Eviction Day “imagine your skillz after this game”

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Dillon evicted 2-0
Demetres win the HOH

Ika and Karen
More retells.. more makeup.. more pain to watch

Dillon and Demetres

Chit chat about owning a yacht and a Helicopter

Demetres and Karen Kitchen
Demetres saying he’s not a good liar.
Demetres – imagine your skillz after this game.

Demetres HOH Room
Ika and Kevin both volunteer to go on the block.

Ika yelling – Just so you know you didn’t win! And we didn’t win either! Karen – did you just shoot another shot of tequila? Ika – yeah. Karen – I wondered what was happening. Ika – I know, I was holding hands with Kevin Martin. Karen – you were actually smiling. Slithering around the house. Kevin Martin still slithering around the house on day 62.. still slithering. Ika – oh he wanted to get us out just as bad as we wanted to get him out. Kevin, I mean we’re all still here so we haven’t won yet. Karen – he for some reason wanted to take me out.. I don’t know why?! Ika – don’t say its three against one Kevin. Karen – he had an opportunity to take you out. Demetres – yes he did. Ika – YES! Karen – dumbest game move Kevin Martin. Ika – you had two chances to get one of us out of here Kevin. Demetres – leave the poor guy alone. Let him shed his skin .. or whatever snakes do. Ika – oh no he’s coming for us .. he’s a good competitor. Demetres – yes he is. Kevin asks them if there is any floss. Ika – just use your snake skin. Kevin do you think we’ll be best friends after this? Kevin – probably not. But if you ever want to drink I could use some of my hundred thousand dollars to buy one for you. Ika – Kevin, Kevin if you want me to pay for your mental health after this, I’ll pay for it with my hundred thousand dollars. Ika – will we at least be acquaintances after? Kevin – yes, I actually .. you’re likable. Karen is not. Karen is not likable.

Kevin alone in the storage room. Saying how bad of a play it was to put Dillon on the block. He thought Karen would vote out Demetres. Says that Karen was guaranteed final 2 with Dillon left in the game. goes on to say that Karen only wants to see him lose and the live feeders must be laughing at him right now. Kevin says he now has to win his 3rd POV in a row.

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put some respeck on her name!!!



Why so many thumbs down for IKA ? Where is the love lol ?


Lol yeah …. see, Ika & Demetres have more love than here in the general public.

It’s just that this site is full of Kevin-zombies…

Better take the polls and the up-votes on this site with a bit of a grain of salt… from what I understand of what’s been going on here with repeated voting.


If this was like the BB UK format then ya Ika would be the clear winner. But this is a competitive gaming format, and Ika hasn’t made any game moves!

if someone with 5 hoh , 2pov wins and survived the block 4 times doesn’t win this game, it will be a complete travesty and a mockery to the gaming format canada adopted. May canada shouldve went with the BB UK format


Lol.. almost every day’s comments has a request for Ika’s resume. Just go back to yesterday or the day before’s comments … people regularly post long and detailed post summarizing what she has done.

I’m not sure if somebody on here is willing to post Ika’s game accomplishments again in reply to this fool…

Compared to Kevin, Ika’s game is honestly incomparably superior.


Ok lets see! ika’s showmance has won 5 hoh’s, and Kevin saved ika twice in a row on his hoh’s (once by putting jackie up instead of karen, and twice by putting the veto around her neck)

That’s 7 out of 11 evictions shes been safe from.
She also hasnt won a single comp, so that leaves her social game.

How is ika’s social game? Well between the yelling, bitching, bullying, pissing almost everyone off and the eyerolls, lol well as ika would put it,.. “even Stevie Wonder can see her social game sux”

What does that leave? Well Sh has a loud mouth and doesnt shutup dominating conversations.

Her game talk and strategies have been good during the non stop talking, but did anyone listen? NO!

Let’s see: Dallas, Cassandra, Gary, Emily and Bruno!
Ika campaigned HARD to keep the above players in the game. Did it work? NO!
She even tried to convince her own showmance the 3 times he was hoh to keep Dallas, Gary and Bruno! Each time he shut her down. Demetre wanted them OUT!

What did ika do the week Sindy left? Nothing!
What did ika do during the triple? Nothing!

So to summarize :
Ika has been safe for 7 out of 11 eviction
her social game sux
her strategic game, while good in theory, never produced ANY results! Just one Fail after another!

And in case people bring up week1
Mark was the clear “house” target, it was the vet guys who got with a couple newbs and deviated from the plan, and to try and “flip” it. They failed , not because of ika, because of Mark’s idiot “truth moment” and Cassandra! running her mouth!

And in case people bring up Sindy
Sindy with an S, the S stands for stupid
Sindy was ready to make a “big move” She doesnt think first!
Look at her original season! She didnt check the bathroom before running her mouth, which got her evicted, and came back to campaign to flip it on her own showmance, in between her kissing sessions with him. Shes stupid. its not a hard sell to get her to make a big move on the double eviction hoh.

So instead of copy and pasting ika’s “acomplishments” (other than the most eyerolls in one season) or even listing ONE game move!
You rather call me a fool! Hmm!


You are a fool. Your statements aren’t even factual.


You’re saying Ika’s been safe for the weeks during which *Kevin* was HOH??
No, Kevin was targeting Demika both weeks. That he was unsuccessful does not mean that she was “safe” during those weeks.
As for Demetres “5” HOH wins.. well the fifth one was just today.. except you aren’t kept safe the HOH in final-four — since the POV-holder decides who goes, regardless of noms.
As for the back-wards week HOH, Demetres’ HOH entitled him to cast the sole evicting vote, but the house nominated, no the HOH.

If you’re offended at being called a fool, perhaps try to culminate more coherent thoughts.


Kevins first hoh, Demetre won pov, so instead of putting up Karen to make sure ika left. Kevin made a deal with Demika and put Jackie up to keep Ika safe. They turned on him during the triple, and Kevins speech when he put them up the second time was about the “broken promises”

Kevins second HoH he won pov and used it on ika, which again kept her safe! (you think he wouldve taken her off the block if he hadnt been hoh? lol NO!

Thats twice Kevin kept ika safe!

Your right Demetres 5th hoh just happen and when he wins the pov he will keep ika safe! i forgot about the backwards week!

so at this moment ika has been safe 5 out of 11 evictions!


Poor kevin was backstabbed and turned on?
There is no way Kevin played a better game than Ika. Your examples of what a fool Kevin was just goes to show how terrible of a player Kevin is..
And Ika kept herself safe via this thing called GAME


Kevin is a dumb ass. Ive never made this about Ika vs Kevin. the people who do are dumb asses!


