Angela “Why does Sam hate me? Tyler “Because you’re beautiful & perfect.”

POV: Brett Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Brett Kaycee & Scottie Have Nots

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8:05pm Bedroom. Angela and Tyler. Angela is twirling Tylers hair. Tyler – they (production) asked me about some other fun stuff. Angela – oh yeah? I think I might know. I think I have a feeling I know what it is. And I am hoping they don’t ask me the same because I am going to plead the fifth. (Production asking them about liking each other) I am going to say I am heartless and emotionless .. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Tyler – are you still entertained? Angela – MMMHHHhh. Why are not? Tyler – I am. This is the highlight of the day right here. Angela – this is the most boring day. F**king Faysal and Haleigh .. its all their fault. We need Brett to win and put Haleigh and Fes up. Tyler – MMMmhhh. Angela – so that we don’t have to do it. I really don’t want to do it but I would.

Tyler – we have to. Sam comes out of the havenot room. Angela – she didn’t even look over here. She is so crazy. What could she possibly be mad about? Tyler – I don’t know. They were also saying to get Sam out. Angela – I said that to Haleigh. Tyler – Brett and JC were saying that in there with me. They asked where did Haleigh even get that information from? Did I say that? Angela – I think I did. Tyler – that’s good. Angela – I said I think everyone is on board. Kind of like what we talked about upstairs. I didn’t say Sam’s name. Tyler – that’s good. Angela – just as long as its not two of us (going up on the block) then we’re good. Tyler – I don’t really see many scenarios that it could be. Unless Sam wins. Angela – do you think Sam would put two of us up? Tyler – maybe.. like if she put Haleigh up and Haleigh won the veto. Angela – I think she would put me and Haleigh up. Tyler – yeah. You would be fine though. Angela – why does she hate me? Tyler – because you’re beautiful and perfect. That’s why I hate you. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Tyler – JC said he would never put you up because you’ve always had his back. He didn’t say he wouldn’t put me up though. Angela – he would never put you or Fess up. Angela – I feel so bad for her (Kaycee) for that coming out thing. She doesn’t realize how big of a .. like how amazing she is. And how her story is going to be so empowering to so many people. She is going to be so many peoples hero. Tyler – I think Kaycee might be America’s Favorite or JC. Angela – no, he’s been way too political. He’s said some stuff and I’m like you better shut your mouth now. Tyler – yeah but it depends on how they’re spinning it. Brett joins them. Tyler – Or Brett might be America’s Player. That’s what he’s going for.

10:12pm Kitchen. Brett and Scottie. Brett – I was just complaining about the calm .. but I think everyone will be wishing for the calm back after tomorrow. Scottie – I’m wishing last week would have been calm. I’ve spiraled. Brett – you’re alright.

10:25pm Bedroom. Tyler, Fes, Haleigh. They talk about past seasons of Big Brother and about Janelle Pierzina and Britney Haynes. They bring up survivor. Haleigh – I think I would be good at survivor.

11:16pm – 11:40pm Havenot room. Brett and Tyler. Brett – She starts getting snappy with me. Like starts freaking out on me. Dude I am like so far past the point of trying. Tyler – I know. Brett – I am done! I don’t care. Like you want to mope around and pout like this? You can leave. Tyler – Yeah, seriously. Brett – you’ll make the decision really easy. Tyler – I don’t get it dude. Brett – Like one day she acts like we’re the only people she has and then the next minute she turns on us. Dude I am like trying. Like in reality you’re not my girlfriend. Like I am not going to try and fight to .. I am trying to be here as a friend and that’s about it. And she wants to be snippy with me all day and then randomly she will be like .. I don’t know. Its really starting to get under my skin. She acts like everyone else has a problem… but you’re the only one that acts this way. Tyler – she makes you feel bad for doing anything. Brett – Like I came in here and asked her what are you making that for (see photo below) and she was like myself ..just like everything else! JC joins them. Brett – dude what do you think will happen tomorrow? I really think its going to be a double eviction. JC – that’s too predictable. Brett – I don’t think they give a f**k.

11:10pm – 11:33pm HOH room.
Fes – Sam’s been acting really weird. You want to start studying? Haleigh – no, I’ve wanted to all day and you didn’t want to. Fes – you would be good at survivor?? Haleigh starts studying the days / events of the season. (Haleigh doesn’t know the days / events) Haleigh – I’m really bad at this.. I have a bad feeling about tomorrow. Fes – about what the HOH. Haleigh – yes. She can’t win (Sam). Fes – literally anyone else win and she goes home. Haleigh – except Brett. Fes – yeah. If Tyler and Angela pair up with us .. they know sh*t. JC doesn’t know sh*t. Brett is just a goober and doesn’t know sh*t. Sam just held on to something because she is crazy.

