Faysal – C’mon, I played this game good.. C’mon, Haleigh

POV: Brett Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Brett Kaycee & Scottie Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers

11:25am Kaycee and Tyler
Kaycee says Fes isn’t getting a tie obviously
Tyler- if he does Fes is voting him out for sure
Tyler says last night Sam was talking to him and saying some “weird sh1t” like “imagine if I was a millionaire here to help other people out”
T – talking like she’s america’s player.. I dunno.. there’s something more to it.. I think she’s going around making final 2’s with everybody that’s what Brett said
Kaycee – that’s crazy.. there was one day I think it was nominations day.. Sammie grabbed my shoulders and said do you love me more or Angela more
k – I was like what do you mean.. Sam what are you talking about
K – in life..
T – in LIFE!
K – I was like Sammie I’ve been close to you since day 1 and I gave her a hug.. and she says well she’s (Angela) fit and beautiful and I’m fat and not..
T – she says the same thing to me
K – she’s asking if she’s been replaced .. it was the weirdest thing
T – I hate that
Kaycee doesn’t know if it’s game or not, “giving people the guilt trip”
T – I think it is
K – it’s hard because there’s so much stuff going on in her head.. and it’s strange she’s creating all these stories and it’s like what the f*

They agree Sam is WAY TOO flippy floppy
Kaycee points out that Sam has been really worried about jury votes she gave one vote to bayleigh and then got super close to Rocks, “Who knows what her motives are”
K – she’s all over the f*ing place
T – what if she can’t be evicted
K – she can be evicted. What is JC saying who will he put up
T – basically he doesn’t want to win (hoh)
K – He probably wouldn’t do haleigh because that’s fes’ girl
T – fes will target him.. Sam
K – maybe Sam and Brett?
T – keep this between us but apparently Brett has been going to JC for a final 2
K – JC told you that?
Tyler isn’t sure if JC is telling him that so he goes after brett.
Kaycee will figure out the truth, “JC is smart”
t – he’s smart.. I did find them talking
T – I was talking to Brett and he’s like I only have level six, the girls are going to pick each other every time
Kaycee and Tyler say they both trust Brett. They talk about how they’ve kept their alliance quiet this entire game.
T – I don’t want him to start distrusting us.. It works out that nobody knows about us (the Kaycee-Tyler alliance)
Tyler says BRett wants Fes out..
Tyler says Brett will put up Sam and Haleigh BAckdoor fes
T – he was saying its better to there being a chance he won’t play in veto
Kaycee – what if Fes wins Veto and takes haleigh off
T – if they are both up they both play only one can win and one is on the block for sure..
Tyler tried to make that point to Brett but he said there’s still a better chance to not have Fes play in the veto.

JC comes in ..

Some new Sam creation

There’s a fire!

2:00pm HOH Feeds, Tyler and Fes
They’re talking about the Angela, Tyler, Fes and Haleigh alliance that will get Sam out next week. Fes says JC is going after “I know it” he wants JC to win HOH and take the shot so the following week all four of them play in the HOH.
Tyler – that’s like more than half
Fes – we’re solid now
Haleigh – we’re all on the same page
T – I want to get to the end as much as you guys, I don’t want to do anything stupid
Tyler says that SCottie keeps pitching to him that Halegih thinks Tyler getting closer to her after ROCKS left was bullsh1t.
T – i Know you never said that..

Haleigh tells him that Scottie is going around saying Fes is his target.
Tyler – if kaycee wins Angela will be in her ear big time
FEs – Even though I put her up I’m not putting her up as a target…
FEs says Sam knows she’s the next target up that is why she’s going on about the no smoking thing..
Tyler leaves..