Give one example how Ika kept herself safe via the GAME!

Ive already given examples of how shes been safe as a direct result of others being HoH!


There’s also not been 11 evictions. There’s 16 houseguetsts and four are left.. maybe you should check your math.

I also think you don’t understand BB US and BB CAN. Do you think it’s a competition show? Our BB formats are “social games”. You don’t need to win a competition to make “moves”. For example Dr. Will purposely didn’t win / threw competitions.

Also the UK format is a popularity contest where the people pay to vote on their phones. So actually judging by this site, Kevin would be the winner.

As for Demetres, I think Ika was as much part of the decisions during those weeks in power.

As for Mark / week one, it is a matter of one group wanting to keep him Bruno/Kevin/Neda with allies working with, and another who wanted to keep Demetres – Ika convinced Neda and the house with the help of Cass. Obviously, keeping Demetres was very important for her.

As for Cass/Dallas/Gary… Ika and her group controlled the deciding votes. She decided to vote with her alliance at this early point in the game. I’m not sure why you think those were bad moves.

Frankly, you sound really uneducated about this. As well as unnecessarily angry and hateful.


2 people left on 1 eviction, so yes theres been 11 evictions. So check your own math!

This isnt BBUS season 2, no one has won the game with zero comp wins since season 2. it is a social game, and as ive already pointed out. Ika has NO social game!

You obviously didnt watch the feeds , because Ika wanted Dallas/Cass/Gary to stay and wouldnt shut up about it! (Thats 3 weeks of game talk, strategizing from ika that FAILED)
Demetre wanted Dallas/Cass/Gary gone! (every time ika tried to convince Demetre he shut her down)

Yes ika HAD to vote with her alliance because all her gaming to try to flip it FAILED!

You should go back and watch how Mark was staying an hour before the eviction show!


Maybe youre not used to the BB CAN format. Eviction refers to individual evictees leaving. By your logic, we still would not have had 11 eviction since one was a double and another was a triple. So your math would still be wrong.

Also not sure about your definition of “safe” either…


Theres been 11 Evictions and 12 Evictees

Because Dre and William left at the SAME time on the SAME EVICTION!

“safe” Staying in the game because of a DIRECT RESULT from the HOH


Yeah the person is saying you’re forgetting the triple eviction.. by your logic that would be “ONE eviction” (which is bogus in itself) for THREE evictees — IN ADDITION to the double wherein it was another TWO evictees for “ONE evictoin” right?

So buy your own convoluted definition, it STILL wouldn’t be 11 evictions and 12 evictees. It would be 9 Evictions and 12 Evictees since two went at the same time in the double-eviction, after three went at the same time in the triple-eviction.


Your vocabulary is off due…. “safe” doesn’t mean she was handed anything or didn’t have to work for it. So inferring she did no work at all during those weeks is ridiculous.


“UMM”, are you drunk or just an idiot?


The reply button is missing so ill reply here for the people who don’t understand about the 11 evictions and 12 evictees.

Yes it was “called a triple eviction” BUT

Dre and William were evicted at the SAME time.

That means they Both were VOTED OUT! the SAME time!

****ONE VOTE*****
****ONE Eviction process!****

*2 birds 1 stone* *NOT 2 birds 2 stones*

They were NOT voted out seperately like every other eviction process!


“She even tried to convince her own showmance the 3 times he was hoh to keep Dallas, Gary and Bruno! Each time he shut her down. Demetre wanted them OUT!”

Actually both Demetres and Ika wanted to keep Dallas. Dallas was up against Emily. Neda/Bruno side of the six-alliance wanted to keep Emily as they were their side-people. They voted with their alliance.

Demetres voted out Gary with his sole vote during back-wards week because he was up against Dre and Demika actually wanted to keep Dre. They definitely did not campaign hard to keep Gary.

As for Bruno, he was up against Karen because Kevin was taken off the block. They certainly did not “campaign hard” to keep him over Karen. Any idiot knows they wanted him gone.

Quit making shit up.


“Actually both Demetres and Ika wanted to keep Dallas. Dallas was up against Emily. Neda/Bruno side of the six-alliance wanted to keep Emily as they were their side-people. They voted with their alliance.”

You are just WRONG!

Heres reality:

12:13pm Ika and Neda CAm 3-4
Ika – We’re sending a VET home week 2 that’s smart (Sarcasm)
Neda doesn’t think they have the power to change Demetres mind “they” really want a vet out
Neda says whatever Ika decides she’s voting with her.

Ika and Dallas bathroom

ka tells him he needs to show that he’s against Dillon. They have his back.
Dallas – During the POV ceremony 100% done.. You guys the vets you have my loyalty to the death.. I swear to god.. the meeting we still should
Ika – I don’t trust Bruno and Kevin but for now you pretend like you are .. BRO THEM UP BRO THEM UP
Ika – as long as you have Me, neda and Cindy.. as long as we have the numbers they can’t do anything..

Dallas and Cass Bathroom
Talking about setting up a vet meeting
Dallas – you and Ika are my f**** number ones to death..


1:30pm HAve nots Demetres and Ika
Ika is working to keep Dallas. Saying Dallas is with them and will target Dillon.
Demetres – my gut has been telling me to get rid of Dallas.

So again your just WRONG! Ika and Neda wanted to keep Dallas , Demetre DID NOT! (Demetre had good reason not to want to keep Dallas because Dallas just tried to evict him)
“They definitely did not campaign hard to keep Gary.”

So we can agree Ika tried to keep Gary in the house, we disagree whether it was “hard or soft?” ok

To Keep Gary Ika suggests “we can just lie and say we thought it was backwards week”
Ika – I don’t want Gary to go.. he’s a big target
“They certainly did not “campaign hard” to keep him over Karen. Any idiot knows they wanted him gone.”

You always say “they” Im talking about Ika!
Again we can agree she pushed for Bruno to stay” we disagree on how “hard or soft” it was!
Ika was definately on the side of keeping Bruno after the pov was played!
Ika at one moment almost had Demetre convinced to keep Bruno, but she stopped pushing because she didnt want to hurt Demetres game!

i can get more examples of reality if you want!
So how bout YOU “Quit making shit up”!


Demika kept Dre over Gary by choice, since they were working with Dre.
They kept Karen over Bruno by choice, because Bruno was not working with them, and had something with Karen from week one.
They ultimately decided that Dallas was too much of a risk and something they couldn’t easily control after his outbursts effectively damaged his game. Since this was week 2, and the first week of the six-alliance formation, they were ambivalent enough as to acquiesce.