11:55pm HOH room Fes and Haleigh. Fes – I didn’t want you to ever question what we have. Its real.. its real real. What me to go downstairs and tell everybody? Haleigh – no! Stop. Fes – I will. Haleigh – you want everyone to know so bad. Fes – yes. I’ve got the baddest girl in big brother history. Haleigh – shut up. Fes – I don’t want to brag but it only took me 54 days to kiss the baddest girl in big brother history. Haleigh – should we meet each others families before they meet. Fes – I think its going to happen simultaneously.

12:08am Havenot. Tyler and JC.
JC -I still can’t believe this.. Like we haven’t won HOH. Tyler – and we still come out on top. JC – that’s what I was laughing with Angela. JC – Do you remember yesterday and I told you something .. Brett said in front of Angela that he didn’t want a relationship because he wanted to focus. And then you said are you creating all this because you want to bla bla bla.. I am like I don’t go around creating sh*t. Tyler – shut the f**k up. And then what did you do.. you went to him and said lets go to Tyler and make sure you say that again. JC – what?! Tyler – f**king don’t f**k with people. JC – are you that paranoid? I would never. JC – I would never. If I said that I would jeopardize my game and your game because then he would be like why do you want me to do that. He’s said that like five times… one time was for Angela. After that she’s been more distant with him. Tyler – I don’t care. I promise you it is not that big of a deal. We are no where close to being a f**king showmance. I swear! I swear dude. I don’t even talk to her that much. JC – what are you talking about every time I walk into a room. Tyler – that’s because you notice it now. JC – every time I walk into the room.. you’re there with her. Tyler – because that’s where I hang out. Its not like I am sitting there confessing my love for her. I just sit there and talk to her. JC – but you’re building up, building up.. five weeks is a long time. Tyler – so what? JC – that is a long time. Tyler – you don’t have to question it. I’m not stupid. JC – you really think I would tell Brett. I would come to you.. slap you four times and then go into the DR. Tyler – you are going to look back 3 months from now at how you and I are final two and you’ll be like wow I was an idiot for ever getting mad about that. JC – no I just want to protect the game. I know how thing get out of control. Brett- says that he thinks Haleigh and Fes are in a showmance. Tyler – we’ve know that. JC – he hasn’t told me anything about it. Tyler – you should go do this sh*t to him. JC – he is not my husband.

1:45am Sam …

3am – All the house guests are sleeping..

10:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. The house guests slowly wake up and chat in the kitchen while eating breakfast.

11:15pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to BB re-runs..

12:31pm Still blocked..

1:10pm Still nothing..

2:42pm Sam’s cleaning out the dead cat from the vacuum


3:15pm Scottie and Tyler 

Scottie says he hates being up against Kaycee it limits his options. Scottie warns them that Fes has memorized all the days like the back of his hang if they let him get to that point he will rocket to final 3.  Scottie makes clear he’s targeting fes. Tyler says he’ll talk to Haleigh right before to see where her head is at.

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Showmances spell disaster. Really not liking how sloppy Tyler and Angela have gotten this week.

Deep Dive

Agree about the showmances. Though I have to admit Tyler and Angela have much more chemistry than Haleigh and Fes. And so far they are being more smart about hiding it.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

angie and tyler are spending too much time together. the people in the house are talking. Brett and KC are getting nervous. This is a major error from tyler and angie that could backfire.


Fes’s Parents will reject Haleigh.

Melanoma Griffith

I doubt very much if her parents are feeling sanguine about a documented dope.


Other way around. Hayleighs parents will say in their thick Texan accent ” what in the heck u bringin a Moozlum for ? “


Hey now, not all Texans are knuckle dragging racists, just sayin’…..

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Both families are probably preparing for an intervention.

Looney Libs

How sweet is it that we don’t have to listen to Rockstar any more?

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

Yes, You can bet that JC will pull this out of his bag of tricks to sow dissension among L4 in a few weeks. Other people like Brett and KC already notice. When JC goes to work on them its gonna be epic!

Bozo Bernie the Socialist

Does anyone think that Sam and Hayleigh might vote to keep Scottie tonight? I hope nobody (JC) trys to throw a rouge vote


People always saying how shomances are bad but..
Season 3 lisa the winner had one
Seson 5 winner also and they could of benn top 2 if he wanted to
Season 7 the final 2 were in a shomance
Season 11 winner was in a shomance
Season 12 hyden also has a shomance..
Off course rachel… started season 13
with her known partner and won
Liz from season 17 got in the final 2 she lost not beacuse of her showmance.. she would probably be voted out earlier wasnt for him..
Nicole and corry got to final 4 toghether.. she won..
Thats a lot of winners


Nicole was protected by production.

Doc B.

Just like Derek was protected.
And guided.
That’s why Derek sucks!


Tyler is also protected by production.


Nope, Tyler is protected by the Hive.

Dirty Harry Reid

That was good!

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

Want to list all the showmances over 20 years that imploded???