Fes – I was expecting a wake up call.. nothing..
Fes saw her outside talking to Scottie thought she was going to bed she didn’t so we went to sleep “you still mad”
H – I’m not even mad.. I’m in this weird spot emotionally .. Obviously you had your own sh1t before coming into here but this makes me question is this (showmance) game play right here
Fes – this is so stupid what kind of game play is that
H – what do you expect when I was sitting her listening about a girl you were talking to before you came in here
fes – I was trying to make it very clear that I hung out with her for a week… I hung out with this girl that was almost on the show.. she wasn’t so..
Fes – this isn’t game play this is the opposite of game play.. I sit up in this room with only you all week long that’s not game play..If that’s gameplay I don’t know what gameplay is and for you to question that it’s game play. WHAT!
Fes – you like me
H – not really
F – you like me
H – not really.. not really at all..
Fes – I’ve never lived with a girl let alone for 61 days without being able to do anything else if that doesn’t let you know how strong my feelings are
H – that doesn’t show me how strong your feelings are it shows me you are locked in a house with me
Fes – you think when we got out here I’ll be like OK Hlaeigh
H – I don’t know what you are going to do
Fes – just believe it that’s all you can do just believe it you have no other option
H – If you flipped on the vote would you tell me
Fes – yes
H – this is your one opportunity to tell me you flipped
Fes – I don’t know what Scottie is telling you.. NO… swear to god swear on my mamma swear on anything

Haleigh “this is fake it’s not real”
Fes – it’s not fake Haleigh it’s the realest thing
H – is it.. you made a deal with Angela and Tyler (without talking to her)
Fes – that is why you can’t f*ing talk to Scottie for 2 f*ing hours.. are you serious I’m making deals for you..
FEs – C’mon I played this game good.. C’mon Haleigh (ZOMG)

FEs – that’s why I don’t like you talking to this kid for so long, C’mon Haleigh.. you got to pick one and go with it.. who do you believe
FEs – this isn’t fake haleigh.. this is real That kid puts too many thoughts in your head.. he’s the kid that came up to me and told me to put you up.. what is that man it was his plan all along so you guys look like enemies.
Fes – no he’s trying to stay and when he found out he wasn’t going for it he had to change his plan. I’m not saying he did flip all the votes..
H – we need to go over days..


Scottie has been taking as many consumables as he can.. Toothpaste stuff like that.

4:30pm zzzzzzzzzzzz

5:48pm Kaycee crying says she only came out a year and a half ago.
Kaycee – she always known..
Kaycee is crying because her and JC had a conversation about coming out and they brought it up in the DR. She started to cry and says it will now make the show for sure.

5:58pm Fes and HAleigh
Fes is going on about her talking to Scottie for 2 hours, “you’re all I thin about all day”
h – it’s because you’re in this house
F – it’s not going to change outside this house haleigh
F – this is as real as I have ever felt.. this is more than a game there are feelings involved.
F – there’s not going to be anything when we get out here other than you .. it’ll be so great..
6:43pm Haleigh says she’ll put up Brett and Sam wonders what JC is doing.
fes – he’s not putting up me, you, Tyler
Fes says Sam will go up for sure.
Fes – Rockstar was good socially
Fes to haleigh “you’re so pretty, can’t wait to show you off”

6:55pm Kaycee, Tyler and Angela
Talking about putting Haleigh and Fes on the block together that way they can make sure one of them goes next.

7:25pm Studying or chit chat..

7:38pm JC and Kaycee
JC is complaining that his stomach is very sore.
akycee brings up she hears from random people that Sam is making final 2 deals
JC – from who
Kaycee – random people
JC – keep you eyes open.. you have my vote no matter what..
They are agreeing that there’s a good chance for a double eviction tomorrow.
JC – I bet Fes is shitting his pants..

Craziness on the pin wall today.. .

7:46pm Fes gets called to the Diary room

7:55pm Something Scottie did

List of Zings from the show 456
ZingBot- Haleigh you were so good reading Hamlet, but the real Shakespearean tragedy was your Head of household reign
ZingBot – Brett, you always seem so fresh and clean, which makes sense because you are a a giant douche.
ZingBot – Faysal I was surprised to learn that you are a part time teacher.. considering that you are a full time moron!
ZingBot – Sam, you love to tell everyone how real you are. You are real real F**** crazy!
ZingBot – I’d like something extra greasy, burnt to a crisp, with a side of zits. Tyler! Zing!
ZingBot – Kaycee you have all the Big Brother viewers shouting .. let’s go to another channel
ZingBot – Haleigh I have a question for you. What do you call someone who’s blonde, blue eyed and has a crush on Brett? it’s Scottie
ZingBot – People say robots are heartless, emotionless and soulless.. Did I say robots? I meant Angela

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Dirty Harry Reid

Does everyone else think Level 4 should target Fes/Hayleigh first?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Tyler and Angela just need to drill that through Brett’s head and get him to forget the risky backdoor plan; if Fessie played veto, won and took Haleigh off their only choice would be Sam and JC.