Overall, the objective of your argumentation seems questionable, as it seems you have none, other than the wish to exhibit hatred towards someone? I am unclear, as if your thesis were that Ika is the least deserving of remaining houseguests, then you must present a comparison. And I do think concensus is such that Ika is at least as deserving as Kevin.

Since you said you thought Kevin was a “dumbass”, it appears that your objective is simply to spread shade.

Or perhaps it is all about ego for you and you are just that easily trolled?

As for semantics, in regular parlance one eviction is the event at which one houseguest gets evicted. E.g.: If four house-guests have been evicted, there has been four eviction. Even if you disagree the difference is trivial.

As for the concept of safety, since Kevin are Ika/Demetres have been at odds and have been up to this day, it would be incorrect to attribute Ika being saved to Kevin anymore than to attribute Kevin’s accomplished safety to Ika/Demetres.

It appears that in your description of these weeks you mis-assigned credit where credit is due. Safety is earned. Therefore the fact that Ika has earned her safety for the most part of the duration of this game is a cause for props and credit-given, rather than a reason for you to hate on her game.

Lest you appear to be a sore loser.

PS: You have been up-voting your own comments to the extent that all of the “up-votes” count to your comments are done by yourself, except a handful ( under ten authentic up-votes). Similarly, the down-votes that you’ve cast for other comments with whom you have been beefing: the majority of those have been cast by your own hand.

The point of this is that nobody cares.
The truth is still the truth.

It’s needless and sad for you to care this much about trivial semantics and something so stupid!


1. Kevin won pov

2. Kevin will evict ika

3. Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

Wake up you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. She’s gone where the goblins go,
Below – below – below. Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out.
Ding Dong’ the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
Let them know
The Wicked Witch is dead!


Ika pretends to save everybody who leaves – she said it was her tactic to get all the tea. She appears to waver every single time.


Hey “UMM”,

I’ve been monitoring this thread, and I noticed that you’ve spent the past two three three hours repeatedly up-voting your own comments and down-voting replies.

Before anything else, I just wanna say that you need psychological help.

And need to get a life.


Not trying to court hate. Just actually addressing strategic moves in the game:

This is from “TTOT” two days ago on this site. (If you are interested, summaries of game and strategy are usually posted every other day, as well as sometimes on twitter)

For those asking about what Ika did this season:

* first if you are Bruno/Kevin fans go back to their discussion about what an amazing game Ika has played & their envy over how she played.

* she was the reason Demetres stayed week one (With Cass help – though Cass almost got too aggressive & in the end it was Ika getting the French Connection, Sindy and Neda on her side)

* She knew how long to play along with Neda/Bruno/Sindy/Kevin by voting out Dallas, Cass and Gary.
The only one she regrets is Gary – but in hindsight he was aligned with Kevin so it was a smart move.

* She knew exactly when to turn on the 6 and by getting Sindy to take out Neda it changed the course of the game. Without that occurring Ika’s days would have been numbered.

* she aligned herself with Dem – the comp beast -who is 100% loyal to her

* those thinking she has no heart or isn’t loyal to Dem & her alliance need to look at the fact she was willing to leave so Dem/Karen/Dillon would have a better shot at taking out Kevin

* she protected Dre/Will/Karen throughout the game after building relationships with them early

* she escaped being put up as replacement nominee by Dillon, even though Bruno/Kevin/Jackie/Sindy were pushing this

* she and Demetres escaped being on the block three times, twice by Kevin, and once by Dillon

* she maintained a relationships with Dre and Karen from the beginning, and leveraged her pre-existing relationship and trust with Karen to save Demetres over her close ally Dillon

* she convinced the entire house to isolate Kevin and not give him information, which would have been valuable in informing Kevin to put up Karen rather than Dillon in order to get Demetres evicted. kevin said that the minute after the ceremony he knew he was wrong.

* “Her only mistake was not seeing Dre’s shift in the game. In truth I think Dre knew she was protected by DemIka, but recognized the window to take over. (Dre overplayed: Dem & Karen all of whom she saw impeding her way to securing F2’s with each of Will, Ika, & Dillon). Considering how long DemIka was a threat & target in the game, then factor in Dre effed up her game in the matter of a week when she had been safe mostly due to DemIka..kind of puts it in perspective.”

As for Kevin, from someone else’s assessment of Kevin’s game in terms of his strategic moves (that someone else also posted below). The basics:

* tried to save Mark week one. failed.

* lied about nomming Karen backwards week. failed when noms were announced.

* gave himself slop point cookies to look like he was disliked- failed when it was shown.

* along with Bruno tried to get Dillon to nominate Ika. failed.

* took part / endorsed the plot for Sindy to turn the house against Ika (not on the block) in order to save Sindy (on the block)- illogical from conception, failed.

* made peasant alliance, broke peasant alliance five days later. fail.

* mis-handled jackie by being confrontational “why were you so comfortable with them winning?” when she accused them and was clearly upset and knowing for weeks that she was emotional. this caused Jackie to then go to HOH demika and rat them out

* nominated Demika in attempt to get rid of the power couple. failed.

* openly confronts karen and openly tell her that he does not like her

* tried to turn Karen/Dillon against Demika during triple. failed.

* tried again to break up the power duo. nominated them and contributed to failure by using the veto on Ika and putting up Dillon.

despite some people advocating for this move on Kevin’s behalf, here is what he himself says about this move:
Kevin (May 11, at around 11:10PM): “I messed up.. I messed up bad (…) I was just by myself I had no information coming in. (…) ugh this is such a tough game. The live feeders are laughing at me ‘why didn’t you put up karen?’; I didn’t know, I didn’t have the information coming in (…) the moment after the POV ceremoney broke I knew …. how is Ika Wong this good at this game, I did not know she was this good.. and Demetres is so good.. they compliment each other so well. (…) everyone probably knew that the play was to put Karen up. .. I can admit I made a mistake .. might have been a huge mistake.. might ahve been a 100K mistake… ”

* the poor judgement of almost using the veto when Dillon and Emily were on the block (which would have endangered Bruno) only to be stopped by Ika’s information which she brought to their six-alliance

* made no effort to try to save William & told the cameras previously he wasn’t loyal to him. at the time of this vote, Ika wanted to same William as well. but Keven was more interested in trying to turn Karen/Dillon against Demika by saving Dillon (which did not work). William would’ve been the sole person loyal to Kevin in final 5

“Where is the mastermind concept coming from? I’m agreeing that these points do make the support of Kevin and edit of Kevin as some mastermind seem a little over-reaching.”