RE: Showmances

To state the obvious first: SHOWMANCES ARE GREAT FOR RATINGS. So…a popular couple is going to get all kinds of help to stay in the game from production (the first ever coup d’etat awarded to Jeff of Jeff & Jordan comes to mind).
As for season 3 winner LISA…she was only able to thrive AFTER her fire fighter boyfriend was evicted (and she was one of the votes to NOT let him back in the house). LOL
When Rachel won her season, there were all kinds of HOH challenges that played to her strengths down the stretch.
People ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room (and players are not allowed to talk about said 800 pound gorilla). Big Brother is not so much as an honest competition where everybody gets the same chance at winning. This is a puppet show brought to you courtesy of Production.
This season when it was either Rockstar or Kaitlyn going home and there was a chance to get back in the game immediately after eviction, I joked that the challenge would be as follows:

a) If Kaitlyn is evicted, she will have to put together a four piece puzzle (it was a 7 or 8 piece puzzle) in a couple of minutes.
b) If Rockstar is evicted, she will have to erect a life size model of the pyramid at giza in a couple of minutes.


Dr Will is the one who invented the word “showmance” and he had a showmance during season 2 with Shannon and won te game.


Dammit! I just posted almost the identical thing.


Umm… season 2. Dr Will was the very first “showmance” ever. He coined the phrase.


I love Tyler but Angela is way out of his league, he comes from humble beginnings and she seems to come from money. I just don’t think it will work outside the house, and she’s not that pretty without makeup either. Tyler can do better!


Join the discussion…I agree. I don’t get all the hype about Angela. This so called relationship between her and Tyler seems very contrived. They are so boring—what chemistry???

Smoke Show Angela

Sam has computer access?


Angela is beautiful even more so without makeup. You might think she is emotionless but calling her not pretty with or without makeup is insane.

They are very natural around eachother, its not forced like it is with other showmances like Fes and Haleigh. They are technically not even in a showmance yet. They are resisting crossing that line.

Botox Pelosi

I’m hoping Level 4 can win HOH tonight and break up the Fessi/Hayleigh showmance.


Will Scotty make his last plea using his man voice or the annoying innocent little boy voice?


Ratso is done, no matter which voice he uses. The next move is to put up Fez and Hay together, should someone other than Hay win HOH because the POV is not likely to be physical . Hay may win and take herself off, but Fez will be in the trap. For that reason, JC can’t win HOH. If Sam wins, Angela and Hay (those Jezebels) will be put up. Best case scenario would be an HOH win for Kaycee or Brett.

Scottie the Bespeckled Rat

Good points. I hope we keep the Hive exits going and that Fes goes next.


POV could be physical, they have done the “search the ball pit” as the POV on doubles

Sasuke Uchiha

Kaycee WILL be America’s fav just you guys wait.


Love her but no way.
Tyler or brett .prob brett cuz tyler will win


I think it will be Brett also, unless Tyler is not in the final two – then I think Tyler might get it. Everytime I make an Amazon purchase I use your link Simon and Dawg.


Thanks Kelly!


I think Tyler will be AFP.


Hope not.


Hell no. Kaycee will win, Tyler will get AFP.


kayce is boring and her little DR sessions seem forced, like she is really out of her comfort zone! No way she’s AFP. YIKES if she is the best!

Own it

Kaycee is actually one of the most genuine people to ever play this game, shes not as out going as others but REAL and clearly loyal. Unfortunately unless you watch the feeds you would never know that just from the show.


Kaycee is the most fakest person I have ever seen play the game. Are you kidding me right now? She is SOOOOO all miss popular, want to hang with nothing but cool kids, vomit, *cough, cough* fake people. Just as fake as the fake blond Wilson sisters from a few seasons back.

Al Sharpton Wants to Hold Your Wallet

I think America’s Favorite will be Tyler but Brett and JC have a shot.


I love KC, but I think Ty or JC will win Afp

She will eat your heart

Angela is the devil. Run Tyler!


Right, evil and soulless lol

Hi My Name Is Scott

Is that you, Mama Boucher??


Alligators are ornery cause they got all them teeth and ain’t got no toothbrush.


with all the info zingbot gave them they will be super stupid not to read in between the lines!
Angela- evil, Fay- Moron, Sam-bat sht cray, it was right on point!


I’ve been out of town all week and haven’t seen Sunday & tonight’s show yet, can someone tell me how production edited the Scottie/Brett claiming the RockStar vote?

Did they want the viewers to sympathize with Scottie for getting the shaft from Brett, the evil mastermind OR did they make Scottie look shady (especially with all of the questionable antics he pulled this week) so the viewers would be unsympathetic as he walked out the door of Thursday?