Just put them both straight up; one goes no matter what.


They better. As long as they get one of them Fes or Haleigh out it doesn’t matter who, then they don’t need to go after the other one, I’d love for JC to see Julie next.

Finally a good season

I seriously cannot even watch Fes on the feeds anymore…please just send him jury and let him find out the real deals.


He’s is stupid, but the one to watch out for us Hayleigh. Never liked her but she is not stupid. Needs to go.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

She’s not stupid. But she has stayed aligned with a disloyal, arrogant, hate filled (RS) Hive group who have played a VERY stupid game. Crazy might as well be wearing Bay’s crown now. He’s the Emperor with no clothes.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I have to stop commenting from my phone. “Crazy” was Fezzy before the evil sadistic auto-correct had her way with my words.


She isn’t dumb but she’s very gullible and easily swayed and that makes for a weak player.

Deep Dive

She is stupid enough to keep crawling back to Fessy after every argument. She screwed up the hacker competition and evicted her best friend on her own hoh. Her own gameplay has been to flirt which has just resulted in her flirtmances turning on eachother for her attention. Overall she has been a horrible player.


But he play game good!

Raven sucks

LOL,, will be glad to see him leave!

Al Sharpton Wants to Hold Your Wallet

I am going to be bummed if Yosemite Sam ends up screwing Level 4.


Yosemite Sam cannot possibly “screw” level 4. He does not have the numbers. He can only outsmart them. They will have to screw themselves. I would laugh hard if JC turned a finely tuned machine like Level 4 into the equivalent of THE HIVE. He would also deserve to win.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I don’t think he can outsmart them completely because they are very much aware of JC’s game. However, he may give them a run for their money at some point. He’s a fantastic player, our honorary L6 member who doesn’t know it. He’s very smart and cracks me up.

Rockstar Coming to a 7/11 Near You

Faysal is a legend in his own mind. What a scary place that must be.

Who said that!

It’s not scary,ignorance is bliss.


It’s an empty place.

Hi my name is Scott

Ha! You beat me to it, dang it! Would love to go up to Fes’s ear: HELLO, Hello, helloooooo…..ECHO, Echo, echoooo…..Now batting, Manny MOTA, MOTA, motaaaaa…..


Fes thinks he’s a know it all. Making deals for other people? You’re suppose to check with your girl and not treat her like she doesn’t matter. Is this some Muslim cultural thing which Fes has become accustom to? Where the man makes all the decisions based on his needs without consideration of her needs to be included in the decision making process and the woman is suppose to go along without question? YIKES!!! Expect a lot more arguments to follow.


The next thing you know Haliegh will making flatbread and baba ganoush.


I don’t think so… See comment above.


Okay, that is funny…hahaha

Fraggle Rockbottom

She will be wearing a hijab in no time.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

That kind of marriage relationship is not unique to the various Muslim cultures. You see the same thing in many other religions and cultures, including Christianity and in North America.

Fraggle Rockbottom

If that makes you feel better at night. You need to go spend some time in a muslim majority country. I have for 13 yrs and counting. Simon I’m sure can check my IP to confirm.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I have spent time in a Muslim majority country and don’t deny that this is common in MOST Muslim cultures. I also have observed that exact same behavior in many other cultures and religions around the world, including here in the U.S.


No, Fessie is just dumb. He literally wasted his HOH.
The Hive knew the other side was targeting them, at least hayligh took a shot putting Angela and Kayce on the block during her HOH and took a shot at Tyler when she was the hacker. All Fessie did was put up two guys he was jealous of because they talked with hayligh and one was his alliance member.


I believe you’ve got it in a nutshell. Plus, she belongs to him so therefore should not be hanging out with other guys.

Fes mom

My boy is smart dat is why he make decisions. He rule. He is a winner and Scotty is a loser. He won the girl over that loser. What a big move, Yay! You all are just jealous of what he won and how far he got.


Did you home school him Fessie’s Mom?