“While I recognize Kevin has won these past few weeks when required it should be noted that:

* he got Dre to give him the HOH (Dre did willingly because she wanted him to get Demika out)

* he was saved by William in a twist where he was leaving

* backed out of ensuring Ika would leave by putting up Jackie

* only took Ika off the block to ensure Dem would leave b/c he was worried Dillon/Karen would vote to keep Dem – only to see Dillon evicted with Demika still in-tact

* ploys to get karen to vote out Demetres, including telling Dillon that he was the target all along and that their final two was to get Dillon to not try during the POV, and trying to have Karen overhear him say that Dillon was always his target. they didn’t work from conception.

* “The constant talking to the cameras I’m sure is appreciated by Kevin fans, but the fact he isn’t being successful makes him look silly. Watching him on the TV version say he would honor the DemIka final 3 was hilarious, b/c live feeders know he had zero intention of it. I wonder how they’ll spin his current move to make it look like he knew all along.”

* attempts to appear emotion-less, which erks or makes some people uncomfortable in the house. despite this, kevin nevertheless appears to be emotionally-impacted, sensitive, and takes things personally. there seems to be an uncomfortable tension or incongruity between the self-image of an emotion-less heartless person (as a way to avoid emotionality as a weakness and a supposed barrier to being purely logical), and the reality of Kevin’s natural state

I’m not a fan of the way Kevin plays because I don’t think big brother can be played by suppressing your emotion, by separating oneself from one’s empathy or not being oneself for an extended period of time. Fundamentally, Kevin’s vision of how big brother should be played as an equivalent to a tournament of poker is flawed from conception.

But I can respect & appreciate all of their games, with Ika, Dem, Kevin most deserving three, in that order.

I also enjoyed Karen’s craziness & appreciate the diversity of personalities – especially in the aired shows (the live feeds are usually monotonous at this stage with so few people and cabin-fever), as well as the props due that “she’s been the person responsible for ruining both of Kev’s HOHs”.


No Canada should NOT have gone with BB UK format ! And how condescending of you to say that Ika would never win in the regular format. Actually KEVIN is the one who would win in a UK Format the way with these production and saves .In a pure game with no twists, he would have been outta here third member of jury!


BBUK is the regular format


BB US is the original


The Netherlands was the original

BB US season 1 followed the original “regular” format where the public voted out players and voted for the winner!

CBS changed it at Season 2 because Survivor had been a success. Even a couple original season 1 Survivor players came into the BBUS 2 house!


BBUK is not the regular format in Canada


BBUK is not the regular format on mars either


I can’t watch Ika anymore. She is such a bully! I am not fun of Kevin’s game, but at least he doesnt yell to PPL. Why Ika has to make such drama to yell to PPl? so much a looser and bully

Karen is from Calgary? sham of her !


when kevin hangs out with the rest of the house, the rest of the house: “kevin has a hidden agenda every time he talks; he’s the worst person in the world”
kevin isolates himself to study because he doesn’t want to be around the toxic people: “he’s being alone because he wants a pity edit; we’re trying to be nice to him but he’s isolating himself”

omg. give me a fucking break
it’s hard to root for anyone BUT kevin right now


You’re rooting for Kevin because he can’t get anybody to play with him…
LMFAO… okay then.
He can’t get other players to play with him? They are not playing nice? Aww… poor baby.


my mom used to tie a pork chop around my neck.
i beat up a lot of my friends…


Kevin Martin fans don’t have actual positive reasons for their “mastermind” narrative.

Their tactic is to attack and talk trash about the people who oppose him. Be it Ika or Karen.
I don’t see ONE post who makes an argument for Kevin’s game citing FACTS.

But what I do see is a lot of complaints and pitying, a lot of hateful and critical comments about other houseguests…

Even IF I were not a fan others, I will still NEVER ever support Kevin as a deserving or “great” big brother player… because he has not earned it.

No matter how they try to spin it, I need actual concrete positive facts. From Kevin’s game, he’s failed too many times and made a blunder or really stupid “scheme” almost on a weekly basis.


— Kevin’s Mommy


Is a game may the best player win, is not personal is a game unless your in the house don’t judge the players they have all done something right to be their.


You are on here way to much


“ANONYMOUS” is the default username


but… Kevin HAS been trying to push an agenda in his communications with others. He’s come off as extremely inauthentic or two faced in their (the other house guests’) perception of him since week one.
And Kevin HAS been isolating himself because the underdog edit will be used, and gain him more pity from the episode only people that have been thus far misled about his strategic abilities for most of the season. Kevin has spent much of the season with a hyper-curiosity and concern about how he is presented in the episodes.
If you weren’t wanting to root for him, production will have failed.


He has been cold and calculating. Emotionless, no empathy… so it’s weird that his fans are asking for pity….
I don’t enjoy him on the show because he himself isn’t having any fun .. it;s like he’s torturing himself and keeps saying this week that he can’t wait to leave the house.. okay then.. leave…


This is dedicated to Kevin, as well as Kevin’s online army of bots and ass-kissers:


Let’s see this overwhelming amount of Kevin “fans” show up in the audience and to real-life events, where Ika has been supported in overwhelmingly majority… oh wait…they aren’t there… hmmm…. i wonder why…


What “real life events” are you referring to? And the audience was chearing very loudly when Kevin won POV on the triple and was going to go home.

Im not sure what you are referring to here?


Wow 15 “upvotes” in a row when the page itself hasn’t had that many view.. yeah REAL believable… no, no “down/up-voting” funny business at all….



It was considerably loud, yeah. Not as loud as the cheering for Ika.

Nor does the rest of the internet .. Ika and Demetres are way more popular overall. Pretty funny how that’s not the case by a significant margin here… also funny how polls and up/down votes change by many at a time and less than the view count of the page… … that’s not even possible… so whatever.. you go figure..


I’m the original poster of that comment and I’m assuming it was written far after 15 views? I wrote it this evening.

I’m assuming this page gets more than 15 views in an entire day, no? I could be wrong.


within minutes after the comment appeared – vote rate several times viewing rate. Then barely any votes for hours. two orders of magnitude change on rate consistency over minutes = very suspicious


still doesn’t explain the discrepancy over an entire day when cache refreshed many many times in a matter of multiple hours.