I’m really interested in finding out which spin production put on the edit… thanks in advance for answering.

another name

Wed. episode ends before veto ceremony. So there’s no way to know just what level of shade they are aiming for when it comes to Scottie.
Scottie got a fairly sympathetic edit Sunday.
Brett and Jc got the evil mastermind edits.
Haleigh got a twilight zone edit of manufactured lies.
Fes got a better edit than he deserved.
Wed. episode edit, Scottie looks more shady for turning on Haleigh.
Sam looks…. kookoo for cocoapuffs.
Haleigh’s edit is still somewhat manufactured. but not as much as Sunday’s.
Fes still got a better edit than he deserved.


Twilight Zone edit…….lol production does that a lot.


That’s the reality of production interference.
“OK Hayleigh, give us a line about how you really need Scottie to stay.”
“Now again, but tell us how you *really* need him to stay or your whole alliance will fall apart.”
“Now give us a line about how loyal Scottie is and how dumb Faysal is.”


That was weird, no Veto ceremony.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Probably saved it for tonights show since the house has been so dead and not giving them anything interesting.


It was. That also means they probably won’t have time for a home segment. I was hoping the were going to show Scottie or Kaycee’s families.

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

I think Scottie’s family prefer dark places, such as cellars and basements, under houses, and in thick vegetation.


They could at least show us the care package arriving home from Scottie, packed with TP and mouthwash and tampons. Possibly a couple of pairs of Hayleigh’s purple panties.

another name

So. Nobody has bothered to tell Angela that Sam hates her because Haleigh told Sam that Angela wanted her on the block during Haleigh’s hoh. oh. ok.
It’s not the only reason. She thinks Angela is replacing her in her agreement with Kaycee and Tyler.
I’m betting Brett is getting the treatment right now because he has been hanging out with Haleigh. For the same reason. She thinks Haleigh is replacing her.
Why does this happen every Wednesday night? Lockdown nic fits. Go ahead, say but she quit smoking and she’s on the patch. Even with low doses of nicotine, the routine and habit is still there. It’s been 24 hours.


Let’s get this boring week over with! Get Scottie out and on to the HOH competition! I’d really like to see Fez and Haleigh go up next and get one of them out, preferably Haleigh. She’s a tad smarter than Fez and she needs to have a nice reunion with her friends in the little house.
I don’t think Sam will win HOH. If anything, I think she’s gonna throw it unless it looks like Angela might take it. She would put up Angela and Haleigh…
Anybody got a clue what the upcoming HOH might be?


Name all the anti psychotic medication sam is on


Must be bi-polar meds and maybe combined with an antidepressant?! She is so bi-polar. There is a reason she lives in a camper alone. No one wants to deal with that!

another name

spoilers are saying a ball rolling hoh comp.


Lol they just showed a segment on the cbs show where they showed Tyler being a bowling champ…..

Roll Tide

Tyler is productions favorite, so they want him to win the $500,000.
So the comp will favor him. But if there is a double next week, he won’t be able to play in part 1. Everyone that wanted Tyler out will be gone except for one, either Hay or Fez.
He is safe till the end.

If Fez would leave the HOH room, he might see what is going on in the house. He is going to be shocked that JC is making him look like a big ole idiot. Get the psychiatrist ready he is going to need it. Betrayal……

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It must have something to do with running; I hear that product is grafting two more legs onto Tyler to help him.


I agree


How is Tyler productions favorite? There is nothing that has really favored him. Bayleigh was the main person production really seemed to favor to with edits. Tyler seems to be the same in the house as he is in DR.
Haliegh and Fez are the only ones who’ve had obvious comp advantages. Did production tell rockstar to help Tyler in OTEV? Nope.
What supports your and others opinion that Tyler is favored?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Kaitlyn was OTEV and she mind-melded RS.


Tyler is production favorite, your blind.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, but that’s only because I didn’t get the extra set of eyes production gave him. He keeps them hidden in his man bun. Just watch; hair down, he’s using the extra eyes; hair up, they’re in standby mode.


Trying to see, but Still no example…


Well… there was that one time Tyler did a bunch of stuff for two weeks, then spent six weeks doing nothing but schmooze Angela.


They probably tipped him off on what most trending app to get, and gave him the app to begin with, as I don’t believe for a second that they really used data to make the decision on who got chosen for them.

They do veto competitions that are to his strengths so that he gets a reputation as a “comp beast” without getting the blood on his hands of being a HOH. You notice how he has never won anything that wasn’t largely physical and requires the ability to throw themselves around quickly, which plays to the strength of a 22 year old who basically still has the body of a teenager.

They tried everything in their power to keep Kaitlyn in the house for him, as they knew his one and only move was to “manipulate” her.

If you pay attention to what he says, they tip him off to when he is starting to sound too much like an arrogant brat. He will be bragging one minute and then be all humble the next. They also let him know when he is starting to come off weasel. He will go from laughing about pulling strings to suddenly he will be changing his story to how “loyal” he is to everyone.