Fraggle Rockbottom

Do me a favour. Google the movie “Four Lions ” 2010 UK movie, a black comedy. Fezz would be the kingpin….


Especially a girl from Texas. They grow ’em tough and independent. YIKES !


El Paso tough? Idk


He probably has just seen that he and Hay need to change their gameplay so is trying to be more assertive. Hay just isn’t one to be told what to do.


No, Fess is a know it all. Too stupid to listen to anybody else and too unobservant to realize that one flipped vote does not count.


Scottie is all kinds of crazy right now. He literally raided the storage room and took full bottles of mouthwash shampoo body wash Dryer sheets deodorant lint rollers. And a huge box of condoms. YES the virgin took condoms ….More than what I listed! Shoving everything into his luggage… wtf Now back in Storage room taking more stuff.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It would be hilarious if his bag were to burst open on the stage when he sets it down to sit next to Julie. Imagine a huge box of condoms flying out and bouncing around, a roll of toilet paper rolling off the stage, etc, etc.



King Silva

He is not only a rat but a thief!

Get him out ASAP!

I wish they had instant evictions like Canada.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Maybe Scottie is hoping Haleigh will be evicted next. Tell Fessie about the box of condoms and suggest Scottie is waiting for Haleigh and there WOULD be a double eviction tonight; one to the ER the other to lockup.


Pretty sure the staff can go through his bags when he’s on stage and deliver what they think appropriate over to the jury house. I’ve read several times that they deliver big boxes of souveniers to the homes afterward and Scottie probably knows this. CBS can afford more soap but it does make me feel strangely sorry for Scottie.


They’ll see him doing it and check his stuff before he leaves, I imagine. It would be funnier if Brett got in his luggage and took all the stuff back and filled it with Haileigh’s clothes. He’d be so PISSED when he got to the little house! Well, if he can’t have her, maybe he’d like her clothes to sleep with! Hahaha…


It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.


OMG that’s the first thing that has happened all week to make me laugh.


Will they let him keep the stuff- they should hand him an IOU-

Botox Pelosi

I hate the Tyler/Angela working with Fessi & Hayleigh idea. Tyler has played such a good game and I would hate to see him blow everything by trusting the Hivers.


Angela and Tyler are just going along with it. Fess and Haleigh are also just trying to cover their butts.

Bay's Dilemma

I think only Fes is trying to cover there butts, not sure Haieigh agrees with any of Fessy’s great decisions!!


Ty / Ang are only pretending to work with Fez / Hay in the event Hay wins HOH on Thurs….they have no intention to work with them as they’re loyal to L6 only. If L6 wins HOH on thurs, expect Hay / Fes / Sam otb with Hay being the #1 target as she’s the most strategic of the trio.


I don’t think he and Angela buy it. They are just playing Fes and Hay. They giggle about it and i think they have shared with Brett and KC. Kinda like Brett played RS with Mr/Mrs Smith deal last week.


They are targeting them and acting like they are working with them. Give them more credit please. Only Fessy and Haleigh are stupid enough to believe it

See Spot Run

Fez and Hayleigh remind me of McCrae and Amanda. Yuck!

Tennessee Nana

Now I need mind bleach. Thanks for putting THAT image in my head!

Bozo Bernie the Socialist

You have to put Fessi and Hayleigh on the block becauses that means no matter what happens with the veto you still can get rid of one of them.


Now Jc is starting shit with Tyler and Brett id anyone smart in house him and looney toon Dam are gonna skate to end if they do they deserve to win JC is constantly making people go after each other to keep target off him. Hes annoying


No he is playing a great game. Arguably the best.


Really can’t stand JC but I do agree he’s playing a great game. After all if he hadn’t masterminded the fooling of Fes one of L6 would have been going home this week. He is such a good tool for L6 but they better get him out before he makes it all the way to the end. He might win because he hasn’t pissed off the Hive as much as L6 has.

BB Fan

NAH. He’s playing a nasty game and loving it. Shows what type of person he is. He likes to turn people against each other for fun.


Well, it’s a television show and he’s trying to win $500,000. Everyone should be smart enough to know shady stuff will happen in the BB house.