Kevin is so GROSS. His conversation in the HOH right at this moment is just SOOOO disgusting.
He WANTS to win so badly… he’s gotta win… he says it doesn’t matter … sometimes people who haven’t played the best game wins … “the winner is who the jury votes for”…. what a complete snake.

the way he talks.. it’s completely emotion-less. He gives me the creeps. Ewww…


I think both Dillon and Demetres have been watching too much Magnum P.I.
Owning a yacht and helicopter, those two think that money fall on trees.


can kevin compete in the final 4 I thought that he could but I read that he cant and I just cant remember what the rule is


The outgoing HOH has never been allowed to compete in the final 4 HOH. Only the final 3 can all compete in the 3 part HOH competitions. Kevin will compete in final 4 veto though to try and save himself.


last season kelsey the departing hoh could not compete in the slot machine style hoh that nick won over tim and cass.
season three brittnee the departing hoh could not compete in the guess who said it hoh that sarah won over ashleigh and godfrey.
season two it was sabrina that won the before and after hoh at final four against neda and heather. Jon, the outgoing hoh could not compete.
I’m pretty sure the final 5 hoh cannot compete in the final 4 hoh.


Karen is an idiot!! Where does she think she is?? How does voting Dillon out benefit Karen at all? Throw your “friend” under the bus for Ika and demetres? If Karen makes it to the final 2 what is her pitch to the jury? I voted Dillon out so Ika and demetres could beat Kevin in the final 4 HOH?? My ill feeling for Kevin are more important to me than winning the game?? Good luck Karen. What a complete waste of a spot on this season. I was rooting for her at first (usually the older players are evicted quite early) however, she’s been the biggest disappointment all season.

Is it too late to do a complete swap out of players? Give these people 1,000 bucks each to leave and get some entertaining people in the house?


Devil’s advocate: how about her reason being Dillon wanted her on the block or evicted when it benefitted him, more than once; Dillon is making side deals with Kevin and with Demetres that don’t include her; At final four if she’s seen as being in the strongest pair she’s more of a target instead of the weakest solo not worth the shot before final three? In eliminating Dillon at final 5, she continues the back and forth between Demika and Kevin. If Demetres or Ika wins hoh, the target will be Kevin, not Karen. If Kevin wins pov, he’s more likely to evict the member of the showmance who is not hoh than Karen. Would Dillon, who has said in regards to his boxing career that in order to be the best, you have to beat the best, take Karen to the final two?
From her perspective these could be considerations. Probably not, but the possibility can’t be excluded.


Yup, complete waste of a spot. Karen will go down as the shittiest player ever!


Respectfully Kevin is way ahead of the terrible Karen as worst player ever. She is a close second though!

As for the other foolishness on this thread. Who cares what happened o previous weeks. It’s 5 left Karen should be thinking about positioning. Her only miss for F2 is Dem taking Ika. I think Ika would backstab Dem always IMHO. Dem goes Karen is an F2 shoe in. I hate do nothing lay abouts that are stupid! F4 Kevin evicted then I hope Dem wins part 3 and takes Ika leaving Karen with nothing.


Yep Kevin kept ika and then Demetre on both his hoh’s, what an idiot.


Uhh, Kevin didn’t have power to “keep” Ika and Demetres as he didn’t vote or break a tie.

Demetres, Karen, and Dillon kept Ika last week.

Ika and Karen kept Demetres this week.

What Kevin did was make it that Dillon left over Ika. Dillon is a stronger competitor in the competitions than Ika, so still a better situation for him than Ika leaving.


Kevin can still recover from his previous mistake of taking Ika off. Wins the PoV, takes himself odf. Karen or Ika nominated. Kevin the only vote to evict. Sends Ika packing.


This cry-baby complaining behaviour only because people aren’t giving Kevin what Kevin wants. And the sheer CONCEIT people have in Kevin’s game and DENIAL in justifying why it’s not Kevin’s game only other people who aren’t giving him want he wants — just makes me want Kevin to leave the earlier the better so that we can have an end to this complaining!


Yes, Karen Who?
wow what a dumass,did she even think it thru or is Demetres her fantasy!


I’m sorry but this is a social game. You have to respect people and value them – or at least be perceived to.
When you are or you are aligned with people who are rude and spoiled people who secretly discard Karen and de-value Karen, and Karen picks up on this… you lose that relationship.
There is a huge amount of disrespect for Karen because of her age and who consider her useless or value-less to her game because she can’t win shit.
Yeah you don’t fuck with people.. there was no reason for Neda to interrupt, heckle and laugh at Cassandra during her speech when she had only 30 seconds to say what she needed and when she was already walking out that door. There was no reason for her to say what she did to Gary. It’s just unnecessary, they were already leaving, she is just being unncessarily cruel and twisting the knife when they’ve already been stabbed.
So when you associated with terrible behaviour – there are consequences. People trust people for different reasons – its not on Karen to trust Kevin. It is on Kevin to earn or gain back Karen’s trust.

The fact that he was unable to do that is on Kevin, not Karen.
Karen does not need to give a fuck. And for people who are saying Karen is being illogical or stupid — are just displacing their frustration that the game is not going as they wanted for their boy Kevin.

All I see from all this Karen hate is a bunch of cry-baby behaviour because they are mad that Kevin didn’t get their way.

They are just compensating for and avoiding the accountability of Kevin’s weak-ass game, and anything but to give more props for Ika/Demetres for gaining Karen’s trust.

When Kevin has said he will not take Karen to final two over Dillon (when Dillon was staying) and by openly and repeatedly saying that he “doesn’t like Karen” – how did he think she was going to take it?

This unprecedented amount of sore-loser and cry-baby behaviour exhibited at the final-four has been unbelievable.

alex legere

more than a disappointment. clearly she gets my vote as the stupidest person to not have a clue on how to win a game. All she had to do was vote out demetres, then karen would have had a free pass to the final two. what a complete moron. kevin or dillon and big mouth ika all would have taken her because no one would give a useless piece of crap like her a vote but she at least would have won the second place prize money. she sure showed loyalty to the one person who could stomach her naseley flip flop constant complaining.


Uggh? So you think Karen has a chance?

Karen Sucks

Karen is the worst player ever. What a waste.


I cannot stand Karen saying “Kevin Martin ” all the time. It’s so disrespectful. What the f did he have done to her to deserve that much hatred ?

I think ika is crazy. She needs a serious therapy with the way she act. I’ve never seen a player yelling that much to the person that nominated them just because he didn’t said he was scared…

Poor demetri that has to handle her.