Agree. Some people are reaching. Somehow a competition which may involve rolling a ball gives Tyler an advantage because he was a great bowler?? He hasn’t bowled in years. If the comp included a real bowling lane and ball it would be an advantage. Otherwise, comp would not have the same feel.

I have no doubt that Production manipulate and guide the game in DR sessions. All you would have to do is ask some leading questions to steer the game.


Like the one where they spin around and then bowl?

another name

i should have clarified. spoilers say the ball rolling comp like season 19 with the redemption tickets, not the ball roll like season 28 with the ball lands on a number. so… more luck than skill.


So which of the L6/5/4 will win? I’m saying they put it on Brett so he can take Fez out without messing up anyone else’s game. Who is the other person on the block though? He’s got some traction with Haleigh and he doesn’t want to piss Sam off, so maybe JC sees the block this week.


Ty’s bowling background might help him.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

JC should be good at that.


Ready … set … whoa…

another name

that awkward moment when house guests are talking about a system reboot reset week.
I get the feeling a reset week will happen. Just not tomorrow.


Not enough weeks left to have a reset week with just one DE and get down to the F3 by the Sept. 26th Finale.


They had enough weeks for Kaitlyn to come back into the house, so I guess would have time for a reset week if they really wanted one.


I’m thinking they were planning a double for the first two going to jury, I think they usually try to have two jury folks going at once in previous seasons.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

Fezzy is pu$$y whipped and cringeworthy!!!

I can’t even...

Right? Hayleigh the most bad ass woman in big brother history?!? Give me a break!
She’d get her torch snuffed out on survivor and never understand why…god these people are so clueless!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Not exactly a good situation when the competition you’re about to compete in relies on balls.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

JC is playing the 5th wheel brilliantly. He has the alliances and house down pat. He knows where everyone stands. Its very rare a 4 person alliances makes it intact to the end. the alliance usually turns on each other. I think JC knows this and is sitting back waiting to pick his spot. Once it get down to Sam and the L4, JC is gonna start planting seeds of dissension and try to blow up L4. I think he targets the budding angie tyler showmance to Brett KC and Sam. He is patient and cunning. This dude is gonna make final 3.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

This is exactly what he did in the beginning.

He developed a relationship with a conduit to both sides (Tyler an Fes) then kept both sides of the house going at each other and ignoring him. Now that there is pretty much just one alliance (and two clueless but potentially useful remnants) he will attempt to do the same thing by creating two sides within L6 and attempting to play from the middle again.

Not a bad strategy. The only fly in the ointment I see with that plan is I’m not convinced that Brett is in it for the win. I honestly believe Brett is playing for America’s Favorite and having fun doing it, which may also be why his goodbye messages are hilarious and entertaining for us but not necessarily for the evicted house guest.

Also, we can’t overlook a crucial element of everyone’s game play this season; just how incredibly pathetic the game play has been by FOUTE/The Hive, Sam and Scottie…and wasn’t there some guy named Steve? Almost all of JC’s successful manipulations have been with players who aren’t exactly Mensa material.

This is the point where the game gets real for JC and Tyler. I’m looking forward to it.


Brett may not care as much if he wins, but that makes him a better player in my opinion. He can take risks that other players may be afraid to take, and he doesn’t get paranoid as easily. If you’re familiar with the term “scared money” in poker, Scotty is playing with scared money, and makes poor decisions because of it. Brett is playing a looser and better game. I could see him getting votes even though he’s calling people idiots just by being honest and fessing up. Jury could see the nice goodbye messages of the others as fake.

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

Yes! But I do think Brett is in it to win. Production may have gotten in his ear to be more boisterous. Or he could be doing his imitation of Dr Will for the camera. You can already see JC is thinking ahead after Hay and fezzy are gone. JC will try to separate and pit angie/tyler against KC/Brett. he is already working tyler on one side and Brett on the other side. He is gonna pull out the angie/tyler showmance card soon.


He’s no Dr Will. He may be imitating Jesse a bit… trying to get the yearly irritating host gig. Maybe he’ll be Zingbrett.


Lol! Steve’s ranks higher than most of the Hive.


JC was talking to Brett in the HN room tonight about how Angela, Tyler and Kaycee are very close…things are brewing. JC has also recently told Tyler that he’s getting a little too close with Angela (the secret showmance). Once one of Haleigh or Fez leave, things are going to start getting interesting. Brett’s going to need to make a move against his peeps at some point cause he’s the odd man out from the 4 level 6ers. Hope he figures it out so we can watch the sparks fly instead of him waiting for final 4 and having to win out to make it to the end.

JC Meltdown

JC is already beginning to make his move to split L6. He warns Tyler that people are noticing while he goes to people and points out that Angela and Tyler a bonding a little to much. He will continue to say I warned you Tyler and it wasn’t me all while stoking the fire of doubt. Having Haleigh win wouldn’t be the worst thing for JC as it will thin out L6 and force them to regroup a little.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I agree that a Haleigh win could be beneficial to his game, particularly if he wants to cripple L6. The biggest problem I see with that is Haleigh has convinced herself that 1) she’s a strategic genius, and 2) Fes is not. She’s always been a little (sometimes a lot) leery of JC, so I don’t know if he could influence her nominations all that much. My money would be on her putting up Sam and Kaycee or JC.