You Only Live Once

In the words of Kaycee, welcome to big brother. There are multiple strategies to get to the end and JC is playing a fantastic game. Is he annoying because he is playing a game you don’t “agree” with?

BB Fan


Rigged Game

Shuddup! You don’t understand the game.


Sorry wad excited when I typed I mean is and Sam lol


It’s just hilarious that they are stilling trying to figure out who flipped and Haleigh still questioning fes. Also, are they ever together alone and not arguing/bickering about something?!?!


I’m not a towel… you’re a towel!


This is a tough one, who to go first Fes or Hayleigh. I can’t tolerate Fes and his misbelief that he knows what he is doing. But I have to vote for Hayleigh going first so Fes not only understands that he had no deal and and misread everything, but also that Hayleigh will have a whole week in the jury house with Scottie and Fes can’t do anything about it. He deserves that after his blotch week this week.


hay is target #1 if L6 wins HOH; she’s the most strategic as Shrek is a dumba55 for eviction his own alliance member!!!!


Well evicting them on purpose, at least Haleigh did it because of the twist. I really want to see the jury house…

Sasuke Uchiha

Kaycee for HOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She’s the best member of level 6 and is actually playing one of the best games I have seen in awhile.

She has no blood on her hands and everyone likes her the best of L6


No one will vote for that floater.


Floaters follows the power and she’s been with L6 from the beginning. Scottie is the only floater in the house.


Okay then. Coaster. Still not any better.


I hate the term coaster… it’s an internet thing someone made up that no one uses. (though I appreciate your use of the term… indicates research)
I’m going to apply for BB just to popularize a better term. In one year’s time you’ll be saying:
No one will vote for that kraken!

Who said that!

Does anyone remember a conversation between Sam and Scottie sometime after Swaggy was voted out,in which she asked him if it was his strategy to get close to who was being evicted and be their best friend,which he replied no his friends just keep getting voted out.She makes up these weird things in her head so I’m wondering if she is using this brilliant strategy she got from Scottie to make herself jury friendly.It’s a bizarre thought process but from someone who doesn’t understand the game it at least it would be a strategy.


She knows the game and has slipped and referenced different moments in previous seasons several times. Don’t be fooled.

Who said that!

Wasn’t she repeating what Rockstar told her about Enzo?


I Just really can’t stand either of them anymore. Her grilling him about flipping Omg. She sounds as crazy as Sam. Ok. Maybe not as crazy but pretty close. I honestly see her crazy too. She’s moody and snaps at him. She’s just mad because Tyler denied her and now she’s stuck with him. I hope L6 does win. Hoping Brett. Because he will definitely go after Fes and Haleigh. I have loved this cast all season but those 2 are exhausting and having to skip past them just to keep my sanity. There is just such a difference when people are hanging L6 and when they are with them. Everyone with l6 laughing and joking. Haleigh and Fes arguing and fighting and blaming each other for votes. They need a long time out at jury house.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I think she sees her game and her alliance have tanked and she’s still not completely sure how, why and who; so she’s grasping for straws. As was Scottie the other night talking in the yard with Sam and Brett when he decided Haleigh had been playing him (that she’s your friend only and has no romantic feelings toward you?) they showed that on the live show tonight but not the part where Brett told Sam if she could pull of her plan to get Fez put up Haleigh, he’d chain smoke every cigarette she brought in the house LOL. The look on his face was good enough though. So Scottie nor Haleigh really see that L6 and JC have decimated their alliance. The flips are not from the people going home, Hive idiots.

JC is Pervy

Scottie has gone into the storage room twice to steal all the toiletries he can and stuffs it in his suitcase. Must be ok since they watch. Just seems a little tacky to me.

Clueless but Happy

I think it may be part of a strategy, but I can’t understand how it could help him.


Maybe part of a strategy?


Building himself a Hayleigh sex doll out of toilet paper and toothpaste??