Just saying

I agree about the whole Karen repeating Kevin full name. She is a grown woman who probably has kids about his age. But Kevin cooked his own goose when he put Dillon in her Ika place . I know his reasoning behind it. He figured now way Karen would vote out her supposedly # 1 Ally. But Karen’s HATE for Kevin is stronger then her LOVE for her # 1. So she is letting HATE win.
In hindsight Kevin should of replaced Ika with Karen as Dillon would not of voted Karen out.

Although I do like Demetre I feel for Dillon that he has to get voted out because of Karen’s strong HATE for Kevin.

And don’t get me wrong I can see why she dislikes him she feels he used poor William sexually to further himself in the game. After all Kevin does have a girlfriend.

But it doesn’t show much of her character to let Hate win.


He doesn’t have a girlfriend. http://etcanada.com/video/892951619932/kevin-martin-talks-bbcan-showmances/

And he as always said he was open minded in his sexual choices.


Yeah he did – she lived with him in Calgary last year – Pili Nemar. And broke up shortly before starting this new season of big brother canada. And sounds like from his conversations in the house that he wants to get back together with her after the show ends.

And um… YES he clearly crossed the line with William and should apologize after the show is over.


Exactly!! He broke up and he is free to do what he wants with who he wants.


He’s still constantly saying he’s worried and aware about what she and people sees. And wants to get back with her.


Karen hated Kevin long before he started with William. I’m not really sure what she has against him but it’s sad to see.


It goes back to week one, when Kevin and Bruno tried to rally for Mark to stay and Demetres to leave when Karen was the HOH and clearly stated she wanted Mark to go. They lied to her face.

And the thing is that she is aware of people mocking her, discounting her and saying to her face that all she is is a vote (which for some reason Neda so tactfully decided to say to Karen’s face). She seens this behavior in Kevin and Bruno in terms of what they think about her all season. It definitely did not help that Neda was a completely bitch to Karen and acted spoiled around the house which Karen did a lot of cleaning and cooking for – combined with the fact that Kevin and Bruno are associated closely with Neda.

She just sees them as terrible people. And people she cannot trust.


And for the first 3 weeks or so, Kevin told everyone Karen was his target, and always got back to Karen


It’s beyond sad. She’s a 53 year old woman acting like a vindictive teenager!! She’s more immature than some of the young people in the house!


My wife who doesn’t watch BB that often saw tonights show and asked the same thing why does Karen have a hate on for Kevin. I. now have started recording the shows on my PVR and when when Karen starts to talk I fast forward until the next scence. How I love my PVR.


Since season 2 of bbcan when I first started leaving comments here, I’ve been pretty much assured of a few things:
1) The people I had been supporting will be long gone from the game by the time we come to the final four, so I really don’t have a horse in the race but I’ve come too far to quit.
2) For some reason I’ll try to understand the game view of the most hated person more than the person that is getting praise. (yeah, I was the one trying to understand Sabrina in season 2).
3) I’ll be annoyed at the house guests that haven’t been studying nightly for 60something days. It’s sort of a job requirement at final 4 and finals, so not studying is a fail. (remember Britt in season 3 and her complete lack of preparation for the final four pov?)
4) I’ll want to write comments that are critical of strategic or logic errors committed by the most liked house guests, not because I want to start arguments, but because strategic and logical errors should be addressed and owned, not excused.
So this season the people i secretly wanted in the finals are long gone. I don’t know who i should be trying to understand, because the dislike seems pretty split. Most of the house are complete idiots for not studying all season. And even the editing department for the episodes had a hard time making this week seem like anything more than a complete cluster of f***ks.
I’ll just be sitting over there shrugging my shoulders.

sunny dee

i like your point about studying, because someone like Kevin studies 100% of the time, and that is why he won that HOH, and the others did not even come in at a tie. if he still gets further, it will be due to hard work. the others seem to be spending their time talking about the past, for sure, but not in a study the comps kind of way. if they fail, it is to me like when neda failed to win final HOH to decide who goes to final 2, there was no excuse for that and she deserved what she got because she didn’t earn it for herself, and that is the oNLY way to win.

and the only one i want to win is a winner who earns it. this final 4, i have no problem with, they are not who i expected to be at the end, and not my first choice. neda was that, but her behaviour was so offensive i flipped that over to Ika , who was exhibiting loyalty to her alliance in a way half of her alliance wasn’t exhibiting towards her. she gave loyalty to dre, who was also working hard to get her out and in spite of that, there she is at final 4 anyway. karen has managed to avoid eviction in spite of being a few people’s targets and a few wanting her out, and yet there she is still and not in a drag her to the end anyway since anyone can win against her kind of way, just managing her relationships too

any one of them can be final 2 and i have no problem with it. many other BBs i have had issues with who is deserving and who is not and seeing at least one of the two at the end imo not deserving.



Just watched yesterday’s pov episode. I can’t stand Ika. she is so cocky and throws a tantrum when things don’t go her way.


ALSO it’s ironic that Ika calls out the jury for being bitter (even though she doesn’t know that for sure) like girl you are clearly bitter that you can’t win a comp to save your life and now you’re on the block again.


She clearly doesn’t need to win anything when even her arch nemesis who put her on the block uses the veto on her. Kevin is the worst BBplayer EVER! I don’t understand the support #GoDEMIKA!


Reason for the support:
Kevin has a stronger fan following from his past BB career compared to Ika. Much stronger than Ika who left much earlier in her season and her season was more in the past.

Kevin has internet following from his other career as online poker live-streamer. And being picked up to rep PokerStars and having that poker community support as well.

Kevin’s fans are more internet savvy and, frankly, they do exploit weaknesses such as writing scripts to repeatedly vote for Kevin in polls, and up-vote.
So the representation from online pool of support for Kevin is not completely accurate is reality. Without the tampering / unfair repeated voting, Kevin may still have more fans than Ika, or it may be close. But who’s to know.

Kevin’s fans are from before the season started who are determined to support him for their image of him as a public personality – not necessarily for his gameplay on the show. Whereas Ika has gained the majority of her fans for her performance during this season of the show.


To your third point… if poeple would use a script to vote for Kevin result would be almost 100% for Kevin. Do you know how many requests a script like that can do? With the current results being that close I garanti you no one use such a script!!!


What?? Are you kidding me.. these are typically done to target a certain lead. I.e. something realistic, never to target a 100% vote.

If you think realistic results can’t be achieved with hacking polls and voting results, then you are clueless.


