of all the forums.


what happens if adam wins the next HOH? do they have another tie breaking comp? has that ever happened before?


Is BB on tonight?


I would like for Rachel to find out what Porsche was really saying about her when they thought she was pregnant. Harming the baby, destroying her property and all that bullshit!

Then Rachel would for sure take Adam.

I don’t think Adam has that 411 or does he?