Picture on the wall

My wife and I are visiting friends right now. One of their dogs was sniffing around the grill and licked the side of it. Glowing hot coals inside having tinted the metal with their heat. After putting salve on the dogs face, the same dog walked up to the grill and licked it again.
I know I am evil for this, but my very first thought was “That thing is Fessy smart”

My Attorney Got Arrested

This week is a little slow but I’m so down with Scottie going. But get ready to buckle up bc big decisions are going to be made in the near future. The real players are making their top 3 lists, talking good game and forming alliances. L6 needs to focus on Fes/Hayleigh and not really worry about Sam. JC is playing well with a connection to all sides and aligning himself closet to the real game players. Sam I would keep around as a shield or let her do something crazy that would really make her a target. Excited to see what happens after this next eviction!


For game play, I hate showmances, but as side stories I do find myself rooting for some of them. HOWEVER of all the potential showmances that could have happened this summer, why God, why did we get stuck with this whiny disaster? Least favorite pair in Big Brother history, and what makes it even worse is I actually really like Haleigh when she’s not stuck with the Oaf. Her conversations with Brett and Scottie are actually entertaining to watch.



No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

And it’s a showmance that isn’t even deemed as much of a threat LOL (Ha & Fez). Like shooting fish in a barrel. Ty and Angela are cute. Both have sense enough and want the win bad enough to hold back I believe. And it may also just be homesick and longing for a little innocent affection. Impressed by some of these gorgeous young people utilizing some physical self control for a change. Most of them.


Someone needs to let the thief (Scottie) know he can’t take those large bottles of the liquid products on the plane. Besides the box of condoms he took a box of Imodium lol His suitcase is so heavy now he will probably get charged for it being over the limit. Was all that worth it? Crazy


It made me smile, so I guess it was worth it.


He’s not getting on a plane to the jury house.


He’s not trying to take it all home. He’s trying to mess with the remaining houseguests. Or something like that in his crazy brain.


If L6 plays it smart they target Haleigh first. Not Fess. Everyone but Brett seems to get this.

Also it is so obvious that Haleigh is done with Fes.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Actually Brett’s main target is Fessie. He just believes it is better to put two others up and hope to backdoor Fessie. His thought it that by not being on the block there is a chance Fessie wouldn’t play in the veto…but given the numbers that would be a very little chance.

Hopefully Tyler and Angela can convince him to just put Fessie and Haleigh straight up so one of them will go.

The icing on the cake will be the major blowup between Haleigh and Fessie. I’m sure she will forget how she has arrived on the block and blame him.


Is there anyone else who loved Sam in the beginning but want her out of the game now because of all this weird stuff she says?


This may be a stupid question… Doesn’t production just refill whatever the HGs need in the form of toiletries (i.e. – mouthwash)? If that is the case, I don’t really understand Scottie’s angle of taking this stuff from the storage room.

Haleigh & Fes "Special Box"

What a waste of a box of condoms. He is so used to jergens, Kleenex, and his tube socks. I guess it makes him feel more manly to try something new?


Maybe he’s planning on training classes in the jury house… the mouthwash is for Pockscar and the condoms are for Bayleigh.


I don’t know if Scottie is raiding the storage for supplies because he doesn’t have much money..or if he’s angry and being spiteful. Like pouring oil during the veto not caring that people would get hurt.
On a lighter not…
JC changed Brett’s Granny sweater to read..



So does being a thief make you America’s favorite? Bet his parents are super proud of their little rat!


Chill out, he’s taking dryer sheets, not the whole dryer. I bet his parents are really proud of how Scottie has handled himself throughout the game, I know I would be. He never let the house turn him into a dick, no matter how bad the other houseguests were to him. He didn’t ever sink to badmouthing people on a personal level or join in on making fun of other people. He never blew up on anyone, which I probably wouldn’t have been able to do if Brett had done that to me.

I hope he throws the condoms out to the crowd when he’s evicted.


Scottie is passive aggressive which is just as bad. Pouring milk and oil all over the floor and stealing from the pantry.



America’s Favorite Pilferer.

Who said that!

Love the weird,pity the stupid.


Every child left behind

Scottie's A$$ is Getting Evicted

Fezzy getting some scathing (but true) edits all over. What a fucktard!

Scottie's A$$ is Getting Evicted

When does Hay “breakup” with Fezzy.

Hi my name is Scott

The moment one of them gets evicted from the house.