Actually it’s more than very likely given that other internet polls have Ika/Demetres in the lead. Most mainstream media outlets about Big Brother Canada have Kevin as the under-dog and reference the criticism Kevin has been receiving. This goes to stand that Kevin is no the favourite in the pulse of the broader Canadian viewing public.

It is also a fact that the runners of this current site, Simon and Dawg are Kevin supporters – which is clear from the Kraken hour episodes that they release. So this site seems to have more of a pocket of Kevin supporters compared to the overall population of viewers and fans.


Agreed with more Kevin’s supporters on this site.

Disagree with scripting in polling votes


omg guys quit it with the talk about up-voting. you only get one vote per computer.
even if people are posting multiple comments, deal with the fact that a lot of people agree with them


OF course you can. For example, if you cared enough, you can have bots repeatedly vote five times or ten times at a time everytime, clear their cookies, and vote again…

Also if Kevin’s fans are truly in the overwhelming majority, where are they in the audience and LIVE events where you have real people actually show for support — those are always majority Ika fans…. why do you think that is? Why do you think Ika and Demetres are so much more popular on twitter and the rest of the internet?

Where are the Kevin fans in real events?


Why are Kevin-fans so retaliatory and defensive at the suggestion rather than being open to an investigation and the possibility? Why is the suggestion of a fair polling something so taboo offensive for people who would benefit from it?


That’s strategy. She’s setting Kevin up to be the biggest threat. And got everyone else convinced. Otherwise, she’d be the threat – because she did play the best game between the two. The others also don’t like injustice — which is how she’s got them perceiving Kevin going to the end and winning.

Considering that she’s got the entire house against Kevin, that’s a check.


Ika can assume the jury is bitter b/c of two thing:

Prior to leaving Bruno told Demetres he couldn’t trust Ika and should turn on her
When Dem has his ride with Sindy she planted seeds for Dem to drop Ika to prove he won the game. So in Ika’s mind the fact the jury was implying Dem shouldn’t take Ika to F2 (their last way of manipulating) it struck her as bitter.


I’ve been pretty happy with the BBCAN results most years. I loved Jill and Emmit in S1 and Jill won, Jon was my favourite all season in BBCAN2 and he won, Sarah and Kevin were my favourites in S3 and she won… BBCAN 4 I hated the winners, to be honest. But I’ve been rooting for Ika all year, I liked Kevin going in, didn’t love him as much this season but would still be happy to see him win. Karen has been wildly entertaining and Demetres has won 45,000 comps. Like, who would you guys rather see at the end than that final 4? Dre? Sindy? Jackie? No.


I wanted Gary to stay much longer than he did. He didn’t really start to play yet. And he’s so entertaining and wonderful.


Who was evicted please.


While we wait for spoilers, here is a very good analysis with the Executive Producer of the show, Arisa Cox and Rob Cesternino:



Just went down the twitter rabbit hole… i usually avoid it like a plague when it comes to the game. Read an assessment of Kevin’s game in terms of his strategic moves. I’m not trying to court hate, but i thought it was interesting because it does actually address some concerns I have had about Kevin’s game. Here are the basics:
-tried to save Mark week one. failed.
-lied about nomming Karen backwards week. failed when noms were announced.
-gave himself slop point cookies to look like he was disliked- failed when it was shown.
-along with Bruno tried to get Dillon to nominate Ika. failed.
-took part / endorsed the plot for Sindy to turn the house against Ika (not on the block) in order to save Sindy (on the block)- illogical from conception, failed.
-made peasant alliance, broke peasant alliance five days later. fail.
-nominated Demika in attempt to get rid of the power couple. failed.
-tried to turn Karen against Demika during triple. failed.
-tried again to break up the power duo. nominated them and contributed to possible failure by using the veto on one, if the other is not voted out, failed.
add to that the poor judgement of almost using the veto when Dillon and Emily were on the block (which would have endangered Bruno) only to be stopped by Ika?
Where is the mastermind concept coming from?
Considering I believe that anyone that gets enough votes from the jury is obviously the winner… I’m not saying Kevin shouldn’t win. And i’m not saying Kevin hasn’t done anything right this season. I’m agreeing that these points do make the support of Kevin and edit of Kevin as some mastermind seem a little over-reaching.


Mic drop.


With due resoect i hope to see Demetres win BBCAN5
straight up he has shown how to be cool, calm and win the comps
sorry Ika gotta go with the winner!!


Winner and runner-up should be between Demetres and Ika. Their relationships is kismet on so many levels – not the typical showmance (like on season 3 which was puke-invoking).


Nobody realizes that if Kevin wins final 4 pov and final 3 hoh, he will have won as many comps as demetres


Actually when Kevin was up on the block in his original season, no one will save him.

This season the only person that did was his ‘showmance’ till he got evicted. That’s sad. People should pity Kevin, cause he really does have no friends.


so why is he fan fav?


Johnny saved his kevy wevy in season three. For his efforts kevin voted to evict Johnny a week later. Pattern?


Are you kidding me.

Kevin had more friends and support coming in than anybody else!!! He had all of the vets. Plus there were an astounding THREE vets from his season. Plus he had the gays – both Gary and Wililam. He had William, a newbie literally up his ass. William used his SPOV to save him — NOBODY else on this season had that advantage of a second life in a season relatively devoid of twists. PLUS He had newbie Demetres protecting him for two HOHs before the Neda-blowup and Kevin sided with NEda. He also had Jackie with whom he formed another alliance.

Also in his original season he used Johnny, another gay man who was in love with Kevin, and cost him his game. (Much like he did with William, as well as Bruno who got screwed by the twist that saved Kevin). He had Jordan Parhar (another dumbass who volunteered for the block and got evicted). Most importantly, he had that huge jock (forgot his name), Ashley (who won comps and won her self to final three), and his gf in the house and in real life Pilar – they were the most hated ‘block’ alliance because viewers hated them and they kept winning…

So you clearly are on the “Kevin-should-be-entitled-to-more-than-he-deserves” train. “Let’s pity Kevin”?? Riiight.


Ika hasn’t had to win UNTIL now .. With Demetres winning the F4 HOH that means one of the 3 must win or Ika will leave at F4.

Watch her ramp up her studying over the next few days, b/c now she can’t rely on Dem b/c he’s safe – a Kevin win would send her out the door and he would FINALLY have something on his resume. Although it would be interesting to see Kevin & Dem battle I’d personally prefer to see if Kevin leave via Ika’s hand (or even Karen- lol) and then see if Karen works Ika/Dem to take her to F2 instead of each other.


Ika will have a hard time winning the POV because it is usually a combination of physical and mental. Ika is not physically very strong.
Against Demetres and Kevin, Ika has a lower chance of winning.
She had a greater chance of winning this HOH (which was won by Demetres – good for him! he’s in final three!!) than the POV.

In this coming POV, Demetres is playing for Ika’s life (against Kevin).


II hope Ika leaves this week. I don’t like how she’s playing Dem. She is working him to make him feel guilty for wining, she is manipulating him to ensure he puts her game ahead of his. She is going to go bat-shit crazy picking fights with him this week because she is selfish! I hope he doesn’t fall for ant of it and EVICTS her! Stand up to her bullying him for a change!


Episode 1
Ika and Kevin were the first two vets to enter the house, and they’re the only ones in the house now.
Jackie was scared shitless of Ika, even when they were hugging, she was mortified.
Demetres kept on mentioning how good looking Ika and Kevin are.
Dre’s faces when Kevin and Dallas walked in are HILARIOUS. Her and William were inseparable, and he was thrilled when seeing Kevin.
NO ONE was thrilled to see Dallas. William, Dre, and Demetres were SO unphased, and no one really cheered.
Literally no one but Kevin was excited to see Sindy. Even Neda looked disgusted. Ika didn’t even bother to hide her disgust, and I think Demetres was laughing at Ika. I don’t really think her reputation improved that much with the season ending.
Dillon was REALLY excited to see Bruno. Forgot Dillon was a facebook friend of Bruno before the season.
Neda and Ika outright ignored Cassandra, and Sindy gave her a fake hug. Dallas looked nervous, though they could have had a pre-season alliance.
Neda had to force a hug when Gary entered. That stupid sideshow drama still got to them.
The only newbies who were overly expressionate were Dre (the faces), Dillon, Jackie (both of them were ass kissing), and Demetres (laughing at the petty vets, and giving random compliments).
Episode 2
Jackie and Karen actually got along at first. They were talking about targeting the strong men (Demetres and Dillon).
The vets seemed so fake from the beginning with staying together. Apparently there was never a time where the 8 of them met up and made agreements with one another.
William and Kevin’s showmance was hinted from the beginning. Gary and William were gushing over him, and Gary mentioned that he wasn’t gonna be loyal to the vets. Also hints at the little triangle that happened on the feeds.
Forgot that Karen wanted to nominate Mark and Neda (when she was injured). Sindy probably pushed the “Bragade” alliance, since she used the “girl” argument to stop her from targeting Neda. Kevin was also her target from the beginning.
Karen wanted to target Mark for showmance potential, but is supporting the biggest showmance ever to the win, because she is such a huge fan.
Sindy told Kevin about Karen’s obsessive hatred with him from the beginning. Forgot about this. Of course we know this increased when Kevin went against Karen’s wishes to evict Mark.
Dre was pushing the “newbie” angle from the very beginning, but it was probably because she didn’t like Kevin just as much as Karen didn’t. As we all know, Dre became all talk.
Demetres and Ika were close from the very beginning. They are literally almost always beside one another when the entire house is sitting together. Even in the first episode, he was oogling her.
Karen was right about Mark being kind of whiny. We at least saw Demetres attempt to speak to her afterwards.
I feel like a lot of Karens’ DRs were scripted in the first week or two. She is much more natural now.
Bruno was playing the HELL out of Mark and Demetres. Both thought he was their #1 bro. We also know about the guys alliance, and I think Bruno gravitated towards Mark because of Kevin.
Sindy’s thirstiness was very emphasized. All over Mark, and saying a bunch of thirsty crap during the veto comp. Neda’s thirstiness for Mark was emphasized too. On the feeds, we already know what people thought of him and Sindy, and Neda made her plans very known on the feeds.
Demetres’ staged fight is so horrible. Apparently it was just as bad in real time than it was in the episode, since Cassandra told everyone to go to the back, and Ika was in on the plan. Neda was very distant with Cassandra from the start, when the three of them were watching the fight happen.
Cassandra tried to make Demetres the muscle to her social and strategic skills, but it failed because she didn’t make a personal connection with him (or anyone else in the house). Ika pretty much did this without even realizing it.
I forgot about the whole Sindy and Ika fight, and of course…….. it’s about Demetres (which only got worse in the future weeks). Apparently all of the veterans but Gary and Cassandra wanted to keep Mark, and of course Ika didn’t want that. Vet meetings were happening without Cassandra and Gary from the beginning. Someone (don’t remember who) said that Sindy was trying to get Mark vetoed, but she apparently never liked him, and only liked Demetres.
Jackie and Cassandra were LITERALLY always beside one another, even in the first week. During the eviction fight, the two were glued to the hip.
BBCAN3 manipulated and used Ika’s emotions against her countless times. Sindy lied on her about everyone wanting to keep Mark, and Bruno/Kevin lied on her to get her to flip.
Dillon and Emily were on an island of their own even in the first week. Of course us feedsters know that there was a failed plan by Cassandra and Ika to backdoor Dillon. Seemed like people disliked him almost from the very beginning.
Neda and Ika REALLY TRIED to be friends with one another, and to always be near one another. Neda would come to regret keeping Demetres in the house to appease Ika in the future weeks, since I think she was the final flip vote.
Anyways, if you all want to add anything, just comment. The first week is always the “ghost week”, though it’s always the most ironic with how the final weeks play out.


i love when FODO copy and pastes stuff, much better than trying to decipher his word salads


What’s the point of this Frodo?

Club H.O.H

Woohoo! Thank you BB Gods for the Demi-God’s win!!!!! All 4 are equally deserving for final 4 out of this casting they have put in work. I wonder if they will show the final 3 endurance comp on live feeds like previous seasons.


For all of you who have argued back and forth on who played the best or the worst, including all your perceptions of the why or why nots of certain moves, try to keep this one gem of wisdom in mind. “Never argue with an idiot, they will beat you down with experience.” 🙂


I don’t remember them showing the final three endurance water element / build a bridge up the mountain comp from season 4 on feeds.
I do remember there were technical difficulties with the pov comp for final four (the keys to get to one of the trivia pieces were not put back in the proper place by the reset staff.. the previous house guest to compete still had them or something).
I thought they cut feeds after the award banquet, right before the pov ceremony / instant eviction in season four. If that is the case we may lose feeds as soon as saturday evening.


Why are all these posts about Kevin and Ika and Karen ?? How about some Props for Demetre’s and his game !! 5 HoH’s 2 vetos hopefully 3. I hope he beats these 3 so bad . GO DEMETRE’S for the WIN !!!