JC might do better with a Sam win but I don’t expect anyone will jump down for her at this point. Sam would have to totally win it.


Do you think JC is a little jelly of Angela? Aside from the romantic inferences, I think he enjoys being one of the ‘bros’ and he prefers hanging out with the guys rather than the girls.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

He doesn’t do all that badly with the ladies either. If you really want a Stephen King moment, look for the photo of him coming out of the shower with Angela.

I Stole Angela's Thong from The Hamper

JC is upping his DR game now. If he could win a comp he would be giving tyler and angie a run for 1st place.

Who said that!

The big question following Thursday is how will Fes and Haleigh sabotage each other to get one of them evicted.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

If Haleigh goes up, regardless of whether it’s against Sam or Fessie, you can probably put money on her blaming it on Fessie. That would partially be true but ignores her own game play.

I believe she will alternate between angrily guilting Fessie, to snuggling with him and flirting him into throwing himself on his own sword to save her.


There’s really only 4 Big Brother showmances that ever became something real on the outside (no, I don’t count Mark and Elena). Will Tyler and Angela be the next one? I hope so.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

You may be right.

Angela’s icy demeanor stems from her being raised as a competitive athlete and not having the social experiences of a normal young girl. Today she is successful and above all else, self-reliant. Any man who attempts to interfere with that self-reliance is going to be a toy only.

There’s Tyler; he’s attractive, pleasant, has a live life each day attitude and above all; not demanding or needy. In other words, he can offer male companionship that is no threat to her self-reliance. It also helps that his chosen career at the moment is easily transportable to LA.

The icing on the cake; they share the Hilton Head connection which is important to both of them.

Not a bad match up.


Why don’t u coaunt Marlena?




Are you counting Raving and Door-Matt?


Matt’s showmance was with the cereal Raven was just a third wheel.

Hi my name is Scott

Hey, Maven is huge in their legacy! They have shown Floute/Hive how to play the game.

Elijah Clueless Cummings

Shout out to the Door-Matt line.


Every so often, I suffer a nightmarish flashback to the past few seasons and feel the need to share so I don’t re-suffer alone.


Sam doesn’t like Angela or Hayleigh because they are young and pretty. She is jealous of them. I think Sam is pretty but she seems like the kind of girl who would rather have guy friends than girl friends


Angela and Sam are the same age, so how does that work that she’s jealous of Angela’s age?

Maxine Waters _ Space Alien

Because they sure don’t look the same age. Sam’s odometer has turned over.


Sam: why I’ve chosen to stay sober tonight.

Perfect and Beautiful (Not)

Oh give me a break. She is no where near being perfect. Jessica from BB 19 is a natural beauty. Angela is far from that. Stop gassing her head up.


Ok, Jessica was hot……after she painted on a quart of make-up (watch her paint it on during her hoh). Angela wears very little makeup and looks good all the time.


I agree with you. Yes, Jess is pretty but, pretty much everything about Jess’s look was fake. Fake boobs, a lot of make, fake hair extensions, lip injections. Angela is more of natural beauty.


Don’t forget those spiders she wore as eyelashes.


There was one DR session where Pockscar was weeping and wailing and her false eyelash fell off. It was so huge I thought someone chucked a door-mat at her or something.


Angela has fake boobs, fake hair extensions, lip injections, and probably a lot of other enhancers as well. Just saying, neither one of them is exactly a beauty. They both just know how to do themselves up well.

Kaycee is probably one of the few naturally stunning people that they have found to be on this show. She hides it really well though. I think she had the right idea of not letting her looks be her game.


Oh look it’s another Sam.


Both are smokin’.

The real rockstar

After telling Angela she’s beautiful and perfect Tyler forgot to mention that he is really turned on by her tashe

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Of course he is…and she would still look better in a full beard than most of the others without.


Her stashe… maybe that’s where Swaggy’s missing brow went? Can a mustache migrate??


Build that wall!

Mommas look of disappointment

I have to explain it to my children this way, so I might as well say it to you, girls get hair in all the same places as boys but society and ourselves hold us to a higher standard of grooming and hygiene. It’s not always easy and accessible to keep everything looking perfect. ( I’m sure being locked in the BB house without access to lasers or a salon doesn’t help. ) But the last thing she needs is judgement but I’m sure she is confident enough to not be bothered by your insensitive ignorance.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And as you get older where and how your hair grows changes…dramatically for some.

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

Like the ears…..

Haleigh's Melanoma

I have HDTV and still haven’t seen this mythical moustache. I know it was created by a bitter, evicted Rachel and perpetuated on Twitter by Janelle Pierzina, a real uber Meangirl..


No mustache, it’s melasma, a fairly common skin condition. I saw a pic and discussion a few days ago that made it clear. Apparently she also talked about it.


Thanks, I wondered. I don’t really care if she has a dark upper lip or not… I just think that sort of thing is interesting. A lot of times, I find the game less interesting than the things I learn about houseguests and medical stuff and so forth. You guys ever heard of gastroparesis? I learned about that from BB. Also this thing called Munchausen. Very educational.

Angela’s mustache




JC- I’m actually jealous.
Tyler- Of what?
JC- You and her (Angela).
Tyler- It’s about fucking time you admit it. Finally some honesty.
JC- It’s bothering me.
Tyler- I know. That’s all you had to fucking say

JC to Tyler- You can keep her (Angela). I’m going to stay with Brett. He gives me so much attention.//

Oh JC… Tyler has about as much interest in Angela as Paul Abrahamian had in Christmas last season…and the same motive. She will be the useful idiot that goes out third and still votes for him if all goes according to plan.

This is fun

Do you watch the feeds? Tyler is very much interested in Angela.


I agree Tyler is a smooth criminal he’s just securing her jury vote before she goes in the next couple of weeks……probably on the block against him lol.


I’m kind of hoping it’s Angela that cuts Tyler in a cold, dramatic betrayal. Legendary.

He’s a big boy, he’ll still hook up with her after she wins it all.


Yep that may be the best way to win lol

The real rockstar

Sam is an evil genius. She knows the game all to well. She’s pretending to be a dumb country bumpkin and a crazy unstable redneck. When in reality she is playing the rest of the players. The first week when she was on the block she saved herself by crying like a baby. It worked. When she realizes who is going home she cozies up to them and acts like she’s their best friend like she did with Bay and Rockscab. Now she’s doing the Sam thing with Scottie. She’s goin for the jury vote. She’s always trying to make people feel sorry for her.

Wait till Angela goes on the block and is on her way out the door. Sam will be her best friend since the 3rd grade.


You’re giving Sam way too much credit. She’s not playing the jury vote. She just has a good heart. When someone’s going home, they’re usually sad/down, etc.. and its just in her nature to comfort them. She’s nowhere near what I would consider a genius, or any form of intelligent BB player. The only way she can win is if she gets carried to the end, none of which was planned by her, and then have the jury be super bitter if the other F2 is like Angela. Sam has done nothing in this game except cry and piss everyone off, and reiterate that she’s the only real person in the house.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Except it is exactly this behaviour that has Sam on everyone’s chop list.


Perhaps JC will make a move against Tyler and crew before going for Haleigh/Fez. It may be time for folks to ramp up the gameplay to 11. It’ll be fun watching these guys go at it until the finale.


Just a FYI due to real life events (AKA work trip to Port Alberni) I won’t be updating this morning. I’ll be back this afternoon before the show starts.

Given how boring it’s been I don’t predict there being a lot to miss. Now watch some crazy flip will happen and I will have missed it.. LOL.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Be safe.


Thanks! I’m lucky I won’t be driving through the smoke.


I’m not sure we can go that long without an update on Fez’s game moves. He’s playing it at the next level. It’ll be like missing Archie and Jughead issue #72 and going straight to #73!

No Longer Literally But figuratively

Googled for my fix today looking for other BB blogs; remember now why I never bother. Not the same! Between the transcript choices, the few funny comments along the way, the screen shots, we just get a real gist and feeling for what is really going on in the house compared to other sites. Love OBB!


Thanks! that’s super great to hear and I appreciate you sharing.

Love T & A

Have Tyler and Angela kissed yet? I’m sorry. I don’t watch live feeds. Wish I was.



who me?

Really sick of showmances. And how is “Kaycee coming out” some big thing? From day one all of american viewers knew she was gay. Is this just a game play for her?

another name

i think it’s only a ‘big’ thing because of d/r asking her questions about it. I think she’s only reacting in such a way because she’s only been ‘out’ for a year and a half. I think the reaction stems from her families community and her mother’s mormon church not being aware, and concern for what reaction her family could face. Perhaps this is something she didn’t consider. Or… perhaps d/r has asked questions in a pointed way in order to get a reaction from her so that they can increase her ‘character’ on the shows visibility.


I thought her intro video said it, but maybe that was just my gaydar working.
I know JC has said it several times.
I feel bad for her but she should know better than 24/7 on feeds that it wouldn’t get out.


It was no secret, she was out prior to the show. I think she just had an emotional moment with JC.

JC has a lot of emotional moments with other players… like the uproar with Bayleigh. Dude knows how to work the cameras. A “sinister dwarf” indeed.

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

I want to see a Hay vs Fezzy blowup!!!. Someone needs to get in Hays ear and tell her that fezzy is destroying her game, she is a target, she is wasting 60 days of her life on a dude she will never see on the outside, and her parents are going to be ashamed of her for being soooo dumb. Calling Allison Grodner!!!!!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I couldn’t see Fez finding his way out of the country for the first leg of Amazing Race. He could get lost in a parking Garage.

Scottie is off to the little house

Hate that. Only ones I’d be interested in seeing are Victor, Dan and Britney although I did like Caleb on Survivor. The list is not locked down so Fes still has a chance. Didn’t Jess and Cody go right after finale?

another name

I don’t know.
Is Tyler being set up by production? I definitely think he was being favored by production as the go-to for d/r in the first part of the game. But, at that point he was the one actually doing the manipulation.
The trend of the second part of the game seems to be more focused on increasing the visibility of haleigh and brett. Their d/r usage has doubled in the past three weeks.
I still say if production is favoring anyone, they are favoring haleigh. Her story edit is oh so very bb18 nicole. She’s been asked by production what her skills and abilities are right before a twist comp and hoh. Her actual game strategy isn’t being shown in episode edit. She’s being given a d/r revisionist history edit. When a reset week happens… and it will happen, it will be on the week haleigh is hands down going to be evicted. Mark my words, if a girl whose ‘social game’ consisted of reclining on a mattress getting carpal tunnel syndrome with a guy half the season while production tells other house guests not to target her on no less than 4 occasions that were discussed on feeds can win… well then there is precedent for production to favor someone through giving them better edits than their actual game play.
Side note: what’s wrong with Angela?? why did she seem to melt into the background and come across as being cold and emotionless before week two? Gee. Her real world career is dependent on her image, and she ended up on tmz before the second hoh. She’s kept her mouth relatively shut and tried to not make sensationaist waves since she was informed that she ended up with a negative image. To me, this makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is Chenbot’s comments about her post Toxstar eviction. The purple sourpuss made the comments about Angela that were then turned back against her. Julie’s commentary was about as informed as you would expect from someone that doesn’t watch feeds and phones it in at production’s suggestion. Angela is not the villain of the season. She’s boring, partially on purpose, not villainous.


I would boycott BB forever if Haleigh won. Seriously. I almost did when Nicole won. After doing nothing but laying in bed the entire season. They do seem to be making her the new Nicole in ways. But Nicole was much nicer to the men she liked. So there’s that. I just felt she did not play the game. And Haleigh’s nasty attitude and lack of awareness of the game does not warrant a win in my opinion.


Not enough weeks left for a reset with just one DE and still get down to 3 by the Sept 26th Finale.

another name

there is if you consider how they did reset in the past. after veto is played someone presses a button or gets a magic prize, and in one day they have to redo the hoh, the veto, and vote.


Production originally had the number of weeks worked out to include a returnee from Kaitlyn’s 3-piece jigsaw puzzle challenge. They didn’t even have chairs on stage for an exit interview, they had to scramble. They just have to figure out how to kill the week they gained.


Who died and made JC the king of the house and ruler of what everyone does hes just threatened because all those shomances will get his ass out at least thats what I hope.

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

Because did not wait for someone to make him king of the house. JC took the crown b@tches!!!


Hes tired just like you and his ass will be out soon dumbest


Fez is the worst player of all time…Him and Haleigh are a sinking ship. I think Angela likes Tyler, and Tyler likes her enough but he also liked Kaitlyn to further his game. I think Tyler flirts to get further. I don’t think that he will put it over the money through, if its Angela or the money he’s taking the money. Brett;s just jealous he liked Angela and Rachel liked him and i think Winston liked Angela.


Yes Fes- you did kiss the baddest girl in the house. Lol


I’ve been watching the feeds for well over an hour. Haleigh has not stopped chewing her nails the entire time! Day after day crunching on them… looks at them then attacks them like my dog with a Chewie


Swaggy's Missing Brow

Clearly production is rigging it in his favor…just how many picks did they let him have?

Welcome back.

Blessed in

Off topic:
Anyone else noticing how clean this group of players keep the kitchen counters. It’s not all Sam’s doing either. Previous years, they always looked trashed and many complaints about odors and ants.


It’s a decent bunch all in all


I’ve had to suffer through some of the most vile people on this show.. It’s a breath of fresh air this season. .. By no means am I saying the current lot is perfect just better.


Well much like the hive, they’ve set the bar real low. This year’s cast is actually good and I mean even the ones I don’t like. Most of them had eye rolly moments but no one makes me want to go to the BB house, barricade it and set it ablaze as I laugh maniacally.

Mud hole victim

Say what you want about production but I am actually glad/surprised that they have showed how crazy Sam can really be. I’ve been seeing comments of how amazing and “innocent” she is since the start. To this day she doesn’t know how anything In the game works and being offended by a messy veto comp is absurd. As a super fan who would love to be on this show, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous.
Thank god for Brett for finally calling her out on her bullshit!!!