Hay is laying the ground work. She’s acting as if Fes having a casting hookup was a slight to her in some way. As if it was all planned game. But thats just her cover. She knows Fes has no game plan. She’s trying to breakup by picking fights and being mean. Its backfiring because Fes doesnt get that Haliegh is just horrible

another name

If i remember correctly, the entire house knows and has laughed about Fes walked around week one advertising his showmance services. Also, Haleigh seemed to have gotten close to Fes originally because she was in a ride or die with Kaitlyn, and didn’t want Kaitlyn to have the biggest guy in their alliance as protector. That was right around the time she was trying to showmance Tyler, and a few days before she started attempting to flirt manipulate Brett and Winston (so a good three weeks before she started batting her lashes at Scotttie). Anyone thinking this is the next big bb romance for the ages is deluding themselves, or named Fes.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

She should have JC start the restraining order paperwork for her right away.


As soon as one of them leaves the house.

Who said that!

I don’t know why everyone thinks HIVE sucks,when was the last time an alliance successfully evicted 3 straight alliance members,it just happened to be their own but still it’s an impressive record..

Clown Shoe

I can’t believe I was a hive supporter… they have almost ruined the season for me with their perpetual obliviousness. I just want level 6 to put them out of their misery by sending them to jury. The season will have a small reset when level 6 has to go against each other.


Not their fault that they have gotten outsmarted even if 2 of them actually outsmarted themselves

another name

I don’t understand how it’s not their fault they got outsmarted. If their entire alliance didn’t spend so much time clustering, and instead got an accurate read of the house dynamic… they wouldn’t be in the dark.


I seriously dislike Haleigh. I know Fes isn’t the brightest but he really likes her and she treats him like crap. I really hope she goes next.


Fess is too dumb to see that she’s not that into him. He needs to chill out and see if she expresses similar feelings. He’s talking about Amazing Race with her and she says take JC. News Flash bone head.

Scottie is off to the little house

So funny that Fes’ found veto card had him as a flasher. Hadn’t he been arrested for indecent exposure? His incredulous expressions during Sam’s aggresive pitch to him was hilarious.


Just listened to the zings. This year’s zings I think we’re the funniest of them all

Festicular Logic

My all time favorite: “ Ewwww… what’s that smell? Somebody take out the trash! Oh, never mind, that’s just….. Austin” zzzziinngg

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Feeling bad for Kaycee right now. She obviously doesn’t know that she was outed on the show weeks ago. She hadn’t told her parents yet and now she’s feeling bad for them because they’ll learn about it from the show and she can’t talk to them till she gets home.

I imagine that her family already pretty much suspected and just didn’t question her. I’m sure her family has the live feeds and they’re probably hurting just as bad for her right now.

Sweet girl.


She said she came out a year and 1/2 ago. I believe her and JC were talking about it and when she was in DR they asked her about it. She became emotional so of course, it probably will make the show.


Seems to me, she didn’t need to come out. It’s pretty obvious. lol.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

She had come out but had never told her parents. Now she figures they’re learning about it on national TV. I’m sure they knew, just never asked her.

another name

I thought she’d told her mother a year and a half ago, but that her mother’s church and community did not know.


I… what? She says in that conversation that she came out a year and a half ago. If her parents didn’t know before she went into the house, they’re pretty dumb because there were articles about her being an open lesbian… reddit discussions… and she mentions it in her interview with Ross Mathews.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Maybe it’s just still fresh. I love KC; she’s so cute, and a sweet girl. If her parents/family are still coming to terms with it, it could be that it’s just still delicate and not anything she wanted to talk a ton about. Some people are more private than others, too. She strikes me that way. She’s mentioned her ex-girlfriend. The 60 day mark seems to bringing out some emotional down days for Angela, KC and Tyler. They’ve held it together and played apart/together so long, and the house is shrinking, the pressure is rising. It’s like a fancy, private, small 3 month prison. DR is the Prison Guard enforcing the rules; Have Not’s is Solitary Confinement; can’t imagine.

Scottie's A$$ is Getting Evicted

I am surprised that Production seems to agree that Fezzy is the biggest dumbfuck in the game. Usually they go a little easy on fucktards.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Scottie could always start tossing condoms out to the audience like Mardi Gras doubloons Thursday night.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

Hay needs to break up with Fezzy this week.

Yes- Up vote
No- Down vote


Fessy and Haleigh laying in bed talking about how awesome they are.. it’s so cute. I want to punch myself in the face.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

Fezzy will get blind sided this week.

Yes- Up vote
No- Down vote

Bay's Dilemma

Even if he is the first nomination and doesn’t win Veto he will be blind sided!

who me?

What gets me is zingbot is always spot on with his zings, yet half the people dont think he is and is just mean lmao

Hi my name is Scott

Seeing the pics of JC igniting the oven makes me think of the Talking Heads……..Buering down the house…..


ZingBot – Faysal I was surprised to learn that you are a part time teacher.. considering that you are a full time moron! FIRST CLUE to Hay and Sam he made a big mistake. But did they get it????? I don’t think so.


Do you guys think Angela and Tyler have something for each other and trying to keep it quiet or no? I think they do you can watch them and see and I am sure soon Brett would like to get him out to have Angela alone


I personally don’t think they have a real thing. I think Tyler is attracted to her, and she to him, but for Tyler, I believe this is all a part of his gameplay. He snuggled with Kaitlyn, and said that he thought he was in love with Bay. He also let’s Sam believe that she is his final 2. It makes too much sense that he knows Angela is into him and is using that to his advantage. Does he want to bang her? Probably, but the way her personality turns other people off, will prevent any relationship outside of friends with benefits from developing, as Tyler values being liked/respected by others.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

Nope. Angela wants the man that has it all, or no man at all. Rich, handsome, and great in the sack. A poor lifeguard aint gonna cut it…


Fes can wait to show off Hay to his friends. He gets called to the DR and she jumps on Bretts back hahahahhaa. Oh Fes! How embarrasing!

Rigged Game

She will be jumping on something else when fezzy is gone.

another name

the real reason she doesn’t want to go to the jury house. only ones there are two women and most likely a virgin.

Boring Virgin

Made me laugh out loud another name! You are hilarious!

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

She will be jumping on Brett’s meat calzone.


Even Fes saying he can’t wait to show her off is annoying! That’s an annoying thing to say to a girl. It’s weird. Ugh…everything he Fes does is annoying.


It just goes to show you that she feels like she can FINALLY be herself when he’s not around! I don’t blame her. I’d do the same thing!

The real rockstar

Next to Rockstar’s kids the real losers of this season are Fesshole’s parents

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I thought the Zings for Sam and Fez were the harshest because they had such a ring of truth LOL; Fez likely doesn’t believe it or get it, but if you aren’t crazy, you aren’t offended. if you ARE crazy, you are offended LOL. (Or so I’ve heard :))


Fessieboy again shows how clueless he truly is. Thinks rocky had a great social game. With who? The only person she talked to outside of the hive was Sam, wouldn’t call that a great social game. As dumb as fessieboy comes off as, he really should listen to the way haleigh speaks to him and just cut her lose. OMG she is really showing herself to be a complete b1tch to the only person in the house who has done everything to try and keep her safe. She questions everything he says or does, I wish he would finally get a clue and pull away from her. P1ssy because fessieboy tried to work out a deal for her and him with tyler and angela and she gets upset about it. Yet, she knows that fessieboy doesn’t trust scottie at all and she spends hours talking to him and expects fessieboy to not question her about it, yet, she questions everything he does. I am starting to think that she is just as jealous and insecure as he is, with her, you only like me because we’re in the house BS – outside of the house, I don’t know what you would do. Sounds like she is starting her dear john err dear fessie letter earlier than expected. LOL. I sense her pulling away from him after scottie goes home. I think it would be really funny if she did win HOH Thursday and put him up. Not that I want her to win HOH, I just think it would be funny if she put him on the block or BD’d him. I am hoping Kaycee/Brett/Tyler or Angela win HOH and put fessieboy and haleigh up side by side. They need to get one of them out, preferably haleigh first. Sending Sam to jury before either of them would be the dumbest move. Sam is annoying as F* but she can’t do anything, so she is no real threat right now, where as F/H need to go. I am glad Tyler/Angela don’t appear that they will honor their agreement with F/H. I would love to see how F/H would pitch to the others about why it is better to keep them over the other. Maybe some real information would come to light about each of them. I can’t wait for tonights show. YAYYY

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper